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The historical register of the University of Oxford, completed to the end of Trinity term, 1888. Part 1 online

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Online LibraryUniversity of OxfordThe historical register of the University of Oxford, completed to the end of Trinity term, 1888. Part 1 → online text (page 19 of 24)
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and the Prize is now awarded once every three years and is of the
value of =£'60.

The Prize is open to Members of the University who, on the day
appointed for sending in the Essays, have not exceeded twenty-eight
Terms from their matriculation.

The Judges are the Professor of Political Economy and two other
persons appointed on each occasion, one by the Vice-Chancellor and
the other by the Donors. The Prize is to be awarded to the Essay
which shall show " the greatest amount of literary merit together with
the greatest knowledge of the subject proposed."

On each occasion of awarding the Prize the Judges, or a majority of
them, fix the subject for the next Prize.


1878 The policy of Protection in ?/«?'»f/ communities, from an economical point of

view. Bernhard Ringrose Wise, Scholar of Queen's

1879 Discuss the catises of the present Depression of Trade, and the "Remedies

suggested for it. Walter Edward Smith, New College

1880 1\'liat is the value of Political Economy to. Mankind? Alexander Neilson

Cumming, Exhibitioner of Balliol
1883 In what respects, on purely economical grounds, is the furih* r applicatii n of a

Free Trade Policy required in the legislation of this country? Charles

Edward Troup, Exhibitioner of Balliol.
1886 Political Economy and Socialism: What is the teaching of Political Economy

as to the effects of Private Property anil Free Exchange on the one hand,

and of State Property and Bequlated Contracts on the other hand, on the

production and distribution of Wealth t Hebbbbt Llewellyn Smith,

(Scholar of Corpus.


Eolleston Memorial Prize.

Founded in 1883, by public smVeription, in memory of George
Etolleston, D.M., Fellow of Merton College, and Linacre Professor of
Physiology, 1860-81. The Price consists of two years' income of a
fund of about .£'1200, and is to be given once in two years for original
research in any subject comprised under the following heads: Animal
and Vegetable Morphology, Physiology and Pathology, and Anthro-
pology, to be selected by the candidates themselves.

The Prize is open to such Members of the Universities of Oxford or
Cambridge as have not exceeded ten years from the date of their

The Vice-Chancellor, the Regius Professor of Medicine, the Linacre
Professor of Human and Comparative Anatomy, the Waynflete Pro-
fessor of Physiology, and the Sherardian Professor of Botany, are
Trustees of the Prize, and appoint the Judges, who may be either
Trustees, or Members of one of the two Universities of Oxford and
Cambridge not below the degree of M.A. or B.M.

Prize- Men.

f St. John's C
AYalter Gardiner, Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge

1888 William Bateson, Fellow of St Johnjs College, Cambridge I p n . i

Green Moral Philosophy Prize.

Thomas Hill Green, M.A., sometime Fellow of Balliol College, and
Whyte's Professor of Moral Philosophy, 1878-1882, by his will (proved
July 24, 1882) bequeathed to the University the sum of One Thousand
Pounds, and directed that the accumulated income should be applied
every third year as a prize for a dissertation on some subject relating
to Moral Philosophy, the subject being selected, and the prize awarded,
by "NY byte's Professor and the TVaynflete Professor of Moral and Meta-
physical Philosophy, and one other person of the degree of Master of
Arts, or any superior degree, to be elected for that purpose by the
Master and Fellows of Balliol College. He also directed that every
candidate for the prize should have been admitted to or qualified for
the degree of Master of Arts.

The bequest w 7 as not to take effect during the lifetime of the Testa-
tor's widow, but that lady having proposed to give an annual sum of
71 Adam Squire
1580 Edmund Lilly
1610 Robert Abbot
1617 John Parkhurst
1637 Thomas Lawrence
1648 George Bradshaw
1651 Henrv Savage
1672 Thomas Good
1678 John Venn

1687 Roger Mander
1706 John Ban hi

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Online LibraryUniversity of OxfordThe historical register of the University of Oxford, completed to the end of Trinity term, 1888. Part 1 → online text (page 19 of 24)