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[VOLUME XIX: Numbers 470-495

July 4-December 26, 1948


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JUN . 7 1949
Corrections in Volume XIX

The Editor of the Bulletin wishes to call attention
to the following discrepancies that occurred In print-
ing telegraphic items from the General Assembly in
Paris :

In the issue of December 12, 19^8, page 728, third

In "The United States in the United Nations", it is
stated that the United Nations Temporary Commis-
sion on Korea "will continue to seek means for bring-
ing about the unification of Korea and the integration
of all Korean security forces." The text of the resolu-
tion establishing a new Commission states that this
Commission will "continue the work of the Temporary
Commission" but further that the new Commission
"Shall be regarded as having superseded the Temporary
Commission." (See Bulletin of December 10, 1948,
page 760. )

In the issue of Decemlier 19, 191iS, page 760:

A text of the joint resolution for the new Commission
on Korea is here printed. That text was amended to
include the Canadian amendment (U. N. doc. A/806,
December 12, 1948), a paragraph of which reads as
follows :

"In paragraph 4, delete the words 'consisting of the
same Member States which composed the United Na-
tions Temporary Commission on Korea' and substitute
therefor the words 'consisting of the following States :
Australia, China, El Salvador, France, India, the Phil-
ippines, Syria.' "

The footnote on the same page should read as fol-

" Introduced by the U. S., China, and Australia in
Committee I on Dec. 6, 1948, and adopted by the Gen-
eral Assembly on Dec. 12, 1948, after amendment. The
text of the documents is contained in U. N. docs. A/788
and A/806.

In the same issue, page 752:

The footnote relating to the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights should read :

' Approved by Committee III on Dec. 7, 1948, and by
the General Assembly on Dec. 10, 1948.

In the same issue, page 763:

It is stated in "The United States In the United
Nations", fifth paragraph, left-hand colunm, that the
Conciliation Commission "will take over the work of
acting Palestine mediator Bunche". The resolution
states precisely that the Conciliation Commission shall
". . . assume insofar as it considers necessary in
existing circumstances, the functions given to the U. N.
Mediator on Palestine by the resolution of tlie General
Assembly of 14 May 1948". (See the issue of De-
cember 12, 1948, page 726, and General Assembly modi-
fications printed in the issue of December 26, 1948, page
793. See also U. N. doc. A/807, December 20, 1948.)

Two other corrections in this volume should be noted
In the issue of November H, 19^8, page 613, footnote 3:

The date of the document (U. N. doc. S/1045) should
read Oct. 19, 1948, rather than Oct. 19, 1945.

In the issue of December 19, 1948, page 767:

The heading "lEO Preparatory Commission : Seventh
Session" should read "IRO Preparatory Commission :
Seventh Part of First Session".

^^ 36-3. I A

Online LibraryUnited States. Dept. of State. Office of Public CoDepartment of State bulletin (Volume v. 19, Jul- Sep 1948) → online text (page 1 of 85)