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the dividends thereof should be applied " in the purchase of books on
Theology and Classical Literature," and no part given in money.
The bequest was accepted by Convocation in February 1833. Each
Scholarship was made tenable for two years. Candidates were required
to have passed the Examinations for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and
not to have completed the fifth year from their matriculation. But,
by Statutes which the University was specially empowered to make in
1863, one moiety of the endowment was united with Mrs. Denyer's
fund to maintain the Theological Scholarships described in the next
article, and the proceeds of the other moiety are given annually in
money to the Senior Mathematical Scholar of the year, who is called
the " Johnson University Scholar."

The Examination took place in Easter Term. The Examiners,
three in number, who were obliged to be at least Masters of Arts
or Bachelors of Civil Law, were appointed by the Presidents of Mag-
dalen and Trinity Colleges, the Dean of Christ Church, the Warden
of New College, and the Provost of Queen's College.

Theological Scholars.

1835 Henry Wcollcombe, Student of Ch. Ch.
1837 Frederick William Faber, Fellow of University
1839 Arthur West Haddan, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Trinity
1841 Robert Henrv Gray, Student of Ch. Ch.
1843 Charles John Smith, Ch. Ch.
1845 Alfred Pott, Demy of Magdalen

1847 William Bright, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of University; Regius Pro-
fessor of Ecclesiastical History
1849 Charles Lewis Dart, Exeter
1851 Henry Parry Liddon, Student of Ch. Ch.
1853 Arthur George Watson, Balliol ; Fellow of All Souls
1855 Charles Edward Oakley, Demy of Magdalen
1857 Robert Henniker, Scholar of Trinity


1859 Joseph Mason Austen, Brasenose

]Sol John Richard Magrath, Fellow, afterwards Provost, of Queen's
1863 Thomas Kelly Cheyne, Scholar of Worcester; Fellow of Balliol; Professor
of Interpretation of Holy Scripture ; Fellow of Oriel.

Mathematical Scholars.

1835 Nicholas Pocock, Michel Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Queen's

1837 William Fishburn Donkin, Fellow of University ; Savilian Professor of


1839 John Andrews Dale, Balliol

1841 Edward Warner, Wadham

1843 Henry Master White, Fellow of New College

1845 Hugo Daniel Harper, Scholar, afterwards Fellow and Principal, of Jesus

1847 William Spottiswoode, Balliol

1849 Thomas Henry Rodie Shand, Brasenose ; Fellow of Brasenose

1851 Henry Mitchell Hull, Scholar of University

1853 Joshua Jones, Lincoln

1855 Samuel Courthope Bosanquet, Student of Ch. Ch.

1857 Horace Davey, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, and Hon. Fellow, of University

1859 David Thomas, Scholar of Jesus ; Fellow of Trinity

1861 Charles James Coverly Price, Balliol ; Fellow of Exeter

1863 John Davies Davenport, Balliol ; Fellow of Brasenose.

Denyee, and Johnson Scholab ships.

In the year 1863, by a Statute which the University was specially
empowered to make, three Scholarships for the promotion of the study
of Theology were established in lieu of Dr. Johnson's Theological
Scholarship described in the last article and of Mrs. Denyer's Prizes
for two Theological Essays described at page L51, and the joint revenue
of those two foundations, amounting now to about ,£'120, was appointed
for their endowment. By a Statute passed in 1878, amending the be-
fore-mentioned Statute, the Scholarships were reduced to two, of the
yearly value of ,£50 each. The Scholars are elected in the following

Any Bachelor of Arts, who has not exceeded twenty-seven Terms from
his matriculation, may present himself for this Examination, which
is holden every year in Hilary Term. The standing of Candidates
who have matriculated at Cambridge or Dublin before matriculating
at Oxford is computed from the date of matriculation at Cambridge or
Dublin as the case may be, Easter Term in either of those Universities
being reckoned as equivalent to Easter and Trinity Terms at Oxford.
The Examiners, three in number, are nominated by the Electors of
the Examiners in the Honour School of Theology, and must be Mem-
bers of Convocation in Priest's Orders.

The subjects of the Examination are fixed each year by the Board
of the Faculty of Theology.

The Scholarships are tenable for one year only.



1865 Albert Sidney ( 'liavasse. Fellow of University

Henry Thornnill Morgan, Trinity

< tawald Joseph Reichel, Queen's
ISM ( 'luirk's Henry Waller, University

William Baker, Fellow of St John's 1 P ,

Wilson Eustace Daniel, Worcester fJSQWU.
1867 William Henry Simcox, Fellow of Queen's

Archibald Edward (Sough, Lincoln

George Bfarsham Argles, Balliol
1S6K Hannan Chaloner Ogle, Fellow of Magdalen

Henry C. Barnes Bazely, Brasenose

Miles Atkinson, Queen's
18G9 .lames Avery. Exeter

Edward William Moore, Wadham

1870 George Francis Lovell, BaUiol
George Knapp Turner. New College
John Elton Halliwell, Magdalen Hall

1871 Charles Leslie Dundas, Brasenose ; Fellow of Jesus
Walter Edmund Matthew, Scholar of St. John's
Evelyn Gisbome Hodgson, Exeter

1872 George Shattock, Scholar of St. John's : Fellow of Hertford
Philip Fletcher, Exeter

Robert Heywood Rodgers, Brasenose

1873 James Edward Walker, Corpus
Robert Daniel Horace Gray, Brasenose
William Ramsay Sparks, Exeter

1874 Gamaliel Milner, Ch. Ch.

Francis Keyes Yates Aglionby, Queen's

George Henry Gwilliam, Jesus ; Fellow of Hertford

1875 John Shand More Gordon, Balliol
William Richardson Linton, Corpus

Francis Henry Woods, Jesus : Fellow of St. John's

1876 Augustus Jameson Miller, Exeter
Isaac Rangeley, Keble

Geonre Henrv Bateson Wrisrht. Queen's

1877 Marsham Frederic Argles, Fellow of St John's \ y ?
James Foord, Brasenose J -zquaf.
James Edward Denison, Ch. Ch.

1878 Horace Evelvn Clayton, Brasenose

1879 John Hagley Rutter, Exeter

AValter Lionel Giles, Scholar of St. John's

1880 Berkeley AVilliam Randolph, Exhibitioner of Balliol

1881 Frank Joseph Powell, Non-Collegiate Student
Herbert Burrows Southwell, Pembroke

1882 Frank Edward Brightman, University
John Charles Roper, Keble

1883 Thomas Randell, Exhibitioner of St. John's

1884 Joseph Hewetson, Worcester
Henry Julian White, Ch. Ch.

1885 William Somerville Milne, Non-Collegiate Student
William Bartlett, Corpus

1886 Cuthbert Hamilton Turner, New College

1887 Llewellyn John Montfort Bebb, Fellow of Brasenose
Edmund Tyrell Green, Scholar of St. John's

1888 Charles James Casher, St. John's
Henry Bayly Llxdsell, Trinity.


Hertfokd Scholarship.

On the dissolution of Hertford College, consequent upon the death
of its last Principal in 1805, part of its property fell to the Crown ;
and in 1818 Letters Patent passed the Great Seal, granting some of
this to the use of Magdalen Hall, hut giving one portion, now re-
presented hy a sum of ,£1251 14s. Id. invested on mortgage, to the
University upon trust to pay the dividends, after the death of the
Eev. Richard Hewitt, M.A., the only remaining Fellow of the College,
to an Undergraduate chosen " hy free competition and public examin-
ation " according to such Statutes as should be made by Convocation.
Accordingly a Scholarship for the promotion of the study of Latin was
established by Statute in 1834.

The Scholarship is tenable for one year only. The election takes
place in Michaelmas Term. Candidates must not have completed two
years from their matriculation.

The Examiners, three in number, who must be at least Masters of
Arts or Bachelors of Civil Law, are nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
and Proctors, subject to the approval of Convocation.


1835 John Ernest Bode, Student of Ch. Ch.

1836 William Linwood, Ch. Ch. ; Student

1837 Benjamin Jowett, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol; Regius Professor

of Greek ; Master of Balliol

1838 Frederick H. M. Blaydes, Ch. Ch. ; Student

1839 Ralph R. W. Lingen, Scholar of Trinity ; Fellow of Balliol, Hon. Fellow

of Trinity ; afterwards Lord Lingen

1840 Harris Smith, Scholar of Oriel ; Fellow of Magdalen

1841 George Butler, Exeter ; Fellow of Exeter

1842 Goldwin Smith, Ch. Ch. ; Fellow of University ; Regius Professor of

Modern History

1843 Edwin Palmer, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol ; Professor of Latin ;

Canon of Ch. Ch.

1844 John Conington, Demy of Magdalen ; Fellow of University ; Professor of


1845 Henry Barnes Byrne, Scholar of Oriel ; Michel Fellow of Queen's

1846 Isaac Gregory Smith, Scholar of Trinity ; Fellow of Brasenose

1847 Maurice Lay, Scholar of Exeter ; Scholar of University

1848 John Young Sargent, Postmaster of Merton ; Fellow of Magdalen ; Fellow

of Hertford

1849 Thomas Francis Fremantle, Scholar of Balliol

1850 Thomas Clayton, Scholar of Trinity

1851 Robert George Wyndham Herbert, Scholar of Balliol ; Fellow of All Souls

1852 James Beaumont Winstanley, University

1853 William Lambert Newman, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol

1854 Frederick Butler M. Montgomerie, Balliol

1855 Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol

1856 Reginald Broughton, Scholar of Balliol ; Fellow ofHertford

1857 James Lee-Warner, Scholar of Trinity ; Fellow of University

1858 Francis Thomas Fgerton Prothero, Balliol

1859 Henry Nettleship, Scholar of Corpus; Fellow of Lincoln ; Corpus l'i I

of Latin : Fellow of Corpus

1860 Charles Bigg, Scholar of < iorrms ; Senior Student of Ch. Ch.

1861 Courtenay Peregrine Ilbert, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol


L962 Thomas Leslie PapOlon, Scholar of Balliol; Fellow of Merton ; Fellow of
New ( Soilage

1863 Edward Russell Bernard, Scholar of Exeter; Fellow of Magdalen

1864 Francis I> John (iriit, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Trinity
isr/i Pichard Lewis Nettleship, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol
1m',7 Walter Lock, Scholar of Corpus; Fellow of Magdalen

1868 John Arthur Godley, Exhibitioner of Balliol ; F"l low of Hertford

1869 Alfred Goodwin, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol

L870 Bfartin Holdich Green, Scholar of Corpus ; Fellow of Trinity
1>7 1 [Francis Paget, Junior, afterwards Senior, Student of Ch. Ch. ; Regius Pro-
fessor of Pastoral Theology

1872 James Sonierville Lockhart, Scholar of Corpus ; Fellow of Hertford

1873 Thomas Herbert Warren, Scholar of Balliol ; Fellow, afterwards President, of


1874 Alfred Milner, Scholar of Balliol ; Fellow of New College

1875 Sidney Graves Hamilton, Scholar of Balliol ; Fellow of Hertford

187(5 Robert Lawrence Ottlev, Scholar of Pembroke ; Senior Student of Ch. Ch.

1-77 Edward Thomas Griffiths, Exhibitioner of Balliol

1S7S 1 tavid Samuel Margoliouth, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of New College

1879 Charles Ashworth James, Scholar of Balliol ; Fellow of Hertford

1880 John William Mackail, Exhibitioner, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol
18*1 ( harles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot, Scholar of Balliol ; Fellow of Trinity

1882 William Ross Hardie, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Balliol

1883 Alfred Hamilton Cruickshank, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of New College

1884 George Russell Northcote, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of New College

1885 George Gilbert Aime Murray, Scholar of St. John's
1885 1 Arthur Blackburne Povnton, Scholar of Balliol

1886 Henry Stuart Jones, Scholar of Balliol

1887 Richard Johnson Walker, Scholar of Balliol.

Tatloe Scholarships.

In furtherance of the object of Sir Kobert Taylor, as stated in the
Article on the " Taylor Institution," four Scholarships for proficiency
in Modern Languages were established in the year 1857. They were
tenable for two years. Two Scholars were elected every year, one for
proficiency in German and in some other language taught in the Insti-
tution, the other for proficiency in French and in some other language
taught there. Each received ,£25 a-year from the Taylor Fund.
Candidates were not to have exceeded the age of twenty-four years at
the time of the election. Under a new Statute made in 1869, one
Scholarship worth ,£50 and one Exhibition worth £25, each tenable
for one year, are awarded annually for proficiency in one or more of
the languages taught in the Institution (a year's notice thereof having-
been given), in Comparative Philology as applied to the same, and in
the literature of the selected language or languages.

1 Owing to a change in the time of holding the examination, two elections were
made in 1885, one in Hilary Term and the other in Michaelmas Term.


Candidates must not have exceeded the twenty-third Term from
their matriculation.


1858 Ainslie Grant-Duff (afterwards A. Douglas Ainslie), Balliol, German with

Algernon Charles Swinburne, Balliol, French with Italian

1859 Samuel Benoni Gobat, Trinity, German with French

Henry Alexander Giffard, Corpus; Senior Student of Ch." Ch., French
with German.

1860 Thomas Richard Grundy, Brasenose, German with French
Henry John Gepp, Fellow of New College, French with German

1861 Constantine M. Smith, Balliol, German with French
Amerieo Palfrey Marras, Lincoln, French with Italian

1862 Oswald J. Reichel, Scholar of Queen's, German with French
Charles H. E. Carmichael, Trinity, French with Italian

1863 Paul Ferdinand Willert, Balliol, Scholar of Corpus ; Fellow of Exeter,

German with French.
George Orange BaUeine, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Queen's, French with

1864 Frederic Clarke, Exeter, German icith French

Eugene Jacob Lee Hamilton, Oriel, French icith German

1865 Oliver Smith, St. John's, German with French

Henry William Gegg Markheim, Scholar of University ; Fellow of Queen's,
French with German

1866 Duncan H. H. Wilson, Pembroke, German with French
Frederick Clarke, Exeter, French with Italian

1867 Robert Lowes Clarke, Scholar of Balliol: Fellow of Queen's, German

with French
Alfred Messervy, Scholar of Exeter, French with German

1868 Henry Studdy Theobald, Balliol, Fellow of Wadham, German with

Pierce de Lacy Henry Johnstone, Balliol, French with German

1869 Francis Robert Graham, Lincoln, German with French
Richard A. Ploetz, Magdalen, French with German.

Scholars and Exhibitioners.

1870 German. Henry Sweet, Scholar of Balliol, Scholar

Henry Robert Graham, Exeter, Exhibitioner

1871 French. William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge, Exeter; Fellow of

Magdalen ; Scholar
William Collett Sandars, Non-Collegiate Student, "Exhibitioner

1872 Italian. John Frederick Rowbotham, Exhibitioner of Balliol, Scholar

James William Middleton, Queen's, Exhibitioner

1873 German. Edward Adolf Sonnenschein, Scholar of University, Scholar

Leonard Abraham Montefiore, Balliol, Exhibitioner

1874 French. Louis Martin Moriarty, Demy of Magdalen, Scholar

George Cave, St. John's, Exhibitioner

1875 Italian. Louis Dyer, Balliol, Scholar

John David Whyte, Scholar of Oriel, Exhibitioner

1876 German. Arthur Anthony Macdonell, Exhibitioner of Corpus; Tayloria.-i

Teacher of German ; Scholar
Hartmann Wolfgang Just, Scholar of Corpus, Exhibitioner

1877 French. Isidore Henry Bowles Spiers, University, Scholar

John Rougier Cohu, Scholar, afterwards Fellow, of Jesus, Ex-

1878 Italian. William Paton Ker, Exhibitioner of Balliol ; Fellow of All Souls y

Thomas Huntinpton Childs, Balliol, Exhibitioner

1879 Spanish. Basil Thomas Alfred PJvetts, Trinity, Scholar

Cuthbert Evan Tyrer, Non-Collegiate Student, Exhibitioner




1880 G er man, Bernard Alexander Schleicher. Scholar of University, Scholar

Theodor Friedrich Alliums, Scholar of Lincoln, Exhibitioner

1881 "French. Perrnccio Virrinio Ernesto Brughera, Non-Collegiate Student;

afterwards t' Balliol : Scholar
Victor Julian Taylor Spiers, Exhibitioner of University,

ltil>it!"iii r
1S62 Italian. Henry Edward Huntington, Keble, Scholar

Clovis Maurice Camille Bevenot, Balliol, Exhibitioner > f ,,„,.]
James Crawford Ledlie, Scholar of Lincoln, Exhibitioner \ ' q ' '

1883 German. James Crawford Ledlie, Scholar of Lincoln, Scholar

David Henry Nagel, Scholar of Trinity, Exhibitioner

1884 Spanish. Walter Graham de Lancy, Nun-Collegiate Student, Scholar

1885 trench. John Burnet, Scholar of Balliol, Scholar

Francis Aston Binus, Balliol, Exhibitioner
L886 Italian. Francis Aston Binns, Balliol, Scholar

Frederick Lionel Armitage, Trinity, Exhibitioner
1887 German. Fekiunanh Canmm. S( on Schiller, Balliol, Scholar

Robert John Mobgas Chaplin, New College, Exhibitioner,


In the year 1860, Miss Angela Burdett-Coutts, afterwards Baroness
Burdett-Coutts, daughter and heiress of the late Sir Francis Burdett,
Baronet, having presented to the University " the Pengelly Collection "
of Devonshire Fossils, proceeded to found two Scholarships for the pro-
motion of " the study of Geology and of Natural Science as bearing
on Geology," and gave ,£5000 in £3 per cent. Consolidated Annuities
for their endowment. Owing to a change of investment the annual
income of the fund now exceeds ^'230.

Each Scholarship is tenable for two years. One Scholar, and one
only, is elected every year in Hilary Term. Candidates must have
passed all necessary Examinations for the degree of B.A., and not have
exceeded the twenty-seventh Term from their matriculation.

The Examiners are the Professor of Geology and two other Members
of the University, of whom one must be a Professor ; the two latter being
nominated, subject to the approval of Convocation, by the Trustees of
the Foundation, who are the Vice-Chancellor, the President of Magdalen
College, and the Begins Professor of Medicine.



William Boyd Dawkins, Scholar, afterwards Hon. Fellow, of Jesus

[No candidate]

Joseph Frank Payne, Demy, afterwards Fellow, of Magdalen

Edward Langdon, New College

[No election]

William Henry Corfield, Fellow of Pembroke

Thomas Heathcote Gerald Wyndham, Oriel; Fellow of Merton

George Herbert West, Junior Student of Ch. Ch.

Edwin Pay Lankester, Junior Student of Ch. Ch. ; Fellow of Exeter

Edmund Jerniyn, Junior Student of Ch. Ch.

Charles Samuel Taylor, Merton

[So candidate]


1873 Edward ( 'leminshaw, Postmaster of Morton

1874 Eobert Harold Ainsworth Bchofield, Scholar of Lincoln

1875 William Bruce Clarke, Pembroke

1876 Arthur Henry Shakspere Lucas, Balliol
1S77 .Tus< -pi i Anniiau'c, New College

1878 Edward Baun i, mI] Poulton, Scholar of Jesus

1879 Algernon Philips Thomas, Scholar of Balliol

1880 Henry Nicholas Ridley, Exeter

1881 Joseph Baldwin Nias, Exeter

1882 George Alfred Buckmaster, Magdalen

1883 Frederick William Andrewes, Junior Student of Ch. Ch. ; Fellow of


1884 Halford John Mackinder, Junior Student of Ch. Ch.

1885 James Harvey Hichens, Queen's

1886 Edward Theodore Withington, Balliol

1887 [No election.]

1888 Matthew Hunter, Queen's.

Abbott Scholarships.

Founded in 1871 from a bequest by John Abbott, Esq., of ,£6000
invested in £3 per cent. Consols.

The Trustees are the Vice- Chancellor, the Regius Professors of
Divinity and of Greek, the Corpus Professor of Latin, the Savilian
Professor of Geometry, the Sedleian Professor of Natural Philosophy.
These appoint two or more members of Convocation to investigate the
claims of candidates, and three or more Examiners for each election,
which is held annually in Easter Term.

There are three Scholarships, tenable for three years, open to sons of
clergymen of the Church of England who need assistance to enable
them to have a University education. If matriculated, they must not
have exceeded three Terms of residence, nor hold a Scholarship or
Exhibition worth more than £50 a-year. Ceteris paribus natives of the
West Riding of Yorkshire have the preference.


1872 Eobert Edward Newport, Exeter

1873 Charles Page Eden, Oriel

1874 Hugh Salvin Holme, Scholar of Brasenose

1875 Augustine Brutton, Queen's

1876 George Borlase Childs, Magdalen

1877 [No election]

1878 Frank Markland May, St. Edmund Hall
Lansdown Murray Guilding, Worcester

1879 Hugh Hare, Scholar of Hertford

1880 [No election]

1881 Edward Francis Johns, Exhibitioner of Exeter
George Harold Lewis, Corpus

1882 Henry Charles Bernard Clayforth, Exhibitioner of Worcester
18S3 John Edgar Jelly, Exhibitioner of Wadham

1884 Joseph Pleury BrindJc, Scholar of Jesus

1885 William Snow; afterwards Scholar of Worcester

1886 Gerald PiciiAiii'SN-. St. John's

1887 KALrn Hamon Bbllaibs, Balliol

1888 Frederic Sai rby Abchibald Lowndxs, Trinity.


Derby Scholarship.

In 1872 Convocation agreed to found a Scholarship out of the
dividends upon about £-i'di)0 invested in Government Securities in
the name of the University, being the sum contributed in Lancashire
in honour of the late Edward, Earl of Derby, K.G., Chancellor of the
University. The Scholarship is now of the annual value of about ,£157.

The Trustees are the Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, the Earl of
Derby, the Chancellor, the Vice- Chancellor, the two Burgesses of tin-
University, and the Dean of Christ ( Ihnrch, for the time being, together
with the Right Hon. John, Lord Winmarleigh, so long as he shall be
pleased to continue in the trust. These, after defraying necessary ex-
penses from the dividends, pay the remainder to a member of the
University, chosen by themselves, who has completed his twentieth
and not exceeded his twenty -fourth Term from matriculation on the day
fixed for receiving the names of Candidates.

Candidates must have obtained the following Academical distinc-
tions : — 1. A First Class in Litt. Gr. et Lat. at the First Public Exam-
ination. 2. A First Class in Litt. Hum. at the Second Public
Examination ; or A Second Class in Litt. Hum. at the Second Public
Examination, together with two of the three Chancellor's Prizes, of
which one must be that for Latin Verse. 3. Two out of the three
Classical University Scholarships, viz. the Hertford, Ireland, and Craven


1873 Alfred Goodwin, Fellow of Balliol

1874 [No candidate]

1875 Henry Broadbent, Fellow of Exeter

1876 James Somerville Lockhart, Fellow of Hertford

1877 [No candidate]

1878 Alfred Milner, Fellow of New College

1879 Robert Lawrence Ottlev, Senior Student of Ch. Cli.

1880 Walter Scott, FeUow of Merton

1881 [No candidate]

1882 David Samuel Margoliouth, Fellow of New College

1883 Charles Ashworth James, Fellow of Hertford

1884 John William Mackail, Fellow of Balliol

1885 William Boss Hardie, Fellow of Balliol

1886 Charles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot, Fellow of Trinity

1887 George Russell Northcote, Fellow of New College

1888 [No candidate].

Davis Chinese Scholarship.

Sir John Francis Davis, Bart,, K.C.B., F.E.S., D.C.L. (sometime
H. M. Plenipotentiary in China), having in the year 1876 transferred
the sum of ,£1666 13s. 4/7. Consols to the University, for the purpose
of endowing a Scholarship for the encouragement of the study of
Chinese in such manner and subject to such regulations as the TJni-


versity should from time to time determine, the University, by a Statute
passed in January 1877, enacted that there should be a Scholarship,
called the Davis Scholarship, for proficiency in the Chinese language
and literature, with an annual stipend of ,£50, payable terminally,
open to all members of the University who on the clay of election
should not have exceeded the twenty-eighth Term from their matricu-

The Scholar is elected by the Yice-C'hancellor, the President of
Corpus Christi College (or, if the President be Vice-Chancellor, the
Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor), and the Professor of Chinese, after an
examination held by such persons as they may appoint for that purpose,
the Professor himself being always one of the Examiners.

The Scholarship is tenable for two calendar years from the day of
election, provided the Scholar keep a statutable residence of not less
than seven weeks in each Term, Easter and Trinity Terms being
reckoned as one, and pursue his studies in Chinese under the advice
and supervision of the Professor.

If at the time of holding an election the Electors do not think any
of the candidates worthy of the Scholarship, they have power to post-
pone the election for any period not exceeding two years, and, in such
an event, to grant the annual stipend of ,£'50, or any less sum, under

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