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VOLUME XXIV: Numbers 600-626

January 1—June 25, 1951

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Publication 4377


Volume XXiV: Numbers 600-626, January 1-June 25, 1951

ACC. See Air Coordinating Committee uniler Aviation.
Acheson, Dean, Secretary of State :
Addresses, statements, etc. :

Bevin, Ernest, British Foreign Minister, death of, 003

Cease-fire (Korea) proposal. Communist attitude, 104

CBS interview (Sevaroid), 50

CFM. Soviet attitude, 00

Communist aggression, efforts against, S3, 323, 700,
92.'!, 003

Consultative Committee, meeting in Ce.vlon, 234

Cordell Hull Foundation, 800

ECA and Schuman Plan, results of, 5S0

Far Eastern policy, 104, 300, 6S3, 706, 923, 903

Foreign buildings exhibit, 019

Indian food aid program, 424

Iranian oil situation, 891

Italian Senate, defense budget, 84.5

Japanese peace settlement, Dulles' part in, 185

Meeting of Consultation, OAS, 500, 016

NAT, united defense, 3

Pacifie area, security, 300

St. Lawrence waterway, testimony, 432

Schuman Plan, 523, 5S0

Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Com-
mittees, testimony, 923, 963

Soviet thrusts, defense against, 700

Strategic materials, international control, 383, 752

Trade Agreements Act, renewal, testimony, 200, 435

Wedemeyer's Korean report, 784

Western Europe, joint defense of, 323
Correspondence :

Carnahan, on falsity of "American Peace Crusade,"

Connally, on joint resolution of friendship for
U.S.S.R., 556

Dodd, on FAO economic program, 466

International Joint Commission, construction of
Libby Dam, on Canadian border, application for
approval, 230

McMahon, on Soviet Lenin Day speech, 256

MouUette, Clarence E., in respect to son's letter, 450

Panyushkin, exchanges of notes on lend-lease settle-
ment, 302, 640, 744

Schuman, Robert, French Foreign Minister, on Euro-
pean Army, 287

Truman, President, appointment of Eisenhower as

Van Zealand, on 2d NATO anniversary, 620
Defense of, by President, 10
OAS, Meeting of Consultation, request, 8
Adams, Russell B., appointment as Special Assistant to

the Secretary, 156, 477

Index, January /o June 195?

Adenauer, Konrnd, Cliancellor of the German Federal Re-
public, exchange of letters with Allied High Commis-
sion, 445, 449, 003
Advisory Board on International Development, 558
Advisory Committee on Personnel (Rowe-Ramspeck-De

Courcy Committee), 715
Afghanistan :

Point 4 agreement signed, 299
U.S. Ambassador (Merrell), appointment, 716
Africa (see also Morocco ; South Africa) :

Central and Southern Africa Transport Conference,

report by Kelly, Smith, and Birch, 110
Ewe problem :

General Assembly resolution, 181
Iraq-U.S. draft resolution, text, 479, 500
Study by TC (Gerig, McKay), with map, 128
Trust territories. General Assembly resolutions, 181
U.S. relations with Near East, South Asia, and Africa

( McGhee over VOA ) , 61
Uranium, U.S., U.K., and Union of South Africa, con-
clude agreement on production, 28
Workshops of liberty (Bennett at Tulane), 585
Agriculture (see also Pood and Agriculture Organization;
Technical cooperation programs) :
Agricultural workers, draft agreement, with Mexico,

188, 300
Cotton Advisory Committee, International, 101
Export-Import Bank, loans to Spain for agriculture

and industry, 380, 501
International Wheat Council, 5th session, U.S. delega-
tion to, 1026
Rubber Study Group, 316
Rural Cooperatives in Caribbean, 388
Aid to foreign countries (see also Economic Cooiieration
Administration ; Mutual aid and defense ; Point 4
under Technical cooperation programs) :
China :

Military supplies for defense of Taiwan, exchange

of notes, 747
U.S. policy (Acheson, testimony), 963
Decisions for Americans (Truman before Natl. Con-
ference on Citizenship), 931
European Recovery Program discussed, 217
Far East, policy and action (Acheson before Natl.

Women's Press Club), 683
Germany :

ECA purchase of raw cotton, 743
U.S. policies (McCloy over Bavarian radio), 736
India :

Emergency food aid, statements to Congress by :
Acheson, 424, 674
Henderson, 426
Truman, 349, 592


Aid to foreign countries — Continued
India — Continued
Pood situation, Embassy report, 591
Relief for flooded areas, 89
Korea, U.S. contribution to U.N. aid programs, 469
Mutual Security Program, message of President to Con-
gress, and statement (Webb), 883, 1015
Pakistan, relief assistance for flooded areas, 89
Palestine, U.S. contribution to aid programs, 469
Philippines, U.S. pledge fulfilled (Cowen), 1016, 1017
Public Advisory Board (Newsom appointed), 559
South Asia, U.S. policy (McGhee before Cincinnati Coun-
cil on World Affairs), 892
Spain, Export-Import Bank, loans for agriculture. In-
dustry, and wheat, 380, 591
Yugoslavia :

Foodstuffs, U.S. provision of, text of agreement, 150
U.S. Emergency Relief Assistance Act (19150) , text, 277
Air Force missions, U.S. vcith :
Chile, 502
Cuba, 26
Air transport agreements, U.S. with :
Ecuador (1947), amended, 188
France (1946), amended, 152, 535
Albania, German-looted gold, Albanian and other claims
submitted to arbitrator by U.S., France, and U.K.,
text, 785
Aldana Sandoval, Carlos H., credentials as Guatemalan

Ambassador, 979
Allied High Commission (HICOM), 443, 621, 623, 901, 902
Allison, John M., deputy to Dulles on Japanese peace

treaty matters, 184, 584, 837
Altmeyer, Arthur J., heads U.S. delegation to 3d Inter-
American Conference on Social Security, 475
American citizens, decisions for (Truman before Natl.

Conference on Citizenship), 931
American efforts to meet threats of aggression (Perkins),

American Republics (see also Organization of American
States; Treaties; and the individual countries):
American National Ballet Theatre on tour, 700
Communism threatens inter-American security, U.S.

requests OAS Meeting of Consultation, 8
Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education,

Economic Commission (U.N.) for Latin America, U.S.

delegation, 955
Economic problems in the present danger (Thorp in

OAS Meeting of Consultation), 693
Educational interchange {see also Point 4 under Tech-
nical cooperation programs) :
Foreign nationals visit U.S., 29
U. S. nationals visit abroad, 29, 99, 264, 414
Foreign Relations, 1934, vol. IV, American Republics,

released, 439
Inter-American Commission of Women, 153
Inter-American ECOSOC, appointment of U.S. repre-

serjtMtive (Bohan), 639
Inter-American Juridical Committee, appointment of

U.S. member (Owen), 265
Iiili'r-American relations reviewed (Dreier before Pan
Amor. Socy. of New England), 688


American Republics — Continued
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, appoint-
ment of director of investigations (Schaefer), 109
Latin America's role in future business (Miller before!

Harvard Business School Assn.), 975
Pan American Day (proclamation), 572
Pan American Railway Congress, 7th report of, 458
Pan American Sanitary Organization, meeting, 752
Point 4 leaders, activities, 264, 303, 989
Rural cooperatives in Caribbean, technical meeting, 191
UNESCO in Americas (Sargeant at Habana), 18
U.S. invites opinions on Japanese treaty (Dulles), 617
West Indian Conference, 4th session, report, 385
American States, Organization of. See Organization of

American States.
America's part in building a free world (Fisher), 375
Andrews, Stanley, delegate. International Wheat Council,

5th session, 1026
Appropriation act for fiscal year 1951, 3d supplemental
(H. R. 3587), rider restricting economic aid abroad
criticized by Truman, 1027
Araujo, Antonio Martin, credentials as Venezuelan Am-
bassador, 302
Arbenz Guzman, Lt. Col. Jacobo, inauguration as Presi-
dent of Guatemala, 499
Argentina :

Light cruisers, negotiations for sale under MDAA, 104
U.S. Ambassador (Bunker), appointment, 559
Arms and armed forces (see also Korea) :

American Republics, collective defense, 570, 574, (306, 607
Arming for peace, exchange of letters (Truman, Flan-
ders ct al.), 514
Arrangements, interim, for collective use, U.S. views in
relation to uniting-for-peace resolution of General
Assembly (Nov. 3, 1950), 420, 771, 959
Commission, new, proposed, to consolidate U.N. Atomic
Energy Commission a7id Commission for Conven-
tional Armaments :
General Assembly proceedings and resolution, 140,

318, 420, 912
U.S. statement (Nash), and working paper, text, 991,
Communist "Crusade for Peace" explained (Russell),

Embargo on shipments to Communist China, statements
(Gross) and General Assembly resolution, text,
848, 849
Executive Order 10206 for detail of U.S. personnel of
armed forces in support of certain U.N. activities,
U.S. Marine questions need for war, exchange of letters

(Achosiin, Moulette), 450

U.S.-U.K.-France, tripartite agreement on industrial

controls in Allied zones of Germany, test, and letter

from Allied High Commission to Adenauer, 621, 023

.Vrmstrcmg, Elizabeth H., West Indian Conference, 4th

session, article on, 385
.Vrmstrong, Maj. Gen. Harry G., delegate, Military Medi-
cine and Pharmacy Congress, 957

Department of State Builelin

Armstrong, Willis C. :

Chairman, lUibber Study Group, 316
I Designation in State Department, 675
Atomic energy and conventional armaments :

Communist "Crusade for Peace" including Communist

plan for atomic-energy control (Russell), 486
Coordination of Atomic Energy Commission and Com-
mission for Conventional Armaments :
General Assembly resolution (Dec. 13, 1950) and

proceedings, 140, 318, 420, 912

U.S. statement (Nash) and working paper, 991, 992

"Peace Pilgrimage" of the "American Peace Crusade,"

Communist plan (Acheson letter to Carnahau), 368

Auriol, Vincent, President of France, visit to U.S., 413, 495,

Austin, Warren R. :

Addresses, statements, etc. :
Collective security, 170

Collective security, U.N. function, 772, 773, 774, 778
Communist China, aggression in Korea, U.N. collec-
tive action urged against, 166, 206
Communist China, attempts to blackmail U.N., 203
Kashmir, demilitarization of, implementing, 831
Korea, cease-Hre order, 103
Palestine, peace efforts, 914
Correspondence with Secretary-General Lie, on return
of World War II prisoners of war, 879
Australia, Ambassador (Spender) to U.S., credentials,

Austria :

Air Coordinating Committee report (19.50), 535
American snldier's murder in Vienna by Soviet soldiers,

787, 986
Soviet repatriation mission in U.S. Zone expelled (Don-
nelly letter to Sviridov), 1019
U.S. note to Moscow, protesting soldier's murder, 986
Aviation (see also International Civil Aviation Organiza-
tion) :
Air Coordinating Committee report (1950), 529
Air Force mission agreements signed witli :
Chile, 502
Cuba, 26
Air transport agreement with Ecuador amended, 188
Air transport agreement with France amended, 152, 535
Airplane climb performance standards (Haldeman), 32
Special Assistant (Rockwell) to Secretary of Air Force
appointed, 477
Baker, George P., representative on Transport and Com-
munications Commission, ECOSOC, 316, 511
Balkan States :

General Assembly resolution on violation of human

rights in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania, 143
Special Committee on (UNSCOB), resolution of General
Assembly continuing (Dec. 1, 1950), text, 348, 554
Baltic States, VGA, inauguration of programs, 946
Bancroft, Harding F. :

Apjiointment to Collective Measures Committee, 419
Article and statement, 460, 771
Barnard, Tburman L., designation in the State Depart-
ment, 519
Barnes, Robert G., designation in the State Department,

Barrett, Edward W. :

Addresses, statements, etc. :
"Campaign of Truth," 352
Counteract defeatism by winning Cold War, 408
Information themes, changing world conditions, 13
Lithuania, inauguration of VGA program, 354
VGA motion picture, defense of, 302
Correspondence vv'ith Senator Benton, on VGA, 301
Barringer, J. Paul, delegate, assembly (ICAO), 5th ses-
sion, 999
Begg, John M. :
Address on information program, 409
Designation in State Department, 477
Belgium (see also Benelux ; Brussels agreement) :
Additional forces to Korea, 862

Indemnification for war damage, agreement by exchange
of notes, time limit, 498, 987
Benelux (see also Belgium; Netherlands) :
Torquay procotol (G ATT), concessions (effective, June

6, 1951), 862, 988
Treaty of collaboration and collective self-defense with
France and U.K., 668
Bennett, Henry G., Technical Cooperation Administrator:
Address at Tulane University, 585

Point 4 activities, 56, 67, 151, 187, 212, 219, 264, 299, 942,
979, 990
Benton, Senator William :

Information activities, attitude, 278, 422
VGA, correspondence with Assistant Secretary Barrett,
Bevin, Ernest, British Foreign Minister, resignation and

death, 449, 663
Binder, Carroll :
Freedom of Information principles, 194, 232
U.S. representative to conference, 153
Birch, John A., article on conference on central and south-
ern Africa transport problems, 110
Bogotd, pact of, relation to International Court of Jus-
tice, 669
Bohan, Merwin L. :

Appointed representative to lA-ECOSOC, 639
Heads U.S. delegation to ECLA, 4th session, 912, 955
Boblen, Charles E., Counselor of the State Department,

Bolivia :
Joint economic committee named, 748
Point 4 agreement signed, 501
Strategic materials, joint study, 748
U.S., relations resumed, 979
Boundary, Canadian, U.S. application to construct dam

and reservoir, 230
Bradford, Amory J., designation on staff of U.S. Deputy,

NAT Council, 155
Bradley, General Omar N., testimony, 330
Brady, Dr. Frederick J., delegate. Pan American Sanitary

Organization, 752
Bramble, Harlan P., appointment in the State Depart-
ment, 675
Brannan, Charles F., Secretary of Agriculture, letter to

the Director General, FAO, 466
Branscomb, Harvie, transmission of report to Congress on
educational exchange, 788

Index, January to June 1951


Brazil :

Joint Brazil-United States Commission for Economic

Development, 25, 814
Light cruisers offered to, 104

U.S. delegation to Brazilian inaugural ceremonies, 231
Broph.v, Gerald B., as Special Consultant to the Secretary,

Brown, Elizabeth Ann, summaries of General Assembly

action, 5th session, 138, 175
Brown, Winthrop G., designation in the State Depart-
ment, 675
Brunauer, Mrs. Esther Caukln, suspended for security

reasons, 675
Brussels agreement on conflicting claims to German
enem.v assets, entry into force, 293
American claimiints to submit data, 294
Budget message on international security and foreign re-
lations, excerpt, 269
Bulgaria, violation of human rights. General Assembly

re.solution (Nov. 3, 1950), 143
Bunker, Ellsworth, appointed Ambassador to Argentina,

Burma, trial of Dr. Gordon S. Seagrave, 224
Butler, Robert, resigns as Ambassador to Cuba, 477
Buttenwieser, Benjamin J., address at Bremen, 488
Byroade, Henry A., statement on Soviet obstruction in

Germany, 815
Cabot, Thomas D., Director of International Security
Affairs :
Address on organizing for peace, 980
Consultation with MDAP and NATO officials, 511
Designation in State Department, 155
Calendar of international meetings, 30, 189, 381, 536, 749,

Cambodia, arrival of Minister (Nong Kimny) in U.S., 984
"Campaign of Truth." See International Information

and Educational Exchange Program.
Canada :
Infantry brigade arrives In Korea, 862
Libby Dam and reservoir on U.S.-Canadian boundary,
U.S. application to International Joint Commission
to construct, 230
Partnership for peace (Webb at Montreal) , 927
Treaties, agreements, etc.:

Boundary waters (U.S.-U.K., 1909), U.S. application
to International Joint Commission for construc-
tion of Libby Dam and reservoir on border, 230
Civil defense agreement, exchange of notes, 587
Lease of naval and air bases (U.S.-U.K., 1941),

agreement to modify, 813
Radio transmitters, agreement signed, 302
St. Lawrence seaway and power project (1941 pro-
posed agreement), H. J. Res. 3 for approval. Sec-
retary Acheson, testimony, 432
Torquay procotol concessions (GATT), effective June
6, 1951, 862
Canal Zone, regulations to safeguard vessels, ports, and

waterfront facilities in, (Ex. Or. 10226), 698
Canhani, Erwin D., chairman, U. S. Advisory Commission

on Information, 422
Cannon, Mary M., chairman of U. S. delegation to Inter-
American Commission of Women, 153


Caribbean Commission :

U.S. Commissioner appointed (MorOn), 535
West Indian Conference, 4th session, article on, 385
Caribbean, Rural Cooperatives in, technical meeting, U.S.

delegation, 191
Carney, Admiral Robert B., to visit Jordan, 661
Castleman, Edward, report on 1st meeting of Inter-
national Commission for Northwest Atlantic Fisher-
ies, 954
Central and Southern Africa Transport Conference, report

by Kelly, Smith, and Birch, 110
Ceylon :
Diplomatic and consular conference, 423, 517
Radio, agreement by exchange of notes, the U. S. to fur-
nish certain equipment in return for facilities for
VOA, 946
U. S. to attend Ceylon meeting of Consultative Com-
mittee on economic development in South Asia,
statement (Acheson), 234
CFM. See Foreign Ministers, Council of.
Chappelear, Nancy B., designation in State Department,

Children :

Greek, General Assembly resolution on repatriation

text (Dec. 1, 1950), 143, 333, 348
International Children's Emergency Fund, reports on
medical care and training of handicapped, 863, 953
Childs, J. Rives, confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Ethi-
opia, 716
Chile :

Copper situation, discussion with U.S., 819

ECOSOC, 12th session, Santiago, Chile, address by

Miller, 454
Light cruisers offered to, 104
Treaties, agreements, etc. :
Air Force mission, signed, 502
Point 4 agreement, signed, 219
China (Communist) :
Aggression by Chinese Communists (Truman), 205
Aggressor in Korea, U.S. Congress passes resolutions,

168, 208
Americans detained and denied communications, 947
Cease-fire in Korea, correspondence on U.N. proposal,

113, 164, 165
Communist regime attempts to blackmail U.N. (Austin) ,

Embargo on shipments to, statements (Gross), and
General Assembly resolution (May 18, 1951), text,
848, 849, 1030
U.N. collective action on aggression in Korea :

General Assembly resolution (Feb. 1, 1951), text, 138,

142, 236
Statements by Austin, 106, 206
U.S. Congress, text of resolutions, 168, 208
U.S. draft resolution in U.N., 167
U.S. opposes Communist representation in Trustee-
ship Council (Sayre), 236, 265
China (Nationalist Government) :

Chinese-American friendship, statement by Assistant

Secretary Rusk, 846, 848
Defense of Taiwan (Formosa), U.S. military supplies,
exchange of notes, 747

Deparfmenf of S/afe Bullefin

China (Nationalist Government) — Continued
Educational exchange program, report of U.S. Advisory

Commission on Educational Exchange, 788
Scholarship program by ECA, 185

Troops, proposed use in Korea (Assistant Secretary
McFall, letter to Representative Seely-Brown), 263
U.S. freeze order (lO.'JO), application, 303
U.S. policy (Acheson, testimony), 963
U.S. policy (Dulles, Rusk before China Institute), 843,

846, 848
U.S. rebuttal of Soviet claim of U.S. aggression and vio-
lation of Chinese airspace (Gross), 3.".^
VOA, addition of Amoy, Mandarin, and Swatow dia-
lects to programs, 369, 502
Chou En-lai, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Communist
China), correspondence with General Assembly on
cease-fire in Korea, 114, 165
Civil defense, agreement with Canada signed, 588
Civil defense conference, address by the President, 763
Civilians in time of war, protection of (Geneva, 1949),
transmission of convention to Senate, with report, 866
Claims and property :
Belgium, war damages, claims for, agreement by ex-
change of notes, 498, 987
Brussels agreement on conflicting claims to German
enemy assets, entry into force, 293
American claimants to submit data, 294
Enemy property, settlement of intercustodial conflicts

involving (Ex. Or. 10244), 890
German debts, tripartite communiques, France, U.K.,

and U.S., 443, 901
German-looted gold, tripartite agreement by U.S.,
France, and U.K. to submit claims to arbitrator,
text, 785
German reparations, Swiss-Allied Accord, quadripar-
tite meeting, 419
Germany, Berlin general claims law, procedure under,

Italy, deadline for filing war claims, 651
Japan, Closed Institutions Liquidation Commission,

procedure for filing claims, 580
Netherlands, agreement on looted securities, signed, 187
Philippine War Damage Commission completes task,

Philippines, reparations from Japan, discussed, 405,
577, 578
Clark, Lewis. U.S. representative on U.N. Advisory Coun-
cil for Libya, presentation to King designate, 643
Cohen, Benjamin V., alternate U.S. representative to Gen-
eral Assembly, Greek question and report of UNSCOB,
Collaboration and collective self-defense, treaty of (Bene-
lux, France, U.K.), 668
Collective Measures Committee. See Uniting-for-peace

Collective security (see also Mutual aid) :
Peace Observation Commission, role (Gross), 553
U.N., its collective security system (Bancroft), 460, 771
U.S. armed forces in support of U.N. (Gross to Lie), 959
Colombia :
Ambassador to U.S. (Restrepo Jaramillo), credentials,

Colombia — Continued
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Friendship, commerce, and navigation, signed, 746
Point 4 agreement signed, 501
Unified command for Korea, aid to, 12
Colombo Plan. See Consultative Committee.
Commodities {see also Strategic materials) :

Commodity and country requirements. Departmental
coordination, under Defense Production Act
(19.50), 276
Fair distribution of (Thorp), 818
Shortages :

Secretary Acheson, statement, 752
Tripartite statement (France, U.K., U.S.), 149
Communism :
Acheson supported by President as leading opponent

of Communism, 10
Arming for peace, exchange of letters (Truman, Flan-
ders et al.), 514
Confuse and Control, Soviet Techniques in Germany,

pamphlet released, 7.59
Inter-American security, Jleeting of Consultation (OAS)

called to meet threat to, 8
Land "reform" in North Korea, 582
"Peace Crusade," Communist objective of (Russell),

"Peace Crusade" and its "Peace Pilgrimage" (Acheson

letter to Carnahan), 368
Radio Moscow increases foreign propaganda output,

Senate and House pass resolutions on Communist China,

168, 208
Stalin's Pravda interview :
Statement (McDermott), 367

VOA and Wireless Bulletin announce U.S. reaction,
U.S. Marine, questions need for war, exchange of letters

(Acheson, Moullette), 450
Western Europe, joint defense, testimony of Acheson,
Bradley, and Marshall, 323, 328, 330
Communism, addresses and statements against, by :
Acheson :

Congressional testimony, 323, 923, 963
Press statement, 83
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 766
Austin, Assn. of Amer. Colleges, 170
Barrett, at :
Brooklyn, 408
St. Louis, 352
Begg, at Chicago, 409
Byington (over NBC), 407
Cabot, at Tufts College, 980
Cooper, on Western European attitude, 428
Dreier, before Pan Amer. Socy. of New England, 688
Dulles, at :

Association for U.N., 85

China Institute, 843

Meeting of Consultation, OAS, 617

Philadelphia, 483

U.N. Association of Japan, 726

University of Arizona, 935

Index, January to June I95J


Communism, addresses against — Continued
Eisenhower :

Before Congress, 245
Over NBC, 285
Fisher, at Des Moines, 375
Gross, 57, 390

Heath, on Indochinese attitude, 264
Hickerson, before Foreign Policy Institute, 731
Jessup :

Peace strategy, 17-i
"Preventive war," 363
Johnstone, World Affairs Council, San Francisco, 370
Kuhler, on effectiveness of VOA, 780
McCIoy, High Commissioner for Germany, 736
McGhee, on :
Near East area, 186
South Asia, 892
Perkins, George W., over VOA, 63

Korean situation, 055, 846, 848
VOA, 64

World Affairs Council, Philadelphia, 295
Russell :

"Peace Crusade," Communist objectives, 486
Railvcay Clerks Convention, 895
Sayre, Chinese Communist representation in Trustee-
ship Council, 265
Thorp, before American Economic Association, 94
Truman :

Annual message, 123
Civil Defense Conference, 763
Korea, policy in, 603

Message to Congress on Indian food crisis, 349
National Conference on Citizenship, 931
On Communist Chinese aggression, 205
On Pacific area, 699
Webb, at Montreal, 927
Concentration camps, survivors of, ECOSOC resolution,

Congress :

Air Coordinating Committee, report (1950), 529

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