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the requirements for the master's degree in one year.

2. Graduates of this University and of other institutions of rec-
ognized standing, who have successfully pursued courses in general
science approximately equivalent to those prescribed for the first four
years, arc required to spend two years in residence in order to obtain
the master's degree.

3. Graduates of this University and of other colleges and uni-
versities of approved standing, whose preparation is deficient in some
of the important required courses, notably in botany and in other
natural history subjects, are required to spend a longer period in
order to satisfy the requirements for the degree of Master of Science
in Forestry. This period will depend upon the preparation and ability
of the student

Candidates for the degree of Master of Science in Forestry are
subject to the same regulations as candidates for the degree of Master
of Arts or of Master of Science. (See page 554.)


Graduates of this University with the degree of Bachelor of
Landscape Design will receive the degree of Master of Landscape
Design upon the successful completion of the requirements for the
same. The graduate work in Landscape Design consists largely of
prescribed courses and may, in general, be completed in one year. A


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556 Graduate School

special bulletin giving fall description of courses in Landscape De-
sign may be had upon application to the Secretary of the University.


All students wishing to study for an advanced degree in Engi-
neering must have received the bachelor's degree from this Univer-
sity, or from some other university or technical school of recognized
standing. According to the previous training in engineering studies,
two classes of students may be distinguished. .

A graduate from the Colleges of Kngineering and Architecture
of this University or from a technical school of recognized standing
who wishes to continue his work in the same branch of engineering
or architectural study in which he has received the corresponding
bachelor's degree, will find it possible to complete the work required
for the master's degree in one year, provided his work proves to be
of superior grade.


A graduate whose training in Engineering has not been e<iuiva-
lent to the courses offered by the Colleges of Engineering and Archi-
tecture of this University must expect to spend more than one year
in the Graduate School before he will be allowed to receive his de-
gree. The length of time varies with the previous attainments of the
student and the character of his work. Unless previously completed,
the equivalent of the following undergraduate curricula must be taken
by the student before being admitted as a candidate for the degree
of Nf aster of Science in Engineering; the English, Foreign Language,
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Descriptive Geometry, and Engi-
neering Mechanics required of all students except architects in the
College of Engineering, and in addition at least fifteen hours of the
fundamental technical recpiirements of the group in which he desires
to specialize.

A student presenting the minimum requirement must spend at
least two years on an approved course of study and complete it with
more than average standing.

Should a student be required to take more than a year's work
from the undergraduate courses above mentioned, he will not be
allowed to enter the Graduate School, but must enroll in the College
of Engineering.

Candidates for the degree of Master of Science in Engineering
are subject to all the general regulations for the master's degree, (see
|)age 554.) In a<ldition, they are required to write a satisfactory


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Master's Degrees 557


All students wishing to study for the degree of Master of Sci-
ence in Architecture must hold the corresponding bachelor's degree
from this University or some other institution of recognized stand-
ing. The graduate work must be of advanced character, a thesis in
the design and construction of some building being required in the
second semester of the graduate year.

All students in this course are subject to the general regulations
of the Graduate School. (See pages 550 and 553.)


Candidates for the degree of Master of Science in Public Health
must possess the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
or Doctor of Medicine. The course of instruction covers one academic
year, beginning M'ith the opening of the University in the fall, and
continuing until the following June. At the close of the course a
diploma of Master of Science in Public Health will be given to all
who successfully complete their courses and show fitness for work
in public health. The moral character of applicants for the degree
must be shown to be above question.

All candidates for the above degree are subject to the rules and
regulations of the Graduate School. (See pages 550 and 553.)


Civil Engineer — C.E.; Mechanical Engineer — ^M.E.; Electrical

Engineer— E.E.; Chemical Engineer — Ch.E.; Naval

Architect — Nav. Arch.; Marine Engineer —

Mar.E.; or Architect — ^Arch.

These advanced degrees will be conferred only upon persons who
have proved their ability to plan and direct professional work or
original investigation in applied science.

A candidate for any of these degrees must have received a bach-
elor's degree from an approved college at least five years before
registration for the advanced degree. He must have been engaged
in professional work, in responsible charge of the same for at least
one year, and must present at the time of registration a detailed
account of his professional experience at that time, which must be
approved by the Executive Board after consultation with the com-
mittee appointed by the Dean.

He must have pursued before receiving the degree an amount
of advanced study equivalent to at least one year's work at the Uni-
versity. This work must have been performed under the direction
of a special committee, or be approved by such a committee. Those
who have received the degree of. Master of Science in Engineering
from this School may be excused from part of the advanced study


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558 Graduate School

required, in case the work done for the master's degree is, in the
opinion of the committee, acceptable towards the higher degree.

He must also present a satisfactory thesis giving evidence of his
professional attainments and his fitness to receive the degree sought.

A copy of the thesis must be in the hands of the Dean not later
than May I, if the candidate wishes to receive his degree at Com-
mencement. Candidates for these degrees usually register in absentia
(for fees, see page 562).


The doctor's degree is conferred solely in recognition of marked
ability and scholarship in some relatively broad field of knowledge
such as the Ancient Languages, Philosophy, History, Political Sci-
ence, Physics, Chemistry, etc. For this purpose the student will be
required to work under the direction of a special committee. A por-
tion of the work consists in pursuing regularly announced graduate
courses of instruction in the chosen subject, and in such cognate sub-
jects as may be selected by the student and approved by the commit-
tee. However, the principal method of developing a mastery of the
subject consists in pursuing independent research work in some sub-
division of the selected subject, and the scholarly presentation of the
result of such investigation in the form of a dissertation.

No definite term of required residence can be specified. As a
rule, three years of graduate study are necessary, the last two se-
mesters of which must be spent at this University. This last require-
ment may be waived, however, in the case of Bachelors of this Uni-
versity who have spent one year in redicence pursuing courses lead-
ing to an advanced degree. Credit may be allowed for graduate
courses taken in other universities of recognized standing. Exceptions
to the rule requiring three years of graduate study may be made only
on the permission of the Executive Board upon special application.

A student wishing to become an applicant for the doctor's de-
gree should first confer with the professor representing the subject of
specialization, and then with the Dean. Admitted to study, he will
work under supervision of a specially appointed committee. Admis-
sion to study, however, does not imply formal admission to candidacy.

A student wishing to become a candidate for the doctor's degree
must make formal application to be so enrolled at least two semesters
prior to the time for presenting himself for examination. At this
time the subject of the dis«5ertation must be chosen and approved by
the committee concerned.

No student shall be registered as a candidate for the doctor's
degree until he has done one year of satisfactory graduate work in
the Graduate School of (his or some other university of recognized

No student will be accepted as a candidate for the doctor's de-

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Doctor's Degrees 559

gree who has net a knowledge of French and German sufTicient for
purposes of research.

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is the one usually con-
ferred, though candidates who pursue studies along scientific lines
may at their option receive the degree of Doctor of Science.


Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Public Health must
possess the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science or
Doctor of Medicine. Their first year's course is identical with that
prescribed for the degree of Master of Science in Public Health. The
second year's work must .be spent in research work in one or more
of these subjects, with the presentation of a dissertation containing
original work of sufficient merit, which must be passed upon by and
defended before all the members of the Faculty concerned in the
giving of the courses. A portion of the prescribed work may be
taken elsewhere, but the right to do this must be left with the special
committee in charge of the candidate's work.


The dissertation must exhibit creditable literary workmanship,
but its acceptance depends more upon its subject-matter than upon its
rhetorical qualities. It must be an actual contribution to knowledge
and must be founded upon the author's own investigations carried on
under the direction of his committee. The treatment should be as
concise as the nature of the subject permits. Every dissertation should
contain a clear introductory statement of the problem investigated,
and likewise a final resume of results. It should be preceded by an
analytical table of contents, with page references, and a full list of
the authorities consulted. The larger divisions and the more im-
portant minor divisions should be indicated by suitable headings.
It is expected that the preparation of an acceptable dissertation will
require the greater part of an academic year.

The dissertation must be completed and at least one type^vritten,
bound copy placed in the hands of the Dean of the Graduate Sehool
as early as the first of May of the year in which the candidate expects
to take the degree. This copy will remain on file in the office of the
Graduate School. A duplicate copy is often desirable, greatly facili-
tating the work of the examiners. If the examination of the candi-
date is to take place on some other date than in the month of June the
dissertation must be in the hands of the Dean at least one month
before the candidate can present himself for examination.

Every candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor
of Science, or Doctor of Public Health, in case of the acceptance of


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560 Graduate School

his dissertation, is required to have the dissertation printed in full or
in part, as may be approved by the responsible committee. To guar-
antee the printing of the dissertation, he is required to deposit with
the Treasurer of the University, between the date of the acceptance
of the dissertation and the time fixed for his examination, the sum of
fifty dollars. This deposit will be returned to him in case of failure
to pass his examination, or whenever he shall cause his dissertation to
be printed at his own expense, or shall have it published in a form
and under auspices approved by the responsible committee. The can-
didate is required to deposit one hundred fifty copies of the printed
dissertation in the University library, these copies to be used for
exchange with other universities. Provision has been made, however,
that in cases where this requirement would work hardship, it may be
waived on recommendation of the candidate's committee.

In the printing of this dissertation at his own expense the can-
didate will be expected to use good, substantial paper, and sightly
typography. A page four inches by six, with outside margins of at
least one inch, is recommended. The dissertation must be found with
cover and title-page, and the latter, in addition to the title and name
, of the author, must bear the following inscription : A dissertation
submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy (or of Science, or of Public Health), in the
University of Michigan.


All graduate students in attendance upon regular courses in which
stated examinations are held, whether during the semester or at its
end, are required to take these examinations with the classes con-

No final examinations for the master's degree will be required
unless demanded by the department in which the student specializes.

The final examinations of candidates for the doctor's degrees are
commonly held during the first part of June; but the examinations
can usually be arranged at any time when a candidate has fulfilled
all the technical requirements and has satisfied his committee and the
Dean that his work has been such as to warrant an examination.

After the candidate has completed all work except the disserta-
tion he may be given a preliminary examination, covering this work.
In this case the final examination will be on the subject of the dis-
sertation only.

Ordinarily the examinations are oral, and in each case they are
held before those comprising the special committee in charge of the
candidate's work and before such others as may be appointed by the
Dean. The examination may be preceded by such written or oral
tests as individual instructors consider necessary.


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Summer Session 561


As a rule work in absentia Is not permitted, but a student who
has practically completed the work required for a degree, may be
allowed to continue his studies for the degree without further resi-
dence at the University, on such conditions as the Executive Board
may determine in each case. In the case of ike master's degree this
privilege is restricted to graduates of this University. Candidates who
find it necessary to complete a portion of their work in absentia are
required to petition the Executive Board through the Dean for such
privilege, and if the petition is granted, they must register in absentia
and kfeep the Dean informed of their continued connection with the
School and of the progress of their work.

Candidates for the engineer's degree who have completed the
graduate work required for the degree usually complete the thesis as
students in absentia.


For the rules governing participation in public activities see
page no.


Graduate students who are regularly matriculated in the Uni-
versity, may carry on work during the Summer Session which will
count toward an advanced degree. Graduates of other universities
or colleges of similar standing, who are competent to enroll for a
higher degree, may, upon the payment of a fee of thirty- five dotlars,
matriculate in the University and begin graduate study during the
Summer Session. This fee of thirty-five dollars, includes the regular
matriculation fee and the fee for the current Summer Session.

Candidates for the master's degree, if graduates of the Univer-
sity of Michigan, may receive the degree after attendance upon three
Summer Sessions of this University, supplemented by satisfactory
work done in absentia under proper direction.

Graduates of other institutions who have been admitted to can-
didacy for the master's degree, may be recommended for the degree
after attendance upon two Summer Sessions and one semester's resi-
dence in the University, or after attendance upon four Summer Ses-

Full information concerning graduate courses in the Summer
Session may be found in the Announcements of the Graduate School
and of the Summer Session. These Announcements may be obtained
from the Dean of the Graduate School.


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562 Graduate School


The Matriculation Fee and the Annual Fee must be paid in ad-
vance. For the rules governing the Second Semester fees and the re-
funding of fees, see page 117.

MatricuijMION Fee. — For Michigan students, ten dollars; for
all others* twenty-five dollars.

Annual Fee. — For Michigan students, eighty dollars for men
seventy-six dollars for women ; for all others, one hundred five dollars
for men, one hundred one dollars for women. The annual fee required
for all graduates who are granted the privilege of pui^uing studies
for a master's degree in absentia is ten dollars.

Penalty for Late Registration. — After the first Saturday of
the semester students may register only with permission of the Dean,
and upon payment of an additional fee of five dollars.

Summer Session Fee. — For matriculates, thirty dollars; for non-
matriculates, thirty-five dollars. See Summer Session above.

Part Time Fee. — Persons engaged in teaching in public, paro-
chial or private schools, as well as practicing engineers and physicians,
who are regularly admitted as students in the Graduate School, may
elect not more than, five hours a week, upon the payment of a fee of
ten dollars in lieu of the regular annual fees. Such students must
pay the matriculation fee the same time as other students.

This privilege of enrolling at an annual fee of ten dollars is
extended to students in the Graduate School who have completed
their course work for the doctor's degree, but have not completed
the dissertation requirement.

Graduation Fee. — For all alike, ten dollars, A fee of two dol-
lars is charged for the Teacher's Diploma.

For Laboratory fees and other expenses see page 115.


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Summer Session

A special Announcement of the Summer Session, containing fur-
ther particulars than are given here in regard to the courses of in-
struction, etc, is published annually. Copies of this Announcement
can be Jmd by addressing Mr, Shirley IV, Smith, Secretary of the

In the Summer Session of the University, courses of instruclibn
arc offered in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, the
Colleges of Engineering and Architecture, the Medical School, the
Law School, the College of Pharmacy, and the Graduate School. The
College of Dental Surgery offers those parts of the regular curriculum
in Dentistry which are taught in the College of Literature, Science,
and the Arts and ^e Medical School, consisting of courses in Chem-
istry, Physics, and Anatomy. The University also conducts courses
in Library Methods, in Embalming and Sanitary Science, and in
Public Health Nursing, and maintains an Engineering Camp and
Biological Station at Douglas Lake in Cheboygan County, Michigan.

While these courses are, for the most part, equivalent in every
respect to the courses given during the Academic Session, special ad-
vantages are offered to advanced and graduate students. •

The Administration of the Summer Session of 192 1 is in charge
of Edward H. Kraus, Dean, and Thomas E. Rankin, Secretary,
and the following: Arthur G. Hall, Registrar, College of Litera-
ture, Science, and the Arts; Louis A. Hopkins, College of Engi-
neering and Architecture; Charles W. Edmunds, Medical School;
Evans Holbrook, Law School; Clifford C. Glover, Pharmacy;
Alfred H. Lloyd, Dean of the Graduate School; Clarence T. John-
ston, Director of Camp Davis; and George R. LaRue, Director of
the Biological Station.

In the summer of 192 1 the session will open on Tuesday, July 5,
and continue for eight weeks, except in the Medical and Law Schools.
The session in the Medical School is six weeks in length. In the Law
School the session will open on Monday, June 27, and will continue
for ten weeks.


There are no formal requirements for admission to the Summer
Session ; its courses are open to all persons qualified to pursue them
to advantage. Students who have been dismissed from the University
will not be allowed to enter the Summer Session without the consent
of the Dean of the School or College of which they were members.


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564 Summer Session


In order to facilitate arrangements for the accommodation of
prospective students, it is urged that all persons contemplating work
in the Summer Session should notify the Secretary on or before June
27. The offices of the University Treasurer and of the several Sec-
retaries will be oixrn for the registration of students on Friday and
Saturday, July i and 2. So far as possible, it is expected that all
students will arrange to reach Ann Arbor by July 2, in. order to
secure rooms and to register.

Students desiring to pursue courses in law are requested to reg-
ister on June 24 and 25, as the work in that School begins on June 27.

To register the student must enroll with the Secretary of the
School or College in which he wishes to pursue studies, and pmy his
fees to the Treasurer. No student will be admitted to classes in any
School or College except upon presentation of the Treasurer's receipt.


Regular students of the University will receive credit toward
graduation for work done in courses of University grade, upon pass-
ing satisfactory examinations at the close of the season. A record
is kept of all University credits earned by students and ^hese credits
may be applied toward a degree in case the student becomes, sub-
sequently, a candidate for a degree. The number of hours credit
allowed for courses offered in the various Schools and Colleges is
indicated in connection with the description of the courses, and where
no such mention is made no credit is given. Since the work of the
Summer Session is equivalent to similar work of the academic year,
it is now possible for a student to secure the degree of Bachelor of
.Arts or Bachelor of Science by attendance upon three academic and
three Summer Sessions. Similar reductions in time are also possible
in all other colleges or schools save the Medical School.

In the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and the
Colleges of Engineering and Architecture, the maximum amount of
credit given for work done in any one Summer Session is eight
semester hours.

Requests for further information concerning credits should be
addressed to the Secretary of the School or College in which credit
is desired.


Students of the Summer Session who are not matriculated in the
University will, upon request, receive certificates of attendance and of
work satisfactorily performed. Application for these certificates must
be made at least two weeks before the close of the Session.


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Matriculation 565


Ail graduate coarses are open to students who are properly
t|ualified to pursue them. Graduate students who are regularly ma-
triculated in the University and properly registered with the Dean
of the Graduate School, may carry on work during the Summer
Session which will count toward an advanced degree. (See Matricu-
lation below.)

Candidates for the master's degree, if graduates of the Univer-
sity of Michigan, may present themselves for examination after at-
tendance upon three Summer Sessions of the University, supplemented
by satisfactory work done in absentia under the direction of the

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