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Monthly Catalogue

United States

Public Documents

Nos. 283-294

July, 1918-June, 1919





Monthly Catalogue

United States

Public Documents


a-receding tlie price. A dagger (t)
indicates that application should be made to the Department. Bureau, or Divi-
sion issuing the document. A double dagger {%) indicates that the document
is not obtainable. Whenever additional infornuition concerning the method of
lirocuring a document seems necessary it will be found under the name of the
Bureau by wljich it was published. The Senate and House documents and
reports ai-e issued in limited editions, and. unle.ss otherwise indicated, may be
obtained only through Members of Congress.

In ordering a publication from the Superintendent of Documents, give (if
known) the name of the ]iui>lishing Deiiartment. Bureau, or Division and the
title of the publication. If the pulilication is immbered. give the number also.
Kvei-y such particular assists in quick identitication. Do not order by the
Library of Congress card number.

The accumulation of publications in this Office amounts to several millions,
of which over a million ai-e assorted, forming the sales stock. Many rare books
are included, but under the law all must be .sold " at cost," regardless of their
age or scarcity. Many of the books have been in stock some time and are apt
to be shop-worn. In filling orders the best copy available is sent. A general
price-list of public documents is not available, but lists on special subjects will
be furnished on application.


The Monthly catalogue is sent to each Senator, Representative, Delegate,
liesident Commissioner, and officer in Congress, to designated depositories and
State and Territorial libraries, to substantially all Government authors, and to
as many school, college, and public libraries as the limited edition will supply.

Subscription price to individuals, .H^l.lO a year, including index. Back num-
bei-s can not be supplied. Notify the Superintendent of Documents of any
change of address.


Xuuibei'.-; to be used in oi-dering the I>. C. catalogue cards will be found at the
end of the titles of the more important monographic documents. The figure
following the card number (separated from it by a slanting line) indicates the
number of cards required for entries suggested (title entry not included) on
tlie cards. The price of the cards is 2c. for the first card and t^uC. for each addi-
tional card for the same title ordered at the same time. Remittances for the
L. •(.. L'S3 JULY 1918


NniK. — Tbosc piililitations of tlip I teprtrtnii'iit of Ajii-iculniif wbich are for sale will be
supplied by the Superintendent of Koeuments. Washington. L>. C. The Department issues
a monthly list of publications, which is mailed to all applicants, enabling them to select
such reports and bulletins as interest them.

Cocconiyces. IiKHnilatioii exiteriiueiits with species of Coccoiiiyces froni stone
fi-uits: by G. W. Keitt. 1918. cover-title, o39-570+[41 p. il.5 p. of pi. lur.ire
8" [From Journal of agricultural research, v. 13, m>. 11. June 10, 1918.] t

Corn. Comparative transpiration of corn and sorfrhunis: l>y Edwin C. Miller
and W. B. Coffman. 1918. cover-title, p. r.T9-(>(»4-^ [2] leaves, il. i* p. of pi.
larjre 8" [Frcmi Journal of airricultural reseai'ch, v. 13. no. 11. June 10.
1918.1 ?

Foofi for cattle. rHgestiliility of corn silajze, velvet-liean meal ami alfiilfa hay
wlien fed singly and in comliinations : l)y 1'. V. Ewing and F. H. Smith. 1918.
cover-title, ii. 011-618. lai'ge 8" [From Journal of airi-icultin"al research, v.
13, no. 12, June 17, 1918.1 ?

Study of physical changes in feed residues which take place in cattle

during digestion; by P. V. Ewing and L. H. Wright. 1918. cover-title, p.
039-046. large 8" [From Journal of agriy
S. ('. Salmon and F. L. Fleniin.tr. 1918. cover-title, p. 497-.'0() + [ 1 1 leaf. 1 pi.
large 8" [From Journal of air: icultural research, v. 13, no. 10, June 3, 1918.] %

plants in solution cultures [with list of literature cited] : by John W. Shive and
William H. Martin. — Composition and digestibility of Sudan-grass hay [with list of
literature cited] : by W. G. GacNsler and A. C. McCandlish. — Water-holding capacities
of bedding materials for live stock, amounts required to bed animals, and amounts
of mannre saved by their use [with list of literature cited] : by .1. W. Whisenand. —
No. 5. Two important introduced parasites of brown-tail moth [with list of literature
cited] : by C. F. W. MueseV)eck. — Hitherto-unreported disease of okra ; by L. L.
Ilarter. — Potato-stem lesions : liy H. A. Edson and M. Shapovalov.

Note. — This publication is published l)y authority of the Secretary of Agriculture
with the cooperation of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experi-
ment Stations. It is distributed free only to libraries of agricultural colleges and ex-
periment stations, to large universities, technical schools, and to such institutions as
make suitable exchanges with, the Agriculture Department. Others desiring the Journal
may obtain it from the Superintendent of Documents at the prices stated above.

Saltpeter, Chile. Method of sale of nitrate of soda to farmers by Government.
Washington [no publisher] Jan. 1918. 11 p. (Circular 78.') * Paper. 5c.

•Agr 18— 77. 2


t3 JlLY. li)lS

^Vr^•kUl urirx Icticr. v. o, no. 4S-r)2 : July 8-31. 1918. fl918.] various paging,
il. 4" f A corrected copy of no. .10 was also issued.] * Paper. HOc. a yr.

Agr 14—310 3*

Wlictit. Food needs for 1919. part of agricultural program for period beginning
with autumn of 1918. fall-sown wheat and rye. .Tune 23, 1918. 13 p. (Cir-
cular 108.) * I'a per, .")(•. Agr 18— o77


Cattle. National and State live-stock a.ssociations and allied organizations.
1918. lip. (Yearbook separate 742. ) [From Yearbook, 1917.] * Paper, oi-.

Director!/ of Bureau of Animal Industry. May 2.'5. 1918. 1918. 91 p. t

Agr 10— 511 2

Egfjs. ("andliug and i)resprvatiou of eggs. Washington, D. C. [no publisher.
1918]. 4 p. il. t

Horses. P>reeds of light horses: |by] H. H. Keese. .June, 1918. 16 ]». il.
(Agriculture Dept. Farmers' bulletin 952.) [Includes lists of Agricidture
Dfi)artment publications relating to horses.] * Paper, 5c. Agr 18 — .509

Ldrkspiir. Notes on larkspur eradication on stock ranges; by C. Dwight Mai-sh
and A. P.. Clawsou. July 1(5. 1918. 6 p. ([Publication] 34.) [Includes
lists of Agriculture Department publications relating to poisonous plants.] "i"

Agr 18-583

Serriee (iiiiioinicriHrnts. Servuv .-ind reaulatorv announcements, ^lav. 1918:
[no.] 133. July 9, 1918. p. .33-38. [:\Ionthiy. | * Paper, .5c. single copy,
50c. .1 yr. Agr 7—16.58 2

Note. — The frco distrihutiou of this publicatiou will he limited to persons in the
service of the Animal Industry liureau. to proprietors of establishments at which th
Federal meat in.spection is conducted, to public officials whose duties render it neces-
sary for them to have such information, and to journals especially concerned. Others
desiring copies may obtain them from the Superintendent of Documents at the price
stated above.

P>Iy] E. L. Sechrist. July, 1918.
15 p. il. (Agriculture Dept. Farmers' bidletin 961.) [Includes lists of Agri-
culture Department publications relating to bees.] * Paper, 5c, Agr 18-570

July. 1918 7

Boll irccrils. Recent experimental work on poisoning cotton-boll weevils; by
B. R. Coad. July 19. 1918. 15 p. il (Agriculture Dept. Bulletin 731.)
* Paper, 5c. Agr 18— 5&S

Clover flOHcr-midffes. Control of clover-flower midge; [by] C. W. Creel and
L. P. Rockwood. .June. 1918. 12 p. il. (Agriculture Dept. Farmer.s' bulle-
tin 971.) * Paper, 5c. Agr 18—530/4

Foul-hroofl. Control of European foulbrood ; [by] E. F. Phillips. July, 1918.
16 p. il. (Agriculture Dept. Farmers" bulletin 975.) [Includes lists of Agi-i-
culture Department publications relating to bee culture.] * Paper, 5c.

Agr 18—584

Gii)S}i-ntf)thii. New bacterial disease of gipsy-moth caterpillars; by R. W.
Glaser. 1918. cover-title, p. 515-522+ [1] leaf. 1 pi. large 8° [From .Journal
of agi-icultural research, v. 13. no. 10, June 3, 1918.] t

Xi/sius cncae, false chinch bug; by F. B. Milliken. 1918. cover-title, p. 571-
578+ [2] leaves, il. 2 p. of pi. large 8° [From Journal of agricultural re-
search. V. 13, no. 11, June 10, 1918.] X

Southern f/reeu plaut-huy [with li.st of literature cited] ; by Thos. H. Jones.
.Julv .S(»."l918. 27p.il. (Agriculture Dept. Bulletin 689. ) * Paper, 10c.

Agr 18—563


Aceouutiiiti. Farm househcjld accounts; [by] W. C. Funk. .Tune, 1918. 11 p.
il. (Agriculture Dept. Farmers" bulletin 964.) * Paper. .5c. Agr 18 — 571

Farm iiiiiilrnunits and iiiacliiuery. Better u.se of man labor on farm, few sug-
gestions for increasing man power by using bigger teams and more machines;
[by] H. R. Tolley [and] A. P. Yerkes. Washington, D. C. [no publisher]
June. 1918. 16 p. il. (Agriculture Dept. Farmers' bulletin 989.) * Paper,
5c. Agr 18 — 575

Hai/. Hay caps; [by] H. B. McClure. May, 1918. 16 p. il. (Agriculture Dept.
Farmers" bulletin 977. ) * Paper, 5c. Agr 18 — 531/3

Labor saving practices in haymaking shown pictorially ; [by] H. B. Mc-

(.'lure. Washington. D. C. [no publisher] June, 1918. 20 p. il. (Agriculture
Dept. Farmers" bulletin 987.) * Paper, 5c. Agr 18— 554/3

lA'tiuirce Coitiiti/, Mieh. Study of farm management problems in Lenawee
County. :\[ich. ; by H. M. Dixon and J. A. Drake. July 24, 1918. cover-title,
36 p. il. (Agriculture Dept. Bulletin 694.) * Paper, 10c. Agr 18— .566

Thrc^iiiHii-iiKichines. Efficient operation of thrashing machines; [by] H. R.
Tolley. Washington. D. C. [no publisher] June. 1918. 15 p. il. (Agriculture
Dejit. Farmers" I)ullei in 9!»]. I * Papei. 5c. Agr. IS — 576

Tractor experience in Illinois, study of farm tractor under corn-belt conditions;
iliy] Arnold P. Yerkes and L. M. Church. June. 1918. .30 p. il. (Agriculture
Dept. Farmers' bulletin 963.) [Includes lists of Agriculture Department
pul)licanons relating to farming operations. This bulletin is essentially a
revision of Farmers" bidletin 719. Economic study of farm tractor in corn
belt, published May 5. 1916.] * Paper, .5c. Agr 18—527/4


Erosion. Range preservation and its relation to erosion control on western
grazing lands ; by Arthur W. Sampson and Leon H. Weyl. June 25, 1918.
cover-title. 35 p. il. 6 p. of pi. (Agriculture Dept. Bulletin 675.) * Paper,
10c. Agr 18—534/6

Landneaije en{/ineerin(/ in uaticmal forests: by Frank A. Waugh. 1918. 38
p. 11. t " Agr 18—582


Cantaloupes. Loading and transporting western cantaloupes; by A. W. Mc-
Kay, n. p. June, 1918. 16 p. il. (Markets doc. 10.) t Agr 18—579

Creameries. Marketing practices of Wisconsin and Minnesota creameries; bv
Roy C. Potts. July 23. 1918. 15 p. il. (Agriculture Dept. Bulletin 690.)
* Paper, 5c. Agr 18—564

8 July. 1918

Food xurrei/s. Food surveyp, June 29, 1918; v. 1, no. 9. [1918.] 32 p.
il. 4° t Agr 18-^42

Note. — This puljlication is pulilished monthly and mailed between the 15th and
20th of each month. Special numbers will be issued from time to time as occasion
may require. A copy may be obtained on application to '• Pood Surveys," B\ireau
of Markets, Room 229, Homer Building, Washington. !>. C.

■ ■ Same, July 8, 1918, special issue; v. 1, no. 10. [1918.] 8 p. il. 4" t

Same, July 16, 1918. special issue: V. 1, no. n. |U)ls.] .32 p. il. 4" t

Same, July 20, 1918, special issue ; V. 1, no. 12. [1918.] 16 p. il. 4" t

Seed reporter, July 6, 1918 ; v. 2. no. 1. [Chicago. 111., 1918.] 8 p. 4" | Monthly.]

t Seed Reporting Service, 59 Hoard of Trade Building. Chicago, 111.

Agi- 17—1165/4
Serrice announeements. Service and regulatory announcements, no. 36: Fed-
eral grain supervision and standards for wheat applied to 1917 crop of hard
red spring wheat, including comparison of present and revised official
standards. June 21, 1918. 16 p. 11. t Agr 15—199/3


Barley. Cultivation and utilization of barley ; [by] Harry V. Harlan. June,
1918. 40 p. 11. (Agriculture Dept. Farmers' bulletin 968.) * Paper, 5c.

Agr 18—529/2

Bent. Agricultural species of bent grasses: pt. 1, Rhode Island bent and
related grasses [with list of literature cited], by Charles V. Piper; pt. 2,
Seeds of redtop and other bent grasses, by F. H. Hillman. July 23, 1918.
27 p. 11. (Agriculture Dept. Bidletin 692.) [Includes lists of Agriculture
Department publications relating to forage crops.] * Paper, 5c.

Agr 18—565

Bordeaux mixture. Commercial Bordeaux mixtures, how to calculate their
values; [by] Errett AVallace and L. H. Evans. June, 1918. 11 p. 11. (Agri-
culture Dept. Farmers' bulletin 994.) * Paper, 5c. Agr 18 — 552/4

Cotton-seed. Nurse planting select cotton seed ; by P. V. Cardon. IMay 21,
1918. 12 p. 11. (Agriculture Dept. Bulletin 668.) * Paper, 5c.

Agr 18—533/3

Drying. Farm and home drying of fruits and vegetables ; [by] Joseph S.
Caldwell. Washington, D. C. [no publisher] .Tune, 1918. 61+ [1] p. il.
(Agriculture Dept. Farmers' bulletin 984.) * Paper, 5c. Agr 18 — 574

Hofi pastures for Southern States ; [by] Lyman Carrier and F. G. Ashbrook.
May, 1918. 20 p. 11. (Agrlcidture Dept. Farmers' bulletin 951.) [Pre-
pared In cooperation with Animal Industrv Bureau.] * Paper, 5c.

Agr 18—553/4

Mosaic disease. Effects of various salts, acids, germicides, etc., upon infectlvlty
of virus causing mosaic disease of tobacco ; by H. A. Allard. 1918. cover-
title, p. 619-637, large 8° [From Journal of agricultural research, v. 13,
no. 12, June 17, 1918.] t

Potatoes. Growing high-grade potato seed stock; [by H. A. Edson and William
■ Stuart]'. July 15, 1918. 8 p. 11. (C. T. v

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