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of their generous and cordial hospitality, and I vowed that
I would never cease to think of them with the love of a

I have never returned to them. I doubt not that they
would be overjoyed to see me again and to welcome me with
the same love that they showed me at all times while I lived
in their midst.

The last moment, when I saw in their black, shining eyes

The earlier name for Platte river. The Translator.


the inexpressible, wordless sadness because of the parting,
I was unable to restrain the tears from bedimming my eyes.
Yes, I have never ceased to think of them and of their un-
selfish affection.

To them I am indebted for much. I doubt not, for the
preservation of my life, and even more, for my reason.
Never, no, never can I forget them. My loving memories
of them shall be a priceless possession through all the years
to come.

I shall remain, as were their wishes and my promises
when they adopted me into their tribe, their blood-brother,
even to the moment when I shall be called hence to give an
account of my earthly acts before the justice-seat of the All-
father whom the North American Indians call their "Great
and Good Spirit."




(As amended Nov. 25, 1941)

Article 1. Name. This Society shall be called the Historical Society
of New Mexico.

Article 2. Objects and Operation. The objects of the Society shall be,
in general, the promotion of historical studies; and in particular, the
discovery, collection, preservation, and publication of historical ma-
terial, especially such as relates to New Mexico.

Article 3. Membership. The Society shall consist of Members, Fel-
lows, Life Members and Honorary Life Members.

(a) Members. Persons recommended by the Executive Council
and elected by the Society may become members.

(b) Fellows. Members who show, by published work, special
aptitude for historical investigation may become Fellows. Immedi-
ately following the adoption of this Constitution, the Executive
Council shall elect five Fellows, and the body thus created may there-
after elect additional Fellows on the nomination of the Executive
Council. The number of Fellows shall never exceed twenty-five.

(c) Life Members. In addition to life members of the Historical
Society of New Mexico at the date of the adoption hereof, such other
benefactors of the Society as shall pay into its treasury at one time
the sum of fifty dollars, or shall present to the Society an equivalent
in books, manuscripts, portraits, or other acceptable material of an
historic nature, may upon recommendation by the Executive Council
and election by the Society, be classed as Life Members.

(d) Honorary Life Members. Persons who have rendered emi-
nent service to New Mexico and others who have, by published work,
contributed to the historical literature of New Mexico or the South-
west, may become Honorary Life Members upon being recommended
by the Executive Council and elected by the Society.

Article 4. Officers. The elective officers of the Society shall be a
president, a vice-president, a corresponding secretary, a treasurer, and
a recording secretary; and these five officers shall constitute the
Executive Council with full administrative powers.

Officers shall qualify on January 1st following their election, and
shall hold office for the term of two years and until their successors
shall have been elected and qualified.

Article 5. Elections. At the October meeting of each odd-numbered
year, a nominating committee shall be named by the president of the
Society and such committee shall make its report to the Society at
the November meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor
and the Society shall, in open meeting, proceed to elect its officers by
ballot, those nominees receiving a majority of the votes cast for the
respective offices to be declared elected.

Article 6. Dues. Dues shall be $3.00 for each calendar year, and
shall entitle members to receive bulletins as published and also the
Historical Review.

Article 7. Publications. All publications of the Society and the selec-
tion and editing of matter for publication shall be under the direction
and control of the Executive Council.

Article 8. Meetings. Monthly meetings of the Society shall be held at
the rooms of the Society on the third Tuesday of each month at
eight P. M. The Executive Council shall meet at any time upon call
of the President or of three of its members.

Article 9. Quorums. Seven members of the Society and three mem-
bers of the Executive Council, shall constitute quorums.

Article 10. Amendments. Amendments to this constitution shall be-
come operative after being recommended by the Executive Council
and approved by two-thirds of the members present and voting at
any regular monthly meeting; provided, that notice of the proposed
amendment shall have been given at a regular meeting of the Society,
at least four weeks prior to the meeting when such proposed amend-
ment is passed upon by the Society.

Students and friends of Southwestern History are cordially in-
vited to become members. Applications should be addressed to the
corresponding secretary, Lansing B. Bloom, University of New Mexico.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Comprehensive Index

of the


Price $2.00

Send Orders to

Santa Fe, N. Mex.


Several copies of the REVIEW
Vol. I, No. 1, and Vol. II, No. 1

$3.00 each will be paid for reasonably clean copies,

sent to the Historical Society,

Santa Fe, New Mexico


OLD SANTA FE, (the quarterly published in 1913-1916), 3 volumes,
unbound. The seventh issue is almost exhausted, and volume II,
number 2 is out of print. Vols. I and III, each $4.00; Vol. II,
numbers 1 & 4, each $1.00 and number 3, $5.00.

NEW MEXICO HISTORICAL REVIEW (quarterly, since January 1926)

Volume I Number 1 out of print. Other numbers $2.00 each.
Volume II Number 1 (sold only in sets) $3.00; numbers 2, 3,
and 4, each $1.00

Volumes III to current year, per volume $4.00

By subscription, during current year $3.00


Papers. Nos. 1 to 38 (1888 to 1935) List of titles sent on request.
REPRINTS from the Historical Review, each $0.25. Titles sent on


Vol. I Fray Marcos de Niza's Relation, Span, and Eng. ed.

by Percy W. Baldwin, 59 pp. (1926) $0.60

Vol. II Juan de Onate and the founding of New Mexico.

Geo. P. Hammond. 228 pp., maps, bibliog., index.

(1927) $1.50

Vol. Ill New Mexico in the Great War, ed. by L. B. Bloom.

166 pp., index. (1927) $1.50

Vol. IV The Gallegos Relation of the Rodriguez expedition to

New Mexico, ed. by G. P. Hammond and Agapito Rey.

69 pp., maps, index. (1927) $1.00

Vol. V Barreiro's Ojeada sobre Nuevo Mexico (1832), ed. by

L. B. Bloom. 60 pp., ill. (1929) $0.75

Vol. VI Indian Labor in the Spanish Colonies. Ruth Kerns

Barber. 134 pp., bibliog., index. (1932) $1.50

Vol. VII Church and State in New Mexico, 1610-1650, France

V. Scholes. 206 pp., bibliog., index. (1937) $1.50

Vol. VIII The American Occupation of New Mexico, 1821-52

Sister Mary Loyola. 166 pp., bibliog., index. (1939) $1.50
Vol. IX Federal Control of the Western Apaches, 1848-1886.

R. H. Ogle, 259 pp., bibliog., index. (1940) $2.00

Vol. X Franciscan Missions of New Mexico, 1740-1760.

Henry W. Kelly. 94 pp.; maps. (1941) $1.50

Vol. XI Troublous Times in New Mexico, 1659-1670. F. V.

Scholes. 276 pp., bibliog., index. (1942) $2.50

(The above prices on books and quarterly sets are carriage extra.)

Address orders to


Box 1704, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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