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ville. 111. Child, Frank Milton, Jr., b. Mr s,
1916. Address, Deere Model Dairy Farm,
Moline, 111.

Sales Mgr.; B. S. in C. E. ; b. F 22, 1882,
Petersburg, 111.; s. John Clark (b. F 28, 1852,
Todd Co., Ky.) and Elizabeth (Brahm) Cabanis
(b. D 12, 1857, Petersburg, III.). Prepared in
Salem H. S. Sigma Chi; Yoxan; Phoenix;
Mgr., Baseball, 1908. Engr., City of Chicago,
1908-9; do., R. S. Feurtado Consulting Engrs.,
1909-10; with Universal Portland Cement Co.,
and Ludowici-Celadon Co., 1910; Northwestern
Sales Mgr., The Atlas Portland Cement Co.,
19 1 6 — . Mem., Univ. Club, Minneapolis; Min-
neapolis Arch. Club. Address, 826 Plymouth
Bldg., Minneapolis.

Engineer; B. S. in E. E. ; b. D 27, 1883,

Hebron, 111.; s. John (b. D 25, 1858, Paterson,
N. J.) and Louise (Johonnott) Cairns (b. My
12, 1861, Spring Grove. 111.). Prepared in
Hebron H. S. Sec, E. E. Soc. ; Football
Team. Engr., West. Elec. Co., 1908-10; do.,
Lincoln Park Comn., 1910-11; do., W. A. Jack-
son Co., 191 1 — . Address, 727 (Cornelia Ave.,

Librarian; B. L. S.; b. Nashua, la.; d. Pat-
rick Henry (b. Jl 7, 1837, Vt.) and Lillian
Cleone (Weeks) Caldwell (b. O 27, 1843, Hud-
son, O.). Prepared in H. S.; by Private
Teachers; Charles City Coll.; Carleton Coll.,
Northfield, Minn., 1893-94. A. B., Morning-
side Coll., 1908. Cataloger, Pub. Lib., Well-
ington, O., 1908; Pub. Lib., Wauseon, O., 1908;
.Sub. Libn.. Highland Park, 111., 1909; Cata-
loger, Pub. Lib., St. Louis, 1909; Libn., Pub.
Lib., Charles City, la., 1910 — . Auth. : Articles,
Ladies Home Journal. System, Musical Am.,
Am. City, Popular Mechanics, Des Moines
Register, Des Moines Tribune, Every Week,
Factory, Advance. Mem., la. Lib. .-Xssn. ; P. E.
O. Sisterhood. Address, Charles City, la.

(Brother of G 104)

Highway Engr.; B. S. in C. E. ; b. S 30,
1884, Marissa, III.; s. Samuel Wylie (b. O 9.
1848, do.) and Sarah Jane (Hemphill) (Campbell
(b. O 19, 1851, do.). Prepared in Marissa H.
S.; Monmouth Coll., 1904-5. Tau Beta Pi.
With Ry. Location Constr. and Maintenance,
St. Louis, 1908-9; Municipal Mgr., De Soto,
Mo., 1909-12; Jr. Engr., St. Highway Dept.,
Springfield, 111., 1912; Co. Highway Engr.,
Jefferson Co., Mo., 1912; Jr. Engr., 111. St.
Highway Dept., 191 5; Co. -Supt. of Highways
Mt. Carroll, 111.. 1916-18. 2nd Lt., 17th Co., 5th
Tr. Bn., 158 Depot Brig., Camp Sherman;
Mustered out, D 13, 1919. Mem., A. F. A. M.;
A. A. S. R.; Presby. Church. Married Gladys
Maida Coxwell. Je 21, 191 1, De Soto. Mo. Chil-
dren: Diana Mafalda, b. N 30, 191 2; Gladys
Helen, b. D 24, 1913; Samuel Charles, b. Mr
19, 1915. Address, Mt. Carroll, 111.

Architect; B. S. in Arch.; b. N 20, 1885,
Aledo, III.; s. John M. (b. do.) and Margaret
(McGuinness) Candor (b. do.). Prepared in
Aledo H. S. Chi Beta; Arch. Club; Tau Beta
Pi; Prelim. Honors. Arch., H. I. Goddard,
Burlington, la.; do., H. W. Whitsitt, Moline,
in.; do., Keyser & Schreiber, Oklahoma City,
Okla. ; do., Smith, Rea & Lovett, Kansas City,
Mo.; With Prof. N. A. Wells's party in Eur-
ope, 1912; Arch., J. C. Llewellyn, Chicago; do..
Smith, Rea & Lovett, Kansas City, Mo., 191 8 — .
Asst. to Dean Miles Ketchum, Nitro, W. Va.,
igi8 — . Auth.: Thesis Design, Am. Arch., 1909.
I\Iem., Southwest. Alumni Assn.; Y. M. C. A.;
Univ. Exten. Center, Kansas City, Mo.; Presby.
Church. Married Edith Stillman, Je 25, 1914,
Kansas City, Mo. Address, 4027 Main St.,
Kansas City, Mo.; bus. add., 602 Finance Bldg.,

Ath. Dir.; A. B. in L. & A.; b. O 25, 1885,
VN'ashburn, 111.; s. James G. (b. N 3, 1844) and
.Sinah E. (Wallace) Carrithers (b. O 5, 1850).
Prepared in Pontiac H. S. Alpha Delta Phi;
Philomathean; Phoenix; V. P., Y. M. C. A.;
Capt., Football, Track and Baseball teams.
Ath. Dir., Alma Coll., Alma, Mich., 1908-10;
do., Knox Coll., 1910-13; Freshman coach,
Univ. of 111., 1913-14; Ath. Dir., Lake Forest
Coll., 1914-15; do., Coe Coll., 1915 — . Mem.,
Presby. Church; Fac. Y. M. C. A. Tr. Sch.
Married Winifred Markham, Je 22, 1910, Sault
Ste. Marie, Mich. Children: Winifred Louise,
b. Je 2, 191 1 ; Elizabeth Ann, b. D 17, 191 2;
James Markham, b. Ag 25, 1914. Address,
1435 Bever Ave., Cedar Rapids, la.

(Sister of Nos. 1478, 1644, 2050, 2612)
Missionary and Supt.; A. B. in L. & A.; b.
My II, 1885, Tolono, 111.; d. Edward Bonaparte
(b. My 7, i'8s7, Clyde, N. Y.) and Lucy Mar-
garet (Pierce) Chapin (b. Je 2, 1858, Browns-
town, O.). Prepared in Champaign H. S.
Illiola: Y. W. C. A. cabinet. Teacher, Eng.
and Hist., Williamsport, Ind., 1908-10; do.,
Presby. Tr. Sch., 1911-12; Club and Bible
Work, Assn. House, Chicago, 1912-13; Mission-
ary and Supt. of Girls' Sch. under Presby.
I'd., Kiung Chow, China, 1913 — . Mem.,
Presby. Church. Address, 616 W. Church St.,
Champaign; bus. add., Kiung Chow, Hainan,

Lawyer; LL. B. ; b. My 20, i88s, Farming-
dale, 111.: s. Stephen Child. Prepared in
Springfield H. S. Lawyer, Poison, Mont.
.Address, Poison, Mont.


University of Illinois



Manager; A. B. in Sc; b. O 15, 1884, Farm-

ington, 111.; s. Eugene (h. N 15,' 1850, Peoria)

and Clara Bell (Zook) Christopher (b. Ja 30,

1861, Bushnell, 111.). Prepared in Farmington

II. S. Mgr., Advertising and Sale.s, Leavitt
Mfg. Co., Urbana. Married Lura Dean Jer
auld, Je 8, 19 10, Urbana. Children: Daniel
Eugene, b. F 21, 191 1; Robert Jerauld Ciiris-
topher, b. F 5, 19 13. Address, 305 \V. Wash-
ington Blvd., Urbana; bus. add., Leavitt Mfg.
Co., do.


Mgr., Telephone Co.; LL. B.; b. N 11, 1885,

\\averly, 111.; s. William Burton and Ella Mary

Clark. Prepared in Centralia H. S. Phi

-Alpha Delta; Theta Kappa Nu; Egyptian Club.

III. Central R. R., Carbondale, 1908; Lawyer,
1908-10; Mgr., Central Union Telephone Co.,
1910 — . Address, 3340 S. Park Ave., Chicago.


Architect; B. S. in Arch.; A. M., 1915; b.
N 19, 1882, Osage, la.; s. Byron M. and Lucia
A. (Burnham) Cleveland. Prepared in E.
Waterloo H. S.; Cornell Coll. Arch., Water-
loo, la., 191 5—. Mem., -A. F. A. M.; B. P.
O. E. Married Edith Munger Cleveland, S 18,
191 2, Waterloo. Children: Mary Eleanor, b. D
31, 1916; Rhoades Mortimer, b. S 2, 1917.
Address, VV'aterloo, la.; bus. add., 603 First
Nat. Bank Bldg., do.



(Wife of No. 2767)

A. B. in L. & A.; b. F 7, 1887, Thomas-
boro, 111.; d. Alfred C. (b. 1858, Waverly, O.)
and Adeline (French) Clifford (1). 1867, Attica,
Ind.). Prepared in Champaign H. S. Ath
enean; Phi Delta Psi; Prelim. Honors. Mar-
ried Horace H. Morgan ('06), Je 28, 1909,
Champaign. Children: Clifford H., b. Ap 2,
1910; Cherrie Adelyn, b. O 14, 1914- Address,
229 Monterey Ave., Highland Park, Detroit.

Professor; B. S. in C. E. ; b. Mr 23, 1881,

Independence, la.; s. William James and Anna
Theoline (Kemp) Cogldan. Prepared in Kan-
kakee H. S. C. E., Univ. of Ga., 1916. Sigma
Xi; Philomathean; Prelim, and Final Honors;
Fresh. Debating Team. Supt. of Man. Tr.,
1909; Engr. on R. R. Const., 1909; Prof., C.
E.. N. Me.x. St. Coll. of Mines. 1909-14; Assoc.
Prof. Highway Engng., Agr. and Mech. Coll.,
College Station, Tex., 1914-17. Capt., Engr.
Corps, Te 19, 191 7, attached to 11 6th Engrs. U.
S. R., A. E. F., France. Married Ora Fellows,
N 7, 1908, Kankakee. 111. Address, 1042 E.
Court St., Kankakee, 111.

Elec. Engr.; B. S. in E. E. ; b. My 2, 1882,

Macon Co., 111.; s. Charles Ellis (b. 1829, Phil-
adeli'hia) and Elizabeth Jane (Rozzel) Con-
nard (b. Macon Co., 111.). Prepared in Decatur
H. S. Elec. Engr., Westinghouse Elec. Mfg.
Co. Pa. Nat. Guard, Co. E., 18th Inf.; Sergt.
Maj., Hdqtrs. Co., iiith Inf., Camp Hancock.
Augusta, Ga. Mem., Westinghouse Club. Ad-
dress, c/o Westinghouse Co., Pittsburgh.
Engineer; B. S. in E. E.; b. N 14. 1882.
Chicago; s. Frederick William (b. Jl 10, 1839,
Dunkeehan, Ireland) and Ida (Fowler) Cook
(b. S 13, 1856, Summerville, Mich.). Prepared
in Oak Park H. S. Delta Kappa Epsilon;
Phoenix; Eta Kapiia Nu; Prcs., Fresh. Class;
Lt. Col., Univ. Regt.; Mgr., Klec. Show. With
Pub. Service Co., Chicago. 111. Naval Reserve.
1908—. Mem., Nat. Elec. Light Assn. Married
Frances Alya Hall, Mr 16, 1910, Berwyn. 111.
Child, Eleanor Frances, b. Ja i, 19". Address,
318 First Ave. Oak Park, 111.; bus. add., losfh
and Throop St., Chicago.

Professor; A. B. in Sc; b. N 2, 1885; s. G.
W. (b. F 12, 1852, Vl.) and Susan E. (Irwin)
Coons (b. Lansingburg. N. Y.). Prepared in
Bloomington H. S.; 111. St. Norm. Univ. A.
M., Univ. of Neb., 191 1; Ph. D. Univ. of Mich.,
1917- Adelphic; Delta Sigma Rho; Sigma Xi;
111. -Wis. Debate. Teacher. Hancock H. S.,
V't., 1909; Adj. I'rof., Agr. Bot., Univ. of Neb..
i909-:o; Res. Asst., Plant Pathology, Mich. Agr.
Coll., 1911-17; Assoc. Prof., do., 1918 — . Auth.:
Ecological Relations of the Flora; Factors In-
i-olved in Growth of Pycnidium Formation of
Plenodomus Fusconiaculans, Jour. Ayr. Re-
search, 1916. Married Myrta Amanda Vogel,
Ag 20, 1908, Ann Arbor, Mich, Child, Myrta
Susan, b. My 2O, 1909. Address, c/o Mich.
.\gr. Coll., East Lansing, Mich.


(Wife of No. 4131; Sister of No. 1322)

A. B. in L. & A.; b. O IS, 1887, Champaign;
d. Frank (b. My 6, 1849, Baldwinsville, N. Y.)
and Luro Alice (Ham) (hooper (b. O 11, 1852,
Monticello, 111.). Prepared in Chamiiaign H.
S. V. P., Math. Club. Teacher, II. S., Sulli-
van, 1908-9; do., San Antonio, Tex., 1909-10;
do., Sullivan, 1910-12. Married Edward Leland
Dillon Cio), Je 26, 1912, Sullivan, 111. Chil-
dren: Marion, b. Je 13, 1913; John Robert, b.
Je 2, 1914 (died Ag i, 1914). Address, Osh-
temo, Mich.

Teacher; A. B. in L. & A.; b. N 18, 1875,

Bridgeport, III.; s. Flemin Willet (b. 1838,
Coshocton, O.) and Sarah (Kinsey) Cox (b.
1842, do.). Prepared in Prep. Dept., Wabash
Coll. Sufit. of Sells.; Teacher of Sc. and Prin.,
Tp. H. S. Married Minnie E. Starkman, Ag
22, 1901, Bridgeport, 111. Children: Dorothy
I'^lizabeth, b. Je i, 1902; Margaret Sylvia, b.
Mr 10, 1909. Address, Bridgeport, 111.

Lawyer; A. B. in L. & A. ; b. O 28, 1882; s.

Frank (b. D 16, 1853, near Mattoon, 111.) and
Jennie (Hughey) Cox (b. .\[) 27, 1S56, Brooks-
ville. Ky.). Prepared in Mattoon H. S. Or-
chestra; Glee Club; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Kappa
Alpha. Mem.. B. P. O. E. ; J^xalled Ruler, do.;
Royal Arch Mason; Scribe, do; Treas., Henry-
ctta Masonic Bldg. Assn.; V. P., Henryetta
Rotary Club; Mem., Presby. Church. Married
Mary Rita Collins, F 2, 1910. Child, Daniel
Franklin, b. Je 21, 191 1. Address, Henryetta,

Elec. Engr.; B. S. in E. E.; b. F 16, 1884,

Salem, III.; s. Kirk (b. O 20, 1846, Warsaw, N.

Y.) and Lillie Aline (Merriiield) Crossett (b.

O 14, 1852, do.). Prepared in Salem H. S. E.

E. Soc. ; Eta Kappa Nu. Elec. Engr., Gen.

Elec. Co.. Schenectady, N. Y. Address, c/o

Gen. Elec. Co., Cincinnati.

Sales Engr.: B. S. in C. E.; C. E.. 1911; b.
O 31, 1887, Chicago. Prepared in R. T. Crane
IT. S., Chicago. Iriangle; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma
.\i; Special and Final Honors; Prcs. Ionian;
F'res. Scribblers' Club; Ed. Technairat^h. Engr.,
Cost Dept.. Stone & Webster Engr. Corp.;
Irrigation Engr., Bur. of Pub. Works, Manila,
1'. I., 190S-11; Universal I'ortland Cement Co.;
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific R. R., 1911-12;
Cost Engr., Stone & Webster Engng. Corp.,
Keokuk, 1912-14; Sales Engr., OIney J. Dean \
Co., Chicago, 1014 — ■ Sergt., Co. G., 6th Regt..
St. Reserve Militia. Married Lottie G. Mose-
ley. Ap 23, 19 1 3, Keokuk. Child. Joseph M., b.
H' 24, 1014. Address, c/o O. J. Dean & Co.,
Assn. Bldg., Chicago.


Baccalaurf.ate Alumni



(lirother of Nos. 1654, 2065, 8253)
Manufacturer; A. li. in L. & A.; b. S 11,
18S6; s. C. P. (b. Ap 6, 1 85 1, Langres, France)
and Mary (Marine'") Dadant (b. Si. Louis).
Prepared in Hamilton and Keokuk IL S.
Shield and 'J'rident; Prelim. Honors; Football.
1907; Basketball, t'apt. Mfr. of Bee Keejiers'
Supplies; Managing Ed., Am. Bee Journal.
Cai)t., Reserve Militia of 111., igiS. Auth.: A
Tliousand Answers to Bee-Kcei)ing Questions;
numerous articles in Am. Bee Journal. Mar-
ried Helen Hassett, O 12, 1910, Keokuk. Chil
dren: Mary Elizabeth, b. Ag 23, igii; Robert,
b. F 16, 1914. Address, Hamilton, 111.

Instructor; A. B. in L. & A.; b. Ja 30,
1883, Chadwick, 111.; s. Louis Christian (b.
My 24, 1843, Darmstadt, Ger.) and Anna
Elizabeth (Hartman) Daehler (b. Ap 19, 1853.
Gelsenheim, Ger.). Prepared in Chadwick H.
S. Philoniathean, Honor Pres. ; Chi Beta;
Phoenix; Eng. Club; Scribblers'; French and
Italian Clubs; Pres., Ger. Club; Asst. Ed.,
Daily Illini; Stud. Ed., Alumni Quarterly ; Ind.
Debate. Asst. in Eng., Univ. of 111., 1908-09;
Instr. in Eng., Purdue, 1909 — . Married
Mabel Lowry, Je 17, 1914, Granger, Ind. Ad-
dress, 105 Quincy St., West Lafayette, Ind.

(Wife of G 8s)
A. B. in L. & A.; b. N 16, 1884, Sullivan,
111.; d. James (b. Ap 7, 1859, do.) and Martha
\nn (Hayes) Davidson (b. F 14, 1862, Mat-
lOon, 111.). Prepared in Sullivan, H. S. Mar-
ried Fay Cluif Brown (g '11), Jl 14, 1908, Sul-
livan, 111. Children: Herman ClufF, b. O id,
1910; Barbara Esther, b. Mr 22, 1912. Ad-
dress, 220 Ronalds St., Iowa City, la.

(Daughter of Nos. 251, 311; Sister of
Nos. 4125, 5629, 8260)
Teacher; A. B. in L. & A.; b. Je 6, 1884,
DeKalb. 111.; d. Jeptha Hartley ('82), (b. Ap
13, i860, Vienna, Ind.) and Ella (Watson)
Davis ('81), (b. N 14. 1854, Bristol, 111.). Pre-
pared in Holton (Kan.) H. S. ; Miss Barstows
Sch., Kansas City, Mo.; Kan. Univ.; Univ. of
111., 1912-13. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Delta
Psi. Teacher, Holton, Kan., 1913 — . Address,
Holton, Kan.

Judge; LL. B.; b. Jl 4, 1883, Newman, 111.;
s. John (b. Je 22, 1833, N. Y.) and Laura
Jane (Miller) Dayton (b. 1843, Louisville,
Ky.). Prepared in Paris H. S. Atty. at
Law 1908-9; Justice of the Peace, 1909-10;
Co. Judge, 1910 — . Address, Paris, Ill.t

(Husband of No. •■.582)
Farmer; B. S. in Agr.; j. N 2?. 1878,
Christian Co., 111.; s. William Henry (b. S
-5, 1836, Wilkesbarre, Pa.) and Margaret
Jane (Bond) Deal (b. D 17, 1846, Randolph
Co., III.). Prepared in Taylorville II. S.;
Univ. Acad. Agr. Club. Farmer, 1908 — .
Married May Alice Beauford ('06), Je 12,
1908, Oregon, 111. Children: Marjorie Miram,
b. Jl 7, igog; Mildred Florence, b. S 3, 191 1;
Dorothy Dimple, b. D 3, 191 3; Linus Robin-
son, b. N 4, 1915. Address, R. No. 4, Mor-
risonville, 111.

Elec. Engr.; B. S. in E. E.; b. S 11, 1880,
Milledgeville, 111.; s. J. S. Deets. Prepared in
Milledgeville H. S. Married Pansy Treasher, N
24, 1909, Sterling, 111. Address, Sunnyside,


(Wife of No. 1972)
A. H. in L. & A.; B. L. S.; b. S 29, 1881,
Lnicoln, ] 1.: d. James Edgar (b. 1856, du.)
and Josephine (Campbell) Denny (b. 1856
VVhitcliall, III.). J^rcparcd in Lincoln Coll.
Irep. Sch. Illiola; Alpha Alpha. Asst., Su-
perior Pub. Lib., Superior, Wis., 1908-09.
Marned Charles Wesley Smith ('03), Ag 25,
1909 Lincoln, 111. Address, 5033 21st Ave., N.
L., Seattle.

Lawyer; A. B. in L. & A.; LL. B., igog-
"; A? ^'' ^^^'^' Mazon, II!.; s. Robert Hall
(1). My 28, i860, Boonville, N. Y.) and Ida
Josephine (Burleigh) Dewey (b. D 6 1863
Mazon, III.). Prepared in Boonville ' H. s!
Philomathean; Theta Kappa Nu; John Mar-
shall Law Club; Soph. Debating Team- Jr
Class Pres.; V. P., Sr. Class; Illini Staff."
Lawyer, New York City, 1909-13; Mem., Firm
Uunmore, Terris & Dewey, Utica, N. Y.,
1913 — ■ Married Helen Lucile Capron, F i'
1 91 3, Boonville. N. Y. Child, Chester Robert,
Jr., b. Ja 5, 191 7. Address, 3 Higby Ave.,
-New Hartford, N. Y.; bus. add., Homestead
.\\A Bldg., Utica, do.

Engineer; B. S. in C. E.; b. O 15, 1882, St.
Louis; s. August C. and Anna (Rippe) Dicke.
Prepared in St. Louis Man. Tr. Sch. Kappa
Sigma; Shield and Trident; C. E. Club; Var-
sity Baseball, Capt. Engr., Truin & Colnon Con-
tracting Co., 1908-9; do., Holabird & Roche,
Archs., 1909-10; do., George Beaumont, Arch.,
191 1 — . Address, 1909 Hebert St., St. Louis.t

(Sister of No. 800)
B. S. in H. Sc; b. Mr 22, 1884, Eureka,
111.; d. Roger Burrus (b. D 18, 1849, do.)
and Anna (Jones) Dickinson (b. N 12, 1843,
Williamsport, Pa.). Prepared in Eureka H. S.;
Eureka Coll. Delta Gamma; Phi Delta Psi;
Alethenai. Teacher, Greenville, 111., 1908-9;
.A-sst.. II. Sc, Lhiiv. of 111., igog-ii. Mem.,
Epis. Church; Daughters of the King. Mar-
ried Irving S. Chenoweth, O 10, igi2. Eureka,
111. Address, 4542 N. nth St., Philadelphia.

Telephone Mgr.; B. S. in Chem. ; b. D 15,
188s, Chillicothe, O. ; s. John Philip (b. do.)
and Mary Francis (Foster) Dieter (b. do.).
Prepared in Lewis Inst.; Univ. of Colo., igo3-6.
Phi ^Lambda Upsilon. Salesman, Underwood
& Underwood, London, Eng., igo8; Chem.,
Swift & Co., 1908-9; do., Cml. Testing & Engng.
Co., 1909-11; do., Robert W. Hunt & Co. 191 1;
Efficiency Engr., West. Elec. Co., 1911-14;
Mgr., Laquer Co., 19 14-16; West India &
Colombia Electric Co.; Gen. Mgr., Barranquilla
Telephone Co., 1916 — . Mem., A. C. S.; City
Club. Address, Santa Marta, Republic of
Colombia, S. A.

(Sister of No. 2074)
B. S. in H. Sc; b. S 2, 1885. Normal, HI.;
d. Adolphus (b. O 28, 1849, Tazewell Co., 111.)
and Paulina (Britt) Dillon (b. O 30, 1850,
Logan Co., 111.). Prepared in 111. St. Norm.
Univ. Athencan; H. Sc. Club. Mem., Chris-
tian Clnirch; Amateur Musical Club, Bloom-
ington; Woman's Club, Beardstown. Married
Guy Loren Shaw, S 14, igio. Normal, III.
Address, l'>ox 6, Beardstown, Ill.t


University of Illinois


Gen. Foreman; B. S. in M. E.; b. F 26, 1885,
Sheldon, 111.; s. Charles D. (b. Stony Creek,
\'a.) and Ilulda (Slife) Digosway (b. Milford,
111.). Prepared in Sheldon H. S. Delta Up-
silon; Baseball; Track Teams. Engr., Auto-
mobile Shops; Traveling Insp. and Asst. Supt.,
Griffin Car Wheel Co.; Asst. Supt., Consumers
Cooler Co.; Gen. Foreman, The Fulton Co.
Married Eldo L'llote, Mr 26, 1913. Milford,
111. Children: Mark Deems, b. S 6, 1914;
Polly Jean, b. O 3,_ 191 5. Address, 1933 W.
Cumberlan'd Ave., Knoxville, Tenn.; bus. add.,
The Fulton Co., do.


(Wife of No. 5093; Sister of No. 6842)
A. B. in L. & A.; A. M., 1909; b. Ap 13, 1885,
Chicago; d. William John (b. 1848. St. Johns,
N. B., Can.) and Margaret Elizabeth (Doyle)
Doherty (b. 1855, Dubuque, la.). Prepared in
Lyons Tp. II. S., La Grange. Final Honors;
Special Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; Grad. Schol-
arship. Teacher, Hist, and Algebra, Missouri
Valley, la., 1910; do., Sc, Pawnee City, Neb.,
1910-11; Ed. Asst., 111. St. Hist. Lib., Urbana,
1912-15. Married Irving P. DeMott ('12), Ja i.
1916, Urbana. Child. Margaret Aileen, b. Jl
21, 1918. Address, Crookston, Minn.


(Husband of No. 3957)
Draftsman and Salesman; B. S. in M. E. ;
b. My 23, 1883, Storm Lake, la.; s. Edwin
Shane (b. Ag 6, 1840, Dover, Del.) and Nancy
Cooper (Willoughby) Donaho (b. O 21, 1850,
Troy, 111.). Prepared in McCray Dewey Acad.,
Troy, 111. A. B., McKendree Coll., 1904. Phi
Gamma Delta; Class football. Married Flor-
ence Antoinette Schwartzkopf ('09), O 12,
10 1 2, Chicago. Address, 6100 Kenwood Ave.,
Chicago. t

Elec. Engr.; B. S. in Ry. E. E.; b. Mr 8,

1887, LaSalle, 111.; s. J. W. and Isabel (Bedard)
Dugan. Elec. Engr., San Francisco, 1909-17.
Lt., Co. C, 43d Engrs., A. E. F., France. Mar-
ried Marion Ross, Ag 22, 191 1. San Francisco.
Address, 629 7th St., LaSalle, 111.

Research Assoc; B. S. in Ry. E. E. ; M. S.,

1915; b. O 30, 1884, Tiskilwa, 111.; s. William
Fleming (b. O 21. 1828, Brown Co., O.) and
Julia E. (Houghton) Dunn (b. D 12, 1849,
Otsego, Mich.). Prepared in Tiskilwa IT. S.;
Univ. Acad. Fellowship, Engr. Exp. Sta.,
1909-11; Automobile Testing and Designing.
Midland Auto Co., Moline, 111., 1908-9; Asst.
in Ry. Engng. Dept., Univ. of 111., 1911-17;
Research Assoc, do. and in charge of courses
in Ry. Elec. Engng., 191 7 — • Auth.: The
Tractive Resistance of a 28-Ton Elec. Car,
Univ. of III. Engng. Sta. Bui. No. 74.
1914; The Tractive Resistance on Curves of a
28-Ton Elec. Car (with Edward C. Schmidt),
do No. 92, 191 6; Passenger Train Resistance
(with Edward C. Schmidt), Am. Ry. Enptg.
Assn. Proccedinqs. No. 194. F 1917; do., Univ.
of III. EngnR. Exp. Sta. Bui. (in press); Re-
sistance of Passenger Train E(|uipment (with
Edward C. Schmidt), Ry. Age Gazette. Mr 9.
191 7. Mem., Brotherhood of St. Andrew;
Moline Clul), 1906-11; Sigma Xi; Soc for Pro-
motion of Engng. Educ. Married Cara Alice
Tanner Ag 23, 191 1, Rock Island, 111. Chil-
dren: Harold Houghton. Jr., b. My 2.3. 1913;
Richard Franklin, b. Mr 16, 1917- Address,
6t2 W. Michigan Ave, Urbana; bus. add., 203
Transportation Bldg., do.

Inspector; B. S. in M. E.; b. My 28, 1885,
Oswego, 111.; s. Ira Smith and Katherine
(Cargan) Dunning. Prepared in West Aurora
I{. S. Alpha Sigma Phi; Si)alding Guild;
\'arsity Track Team. Draftsman, 1908; Water-
Insp., C. B. & O. R. R., 1909-10; Draftsman
and Chem., W. & L. E. R. R., 1911-15; Fore-
man, Concrete work, 1915; Insp., Aurora Auto-
matic Mach. Co., 111., 1916; \\ater Insp., C.
H. & Q. R. R., Aurora, 111., 1916—. Mem.,
K. C. Married Mary Ann Lewis, O :, 191 2.
Children: Frank Lewis, b. O 12, 1913; Ben-
jamin Allen, b. Jl 23, 1915; Katherine Mary,
b. F 12, 1917; Charles Lincoln, b. F 12, 1917
(died F 14, :9i7). Address, Greybull, Wyo.

Superintendent; A. B. in L. & A. ; b. O i,
1S63, Washington Co., Miss.; s. John William
(b. S 2, 1824, Sangamon Co., 111.) and Julia
Jane (Woolley) Earnest (b. D 30, 1831, Greene
Co., 111.). Prepared in Greenfield H. S.; Val-
paraiso Univ. Supt. of Schs., Champaign,
1Q08 — . Auth.: Earnest's Orthography, since
called English Correspondence, 8vo., Sadler-
Rowe Co., Baltimore, 1896 and 1899; Earnest's
.Arithmetic, private pub.. 8vo., 1898; War Cate-
chism, 1918. Mem., Presby. Church; A. F. A.
M.; Sigma Xi; various teachers' organizations;
Rotary Club; Champaign Country Club. Mar-
ried Maude S. Sparks, Ag 8, 1894, Bushnell,
111. Child, Eloise S., b. Ap 13, 1903. Address,
307 N. McKinley Ave., Champaign.

Engineer; B. S. in M. E.; b. Ag 16, 1884,
Oilman, 111.; s. Logan (b. D 13, 1850, Logan
Co., 111.) and Clara (Sheldon) Edmunds (b.
Mr 24, 1857, Oxford, O.). Prepared in Gil-
man H. S. With Engng. (To., Chicago, 1908-10;
Engr., Am. Steel & Wire Co., Waukegan, 111.,
igio-17; do., Stephens Adamson Mfg. Co.,
Aurora, 111., 1917-18; Inter-St. Iron & Steel
Co., Chicago, 1918 — . Married Elma O. Ash-
man, F 2, 1910, Elgin, 111. Children: Eliza-
beth A., b. D 17, 191 1 ; James Logan, b. My
27, 1913; Robert Austin, b. D 30, 1914; Merril
Beebe, b. D 16, 1916. Address, 7820 Constance
Ave., Chicago; bus. add., 79th and S. Chicago
Ave., do.

A. B. in L. & A.; b. Ag 16, 1886, Brimfield,

111.; d. Rev. A. C. (b. Ag 6, 1828) and Josep-
hine (Watson) Edwards (b. Ja 6, 1843)- Pre-
pared in Moore's Hill Coll.. Moore's Hill, Ind.
Teacher, N. Mex. Baptist Coll.; do., Semi-City
Missionary, Oklahoma City, Okla. Address, El
Reno, Okla.t


(Sister of Nos. 3720, 5108)
A. B. in L. & A.; b. F 27, 1885, Chicago; d.
August W. (b. D 17, 1861, do.) and hlise
(Scheuermann) Eiszner (b. Je 23, 1861, Mer-
kenfritz, Ger.). Prepared in Lewis Inst.; N.
W. Div. H. S. Married Frank G. Zillmer, O
29, 1913. Children: two sons. Address, More-
house, Mo.

Lawyer; L. B.; b. My 24, 1885, Appleton
City, Mo.; s. Nixon (b. F 12, 1840, Quincy,
Fla ) and Hortense (Beauharnais) Elliott. Pre-
pared in Central H. S., Pueblo. Colo.; Univ. of
'Mo., 1905-6. Phi Kappa Sigma. With H.

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