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16th January, 1869.

Rev. Charles Gibbon, minister of Lonmay.

Rev. Duncan Ogilvie, minister of the United Presbyterian Church, Falkirk.

Rev. Alexander Robb, missionary of the United Presbyterian Church.

5th March, 1870.

Rev. John Christie, professor in the University.

Very Rev. George Hutchison, minister of Banchory-Ternan.

Rev. Donald Macdonald, minister of the Presbyterian Church, Melbourne.

Rev. Alexander Topp, minister of Knox's Church, Toronto.

4th March, 1871.

Rev. James Whyte, minister of Methlick.

9th March, 1872.

Rev. David Brown, principal of the Free Church College, Aberdeen.

Rev. William Davidson, minister of Largo.

Rev. Donald Fraser, minister of the English Presbyterian Church, Marylebone,

Rev. John Kennedy, minister of the Congregational Church, Stepney, London,



8th March, 1873.

Rev. James McKenzie Allardyce, minister of Bowden.

Rev. Francis Cameron, rector of Charlton, Kent.

Rev. Alexander Irvine, minister of Crimond.

Rev. William Pirie Smith, minister of the Free Church, Keig.

5th April, 1873.

Rev. John Kennedy, minister of the Free Church, Dingwall.

6th IWarch, 1875.

Rev. Peter Mackenzie, minister of Urquhart.

Rev. William Skene, vicar of Seghill, Northumberland.

17th February, 1877.

Rev. John Davidson, minister of Inverurie.

Rev. Alexander Thomson, minister of the C jngregational Church, Manchester.

9th March, 1878.

Rev. Charles Chree, minister of Lintrathen.

Rev. George Mackay, minister of Free North Church, Inverness.

8th March, 1879.

Rev. John Forbes Mitchell Cock, minister of Rathen.

Rev. Alexander Mitchell, minister of the North Parish, Dunfermline.

Rev. Walter Ross Taylor, minister of the Free Church, Thurso.

6th March, 1880.

Rev. Robert Bruce, minister of the Congregational Church, Huddersfield.

Rev. Duncan Macpherson, senior chaplain of the Church of Scotland, on the Bombay

Ecclesiastical Establishment.
Rev. James Robertson, professor in the University of Glasgow.

5th March, 1881.

Rev. James Aberigh-Mackay, chaplain of the Church of England in Paris.

Rev. James Hay, minister of Inverkeillor.

Rev. Adam Lind, minister of the United Presbyterian Church, Elgin.


Very Rev. James Mitchell, minister of South Leith.

Rev. Stewart Dingwall Fordyce Salmond, principal of the United Free Church
College, Aberdeen.

7th March, 1885.

Rev. Gustavus Aird, minister of the Free Church, Creich.

Rev. James Cameron, minister of the Presbyterian Church, Richmond, New South

Very Rev. William Mair, minister of Earlston.
Rev. Robert Milne, minister of Ardler.

Very Rev. Arthur Ranken, dean of the Scottish Episcopal Diocese of Aberdeen,
Rev. John Webster, minister of Cramond.

6th March, 1886.

Rev. John Gibb, professor in Westminster College, Cambridge.

Rev. George Jamieson, minister of Old Machar. i

Rev. Donald McKinnon, minister of Strath.

5th March, 1887.

Rev. James Farquharson, minister of Selkirk.

Rev. Donald McLeod, minister of St. Columba's (Church of Scotland), London.

3rd March, 1888.

Rev. William Lang Baxter, minister of Cameron.

Rev. Henry Cowan, professor in the University.

Rev. William Gray Elmslie, professor in the English Presbyterian College, London.

Rev. James Stuart Russell, minister of the Congregational Church, London.

Rev. Robert Smith, minister of the Free Church, Corsock.

Rev. John Watt, minister of Anderston Parish, Glasgow.

2nd March, 1889.

Rev. Henry Angus, minister of Erskine United Free Church, Arbroath.
Rev. Alexander Gray, minister of Auchterless.

Rev. Michael Watt, professor in the Theological College of the Presbyterian Church
of New Zealand, Dunedin,


1st March, 1890.

Rev. George Gordon Cameron, professor in the United Free Church College, Aber-

Rev. John Elmslie, minister of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, New

Rev. William Forsyth, minister of Abernethy and Kincardine.

Very Rev. John M'Murtrie, convener of the Foreign Mission Committee of the
Church of Scotland.

28th February, 1891.

Rev. Joseph Black, minister of the Presbyterian Church in Tasmania.

Rev. Thomas Gentles, minister of the Abbey Church, Paisley.

Rev. James Iverach, principal of the United Free Church College, Aberdeen.

Rev. George Johnstone, minister of Trinity English Presbyterian Church, Liverpool.

Rev. Robert Laws, medical missionary of the United Free Church.

Rev. Robert Alexander Watson, minister of Butterburn United Free Church, Dundee.

27th February, 1892.

Rev. James Cooper, professor in the University of Glasgow.

Rev. James Myers Danson, rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Aberdeen.

Rev. Robert Gibb Forrest, minister of West Coates, Edinburgh.

Rev. James Robert Mitford Mitchell, convener of the Colonial Committee of the

Church of Scotland.
Rev. George Reith, minister of the College United Free Church, Glasgow.
Rev. James Robertson, professor in the United Free Church College, Aberdeen.

4th March, 1893.

Rev. Charles McGregor, minister of Lady Yester's Church, Edinburgh.

Rev. George Philip, minister of St. John's United Free Church, Edinburgh.

Ven. James Ross, archdeacon of Armldale, New South Wales.

Rev. John Smith, minister of the United Free Church, Broughton Place, Edinburgh.

Rev. John White Youngson, missionary of the Church of Scotland.

1st April, 1893.

Rev. George Milne Rae, secretary of committees of the United Free Church


31st March, 1894.

Rev. John Duncan, minister of Trinity Congregational Church, Aberdeen.

Rev. William Pierre Ewen, minister of Kinning Park Church, Glasgow.

Rev. James Grant, minister of Fordyce.

Rev. John Hector, principal of Duff College, Calcutta.

Rev. James Alexander Paterson, professor in the New College, Edinburgh.

Rev. George Wisely, minister of the United Free Church, Malta.

30th March, 1895.

Rev. George Ferries, minister of Cluny.

Rev. Peter Taylor Forsyth, principal of Hackney Theological College, London.

Rev. James Eraser, minister of Colvend.

Rev. John Skinner, professor in the Westminster College, Cambridge.

Rev. William Temple, rector of the Episcopal Church, Forgue.

25th October, 1895.

Rev. William Robertson Bruce, minister of New Machar.

Rev. James Mackenzie, minister of Aboyne.

Rev. James Mackintosh, minister of Deskford.

Rev. Somerset Edward Pennefather, vicar of Kensington.

Rev. John Philip, minister of the United Free Church, Fordoun.

Rev. James Stark, minister of Bon-Accord Congregational Church, Aberdeen.

Rev. James Steel, vicar of Heworth, county of Durham.

Rev. James Sutherland, minister of the United Free Church, Turriff.

2nd April, 1897.

Rev. William Straton Bruce, minister of Banff.

Rev. James Hastings, minister of the United Free Church, St. Cyrus.

Rev. David Ogilvy, minister of the United Free Church, Dalziel.

Rev. George Simmie Smith, minister of Cranstoun.

Rev. William Stephen, rector of the Episcopal Church, Dumbarton.

21st July, 1898.

Rev. Andrew Murray, minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, Wellington, Cape

Rev. James Shepherd, medical missionary of the United Free Church.
Rev. Robert Moir Spence, minister of Arbuthnott.


7th April, 1899.

Very Rev. Vincent Lewis Rorison, dean of the Scottish Episcopal Diocese of St.
Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane.

20th July, 1899.

Rev. George Mclnnes, minister of St. David's Presbyterian Church, Ashfield, Sydney,

New South Wales.
Rev. Hur Libertas Mackenzie, missionary of the English Presbyterian Church.

4th April, 1900.

Rev. David Eaton, minister of Scotstoun United Free Church, Glasgow.

Rev. Charles Cadell Macdonald, minister of St. Clement's, Aberdeen.

Rev. Simeon Ross Macphail, minister of the English Presbyterian Church, Canning

Street, Liverpool.
Rev. William Mearns Macpherson, minister of Monymusk.



List of the Doctors of Laws whose names are comprised in the Roll, arranged
according to the dates of their degrees.^

Of the 2 1 8 Doctors of Laws,

Forty-six were M.A. King's College (of whom two were also M.D.) ; one was
M.D. and three were alumni, but not graduates.

Thirty .eight were M.A. Marischal College (of whom two were also M.D. and
one M.B., while one was D.D. Aberd.) ; two were M.D., one was M.B. and sixteen
were alumni, but not graduates.

One was alumnus of both King's College and Marischal College, but not a
graduate of either.

Twenty-seven were M.A. Aberd. (of whom two were also M.D. and one M.B.) ;
seven were M.D., two M.B. and two were alumni, but not graduates.

Seventy-two were not alumni of either King's College, Marischal College or
Aberdeen University.

26th November, 1864.

Andrew Findlater, author of educational manuals.

George Grub, ecclesiastical historian.

Rev. Thomas McLauchlan, Gaelic scholar.

David Mather Masson, Historiographer-Royal for Scotland.

Rev. John Burnett Pratt, antiquary.

16th December, 1865.

James Donaldson, principal of the University of St. Andrews.
Robert Grant, professor of astronomy in the University of Glasgow.

1 If after the date of graduation any alteration occurred in the designation of an honorary
graduate, the latest designation is here given. For the status of graduates at the time of their
laureation, see the Roll.



Most Rev. Robert Machray, archbishop of Rupert's Land.

Rev. John Mclntyre, Gaelic scholar.

Rev. Alexander Mackay, educational writer.

Norman Macpherson, emeritus professor of the Law of Scotland in the University of

Rt. Rev. Andrew Jamieson Milne, moderator of the General Assembly.

15th December, 1866.

John Stuart, antiquary.

9th March, 1867.

Henry Hopper Miles, vice-principal of Bishop's College, Lennoxville, Canada.

29th February, 1868.

Rev. Andrew Bruce Davidson, theological writer.
Rev. George Macdonald, poet and novelist.

5th March, 1870.

Rev. James Legge, Chinese scholar.

David Middleton, H.M. Inspector of Schools.

Donald Morrison, rector of Glasgow Academy.

Charles Edward Wilson, H.M. Chief Inspector of Schools in Scotland.

4th March, 1871.

Neil Arnott, physician and natural philosopher.
Rev. William Garden Blaikie, author of religious works.
John Hill Burton, Historiographer-Royal for Scotland,
James Duncan, schoolmaster in Southampton,

9th March, 1872.

James Macdonald, rector of Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow.

8th March, 1873.

Rev. Alexander Beverly, master in the Aberdeen Grammar School.

Colonel Francis Duncan, C.B., M.P.

George Ogilvie, headmaster of George Watson's College, Edinburgh.


7th March, 1874.

John Ferguson McLennan, sociologist.
Rev. Hugh Mitchell, geologist.

6th March, 1875.

Rev. William Barrack, rector of Kelvinside Academ\-, Glasgow.
Rev. Alexander Gerard, master in Gordon's Hospital, Aberdeen.
Rev. James Maxwell Joass, geologist and antiquary.
John Forbes Watson, writer on India.

4th March, 1876.

Charles Meldrum, C.M.G., meteorologist.

Sir Arthur Mitchell, K.C.B., commissioner in lunacy.

Alexander Morrison, principal of the Scotch College, Melbourne.

Hon. John Smith, C.M.G., educationist, Sydney.

Rev. Walter Chalmers Smith, poet.

24th November, 1876.

Rt. Hon. William Edward Forster, M.P., Rector of the University.

17th February, 1877.

John Carment, solicitor in the Supreme Courts, Edinburgh.
John Webster, M.P. for Aberdeen, 1880-85.

9th March, 1878.

Rev. John Chalmers, missionary in China.

8th March, 1879.

Peter Bayne, journalist and author.

Hon. Frederick Stewart, colonial secretary, Hong-Kong.

5th March, 1881.

Deputy Surgeon-General Andrew Leith Adams, Army Medical Department, zoologist.
Francis Edmond, legal adviser to the University.
David Ferrier, physician in London.
Sir David Gill, K.C.B., astronomer.


Thomas Morrison, rector of the Free Church Training College, Glasgow.
Sir Herbert Stanley Oakeley, musician.

Field-Marshal Sir Donald Martin Stewart, Bt., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., CLE.
Major Sir George Cumine Strahan, K.C.M.G., Governor of Tasmania.
Rev. George Weir, professor of classics, Morrin College, Quebec.

8th October, 1881.

Rt. Hon. the Earl of Rosebery, K.G., K.T., Rector of the University.

10th December, 1881.

Sir Andrew Clark, Bt., physician in London.

Sir William James Erasmus Wilson, surgeon in London.

4th March, 1882.

Alexander Cruickshank, naturalist.

James Andrew Sandilands Grant, Bey, Egyptologist.

William Alexander Hunter, M.P.

John Gray McKendrick, professor of physiology in the University of Glasgow.

Rev. William Robertson Smith, theologian and Semitic scholar.

1st April, 1882.

George John Romanes, naturalist.

10th March, 1883.

His Excellency, Rt. Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen, G.C.M.G., Lord Lieutenant-General

and General Governor of Ireland.
Alexander Asher, M.P.

Rt. Hon. Robert Farquharson, of Finzean, M.P. for West Aberdeenshire, 1885-1905.
Frederick Fuller, emeritus professor of mathematics in the University.
Rev. Robert Hunter, lexicographer and theologian.
Rev. James Keith, mycologist.

Rev. Alexander Ogilvie, headmaster, Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen.
Frederick Apthorp I'aley, classical scholar.
James Ross, professor of medicine in Owen's College, Manchester.


8th IWarch, 1884.

Archibald Forbes, war correspondent.

Sir Robert George Crookshank Hamilton, K.C.B., governor of Tasmania.

Thomas Francis Jamieson, agriculturist.

Brigade-Surgeon-Lieut. -Colonel Sir George King, K.C.I.E., botanist.

Charles Lapworth, professor of geology in the University of Birmingham.

Sir William Davidson Niven, K.C.B., late director of studies in the Royal Naval

College, Greenwich.
John Dove Wilson, emeritus professor of law in the University.

7th March, 1885.

Charles Annandale, lexicographer.

William Dey, late rector of the Grammar School, Old Aberdeen.

Rev. Waltei* Gregor, archasologist.

Robert Lawson, Inspector-General of Hospitals, Army Medical Department,

Rev. William Miller, CLE., principal of Madras Christian College.
Francis Ogston, emeritus professor of medical jurisprudence in the university.
David Rennet, teacher of mathematics, Aberdeen.
Very Rev. William Walker, author.
Deputy-Surgeon-General William Walker, Indian Medical Service.

6th IVlarch, 1886.

William Alexander, editor of the Aberdeen Free Press.

Rev. George Davidson, botanist.

Sir William Duguid Geddes, principal of the University.

Sir Patrick Manson, K.C.M.G., physician and medical adviser to the Colonial Office.

Rev. John Milne, schoolmaster.

Brigade Surgeon Sir Samuel Rowe, K.C.M.G., Army Medical Staff", governor of

the West Africa Settlements.
Sir George Gabriel Stokes, Bt., M.P., mathematician.
John Forbes White, art critic and author.

5th March, 1887.

George Chrystal, professor of mathematics in the University of Edinburgh.

Rev. James Gammack, antiquary.

Sir John Hay, K.C.M.G., Australian statesman.


Rev. Kenneth Alexander Mackenzie, educationist.
George Morison Macpherson, Indian Civil Service.
John Duguid Milne, advocate in Aberdeen.
Rt. Hon. Sir James Stirling, late Lord Justice of Appeal.

14th January, 1888.

Rt. Hon. Viscount Goschen, Rector of the University.

3rd March, 1888.

Henry Bowman Brady, naturalist.

Archibald Cowie Cameron, schoolmaster.

Rev. William Leslie Davidson, professor of logic in the University.

John Maclcintosh, historian.

Rev. Robert Ogilvie, H.M. Chief Inspector of Schools in Scotland.

Charles Douglas Fergusson Phillips, physician in London.

2nd March, 1889.

Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, physician in London.

James Grant, schoolmaster.

Paul Howard MacGillivray, naturalist.

Sir James Mackie, K.C.M.G., surgeon to H.M. consulate at Alexandria.

Joseph Ogilvie, rector of the Church of Scotland Training College, Aberdeen.

John Roy, naturalist.

William Bell Scott, poet and painter.

John Shand, professor of natural philosophy in the University of Otago.

27th July, 1889.
Rt. Hon. the Earl of Kintore, G.C.M.G., A.D.C.

1st March, 1890;

Lieut. -Colonel James Augustus Grant, C.B., C.S.I., explorer.

William Hunter, factor to the University.

Rev. William Robertson Nicoll, author.

Thomas Anderson Stewart, H.M. senior Chief Inspector of Schools in Scotland.

Sir James Westland, K.C.S.I., member of the Council of India.


28th February, 1891.

William Bruce, member of the General Council of Medical Education and Registration.

James Moir, rector of the Grammar School, Aberdeen.

George Morrison, headmaster of Geelong College, Victoria.

Robert Alexander Neil, lecturer in Sanscrit in the University of Cambridge.

Daniel Oliver, botanist.

Charles Joseph Galliari Rampini, sheriff of Dumfries.

Richard Bowdler Sharpe, ornithologist.

4th April, 1891.

Edward Burnett Tylor, professor of anthropology in the University of Oxford.

27th February, 1892.

William Cramond, antiquary.

Sir John Macdonell, C.B., Master of the Supreme Court.

Colonel Kenneth McLeod, Honorary Surgeon to the King.

Rev. John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor, classical scholar.

Sir George Reid, president of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Rev. James Smith, educationist.

Sir Thomas Sutherland, G.C.M.G., M.P.

Rev. John Woodward, writer on heraldry.

4th March, 1893.

The Most Hon. the Marquis of Huntly, Rector of the University.

Sir Frederic Bateman, physician in Norwich.

John Brebner, superintendent of education. Orange Free State.

Alexander Crum Brown, professor of chemistry in the University of Edinburgh.

Charles Mitchell, benefactor of the University.

Alexander Falconer Murison, professor in University College, London.

Sir James Sivewright, K.C.M.G., South African statesman.

John Wilson, headmaster of Banff Academy.

3rd March, 1894.

Rev. John Earle, philologist.

Rev. Andrew Martin Fairbairn, principal of Mansfield College, Oxford,

Henry Ogg Forbes, biologist.


Sir Thomas Richard Fraser, professor of materia medica in the University of Edin-
Philip Gilbert Hamilton, art critic.

Surgeon-General Sir William Guyer Hunter, K.C.M.G., M.P.
Thomas Keith, ovariotomist.

Rev. David Paul, minister of Robertson Memorial Church, Edinburgh.
Thomas Purdie, professor of Chemistry in the University of St. Andrews.
Middleton Rettie, advocate, King's Counsel.

10th March, 1895.

Rev. John Fjfe, emeritus professor of moral philosophy in the University.

Miss Jane Ellen Harrison, classical archaeologist.

Surgeon-General Robert Harvey, C.B., D.S.O., Director-General of the Indian

Medical Service.
Henry Jackson, professor of Greek in the University of Cambridge.
John Wesley Judd, C.B., 'geologist.

William Robert Macdonell, sometime president of the Chamber of Commerce, Bombay.
His Excellency Sir William Macgregor, K.C.M.G., C.B., governor of Newfoundland.
Sir Russell Reynolds, Bt., physician in London.
Rev. George Adam Smith, professor in the United Free Church College, Glasgow.

25th October, 1895.

His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, K.G., Chancellor of the University.

Lawrence William Adamson, advocate of the Manx bar.

Colonel James Allardyce, of Culquoich, chairman of directors of the Aberdeen Royal

James Black, of Sheriffston, journalist, provost of Elgin.
Rev. David Brown, principal of the Free Church College, Aberdeen.
William Alexander Brown, sheriff-substitute.

Colonel Robert Townley Caldwell, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
Rt. Rev. .^neas Chisholm, in the Roman Catholic Church, bishop of Aberdeen.
Sir John Forbes Clark, Bt., of Tillypronie.

Charles Brown Davidson, president of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen.
Rt. Hon. the Earl of Errol, K.T., C.B.
William Ferguson of Kinmundy.
Sir William Henderson of Devanha.
(^olonel Thomas Innes, C. V.O., of Learnev.


George Skene Keith, physician in Edinburgh.

Rev. Robert Lippe, a leading authority on liturgical subjects.

James Matthews of Springhill, architect.

Alexander Ramsay, journalist, provost of Banff.

Sir James Reid, Bt., G.C.V.O., K.C.B., physician.

Alexander Ross, architect, provost of Inverness.

Cecil Harcourt Smith, keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum.

Rt. Hon. the Earl of Southesk, K.T.

Sir David Stewart, of Banchory.

William Tait, manufacturer.

Alexander Walker, sometime Dean of Guild of Aberdeen.

2nd April, 1897.

Charles Eraser-Mackintosh, of Drummond, antiquary.

Herbert Allen Giles, Chinese scholar.

William Loudon Mollison, Eellow of Clare College, Cambridge.

Sir Hugh Gilzean Reid, journalist.

Edward Albert Schiifer, professor of physiology in the University of Edinburgh.

Alexander Johnston Chalmers Skene, professor in Long Island College Hospital,

Sir Thomas Grainger Stewart, professor of practice of medicine in the University

of Edinburgh.

1st April, 1898:

James Adam, Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
Charles Chree, superintendent in the National Physical Laboratory.
George Edward Bateman Saintsbury, professor of rhetoric in the University of

21st July, 1898.

Rev. Charles Cooper, professor in the Christian College, Madras.
William Osier, professor of medicine in the University of Oxford.
Rt. Hon. Lord Sandhurst, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E.
Sir Richard Udny, K.C.S.I., Indian Civil Service.

7th April, 1899.

Very Rev. Paton James Gloag, substitute-professor of Biblical Criticism in the

James Frederic Goodhart, physician in London.


Charles Stewart, comparative anatomist.

George Frederick Stout, professor of logic in the University of St. Andrews.

Miss Anna Swanwick, educationist.

20th July, 1899.

Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, G.C.M.G., Chancellor of the University.

4th April, 1900.

John Mitchell Bruce, physician in London.

Edmond Demolins, principal of the Ecole des Roches, Verneuil.
Josiah Royce, professor of the History of philosophy in Harvard University.
John Strachan, professor of Greek and Comparative Philology in the Victoria
University of Manchester.

18th July, 1900.

William Rudolph Henry Merk, C.S.I., Indian Civil Service.

Lieut. -Colonel David Prain, C.I.E., retired, Indian Medical Service, Director of the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.



The Diploma in Public Health was first conferred in 1887, and between that
year and 31st December, 1900, it was obtained by eighty-eight candidates. Of these,
eighty-three were graduates in Medicine whose names will be found in the Roll.
The remaining five were : —

1. Anthony Inglis, M.B., CM. Glasg., 1891 ; M.D., 1896. Medical practitioner at

Maybole, Ayrshire, who obtained the diploma in 1893.

2. Robert John MacKeown, M.B., B.Ch., R.U.I., 1893. Staff Surgeon, R.N., 15th

May, 1903, who obtained the diploma in 1896.

3. James Samuel Houston Walker, M.B., CM. Edin., 1894.. Laboratory Director,

Clinical Research Association, London, who obtained the diploma in 1897.

4. Thomas Wright Parkinson, M.B., CM. Edin., 1890 ; M.D., 1899. Medical

practitioner in London, who obtained the diploma in 1898.

5. Alexander Keith Campbell, M.B., CM. (hons.), Edin., 1894; M.D. (com.), 1898.

Medical practitioner at Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire (died 23rd March, 1905),
who obtained the diploma {zvith credit) in 1899.

{^71) 43



The Diploma in Education was first conferred in Nov., 1899, and up to 31st
December, 1900, it was obtained by two candidates whose names will be found in the
Roll, z'iz., R. F. S. Morrison, M.A., 1899, and John I. Mitchell, M.A., 1899.




The Diploma in Agriculture was first conferred in July, 1897, and up to 31st
December, 1900, it was obtained by eight candidates, none of whom were then
graduates ; but Robert Ferries, who obtained the diploma in 1900, graduated as
B.Sc. (Agr.) in 1905.






















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