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The historical register of the University of Oxford, completed to the end of Trinity term, 1888. Part 1 online

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1689 William Cradock. Magdalen
Thomas Newey, Ch. Ch.

lG'.K) Francis Browne, Merton
Francis Bernard, St. John's

1G91 James Gwillym, Balliol

Christopher Wage, Corpus
Adam Lugg, B«alliol, elected
Junior Proctor on death of J.

1G92 William Walker, Oriel

Benjamin Browne, Brasenose

1(393 Roger Altham, Ch. Ch.
Richard Vesey, Magdalen

1694 Gabriel Barnaby, New College
Stephen Napleton, All Souls

1695 John Bagwell, Exeter
John Waugh, Queen's

1G9G Homy Edmonds, Trinity
William Baker, Wadham

1697 Charles Sloper, Pembroke
Griffin Davies, Jesus

1698 Edw. Lilly, St. John's
Robert Freind, Ch. Ch.

1G99 Richard Watkins, Magdalen
T. Mompesson, New College

1700 John Holland, Merton
William Thompson, Brasenose

1701 John Pelling, Ch. Ch.
Richard Coleire, All Souls

1702 John Cooke, Exeter
Edmund Perkes, Corpus

1703 Samuel Adams, Magdalen
John Eyans, Wadham

1704 Joseph Smith, Queen's
Thomas Smith, St. John's

1705 Brune Bickley, New College
Peter Foulkes, Ch. Ch.

1706 George Carter, Oriel
Edw. Crank, Trinity

1707 William Turton, Magdalen
Hemy Stephens, Merton

1708 James Smethurst, Brasenose
Thomas Stanley, Brasenose, vice

Smethurst, deceased
Thomas Terry, Ch. Ch.

1709 William Vesey, Lincoln
R. Adderley, All Souls

1710 William Denison, University
William Williams, Exeter

1711 William Bradshaw, New College
Thomas Girdler, Wadham

1712 Seth Eyre, Magdalen
W r illiam Periam, Ch. Ch.

1713 Edw. Morse, St. John's
Henry Byne, Merton

1714 Charles Gardiner, Corpus
Samuel Newte, Balliol

1715 William Deling, Oriel
Thomas Dod, Brasenose

1716 Charles Holt, Magdalen
John White, i h.< h.

1717 John Stead, All Souls

W. Beaumont, New College

1718 T. Troughear, Queen's
Robert Rogers, Exeter

1719 George Shepheard, Trinity
John Baker, Wadham

John Chandler, Wadham, vice
Baker deceased

1720 Robert Brynker, Jesus
Benjamin Slocock, Pembroke

1721 Henry Gregory, Ch. Ch.
William Holmes, St. John's

1722 Ralph Webb, Magdalen
Henrv Levitt, New College

1723 Richard Streat, Merton
Rob. Leyborne, Brasenose

1724 William Le Hunt, Ch. Ch.
Rob. Eyre, All Souls

1725 John Conybeare, Exeter
Barnaby Smith, Corpus

1726 George Newland, Magdalen
Philip Speke, Wadham

1727 John Borrett, Queen's
John Smith, St. John's

1728 Carew Reynell, New College
Robert M ana ton, Ch. Ch.

1729 George Huddesford, Trinity
John Woollin, Oriel

1730 Joseph Andrews, Magdalen
Thomas Robinson, Merton

1731 Thomas Foxley, Brasenose
Oliver Batteley, Ch. Ch.

1732 Richard Hutchins, Lincoln
William Wynne, All Souls

1733 Robert Eden, University
James Edgcumbe, Exeter

1734 John Cox, New College
William Thomas, Wadham

1735 William Wightwick, Magdalen
Bern. Dowdeswell, Ch. Ch.

1736 John Stevens, Merton
William Derham, St. John's

1737 Thomas Paget, Corpus
John Land, Balliol

1738 Edw. Trahern, Brasenose
Edw. Ravner, Oriel

1739 John Whitfield, Ch. Ch.
Peter Zinzan, Magdalen

1740 Richard Lydiatt, New College
Savage Tyndall, AJ1 Souls

1741 Francis Webber, Exeter
John Lowry, Queen's

1742 John Bruere, Trinity
George Costard, Wadham

1743 James Le Marchant, Jesus
John Collins, Pembroke

1744 Richard Hind, Ch. Ch.
John Lloyd, St. John's



1745 Thomas Waldegrave, Magdalen
Robert Speed, New College

1746 William Williamson, Merton
Thomas Cawley, Brasenose

1747 George Bingham, All Souls
Joseph Jane, Ch. Ch.

174S James Fortescue, Exeter
John Baker, ( Sorpus

1749 Thomas Townson, Magdalen
Prince Pead, Wadham

1750 Francifl Harrison, Queen's
William Cokayne, St. John's

1751 George Smith, New College
Samuel Dickens, Ch. Ch.

1752 Thomas Chapman, Trinity
Gilbert White, Oriel

1753 Christopher Robinson, Magdalen
Christopher Twynihoe, Merton

1754 Matthew Maddock, Brasenose
Edw. Small well, Ch. Ch.

1755 Hon. J. Tracy, All Souls
Charles Mortimer, Lincoln

1756 John Coulson, University
John Fowell, Exeter

1757 John Eyre, New College
Francis Lemoult, Wadham

1758 William Holwell, Ch. Ch.
George Home, Magdalen

1759 William Wright, Merton
George Austen, St. John's

1760 John Vivian, Balliol
Richard Skinner, Corpus

1761 Thomas Barker, Brasenose
Thomas Nowell, Oriel

1762 Ellis Jones, Ch. Ch.
Richard Scrope, Magdalen

1763 George James .Sale, New College
John Long, All Souls

1764 Thomas Nicholson, Queen's
George Stinton, Exeter

1765 William Huddesford, Trinity
George Smyth, Wadham

1766 Nathaniel Haines, Pembroke
James Bandinel, Jesus

1767 Francis Atterbury, Ch. Ch.
Samuel Vickers, St. John's

1768 Benjamin Wheeler, Magdalen
E. Whitmore, New College

1769 James Norman, Merton
Henry Mayer, Brasenose

1770 William Conybeare, Ch. Ch.
J. R. Hayward, All Souls

1771 John Russell, Corpus

C. Tirrel Morgan, Exeter

1772 Richard Chandler, Magdalen
James Foster, Wadham

1773 Edw. IVnvci bank, Queen's
R. D. Shackleford. St. John's

1774 Joshua Berkeley, Ch. Ch.
John Webber, New College

1775 Richard Head, Oriel
Joseph Chapman, Trinity

1776 Richard AVooddeson, Mapdalen
Scrope Berdmore, Merton



John Foley, Brasenose
Thomas Pettingal, Ch. Ch.
George Watkin, Lincoln
Joseph Ingram, All Souls
John Sarraude, Kxeter
Philip Fisher, Cniversity
W. Cooke, New College
Alexander Litchfield, Wadham
Charles Williams, Magdalen
John Randolph, Ch. Ch.
Thomas Hardcastle, Merton
.Tames Davenport, St. John's
Richard Prosser, Balliol
diaries Tahourdin, Corpus
William Stalman, Brasenose
Henry Beeke, Oriel
Martin J. Routh, Magdalen
Phineas Pett, Ch. Ch.
John Coker, New College
Hon. D. Finch, All Souls
Henry Smith, Queen's
Richard Vivian, Exeter
Edw. Whitley, Wadham
J. Bankes Moulding, Trinity
Thomas Phillips, Pembroke
Edward Morgan, Jesus
C. Buckeridge, St. John's
C. T. Barker, Ch. Ch.
Francis Whitcombe, Magdalen
Thomas Boys, New College
Thomas Wright, Brasenose
Robert Wall, Merton
Clement Cartwright, All Souls
Charles H. Hall, Ch. Ch.
William Filmer, Corpus
John Cole, Exeter
Henry Davis, Wadham
George Hutton, Magdalen
William Benson, Queen's
Thomas Whitfield, St. John's
William Blair, New College
George Illingworth, Ch. Ch.
James Landon, Oriel
James W. Alexander, Trinity
"William Cornish Ellis, Merton
Egerton Robert Neve, Merton,

vice Ellis, deceased
Samuel Perrott Parker, Merton,

vice Neve resigned
Thomas Butler, Magdalen
John Tench, Brasenose
William Wood, ( h. Ch.
G. F. Nott, All Souls
G. S. Faber, Lincoln
Edward Rodd, Exeter
Henry Wetherell, University
Brian Broughton, New College
Richard Michel 1, Wadham
Edward Ellerton, Magdalen
Fred. Barnes, Ch. ( li.
I'. Vaughan, Merton
T. Nov. 22. Sir William Whitlock, vice Finch now Lord Guernsey
1705 Sir William Whitlock, again

William Bromley, now* D.C.L., again
1708,1710,1713.1715 The same

171 1 1 > Sir William Hoathcote, Bart., again

Gathorne Hardy, M.A., Oriel, wee Gladstone.
1866 Right Hon. Gathorne Hardy, D.C.L., re-elected after accepting office
1868 Right Hon. Gathorne Hardy, again

Eight Hon. John Eobert Mowbray, M.A., late Student of Ch. Ch., D.C.I...
vice Heatheote.
1874 Jan. 31. The same two

Mar. 14. Right Hon. Gathorne Hardy, re-elerted after accepting office
1878 John Gilbert Talbot, M.A., Ch. Ch., D.C.L. vice Hardy, now Viscount

1880 Right Hon. John Robert Mowbbay (afterwards Sir J. R. Mowbray, Bart.)
John Gilbert Talbot

1885 The same two

1886 The same two.

The Chancellor's Court.

The Chancellor has jurisdiction in almost all causes, whether civil,
spiritual, or criminal, in which scholars or privileged persons resident
within the precinct of the University are parties. For the exercise of
it a Court is holden every Friday during Term in the Apodyterium of
the Convocation House, in which the Vice-Chancellor is the presiding
Judge, and the two Proctors of the University may, if they please, sit
as assessors. But for the better despatch of business the V ice-Chan-
cellor appoints some Doctor or Bachelor of Civil Law to sit with him as
ASSESSOR and to act as Judge for him in his absence. The annual
stipend of such Assessor is ,£40. The practice of the Court in all cases
used to be nearly the same as the practice of the Court of Admiralty :
but by new Rules, made in pursuance of the Act 25 and 26 Vict. c. 26.
s. 12, the form of procedure in civil cases, since March 1, 1865, very
much resembles the form in County Courts. Appeals from it may be
made, first to the House of Congregation, then to the House of Convo-
cation, (for which purpose Delegates to hear appeals are annually
appointed in each House,) and finally, if the three judgments differ, to
the Queen in Chancery.

The Registear of the Court is appointed by the Chancellor.
He must be a Master of Arts or a Bachelor of Civil Law. Besides the


duty of registering the several Acts and Orders of the Court, it is part
of his office to attend at and to record the admissions of Principals to
the several Halls, and to perform all manner of business, whether of
contentious or voluntary jurisdiction, arising from the authority of thu

Proctors ad lites, three in number at the least, who must he
Masters of Arts or Bachelors of Civil Law, or else either Barristers r
Solicitors, are appointed and admitted by the Vice-Chancellor to
practise in the Court.

Assessors from the year 1626.

1626 Richard Zouch, D.C.L., Fellow of New College; Regius Professor of Civil

Law; Principal of St. Alban Hall
1634 Giles Sweit, D.C.L., Regius Professor of Civil Law; Principal of St Alban

1662 Leoline Jenkins, D.C.L., Principal of Jesus; Burgess
1667 Henrv Deane, D.C.L., Fellow of New College
1670 Joseph Taylor, D.C.L., St. John's
1676 Thomas Bouchier, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls; Regius Professor of Civil

Law; Principal of St. Alban Hall
1680 Charles Perrott, D.C.L., Fellow of St. John's ; Burgess
1693 George Gardiner, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls
1706 Thomas AVood, D.C.L., Fellow of New College
1710 James Bouchier, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls ; Regius Professor of Civil Law ;

Principal of St. Alban Hall
1748 Henry Brooke, D.C.L., Fellow of New College ; Regius Professor of Civil

1753 William Blackstone, D.C.L. ; Fellow of All Souls; Vinerian Professor of

Common Law; Principal of New Inn Hall
1760 Robert Chambers, B.C.L., Fellow of University and Vinerian Professor of

Common Law; Principal of New Inn Hall
1773 John Cox, B.C.L., St. Mary Hall
1798 George Lethicullier Schoen, D.C.L. , St. John's

1801 James Blackstone, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls ; Principal of New Inn Hall
1812 John David Macbride, D.C.L., sometime Fellow of Exeter ; Principal of

Magdalen Hall, and Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic
1840 John Robert Kenyon, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls ; Vinerian Professor of

Common Law
1859 Mountague Bernard, B.C.L., All Souls, Chichele Professor of International

Law and Diplomacy ; D.C.L.
1871 Arthur Robarts Adams, D.C.L., Fellow of St. John's

1876 Thomas Erskine Holland, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls ; Chichele Pro-
fessor of International Law and Diplomacy.

The Public Orator.

The office of Public Orator was first permanently established in 1564,
the previous custom being that the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor
selected some fit person on each occasion to perform the duties attached
to it. It is his business to write letters and addresses and to make
orations in the name of the University upon public occasions, to present
those on whom the honorary degree of Master of Arts is to be conferred,
and to deliver the annual Creweian Oration alternately with the Pro-
fessor of Poetry. He is one of those appointed to adjudge several of


the University Prizes. He must be a Member of Convocation, and is
elected by that body. The stipend originally assigned to the office was
a yearly pension of twenty imblos, X'C, 1.5s. 4

Online LibraryUniversity of OxfordThe historical register of the University of Oxford, completed to the end of Trinity term, 1888. Part 1 → online text (page 4 of 24)