Thesaurus theologicus, or, a complete system of divinity : summ'd up in brief notes upon select places of the Old and New Testament ; wherein the sacred text is reduc'd under proper heads, explain'd, online

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(JL %nmand,






THE Volumes, I am now vrtfenting the World
with, are, truly [peaking, no othtr than loofe
Papers •, and the Author, that great and
venerable Prelate, whofe JSFame they bear
floes not fecm to have defgrSd them for the Trefs : And
upon this Account it is I have debated for fome Time
with my felf, whether a Publication of them would .my
Ways leffm the Efleem of that Good and Excellent
Man } whofe Labour s,in the Learned Languages as r^ell
as our own,havejuffly gained high Applauft, and done fo
much good in the World already. Upon consulting then
with feveral Emninent Divines, and other Pious and
Learned Gentlemen, my very good Friends, they did
after Perufal, conceive of them ai jufl: and choice
Fragments, containing a Summary of the Chriftiatt
Dotlrine; the fever alTopicks being digeftedin a mo(l ex-
cellent Method, confirm d from Jeveral Parallel Places
of Scripture •, and very often illufirated, in the like con*
cife manner , from the Teflimonies of Fathers Conn-
fils, &c. And upon thefe Confiderations, I perfwade
m yf e lfi w bat J offer will be in fome meafure ferviceable
to all in general that apply tjjeafelves to the Study of
fhe Holy Scriptures, efpecially the Clergy, who wiS


To the Reader."

here meet with fo fure a Guide, and have fo true a
•Foundation laid for the SuprrftnUlure they Jhall think
fit to raife upon it. And I have been fill more in-
clined to think they may ferve the fe good Ends, after
thofe many Letters J have received from fever a) Parts
ef this Kingdom, as well as from abroad, full of ear-
?tefi^ Solli citations to oblige the World with the Re-
mains of that Per fan, whofe profound Learnina, exem-
plary Piety, andftngnlar Humility has fo much endear 1 d
his Memory to the whole Chrijti an World', and more
efpecially to thofe that have ajufifenfe of Religion on.
their Minds.

A CATALOGVE of the Greek, Latin, and Engliflj
Works of the Right Reverend Father ;Vi6W William
Beveridge, D D. late Lord IJfio? of St. Afaph.

DE Lingu?:u.-n Orientalium prasfertim Hebraicse, Chaldaica;, Syriaae,
.Ucas & Samaritans, cum Grammatica Syriaca tribus libris tra-
dita, per G. BeveriJgium. 8w. Londini i6j8.
N. B. Thij was wrire when tn; Author was about Eighteen years of Age,
and PuMifljv.d when he was Twenty.

inftitutionum Chronologicarum Libri duo : una cum totidem Arithme-
tices Chronologica Libellis. Per. G. Beveridgium, M. A. Londini 16P9.

2TNOAIKON Sive Pande&e canonum, S. S. Apoftolorum & con.
dliorum ab Ecclefias Grrca receptorum, &c. 2 Tonnes, Fol. per Guil. Be-
veridgium. Oxon, 167a.

Codex canonum Ecckfias Primitive Vindicatus ifc Illuftratus, Authore G.Be-

■veridgio, Londini 1678.

Private Thoughts upon Religion, digefted into twelve Articles, with Pra-

^^KcapRefoluiions fbrm'd thereupon. Written in his younger Years for the

"^fettling of his Principles and Conduct of his Lifi. The fifth Edition iztnu

Price is, 2d. in Sheep, and 1 s. 6d. Calf The ivo. Price 3 s. 6d.

N.B. This Book was writ when the Author was about Thtee or Four and
Twenty Years old.

The great Necefivty and Advantage of Publick Prayer, and frequent Com-
munion, defigned to revive Primitive Piety j with Meditations, Ejaculations
and Prayen, before, at, and after the Sacrament, the third Edit. Price 3 s
8vo. and is.6d. in \2mo. -

Sermons on feveral Occafions in Ten Volumes. Price $ s. each Volume.
The Church-Catechifm explained, for the Ufe of the Diocefe of St,^ijafh:
Price 1 x. bound in Sheep, and u. s,d. in Calf.

blithe English Werki Printed fur R. Smith,, at by Warehottfe in Exeter g/;«g«
*'• tht Strand. . >" *



y i « __


■ i— — ■ <

Of gOj) ^ Trvnoty & %u£j : fy.3(f.&4^

Gen. i. 2 5.

And God \f aid; Let us make Man
in our own Image, after our Like*

Observ. I. f | 1HE Trinity or Plurality of

Perfons in the Godhead is
JL here implied: (f
i. There is but one God: And God fa id.

2. A Plurality of Perfons were imployed in
the Creation of Man, rttcpi

3 . He was made in the Image of that Plurality,

uaHaa ^nvro

How many are thefe Perfons ? Three.
How doth that appear ?

1. In the Old Teftamenr, i Saw. xxiii. 2.

Vfal. xxxiii. 6. Ifa. xlii. i. u P

2. In the New, Mat. iii. 16, 17. I«&. i. jy. jC^-fift
2 Cor. xiii. 14. rtfr-*.- i*fi** '■
Wherein is delivered, P J/fawtyi

1. Their Names/ xA^

1. God the Father. This none deny.
Vkl I. B a. God

Thefaurus Tbeologitus.

2. God the Son, John i. i. i John v. 10.
j ^ f> John xx. 28. Vhil ii. 6, 7. otherwife he
C/im^^r 9 - y could not be our Saviour. P.w£>
Zttyp' 5. The Holy Ghoft, 1 Cor. iii. 16. Matt, xii,

2. Their Order, Afoff. xxvni. 19.

%. That they are but One God, i John v. 7.

Observ.'H. M'Oliree^erfons concurfeag^
in the Creation of Man: J

1. Becaufe he was the Head of the Creation.

2. Made in the Image of God. A-/22.

tJ s e. Therefore Man is Bound to WorfhifJ
every One,&. v. y f
4. Idol Relations, Matt. x. 57.

j. Idol Self, LuL xiv. 26.

3. Take the Lord for your God.

1. Confider He will be your God, Heb. viii. 10,

I. He // all.

1. An All-merciful God to pardon, Ex.xxxiv.

6. Jer. xxxi. 34. Mich. vii.i8. Vfal. xxxii. 1.

2. An All-wife God to dired, 1 Tim. i. 17.
Jfa. x\v. 1;.

5. An All-powerful God, Matt. xix. 26.
And fo,

1. Can protect them from,

2. Give them Viclory over, their Enemies.
1. Spiritual.

1. Sin.

2. Satan.

;. The World, 1 John v. 4.
2. Temporal.

4. An Omniprefent God, Vfal. cxxxix. 7.

So that he can every where,

1. Help, Jfa. xli. 10, 13, 14. Vfal. xlvi. r.

2. Comfort us, Jfa. Li. 12. 2 Cor. i. 3,4,
j. An All- faithful God to his Promife*.

II. He hath all, Vfal. xxiv. 1.

1 . Grace to make us holy, E^.xxxvi. 2 j , 26.

2. Comforts to make us chearful, j^£ xvi. 2.

3. Glory to make us happy.

III. He doth all

1. By his ordinary Providence, Rem. viii. 28.

2. Or by his extraordinary Power ; as in Jo-
fefhy the Three Children, Daniel, Peter.

3. Confider the happinefs of thofe that have
the Lord to be their God, Vfal. cxliv. 1 j.
}. It is he alone that made you.

2. That

Tbefaurus Tbcologicus. 1 j

2. That preferves you, Ails xvii. 28.

;. That can facisftc your Souls, Tfa. Iv. 2,


Let us examine, Whether the Lord be our

I. Do we fear him as God ?

1. Qnly, Pfal. lxxvi. 11. jsii^ 1 ? Matt. x. 28*

2. Conftantly.

II. Do we love him as God ?

1. Wholly, Deut. vi. j. Matt. xxii. 37.

2. Only, P/«/. lxxiii. 2;.

5. Continually.

III. Do we truft in him as God?

t. With all our Hearts, Vrov. iii. 5-. Vfal

lxii. y, 6, 7.
2. At all Times, P/^ lxii. 8.

IV. Do we efteem and honour him as God ?

1. As the only true God, John xvii. 3, if.

PfaL CXXXV. f .

2. As the high and mighty God, iTim. i. 17.

V. Do we ferve and worfliip him as God ?

1. Reverently, Heb. xii. 28.

2. Sincerely, 1 c£ro». xxviii. 9. Jofmiv. 22*

3. Obedientially, 1 Sjw. xii. 14.

4. Chearfully, 1 Chron, xxviii. 9.
5-. Only, Matt. iv. 10.

6. Continually, Luke i. 74, 7 f

L £ V I T.

14 Thefdurut Tbeologicm.

Levit. xi. 44. 1
And ye /hall be Holy, for I dm Holy;

THEY that have the Lord Jehovah for their
God, fhould be a Sanctified and an Holy

People, anirnprvn

Ftrfiy What is it to be Sah&ffied ?
I. To be fan&ified, in Scripture fenfe, implies
to be feparated and fet apart from com-
mori Ufe, Exod. xl. 10.
So fhould we,

1. From Sin, tfai. 1.16. i TheJfA. 22 J

2. The World, Jac. i. 27.

II. To be dedicated to the Service of G o dj
Vfalm iv. jL

1. Wholly.

2. To all God's Service,

3. With all their Might.

1. In Soul, 1 Cor. vi. 20.

2. Body.

3. Conftantly,

III. To be prepared for great Works, Ifa.xiii.jl

1. For the conquering our Spiritual Ene*

mies, Sin, Satan, the World.

2. The worshipping of God.

3. The glorifying his great Name.

IV. To fan&ify is to tffe all Things that be-
long to God with Reverence, l[a> viii. igj
Deut. xxviii. J 8.

i. His

TbefmYW Theologicus. i 5

1. His Name, Ifai. xxix. 23. £

A Faculty of the Rational Soul, where-
by it chufes or refufes what the Un-
derftanding judges Good or Evil.

2. What is the Will of God, viz* his
natural Will?

An elTential Property in God, where-
by he approves or difapproves of all
Things, as they are agreeable or con-
trary to his Nature.

3. What is it for the Will of Man to be
conformable to the Will and Nature of
God? 1 Pet. i. ij.

That we place our Wills,
1. Upon the fame Objefts.
Zi In the fame Manner as he doth.

1. He wills himfelf as his chief End
and Good, Prov. xvi. 4.

2. He wills Mercy, Hqf. vi. 6. Mat,
ix. i}. Exoti. xxxiv. 6.

3. Juftice.

4. The Salvation and Happinefs of
Man, 1 Tim. ii. 4. Ezck. xxxiii.


- ""*J

\6 Tbefdurus Theologicus.

Thirdly y What does he abhor or difapprove?
i. Generally, Sin.
2. Particularly, Prov. vi. 1 6, 17, 1 8, 19.

1. Pride, Prov. xvi. y.

2. Lyes, Prctr. xii. 22. P/*/. cxix. 163.

3. Murther.

4. Wicked Imaginations, VfaU cxix. ii^
Prov. xv. 26.

5. Mifchief, Pfal. xi. 5-.

6. Falfe Witnefs.

7. Difcord.

8. Idolatry, Jer> xxxii. 35-. r Ifrg. xi. ?, 7*

9. Covetoufnefs, PfaLx. 3.

10. Cheating, or divers Weights, Prov. xx.
10, 2;.

11. Witchcraft, Deut. xviii. 10, 11, 12.

12. Falfe Doctrines, Rev. ii. ij.


Examine, Whether you be thus eternally ho-
ly or no?

Confider, ,

1. If you be miftaken here, you are undone.

2. Many have been Miftaken, Matt* vii. til

C. XXV. II, 12.

3. Your riot examining yourfelves whether
you be holy, is a Sign you are not fo, 2 Cor.
xiii. j.

4. It particularly concerns us to examine our
felves now, becaufe of the Sacrament* 1 Or.
xi. 28.


1. Search the Scriptures, John v. 39.

2. Obferve your Lives, l&jtK ii»» 40.

1, You?

m — i

Tbefaurus Theologicus. 1 7

1. Your Thoughts.

2. Affections.

1. Repentance.

2. Faith.

3. Love.

4. Defires.
y. Joys.

3. A&ions.

1. Civil, Matt. vii. ii.

2. Spiritual, 1 Cor. x. jr."

III. Compare your Lives with the Laws of
God, Gal. vi. 16.


Exhort. Labour after Holinefc.

I. The Excellency of its Nature.

i. It is the Image of God, i Vet. i. if*

Gen. i. 26. E/>£. iv. 24.
2. The perfection of the Soul.

II. Its Profitablenefs, Joh.x\u 15. 1 77w.iv. 8,
By it we may have,

1. Pardon of Sin.

2. The Favour of God, tf*L xxx. f.

3. A Manfion in Heaven, Job. xiv. 2.

III. Its Honours, Yrov. xii. 26.

1. Honourable Titles, 1 Vet. ii. 9.

2. The Attendance of Angels, Ihh. \. ify
Vfal. xci. II.

;. Relation to God.

4. Free Admifiion to Him, Heb. iv. 16.

IV. Its Pleafures.

1. In knowing God, and the Things of
Vol I. a X In

i8 Thsfaurus Tkeologicus.

2. In thinking upon them.

3. In having good Ground to believe we
fhall enjoy them.

4. In our prefenc Communion with God.

V. Its Neceflity.

1. To true Comfort here.

2. To Happinefs hereafter, Heb. xii. 14%

Mean s.

1. Read.

2. Pray.
;. Hear.

4. Meditate.

j. Receive Sacraments.

I. What is External Hoiinefs ?

The Conformity of the Life of Man to tfcf
Law of God.

II. What is the Life of Man ? Whatfoever

1. He thinks.

2. Speaks.

3. Or does in this Life.

III. What is the Law of G o d ?
Whatfoever G o d in his Word hath enjoin'd

all Men to obferve. This Law is,

Dent. iv. 12, 13, 14. Chaf. vi. 1.

1. Ceremonial. Impofed upon the Jews only
from Mofes till Christ.

1. To preferve them from Idolatry.

2. To lead them to Christ, Gal. iii. 24.'
Co!, ii. 17.

Now it is of no Force ,* as appears,

1. From Scripture, Atts xv.

2. Reafon. The End being now taken


Tbefaurit! Theologian. 19

» ' ■ ■ 11

away, Htb. ix. 10. Chflf. vii. 12. Ego liber J.
voce prontmciem cttremonias Jua/eorhm Cr per-
tticiofas & nwtifcras tjfe Qbrifiturtii^ Ilieron.
ad Auguft. Epift.

2. Judicial. Of the Civil Polity.

This alfo difannulied, being only for Jnvs>
Row. xiv. r. 1 Pet. ill 13.

3. Moral. This ftill in force ; for,

1. The Scripture doth not repeal it ;

2. But cftab'ifhes it, Mdtt.Y.ij. Ckaf.xbC

17, 18.

3. Reafon confirms it.

1. 'Tis the eternal Rule of Juftice in God.

2. Eftabliihed before Christ and Mofes s
M.nt. xix. 8.

3. It is a ftanding Law to all Nations and

III. What by Conformity ?

When our Lives arc according to this Law,

in Omiflions and Commiflions.
In obferving,

1. The Matter.

2. The Manner.

1. Knowingly, 1 Cbr. xiv. tj-.

2. Obediential!}', Pfal. cxix. 6.

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Online LibraryUnknownThesaurus theologicus, or, a complete system of divinity : summ'd up in brief notes upon select places of the Old and New Testament ; wherein the sacred text is reduc'd under proper heads, explain'd, → online text (page 1 of 19)