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proper committee. Graduates of other institutions may present them-
selves for examination for such degree either after attendance upon
four Summer Sesdons or after two Summer Sessions and one se-
mester's residence in the University.

Candidates for the doctor's degree will find that the Summer
Session sometimes oflfers special opportunities for research work. De-
tailed information concerning the requirements for the doctor's degree
may be obtained from the Dean of the Graduate School.


Formal admission to the University and payment of a matricu-
lation fee are not required for students of the Summer Session. Those
who so desire, however, may be admitted and matriculated upon
presentation to the Dean of the School or College they desire to
enter, of proper credentials fully covering the requirements for

Persons desiring to matriculate at this time should mail their
credentials to the Dean of the School or College concerned, at least
one month before (he opening of the Summer Session.

The matriculation fee, which is ten dollars for a citizen of Mich-
igan, and twenty-five dollars for a person who comes from any other
State or country, is paid but once, and entitles the student to ttie
privileges of permanent membership in the University.

Graduates of any reputable college or university, who in the
judgment of the Dean of the Graduate School are competent to enroll
for ft higher degree, may. upon the payment of a fee of thirty-five
dollars, matriculate in the University and enter upon graduate study
during the Summer Session. This fee of thirty- five dollars includes
the regular matriculation fee and the fee for the current Summer


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566 Summer Session


The fee for the Summer Session in the College of Literature,
Science, and the Arts, the Colleges of Engineering and Architecture,
the College of Pharmacy, and in the Graduate School, is $30.00, re-
gardless of the number of courses taken. This fee will be required
of those who wish to attend as visitors, as well as those who wish
to do regular work and attend the examinations.

In the Medical School the fee is $30.00.

In the Law School the fee is $3(7.50.

In Embalming and Sanitary Science the fee is $7.';.oo.

Each student will be required to register in the School or Col-
lege in which the major part of his work is done, and if he desires
to elect work in another School or College in which the fee is higher,
he will be required to pay an additional fee of $5.00 for each course
so elected. It is to be understood that in all cases where laboratory
or demonstration fees are required, such fees are to be paid in addi-
tion to the regular Summer Session fee.

For additional information concerning fees and expenses, see
page 115, and also under Matriculation, page 565.


The courses offered for the Summer Session of 192 1 are specified
in this Catalogue at the end of the description of the courses given
by the departments involved, excepting the special work listed below.


The College of Dental Surgery offers during the Summer Session
those parts of the regular course in dentistry which are taught in the
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and the Medical School.


1. Introduction to Library Work. Tufo hours. Professor Bishop.

2. Elements of Cataloguing. T/iree hours. Professor Walter.

3. Elements of Classification and Ordering. One hour. Professor



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Courses of Instruction 567

4. Elementary Kefcrcnce Work. One hour. Miss Gillette.

5. Book-binding. One hour. Mr. Hollands.

6. The High School Library. Two hours. Professor Root.

7. Book Selection and Book Buying, particularly for High Schools

and Smaller Public Libraries. One hour. Professor Root.

8. The High School Library, with special reference to the Univer-

sity Extension Service. One hour. Miss Thomas.


lOi.The Natural History of Vertebrate Animals. Two hours. Pro-
fessor Smith.

103. The Natural History of Invertebrate Animals, with special ref-

erence to the Principles of Ecology. Four hours. Assistant
Professor Welch.

105. The Natural History of Insects. Two hours. Professor .

107. Ornithology. Two hours. Professor ■ — .

109. Special and Research Work in Zoology. Two, four, six, or
eight hours. Professors LaRue and Smith, and Assistant
Professor Welch.


102. Cryptogamic Botany. Two hours. Assistant Professor Nichols.

102^. Taxonomy of the Bryophytes. Two hours. Assistant Professor

104. Systematic Botany. Two hours. Assistant Professor Ehlers.

106. Ecology. Four hours. Assistant Professor Gates.

108. Plant Anatomy. Two hours. Assistant Professor Nichols.

no. Advanced Systematic Botany. Two hours. Assistant Professor

112. Special Work and Research Work in Botany. Two, four, six, or
eight hours. Assistant Professors Gates and Ehlers.


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568 Summer Session


1. Bacteriology and Sanitary Science. Mr. .

2. Chemistry. Mr. Scott.

3. Anatomy. Professor McCotter.

4. Autopsy Technique. Assistant Professor Weller.

5. Mortuary and Probate Law. Professor .

6. Practical Embalming. Mr. Farley.


Field Work. Professor Barbara H. Bartlett, Miss Emily
Daniel, Mrs. Lystra Gretter, and Miss Grace Ross.

Theoretical Work. Professor Barbara H. Bartlett, and others.

Courses for Women

1. General Gymnastics.

2. Corrective Gymnastics for Individual Improvement.

3. Aesthetic Dancing.

4. Tennis, Archery.

5. Swimming.

6. Normal Class in Folk Dancing and Games for School-room and


Courses for Men

1. General Gymnastics and Physical Training.

2. Corrective Gymnastics.

3. Treatment of Emergencies.

4. Anthropometry.

5. Special Contest Exercises.

6. Tennis Tournament.


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List of Graduates of 1920*


(in Medicine)

Newton Warren Bourne Paul Mills Ireland

Donald Roberts Brasie Ezra Lipkin

Nils OUf Byland Wilfrid Edward Muldoon

Uri Alonzo Carpenter ••Solomon George Myers

Harold Bartholomew Fenech Henry Leon Smith

Louis Joseph Gariepv •William Axel Smith

•Bruce Alexander Harris •♦Joseph Hume Taylor

Joseph David Heiman •Edward Adolph Wishropp i6

(in Forestry)

Tames Cass Andrews William Gale Lush

Harold Wood Branson Waldo Jay Murphy

Harry Ebert Dobbins Carl Emanuel Pardon

Richard Charles Ely William Henry Perine

Thomas Stanhope Flournoy •Frank Lindley Tobey

••Albert Clarence Foley John Vernon Wagar

Donald Richmond Hook James Merrill Walley

••Renus Edward Johnson Cyril Bertram Webster i6

(in Chemistry)

Adam Glenn Aitchison Stuart Johnson CoWin

•Selma Laura Bandemcr Hazel Katherine Piatt

••Francis Huntington Case Walter Hamilton Rising 6


Lula Mertace Canan William Randolph Medville,

T. Verne Crandall As of the Class of 1901

Irving Sanderson Ellison Dueber Hampden Phillips

Clarence Epstean Floyd Otto Reynolds

Florence Lillian Field Lee Michael Kosenbluth

Delcia Marguerite Gilbert Joseph Rubins

•Marshall Adelbert Goff Ewald George Willie Schuiz

Frederick Truman Hawley Harley Bakwel Sherman

James Franklin Hunter ••Harry Stocker

Carl Philip Martzloff Verne LaRue Stout

Claude Strolher

* The list of Graduates contains the names of all persons on whom
degrees were conferred during the year 1920.

t Those graduates of the College of Literature. Science, and the Arts
whose names ar<5 preceded by an asterisk (*) receive their degrees "With
Distinction"; those whose names are preceded by a double asterisk (**)
receive their degrees "With High Distinction,*'


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Graduates of 1920


Elsie Amanda Abbott

Ruth Alden Abbott

Agnes Louise Abele

Maurice Abelman

** Adelaide Alice Adams

Ivy Victoria Adams

••John R. Adams

Annabel Ardeth Adriance

George Bvron Alan

Rutgers Alexander

Amelia Carolyn Miller Altvatcr

••Henry Hugh Altvater

•Marion Amelia Ames

George Dewey Anderson

Henry Hart Anderson

Philo Peebles Andrews

Edna Lucking Apel

Nina Faith Armstrong

Lincoln Avery, Jr.

Paul Oliver Avenr

Reed Ernest Bacnman

Donald Hook Bacon

LilU Belle Bacon

Myrtle Alice Bahm

•Clara Ellen Bailey

James MUlard BaOey

Catherine Baillio

Frederick Clever Bald

William John Balgooyen

Edith Mary Barley

••Margaret Barlow

Esther Laurel Barnes

Russell Curtis Barnes

Nicholas Bartholomew Bartz, Jr.

Edith Elizabeth Battersbee

Joseph Lloyd Battista

Frederick Bauer

Thelma Louise Baughman

Muriel Elsby Bauman

Mary Sarah Bavly

Raymond Reynolds Beardsley

Jacob William Beckmann

Dorcas Sarah Beebe

•Abram Cornelius Benjamin

•Claude Leon Benner

Harry Percival Bennett

Gertrude Cclcst Benson

Myrtle Elizabeth Bice

Margaret Lucy Bird

Clark Wallace Bishop

Edgar Spencer Blackman

Edna Lois Bhke

Frances May Blakeslee

Hannah Blumenthal

Blanche Beulah BIynn

Otto William Bodamer

Mary Cecelia Bogan

Kenneth Davis Bond

Wilfred Robert Borinstein

William John Bossenbrock

Gets Kolk Bouwsma

Emily Bowmar

Gladys Abigail Boyington
Robert John Bradfield

As of the Class of 191 8
Naomi Sarah Bradley
Helen Merrill Bramble
Forrest Silas Briggs

As of the Class of 19* 9
Elmer Otis Brinkman
Harold Hudson Britton
•Joseph Walter Britton
Arthur Wykes Brown
••Bcrnice lone Brown
Lena Velma Brownell
Harold White Buck
Edward Buckner
Clifford Chappius Buehrer
Lawrence Hadley Burchard
Warren Selby Burchell
Elizabeth Melva Burgess
Edmund Burke
Vera Grace Burke
Roby McKinley Burley
•Margaret Elizabeth Burnham
Marion Elizabeth Bush
•Jean Francis Butcher
Helen Grace Cady
•Paul Devoe Cahow
Lois Ethleen Calkins
Leonard James Call
Donald McKenzie Campbell

As of the Class of 1918
Edna Anna Campbell
••Helen Elizabeth Campbell
Wilbur Forest Campbell
Harry McElhinney Carey
Ada Elizabeth Cargo
••Lowell Juilliard Carr
John Cornelius Cary
Ada Beatrice Catlin
Henry Lewis Caulkins
Ruth Loretta Cavanaugh
Roy Albert Chandler
Trving Steele Chapin
••Marguerite Chapin
•William Keith Chidester
Chester Charles Chopp
Helen Flora Amanda Christen
Margaret Christie
Haldon Hixon Cites
Irving Granderson Clapham
Albert Anderson Clark

As of the Class of 19 '9
Ben Rollin Clark
Charles Spencer Clark
Flla Maybelle Clark
Fred R. Clark
Charles Upson Clarke
Sarah Clarkson
Cora Lillian Coleman
Kins Sidney Collins

As of the Class of 1918
•Dorothea Calhoun Comfort


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Graduates of ip^o


Hugh Augustus Cook
Margaret Carroll Cook
Lena Francis Corbin
George William Corwin
Harry Rene Cossitt
Irene Jessie Crabb
William Donald Craig

As of the Class of 1919
^Charles William Creaser
Earl Henry Cress
Elmer Weirich Cress
Arthur Gordon Cross
Dorothy Mamerite Cross
*Anna Mai Crow
Florence Sunshine Crozier
••Denman Hirth Cruttenden

As of the Class of 1919
Glenn Howard Cummings
Lillian Currah
Claude Dale Curtist
*Carl Enoch William Leonard Dahl*

Clarence Herbert Daley
*Edna Adelia Daskam
William Major Damall

As of the Class of 1918
Gladyes Cecile Daum
Clarence Paul Daver
Frank Howell Davioson
Willard James Davies
Edward Carlos Pitt Davis
Georgia Mabel Davis
**Roberta Elizabeth Deam
Frances Katherine Defnet
Carl Earl DeMeritt
*Jane Loveland Dickinson
Ruth Morhart Diebel
Dirk Rottschafcr Dieters
Maud Bartlett Disbrow

Jean Louise Dixon
fary Eunice Dodge
Leo Thomas Donahue
Bryant Wesley Donaldson
Charles Howard Donnelly
Robert Grant Dooley
Myona Lillian Dopp
Esther Louise Dorrance
Zella Amelia Downey
Harold Dieckmann Draper
Emma Lyall Drummond
Charles Carroll Dubuar
Gains Herbert Dunlap
*Earl Waring Dunn
Rodney Arthur Dunnette
George Krotzer Durling
Helen Sayre Dykeman
Peter George E^khuizen
fJeorge Nelson Earle
••Nelson Winfred Eddy
Edward Tevis Edwards
•Markus Kaufman Ehlbert
Hazel LaVerr Eichar
Wilbur Alexander Eldridge

Flora Bel Ellis

Samuel DeLucena Ingham Emerson

George William Emery

William Homer Englehart

Arnold Ensel

Grace Isabel Erb

Elsie Louise Erley

•Emma Louise Evans

•Dewey Frank Fagerburg

•Lucius Wade Fast

Evelyn Marie Favreau

Milton Holden Fehling

Lilliam Margaret Ferguson

Edith Mildred Lane Fite

Charles Ross Fitzpatrick

Ruth Esaline Flanagan

William Mark Fleischman

•Helen Louise Flinn

•Dorothea Flintermann

Raymond Edgar Flynn

•Adelbcrt Ford

Marcella Constance Forster

•Richard Alexander Forsyth

Louis Hill Freidenberg

Laura Frances French

Lucie Ellen French

Armin Friedman

•Stanley Morris Friedman

Maurice David Friedman

Margaret FuUerton

Cyrus Ritter Funk

iames Raymond Gabell
f erle Perry Gamber
James William Gamble
Earl Francis Ganschow

As of the Class of 1919
Fred Aloysius Gariepy
••Burton Adam Garhnghouse
Hale Garner

Consuelo Garza Garwood
Douglas Jardine Gilchrist
Roscoe Mott Giles, Jr.
Frances Treat Gill
•Kathryn Cowley Glass
Clarence Edwin Godshalk
Sylvester Emanuel Goldberg
Norton Lambert Goldsmith
As of the Class of 1919
Rdmond Tuttle Goodrich
Myrna Esther Goodrich
Alfred Samuel Goorin
Frances Patricia Evelyn Gospill
William Henry Granse
Ida Eunice Gratton
•Raymond Leaver Green
Gertrude Josephine Greening
Grace Griffin

Constance Dengler Griffith
(•ertrude Mae Gripman
Mary Frances Groff
Frank William Grover

As of the Class of 19 18
Mary Gertrude Grow


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Graduates of ip>0

Karl Willard Guenther
Roy Jefferson Gulick

4s of the Class of 191 8
Herminta Guzman
Julius Walter Haab
Edward Hurley Haan
Beatrice Marie Hagens
**Andrew Comstock Haigh
••Kcet William Halbert
Alice Mae Hall
Arthur Frank Hall
Grace Edwards Hall
Margaret Lewis Hall
Ruth Dorothy Hall
Russell Harley Hammel

iames Vinton Hammels
Rosemary Mauritia Handibo
Vera Adele Hangsterfer
Bernard Edward Harkins
Don Mahone Harlan
**Margaret Howard Harrison
Joseph Pembroke Hart

As of the Class of 1919
Thomas Arthur Hart
Ola Matilda Hartshorn
Dorothy Durfee Harvey
Lewis Hurd Haskins

As of the Class of 1919
Arthur Jesse Hass
Ashley Hatch
Harry Dore Hause
Helen Beatrice Havinghurst
Harry Wefler Heffner
George Hendrick Heideman
Ruth Isabel Helm
Ludwig Oswald Henze

iohn Herlihy
Henry Hardr Heth
Frances Carolyn Hibberd
Egmont Goetx Hildner

As of the Class of 1917
**Akiba Joseph Himmelhoch
*Maud Lois Hindman
William Wade Hinshaw,.Jf.
Varian May Hirdning
Helen Pauline Hirth
Florian Howard Hiss
Adelia Hobbs
Henry George Hoch
George Seward Hodges
Theda Shaw Holen
Helen Mary Holmes
Edward Forrest Holtzman
**Constance Elizabeth Hopkin
Ellis James Hopkins
Grace Matilda Hopwood
Harold John Hornberger
Dorothy Houghton
Florence Viola Howe
John Boyce Hubbard
•Theodore Huntington Hubbell
Lucy May Huffman
Maria Helen Hughes

Helen Dorothy Hunt
Willard Louis Huss
Anne Eleanor Hutchings
Maurice James Ingerson
Lois Ruth Inglis
Estelle Rebecca Jacka
Leila Mae Jackson
Lloyd Moore Jackson
Floyd Barrance Jacquays
•Clara M. James
••Thelma Gray James
Ruth Elizabeth Jennings
Carl Edward Johnson
Earl Maurice Johnson
Lionel Hubert Johnson
•Oakley CaWin Johnson
Vernon Theodore Johnson
Walter Oscar Red Johnson
As of the Class of 1917
William Peter Johnson
•Ruth Young Johnston
Dorothy Emogene Jones
Gretchen Jones
NaDean feanette Jones
Helene Elizabeth Judson
Merle Wolf Kann
James Lyle Kassner
•Samuel S. Kaufman
Robert Andrew Keck
Kemp Horace Keena
Paul Reuben Kempf

ioseph William Kennick
Lobert Milton Kerr
Francis Nelson Kimball
Kendrick Leonard Kimball
Marjorie Dorothy King
Frances Marie Kinzel
Josephine Kirk
Anna Marie Kirkpatrick
Peter John Kla^haak
John Lewis Kleinheksel
Benjamin Moses Aaron Kline
Walter Oscar Klingman
Carleen Elizabeth Klocke
Reba Irene Griffith Klumpp
Edward Knuff

As of the Class of 1917
J. Lester Kobacker
••Eunice Evanffeline Kraft
Karl William Kranz
Anna Elizabeth Kunert
•Leo Kuschinski
Muriel Ruth Lambert
Roland Vere Lamkin
Roy Douglas Lamond
Samuel I^mport
Guy Vernon Lancaster
I^roy Charles Lancer
David B. Landis
Cherrv Lane
Vera Maude Lane
•Ellen Wilmcr Lardner
Leo Robert LaRochelle


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Graduates of ipso


Edwin Skinner Larsen

Lucius Frank Lavcrty

Donald Leon Lawrence

Percy Allen Lawrence

Ray Marsh Lawrence

Serge Harold Leffler

••Victor Eldred Legg

William Adolph Leitzinger

Fred Dewey Leonhard

Donald Thomas Lester

Julian Tully Lett

Simon 'Levin

Isadore Edward Levine

Bessie Rachel Levinson

Tsao Chien Li

Tames Michael Lindemuth

Ting Mien Liu

Ezra William Lockwood

Freda Bessie Loewenstein

Marie John Bernadette Loughlin

Harry Ranch Louis

As of the Class of 1919
Charlton Gray Louks
•Audie Mae Loveland
George Willard Lovell
Ralph Adam Lucke
Charles Veron McAlpine
Helen Martha McAlpine
Russell lay McCaughey
Donald Williams McCormick
Kenneth Alger McCrory
Elizabeth Anne McDonald
Esther MacDonald
Philip Gilbert McDulfie
•Margaret Dora McElwain
Malcolm Innes MacGregor
Helen Smith MacGregory
••Anna Miriam McGurk
•Rosswel Alexander Mclver
Lucile Isabell McKenzie
Ruby McKenzie
Earl Baldwin McKinley

As of the Class of 191 6
Grace Jeannette MacKinnon
Tune Virginia McLaren
Bernard Fewell Magruder
Mary Regina Mahar
Donald Merritt Maior
Nazareth Lazarus Mangouni
Robert Marion, Jr.
Clardn Sidney Markham
Frank Martin, Jr.

As of the Class of 1918
Laura Mildred Martin
Julia Mercereau Martindale
Marcelhis Lee Marx
Bernard Sterling Mason
Carl Holland Mason
•Dorothy Mason
Henry Fowler Massnick
Melvin Earl Mattern
Gladys Evelyn Matthews
Clayton Christopher Mau

Thomas Richards Maynard
George Raphael Melitz
Mary Lucile Merritt
Daniel Kingston Messner
••Jessie Lovering Metcalf
Vivien Lorene Mettler
Anna Irene Meyer
Samuel Meyerson
Samuel Melvin Michener
Roland Alvin Mickelson
Bruce Irwin Millar
Frank Kirkpatrick Miller
•Margaret Adella Miller
Mary Elaine Miller
John Wilson Million, Jr.
^•Ida Esther Mines
Gordon Richmond Mirick
Leonard Alexander Mniece
Helen Louise Monroe
••Marion Isabella Moon
•John Harper Moore
Samuel Charles Morris
Howard Davej^a Moses

As of the Class of 191 8
Marion Lee Moses
Cyril Harold Motulsky
Faith Clare Mullett
••Helen Elizabeth Mummery
Frank Elbert Murdock
David Drocge Nash
Earl Henry Neller
•Mary Charlotte Nelson
•Cyrenius Adelbert Newcomb, III.

As of the Class of 1919
William Karl Niemann

As of the Class of 19 17
Anna Lucile Noble
Rozella Ethel Noble
Ellsworth Clare Norton
Hilton Montell Nowlen
Parks Adair Nutter
Gerald Frank Nye

As of the Class of 1919
Elizabeth Buchanan Oakes
Elizabeth Hughes Gates
Helen Eileen Ohmstead
William Callam O'Keefe

As of the Class of 1918
Elva Almina Olsen
Stanley Gustave Olson
Glenn A. Omans
Florence Ilene Orr
Arthur Irving Ortenburger
Catherine Elizabeth Orth
George Edward Osborne
Charles R. Osius, Jr.
Dora Caroline Osterberg
Amos Frank Paley

As of the Cktss of 1917
Faith Elizabeth Pabnerlee
Janet B. Parkes
Dorothy Elizabeth Paton
Carleton Clouse Patterson


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Graduates of 1920

Robert Henry Patterson
Clara Mathilde Payette
Mabel Irene Payne
Walter Ross Payne
Willard Levi Peach
Israel Preston Pearlman
Gordon Buell Pearson
Carleton Bamhart Peirce
Madge Perrine
Kenneth Hunt Petrie
Goddie Frederick Phillipp, Jr.
Martin Alexander Phillips
Maurice Clark Piatt

As of the Class of 1918
Sewell Hinckley Piatt
Phillips Kingsley Platts
*Taines Kerr Pollock, Jr.
*Charles Lester Poor
Herbert Leslie Popp
Mildred Doreen Potter
*James Pottincer
•Percy John Power
Stanley Winfield Powley
Perry James Quakenbush
George Campbell Quinnell
David Racoosin
Hertha Emma Raid
Henry King Ransom
Lester Grant Rarig
Clarence LaFayette Rasmussen
Roscoe Russell Rau
Thefana Atherton Rebstock
Harold McBain Reeves
Edgar George Reindel
Kenneth Edioir Relyea
Aimee Geraldine Renkes
Mina Reveno

Margery Eleanor Reynolds
Alice Bertha Rhodes
Edgar Lee Rice
Dean Marvin Richmond
Vincent Harrington Riorden
•Germaine Riviere
Thomas Brackett Robertson
Florence Mary Rogers

iames Alfred Rolls
farion Belle Rood
Fanny Martha Roof
Margaret Lucille Rose
*Leo Samuel Rosen
•Francis Ellsworth Ross
Henry Glenn Ross
Glenwood Washington Rouse

As of the Class of 1917
Henry Joseph Roussin
Virgil Albert Rowley
Emily Christina Ruelle
Russell Alexander Runyan
Ralph Orlando Rychener
William Phillips Sandford
Bunzaburo Sashida
Harold Jennings Saunders
Ruth Anna Sawyer

John Joseph Schafer
John Otto Scherer
Kphraim Harold Schetzer
Edna Henry Schiear
Louis Henry Schimmel
Carl Germann Schmiedeskamp
Carlton Louis Schmok
**Evelyn Harwood SchoU
••Gladys Evalyn Vinter Schultz
Marv Mildred Schultz
Hilda Gentian Scothan
Helen Seeley
William Herman Seff
•George Seletto
••Lawrence Howard Seltzer
Bert Vernon Severance
Raymon William Severance
Frederick Webber Shafer

As of the Class of 1918
Donnell Rim Sha£Fner
Jacob Theodore Shapira
Lola May Shaw
Ida Shelow
Otho Carl Sherrick
Homer Jefferson Shivell
Sadie Sigel

Henry Covert Simons, Jr.
Marie Simons
Severin Frank Skarbinski
Francis Leathern Skau
Andrew O. Skve
••Benjamin Theodore Smith
Clarence Leroy Smith
Irene Lucina Smith
Leland Donald Smith
Merle Eugene Smith
Raymond Conrad Smith
William Parkhurst Smith
Edwin Stahl Snyder
Robert Henry Somerville
Stuart LeRoy Sonne

As of the Class of 1919
Walter Talmage Sorg
Margaret Elliott Spain
Frances Alison Spence
Earl Haas Spiesberger
Lela Mae Stanley
Ruth Ayres Stanton
Lelah Ruth Stephens
••Ellen Burden Stevenson
Arthur Edward Stiles
Evelyn Virginia Stock
Marie MeU Stolz
Mildred Marion Stone
Harold Frederick Stotzer
•Samuel Bernhardt Strauss
Norman Harold Stumpf
Vesta Annie Sturgis
Rose Elisabeth Stunner
Palmer Evans Sutton
Frances Estella Swift
••Herbert Francis Taggart
Ralph LaRue Tallman


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Graduates of ip20


Leonard Anderson Tappe

As of the Class of 1919
*Hoiiffhton Wells Taylor
Maurice Walter Taylor
Harold Robert Telfer
Anna Temple
Myrtle Bond Tench
Beryl Statira Thomas
Clark Holland Thompson
*Dale Moore Thompson
Leland Stanford Thompson
Mary Agnes Thompson
Walter Emanuel Thorsberg
Dorothy Grace Tichenor
Paul Glenn Towsley
Esther Anna Trainor
Marion Kate Treadgold
Harold Anthony Trumpour
Hsin Chia Tung
William Lovell Underwood
De Nonral Unthank
Elmer Charles Upton
Alexander Peter Van Brunt
Charles Edgar VanCleef, Jr.
David Lowry VanDusen

As of the Class of 19 18
Laurence Reed Van Kess
Marjorie Celina Van Norman
Earl Newell Van Omum
Harriett Van Winkle
Kari Herget Velde
* Susan Serrill Verlenden
Henry Blake Vinkemulder

As of the Class of 1919
Marjorie Lucille Virian
Irene Dorothy Ruth Vokes
Doris Volland
Eugene Jacob Wait
HarUn Nichols Walker
Ruth Irene Walker
Genevieye Ann Walsh
DeForrest Darwin Walton

As of the Class of 1915

*Alice Elizabeth Wak
Marion Alice Wanstrom
Mary Grace Ward
Cyrus James Warren

As of the Class of 1918
Alice Henrietta Watkins
Henry Hilton Watson
Wallace Fish Watt
Owen Jefferson Watts

As of the Class of 19 18
Valdamar Louis Watts
Christian Ray Webb
*J[ean Elsie Webber
Lillian Council Webster
Frieda Augusta Wedemeyer
Virginia Warren Weeks
Karl Lehman Wehmeyer

As of the Class of 19 18
••Cartton Frank Wells
•Frances MarshaU Wesley
Harry Greenwood Wcstbrook
Clifford Vaughan Whitcomb
Cecil Vivian Wicker
James Sterling Wickwire
Dorothy Ormsby Williams
Corwin Dale Willson

As of the Class of 1909
Archibald Davies Wilson
John Sanford Wilson
*Theo Josephine Wilson
RoUin Robbins Winslow, LL.B.
Helen Marie Wolfe
Oscar Stephen Wood
Marian Emma Woodruff
Harriet Price Woodworth
John Allison Worrell, Jr.
Marie Olive Wright
Quincy Lorenzo Wright
Ralph Maurice Wright
Rudolph Fred Wuensch
Donald Purdy Yerkes
Anna May Yorks
Julian Edmund Zapp 675 — 733


(Architectural Engineering)

Harold Ott FuUerton Elliot Forest Ruihley

Harold Milton Kiefer Richard Woolsey Ware


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