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United States. National Commission for the Review.

Commission hearings (Volume 2) online

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at Pgs. 125, 126. Also cf. McClellan Comm - Organized Crime at Pgs.
410, 411, 420, 425, 428, 431, 433, 434, 441, 444, 472.

11. JOHN MORALES. Also known as JOHNNY BURNS - Underboss of Joseph Bonanno.

12. 6ERAD0 CATENA - Also known as Jerry Catena, - Underboss of the Vito Genovese, La

Cosa Nostra Family, and Acting Boss in view of Death of Genovese.
cf. Hearings - 1969 at Pg 127. Also cf. McClellan Comm. -Organized
Crime at Pgs. 179, 246, 248, 251, 253, 272, 293, 327-329, 912, 929,
1015, 1019.

13. JOSEPH ARTHUR ZICARELLI, also known as JOE BAYONNE, Bayonne Joe. - Caporeglma in

Family of PAUL SCIACCA, successor as Boss of Bonanno Family, cf.
Hearings - 1969 at Pg 128 Also cf. McClellan Coinn. - Organized Crime
at Pgs. 912, 916, 1002, 1030, 1061.


14. JOSEPH MAGLIOCCO, also known as JOE MALYAK - was underboss under Family Boss

Joe Profaci , and Temporarily succeeded as Boss on Profaci's
death in 1962 until removed by the Conmission. His death is
alluded to in these transcripts, cf. Hearings - 1969 at Pg. 126.
Also cf. Mc Clellan Comm. - Organized Crime at Pgs. 7, 162, 246,
247, 308-310, 371, 373, 374, 376, 377, 652, 913, 917, 921, 930,
1036, 1061.

15. GUISEPPE PROFACI, also known as JOE PROFACI, "TdE OLD MAN", deceased Boss of New

York, N. Y. La Cosa Nostra family, currently bossed by Joe Columbo
Ibid, at Pgs. 126,127.

16. JOHN LA ROCCA - Boss of La Cosa Nostra Pittsburgh, Pa. Family.

17. JOSEPH NOTARO, also known as "LITTLE JOE". Caporegima under Boss Joe Bonanno.

cf. Hearings - 1969 at Pg. 127. Also cf. McClellan Comm. - Organized
Crime at Pgs. 313, 314, 652, 1009, 1030, 1047.

18. VITO DeFILIPPO - La Cosa Nostra Member of Joe Bonanno Family.

19. THOMAS "Smitty" D'ANGELO - Caporegima under Joe Bonanno. cf. Hearings-1969 at Pg.l27.

20. JOHN AQUARO - Caporegima under Joe Bonanno.

21. ANGELO CARUSO - Caporegima under Joe Bonanno.

22. CHARLIE BATTAGLIA - Caporegima in Arizona under Joe Bonanno. Brother of Carmen

Battaglia, a feared, ruthless figure in Newark, N. J. La Cosa
Nostra circles.

23. FRAN LABRUZZO - A Caporegima under Joe Bonanno, representing Montreal, Canada, area.




-(T N EUGENE CATENA) deceased brother of Gerado Catena acting boss
of the late Vito Genovese family. Gene Catena was caporegima and
trusted Chief Lieutenant of Jerry Catena, cf. Hearings-1969 at Pg.l27.

A Caporegima of Samuel De Cavalcante, Boss of the New Jersey Family of
La Cosa Nostra. The Newark Evening News of July 8, 1969, described
John Riggi, of Linden, N. J. as "an alleged 'fixer' of Union Activi-
ties and a member of the Linden Human Rights Commission. Riggi is
an official of Local 394, Laborers International Union, Elizabeth,

- Underboss of Samuel DeCavalcante, Boss of the New Jersey Family of
Cosa Nostra. The Newark Evening News of June 22, 1969, Pg. 1,
described Majuri as "A familiar figure in Organized gambling in
Union County (N.J.) Majuri, with Larasso was a delegate at the 1957
Mafia convention at Appalachin, N.Y." cf. Hearings-1969 at Pg. 126.
Also cf. McClellan Comm. - Organized Crime at Pgs. 329,970.

JOSEPH SFERRA, also known as JOE TIGER was appointed a caporegima and demoted by
Samuel DeCavalcante, boss of the New Jersey family. DeCavallante
also removed Sferra from his job as BusinessAgent of Local 394,
Laborers International Union, Elizabeth, N. J.



28. MIKE PUGLIA, also known as MICKEY POOLE, a Caporegima in Connecticut for the De-

Cavalcante Family, serving under JOE LaSELVA, Co-underboss of
the Decavalcante Family, responsible for Connecticut interests.

29. JOSEPH LaSELVA, also known as JOE LaSELVA, Co-underboss of the Samuel DeCaval-

cante Family, responsible for Connecticut interests,
cf. Hearings - 1969 at Pg 126.

30. PAUL FARINA - appointed caporegima by Samuel DeCavalcante to replace demoted Joe



MASUSCO, SAM FLOOD; he was the Boss of the Chicago Family of
La Cosa Nostra. Boss position probably deemed open now due
to flight of Giancana to Mexico in 1966, after he spent approx-
imately 1 year in confinement for contempt in refusing to
testify after having been granted inrnunity. Was a member of
the Commission, cf. Hearings - 1969 at Pg. 124, 125. Also cf.
McClellan Comm - Organized Crime at Pgs. 504,508,513,516,524,


LUCHESE. Deceased Boss of the Luchese Family, one of the 5 New
York, N.Y. La Cosa Nostra Families. Was a member of the Com-
mission, cf. Hearings-1969 at Pgs. 124,127. Also cf. McClellan
Comn - Organized Crime at Pgs. 87, 88, 92,117,138,140,162,175-177,

33. CARLO GAMBINO - also known as DON CARLO, Boss of the Gambino Family, 1 of the 5

New York, N. Y. La Cosa Nostra Families. Is a member of the
Commission, cf. Hearings-1969 at Pgs. 124,127. Also cf. Mc-
Clellan Comm. -Organized Crime at Pgs. 81,82,88,117,162,189,246,

34. STEFANO MAGADDINO, also known as "THE BOSS", "THE OLD MAN". Boss of the Buffalo,

N.Y. Family of La Cosa Nostra. He is also a member of the Com-
mission, cf. Hearings-1969 at Pages 124,125. Also cf. McClel-
lan Comm. -Organized Crime at Pgs. 7',91 ,193,196,219,299,389,390,
607,609, 610,611,612,613,783,912,916,930.991,1017,1023,1036.1062.

35. MICHAEL SAVELLA, also known as MIKE SAVELLA, "MIMI". A caporegima in the Paul

Sciacca Family. 1 of the 5 New York, N. Y., La Costra Nostra
families, which was previously known as the Bonanno Family,
cf. Hearings-1969 af Pg 128. Also cf. McClellan Comm-Organized
Crime at Pgs 313,314.652.


''^ underboss in the Carlo Gambino family but was remove

js an
ily but was removed -
demoted- by Gambino in 1965. cf. Hearings-1969 at Pg 127.
Also cf. McClellan Comm-Organized Crime at Pgs 162,246,294,

37. JOSEPH ZINGARO - A Caporegima in the Carlo Gambino Family -

York, N. Y. La Cosa Nostra families, cf.
at Pg 127.

1 of the 5 New



40. "DAYLIGHT" -

41 . ALBERT -

- A relative of Carlo Gambino and identified by DeCavalcante
as a Caporegima in the Gambino family, although not so
identified in Hearings - 1969 at Pg. 127. cf. McClellan
Comm-Organized Crime at Pg 302,

- a member of the DeCavalcante Family, New Jersey La Cosa
Nostra family.

Alias of MICHAEL SALVATORE TRAMANTANA - a member of the Angelo

Bruno, Philadelphia, Pa. Family of La Cosa Nostra. He resides

in Trenton, N. J., and reportedly has been used as strongarm
man by Bruno.

ALBERT ANASTASIA - former boss of the Gambino Family, who was
shot to death in a hotel barber shop in New York in 1957.
cf. McClellan Comm. Organized Crime at Pgs. 7, 118, 162, 187,
237, 239, 256, 294,295,304,320,322,325,328,331,339.348-350,


a caporegima in the Vito Genovese family, 1 of New York, N.Y.
La Cosa Nostra families. He resides at and runs his operations
from Mountainside, N. J. He is under Gerardo Catena, cf. Hear-
ings-1969 at Pg 127. also cf. McClellan Comm-Organized crime
at Pg 1019.

43. ANTHONY "TONY BOY" BOIARDO - is the son of Ruggiero Boiardo, also known as

"THE BOOT". He is member of the Vito Genovese La Cosa Nostra
family. He has been active in gambling, shylocking, illegal
alcohol and spends most of his time at Valentime Electric Co.
which he ostensibly owns. This firm receives the awards on most
of the Federal, State and Local Construction in New Jersey.
cf. McClellan Comm. -Organized Crime at Pgs. 248, 326, 328, 652.

44. "CADILLAC CHARLIE" -Cadillac Charlie Cavallaro. cf. The Silent Syndicate by

Hank Messick. Pgs. 217,218.



- a caporegima in the Vito Genovese family, 1 of the 5 New
York, N. Y. La Cosa Nostra Families. He resides on a large
estate in Livingston, N. J. cf. Hearings-1969 at Pg 127.
Also cf. McClellan Comm. -Organized Crime at Pgs. 248,256,
326, 328,652, 912,929,1015,1061. Father of Tony Boy Boiardo,


Was a former Caporegima in the Genovese Family. He was mur-
dered at n:00am October 4,1951, in Joe's Elbow Room,
Palisade Avenue, Cliffside Park, N.J. cf. McClellan Comm.-
Organized Crime at Pgs. 149,156,248,279,296,324-326,328-331,
335,342,348,601 ,602,652,980.

47. BOBBY BASILE, True name ROBERT OCCHIPINTI, a blood cousin of Samuel DeCavalcante.

He had not yet been "made" a member of La Cosa Nostra, but
was a candidate. He and Cocchiaro were top aides and enforcers
for DeCavalcante and also are officers in a legitimate company
owned by DeCavalcante. Newark Evening News 6/18/69; 7/8,9/69.

48. FRANK COCCHIARO, also known as BIG FRANK CONDI, is a Caporegima in the Samuel De-

Cavalcante, New Jersey Cosa Nostra Family. He lives in Ocean
Township, N.J. and was formerly a member of the Carlo Gambino
Family. Newark Evening News 6/18/69, Pg 1; 7/8/69;7/9/69.

49. RALPH DeMEGLIO - also known as BIG RALPH is bodyguard and member of Bayonne

Joe Zicarelli's Decina in the Paul Sciacca Family - lof the 5
New York, N.Y. La Cosa Nostra Families.

50. NICK MELILLO - True name Nicola Mellillo, also known as NICK NELSON

of the Carlo Gambino Family.

a member

51. JIMMY FAILLA - also known as JIMMY BROWN - a Caporegima in the Carlo Gambino

Family, cf. Hearings-1969 at Pg. 127.


A member of the Carlo Gambina Family who was in trouble with Gambino
for stealing Garbage customers from Joe Col umbo.

53. ANDY "HAM" DOLASCO - Deceased former member of the Tonriy Luchese Family. He had

been soldier-under the late PAUL CORREALE, also known as "PAULIE
HAM" and later under PENOOKS (Pa) from Atlantic City, N. J. He
was very active in gambling.

54. MR. MAGLIE - True name JOSEPH MIGLIAZZA, also known as "THE MERCHANT", a gambling

figure in Easton, Penna. He owned a restaurant in Easton and
arranged through BOBBY BASILE to have it burned so. that he could
collect insurance and pay off shylock loan owed DeCavalcante.
He collected $80,114 from Employers Liability Co. of Boston.
He started serving a term in Federal Penitentiary at Lewisburg,
Pa. on a gambling charge in December 1968. Newark Evening News
6/18/69 Pg. 10.


55. "PUSSY" - ANTHONY "LITTLE PUSSY" RUSSO. The Newark Evening News 6/18/69.

Pg. 1, stated that Russo was known for several years as the
late Vito Genovese's top captain at the New Jersey Shore.
The domain was said to include all of Monmouth, Ocean and
Middlesex counties. He wielded considerable power in Long
Branch, N.J. He has close relationship with Angelo DeCarlo
and might be under his control. His brother is JOHN "Big
Pussy" RUSSO.


True name SIDNEY M. FRANZBLAU, Attorney for Samuel DeCaval-
cante, and a former Assistant U. S. Attorney.

57. BERNIE FURST - From Long Branch, not a La Cosa Nostra member but is a partner

with BOBBY BASILE and FRANK COCCHIARO in the Imperial Air
Conditioning, Long Branch, N.J. financed by DeCavalcante.
Newark Evening News, 7/8/69/

58. LAWRENCE WOLFSON,also known as LARRY WOLFSON - not a Cosa Nostra family member

but is partner of Sam DeCavalcante in Kenworth Corp. Kenilworth,
N, J. He resides in Deal, N.J. in a $100,000 home. He was
associated withNick Delmore before DeCavalcante took the reins.
Newark Evening News - 6/18/69.

59. DANNY NOTO - A relative-cousin of Sam Devavalcante. He is a member of the De-

Cavalcante Family. He operates a tire business in Garfield,
N. J. in which DeCavalcante is a partner.



JOSEPH "WHITEY" DANZO - a member of the DeCavalcante, New Jersey La Cosa Nostra

JOE KREMER - Accountant of DeCavalcante.

NICK QUARINO - A member of the DeCavalcante, New Jersey La Cosa Nostra Family,

KINNEALY (P H) - Democratic Parly Leader in Union County.




A Judge in Union County, N. J.

A building contractor from Union County with whom DeCavalcante
has had working agreements.

Member of DeCavalcante Family - father of John Riggi, a Capo-
regime of DeCavalcante. Was formerly officer of Local 394,
Laborers International Union, until he was arrested by the
F.B.I., Charged with antiracketeering-extortion for which
he was convicted, cf. McClellan Comm-Organized Crime at
Pg. 970.

Captain of Elizabeth, N.J. Police Department until appointed
Director of Elizabeth by Mayor Thomas Dunn. Retired in 1968
and moved to Florida.



69. MIKE -






75. LA CORTE -


True name FRANK D'ALLESIO - member of the Carlo Gambino

True Full name MIKE D'ALLESIO, also known as MIKEY DEE.
Member of Carlo Gambino Family - 1 of the 5 La Cosa Nostra
Families in New York. Also cf. McClellan Comm-Organized Crime
at Pgs. 294,652.

Son of Frank Majurl, Underboss of DeCavalcante. Member of
DeCavalcante Family - New Jersey La Cosa Nostra Family.

Union County N. J. Prosecutor. Prosecutors in New Jersey are
appointed by the Governor.

Mayor of Elizabeth, N. J. Newark Evening News Edition.
6/12/69, Pg. 1, quoted Dunn admitted knowing & meeting De-

Former Mayor of Elizabeth N. J. after 8 years as Mayor, he
was succedded by Thomas Dunn.

True name MICHAEL MAGNOLIA, Union County Public Works Com-
missioner. Republican opponent of Mayor Dunn.

True name NICHOLAS LA CORTE, N.J. State Senator from Union
County. Republican opponent of Mayor Dunn.

Cousin of DeCavalcante. Resides Red Oakes Drive, Long Branch,

N. J. Former chairman of N. J. State Tenement Housing Commission.

77. ANTHONY "LITTLE PUSSY" RUSSO - Member of the Vito Genovese Family, 1 of the 5 La

Cosa Nostra Families in New York. His operations principally
in the New Jersey Shore area, centered around Long Branch. His
brother, John "Big Pussy" Russo is close associate of Anthony
"Tony Boy" Boiardo.



True name ANTONIO CAPONIGRO - member of the Angelo Bruno, Phila-
delphia, Pa. La Cosa Nostra Family. His operations based in
Newark, N. J. area.

True name DOMINICK SPINA, Director of Police, Newark, N. J.

Police Department appointed by Mayor Hugh Addonizzio. He was
an Inspector in the Police Department when so appointed. He
was indicted on July 25, 1968 by Essex County N. J. Grand
Jury on four counts malfeasance for failure to perform
duties properly - subsequently acquitted.


80. HUGHIE ADDONIZZIO - Mayor Hugh Addonizzio of Newark, N. J. elected Mayor

after having served as Congressman from Essex County, N.J.

81. IRVING BERLIN - A gambler from Newark, N.J. and Essex County who bragged he

was the one who coordinated the collections and assessments
that the Cosa Nostra levied to finance Addonizzio 's Mayoralty

82. SATZ - David Satz, former U. S. Attorney for the State of New Jersey. He

resigned at end of June, 1969.

83. CORKY, True name GAETANO DOMINICK VASTOLA, member of DeCavalcante LaCosa

Nostra family, transfer sponsored by Frank Cocchiaro,
DeCavalcante 's Capo.

84. CHIEF JOHN ELLMYER - Chief of Police of Edison Township, N. J. The roster

of New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police for
1912-1965 lists full name as JOHN W. ELLMYER.

85. BUST-OUT MAN - One employed by operator of a crap game whose job it was to

switch dice and stop a hot streak by a winning crap shooter.

86. ANGELO PICCOLELLO, also known as "PICKLES" had been under the protection of

DeCavalcante until about 2 weeks before he was beaten to
death in Elizabeth. He probably was not a Cosa Nostra member
but more likely was an associate.

87. PETE SMITH - True full name PETER A.SMITH, employed by the state of New

Jersey, Division of Professional Boards, 1100 Raymond Blvd.,
Newark, N. J. as Counsellor at Law and Chief Inspector.
He was Special Agent of the FBI from 1949 to 1953.

88. GROVER RICHMAN - Attorney and former Attorney General of New Jersey under

Governor Robert Meyner.

89. ANGELO MALANDRA - Attorney-at-Law from Southern part of New Jersey.

90. CHIEF JOHN O'MALLEY - There is no listing of a Chief of Police by this name

in New Jersey, either active or retired.

91. JOE KELLY - Probably identical to Captain Joseph Kelly, New Jersey State

Police who retired about 1969.

92. "GINO" FARINA - Member of La Cosa Nostra, believed to be identical to person

same name, member of De Cavalcante Family.


93. ANTHONY PERRY SANTOLI, also known as JACK PANELS, A Lieutenant and long time.

trusted associate of Angelo "Gyp" DeCarlo. Member of the
Vito Genovese Family, one of the five Cosa Nostra Families
in New York. Very active in gambling, especially crap games.


of Lawrence Wolfson, DeCavalcante's partner in Kenworth Corp.
She is private secretary to DeCavalcante and has been having
an affair with him.

95. "THIS GUY" - "DAN", True name DANIEL J. SPISSO, Director of Public Safety,

East Brunswick, N. J. He was formerly a Police Office* in
Plainfield, N. J., then Detective on Middlesex County Prose-
cutor's staff which he left to accept U.S. Government position
destined for Saigon. Never went to Saigon, returning to
East Brunswick job.

96. FEDS - Internal Revenue Agents

97. ROCKY, True last name INFELICE, member of LaCosa Nostra family in New York.

98. "TODDO" MARINO - True name GAETANO MARINO, Member of the Joseph Colombo

LaCosa Nostra family. Cf. McClellan Commission - Organized
Crime at Pgs. 308, 652.

99. JOE KUSCHENER - A Union County contractor and builder - Arco Builders, Inc.,

Union, N. J.; resides Elizabeth.

100. JOE WOLF, True name JOE WILF, a Union County contractor and builder - brother

Harry - other principle; resides Hillside.

101. RALPH LEVEY - Partner with Joe Wilf in contracting and building - Union County.

102. MONROE MARKOWITZ - Attorney and building developer. Office located on Morris

Avenue, Union, N. J.

103. BOBBY SARCONE, True name ROBERT SARCONE - former New Jersey State Senator from

Essex County.

104. TONY PROVENZANO, True name ANTHONY PROVENZANO, also known as TONY PRO. Con-

victed head of Teamsters Local 560, now serving Federal Prison

105. PETE WEBER, True name PETER WEBER. Head of Operating Engineers Union. Con-

victed of violation of Federal Extortion laws in 1969.

106. ROBERT MURPHY - Secretary of Union Local #24 who supplied union books to

DeCavalcante for payment.

107. TONY GRANDE - An associate but not a member of Cosa Nostra who is "with" .

(under protection of) Carlo Gambino, head of LaCosa Nostra


108 MIKE MADALIA - Probably Identical to Michael Mandagllo, official of Union

Local #394, Newark. N. J. He is member of Carlo Gambino La
Cosa Nostra family, one of five New York City Cosa Nostra

109. SAM HALPERN - Building contractor and developer - Union County.

110. SAM REIDA - A Union County buidling contractor and developer.

111. MIKE KLEINBERG - A Union leader in Union County. Holds position in Joint

Council of County wide unions.

112. JACK KIRSCH - Accountant of DeCavalcante, was formerly with Internal Revenue

Service. Friend of Gerardo "Jerry" Catena and Carmen

113. PHIL AWRI, True name FILIPPO AMARI, also known as BIG PHIL. Foniier boss of

the now DeCavalcante family. Returned to his birthplace
Ribera, Sicily, Italy. Also cf. McClellan Comnisslon -
Organized Crime at Pgs. 894, 970.


(From U.S. News <S World Report, July 23, 1973, "Trends in

Borrowing costs. The rise in interest rates on home mortgages
is going to accelerate, predicts Chairman Thomas R. Bomar of
the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. He blames the prospect on
increases now being announced in rates that lending institutions
pay on savings accounts. In a growing number of States,
mortgage rates already are crowding up against limits of the
usury laws

Rate rollbacks. At least two commercial banks have been per-
suaded by the Nixon Administration to roll back their prime rate
on loans to big corporations from 8 1/2 per cent to 8 1/4. They
had attempted to boost that charge to 8 1/2 per cent from 8 as
other banks moved up to 8 1/4.

Vanishing securities. In New York City, 16 people have been
indicted on charges of conspiring to dispose of more than 18
million dollars in stolen or counterfeit securities. In Washington,
DC, a Senate investigating committee heard testimony that 5.3
billion in stolen, lost or missing securities have been recorded by
just one fmancial service in the last three years.

PROFESSOR BLAKEY: Based on your analysis,
Mr. Linehan, I wonder if you would give us an
evaluation generally of the kind of information that
you got from examining the documents?

MR. LINEHAN: First of all, before we were al-
lowed to have this installation, we frankly didn't
know this much activity was going on. We had
heard some things about some people talking about
the combination or the syndicate or something like
that, but it would seem to be localized. And we
discounted a lot of stuff, figuring that somebody
was bragging to make Brownie points or something.

In fact, I could kick myself around the corner
because I was, in the late '50's, offered a diary and
address book pertaining to the 1928 organized
crime meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. I examined it for
a week and thought that it was a nothing and
turned it back to the person. Since then, I have
been calling myself all kinds of names.

PROFESSOR BLAKEY: What I am trying to
raise with you, Mr. Linehan, is when you read the
documents, when you read the administrative
memoranda, or the transcripts, or the airtels radio-
grams, how did you go about evaluating the infor-
mation they contained?

MR LINEHAN: First of all, they will not talk be-
fore the general public. They thought they were
talking among themselves. And when they would
say something that seemed highly improper, they
were checked out by other means available. We
would not have been able to do it other than
through the devices, and we learned a lot of infor-
mation that we didn't know before.

PROFESSOR BLAKEY: Do I understand what
you are saying is that while they were being
operated, the Bureau would listen to the various
people and attempt to identify them, and then at-

tempt to assess the credibility of various people

MR. LINEHAN: That is right.

PROFESSOR BLAKEY: Was an effort made to
verify some of the factual statements made by the

MR. LINEHAN: There was. For example, if we
heard them say they were going to have a meeting
Or something of that nature, that something big was
coming up, we would follow them and find out if
there was a meeting, and if so how many attended.
And that burned up manpower because they were
very surveillance conscious, and we put three cars
on each one.

PROFESSOR BLAKEY: Did you find the credi-
bility of the subjects being overheard varied?

MR. LINEHAN: The credibility was very, very
high. The only thing we had to do was to try to find
out if somebody was bragging to show his stature or
make himself be big. DeCavalcanie was not that

PROFESSOR BLAKEY: For example, did you
find that DeCavalcante in normal conversation was
not a bragger?

MR. LINEHAN: He was not a bragger. In fact,
my personal opinion is he downgraded his ability.
When he was first appointed head of the family, he
had about 30 soldiers. Because as you probably
know, when the boss of a family dies or is removed
from an area, all the appointments made by him
revert to soldiers, and it is up to the new boss com-
ing in either to reappoint them or appoint whoever
he desires.

PROFESSOR BLAKEY: You said DeCavalcante
was reliable. What about Angelo Bruno?

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