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1650 Daniel Greenwood, D.D., Principal of Brasenose

1652 John Owen, M.A., Dean of Ch. Ch.

1657 John Conant, D.D., Rector of Exeter

1660 Paul Hood, D.D., Rector of Lincoln

1661 Richard Baylie, D.D., President of St. John's, again

1662 Walter Blandford, D.D., Warden of Wadham
1664 Robert Say, D.D., Provost of Oriel

1666 John Fell," D.D., Dean of Ch. Ch., afterwards Bishop of Oxford

1669 Peter Mews, D.C.L., President of St. John's, afterwards Bishop of Bath and

Wells, and Winchester

1673 Ralph Bathurst, D.M., President of Trinity

1676 Henry Clerk, D.M., President of Magdalen

ltiTT John Nicholas, D.D., Warden of New College

1679 Timothy Halton, D.D., Provost of Queen's

1682 John Lloyd, D.D., Principal of Jesus

1685 Timothy Halton, D.D., Provost of Queen's, again

1686 John Venn, D.D., Master of Balliol

1687 Gilbert Ironside, D.D., Warden of Wadham
1689 Jonathan Edwards, D.D., Principal of Jesus
1692 Henry Aldrieh, D.D., Dean of Ch. Ch.
Ifi95 Fitzherbert Adams, D.D., Rector of Lincoln
1697 John Meare, D.D., Principal of Brasenose
l»iH8 William Paynter, D.D., Rector of Exeter
1700 Roger Mander, D.D., Master of Balliol

1702 William Delaune, D.D., President of St. John's

1706 William Lancaster, D.D., Provost of Queen's

1710 Thomas Brathwaite, D.C.L., Warden of New College

1712 Bernard Gardiner, D.C.L., Warden of All Souls, admitted April 1, Dr.

Braithwaite having been elected Warden of Winchester College

1715 John Baron, D.D., Master of Balliol

1718 Robert Shippen, D.D., Principal of Brasenose

1723 John Mather, D D., President of Corpus

1728 Edward Butler, D.C.L., President of Magdalen

1732 William Holmes, D.D., President of St. John's

1735 Stephen Niblett, D.D., Warden of All Souls

1738 Theophilus Leigh, D.D., Master of Balliol

1741 Walter Hodges, D.D., Provost of Oriel

1744 Euseby Isham, D.D., Rector of Lincoln

1747 John Purnell, D.D., Warden of New College

1750 John Browne, D.D., Master of University

1753 George Huddesford, D.D., President of Trinity

1756 Thomas Randolph, D.D., President of Corpus

1759 Joseph Browne, D.D., Provost of Queen's

1765 David Durell, D.D., Principal of Hertford

1768 Nathan Wetherell, D.D., Master of University

1772 Thomas Fothergill, D.D., Provost of Queen's

177* '> George Home, D.D., President of Magdalen

1780 Samuel Dennis, D.D., President of St. John's

1784 Joseph Chapman, D.D., President of Trinity

1788 John Cooke, D.D., President of Corpus

1792 John Wills, D.D., Warden of Wadham


1796 Scrope Berrlmore. D.D., Warden of Morton

1797 Edmund Isham, D.I)., Warden of All Souls

1798 Michael Marlow, D.D., President of St. John's
1802 Whittington Landon, D.D., Provost of Worcester

1806 Henry Richards, D.D., Rector of Exeter

1807 John Parsons, D.D., Master of Balliol
1810 John Cole, D.D., Rector of Exeter
1814 Thomas Lee, D.D., President of Trinity

1818 Frodsham Hodson, D.D., Principal of Brasenoso

1820 Georce William Hall, D.D., Master of Pembroke

1824 Richard Jenkvns, D.D., Master of Balliol

1828 John Collier Jones, D.D., Rector of Exeter

1832 George Rowley, D.D., Master of University

1836 Ashhurst Turner Gilbert, D.D., Principal of Brasencse

1840 Philip Wynter, D.D., President of St. John's

1844 Benjamin Parsons Symona, D.D., Warden of Wadham

1848 Frederick Charles Plumptre, D.D., Master of University

1852 Richard Lynch Cotton, D.D., Provost of Worcester

1856 David AVilliams, D.C.L., Warden of New College

1858 Francis Jeune, D.C.L., Master of Pembroke

1862 John Prideaux Lightfoot, D.D., Rector of Exeter

1866 Francis Knyvett Leighton, D.D., Warden of All Souls

1870 Henry George Liddell, D.D., Dean of Ch. Ch.

1874 James Edwards Sewell, D.D., Warden of New College

1878 Evan Evans, M.A.. Master of Pembroke, D.D.

1882 Benjamin Jowett, M.A., Master of Balliol

1886 Jame3 Bellamy, D.D., President of St. John'a.




The two Troctors of the University were elected anciently in
Convocation ; but, the elections having hccoine very tumultuous, the
method was changed by an ordinance of King Charles I, and from the
year 1629 the choice was made within the several Colleges according to
i cycle of twenty-three years, which lasted through ten revolutions.
In 1869 a new cycle of thirty years began, adapted to the then existing
condition of the Colleges, and comprising with them the Halls jointly.
In and after 1889 the Proctors will be elected by the Colleges and the
iirw foundation of Keble College singly, and the Non-Collegiate
Students and Private Halls jointly, in a cycle of simple rotation by
which an election will fall to each of the electing bodies once in eleven
years. The electors are at present all those members of the several
Societies who, being Members of Convocation, are also, or have at any
time been, Members of the Congregation of the University, and all those
Fellows and Scholars of a College who are Members of Convocation.
Any such elector may be elected to the office, provided he has com-
pleted four and has not completed fifteen years from his admission to
Eegency in Arts. The election is made on the Wednesday after the
first Sunday in Lent ; and on the second (or occasionally on the first)
Wednesday after Easter the new Proctors are admitted to their offices
in Convocation, and take their seats. They nominate each two Masters
of Arts, of three years' standing at the least, to be their respective
deputies or Pro-Proctors. Each Proctor receives an annual stipend of
.£350, each Pro-Proctor £80.

Proctors from the year 1267.

12G7 Roper de Plnmpton

Henry de Godfree, or Godestrey
1281 Eobert de Burgo

William de Coleshull
1286 Henry de Wylie, Merton

Eobert Marmiun
1288 John de la More, Merton

Edward Farney
1311 Thomas de Abendon, Merton

Eobert de Bridlyngton, Merton
1313 Thomas de Humbleton, Balliol

John de la Grave, Merton
1315 Richard Abell

William Barnaby, Merton

1322 William de Skelton, Merton
Simon de Yftele, or Eifley, Mert.

1323 William de Skelton, Merton,


John de Fenton
1325 William de Harryngton, Merton

Thomas de Bradwardyne, Merton
1327 Anthony Goldesburgh

Elias Walwayne
1331 Thomas de Eeading, Merton

William de Wytheton

1333 Edward de Wyke, Merton
John de Gotham, Merton
1340 Adam de Potthow, afterwards of
Eichard de Schrovesbury
1343 Michael de Hamptesford
* * * 4s

1346 John Lokes

William Ingestre

1348 Thomas de Stretford
Eobert de Ingram

1349 The same two

1350 Eoger de Aswardby, University
Eobert Frommund, Exeter

1355 John de MiddeltOn, Oriel
Nicholas de Eadyngs, Merton

1356 The same two

1357 John Josekyn, Merton
Alexander Ferebrvgge, Oriel

1358 William Deneby, Oriel
Eichard de Touworth, or Tone-
worth, Merton

1360 Eichard de Tone worth, Merton,
Eobert de Derby



1361 Simon Lambourne, Merton

.Tallies Staunton, Oriel
13(33 Richard Sutton, Merton

Walter Wandesford, Oriel
1364 Walter Wandesford, Oriel, again

AValter Remmesburv, Merton

1366 William Fereby, Balliol
Thomas Hulum, or Hulman,


1367 Adam Plumpton, Balliol
Robert Aylesliam, Merton

1368 Robert Aylesham, Merton, again
AV'illiam Fereby, Balliol, again

1372 Robert Hunderhull
Peter de Elande

1376 William Wakfeld

* * * *

1377 Thomas Lyndelow, Balliol
John Wendover, Merton

1379 John de Buritone

Richard Pester
1382 JohnHuntman

Walter Dissy, Uish, or Dash.Oriel

1392 John * * *
Robert Rowbery

1393 Stephen Brakkely

Richard de AVhelpyngdon, Mert.

1395 Robert Thurbury, or Thurburne,

New College
John Rote, or Roke, Oriel

1396 John Loke, Merton
Thomas Naffarton, University

1399 Robert Thurbury, or Thurburne,

New College, again ?
John Rote, or Roke, Oriel, again ?
Thomas Rodbome, Merton

1400 John Foster, or Forster
John Brampton

1401 John Foster, or Forster, again
Thomas Rodbome, Merton, again

1402 The same two

1403 Roger Whelpdale, Queen's
Thomas Lucas, Merton

1404 Edmund Orsoware
William Colthurst

1405 Thomas Martyn, Merton
John Castell, University

1406 Walter Logardyn, Merton
Adam Skelton, Queen's

1407 AVilliam Duffield, Merton
Richard Flemmyng, University

1408 Richard Collyng
Roger Gates, Merton

1409 Robert Adorn
Richard Baron, Merton

1410 Richard Collyng, again
Roger Orsoworth

1411 John Byreh, University
Benedict Brent, Exeter

1412 Gilbert Kymer, Durham
William Syniond, University

1413 The same two

1414 Robert Cammell
John Colun

1415 Henry Woochurch, or Wood-

church, Merton
Robert Dinkeley, University

1416 Robert Dinkeley, Univ., again
William Andrew, Exeter

1417 John Alrwarde, Exeter
Robert Tonge, University

1418 William Moulton, University
John Worthille, Balliol

1419 Richard Heth, or Heath
Richard Burneham

1420 Robert Morton, Oriel
Thomas Juster, Merton

1421 Robert Beaumont
John Hill

1422 Thomas Cotes

William Kyllyngmersh, Univ.

1423 John Bedminster, Oriel
Robert Thwayts, Balliol

1424 John Bedminster, again

Thos. Grenley, or Grenely, Oriel

1425 John Schireburne,orShireboume,

AVilliam Collyng

1426 Thomas Lysures
John Arundel, Exeter

1427 Henry Sewer, or Sever, Merton
Richard Babthorpe

1428 John AVygrim, Merton
Richard Babthorpe, again

1429 Richard Babthorpe, again
John Kvn?, or King

1430 Thomas Grant, Oriel
Thomas Eglesfield, Queen's

1431 AVilliam Tybart
AVilliam Brandon, Balliol

1432 AVilliam Brandon, again
John Halse, Exeter

1433 AVilliam Dowson, University
Roger Bulkeley

1434 Richard Tenant
Michael Tregory, Exeter

1435 John Spekyngton
Robert Multon

1436 AVm. Croten, or Crowton, Oriel,

now Principal of St. Mary Hall
John Kirkby

1437 John Kirkby, again
Thomas Kempe, [Merton]

1438 AVilliam Selby, New College
Robert Flemmyng, University

1439 William Orell
John AVilley

1440 John Segden, Principal of Staple

Richard Newbrygge, Merton

1441 AVilliam Saye, New College
John Killingworth, Merton

1442 Roger Grey. University
Thomas AValkington, New Coll.

1443 AVilliam Fraunces, Merton
John Tristrope, Lincoln

1444 Thomas Channdeler, New Coll.
John Tristrope, Lincoln, again



1 i i."i William Moreton, Ballio]
Thomas ( loppleston, Ehceter

I I 16 William Snanstoii. New College

William Lambton, Balliol
11 17 John Gygur, Merton

Walter Bate, Lincoln
ills John Baker, New College

lleiirv Meales

II c.t John Wode, Merton

William 1 taniel. University
1 150 Richard Luke, Balliol

Wolstan Browne. University

1461 William Ketill, Lincoln
Thomas Balsall, Merton

1 152 John Ekys, Magdalen

Thomas Reynolds, Exeter
William Moggya, or MogyB, Exe-
ter, vice Reynolds, wounded in
an affray between the scholars
of Peckwater's Inn and those of
St, Edward's Hall

1453 John Yonge, Merton
John Beymour, All Souls

1454 Thomas Beket
Robert Nonnan

1465 John Marshall, Merton

"Walter Windesore, Exeter

145(3 John Brether, All Souls
Robert Abdy, Balliol

1467 Thomas Wodehill

Thomas Bemysley, University

1458 Marten Joyner, New College
John Molineux, sometime of

Brasenose Hall

1459 Stephen Brereworth, All Souls
Thomas Lee, St. Edmund Hall

1460 Robert Ellyot, All Souls
Thomas Purveyor

14G1 John Morne, or Morer r New Coll.
John Thorpe, Lincoln

1462 Thomas Procter, All Souls
Richard Dobbvs

1463 Walter Hyll, New College
"William Corte, Balliol

1464 Thomas Pawnton, Lincoln
John Payntour, Merton

1465 Thomas Ganne, Lincoln
"William Whytwey, New College

1466 Thomas Procter, All Souls, again
William Appylby, Balliol

1467 Richard Bernard
William Sutton

1468 John Harrow, Exeter
Nicholas Langton, Lincoln

1469 Richard Mayew, New College
George Strange way es, or Strang-

wich, Lincoln

1470 William Brew, Exeter
Thomas Beston

1471 Nicholas Good, Magdalen
Richard Davis

1472 William Major, Exeter
John Acherley, All Souls

1473 Richard Fitzjames, Merton
John Nettylton

1 171 Richard Bradelegh, Exeter
Richard Estmonde

1175 William Bethum, Lincoln
Maurice Berthram, Bferton

1476 John Bettys, All Souls

William South worth, Balliol

1 177 Roger Hanley

Thomas Parmenter, Merton

1478 Geoffrey Simeon, New College
David Ireland, Magdalen

1479 Robert Gosbourne, Merton
John Forster, Dniversity

1480 Nicholas Balswell, All Souls
John .Martin, Magdalen

1481 William Porter, New College
Ralph Hamsterley, Merton

1482 Thomas Karvour, Magdalen
Ralph Stanhope, Exeter

1483 James Babbe, Exeter
Robert Lathys, Queen's

14S4 Richard Trappe, New College

William ( 'raft, or Croft, Magdalen

1485 *** Smith

* * * Inplysset

1486 Edmund Froweeter, Magdalen
Robert Arden, Merton

1487 John Hobille, New College
William Bokhyng

1488 John Husey, Magdalen
Peter Casely, Exeter

I-I89 William Hewster, Marrdalen
Robert Boorton, Merton

1490 John North, Magdalen
Robert Wykis, New College

1491 John Wythers, Magdalen
Thomas Hobbvs, All Souls

1492 John Davys, Merton
William Lambton

1493 John Jolliff, Exeter

Richard Bernyngham, or Barn-
ingham, Balliol

1494 Anthony Fisher, Magdalen
Robert Dale, Merton

1495 William Haeard, Magdalen
William Marbyll

1496 Rowland Philippe, Oriel
Thomas Crackinthorpe, Queen's

1497 Thomas Drax, Lincoln
Richard Sydnore, Magdalen

1498 Hugh Brusey, White Hall
John Lethome, University

1499 Hindi Brusey, aaain
Richard Halse, White Hall

1500 Edward Darby, Lincoln
Thomas Claydon, New College

1501 John Game, All Souls
William Dale

1502 Hugh Hawarden, Brasenose
John Matson, or Mackson, Mert.

1503 John Stokesley, Magdalen
Richard Dudley, Oriel

1504 Laurence Stubbs, Magdalen
Jolin Beverstone, Merton



1505 "William Patenson, or Batcnson,

John Goolde, Magdalen

1506 Edward Col yar, University
Richard Stokes, Magdalen

1507 John Lane, New College
William Thompson, University
Hugh Poole, All Souls, Senior

Regent, held this office pru tem-
pore, after the death of Thompson
Thomas Bentley, New College,
was elected soon afterwards

1508 Robert Carter, Magdalen
Rowland Messynger, Principal of

Little University Hall

1509 Thos. Heretage, or Eritage, Oriel
Richard Duck, or Doke, Exeter

1510 John Burges, or Burgeis, Magd.
John Hewys, Merton

1511 William Brooke, Oriel
Thomas Southeme

1512 Thomas Pulton, New College
Richard Symons, Merton

1513 Thomas Mede, Exeter
Thomas Hobson, University

1514 Leonard Hutchinson, Balliol
Thomas Ware, Oriel

1515 John Cottisford, or Cottysford,

William Fossey, All Souls

1516 Richard Walker, Merton
Edmund Grey, New College

1517 Thomas Irysh, Exeter
Thomas Musgrave, Merton

1518 John Stevyns,. Oriel
Roger Dyngley, All Souls

1519 Thomas Flower, Lincoln
Thomas Alyn, Brasenose

1520 John Booth, Brasenose
George Croftys, Oriel

1521 Henry Tyndall, Merton
John Wylde

1522 Thomas Canner, Magdalen
Richard Crispyne, Oriel

1523 Thomas Canner, Magd., again
Edmund Campion

1524 Edward Leighton, Cardinal Cell.
Philip Dale, or Bale, Exeter

1525 Anthony Sutton, Magdalen
John Tooker, late of Exeter, now

of Cardinal College

1526 Simon Ball, Merton

Thomas Byrton, late of Magdalen,
now of Cardinal College

1527 Arthur Cole, Magdalen
Richard Lorgan, Oriel

1528 John Belletory, Merton
"Walter Buckler, Cardinal College

1529 John Warner, All Souls
Thomas Duke, New College

1530 The same two

1531 John Pollard

George Cootes, Cotys, or Cotes,

1532 William Selwood, New College
William IVdvll, Merton, Princi-
pal of St. Alban Hall

1533 John Pekyns, Exeter
Owen Ogelthorpe, Magdalen

1534 Dunstan Lacy, Lincoln
John Howell, All Souls

John Pollet, or Pollard, vice Lacy

1535 Edmund Shethor, All Souls
John Pollet, or Pollard, again

1530 William Wetherton, All Souls
William Pye, Oriel

1537 Hugh Weston, Lincoln
Thomas Knight, New College

1538 Richard Arderne, Magdalen
Thomas Roberts, Oriel

1539 William Smith, Brasenose
John Stoyt, Merton

1540 Lewis Reynold, Magdalen
John Man, New College

1541 Roger Bromhall, or Bromholde r

New College
John Wyman, Magdalen

1542 John Estwyke, Merton
William Pye, Oriel, again

1543 The same two

1544 Nicholas Alambrygg, All Souls
William Smith, Brasenose, again

1545 John Stoyt, Merton, again
Simon Parret, or Perrot, Magd.

1546 John Smyth, Oriel

Simon Parret, or Perrot, Magd.,

1547 Edmund Crispyne, Oriel
Henry Baylie, New College

1548 John Redman, Magdalen
Thomas Symons, Merton

1549 Leonard Lyngham, Brasenose
Richard Hughes, Magdalen

1550 Roger Ellyot, All Souls
Thomas Fryade, New College

1551 AYilliani Martiall, Merton
Peter Rogers, Ch. Ch.

1552 Thomas Spencer, Ch. Ch.
Maurice Bullock, New College

1553 The same two

1554 Thomas Coveney, Magdalen
Christopher Hargreve, Lincoln

1555 William Northfolke, Oriel
James Gervays, or Gervys, Mert.

1556 Henry Wotton, Ch. Ch.
Thomas Davys, New College
William Allyn, Oriel, vice Wotton


1557 Francis Babington, All Souls
William Allyn, Oriel, again

1558 Alan Cope, Magdalen
Walter Bailey, New College

1559 John Daye, Magdalen

Edw. Bramborow, New College

1560 Robert Leech, Ch. ( 'h.
Thomas Scot, Trinity

1501 Oliver Wythington, Brasenose
Humphrey Hall, All Souls



1562 Roger Marbeck, Ch. Ch.

er Giffard, Merton
1663 Thomas Waller. Ch. Ch.
Roger Giirard, Merton, again

1564 Roger Marbeck, Ch. Ch., again

John Watkyiis, All Souls

1565 Thomas Garbrand, alias Herks,


John Merick, Now College
15G6 William Leech, Braaenoae

William Btocker, All Souls
1567 Adam Squire, Balliol

Henry Bust, Magdalen
I J James < hamock, Brasenose

Edmund Campian, St. John's
1569 .John Bereblock, Exeter

Thomas Bodlcy, Meiton
l"7i) Arthur Atye, Merton

Thomas Glasier, Ch. ( h.

1571 Anthony Blencowe, Oriel
Edmund Fleetwood, Merton

1572 The same two

1.373 John Tatham, Merton

Edmund Lilly, Magdalen

1074 John Bust, Ch. Ch.
Richard Barret, Oriel

1575 John UnderhilL, New College
Henry Savile, Merton

1576 The same two

1077 John Glover, Ch. Ch.

Thomas Dochen, Magdalen

1578 Ralph Smyth, Magdalen
Clement Colmer, Brasenose

1579 AVilliam Zouch, Ch. Ch.
Isaac Upton, Magdalen

1580 Robert Crayne, Balliol
Thomas Stone, Ch. Ch.

1581 Robert Crayne, Balliol, again
Richard Maddock, All Souls
Robert Beaumont, All Souls, vice

Maddock resigned

1582 Robert Cooke, Brasenose
John Browne, Ch. Ch.

1583 Thomas Levson, New College
Richard Eedes, Ch. Ch.

1584 Thomas Smith, Ch. Ch.
Richard Mercer, Exeter

1585 Thomas Singleton, Brasenose
John Bennet, Ch. Ch.

1586 William Watkinson, Ch. Ch.
Giles Thompson, All Souls

1.587 George Dale, Oriel

John Harmar, New College

1588 Thomas Ravys, Ch. Ch.
Matthew Gwynne, St. John's

1589 John Harding, Magdalen
John Kins, Ch. Ch.

1590 Jasper Colmer, Merton
John Eveleigh, Exeter

1591 Richard Braunche, Ch. Ch.
John Lloyd, New College

1592 Thomas Savile, Merton
Ralph Winwood, Magdalen
Richard Fisher, Merton, vice

Savile deceased

1593 William Aubrey, Ch. f h.
Richard Latewar, St. John's

1594 Henry Foster, Brasenose
Henry Cuflfe, Bferton

1595 Robert Tinley, Magdalen
William Pritchard, Ch. Ch.

159G Abel Cower, Oriel

Rowland Searchfield, St. John's
1597 John Parkhurst, Magdalen

Richard Trall'ord, Merton
15'. is Kdward < ■»■

Online LibraryUniversity of OxfordThe historical register of the University of Oxford, completed to the end of Trinity term, 1888. Part 1 → online text (page 3 of 24)