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under F. Bies, 1836^28. ...._._.._ ;• ^:ug-
land, I'&iB. Again went to Germany and
studied under Bies. Conductor at Princess's
The«tie. London ; also at Manchester. He
died at London, Apnl 5, 1865.

WofflKS. — Opems: Momrjahed, Jnly, 1834;


Dice of Death (Oxenford), 1833 : Xight Dan-
cer^ Princess Theatre, 1846 ; Puck, a ballad
opera ; Sultan, dramatic piece ; Young Guiaid,
1848 ; Island of Calypso, a masque, 1>31 ;
Raymond and Agnes, Manchester, 18^ ;
Francis the First, 1838 (compilation) ; Forest-
ers : or , Twenty-fire jeaxs since ; Deer Stalkers,
Scottish opera; Beggar's Opera, rev:>evi.
SeiectiiHi of Songs, in 3 boiAs. Dr. VTiit-.'s
Divine and Moral Songs. Sacred Son^ and
Ballads, Poetry by D. Ryan. Imj^oved and
Select Psalmody. Divine Harmony. Twelve
Sacred Songs. Instructions and Exercises
on the prind^es and practice of the art of
Singing (Ashdown), n.d. Siamgs amd BaUads :
Afloat on the Ocean : Arnold the Armourer ;
Bare-footed Friar ; Brave old oak ; Come to
the glen ; Columbus ; Come blushing May :
Deep-sea Fisher ; Forester's Bride ; Hermit :
Ivy tree ; I love these merry festive times ;
FU weave a sweet gariand; My harp is strung
for thee ; My own loved home ; Martin, the
man of arms ; O here's to the hoUy ; Oh, the
merry days: Outlaw: O speed my bade;
Philip the Falconer ; Rhine song ; Sweet
girls of Frin ; Stars of the flowers ; Thou art
gone to the grave : The song of the water
king ; The village mill ; Wake, my love ;
Where is my loved one ? Part-songs, hymns.
and pf. Twinigiirf^

Loder, George, cousin of E. J. Loder,
composer and singer, bom at Bath, in 1816 :
died at Adelaide, Australia, ivdy 15, 1866.
Comjpkd "The Old House at Home," mc-
sical entertainment ; numerous son^s ; sym-
phonies ; pL muiac, etc

Loder, Joim David, violinist and vrriter.
bom 17sSS : di€d February 13, 1846. Auth"-r
9f the " The Modem Art of Bowing essenx^-
aed, with exercises in the major and minor
scalee," Lxsndon, n.d. ; Yiolin School, n.d. :
Woiks for Violin.

Loder^s violin school is one of the most
popular among re<?<enl productions of that

Loder, John Fawcett, violinist and
comLposer, son of above, bom at Bath, liS12.
Teacher and concert-director at Bath. Leader
of orchestra and teacher in London. He died
in London, April 16, 1853.

Lodtt", Kate Fanny, pianist and com-
poser, bom at Batb, August 21, 1836, only
laughter of Geoige and Fanny Loder. Her
musical talent was manifost at a very early
age. and when six years old she was placed
under a liliss Batterbuzy. She was then
placed with Hemiy Field, and in 1S38 entered
the R.A-M- Her teachers were Mrs. Ander-
son and Charles Luca&. Eiected King's
Scholar, 1839; re-elected 1841. On leaving
the Academy in 1844, she was elected Pro-
fessor of Harmony. She appeared at cmcerts,
Bath, in 1840: 'played at Mrs.. Anderson's


Tj 1/-




eaaeext, ut Her Ibjesfj's Ibesllze, Maj 31,
IMl, wJbeo MotdelaBolin was pteeent io hear
her lendenjng of tnno moveaieaSs from, his
fiist oooeerttia. JFlxst appeared at the Phil-
harmooie Cooeerte, Maich 15, IMT, as soiliHstt;
in Weber's eoneetto in £1 flalt; and piajed
f or the lastr time in poUie aA the sanie, llazeh
6, l^i, lIieiBdelsB(rfin''s cooeerto in D wnSmiwr.
On Deeember Ifi, ISal, she was marrmi to
the eminemt. smgjeom {^1$ Hemj Thompetm.

Rhgfinmrimmatl h^r-gmmntfn'»iam wiigii frJh»«» B. A "U

for some jeazs afiter her iettiieinent> from tins
eoDcezt pilatinnni Her wads imriiiMiB am
<^eca, L^'Elisir d' Amoce ; an otcrtnie ; two
stzine qoaztets; a trio for pL and BfcriinpB;
sonatas for p£^ and p£. and vkdin; piieees&x-
vifriin; p£. pieoes, etc

Ijogaia, Edaaoad, amatoor nuosiesan an£

fate plajer. bom aho<it'l<iiMl; diedEdinboigL
^anoazT S^ 13S». He was a viiter to the
SigD'^s im EdinboE^a, amid aarted as miosseal
cnsie nnh ^ihe Sexxexmaam ior man j jeais.

LOSVB, Tftllli liM, amatetmr -vioiltinisti and
ocHnposer, was bum in Aji^saxei, afaooft 1745.
He was a major in the amay, and is ehaE#y
notalde as a Mend ci Bwssses due poet^ who
addjressed an " EpsstJle '^ &> him beginning
"Hail, shaiiim - inspEdn' ratftlin'' WllUlJie.'"
3.r: aampaeed TarBovs dances, etCL, eontairaed
in John HaM's eoIJbeSaoo. and ^tewlkEKe.

Ldhr, Frederick NickoUs^ enKnaposEz;
pianiftt, and condncsor, was ikhxi at Xorwieh,
in Janoarf . ISM. He was a pisfsk aS. Or. Z.
Bod. He sESsled in PtjmooiSh as a ittpo^r-ht^
and csmce^-jgiTex, and beeanse os^nist of
3berK€JII Oioipel, and eondnoiffiS' o£ ti» PI j-
mollis Vocal AseoeiatiiiMB. He daed at. P^-
moath. DeoEmiier USth, 1®^ Hs eompoeed
FaiTy I'liaae, a «^giifc»ttait, Sor tzsMe 'traces;
Co ^mirj song^ in' the cMMi^m's i»a«ir ; SeSooicd
son§s ; Orehestial and p£. moffiie. etc

Lohr, mckaid Harv)^, cHnnpaesr, pi-
anist, and oiganiet., hmn at; LeacestEr, Jnne
13^ 1856. SoQ of Geo. Ang. U^nz, mazay jears
<Hganist <o£ St- 3ilai;gazett.'£, LiraeEsttien Eldm-
cated at home, and later at tiue B~A3L, under
SoUivan, Proot^ and W. H. Holmes. Won
the Locas w»«^l fior eoanporatMin twice —
1877.^ PotS€? Exhiliitknaer and SantJIej
PruD^Kdder, 1?7>- -A-R.A M AESooafte Fbil-
hamrafflmiic Sccier^ and Member of tihe Bojvl
Societhr m. Mio^oans. Has actied as orguiisk
stnee die age of ten. and aft present; holds
office at St. James's, Maijlebone (Ber. H. B.
Haweis)*. In 1SS2, b^gan giving eoraeeits in
T.*»wiffln„ and chamber eoneerts in XjeieesBor :
and is in greas reqiaest as aeeorapanist; anc
as a tieaidier.

WoBss. — OratxRio, Th& Queen of Sheba.
selection performed St^ James% llarrlebone.
Bee. la, ia9&. Antdiems: Thej that go dowiL
fbv soprano solo, efaoxas, and onhestza, 1£@S| ;

God. who nstadssn eanua aini/i htubT&i - Watc^
ing. pcaptng. waittine, ■"■^ olhea. Maonng
and eraning service in C,apL 12; OoonnnmiaB
sercioe in A minor. A Bolder xaid, **wr^ is

with orehestzm ([[email protected]), and other paxi«aii^L
Album of ten sangB,apLlfii,etie^ etc Qnaitelb

in £minoc;op. lS,pC.and shriingy (piodneed
at a eoneert g^ven hf the eoBapaea:. Jane,
Wm; poMished WSOJi;, Ballade in G, op. 3,

Ti-olonoellb and p£. ; Don cnmifeeEttantti, opu 13^
pL and litdonoeUo; Caprice, in G, op. 11,

CaTaAina in B flat;, opu M, vidlin and pC. Hm
Window, tp«eiv« paeces, op. T, and ofdber eoin-

pue^ta>!HD£ &xr pL Scales and axp^g^os, spad-
alllj adapted Sor examinations. Amthnr of
L(t^''s Primer, eateehiain of the BndimentB
of mmiae, Ljondon, Tjnras. W^kc, and Go.,
13S^: "PirmripBa of wnmCTr',, a. eompiete "PTpla
\ d the nradmnnngitB of. mmtae^ e^tic, I<<im-
7«£}rtth,ia90. Editor of London chant)
utoak, IS^

LiMBas^ George, ogg^ammBlfi and eompoiBet;,
bomni at; Kich HmM, Bafltionii, Nonscfflnber 30^
imi. HJB staidied under Stti^^afll, Stenndbsle
Benneitt;, and J. F. BrsdgeL He acted as
and at) Kmimanim?]! Chnodi, Bariow lEoac
He gradnatad Mns. Bac in WH^^. He died
October, 1®, W&i. Composer of »»»iii»3in". for
the chnich, the hjmn tniiue '" Smbanaaaon,'"
etCL Son^ "^ TkSoe me to thj heaUt;, dear
maiden'" iPiaiesBBOg: BlaeSoeJ), erasBpoeed es-
pressiy Sar MadamriKe Marie Bisbe.

Lamg, SaoBael, o^gaiustandcKHnpoeeroC
latt^- part; of last centiiunr. Amxifm^ tuther
w^OKfts be pnMirftied '"Fomr leseons and two
TOJlraratarieE for the haipsachoid or <i»^an,''
Lomd: ' "1 " ^ "Where'er jo«b tread,"' prize
gjlee, '-' ■' ^- ?i the @sd <rf hnv^'^ ^ee;

Pcalliimg im Baiejf s eoUledtaiiHm, e&c

T. K., eompiiissr, bocn at;
IT'Qi&sMjre, 1€33. He was a iseaeiiter
andeondiaettor. IMed at; F ' ~ '' - rzistl^

1'^^ CoBnpoeer <^ a nwiL . - r.i "ariith

nu^c. Each as AMrt jiinAm,, Saniel,

David, ESijah, 3tL I. i asshex: Twai

bram in l^SB. He studied imnder iiokm 'Wss.-
sgKL, and HnsL appeared '' ~" - rp's opeia*
"'Hienii Qoatre,'" in M'- ::.- sang at;

nomeroos concerts. Oie£ ^i. I^I>5<.

I amgl k mrst , WniiaiB Henry, organia*

and composer, bom at;- Laanbeth, Octiober 6,

'*-* ' '' i^anhe was two ipeais old hispajncznts

~ide at Caniterbaiij, and in IBM^ iite

ited a chorister in ^be rhriiK»>iiml

T vs/? appoontied as^stant; osganisit,

choristeis, and laj-dksk ; and

nied T. EL Jones as cathfdjal

. -O.., 19G5: M-Q&. l>Qie.,Gant!Bar,

.^~^ . :fS6. MiQ^eal Lectaarer aii>

St-A -




Works. — Oratorio, David and Absolom,
produced, Canterbury, January 10, 1872 ;
The Village Fair, an Alpine Idyll (words by
Jetty Vogel), Canterbury, February 6, 1882.
■Cathedral service in E ; Benedicite in E ;
chants, etc. Anthems: Blessed is he; Grant
to us, Lord ; Great is the Lord ; The Lord is
my strength, and others. Editor of A Collec-
tion of Anthems, as performed at Canterbury
Cathedral [1845J. Andante piacevole and
Tarantella, violin and pf., songs, etc.

Loosemore, George, organist and com-
poser, who flourished in the 17th century.
Mus. Bac, Cantab. Chorister in King's
College, Cambridge, 1660. Organist of Trinity
College, 1660. Doc. Mus., Cantab., 1665.
Composed Anthems, mostly preserved in MS.

Loosemore, Henry, organist and com-
poser, father of the above, was a chorister at
Cambridge. Organist of King's College,
Cambridge. ]\Ius. Bac, Cantab., 1640. Org-
anist of Exeter Cathedral, 1660. He died in
1670. Composer of service and anthems.

His brother, John (1613— April 8, 1681),
was an organ-builder, and built the organ of
Exeter Cathedral, etc.

Lorimer, John, amateur composer and
artist, was born at Paisley, on June 9, 1812.
He was an artist and poet, and resided chiefly
in Paisley, where he died, on October 13, 1878.
He composed a number of psalm tunes, "Crook-
ston," etc., and several humorous songs, the best
known being " I'm ower auld to marry noo."

Lott, Edwin Matthew, organist and
composer, born at St. Helier, Jersey, Janu-
ary 31, 1836. When ten years of age he was
organist of St. Matthew's Church, and held
in succession several similar appointments in
Jersey. Studied under W. T. Best, 1851-2;
F.C.O., 1865. Organist of St. Clement Danes,
and other churches in London, 1860-4 ; re-
turned to Jersey in 1865, and was professor of
music in Victoria College, and bandmaster of
three regiments. Re-appointed organist of St.
Peter's, Bayswater, 1870 ; organist of St. Ethel-
burga,Bishopsgate,1880;andof St. Sei^ulchre's,
Holborn, 1883 to the present time. ]\Ir. Lott
has been professor and examiner. Trinity Col-
lege, London ; principal of IMusical Interna-
tional College; was made Mus. Doc, honoris
■causa, Trinity College, Toronto; examiner for
the same ; and in 1891 appointed to the chair
of music He has written a cantata, " Thus
saith the Lord, heaven is my throne " ; church
services, anthems, etc " Into the silent land";
" The Fairy wedding," and other songs. Son-
ata in F ; Bourrc^e ; Minuet ; Fifty -five finger
inventions in all keys, for pf., with about 300
pieces for that instrument. Organ pieces in
various styles. He is author of a Pianoforte
Catechism ; Harmony Catechism ; and a Dic-
tionary of Musical Terms, all of which have
passed through several editions.


Lott, John Browning, organist and con-
ductor, was a chorister at Canterbury Cathe-
dral under Dr. Longhurst, and afterwards
organist successively at the churches of St.
Dunstau and St. Paul in that city. The last
he left to become assistant organist at the
cathedral. He went next to the parish Church,
Margate, and while there graduated Mus. Bac,
Oxford, 1876. In 1881 he was appointed or-
ganist and master of the choristers at Lich-
field Cathedral. He conducts the Diocesan
Choral Festivals, and is the founder and con-
ductor of the Lichfield IMusical Society, which
has done important service to music in the

Love, James, conductor, organist, and
author, born at Dundee, January 1, 1858. He
has been organist of High Church, Falkirk
since 1878, and has for many years acted as
condutjtor of the Falkirk and Vale of Leven
Choral Societies. Author of " Scottish Church
Music, its composers and sources," Edinburgh,
1891, a work of much value and accuracy
which is particularly strong in its biographi-
cal details.

Lover, Samuel, poet, painter, novelist,
and composer, was born at Dublin, February
24, 1797 ; died at Jersey, July 6, 1868.

Works. — Various Novels. Songs and Bal-
lads, London, 1859. Miisic to the following
plays: Rory O'More (based on his novel) 1837;
White Horseof the Peppers, 1838 ; Happy man,
1839 ; Green Boy, 1840 ; II Paddy Whack in
Italia, 1841; MacCarthy More, 1861. Songs:
A leaf that reminds me of thee; Angel's whis-
per ; Birth of St. Patrick ; Bowld Soger Boy ;
Fairy Boy; Fairy Tempter; Fisherman; For-
give but don't forget; Four leaved Shamrock ;
Hour before day ; I leave you to guess ; Irish
mule driver; Land of the west; Letter (the);
Low backed car ; May dew ; Molly Bawu ;
Molly Carew; My Mother dear; Rory O'More ;
Saint Kevin ; True love can ne'er forget ; 'Twas
the day of the feast ; Can you ever forget ; Dove
song ; Fisherman's daughter ; I can ne'er for-
get thee ; Kathleen and the Swallows ; Lady
mine ; Slacarthy's grave ; watch you well ;
Rose, zephyr, and dewdrop ; Sally ; Say not
my heart is cold ; That rogue Riley ; Voice
within ; Whistling thief ; Widow Machree.

Many of Lover's songs have passed into the
Irish national repertory, the "Angel's Whis-
per," " The Letter," " What will you do love ? "
and "The Fairy Tempter," being among the
best known.

Lowe, C. Egerton, pianist and writer of
present time. Studied at Leipzig Conserva-
torium. Has published Six Album leaves for
violin and pf., and is author of a Chronological
Cyclopaedia of Musicians and Musical Events,
London, Weekes, 1896.

Lowe or Low, Edward, organist and
composer, was born at Salisbury [1615] . He




was a chorister in Salisbury Cathedral, under
Holmes. Organist of Christ Church, Oxford,
1630. Organist of Chapel Royal, lfi60. Chora-
gus and professor of music, Oxford, 1661-82.
He died at Oxford, July 11, 1682.

WuRKS. — A short direction for the per-
formance of Cathedrale service, etc., Oxford,
1661. Anthems, etc.

Lowe, Joseph, composer and dancing-
master, born at ;^Iarykirk, Kincardineshire,
in 1797. Son of John Lowe, a dancing-master
and composer there. He resided at Brechin,
Inverness, etc., and finally settled in Edin-
burgh, where he died on July 12, 1866. He
issued a "Collection of reels, strathspeys,
jigs, etc.," Edinburgh, n.d. [c. 184.5], and
" Royal collection of reels, strathspeys, etc.,"
Edinburgh, n.d.

Lowe, Thomas, tenor singer, was born
early in the 18th century. JJebtit, Drury
Lane Theatre, September 11, 1748. Sang in
Arue's "As you like it"; Handel's oratorios,
etc. Appeared at Vauxhall, 1745. Manager
of ]\Iaryleboiie Gardens, 1763-68. Sang at
Sadler's Wells, 1772. He died on ^larch 1,

Lowthian, Caroline, Mrs. Cybil A.
Peescott, is the composer of a number of
songs. Sunshine, etc. Also a Bourree ; Dance
de Ballet, and other pieces for pf.

Luard=SeIby, see Selby.

Lucas, Charles, composer, organist, and
conductor, was born at Salisbury, July 28,
1808. Chorister in Salisburv Cathedral, under
Corfe, 1815-23. Pupil at R.A.M., under
Lindley and Crotch. 1828 - 30. Member
of Queen Adelaide's private band. Conductor
at R.A.M., 1832. Organist of Hanover Cha-
pel, Regent Street, 1839. He was occasion-
ally conductor of the Ancient Concerts in
1840-43. Principal 'cello at opera, and pro-
vincial Festivals, etc. ^Member of firm of
Addison, Hollier, and Lucas, music-publishers,
1856-65. Principal of R.A.M., 1859-66. He
was married to Miss Helen Taylor, the soprano
vocalist ; who died at London, March 8, 1866.
He died at London, March 23, 1869.

Works. — The Regicide, opera; Three sym-
phonies ; Overtures ; Violoncello concerto,
etc. Anthems : Blessed be the Lord ; Sing,
heavens ; Hosanna ; O Lord, open thou ;
O God, the strength ; thou that dwellest.
Magnificat, four voices, in canon, Gresham
prize, 1836. Hail to the new-born Spring,
glee. Ah, fading joy, madrigal. Songs :
Clouds from out the sky are driven ; Home-
ward thoughts ; Poet's consolation. String
quartets, unfinished operas, etc.

Lucas, Clarence, composer, born in Can-
ada, 1866, studied at the Conservatoire,
Paris, under Theodore Dubois. He has pub-
lished a number of pieces for pf., and is the
•composer of the operas, " Anne Hathaway "


and " The ]\Ioney Spider," the last produced
at the Matinee Theatre, Easter IMonday, 1897.
Lucome, Emma, sec s«6. Reeves, J. Siiis.
Ludwig, William, bass vocalist, born in
Dublin. For many years associated with
English opera comiDanies. Toured with Carl
Rosa's company in the spring of 1876 ; with
the Blanche Cole company in 1879 ; and took
the part of Vanderdecken in the " Flying
Dutchman " in Mr. J. W. Turner's company
in Birmingham. He was in America for
some time from 1886, joining the American
Opera Company in New York, Chicago, etc.
He has sung in concerts and operatic recitals
at the Crystal Palace and elsewhere ; and in
1896 rejoined the Carl Rosa compauj', creating
the part of Hans Sachs in " The IMeister-
singers," at ^Manchester, April 16. Also ap-
pearing at the Garrick Theatre, London,
January, 1897.

Lukis, Rev. William C, author of "An
Account of Church Bells," London, 1857.
I Lumley, Benjamin, writer and operatic
I manager, was born in 1812. He was brought
up to law, and became solicitor in 1832.
Manager of Drury Lane Theatre, 1841-52
i and 1856-58. He died at London, March 17,
j 1875. Lumley produced a number of operas
; by Donizetti, Verdi, Costa, Hale\y, etc., and
I among the singers who appeared under his
I management may be named Lind, Cruvelli,
Johanna Wagner, Piccolomini, Tietjens, Giu-
glini, Ronconi, etc. He wrote a work en-
titled, " Reminiscences of the Opera," Lond.,
1864, with portrait.

Lunn, Charles, writer and teacher of
singing, born at Birmingham, January 5,
1838. Brother of Rev. J. R. Lunn {q.v.).
Studied in Italy under Cattaneo, Sangiovanni
and Vizone, from 1860. In 1864-5, sang, with
success, at Worcester, Cheltenham, etc. In
1867, gave up public singing and devoted
himself to voice training, settling in Bir-
mingham. The result of his work was shown
in the concerts given for many years in the
Town Hall and other places, when large
numbers of pupils sang. He began about
this time a series of articles in The Orchestra ;
and, in 1873, contributed to The Medical
Press and Circular. His principal work,
" The Philosophy of Voice," appeared in
1874, and reached its 8th edition in 1896.
In 1880, he published a sequel to it, " Vox
Populi." He has frequently lectured on the
voice, in Birmingham, London, etc., and
published a number of pamphlets — Roots of
Musical Art ; Vocal Exijressiou ; Conserva-
tion and Restoration ; The Artistic Voice ;
The Voice and its Training ; The Ascent of
Parnassus: or the Teaching of the Future,
etc. In 1895 Mr. Lunn removed to London,
where he continues his teaching. He is a
frequent coutributer to the musical press.




Lunn, Henry Charles, critic, pianist
and composer, born in London, in 1817. Son
of Joseph Lunn, Assistant-Commissary of the
Field Train Department of the Ordnance.
He entered the R.A.INL in 1835, remaining
until 1843, studying under ]\Iudie, W. S.
Bennett, and Cipriani Potter. Elected Asso-
ciate, then Fellow. Was also professor,
member of the Committee of Management,
and Director, retiring in 1887. From 1863
to 1887 he was editor of the Musical Times,
to which he contributed many articles, besides
notices of the provii'cial festivals. He
married, December 28, 1848, Miss Mary Anne
Lincoln, younger sister of Henry J. Lincoln
{q.v.). From 1887 he lived in retirement, and
died, January 23, 1894.

Works. — A descriptive essay on the patent
Clavic attachment, invented by Robert Brooks,
junior, showing its importance in facilitating
performance on the violin, 1845 ; Musings of
a musician, a series of popular sketches
(appeared in the Musical M orld, 1845), Lon-
don, Simpkin, ^Marshall & Co., 1846, several
editions ; The elements of IMusic systematic-
ally explained, Jefferys, 1849. Compositions
for orchestra ; songs, and pf. pieces.

Lunn, Rev. John Robert, clergyman
and composer, born at Cleeve Prior, Worces-
ter, March 8, 1831. His father removing to
Birmingham in 1834, the son began receiving
instruction in organ playing from G, Hollins
in 1835, and piano lessons from W. H. Shar-
man in 1836. He opened an organ at Cleeve
Prior in 1838, and generally displayed remark-
able musical talent. Educated at King
Edward VI. Grammar School ; was organist
of Edgbaston Parish Church, 1846-7. Heard
first performance of " Elijah," and that given
in April, 1847, when he wrote down the music
of " Cast thy burden " as it was being sung,
and received a letter of commendation from
Mendelssohn, perhaps the last he penned in
England. Entered Cambridge L'niversitj',
1849, gaining various scholarships. Grad-
uated B.A. (fourth wrangler) 1853 ; M.A.,
1856. Ordained Deacon, 1855; Priest, 18.56.
Was Fellow, and Sadlerian Lecturer, St.
John's College ; Sometime President of the
University Musical Society, and frequently
appearing as pianist at the concerts, intro-
ducing Schumann's Concerto, March, 1862,
its first performance by an Englishman.
Appointed vicar of Marton-cum-Grafton,
Yorks., 1863. At the consecration of the new
church, January 11, 1876, Schubert's Mass
in F was performed, probably for the first
time in an Anglican church {vide Joseph
Short). Has given lectures on musical sub-
jects in several places, and also pianoforte
recitals, doing much to make known the
works of J. S. Bach.

Works. — Oratorio, St. Paulinus of York


(1892, MS.) ; Two Motets, for two choirs and
organ ; Motet, Heaven is my throne, eight-
part chorus (MS.) ; Service in E, for Holy
Eucharist, King's Chapel, Cambridge, Novem-
ber 1, 1861, published. Te Deum and
Benedictus in E, for two choirs and organ,
Cambridge, 1862. Priest's part for Aylward's
Responses ; Hymn tunes, etc. Arrangements
for pf., 4 hands and harmonium, of Bennett's
Woman of Samaria, and other works ; Organ
arrangements, etc. Contributions to Smith's
Dictionary of Christian Antiquity, Church
Times, etc. Memoir of Caleb Parnham,
Rector of Ufford, Surtees Society, 1880.

Lunn, William Arthur Brown, mu-
sician, author of " The Sequential System of
Musical Notation," London, 1844. Five
editions to 1871. This was published under
the pseudonym of Arthur Wallbridgc. He
died in London, April 4, 1879.

Lupo, Thomas, violinist and composer,
who flourished in the reign of James I. He
composed masques, anthems, madrigals,
songs in contemporary collections, and con-
tributed to Leighton's " Teares." His father,
Thomas Lupo, was a member of Queen
Elizabeth's Band, 1579, and was also a

Lupton, Rev. James, composer and
tenor vocalist, was born in York, 1799, and
died at London, December 21, 1873. Chor-
ister, York IMinster. Ordained, 1824 ; and
in 1829 appointed minor canon of St. Paul's,
and of W^estminster Abbey. He did much to
improve the status of the vicars-choral. He
composed church and secular vocal music.

Lyall, Charles, tenor vocalist, was a
member of the Carl Rosa Opera Company,
from 1875, for a number of years, taking light
comed}' parts. He also sang in the Royal
English Opera Company, 1883, etc. He is,
perhaps, better known as a caricaturist, and
his cartoons in the Musical World, Musical
Herald, and other papers, have afforded much

Lyle, Qeorge Edwin, organist of Sher-
borne Abbev, is the composer of the cantatas,
"Nina," Sherborne, 1884; "Enoch," Sher-
borne Abbev, No\ ember, 1884; and "St.
Philip," Sherborne Abbey, May 10, 1888.
Also of a Festival Te Deum, for chorus, organ,
and militar}^ band, performed at the re-
opening of the Abbey organ, November 9,
1887. He is conductor of the Abbey Choral
Society, and the Sherborne Philharmonic

Lyle, James, Duewaed Lely, tenor voca-
li.st, born at Arbroath, Forfarshire, in 1857.
As a boy he entered a lawyer's office at Blair-
gowrie, and learnt the Tonic Sol-fa method
from a IMr. Robertson. Gaining some reputa-
tion as a singer, he was, by the aid of IMr.
Patrick Allan Eraser, of Hospitalfield, enabled




to stud}- in Milan, under Sangiovanni, Lam-

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