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VOLUME XVII: Numbers 418-443

July 6 -December 28, 1947


APR 30 1948


^' Sjlfjf^

Publication 3073


Volume XVII : Numbers 418^43, July 6 -December 28, 1947

Acheson, Edward C, appointment as Special Representa-
tive of the President as head of surplus foods mission
to Germany, 96.
Achilles, Theodore C, designation in State Department,

Agriculture {see also FAO) :
Cooperation with American republics, article by Mr.

Moore, 613.
Relation of ITO charter to quotas, 663.
Agriculture iti the Atnericas, 1229.

Aid to foreign countries (see also Europe; Greece; Italy;
Turkey) :
Austria :

Agreement with U.S., 39, 95, 428.
Mission from U.S., 229, 428.
Bank and Fund, alleged disapproval of, statement by

Secretary Marshall, 980.
China :
Food and relief agreement, with U.S., signature and

text, 913, 980.
Statement by Secretary Marshall, 970.
Committees to study relationship to domestic economy,

creation of, statement by President Truman, 691.
Council of Economic Advisers, report of (Nourse re-
port) to President Truman, summary, 932.
Foreign Aid, President's Committee on (Harriman

committee). See Foreign Aid.
Foreign relief program, law authorizing establishment

of, excerpt of text, 229.
Impact of Foreign Aid Upon the Domestic Economy

(Nourse report), 932.
National Resources and Foreign Aid, report on (Krug

report), statement by President Truman, 828.
Poland, survey of food conditions in, text of report of

Colonel Harrison to Secretary Marshall, 223.
Statements by President Truman, 498, 691, 828, 853, 932.
Victims of Nazi aggression, funds for, article by Mr.
Warren, 639.
Air. See Aviation.

Air Force, Security Advisory Board of State-War-Navy-
Air Force Coordinating Committee, 917, 918.
Alaska, information transmitted to UN on conditions

in, 75.
Albania :
Border incidents, investigation of. See Investigation,

Commission of.
Free elections in, U.S. support of, article by Mr. Stone,

Saboteurs, alleged, U.S. denies connection with, 745.
Allen, Ward P., article on inter-American treaty of re-
ciprocal assistance, 983.
Allied Control Commission for Bulgaria, exchange of let-
ters between U.S. and Soviet representatives, regard-
ing Petkov case, 429.
Allied-Swedish accord on German external assets, looted
gold, and related matters, article by Mr. Rubin, 155.
Allied-Swedish understanding on German holdings in

Sweden, exchange of correspondence, texts, 162.
Ailing, Paul H., appointment as U.S. Ambassador to

Pakistan, 1229.
Allison, John M., designation In State Department, 1011.
AMAG. See American Mission for Aid to Greece.
American Association for the United Nations, New York
City, addresses :
Mr. Austin, 626.
Secretary Marshall, 539, 680.

Index, July to December 1947

American Mission for Aid to Greece (see also Greece) :
Adaptation of "servicio" pattern to Greek program, 227.
Addresses by Mr. McGhee, 829, 1206.
Appointments : Mr. Braithwaite, 1081 ; Mr. Clay, 535 ;
Mr. Cochran, 334 ; Mr. Gilmor, 592 ; Mr. Iverson,
227 ; Mr. Reed, 831 ; Mr. WUds, 428, 534.
Appointments, listed, 334, 832.
"Bank of Greece Special Account AMAG", 336.
Chief of Mission (Griswold), 141.
Cooperation with American Embassy, 1028.
Cordinator for aid to Greece and Turkey (McGhee),

829, 1206.
Departure of Mr. McGhee for survey of, 534.
Funds from U.S., additional, 649.
Program, statement by Mr. Griswold concerning, 141.
Report by Mr. McGhee, 829.
Return of Mr. Clay (economic adviser), to U.S. for

consultation, 1081.
Supplies, urgent, advancement of funds for, 336.
American-Oivned Assets in Foreign Countries, Census of,

American republics (see also Commissions; Conferences;
Inter-American ; Pan American ; Treaties ; and the
individual countries) :
Aid from U.S. See individual countries.
Caribbean affairs. See Caribbean.

Cultural leaders, visit to U.S. from: Argentina, 107;
Chile, 746, 916; Colombia, 306; Costa Rica, 599;
Guatemala, 838; Mexico, 437; Nicaragua, 393;
Panama, 1008; Paraguay, 107; Peru, 838; Uruguay,
1008 ; Venezuela, 393, 747.
Cultural leaders from U.S., to: Mexico, 526; Peru, 526.
Defense, Political, Emergency Advisory Committee for,

Economic Commission for Latin America, 763.
Educational exchange program. See Cultural leaders

European Recovery Program, effects on, discussed by

Mr. Armour, 1217.
Health programs with, expansion, 200.
Hylean Amazon Institute, International, article by Mr.

Kellogg, 891.
Inter-American conference for the maintenance of con-
tinental peace and security. See Inter-American
Motor travel, international, U.S. interest In, article by

Mr. Kelly, 1063.
Reciprocal assistance, inter-American treaty of. See

Reciprocal assistance.
Scientific and Cultural Cooperation, Interdepartmental
Committee on, program of. See Scientific and Cul-
tural Cooperation.
U.S. Foreign Service, oral examinations for, 838.
American Republic Affairs, Office of, appointment of Mr.

Daniels as Director, 917.
American-Soviet Commission, Joint. See Korea, Joint

Commission for.
American states, 9th international conference of:
Economic aspects of, address by Mr. Armour, 1214.
Opening date, 1218.
Anderson, Clinton P., chairman at special cereals confer-
ence of FAO, 79.
Anderson, Karl L., appointment on Tin Study Group, 734.
Angaur Island, SCAP supervision of Japanese laborers on,


Auglo-Aiiierican talks on Ruhr coal production, 145, 326,

Arab American Institute, New York City, address by Mr.

Armour, 1029.
Arab State, proposed, discussed in report to General As-
sembly, 554, 680.
Architects, eth Pan American congress of, 677.
Argentina {see also American republics) :

Cooperation, U.S.-Argentine notes and Argentine draft

declaration, texts, 337.
Cultural leader, visit to U.S., 107.
Armaments, Conventional, Commission on, 34, 78, 879, 1082.
Armed forces of the United Nations, 76, 78, 239, 416, 418.
Armenia, Soviet, emigration of U.S. citizens to, D.S.-Soviet

correspondence on question of, 1194.
Arming the United Nations, Bulletin supplement, 224,

239, 336, 535.
Armour, Norman :

Addresses, statements, etc. :

Bngotfl conference, economic aspects of, 1214.
Europe, the stake of America in, 863.
Palestine, American support for UN plan for, 1029.
Pan American railway congress, membership in, 136.
Payments by China and U.S.S.R. on lend-lease ac-
counts, 148.
Telegraph service between U.S. and Greece, 143.
United Nations, reiteration of American faith in, 634.
World affairs, America's challenge in, 974.
Appointment to serve as Special Assistant to the Secre-
tary of State, 47.
Correspondence with Polish Ambassador (Winiewicz),
regarding Polish opposition to industrial plans for
Germany, 741.
Arms and armed forces :

Detention and mistreatment of Allied military personnel

in Yugoslavia, U.S. protest, 591.
Sale of ammunition to China, 49.
Shipments of arms to Middle East, discontinuance by

U.S., 1197.
Summarv statements by Mr. Lie at Security Council, 76,

78, 416, 418.
U.S. position on regulation of, discussed by Secretary

Marshall, 621.
Withdrawal of U.S. troops from Italy, 1221, 1269.
Armstrong, W. Park, appointment as Acting Special As-
sistant to Secretary of State, 750.
Aruba, Netherlands West Indies, elevation of U.S. Vice

Consulate to rank of Consulate. 1271.
Asia, Southeast Territories, Social Welfare Conference of,

Assets. See Property.
Assets, German. See Germany.
Assistance. See Aid.

Assistance, reciprocal, inter-American treaty. See Recip-
rocal assistance.
Atcheson, George, Jr., death of, statement by Acting Secre-
tary Lovett, 437.
Atkins, Paul M., appointment to U.S. mission to Greece, 335.
Atlantic City telecommunication conferences. See Tele-
communication ; Radio.
Atomic Development Autliority, proposed, discussed by

Mr. Russell, 12."i5.
Atomic Energy Act of 1946, reservation of source mate-
rials in certain lands owned by the U.S. (Ex. Or.
9908), 122.5.
Atomic P'nergy Commission :

Activities of, address by Mr. Austin. 1176.

Differences in principle with U.S.S.R., discussed by Mr.

Russell, 1255.
Discussed in address by Secretary Marshall to General

Assembly, 620.
Eniwetok Atoll, closing for atomic experiments, 1174.
Atomic-energy issue in UN, address by Mr. Austin, 1176.
Austin, Warren R. :

Addresses, statements, etc. :

Atomic-energy issue in the UN, 1176.
Freedom of information, U.S. position, 869.
General Assembly, final plenary session of 2d regular
session, 1172.


Austin Warren R. — Continued
Addresses, statements, etc. — Continued

Inter-American treaty of reciprocal assistance, 574. '
United Nations, power and authority of, 626.
Appointment as U.S. representative to General Assembly,

Correspondence :

President of Security Council (Hood), on closing of
Eniwetok Atoll for atomic-energy experiments,
Secretary-General of UN, on independence of Korea,
with draft resolution, 820.
Australia :
General agreement on tariffs and trade (ITO), accept-
ance, 1258. "
International Bank and Fund, membership in, 328.
Resettlement of refugees, under IRC, article by Mr.

Warren, 638.
U.S. proposals on Japanese peace treaty, attitude, 435.
Austria :

Aid from U.S. :

Agreement with U.S., 39, 95.
Mission from U.S. :

Arrival in Austria, 229.
Report of 1st phase of program, 428.
Coal from U.S., 95 n.
European Economic Cooperation, Committee of, part in,

681 n.
Four Power Commission : '

Proceedings of, termination. 767.
Recall of Mr. Dodge from, 423.
Free elections in, U.S. support of, article by Mr. Stone,

German assets in, problem of, statements by Secretary

Marshall, 1183.
Occupation costs, U.S., financing by currency conversion,

Tourist travel from U.S., regulations relaxed, 45.
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Air-transport agreement, interim, with U.S., signature

and text of annex, 834, 960.
Monetary gold, redistribution of, protocol with U.S.,

U.K., and France, signature and text, 959.
Peace treaty, with Allies :

Four Power Commission, termination of proceedings,

Statements by Secretary Marshall, 1024, 1247.
Relief agreement, with U.S., text, 39, 95.
Aviation (see also ICAO ; Treaties) :
Air Coordinating Committee, 174, 431.
Air Policy Commission, 173, 431.
Civil aviation :

Cooperation with other American republics, article bv

Mr. Sinclair, 923.
Facilities for international civil aviation, article by

Mr. Cyr, 169.
U.S. policy, 431.
Military aviation, policy of U.S., 433.
Axis war criminals. See War criminals.

Baig, M. O. A., appointment as U.S. Charge d'Aftaires to

Pakistan, 480.
Baldwin, Isabel Ann, article on U.S. cordage-supply policy,

Balkan Committee, Special (General Assembly), appoint-
ment of Admiral Kirk as U.S. representative, 949, 1203.
Bank and Fund. See International Bank; International

Monetary Fund.
Banks, Hungarian, state-controlled, listed, 96.
Barbour, Walworth, designation in State Department, 1011.
Barnes, Maynard B., appointment as Deputy for Foreign

Affairs at National War College, 233.
Bartlett. Frederic P., appointment on Rubber Study Group

and Tin Study Group, 734.
Belgium :

Combat materiel, nondemilitarized, transfer by U.S. to,

table showing, 657.
European Economic Cooperation, Committee of, part io, i
681 n. !

Department of State Bulletin



Belgium — Continued
Tariffs and trade, general agreement on (ITO), accept-
ance, 1258.
Bell, Kathleen, article on 5th session of ECOSOC, 812.
Benelux Customs Union, 1258.
Benton, William :
Addresses, statements, etc. :
High-frequency broadcasting, 401.
Public opinion and world affairs, 522.
Reorganization of OIC, 304.
UNESCO, 2d General Conference of, 982.
"Voice of America" transmitter in Manila, 646.
Appointment as U.S. representative to UNESCO, 639,

900, 1203.
Resignation as Assistant Secretary of State, 707.
Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin, article by Mr. Wilkison, 755.
Bill of Rights Day, 1947, proclamation, 1223.
Bizonal arrangements for Germany, U.S.-U.K. (1946),
revision and extension :
Anglo-American discussions, 768.
Level-of-industry plan. See Level-of-industry.
Summary of agreement, text, and annex, 1262.
Blaisdell, Donald C, article on arming of UN, 239.
Board of Foreign Scholarsliips, President's, 198, 779, 1224.
Bogotd conference. See American states, 9th international

conference of.
Bohlen, Charles E., designation in State Department, 232.
Borton, Hugh, address on occupation policies in Japan,

Boston Conference on Distribution, addresses by Mr.

Armour and Mr. Wilcox, 863, 881.
Boundaries, international :
Balkan Committee, Special, for peaceful settlement of
border dispute between Greece on the one hand and
Albania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia on the other, 949.
Canadian-U.S., meeting of International Joint Commis-
sion for control of pollution of water, 182.
Greek frontier (.see also Investigation, Commission of).
General Assembly committee to observe alleged vio-
lations between Greece on the one hand and Albania,
Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia on the other, 822.
Palestine, proposed division of, discussed in report of

Special Committee on Palestine, 554, 558, 680.
Zonal boundary in Trieste, U.S. protest to Yugoslavia
regarding. 706.
Braithwaite, Albert W., appointment to AMAG, 1081.
Brandel, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (New York Times and U.P.

correspondents), expulsion from Yugoslavia, 961.
Brazil (see also American republics) :
Combat materiel, transfer from U.S. to, tables showing,

102, 340, 657, 837.
Foreign capital, registration requirements, 1191.
U.S. Consulate at Natal, closing, 650.
U.S. relations with, address by President Truman, 519.
Visit of President Truman to, proposed, 341.
Briggs, Ellis O., appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Uru-
guay, 96.
Broadcasting, radio. See Radio.

Bronk, Detlev W., appointment as U.S. alternate repre-
sentative to UNESCO, 639, 900, 1203.
Brown, Maj. Gen. Albert E., chief of U.S. delegation at
meeting of Joint Commission for Korea, 296, 399, 625.
Bulgaria :
Agrarian Union, abolition of, U.S. note to U.S.S.R. re-
garding. 531.
Border incidents, investigation of. See Investigation,

Commission of.
Diplomatic relations with U.S., resumption, 746.
Execution of Nikola Petkov :
Exchange of notes between U.S. and U.S.S.R., regard-
ing, 429, 481, 531.
U.S. position, 702.
Free elections in, U.S. support of, article by Mr. Stone,

Peace treaty, with Allies, entry into force and proclama-
tion, 771, 1270.

Bulgaria — Continued

Property of U.S. nationals in :
Claims, procedure for filing, 1270.
Tax returns, extension of time for filing, 46, 390, 1089.
State of war with U.S., termination, proclamation, 771.
Transfer to U.S.S.R. of German assets in, U.S. note

regarding, 298.
U. S. Minister (Heath), appointment, 746, 1229.
Burke, George James, appointment to military tribunal,

Burma :

Ambassador to U.S. (Nyun) :
Appointment, 648.
CredenUals, 1227.
Constituent assembly, attitude toward U.S., 101.
Elevation of U.S. Consulate General at Rangoon to

Embassy, 648.
Propertv of U.S. nationals in, procedure for filing claims,

U.S. Ambassador (Huddle), appointment, 1229.
U.S. Charge d' Affaires (Packer), appointment, 648.
Youth mission to U.S., 912.
Bursley, Herbert S., appointment as U.S. Ambassador to

Honduras, 1271.
Butler, George H., designation in State Department, 650.
Butterworth, W. Walton, designation in State Depart-
ment, 783.
Byelorussia, membership in Universal Postal Union, 585.

Cabinet Committee on World Food Programs, statements

by President Truman, 85, 690.
Calendars of meetings of organizations, 34, 212, 464, 674,

878, 1082.
Camagiiey, Cuba, opening of U.S. Consulate, 1091.
Canada :
Automotive traflSc between U.S. and Canada, discussed

by Mr. Kelly, 1065.
Combat materiel, transfer by U.S. to, tables showing,

102, 657, 837.
Imports from abroad, restrictions on, 1053.
International Joint Commission, U.S.-Canada, meeting

for control of pollution of boundary waters, 1S2.
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

German enemy assets, multilateral agreement relat-
ing to resolution of conflicting claims, signature,
Tariffs and trade, general agreement on (ITO), accept-
ance, 1258.
Trade, with U.S. (1938), question of U.S. refraining
from invoking certain provisions, correspondence,
U.S. Consular Agency at Kenora, Ontario, closing, 51.
U.S. proposals on Japanese peace treaty, attitude, 435.
Weather stations, supplies for, 82.
Cancer research, 4th international congress, 472.
Cargo, William I., article on first special session of Gen-
eral Assembly, 3.
Caribbean Air Navigation, Communications Division,

meeting, 327, 893.
Caribbean Commission, action of 80th Congress, 1st ses-
sion, regarding, article by Mr. Kaplan, 847.
Caribbean regional communications committee of ICAO,

2d meeting, 893.
Carnevali, Gonzalo, credentials as Venezuelan Ambas-
sador to U.S., 231.
Cartel and commodity policy of Geneva charter for ITO,

Carter, Edward Francis, appointment to military tribu-
nal, 46.
Carusi, Ugo, assignment in Europte on displaced-persons

problem, 746.
Caulfield, Henry P., Jr., article on international statistical

conferences, 1084.
Central America. See American republics, and the in-
dividual countries.
Cereals, special conference of FAD on, 79.
Ceylon, elevation of U.S. Consulate at Colombo to rank
of Consulate General, 1271.

Index, July to December J 947


Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, address by Secretary

Marshall, 1024.
Charts. .See Maps.

Children's Emergency Fund, International :
Article by Mr. Kaplan, 846.
Meetings, dates of, for — .
Executive Board, 213, 878.
Program Committee, 464, 1083.
Chile (see also American republics) :

Coal supplies, U.S. export licenses for, 836.

Combat materiel, transfer by U.S. to, table showing, 837.

Commercial agreement, provisional, with U.S. (1945),

extension, 303.
Cultural leaders, visit to U.S., 746, 916.
U.S. Vice Consulate at ConcepciOn, closing, 1271.
China :
Aid from U.S. :

Funds for, under food and relief agreement, 913, 980.
Statement by Secretary Marshall, 970.
Fact-Flndiiig Mission from U.S. :
Membership, 149.

Report and statements by General Wedemeyer, 476,
German nationals in, repatriation of, U.S. position, 437.
Lend-lease accounts with U.S., payment on, 148.
Property. U.S., confiscated by Japanese in, instructions

for filing claims for, 835, 1000.
Property, U.S., in Shanghai, re-registration of property

rights required, 916.
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Food and relief agreements, with U.S., signature and

text, 913, 9S0.
Surplus ammunition, with U.S., signature, 49.
Surplus property, with U.S. (1946), property made

available, 230.
U.S. Educational Foundation in China, establishment
of, with U.S., signature and text, 1005.
U.S. proposals on .Japanese peace treaty, attitude, 435.
"Voice of America" transmitter in Manila, statement
by Ambassador to U.S. (Koo), 647.
Cinematographic art, 8th international exhibition, ar-
rangements, 37.
CITEJA (Comit6 International Technique d'Experts Juri-
diques A^riens) :
Activities of, in connection with Legal Committee of

ICAO, discussed by Mr. Latchford, 487.
Resolution no. 156, text, 491.
Citizens Food Committee, statements by :
President Truman, 690, 736.
Secretary Marshall, 738.
Civil aviation. See Aviation.

Civil Aviation Organization, International. See ICAO.
Civil liberties in Rumania, U.S. position, 38, 329.
Civil Service Commission, responsibility in dismissal cases,

962, 1009.
Claims (see also Property) :
German enemy assets, multilateral agreement relating
to resolution of conflicting claims to, signatures by
U.S., Canada, and Netherlands, 1192.
Italian, memoranda of understanding, with U.S., sum-
mary and tests, 371, 372, 375.
U.S. nationals in other countries. See Protection of
U.S. nationals and property.
Claims convention, with Mexico (1941) , payment by Mexico

of instalment due under, 1058.
Clay, Eugene H., economic adviser to AMAG:
Appointment, 5.35.

Return to U.S. for consultation, 1081.
Clayton, William L. :

Addresses and statements:

European Recovery Program, 1211.
Geneva draft of ITO Charter, 592.
Relation of ITO to European recovery, 293.
Chairman of U.S. delesntion to world trade conference

at Habana, 981, 1211.
Resignation as Under Secretary for economic affairs,
Cleland, William Wendell, designation In State Depart-
ment, 232.



European Central Inland Transport Organization

(ECITO),34, 675, 878.
European reconstruction needs, 197. >

Exports to Europe, address by Mr. Thorp, 697.
Germany :

Anglo-American talks on production in, 145, 326, 576.
Ruhr mines, 326, 333, 467, 530, 576, 697, 741.
U.S. zone, exports from, U.S. reply to Soviet inquiry,
Shipment to Italy, statement by Acting Secretary Lovett,

Supplies for Austria, statement by Secretary Marshall,

95 n.
Supplies for Chile, U.S. export licenses for, 836.
Coal Exporters Association of U.S., New Tork City, ad- '

dress by Mr. Thorp, 697.
Cochran, Robert LeRoy, appointment to U.S. mission to

Greece, 334.
Cocoa committee of International Emergency Food Coun-
cil, report, 734.
Codification of international law. See International Law.
Coffee, corn-substitute cattle feed, 909.
Coffee agreement, inter-American (1940), protocol extend;

ing, signature, 836.
Coffee Board, Inter-American, 836.
Cohen, Benjamin V., resignation as Counselor of State

Department, 232.
Colombia (see also American republics) :
Cultural leader, visit to U.S., 306.

Red Cross, American, aid to fire victims at Tumaco, 836.
Colombo, Ceylon, elevation of U.S. Consulate to rank of

Consulate General, 1271.
Combat materiel, nondemilitarized, sale and transfer of,

tables showing, 102, 340, 657, 837.
Combines, Japanese, dissolution, article by Mr. Vernon

and Miss Wachenheimer, 55.
Comity International Technique d'Experts Juridiques

A^riens (CITEJA), 487, 491.
Commerce. See Trade.

Commercial aviation agreements. See Treaties.
Commercial agreement, U.S. and Chile (1945), extension,

Commercial policies. See Trade Organization, Interna-
Commission for Korea, Joint. See Korea.
Commissions, committees, etc., international (see also
name of commission; United Nations) :
Allied Control Commission for Bulgaria, 429.
Atomic Energy Commission, 620, 1174, 1176, 1255.
Bar Association, Inter-American, 5th meeting, 880, 1083.
Caribbean Commission, 847.
CITEJA, 487, 401.
Coffee Board, Inter-American, 836.
Cotton Advisory Committee, International, 6th meeting,

Econometric Society, 1084.
Education, International Bureau of, 510.
Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense,

European Economic Cooperation, Committee of, 681, 683,

750, 684, 687, 688, 740.
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), 79, 370, 1015,

1018, 1072, 1181.
Far Eastern Commission, 35, 216, 221. 326, 368, 423, 513.
Food Council, International Emergency, 734, 1181.
Foreign Ministers, Council of, 677, 767, 824, 880, 987,

1078, 1083, 1183, 1204, 1244, 1247, 1249.
Four Power Commission (for Austria), 423, 767.
Hylean Amazon Institute, International, proposed, 423j

ICAO, 35, 169, 171, 175, 327, 466, 487, 497, 506, 677, 766J'

893, 923, 932, 1069.
ILO (International Labor Organization), 32, 33, 214

327, 898, 901.

Income and wealth, International association for re-
search in. proposed, 1084.
Inter-Allied Reparation Agency, 1192.
Inter-American Economic and Social Coimcil, 7.50.

Depatiment of Sfafe Bulletin

C'liramissions, committees, etc., international — Continued
International Banl: for Reconstruction and Develop-
ment, 328, 980.
International Joint Commission, U.S.-Canada, 182.
International Monetary Fund, 328, 980, 1268.
IRO (International Refugee Organization), 61, 64, 133,

137, 179, 188, 438, 638, 801, 1073.
ITO (International Trade Organization), 293, 425, 592,

603, 663, 711, 768, 787, 790, 881, 902, 906, 981, 990,

993, 1042, 1089, 1211, 1258, 1261.
Joint U.S.-Soviet Oil Commission, 225.
Korea, Joint Commission for, 294, 296, 398, 399, 473, 623,

625, 867.
Meteorological Organization, International, 290, 678, 680.
Naval Commission, Tripartite, 833.
Philippine-American Finance Commission, Joint, 146.
Population Problems, International Union for Scientific

Investigation of, 1084.
Preparatory Committee for international trade confer-
ence, 291, 425.

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