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Rideout, Percy Rodney, piaiiist and
composer. Studied at R.C.M., and privately.
A.R.C.M. Graduated Mus. Bac, London,
1895. Teacher of pf . at London Organ School,
etc. Composer of a setting of Psalm 115 ; an
orchestral Symphonic poem (on Shelley's
Epipsychidion), produced at Henschel con-
certs, January 29, 1891 ; an Evening Service
in A, etc.

Rider, Charles, compiler of "Psalmodia
Britannica, or a collection of psalm tunes
selected from various composers, and adapted
to the different metres used in English
psalmodv," London [1800], 2 vols. " Set of
original P.salm Tunes," 1821-2-3.

Ridley, William, organist, born at
Newark, Nottingham, 1820. Articled pupil
of Dr. Dearie. F.C.O. Organist of Swaffham
Parish Church ; Kington Parish Church ;
and, 1853-78, of West Derby Parish Church,
Liverpool. In 1878 he succeeded his son,
S. Claude Ridley (^.i'.), at St. John the
Baptists', Tue Brook. He was for some time
private organist to the Earl of Oxford, and
conductor of the Kington Choral Society.
During his thirty-three years' residence in
Liverpool, he did much to raise the standard
of church services. His compilation of 301
chants, ancient and modern, went through
eight editions ; and he was the composer of
manv hvmn tunes. He died at Liverpool,
October 5, 1886. His son,

Ridley, Sebastian Claude, organist,
pianist, and composer, was born at West
Derby, near Liverpool, December 31, 1853.
Studied under his father. Was assistant
organist at West Derby Parish Church from
1865 to 1870, in which last year he was
appointed organist of St. John's, Tue Brook ;
in 1878 to the Liverpool Seaman's Orphanage;
in 1892 to Renshaw Street Unitarian Chapel ;
and in 1894 to Great George Street Congrega-
tional Chapel. Has also acted as choirmaster
at St. Cuthbert's (1883), and St. Chad's (1887).
Conductor of Banner's Oratorio Choir, 1883.
As an organ player he is well known, having
given recitals at the Royal Albert Hall,
Kensington, St. George's Hall, Liverpool, and
at various provincial exhibitions. His com-
positions include a Church Service in G
(unison) ; Prize hymn tunes, etc. ; many
songs, of which "The Wrecker" isafavourable
example ; Pf. pieces, " Clymene," " Fairy
wings," etc.

Ridsdale, Rev. C. J., B.A., Incumbent





of St. Peter's, Folkestone, is the composer of
a Communion Service, with orchestra, entitled
" Cantio Dominica," produced at Grosvenor
Hall, London, March 17, 1882. He is also
the composer of three ^Magnificats a faux
hourdons, in the 1st and 2nd Ecclesiastical
'Tones, with varied organ accompaniments ;
a Benedicite, omnia opera, with Antiphon ;
'Te Deum, for festal use ; a second Communion
Service, etc.

Rigby, Qeorge Vernon, tenor vocalist,
born at Birniingham, January 21, 18-40.
Chorister at St Chad's R.C. Cathedral when
nine. When his voice changed to a tenor, he
decided upon his profession, and having made
a local reputation in 1861 he went to London,
singing first at the Alhambra, Leicester
Square, and appearing at the Covent Garden
Promenade Concerts (Alfred ]Mellon, conduc-
tor), September 18. In 1865 he toured in
opera with H. Corri's company. He then
went to Milan, stud3'ing with Sangiovanni,
and appeared in opera there ; also at Berlin
in 1867. and later in Denmark. On returning
to England he at once t^ok a high position,
singing at the Festivals of the Three Choirs,
1868-72 ; Norwich Festival, 1869 ; Birming-
ham, 1870-79. He sang at the Crystal Palace,
Sacred Harmonic, and other London concerts,
and at the chief provincial oratorio concerts.
Of late years he has been seldom heard, one of
his most recent performances being in Costa's
••Eli," at Brighton, in November, 1887.

Riley, William, musician and writer, was
^' principal teacher of psalmody to the Charity
Schools in London, Westminster, and parts
adjacent." and singing master, St. John's,
Bedford Row, London. Author of " Parochial
IMusick Corrected, containing Remarks on
Psalmody in Country Churches ; on the ridic-
iilous and profane manner of singing by
3Iethodists ; on the bad performance of
Psahnody in London and Westminster, with
hints for its Improvement . . To which is added
a scarce and valuable collection of Psalm
Tunes, . . " London, 1762. Compiler of Psalms
and Hymns for the use of the chapel of the
.\sylum or House of Refuge for Female
Orphans. London [1750] . " Parochial Har-
mony, consisting of a collection of Psalm
Tunes in three and four parts, by some of the
most eminent Ancient and Modern Composers,
and others." London, 1762. Divine Har-
monist's Assistant, being a collection of Psalm
'Tunes. London [1790J. Also tunes in
Alcock's "Harmony of Jerusalem." 1801.

Rimbault, Stephen Francis, organist,
pianist, and composer, born at London, in
1773. He studied imder Dittenhofer, Hook,
and Possin. Organist of St. Giles-in-the-
Fields. He died at London, August, 1837.
Published numerous adaptations for pf. from
Haydn, ^Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Winter,


etc. Composed three grand sonatas for pf.,
with flute accompaniment, etc.

Rimbault, Edward Francis, writer and
composer, sou of preceding, was born in
Soho, London, June 13, 1816. He studied
under his father, Samuel Weslej', and Dr.
Crotch. Organist of the Swiss Church, Soho,
1832, and subsequently of several other Lon-
don churches. Lectured at the Royal In-
stitution and elsewhere on English musical
history. One of the founders of the Percy
and Musical Antiquarian Societies. Editor
to Motett Society, 1841. F.S.A., 1842 ; :Mem-
ber of Academy of Music, and Ph. D., Stock-
holm, 1842. Hon. degree of LL.D., Harvard
Universitv, U.S.A., 1848. He died, London,
September 26, 1876.

Works. — Who was Jack W^ilson, the singer
of Shakespeare's stage ? an attempt to prove
the identit3'of this person with John Wilson,
Doctor of ^lusic in the University of Oxford,
A.D. 1644, London, 1846. Bibhotheca Madri-
galiana ; a bibliographical account of Musical
and Poetical works published in England
during the reigns of Elizabeth and James I...
London, 1847. The first book of the piano-
forte, being a plain and easy introduction to
the study of Music, London, 1848. The
Organ : its history and construction (with E.
J. Hopkins), London, 1855 (various editions).
The Pianoforte : its origin, progress, and con-
struction ; with some account of instruments
of the same class which preceded it, viz. : the
clavichord, the virginals, the spinet, the harp-
sichord, etc., London, 1860. The early
English Organ-builders and their works, from
the fifteenth century to the period of the
great Rebellion, ... .London [18641. J- S.
Bach : his life and writings, compiled from
Hilgeufeldt and Forkel, London, 1869. A
Guide to the use of the new Alexandre Church
Harmonium, with two rows of keys, . . . .Lon-
don, n.d. The Harmonium : its uses and
capabilities for the drawing-room as well as
the church, 1857. Rimbault's Harmonium
Tutor, a concise and easy book of instruc-
tion, London, n.d. Rimbault's New Singing
Tutor, adapted from the valuable work of
Lablache, London, n.d. Edited, secular:
Little book of Songs and Ballads, gathered
from ancient musick books, IMS. and printed

London, 1840 (2nd edition, 1851). The

Ancient Vocal Music of England, London,
2 vols. [1846-49]. Little lays for little learners,
set to easy songs, London, n.d. Nursery
Rh\Tnes, with the tunes to which they are
sung in the Nursery of England, obtained
principallvfrom oral ti'adition, London, 1847 ;
2nd edit., "1863; 3rd edit., 1857 (other edits.).
■Musical illustrations of Bishop Percy's
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, a col-
lection of old ballad tunes, etc London,

1850. The rounds, catches, and canons of




England. .. .16th, 17th, and 18th centuries
(with tlie Rev. J. Powell Metcalfe), London,
n.d. The Old Cheque-book, or Book of Re-
membrance of the Chapel Royal, from 1561
to 1744, London (Camden Society), 1872.
Memoirs of Musick by the Hon. Roger North,

Attorney-General to James II Edited,

with copious notes, London, 1846. Thomas
Morley's First book of Ballets for 5 voices
(Musical Antiquarian Society). Thomas
Bateson's First set of Madrigals (Musical
Antiquarian Society). Orlando Gibbons'
Fantasias of 3 parts for viols ( Musical Anti-
quarian Society). Purcell's Bonduca, a
tragedy.. to which is added a history of the
rise and progress of Dramatic ]\Iusic in
England (IMusical Antiquarian Society). Byrd,
Bull and Gibbons' "Parthenia" (Musical
Antiquarian Society). Purcell's ode for St.
Cecilia's Day (Musical Antiquarian Society).
Edited, sacred : Cathedral Chants of the 16th,
17th, and 18th centuries. .. .Biographical
notices of the composers, London, 1844. The
Order of Daily Service, .as used in the Abbey
Church of Saint Peter, Westminster . . London,
1844. A collection of anthems by composers
of the Madrigalian era, London (Musical
Antiquarian Society), 1845. Cathedral music,
consisting of services and anthems . . London,
n.d- [Vol. 1., all published]. Collection of
services and anthems, chiefly adapted from
the works of Palestrina, Orlando di Lasso,
Vittoria, Colonna, etc., London (Motett So-
ciety), 3 vols. The Hand-book for the Parish
Choir, a collection of Psalui-tunes, services,
anthems, chants, etc., London, n.d. The
Order of Morning and Evening Prayer, with
the harmony in 4 parts. .London, n.d. Vocal
Part Music, sacred and secular, a collection
of anthems, motetti, madrigals, part-songs,
etc., London, n.d. A little book of Christmas
Carols, with the ancient melodies to which
they are sung in various parts of the country
..London [1847]. Old English Carols, and
two hymns, London, 1865. The full Cathe-
dral Service, composed by Thomas Tallis . .
with an historical preface, and a biography
of the composer, London, n.d. The Order of
Daily Service with the musical notation as
adapted and composed by Thomas Tallis,
London, n.d. Edward Lowe's Order of
Chanting the Cathedral Service, London, n.d.
The Whole Book of Psalms, with the tunes
in four parts, as printed by Thomas Este,
1592. .historical and biographical notice,
London (Musical Antiquarian Society), n.d.
The Booke of Common Prayer with musical
notes, as used in the Chapel Royal of Edward
VI., 1550. Compiled by John Merbecke..
reprinted in facsimile, London, n.d. Vocal:
Country life, cantata ; Fair maid of Islington,
operetta, 1838. Part-songs and numerous
single songs. Organ: Organist's Handbook,


a collection of voluntaries, .arranged from
composers of the German school, London,
n.d. The Organist's Portfolio, a series of
voluntaries from the works of ancient and
modern composers, London, 1866 (Boston
edition, 1867). Some original pieces. Piano-
forte : An enormous quantity of albums,
arrangements, selections, transcriptions, and
other pieces for solo and duet, with a few
original pieces. In addition to all the fore-
going it should be mentioned that Rimbault.
edited many works for the Percy Society ; an
edition of Sir Thomas Overbury's works ;
several of Handel's oratorios ; Operas by
various composers ; and contributed many
articles, biographical, and otherwise, to the
"Imperial Dictionary of Biography," Grove's-
"Dictionary of Music," and to periodical

Ring, John, amateur musician, surgeon
and poet, born at Wincanton, Somerset,.
August 21, 1752. Distinguished as an ad\o-
cate of vaccination. He died at London,.
December 7, 1821. In addition to some
poetry and professional books, he published
"The Commemoration of Handel: a poem,"
London, 1786 ; 2nd edition, 1S19. This was
issued anonymously.

Rippon, John, clergyman and musician,
born at Tiverton, April 29, 1751 ; died Lon-
don, December 17, 1836. Compiler of "Selec-
tion of Psalm and Hymn tunes, in three or
four parts," London [1795] ; " Selection of
Psalm and Hymn Tunes from the best
authors, in three and four parts . . ."'
London, 2nd edition, 1806 ; 13th edition,
1820. " Selection of Tunes in miniature,"
London, 1806-8. A "Companion" to this-
was issued in 1820, edited by Walker. About
1837 an oratorio by Rippon, entitled the
" Crucifixion," was published. A selection
from his tune book was issued as " Sacred
Music," etc , In- J. Tomlins, in 1810.

Riseley, George, organist and conductor,,
born at Bristol, August 28, 1845. Chorister
in Bristol Cathedral when seven, and in 1862'.
articled to J. D. Corfe, the Cathedral or-
ganist. After holding several organ appoint-
ments he officiated at All Saints', Clifton,
until 1876, when he succeeded Mr. Corfe at
the Cathedral. In 1870 he was appointed
organist of Colston Hall, and his recitals
gained a high reputation. As a performer
on the organ he has also been heard at the
Royal Albert Hall, where he gave a series of
recitals in 1885. In 1877 he started the
Bristol Monday Popular Concerts of orches-
tral music, which have had a wide educa-
tional influence in the West of England.
These he has carried on at great personal
sacrifice, and has introduced the most im-
portant works of all schools, including up-
wards of a hundred examples, orchestral and




choral, by British composers. From 1878 he
has been conductor of the Bristol Orpheus
Society, the fame of which he has extended.
The Society, under his direction, has given
concerts in London, 1894 and 1896 ; has sung
at the Gloucester Festival, 1895 ; and before
the Queen, at Windsor Castle, 1895, when
Her ^lajesty authorised the choir to use the
prefix " Royal," and presented Mr. Riseley
with an inscribed baton. He is also con-
ductor of the Bristol Society of Instrumen-
talists, and a busy teacher. Many tokens of
the appreciation of his fellow citizens have
been bestowed upon him. He was elected
conductor of the Bristol Festival in 1896,
gaining further distinction in that important
ofhce. In 1893 he was appointed a professor
of the organ at the R.A.M., of which Institu-
tion he is an honorar}' member. Of his
compositions mention, may be made of a
Jubilee Ode, performed at Bristol, 1887 ; a
Jubilee March for organ ; Where'er my foot-
steps stray, and The Old Church Bells, part
songs for men's voices ; a Christmas Carol,

Ritson, Joseph, antiquary and writer,
born at Stockton in 1752, died at London in
1803. Compiled, among other valuable and
interesting works, " Ancient Songs, from the
time of King Henry the Third to the Revolu-
tion. Prefixed are observations on the
Ancient English IMinstrels, and Dissertation
on Ancient Songs and Music," London, 1790.
" Scottish Songs, with the Music, and His-
torical Essay . . ." London, 2 vols., 1794.
Reprinted, Glasgow, 2 vols., 1869. Also an
English Anthology, Ballad Collections, and a
Bibliographia Poetica, etc.

Riviere, Anna, see Bishop, Anna.

Roberts, Arthur, vocalist and comedian
of the present time, who was born on Sep-
tember 21, 1852. He was a legal clerk in a
financial office, and first began singing as an
amateur. Made his mark in the jMusic Halls,
and then appeared in pantomime at Oxford
in 1878. Quitted the Music Halls and sang
in "The Grand Mogul" at the Comedy
Theatre, London, 1884. Toured in the pro-
vinces in comic opera, etc. Latterly has been
giving entertainments with a party of his
own. Among his best recent impersonations
may be named " Gentleman Joe," which had
a long and successful run at the Prince of
Wales' Theatre, London. A memoir is pub-
lished by ArrowsiTiith, Bristol, as " Adventures
of Arthur Roberts, by rail, road, and river,
told by himself, and chronicled by Richard
Morton." [1895] . He has composed a few
songs, "If I were to do such a thing;"
" Keeping up the old girl's birthday," etc.

Roberts, David Alawydd, musician, was
born in Carnarvonshire, June 16, 1820. He
was self-taught in music, and for three years


in succession, 1851-53, won the chief prize for
anthem at the Bethesda Eisteddfodau. He
also conducted performances of the " Messiah,"
"Israel in Egj-pt," "Samson," etc., at
Bethesda. He died on May 26, 1872. Author
of a grammar of mu.sic, " Gramadeg cerd-
doriaeth, mewn tair rhan, sef nodiant," etc.
Gwrecsam, 1848; 2nd edition, Wrexham,
1862, a small but concise work which has-
proved very valuable to monoglot Welsh
musicians. In 1867 he issued a Psalm Tune
book, also in Welsh.

Roberts, Eleazar, musician, published
" Hymnau a Thonau. ," Wrexham, 1870,
Llawlyfr Caniadaeth," Wrexham, and other

Roberts, Ellis, harpist and composer,
born Dolgelly in 1819. He was harpist to the
Prince of Wales. Died, London, December
6, 1873. His son, Ellis Roberts, born in
London, 1850, was a chorister at St. Paul's
Cathedral. Studied at R.A.M. as a violinist,
and is a member of the Philharmonic orchestra,
and principal second violin. Royal Italian
Opera, since 1895.

Roberts, Frederic Egbert, bass vocalist,
born at Newtown, Montgomery, September
26, 1847. Was brought up to the printing
and bookselling business, but having a fine
bass voice, studied singing afterwards under
Chevalier Lemmens, F. Kingsbury, J. C.
Beuthen, and Alfred Blume. Has sung at
the princij)al concerts in London and the
provinces. Made his debut at the Crystal
Palace Concerts, April 21, 1883. Was for
some time a member of the Carl Rosa Opera
Company, and sang at Drury Lane, as well aa
on tour in the provinces. Principal bass at
the Italian Church, Hatton Garden, and,
since 1894, musical director there.

Roberts, John, Heullan, musician, born
at Heullan, March 30, 1807; died, April 4,
1876. Published " Caniadau y cyssegr, neu
gassglaid o donau hen a diveddar gan mwyaf
o gyfansoddiad Gymmreig," 1839. Selection
of 55 Psalm Tunes in Welsh. " Casgliad o
donau y diweddar," London, 1876.

Roberts, John Henry, composer and
conductor, born at Bethesda, near Bangor,
]\Iarch 31, 1848. Had lessons from a local
teacher, and became an organist at twelve.
Removing to Towyn he started a choral
society. Entered R.A.M. in 1870, and studied
under Sterndale Bennett and C. Steggall.
A. R.A.M. Graduated Mus. Bac, Cambridge,
1882. He is also a Fellow of the Tonic Sol
Fa College. Resident at Carnarvon as organist
of Castle Square Church, and teacher and
composer. In 1885, at the Aberdare Eistedd-
fod, he won prizes for an anthem, six-part
madrigal, and tenor song. He has composed
an overture, " Caractacus," a cantata, and
other pieces. Author of handbooks on Ele-




ments of Music and Harmony ; and editor of
Anthem Book for the use of Welsh Churches
(Novello) ; musical editor of Handbook of
Praise, and Congregational Tune Book.

Roberts, John Varley, organist and
composer, born at Stanningley, near Leeds,
September 25, 1841. His musical talent was
developed at an early age, and when twelve
he was appointed organist of St. John's, Fars-
lej', near Leeds ; in 1862 he was organist at
St. Bartholomew's, Armley, and in 1868 or-
ganist and choirnaaster of Halifax Parish
Church. Graduated Mus. Bac. 1871, Mus.
Doc. 1876, Oxford; F.C.O., 1876. In 1882
he was appointed to Magdalen College,
Oxford, as organist and magister choristarum,
also holding office, 1885-93, at St. Giles'
Church, Oxford. Conductor of the Oxford
Choral and Philharmonic Society, 1885-93 ;
Madrigal Society of Magdalen College ; and
of the Magdalen Vagabonds. Lecturer in
harmony and counterpoint for the Oxford
Professor of Music ; Examiner for Musical
Degrees, 188-3-86-89-90. He has given many
high-class concerts at Oxford.

Works. — Jonah, sacred cantata, 1876, per-
formed at Oxford and many other places ;
Psalm 103, for chorus and orchestra ; A full
Morning, Communion, and Evening Service
in D ; Pull Communion Service in D ; j\Iag-
nificat and Nunc Dimittis in C, composed
for the Festival of the London Church Choir
Association, St. Paul's Cathedral, 1894 ;
Evening Services in F, E, and G ; Four
settings of the Benedictus ; The Lord's
Prayer and Apostles' Creed in harmonised
monotone ; Benedicite, Omnia Opera, etc.
Anthems : Lord, we pray Thee ; Seek ye the
Lord ; Lord, who shall dwell ; Peace I leave
with you ; I will sing unto the I .ord, com-
posed for the Jubilee Service in Magdalen
Chapel, 1887 ; The whole earth is at rest ;
and others. Part Songs : Cupid once upon
a bed of roses ; Come, my dear one ; The
shades of night ; A red, red rose. Songs :
The old Parish Church ; The Far-off Land ;
Hax^py IMoments ; My World ; Maiden with
the merry eye ; A Farewell, etc. Andante
in G, Postlude in F, Larghetto and Allegro
in F, and other pieces for organ. Editor of
The Parish Church Chant Book, Novello ;
Supplement to Cheetham's Psalmody ; The
Victoria Book of Hymns.

Roberts, Kate, see sub. Ralph, Francis.

Roberts, Richard, harpist, known as the
"blind Minstrel of Carnarvon," born 1796;
died June, 1855. He was a performer of
great skill, and played before Princess Vic-
toria at Beaumaris in 1832. He compiled
" Cambrian Harmonv, being a collection of
Welsh airs," Dublin [1840] .

Roberts, Mrs. T., ser Isaacs, Rebecca.

Roberts, W. Jarrett, comx^oser and


teacher, was horn at Liverpool in 1846. He
studied at the R.A.M., and afterwards becanre
principal of the North Wales Academy of
IMusic. He died at Bangor in November,
1886. Composer of "The Inundation of
Cantrir Gwaelod," a dramatic cantata,
Merthyr, 1881 ; IMusic for pf. and violin,
songs, etc.

Robertson, a Scottish family of violinists,
who flourished early in the present century.
It consisted of Henry, James, and William,
who mostly resided at Alloa, and performed
at gatherings in the surrounding country.

Robertson, Alexander, musician and
teacher of first part of present century. He
taught the pf. on the Logierian system, and
was, in company with Penson, a violinist, as
musicseller in Edinburgh. He afterwards
carried on a music -publishing business in
partnership with his brother John. Robertson
published Marshall's Reels and Strathspeys,
and many other Scottish musical works.

Robertson, Daniel, musician, who was
born in the latter part of the 18th century,
and died about 1857. He issued " a collection
of new reels, strathspeys, jigs, waltzes, etc."
Edinburgh, n.d. [1802]. "A selection of
Scots, English, and Irish songs with accom-
paniments for the piano." Edinlnirgh, n.d.,
2 vols. " A collection of Psalm and Hymn
Tunes in miniature, arranged in three parts
for voice and pf." Edinburgh, 1800.

Robertson, James Stewart, of Edrady-
nate. Collector, was born May 15, 1823. He
published "The Athole Collection of the
Dance Music of Scotland,". .. .Edinburgh,
1884, 2 vols.

Robertson, John, musician and publisher,
born about 1777. He was precentor of the
Barony Church in Glasgow, and had a music-
selling business in the same city. He died at
Glasgow, March 11, 1827. Co"mpiler rf "a
selection of the best Psalm and Hymn Tunes,
some of which are original, in four parts.."
Glasgow, 1814. " The Seraph : a selection of
Psalm and Hymn Tunes.." [1827]; also
Glasgow [1840] . These collections were
afterwards issued in oblong volumes as
" Brown's Robertson's Selection of Sacred

Robertson, John, organist and composer,
born in Edinburgh, February 16, 1888. While
attending the University Music Classes he
gained one of the scholarships offered by the
U. P. denomination, but deciding to make
music his profession, he resigned it. After
studying with Professor Donaldson, he went
to Berlin, and worked with Franz Schulz.
In 1884, he graduated Mus. Doc, Cambridge,
the first Scotsman to take the degree at that
University. F.E.I.S. Organist and director
of the choir, New Grevfriars' Church, 1876-
1895; St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 1872




to present time. Conductor of Carubbers
Close Choir. Has composed a setting of Psalm
122, for soli, chorus, orchestra, and organ ;
anthems. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,
and others ; Te Deum in F. Part songs : Lull
ye my Love asleep (prize) ; Awake ! ye mid-
night mariners (sung at Crystal Palace);
Victoria P»an, etc. Is author of a Treatise
on Harmony and Counterpoint, in "The
Musical Educator," edited bv John Greig,

Robertson, Sophie Maria, soprano
vocalist, born at Valparaiso, Chili, July 31,
1854. Her father was a merchant who had
settled there, and her mother a daughter of
Lieutenant Worthington who fought under
Nelson at Trafalgar. In 1864 the family
returned to England, the father dying the
same year. As a child Miss Robertson's
singing attracted attention, and later she was

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