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(N. C.) Pub. Schs. Glee Club; Scholarshii>.
Asst., Agr. Chem., Univ. of 111., 1906-07; Asst.,
Soil and Crop Investigations, Ala. Inst.. Au-
burn, Ala., 1907-10. (Thief Surv. and Insj).,
Ala. .Soil .Suiv., 1910-17; Emergency Farm
Demonstration Agt., Buller Co.. Ala., 101718.
Mem., P.aiitist Church; Woodman of the World;
A. F. A. M.; Past Chancellor of K. P. Mar-
ried, Alice Lucile Wright, Ap 18, 191 1. Ad-
dress, Auburn, Ala.

(See No. 2584.)

Dir,, Shop Laboratories; B. S., Univ. of Neb.,
1901; b. 1) 19. 1876, Buda. 111.; s. Miller Samuel
(b. Ag II, 1848. New York City) and Anna
Maria (Harris) Benedict (b. F 7, 1851, Brattle-
boro. Vt.). Prepared in Crete (Neb.) H. S.
Delta Epsilon. C. B. & Q. R. R., 1896-97;
Machinist. Rd. Foreman of Engrs. ; Gen. Fore-
man, Car and Loco. Repairs; Mech. Insp.,
1901 -05; Ed.. Ry. Master Mech., Chicago, 1906-
07; Supvr., Efficiency Div.. Mech. Dept., East,
and Coast Lines, A. T. & S. F. R. R., 1908-11;
Dir., Shop Labs., L^niv. of 111., 1911-17, 1919 — ',
Capt., Bat. F, 149th F. A., A. E. F., France,
191 7-18; Instr., Sch. for Tank Officers. Eng.,
1918; do.. Camp Tobyhanna, Pa.. 1918; Mem.,
West. R. R. C!lub; Travelling Engrs. Assn.;
A. S. M. E. ; Am. Soc. for Prom. Efficiency;
Soc. for Prom, of Engng. Educ. Married Elma
Grace Jones. My 10, 1905. Aurora, 111. Child-
ren: Virginia Olds, b. N 11, 1906; Ruth
Cundall, b. O 28, 1909. Address, loii S. 5th
.St., Champaign.

Farm Advisor; B. S., Univ. of Wis., J916;
b. Ja 23, 1892, Neillsville. Wis.; s. T. S. (b. N
26, 1852. North Bend. III.) and Celia Ruth
(Reed) Benedict (b. O 10, 1859, Neillsville,
Wis.). Prepared in Neillsville (Wis.) H. S.;
Grad. Stud., Univ. of 111., 191 7. -Mpha Zeta.
Instr. Agr., Aurora, Minn.. 1916-17; Asst.,
Dairy Tlusb., Univ. of III., 1917-18; Co. Agr.
.\gt.. Blue Earth Co., Minn., 1918. Married,
Elizabeth Tucker. Ag 16, 1916, Kewanee, 111.
.-iddress. Mankato, Minn.


(See No. 561.)

(See No. 1815.)

Professor: B. S.. L^niv. of Neb., 189.=;; Ph. D.,
Cornell, 1898; b. 1870, Clinton, la.; s. Charles
Eugene and Persis Orilla (I'Veeman) Bentley.
Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi. Asst., Psych.,
Cornell, 1897; Instr., do., 1897-1902; Asst.
Prof., do., 1902-12; Prof. Psych., Univ. of III.,
1912-18; (leave of alisence)' Capt., Med. Re-
search Bd., 1918 — . Ilazelhurst Field, Mineola.
Long Island, N. Y. Auth.: Articles in .Tour,
of Psycli.. Philos. Review. Pofular .Sc. Monthly,
and P.n'f/!. Bnl. Pres., Examining Bd. of New
England States, Boston, 1918 — . Married Em-
ma V. Snelling, Marsballtown, la., 1897 (De-
ceased). Address, 708 S. Goodwin. Urbana.

Professor; M. E., Royal Poly.. Stockholm,
.Sweden, 1892; Sc. D., LTnion Univ., 1909; b.
Ja 9. 1871, Ostersund, Sweden; s. Ernst Victor
Gabriel and Josephine Catharina (Hamren)
Berg. Prepared in Ostersund. Sweden. Tau
Beta Pi: Sigma Xi: Eta Kaiipa Nu. Constr.
Engr., (icn. Elec, Schenectady. N. Y.: Const.
Prof., l^nion Univ., 1892-1909; Prof, in charge
of Elec. Engng. Dept.. Univ. of 111., 1909-14;
Prof., Elec. Eng. X'nion Coll., 1914 — • Pat-
ented a number of inventions. Auth.: Elec.
l'"nergy: Elec. Engng.; .Xdvanced Elec. Engng.,
McGraw-Hill Pub. Co.. also a number of papers
before Engng. Soc. Mem., A. I. E. E. Union
Club, Chicago. Married Gwendoline O'Brien,
Je 15, 1906. Waterlown, N. Y. Address,
i'nion Coll., Schenectady, N. Y.

Professor; A. B., Harvard, 1902; A. M., do.,
1905; Ph. D., do.. 1907: b. F 12, 1879; s. Die
Kruse (b. 1830. Ribe. Denmark) and Dorothea
(Christiansen) Bernbaum (1). 1846 Sondcrborg,
do.). Prepared in Brooklyn (N. Y.) Poly.



Highest Honors in Eng., 1903; John Harvard
Fellow. Instr., Eng., Harvard, 1907-16; Prof.,
Eng., Univ. of 111., iqi6 — . Auth.: Mrs Bchn's
Oroonoko, Kittrctlgc Anniversary Vol., Ginn &
Co.. 191 !; Mrs. liehn's Biography as Fiction,
Pubs. i\lo(i. Lang. Assn. of Am., 1914; The
Drama of .Sensibility. Ginn & Co., 191.S; Shakes-
peare's King Lear, Heath & Co., 1917; English
JPoets of the Eighteenth Century, .Scribner's,
1918; Anonymous reviews in The Nation, 1909-
18. Mem., Mod. Lang. Assn. of Am. Address,
University Club, Urbana.

(See No. 6743.)

Professor; Ph. B., Wooster Univ., 1885; Ph.
M., do., 1888; b. N 14, 18^0, Plymouth, O.; d.
Caleb (b. Je 12, 1820, Owasco, N. Y.) and
Cornelia (Brinkerhoff) Bevier (b. O 17, 1820,
do.). Prepared in Plymouth (O.) H. S.;

Wooster Univ. prep. sch. Sigma Xi. Prof.,
Atwater's Lab., Middletown, Conn., 1894; Mass.
Inst. Tech., 1897-8; Prin., H. S.. Shelby, O.,
1885-87; Mt. Vernon, O., 1887-8; Prof., Natural
Sc. Pa. Coll. for Women, 1889-97; Prof. Chem.
Lake Erie Coll., 1899-1900; Prof., H. Sc. and
Dir. of Courses, LIniv. of 111., igoo — . Auth.:
The Home Economics Movement, 1906; The
House, 1907; (with Van Meter) Selection and
Preparation of Food, 1907; Food and Nutrition.
Bevier and Usher, 1908; do., Bevier, 1915;
Home Economics. Its Opportunities and Obli-
gations, S'ch. and Soc, Vol. 3; The Develop-
ment of Home Economics, Jour. Home Econ..
Vol. 4; An Experiment in Teaching Food Val-
ues, do., \o\. 9: Nutrition Investigations in
Pittsburgh, Bui. No. 52, U. S. Dept. Agr.; (with
H. B. FrisselU Dietary Studies of Negroes in
Eastern Virginia in 1897 and 1898, Bui. No. 91,
do.; various other articles in U. S. Dept. of
Agr. and Univ. of 111. Buls. Mem., Jury of
Awards, Columbian Exposition, 1893; Home
Econ. Dir. for 111. imder Federal Food Adm.;
Chm., Dept. Conservation Council of Nat. De-
fense, Woman's Com., 111. Div., 1917; Pres.,
Am. Home Econ. Assn., 1910-12. Address, 805
S. Lincoln Ave., L^rbana.

Instructor; M. E., Stevens Inst, of Tech..
1907; b. S 18, 1886, Woodridge, N. J. Prepared
in Stevens Prep. Sch.; Univ. of Pa.; Univ. of
N. Y. Gen. Foreman, Rock Island Lines, 1913
15; ist Asst., Ry. E., Engng. Exp. Sta., Univ.
of 111., 1913-17; Instr., U. S. S. M. A., Univ.
of 111., 1917-18; Capt., Sea Coast Sec. Carriage
Div. do., Ord. Dept., U. S. A., Washington, D.
C, 1918. Auth.: Articles in Rv. Age Gazette.
Mem., A. S. M. E.; Am. Ry. Master Mechan-
ics Assn.; West. Ry. Club; Traveling Engrs.
Engrs. Assn. Married Katherine Schoepperle
('is), Ag 27, 1917, Hamburg, N. Y. (died O
16, 1918). Address, Fieldcrest Farm, Hamburg,
Erie Co., N. Y.

Author; A. B., Williams Coll.. 1884; A. M.,
do., 1887; b. D 25, i860, Pembroke, Mass.; s.
William Martin (b. Ja 25, 1820, Newport, RIe.)
and Lydia Maria (Tobeyj Bicknell (b. F 2, 1824,
Norridgewock, do.). Prepared in Roxbury Lat-
in Sch., Boston; Studied in Ger., 1886-87.
Instr., Mod. Lang, and Hist., Williston Sem.,
Easthampton, Mass., 1884-85; Instr., Latin and
Greek, Williams Coll., 1885-86; Prin., 11. S.,
Rockland, Mass., 1888-89; Asst. Libn., Lib. Co.,
Philadelphia, 1889-94; Libn., Univ. of 111., 1894-
97; writing, editing, translating, etc. Translated
eighteen vols. Jesuit Relations, ed. by Dr.
Reuben Gold Thwaites, Burrows Bros. Co.,
Cleveland, 1896-1903; Translated from the Hun-
garian of Maurus jokai, The Baron's Sons,
L. C. Page & Co., Boston, 1900; do., Manasseh.
do., Boston 1901; Regular contributor to and

book-reviewer for The Dial, 1896-1917; ed.
staff do., 1906-17; ed. staff. Christian Register,
1909-14; occasional contributor to other period-
icals. Married Florence M. Constable., Ap 25,
1908. Address, 524 Highland Ave., Maiden,

(See No. G57.)

(See No. 3283.)

Farm Adviser; B. S., Mich. Agr. Coll., 1912;
b. F 21, 1884, Stockbridge, Mich.; s. Willis (b.
Ap 2, 1848, do.) and Louisa (Johnson) Bind-
ing (b. N 16, 1856, do.). Prepared in Mich.
Agr. Coll. Athenoeum. Asst., Chem., Agr. Exp.
Sta., Univ. of 111., 1912-15; Agron. and Agr.
Chem., Internat. Correspondence Schs., Scran-
ton, Pa., 1915-18; Co. Agt., Fulton Co., Ind.
191 8. Married Louisa Anna Merboth, Jl 14,
19 1 5, Buffalo, N. Y. Child, Kathryn Louise, b.
My 23, 1916. Address, Rochester, Ind.

Instructor; B. S., Univ. of Minn., 1912; C.
E., do.. 1913; b. D 10, 1883; s. John W. (b. O
23, 1858, Allentown, Wis.) and Mary (Ker-
kow) Bingen (b. Ag 28, 1862. Winona, Minn.).
Prepared in Webster (S. Dak.) Andover (S.
Dak.) and Canby (Minn.) H. Schs.; Aberdeen
(S. Dak.) Norm. Sch. Univ. Orchestra;
Engng. Soc; Staff, Minnesota Daily; Capt.,
L'niv. Regt. Draftsman, Agr. Coll., Univ. of
Minn., 1913-14; Teacher, 1914-17; Deputy Co.
Surv., summer 191 7; Instr., G. E. D., Liniv. of
111., 1917 — . Minn. Nat. Guard. Address,
Andover, S. Dak.; bus. add., 412 W. Elm St.,

(See No. G58.)

(See No. G59.)


Instructor; Grad. Cincinnati Tech. Sch., 1895;
Cornell, 1905; b. Ja 25, 1879. With Cincinnati
Edison Elec. Co., 1895-99; and other companies
during summers; Instr., G. E. D., Univ. of 111.,
1906-07. Address, 8th and Elm Sts., Cincin-
nati. t

(See No. 6094.)

Professor; A. B., Univ. of Chicago, 1901;
Ph. D., do., 1914; b. Je 4, 1880, Chicago; s.
I. S. (b. Mr 8, 1840, Litchfield, 111.) and Alice
Gertrude (Boughton) Blackwelder (b. D 5,
1853, Sempronius, N. Y.). Prepared in Ar-
mour Inst.; Morgan Park Acad. Beta Theta
Pi; Sigma Xi; Phi Eta. Grad. Scholarship,
Univ. of Chicago, 1901; Fellowship, do., 1902;
Honorary Fellow, do., 1903; Instr., Univ. of
Chicago, 1902-03; Asst. Geol., Carnegie Inst.
Expedition to China, 1903-05; Instr. and Prof.,
Univ. of Wis., 1905-16; Asst. Geol. and Geol.,
IL S. Geol. Sur., 1906-16; Prof., (leol., Univ.
of 111., 1916 — ; (on leave of absence, Stanford
Univ., Calif.) Calif. St. Council of Defense.
Auth.: Blackwelder and Barrows Textbook
of Geol.; Regional Geol. of the U. S. ; Jr.
Auth.: Research in China. N'ols. i and 2;
Numerous mag. articles. Fellow, Geol. Soc.
Am.; A. A. A. S.; Assn. of Am. Geog-
raphers; Wash. Acad, of Sc; Am. Ornitholo-
gists Union. Married Jean Otis Bowersock, F
26, 1904, Lawrence, Kan. Children: Margery,
b. N 29, 1905; Martha Jean, b. Ag 8, 1907;


University of Illinois

Richard, b. Ja 39, 1900; Gertrude, b. D 8, 191 J ;
Lois, b. D 18, 1913; Ruth, b. N 16, :91s; Jus-
tin, b. Jl 18, 1917. Address, 411 Indiana Ave.,

Professor; M. S. A.; b. Ap 26, 1871, Onslow,
Colchtster 'Co., Nova Scotia; s. Col. William
M. Cb. My 25, 1836, do.) and Harriett A. Blair
(.b. Ja 25, 1^41, So.). Prepared in Provincial
Norm. Sch., Fruro, Nova Scotia; Prov. Agr.
Coll., do.; attended Cornell, 1892-96. Sigma
Xi; Alpha Zeta. Instr., Chem., Entomol. and
Bot., Provincial Coll. of Agr., Truro, Nova
Scotia, 1890-01; Instr. Hort., Univ. of ill., 1S90-
08; Asst. Prof., Hort. and Horticulturist in
Agr. Exp. Sta., do., 1898-1901; Prof., Pomol.
and Chief Horticulturist in Sta., do., 1901 — .
Aulh. : numerous buls., circulars, and articles
on hort. subjects. Married Sada VanHorne,
le 16, 1898, Freeport, 111. Children: Josephine
VanHorne, b. Ap 5, 1899; Roljert Collyer, b.
My 18, 1901; Richard Gordon, b. O 12, 1903;
Joseih Cullen, Jr.. b. F 20, 1906. Address, 601
Michigan Ave., LIrbana.

Instructor; A. B., Smith Coll., 1888; A. M..
do., 1894; b. Ap 12, 1866, Baltimore; d. Sam-
uel (b. Je 22, 1833, Boston) and Harriott Per-
kins (Crane) Blaisdell ^b. My 12 1835, Lowell,
Mass.). Prepared in Chicopee (Mass.) H. S.
Charlotten-Schuie and Victoria Lyceum, Ber-
lin, 1892-93; Berlin Royal Univ., 1899 1900;
Pvt. Study in Ger., summers of 1896-1908. Al-
pha Lit. Soc. Teacher, Pulaski Acad., Pulaski,
N. Y., 1889-90; do., H. S., Springtield, Mass.,
1890-92; do., Oberlin Acad., Oberlin, O., 1898
99; Instr., Ger., Univ. of 111., 1900-18; do.,
Romance Lang., 1918 — . Mem., Mod. Lang.
Assn.; A. C. A. Address, 908 Nevada St., Ur-

Land. Arch.; B. S., Mass. Agr. Coll.. 1911;
M. L. A., Harvard, 1914; b. D 14, 18S9, Swam^-
scott, Mass. Prepared in Swampscott H. S.
Alpha Sigma Phi. Instr., Land. Arch.. Univ.
of 111., 1914-15; Land. Arch., Bloomington,
111.; do., Boston. Mem. firm, Blaney & Blaney,
Land. Archts.. Boston. Auth. : The Modern
Park Cemetery, American City, Ap 1917. Mem.,
.•\in. Soc. of Land. Arch.; Boston Soc. of Land.
Arch. Married Charlotte Greene, .Ng 14, i9J.S.
Lowell, Mass. Child, Charlotte Hannah, b. D
13, 1916. Address, Swampscott Mass.; bus.
add.. Battle Bldg., Harvard Square, Cam-
bridge, Mass.

Ceramist; B. S., O. St. Univ., 1901; b. Jl 9,
1873, Polling, Ger.; s. Francis and Lina
(Pfeifer) Bleinineer. Prepared in Munich,
Ger.; Acacia; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Xi;
Scholarshit in Ceramics, O. St. Univ.. 1898;
Grad. Stud., Phys., do., 1903 04. Ceram., Min.
and Mfg. Co., Shawnee, O., 1896-98; Asst. O.
Geol. Sur., 1901-05; Asst. and Assoc. Prof.,
Ceram., O. St. Univ., 190407; V. P., Richard-
son-l.ovejov Engng. Co.. Columbus, O., 1903
07; Chief, Ceram. Sec, U. S. Geol. Sur., 1008-
10; Chief. Struct, materials Div., Bur. of Stan-
dards, 1910; Asst. Prof., Ceram., Univ. of 111..
1907-08; I)ir.. Dept. and Prof., Ceram., do.,
1910-12; Pittsburgh Bur., Standard* 1912-
Auth.: The Manufacture of Hydrai'lic Ce
ments, O. Geol. Sur., Bui. No. 4, Columbus,
O., 1904; The effect of Preliminary Heating
Treatment ui on the Drying of Clays, Bur. of
Standards, Washington D, C; (with R. T.
StuU) A Study of the Vitrification Range .nnd
Di-EIectric Behavior of Some Porcelains, Bui.
No. 28, Univ. of 111.^ Ser. loio; The Influence
of Fluxes and non-Muxes, Bui. No. 39, Univ.
of 111., 1908; numerous mae. articles. Ed.. Col-
lected Writings of Prof. II. S. Seger, Chem,

Pub. Co., Easton, Pa.; Trans. Am. Ceram. Soc,
1905-07; Asst. Ed., Chem. Abstracts. Mem.,
Fellow, A. A. A. S.; A. C. S.; Pres., Am.
Ceram. Soc; Chm., Com., Soc. for testing Ma-
terials; Com. on Soc. for Silicate, Chem. Inter-
nat. Congregation of .Applied Chem.; Com., Sil-
icate Chem., Nat. Research Council; Bd. of
Publications, A. C. S.; Deputy Dist. Chief, U.
S. Fuel Adm. Married ilulda Gertrude Thom-
son Je 7, 1907, Columbus, O. Children: Ed-
ward Orton, b. My iS, 1908; Alice Vivian, b.
S 7, 1910. Address, 1720 Baltimore St., Beech-
view, Pittsburgh; bus. add.. Bur. of Standards,

A. B., Harvard, 1855; b. N 7, 1829, Essex,
Vt.; s. Oramel (b. Mr 3, 1804 Essex, Vt.) and
Eliza Watt (Flagg) Bliss (b. Ag 11, 1802,
Richmond, do.). Prepared in Edward Wy-
man's Sch., St. Louis; Phillips E.xeter Acad.,
Exeter, N. H. Zeta Psi; In Soiih. yr. the
"Detur;" In Jr. coll. yr., second Bowdoin
Prize Dissertation. Teacher pvt. family. Mead-
ville. Pa.. 1855; Asst. Prof., Latin, Wash.
Univ., 1856-60; study and travel, 1858-59;
farming, 186068; Prof., Agr., Univ. of 111.,
1868-70; Recording Sec, Bd. Trustees, do.,
iS6g-7o; Clerk, Executive Bd., do., 1869-70;
Farmer. Ill, 1870-1906; do., Va., 1906-12.
Mem., Inst, of 1770, Nat. Hist. Soc. Married
Elizabeth B. Tyler, Ag 14, i860 (died Ja i,
1906). Child, George W.. b. Je 12, 1862.
Died O 8, 1915, Leesburg, Va.

Professor; A. B., Johns Hopkins, 1906; Ph.
D. do., 1910; b. Ag 25, 1884, Baltimore; s. Sol-
omon (b. Je 30, 1848, do.) and Pauline (Halle)
Blondheim (b. F 19, 1852, do.). Prepared in
Baltimore City Coll. Phi Beta Kappa. Univ.
Scholarship, 1908-09; Fellowship, 1909-10;
Instr., Rom. Lang., Univ. of HI., 1910-12;
Assoc, do., 1912-13; Johnston Scholar, Johns
Hopkins, 1913-14; Asst. Prof., Univ. of 111.,
'9'3-i"; Assoc Prof.. French, Johns Hoijkins,
191 7 — . Auth.: Etymological Notes. Studies in
Honor of A. Marshall Elliot, loii; also various
m?g. articles. Mem., Mod. Lang. .Assn. of .Am.;
Societe Amicale Gaston Paris; Societe des an-
ciens tetes frangais. Married Rose Jaine, Je
10, 1917. Child, Solomon, b. Mr 25, 1918. Ad-
dress, 2425 Lakeview Ave., Baltimore.

Professor; A. B., Harvard, 1906; Ph. D.,
Univ. of Chicago, 1909; b. Ap i, 1887, Chi-
cago; s. Sigmund (b. Ja 1, 1853, Cracow, Aus-
tria) and Carola (Buber) Bloomfield (b. Ag
25, 1869, Lemberg, do.). Pre|)ared in Robert
A. Waller H. S., Chicago; attentied Harvard,
1903-06; Univ. of Wis., 1906-08; Univ. of Chi-
cago, 1908-09; Uiiivs. of Leipsic and Goettingen,
1913-14. I'hi Beta Kappa; John Harvard Sc.iol-
arship, 1904-05; Detur, 1904; Harvard Scholar-
ship, 1905-06. Asst.. Ger., Univ. of Wis., iqo6-
08; do.. Univ. of Chicago, 1908-09; Instr., Ger.,
Univ. of Cincinnati, 1909-10: do., Univ. of 111.,
'910-13; Asst. Prof., Comparative Philol. and
Ger., do., 1913 — . Auth.: A Semasiologic Dif-
ferentiation in Germanic Secondarv Ablaut,
.Mod. Philol., Vol. 7 1909-10; The Indi-Kuro-
pean Palatals in Sanskrit, /4»i, Jotir. of Philol.,
1911; Etymologisches, Bcirtragc zur Gcschichte
dcr dciitscheu St'rnchc uitd Literatur, Vol. 37,
191 I ; Introduction to the .Study of Lang., Henry
Holt & Co. 1914; Tagalog Texts with Gram-
matical Analysis, Univ. of 111., Studies in Lang,
and Lit., 1917; Articles in scientilic and otlier
journs. Mem., Mod. 1 ang. Assn. of Am.; .Am.
Philol. Assn.; Am. Oriental Soc; Soc for the
Advancement of Scand. Studies; Internal.
Phonetic Assn., Indogermanische Gesellschaft.
Married Alice Sayers, 1909, St. Louis. Ad-
dress, 804 W. Oregon St., Urbana.



Professor; A. B., Penn Coll.. Oskaloosa, la.,
1896; A. B., Univ. of Mich., 1897; Ph. D., Cor-
nell 1900; b. O 4. 1873. R'dott, 111.; s. Henry
(1) F 14, 1845. Emden, Ger.) and Gertrude
(Wienenga) Bode (b. O 19, 1849. do.). Pre-
pared in Is'. W. Acad., Orange City, la.; Acad,
of Yankton Coll. Yankton, S. Dak.; Sage
Scholarship, Cornell, 1897; Sage Fellowship,
do., 1S99-1900. Asst., Philos. Univ. of Wis.,
1900-02; Instr., do., 1902-06; Asst. Prof., do..
1906-09; Prof., Philos., Univ. of 111., 1009 — .
Auth. : An Outline of Logic, Henry Holt & Co.,
1910; (joint auth.) Creative Intelligence Henry
Holt & Co., 191 7; The Paradoxes of Pragma-
tism, Moiiist, Vol. 23, 1913; Some Recent Defin-
itions of Consciousness. Psych. Rev.. \'ol. 15,
1908; Psychology as a Science of Behavior do..
Vol. 21, 1914; The Concept of Pure Experience,
Philos. Rev., Vol. 14, 1905; Objective Idealism
and its Critics, do.. Vol. 19, 1910; Realistic
Conceptions of Consciousness, do., Vol. 20,
191 I ; The Psychological Doctrine of Focus
and Margin, do.. Vol. 23, 1914; various other
articles in Jour, of Philos., Psych., and Sc.
Methods. Mem^ Am. Philos. Assn.; Western
Philos. Assn.; Congr Church. Married Rer-
nice Ballard Ag 20, 1903. Warren, 111. Chil-
dren: Hendrik Wade, b. D 24, 1905; Eleanor,
b. Ag 24, 1909. Address, 910 W. California
St., Urbana.

Professor; A. B. Princeton, 1890; A. M.,
do., 1896; Ph. D., Univ. of Halle, 1897; b. Mr
16, 1870, Yonkers, N. Y. ; s. Richard Walker
(b. Ag 25, 1833 New York City) and Mary
(DeAngelis) Bogart (b. Jl 10, 1838, New York
City.). Prepared in pvt. sch., Yonkers, N. Y.;
attended Univ. of Berlin, 1804-95; Columbia,
T897-98. Honors in Eng. ; Soc. .Sc. Fellow
1895-96; Cliosophic Lit. Soc. Asst. Prof., Econ.
?nd Social Sc, Ind. Univ.. 1898-1900; Prof.,
Econ. and Sociol.. Oberlin Coll., 1900-05.
Asst. Prof., Hist. Politics and Econ.. Pri' ce-
ton, 1905-09; Assoc. Prof., Econ., Univ. of 111.,
1009-12; Prof., do., 1912 — ; (on leave 1918-10)
Econ. Asst. on the Central Powers, Foreign
Trade Adviser's Office. Washington, 19 18-19.
Auth.: Die Finanzverhaltnisse der Einzelstaaten
der Nordamerikanischen Union, Jena, 1897;
Housing of the Working People in Yonkers.
Econ. Studies of Am Econ. Assn.. Vol. 3, No.
5 Macmillan Co., 1898; Trial Bibliog. and Out-
line of Lect. on the Financial Hist, of the U.
S.. News Printing Co., Oberlin, O.. 1901; Econ.
Hist, of the U. S., Longmans, Green & Co.,
1907 4th Ed., 1917; Business Economy, La-
Salle Exten. Univ., 1910, revised ed., 1015;
Joint .Auth.: Exercise Book in Economic His-
tory of the LI. S., Longmans, 1914; Centennial
Hist, of Illinois, Soringfield. 1918; various
mag. articles. Joint Ed. Readings in the Econ.
Hist, of the U. S., Longmans. 1916. Mem.,
Am. Econ. Assn., V. P., 1918; Nat. Tax Assn.:
Congr. Church. Married Stella Marshall. S
15, 1900. Ch'ldren: Elpanor. b. S to, 1905;
Ph^lin Schuyler, b. F 25, 1914. Address, 806
W. Oregon St., Urbana.

(See No. G67.)

(See No. 2029.)

(See No. 1463.)

(See No. G69.)

(See No. G70.)

(See No. G71.)

Associate; A. B., Univ. of Chicago 1893; A.
M., do., 1905; Ph. D., do., 1907; b. Ag 19, 1873,
.Amherst, Va. ; s. G. H.. and Olivia (Taylor)
Borger. Prepared in Lake City H. S., Fla.
Scholarship Univ. of Chicago. Prof., Math.,
Univ. of Fla.; Instr., Math. Univ. of Mo.;
Instr., Math., Univ. of 111., 1907 09; Assoc,
Math., do., 1909-18; do., Ohio Univ., 1918 — .
.4ddress, Ohio Univ., Athens, O.


Engineer; b. F 10, 1877, Stanford, 111.; s.
Benjamin Fra^iklin (b. S 1, 1846, Vermilion
Co., 111.) and Sarah Susanne (Wirrick) Bowl-
ing (b. D 12, 1852 Morgon Co., O.). Prepared
in Stanford H. S.; Attended Univ. of 111.
Teacher, Pub. Schs.. McLean Co., 111., 1895-96;
Tazewell Co., III., 1896-1903; Asst., C. E. Univ.
of 111., 1905-18; In charge concrete materials
testing. Research Lab., Lewis Inst., C icago,
191S — . Auth.: Reports of Tests on Mono-
lithic Brick Pavement Engng. News Record.
191 6-1 7; (with H. F. Gonnerman) Edited and
revised course in Tests of Cement, Internat.
Correspondence Schs., Internat. Textbook Co.,
1918. Mem., Church of Christ; Va. Hist. Soc;
Assn. for Preservation of Va. Antiquities. Mar-
ried Margaret Emma Jones S 2, 1900. Stan-
ford 111. Child Neva Beatrice, b. Ja 15, 1906.
Address, Research Lab., Lewis Inst., Chicago.

Associate; B. S., Princeton, 1902; A. M., do.,
[909; Ph. D., do., 1911; b. Je 25 18S0, James-
town, N. Y.; s. Samuel P. (b. Jl 1828, Port Car-
bon. Pa.) and Amelia (Fuller) Boyer (b. Wood-
stock, Vt.). Prepared in Titusville (Pa.) H.
S.; Lawrence Prep. Sch., N. J. Elm (ilub;
Atwater prize in Pol. Sc. (Sr.); Charles Scrib-
ner Grad. Fellowship in Eng. Lit.. 1909-11.
Studied law in Pittsburg'i; admitted to bar 1904;
to O. St. bar, 1905; Lawyer 1903-8; Instr.,
Eng., Univ. of 111., 1911-14; Assoc, do., 1914 — .
Auth.: The Vil'ian as Hero in Elizabethan
Tragedy. Geo. Routledge Sons, 1914; H. E.
Fansler's The Evolution 01 Technic in Eliza-
bethan Tragedy, Jour, of Eng. and Ger. Philol.,
Vol. 15 Ap 1916; The Villian as Hero, do. O.
1916. Married Ethel Marian Parkhurst, Jl,
191 2, York, Pa. Address, 908 W. Nevada St.,
Urljana. •

M. S., Harvard, 1890; b. Ap 15, 1851, Pa.;
s. Jonas (b. York, Pa.) and Susan (Roth) Boyer
(b. do.). Prepared in 111. St. Norm. Sch.,
Normal, 111. Prin. Pub. Schs., Astoria and
Lewistown. 111., and Co. Supt., Schs., Fulton
Co.. 111., 1884-87; Asst., Math. Univ. of 111.,
1887-8; studied at Harvard. 1S88-00; teacher,
Biol., Englewood H. S. and Lake H. S., Chica-
go. 1890-7; Prin.. Hyde Park Branch H. S.,
1898; Asst. Supt. City Schs., Chicago 1890;
Dir., Chicago Inst. Auth.: Research in Biology
while at Harvard, in Pamp' let; Boyer's Ele-
mentary Biology, a series of sc. note books and
drawing tablets; at time of death had almost
completed manuscript of a second textbook in
Biol. Married Emily A. Sherman, Je 29, 1882.
NoriTial,_[ll. Six children. Died F 24, 1900, Chi-
cago. '

(See No. 6103.)

Associate; B. P., Syracuse Univ., igii; b.
My 21, 1888 North Bay, N. Y.; s. Chester W.
(b. Ja 3. 1857. Ft. Plain N. Y.) and Anna Julia
(Read) P>radbury (b. F 13, 1859, Sandy Creek,
N. Y.). Prepared in Phelps (N. Y.) and Syra-


University of Illinois

cuse (N. Y.) H. Schs.; Attended Academic
Julian and other art schs., Paris, France. Kappa
Sigma; Pi Delta Epsilon; Double Seven; Hiram
Lee Fellowship; Competitive Scholarship, Art
Studs. League. X. Y. Scenic .\rtist. Kalem Mo-
tion Picture Co., 1912-13; Instr., Art and De-
sign, Univ. of 111., 1913-16; Assoc, do., 1916 — .
Mem., First Church of Christ. Scientist. Mar-
ried Vada Lcola Crofoot. S 18, 191 2, Syracuse,
N. Y. Children: Harriet Vivian, b. Jl 9. 1913;
Charles Earl. Jr., b. Ap 27, 1917. Address, 610
S. Prairie St., Champaign.

, (See No. 675.)

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