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. Remarks on a letter from the Rev. H. .A. Woodgate to Vis-
count Melbourne, relative to the appointment of Dr. Hampden.
By the Rev. B. P., M.A. E.R.S. [D. M.] Oxford, 1836. 8vo.

. The present state and future prospects of Mathematical and

Physical Studies in the University of Oxford, considered in a
Public Lecture, . . by the Rev. B. P., M.A., E.R.S., Savilian
Professor of Geometry. [D. M.] Oxford, 1832. 8vo.

. The Unity of Worlds and of Nature . . By B. P. Second

edition. [G. G.] London, 1856. 8vo.

. State Education : considered with reference to prevalent mis-
conceptions on religious grounds. By the Rev. B. P.

[G. G.] London and Oxford, 1840. 8vo.

(B. H. Baden). See PUNJAB.

Power (Henry). See CARPENTER (W. B.). Physiology.

[* From The Report of the British Association for 1848.
"f* . ,, The Philosophical Transactions.
t The Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society. ,]


Pradier-Fodere (Paul Louis Ernest). La Question cle 1 Alabama et
le Droit des Gens. Par M. P. P.-F. . . Professeur de Droit publi-
que. Paris, 1872. 8vo.

Prague, See AUSTRIA.


. Aristoteles liber die Farben. Erlautert durch eine Uebersicht

der Farbenlehre der Alten von Dr. C. P.

[G. G.] MuncJien, 1849. 8vo.

. Geschichte der Logik im Abencllaiide. Yon C. P. 4 Bde.

[G. G.] Leipzig, 1855-70. 8vo.

. Symbolae Criticae in Aristotelis Physicas Auscultationes.

[G. G.] Berolini, 1843. 8vo.

. Ueber die Entwicklung der Aristotelischen Logik aus del

Platonischen Philosophic. Yon C. P. [Abh. d. k. Ak. d. Wiss.
VII. Bd.] 4to.

. Ueber die Probleme des Aristoteles. Yon C. P. [From the

Abhandlungen der I. 01. d. k. Ak. d. Wiss. VI. Bd. II. Abth.]


Prat (J. G.). See SPINOZA (B. de). (Euvres.

. De la destinee de I'homme sur la terre. Par J. G. P.

[G. G.] Paris, 1867. 8vo.

Prateus (Ludovicus). See JUTENALIS. J. et A. Persii Flacci Satire?.

Pratt (John Henry). A treatise on Attractions, La Place's Functions,
and the figure of the Earth. By J. H. P., M.A., Archdeacon of
Calcutta [etc.]. [D. M.] Cambridge, 1860. 8vo.

. The Mathematical Principles of Mechanical Philosophy, and

their application to elementary Mechanics and Architecture, but
chiefly to the theory of Universal Gravitation. Second edition,
revised and improved. By J. H. P.

[D. M.] Cambridge, 1842. 8vo.

Prayer-book. The Book of Common Prayer : with Notes, legal and
historical. By Archibald John Stephens, Barrister at Law.
3 vol. [Ecclesiastical History Society.]

" [D. M.] London, 1849-54. 8vo.

. Fac-simile of the Black-letter Prayer-book containing manu-
script alterations and additions made in the year 1661, " out of
which was fairly written" the Book of Common Prayer sub-
scribed, December 20. A.D. 1661, by the Convocations of Can-
terbury and York, and annexed to the Act of Uniformity, 13 &
14 Car. IE, C. 4, A.D. 1662. Photo-Zinco-graphed at the Ordnance
Survey Office Southampton (Major-General Sir Henry James,
E.E., F.E.S., &c., Director-General) and published for the
Royal Commission on Eitual, by authority of the Lords Com-
missioners of Her Majesty's Treasury. London, 1871. fol.

Predigten. Drei Predigten aus der Wiiste . . vom Herrgottskafer-
lein und Jehovah-Passionsbliimlein. Reutlingen, 1872. 12ino,


Preller (Louis). See POLEMON. Fragmenta ; $c.

. De Hellanico Lesbio historico.

[G. G.] Dorpati Livonorum, 1840. 4to.

. Historia Philosophiae Graeco-Bomanae ex fontivm locis con-

texta . . notis auxervnt H. Bitter, L. Preller. Edidit L. Preller.

[G. G.] Hambvrgi, 1838. 8yo.

. Historia Philosophiae Graecae et Eomanae ex fontium locis

contexta. Locos collegerunt [&c.] H. E. et L. P. Eecognovit
et auxit L. Preller. Editio tertia. [Q-. G-.J Goihae, 1864. 8vo.

Plenties (S. "W.). Narrative of a Shipwreck on the Island of Cape
Breton, in a voyage from Quebec 1780. By S. W. P., Ensign of
the 84th Eegiment of Foot. The fifth edition.

[G. G.] London, 1783. 8vo.

Prescot (Bartholomew). Eemarks on the Architecture, Sculpture, and
Zodiac of Palmyra ; with a key to the Inscriptions . . By B. P.

[D. M.] London, 1830. 8vo.

. The motion of the sun in the Ecliptic, proved to be uni-
form in a circular orbit ; and Tables of the Equations, directly
and accurately calculated from the true distances ; with preli-
minary observations on the fallacy of the Solar System, in a
series of letters. By B. P.

[D. M.] London, [Liverpool'] 1825. 4to.

Press (The). Practical suggestions for preventing Attacks on Private
Character, through the Press. [G. G.] London, 1838. 8vo.

Pretres. Pensees libres sur les Pretres. Rome, L'An I" de la
liaison et Vide la Republique Franpaise. [G. G.] [1798.] 8vo.

Preuss (E.). See KEAXICHFELD (G. E.).

(Theodor). Kaiser Diocletian und seine Zeit. Yon T. P.

[G. G.] Leipzig, 1869. 8vo.

Preussen. Preussen in den Jahren der Leiden und der Erhebung.
Abriss einer Geschichte des Preussisch-Brandenburgischen
Staats unter der Eegierung Eriedrich Wilhelm's des Dritten.

[G. G.] Berlin, 1817. 8vo.

Prevost (Alexandre-P.). De la Theorie mathematique de la Musique.
Par M. A.-P. P. (Tire de la Bibliotheque Universelle et Revue
Suisse, Avril, 1862.) [G. G.] 8vo.

(Pierre). Essais de Philosophic : ou etude de 1'esprit humain.

. . Par P. P. Suivis de quelques Opuscules de feu G. L. Le
Sage. 2 torn. [G. G.] Geneve, An xiii (1805). 8vo.

Price (Bartholomew). A Treatise on the Infinitesimal Calculus ; con-
taining differential and integral calculus, calculus of variations,
applications to algebra and geometry, and analytical mechanics.
By B.P., M.A., F.E.S. [Ac.] 4 vol."

[D. M.] Oxford, 1852-62. 8vo.

572 PEI

Price (Bonamy). Suggestions for the extension of Professional Teach-
ing in the University of Oxford. By B. P., M.A.

[Q-. G-.] tiugly, 1850. 8vo.
(Eichard). See DISSENTERS. An Address [by Dr. R. P.].

. See MORGAN (W.). The doctrine of Annuities, <$fc. [with] an

essay . . on population by the Rev. Dr. P.

. Abstract of Dr. Price's Observations on the importance

of the American Eevolution. See BIQUETI (H. G.), G'omte de

. A Discourse on the Love of our Country . . with an Appendix.

By E. P. [G. a.] London, 1789. 8vo.

. An Appeal to the Public, on the subject of the National Debt.

By E. P., D.D., F.E.S. [D. M.] London, 1772. 8vo.

. An Appeal to the Public, on the subject of the National Debt.

The second edition. With an Appendix, containing explanatory
observations and tables ; and an account of the present state of
Population in Norfolk. By E. P. [G. G.] London, 1772. 8vo.

. An Essay on the Population of England, from the Eevolution

to the present Time. With an Appendix, containing remarks on
the amount of the population, trade, and resources of the king-
dom, in Mr. Eden's Letters to Lord Carlisle. By E. P.

[G. G.] London, 1780. 8vo.

. Observations on Eeversionary Payments ; on schemes for

providing annuities for widows, and for persons in old age; on
the method of calculating the values of Assurances on lives ; and
on the National Debt. Also, essays on different subjects in the
doctrine of Life Annuities and Political Arithmetic ; a collection
of new tables, and a postscript on the population of the King-
dom. By E. P. In two volumes. The whole new arranged,
and enlarged by the addition of Algebraical and other notes [&c.]
by William Morgan, F.E.S. Seventh edition. 2 vol.

[D. M.] London, 1812. 8vo.

. A supplement to the second edition of the treatise on Ee-
versionary Payments, &c. Containing additional observations
and tables. [D. M.] London, 1772. 8vo.

. Observations on the Expectations of Lives, the Increase of

Mankind, the Influence of Great Towns on Population, and par-
ticularly the state of London, with respect to healthfulness and
number of Inhabitants. Communicated to the Eoyal Society,
April 27, 1769. In a letter from Mr. E. P., F.E.S., to Benjamin
Franklin, Esq., LL.D. and F.E.S. [D. M.] London, 1769. 4to.

. Observations on the importance of the American Eevolution,

and the means of making it a benefit to the world. To which is
added, A letter from M. Turgot, late Comptroller-General of the
Finances of France : with an Appendix, containing a translation
of the will of M. Fortune Eicard, lately published in France. By
E. P. [G. G.] London, 1785. 8vo.

PEI 573

Price (Richard). Observations on the nature of Civil Liberty, the
principles of Government, and the justice and policy of the "War
with America. To which is added, an Appendix, and Postscript,
containing, a state of the National Debt, an Estimate of the
Money drawn from the public by the taxes, and an account of
the national income and expenditure since the last war. By
E. P. The seventh edition. [G. G.] London, 1776. 8vo.

. Additional Observations on the nature and value of Civil

Liberty, and the 'War with America : also Observations on
schemes for Raising Money by Public Loans ; and historical
deduction and analysis of the National Debt ; and a brief
account of the Debts and Resources of France. By R. P. The
third edition with additions. [G. G.] London, 1777. 8vo.

. The State of the Public Debts and Finances at signing the

preliminary articles of Peace in January 1783. With a plan for
Raising Money by Public Loans, and for redeeming the Public
Debts. By R. P. [G. G.] London, 1783. 8vo.

. A supplement to the Essay on a Method of calculating the

exact Probability of all Conclusions founded on Induction. Read
at the Royal Society, Dec. 6, 1764. And published in the Philo-
sophical Transactions, Vol. LIV. By the Rev. Mr. R. P.

[D. M.] London, 1765. 4to.

Prices. Thoughts on the present Prices of Provisions, their Causes
and Remedies ; addressed to all ranks of people. By an Inde-
pendent Gentleman. [D. M.] London, 1800. 8vo.

Prichard (James Cowles). The Eastern Origin of the Celtic
Nations proved by a comparison of their Dialects with the
Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Teutonic Languages, forming a
supplement to researches into the physical history of mankind.
By J. C. P., M.D., F.R.S. [&c.]. London, 1831. 8vo.

Prideanx (Humphrey). The Old and New Testament connected in
the history of the Jews and neighbouring nations, from the
declension of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the time of
Christ. By H. P., D.D. 2 Parts. The fth edition.

[G. G.] London, 1718. fol.

. The eleventh edition. 4 vol. [I. O.] London, 1749. 8vo.

Priestley (Joseph). A description of a Chart of Biography ; with a
catalogue of all the names inserted in it, and the dates annexed
to them. By J. P., LL.D. Tutor in the Languages and Belles
Lettres in the Academy at Warrington. The second edition.

[D. M.] Warrington, 1765. 12mo.

. The fifth edition, with improvements.

[D. M.] London, 1775. 12mo.

. A description of a new Chart of History, containing a view
of the principal revolutions of Empire, that have taken place in
the world. By J. P. The second edition corrected.

[D. M.] London, 1770. 12mo.
. The third edition, corrected. [D. M.] London, 1775. 12mo.


Priestley (Joseph). An Examination of Dr. Reid's Inquiry into the
Human Mind . . Dr. Beattie's Essay on . . Truth . . and
Dr. Oswald's Appeal to Common Sense in behalf of Religion.
By J. P. [G-. G-.] London, 1774. 8vo.

. Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind, on the principle of the

Association of Ideas ; [&c.]. By J. P.

[G. G.] London, 1775. 8vo.

Primogeniture, The Right of Primogeniture examined in a letter to
a friend : occasioned by the -debate in the House of Commons,
April 12, 1836. By a Younger Brother.

[G-. G-.] London, 1837. 8vo.

Pringle (Sir John), Bart. Six discourses, delivered by Sir J. P., Bt.,
when President of the Royal Society ; on occasion of six annual
Assignments of Sir Godfrey Copley's Medal. To which is pre-
fixed the life of the author. By Andrew Kippis, D.D., E.R.S.
and S.A. [D. M.] London, 1783. 8vo.

Prinsep (H. T.). Note on the historical results deducible from recent
discoveries in Afghanistan. By H. T. P., Esq.

[G. G.] London, 1844. 8vo.
Prior (Matthew). Poetical Works. See ANDEESON, British Poets.

Vol. VII.
Priscianus. Panegyricus. See DEXIPPUS. (Publius Herennius.)

. Solutiones. See PLOTINTJS.

. Prisciani Grammatici de Laude Imperatoris Anastasii, et de

Ponderibus et Mensuris Carmina. Alterum nunc primum,
alterum plenius edidit [&c.] Stephan. Ladisl. Endlicher.

[G. G.] Yindobonae, 1828. 8vo.
Prisons Panites. See DEXIPPUS. (Publius Herennius.)
Pritchard (Andrew). A General History of Animalcules, including
their appearances and localities, and the methods of capturing,
viewing, and preserving them : illustrated by five hundred
engraved drawings. By A. P. Second edition.

London, 1843. 8vo.

(J. T. Llewelyn). The Adventures and Vagaries of Twm
Shon Catty, alias Thomas Jones, Esq., of Tregaron, a wild wag of
Wales. Second edition. By J. T. L. P.

[G. G.] Coivbridge, [ .] 12mo.
Pritius (Johannes Georgius). See CRETJTZBERG (A.). Gottseelige

Betrachtungen auf alle Tage.

Privy Council, Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of
England. 10 Richard II. 1386 [ 33 Henry VIII. 1542].
Edited by Sir Harris Nicolas. 7 vol. [Record Commission.]

[R. 0.] [London,} 1834-37. 8vo.

Probability. On Probability. [By Sir J. W. Lubbock and J. E. D.
Bethune.] [From the Library of Useful Knowledge.] [D. M.] 8vo.
Probert (John). See FEITNING- (D.) and PROBERT (J.).
Prochaska (George). Functions of the Nervous System. See
UNZER (J. A.).

PEG 575

Prochaska (George). Lehrsatzeausder Physiologic desMenschen. Von
D.G.P. Dritte . . Auflage. 2Bde. [I. O.] Wien, 1810-11. 8vo.

Proclus. Chrestomathia Grammatica. See APOLLONIUS.

. Sphaera. See ASTEONOHICA veterum scripta isagogica.

. In Platonis Alcibiadem commentarii. See CBEUZEB, (F.).


. Sphaera Procli cum textu Grseco e regione in latinam linguam

conuerso. ' See HEKLSCHITJS (G.). Tabvlce Institvtionvm Astrono-
micarvm ; cf*c.

. Chrestomatlaia Grammatica. See HEPHAESTION.

. Procli in Parmenidem Commentarii. See PLATO.

. Institutions. See PLOTINFS.



. Proclus Diadochus Lycius de Sphaera, siue globo coalesti,
scholijs Ziegleri explicatus. See VALDERTJS (I.).

. Procli Philosophi Platonici Opera . . edidit . . et . . illustravit

Victor Cousin. 2 torn. [G. G.] Parisiis, 1820. 8vo.

IITOAEMAIOY reTpafiipKov. Procli Diadochi Paraphrasis in
Ptolemaei libros IV. De Siderum effectionibus, a Leone Allatio
e Graeco inLatinum conversa. Lvgd. Batavorvm, 1635. 8vo.

. Procli comment arius in Platonis Timaeum Graece recensebat

C. E. Chr. Schneider. [G. G.] Vratislavion, 1847. 8vo.

. The philosophical and mathematical Commentaries of Proclus,

on the first book of Euclid's elements. To which are added,
the History of the restoration of Platonic Theology, by the latter
Platonists : and a translation from the Greek of Proclus's
Theological Elements. 2 vol. [G. G.] London, 1792. 4to.

. Procli de Sphaera liber. Cleomedis de Mvndo, siue circularis

inspections meteororum libri duo. Arati Solensis Phaenomena
si Lie Apparentia. Diouysii Afri descriptio orbis habitabilis.
Omnia grsece & latine ita coniuncta, ut conferri ab utriusq ;
linguae studiosis, in quorum gratiam eduntur, possint : adiectis
etiam Annotationibus. [Marcus Hoperus, Ed.~\

[D. M.] Basileae, 1547. 8vo.


ITAANilMENON. Procli Sphaera. Ptolemaei de Hypothesibus
Planetarum liber singularis, nunc primum in lucem editus. Cui
accessit ejusdem Ptolemaei Canon Eegnorvm. Vtrumque librum
ex codicum M.S. collatione summa diligentia restituit, Latine
reddidit, & figuris illustravit loh. Bainbridge Med. Doctor, &
Astronomiae in celeberrima Oxoniensi Academia Professor.
[I. Hypotheses; II. Canon; III. Sphaera.]

[D. M.] Londini, 1620. 4to.
. Another copy, wanting the Canon. [D. M.]

Proeopius. Procopius ex recensione Guilielmi Dindorfii. 3 vol.
Hist. Byzaat. Bonnae, 1833-38. 8vo.

. Procopii Sophistge Panegyricus. See DEXIPPUS. (Publius



Proctor (Henry). The Sportsman's Sure Guide. . . By H. P.

[D. M.] London, 1773. 4to.

Prodicus. Hercules. See Epictetus.

Prodromo (Theodore). Epistolse. See LAZEEI (P.).

Prony (Gaspard Clair Erangois Marie), Baron. Instruction elemen-
taire sur les moyens de calculer les Intervalles musicaux. . .
Par M. le B on de P. [D. M.] [Paris], 1832. 4to.

Propertius (Sextus Aurelius). Opera. See CATULLUS.

. Sexti Avrelii Propertii Carmina recensvit [&c.] Christianvs

Theophilvs Kvinoel. 2 torn. [G. G.] Lipsiae, 1805. 8vo.

Protimalethes. Miracles versus Nature : being an application of cer-
tain propositions in the theory of Chances to the Christian
Miracles. By P. [D. M.] Cambridge, 1847. 8vo.

Proust (Antonin). Archives de 1'Ouest, Poitou, Aunis, Saintonge,
Angoumois, 1769-1800. 2 vol. [G. G.] Paris, [ .] 4to.

Prucknerus (Mcolaus). See EIEMICUS MATEENUS (J.). Ad
Mavortivm Lollianum Astronomiccon lib. VIII.

Prudentius (Aurelius Clemens). Aurelii Prudentii dementis quae
exstant Carmina. . . Eecensuit [&c.] Albertus Dressel. 2 Pt.

[G. G.] Lipsiae, 1860. 8vo.

Prudhomme (Sully). See LUCRETIUS CAEUS (T.).

Prussia. Academia Litterarum Eegia. See BYZANTINE HISTOET.

. Academia Eegia Borussica. See AEISTOTLE.

. Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum. Auctoritate et impensis

Academiae Litterarum Eegiae Borussicae edidit Augustus
Boeckhius, Academiae Socius. [Ex materia collecta ab A.
Boeckhio, edidit loannes Eranzius.]

[G. G.] Berolini, [ .] fol.

. Vol. I. Pars I. Tituli antiquissima .Scripturae forma in-

signiores. Appendix; InscriptionesEourmontispuriae. Il.Inscrip-
tiones Atticae. Cl. i.-xii. III. Megaricae. IV. Peloponnesiacae.
V. Boeoticae. VI. Phocicae, Locricae, Thessalicae. Vol. II.
Pars VII. Acarnaniae, Epiri, Illyrici. VIII. Corcyrae et
vicinarum Insularum. IX. Tituli aliquot locorum in Graecia in-
certorum. X. Macedoniae et Thraciae. XI. Sarmatiae cum Cher-
soneso Taurica et Bosporo Cimmerio. XII. Insularum. Aegaei
Maris cum Ehodo, Creta, Cypro. XIII. Cariae. XIV. Lydiae
XV. Mysiae. XVI. Bithyniae. [And] Addenda et Corrigenda.
Vol. ill. XVII. Phrygiae. XVIII. Galatiae. XIX. Paphla-
goniae. XX. Ponticae. XXI. Cappadociae. XXII. Lyciae.
XXIII. Pamphyliae XXIV. Pisidiae et Isauriae. XXV.
Ciliciae. XXVI. Syriae. XXVII. Mesopotamiae et Assyriae.
XXVIII. Mediae 'et Persidis. XXIX. Aegypti. XXX.
Aethiopiae supra Aegyptum. XXXI. Cyrenaicae. XXXII.
Siciliae cum Melita, Lipara, Sardinia. XXXIII. Italiae.
XXXIV. Galliarum.-XXXV. Hispaniae.XXXVI. Britanniae.
XXXVII. Germaniae. XXXVIII. Pannoniae, Daciae,
Illyrici. Addenda et Corrigenda. XXXIX. Incertorum locorum.
XL. Inscriptiones Christianae.


Prussia. Urkunden liber das Seewesen des Attischen Staates

i xvm.

- . Corpvs Inscriptionvm Latinarvm consilio et avctoritate
Academiae Litterarvm Eegiae Borvssicae editvm. Vol. I. In-
scriptiones Latinae antiqvissimae ad C. Caesaris mortem . .
edidit Theodorvs Mommsen. Accedvnt Elogia clarorvm virorvm
edita ab eodem. Fasti Anni Ivliani editi ab eodem. Fasti Con-
svlares ad A.V.C. DCCLXVI. editi a Gvilelmo Henzeno.

[G. G-.] Berolini, 1863. ol.

- . La Prusse et La France devant 1'Histoire. Essai sur les causes
de la Guerre. Premier volume. Quatrieme edition.

Paris, 1874. 8vo.

- . Universities, Sammlung verschiedener Verordnungen, Eegle-
ments und Statuten liber die Einrichtung der Universitaten des
Preussischen Staats. Zusammengestellt im Jahre 1837. Seitens
der Geheimen Eegistratur des Ministerii der Geistlichen, Unter-
richts- und Medicinal- Angelegenheiten. fol.

- . Crefeld. Die Unterscheidungslehren der Katholiken und Pro-
testanten. Dargestellt von Katholischen Pfarrgeistlichen Cre-
felds. Yeranlasst durch den Katechismus der Kreis-Synode Duis-
burg . . Neue bearbeitet. [G. G.] Crefeld, 1844. 8vo.

- . Astronomische Mittheilungen von der Konigl. Sternwarte zu
Gottingen. Herausgegeben von der Koniglichen Gesellschaft der
"Wissenschaften zu Gottingen. Erster Theil.

[D. M.] Gottingen, 1869. 4to.

- . Kiel University. Schriften der Universitat zu Kiel aus dem
Jahre 1856-64. Band Ill-XL Kiel, 1857-65. 4to.

- . 1867, 1869, 1870, 1873. Band XIV, XVI, XVII, XX.

Kiel, 1868, 1870, 1871. 4to.

Prutz (Eobertus Eduardus). De Fontibus, quos in conscribendis rebus
inde a Tiberio usque ad mortem Neronis gestis auctores veteres
secuti videantur. Dissertatio . . Defendet E. E. P. Adversarii
erunt Guilelmus Hertel, Godofredus Boehme, Fridericus Mueller.

[G. G.] Halae, 1838. 8vo.
Psellus (Michael). De quinque vocibus liber. See AEISTOTLE.

Arithmetices compendivm. [D. M.] Parisiis, 1538. 4to.

, .

{Wanting title-page, &c.] [D. M.] 8vo.

- . Pselli, doctiss. uiri, perspicvvs Liber de quatuor Mathe-
maticis Scientijs. Arithmetica, Musica, Geometria, & Astro-
nomia: Graece & Latine nunc primum editus. Gvilielmo
Xylandro Augustano interprete : cum nonnullis eiusdem annota-
tionibus. Accessit eiusdem G. Xylandri de Philosophia, & eius
partibus, carmen longe doctissimum. Item aliud, de loannis
Zpnarae Annalibus, eorumq ; editione : & in opt. atq ; doctiss.
uiri Xysti Betuleij praeceptoris sui obitum nsenia.

[D. M.] Basileae, [1556.] 8vo.

578 PTO

Ptolemaeus (Claudius). (1) Tramlatw noua primi libri Geographic
Cl. Ptolemcei; &c. (2) Locus exfineseptimi libri de plana terra-rum
orbis descriptions. See APIANUS (P.). Introdvctio Geographica ; &c.

- . Quadripartitum, Lib. II1I. De inerrantium Stellarum
significationibus Lib. I. Centiloquium. See FIRMICUS MATERNUS
(J.). Ad Mavortivm Lollianum Astronomicwn Lib. VIII.

- . De Apparentiis. See PETAYITJS (D.). Vranologion.

- . See PETJRBACHTCTS (G.). Tractates super Propositiones Ptolemcei
de Sinubus fy Chordis.

(J.). Astronomicon epitoma.

Cui accessit ejusdem Ptolemaei Canon Eegnorvm. See PEOCLTJS,

- . De Hypothesibus Planetaruni liber singularis. Cui accessit
ejusdem Ptolemaei Canon Eegnorvm. See PROCLTJS.

- . See PROCLTJS. Paraphrasis in Ptolemcei libros IV.

- Clavdii Ptolemaei Sphaerae Aplanetis proiectio in planum.

- . Harmonica. See WALLIS (J.).

- . Clavdii Ptolemaei, Pelvsiensis, Alexandrini, omnia, qvae extant,
Opera, Geographia excepta, quam seorsim quoo^ hac forma im-
pressimus. [D. M.] Basileae, 1541. fol.

- . Clavdii Ptolemaei, Pelusiensis, Alexandrini, omnia quae extant
opera, praeter Geographiam, quam non dissimili forma nuper-
rime aedidimus : summa cura & diligentia castigata ab Erasmo
Osualdo Schrekhenfuchsio, & ab eodem Isagoica in Almages f um
praefatione, & fidelissimis in priores libros annotationibus
illustrata. [D. M.] Basilece, 1551. foi.

- . Clavdii Ptolemaei, Phelvdiensis, Alexandrini, Almagestvm sev
Magnae Constrvctionis Mathematicae opvs plane divinvm
Latina donatvm lingva ab Georgio Trapezvntio vsqve qvaq.
doctissimo. Per Lvcam Gavricvm Xeapolit. Divinae Matheseos
Professorem egregivm in Alma Vrbe Yeneta Orbis Eegina re-
cognitvm anno salvtis 1528 labente. [D. M.] Venetiis, 1528. fol.

Ptolemaei Harmonicorum libri tres. Ex codd. mss. undecim,
nunc primum Graece editus. Johannes Wallis, SS. Th. D.,
Geometriae Professor Savilianus Oxoniae [&c.] recensuit, edidit,
versione & notis illustravit, & auctarium adjecit.

[D. M.] Ox&nii, 1682. 4to.

- . Clavdii Ptolemaei Liber de Analemmate, a Federico Com-
mandino, Yrbinate, instauratus, & commentariis illustratus, qui
nunc primum eius opera e tenebris in lucem prodit. Eiusdem
Federici Commandini liber de Horologiorum descriptione.

[D. M.] Romae, 1562. 4to.

- . Another copy. [D. M.]

PTO 579

SYNTA^IS. Composition Mathematique de Claude Ptolemee
[ou Astronomie Ancieune], traduite pour la premiere foie du
Grec en Frangais, sur les manuscrits originaux de la Bibliotheque
Imperiale de Paris, Par M. Halma ; et suivie des notes de M.
Delambre . . Professeur d' Astronomie au College de France
[Ac.]. 2 torn. [D. M.] Paris, 1813-16. 4to.

BIBA. IA. Clavdii Ptolemaei Magnae Construe tionis, id est
perfect co3lestium motuum pertractationis, lib. XIII. Theonis
Alexandrini in eosdem Commentariorum lib. XI.

[D. M.] Basileae, 1538. fol.

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