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Modern Races of Mankind.


Curator of the Ethnographical Department (Pitt-Rivers Collection),
University Museum, Oxford.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. In May._

=Technical Essays=

By Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society.

Edited with a Preface by WILLIAM MORRIS.


The Revival of Design and Handicraft: with Notes on the work of the Arts
and Crafts Exhibition Society, WALTER CRANE. - Textiles, WILLIAM
MORRIS. - Decorative Painting and Design, WALTER CRANE. - Wall Papers,
WALTER CRANE. - Fictiles, G. T. ROBINSON. - Metal Work, W. A. S.
BENSON. - Stone and Wood Carving, SOMERS CLARKE. - Furniture, STEPHEN
WEBB. - Stained Glass, SOMERS CLARKE. - Table Glass, SOMERS
CLARKE. - Printing, WILLIAM MORRIS and EMERY WALKER. - Bookbinding, T. J.
COBDEN SANDERSON. - Mural Painting, F. MADOX-BROWN. - Sgraffito Work,
HEYWOOD SUMNER. - Stucco and Gesso, G. T. ROBINSON. - Cast Iron, W. R.
LETHABY. - Dyeing as an Art, WILLIAM MORRIS. - Embroidery, MAY
MORRIS. - Lace, ALAN S. COLE. - Book Illustration and Book Decoration,
REGINALD BLOMFIELD. - Designs and Working Drawings, LEWIS F.
DAY. - Furniture and the Room, EDWARD S. PRIOR. - The Room and Furniture,
HALSLEY RICARDO. - The English Tradition, R. BLOMFIELD. - Carpenters'
Furniture, W. R. LETHABY. - Decorated Furniture, J. H. POLLEN. - Carving,
STEPHEN WEBB. - Intarsia and Inlaid Woodwork, T. G. JACKSON. - Woods and
other Materials, STEPHEN WEBB. - Modern Embroidery, MARY E.
TURNER. - Materials, MAY MORRIS. - Colour, MAY MORRIS. - Stitches and
Mechanism, ALAN S. COLE. - Design, JOHN D. SEDDING. - Designing for the
Art of Embroidery, SELWYN IMAGE.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. In May._

=European History, 1789-1815=


Balliol College, Oxford.


* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 4s. 6d._

=Spain and Morocco=

Studies in Local Colour.


Author of 'Chopin, and other Musical Essays,' etc.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d._


Eleven Sermons, with a Preface.

By the REV. H. C. BEECHING, M.A., Rector of Yattendon, Berks.

CONTENTS. - The Object of Faith - The Worship of Faith - The Righteousness
of Faith - The Food of Faith - National Faith - The Eye of Faith - The Ear
of Faith - The Activity of Faith - The Gentleness of Faith - The Discipline
of Faith - Faith in Man.

* * * * *

_Royal 32mo. 2s._

_Or in 2 vols. (the 'Hours' and 'Mirror' separately). 2s. 6d._

[_Copies may also be had in sheets, complete. 1s. 6d._]

=The Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary=

According to the Sarum Breviary, together with a brief Commentary from
'The Mirror of our Lady.'

This book is printed in red and black on toned paper, with a fine
reproduction of an old engraving.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d._

With Illustrations by the Author, and Maps.

=From Abraham to David=

The Story of their Country and Times.


Author of 'The Bible and Modern Discoveries,' and Member of the
Executive Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund.

This book is intended as a help to the better understanding of the
wonderful story of the Old Testament. The period contained in it
comprises some of the most interesting and critical times of Jewish

CONTENTS. - The Call and Life of Abram - The Cities of the Plain - The
Life of Joseph - The Oppression of the Israelites - The Exodus and the Desert
Route - The Land of Promise - The Judges - Samson - Samuel - Saul - David - David
the King - David's Flight - David's Return and Death.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 6s._

=From Advent to Advent=

Sermons preached at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall.

By the late AUBREY L. MOORE, M.A.

* * * * *

_Third Edition. Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d._

=Some Aspects of Sin=

Three Courses of Sermons.

By the late AUBREY L. MOORE, M.A.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d._

=The Message of the Gospel=

Addresses to Candidates for Ordination, and Sermons preached chiefly
before the University of Oxford.

By the late AUBREY L. MOORE, M.A.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d._

=The Fire upon the Altar=

Sermons preached to Harrow Boys. 1887 to 1890.

By the Rev. J. E. C. WELLDON, M.A., Head Master of Harrow School, and
Hon. Chaplain to the Queen.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d._

=Old Truths in Modern Lights=

The Boyle Lectures for 1890, with other Sermons.

By T. G. BONNEY, D.Sc, LL.D., F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S.,
Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, Honorary Canon of Manchester.

* * * * *

_Second Edition. Demy 8vo. 2s. 6d._

=High and Low Church=


Being a Discussion relating to Differences of Views within the Church of
England as to matters connected with its Doctrine and Practice.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 5s._

=Things Old and New=

Sermons and Papers.

By the Rev. G. H. FOWLER, Late Principal of the Clergy School, Leeds.

With a Preface by the Rev. DR. TALBOT, Vicar of Leeds.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. With Illustrations. 1s._

=Plain Handicrafts=

Being Essays by Artists setting forth the Principles of Design and
Established Methods of Workmanship.

A Guide to Elementary Practice.

Edited by A. H. MACKMURDO.

With a Preface by G. F. WATTS, R.A.

* * * * *

_Eleventh Thousand. Fcap 8vo. 1s. 6d._

=Popular Lessons on Cookery=


* * * * *

_Post Free to Subscribers, Ten Shillings a year, paid in advance; or
Three Shillings a Number._

=The Economic Review=

A Quarterly Review for the Consideration of Social and Economic

_In Connection with the Oxford University Branch
of the Christian Social Union._


=The History of English Serfdom.=
Prof. W. J. ASHLEY, M.A.
=Edward Vansittart Neale as Christian Socialist.=
=The Ethics of Wills.=
The Rev. T. C. FRY, D.D.
=Co-operators and Profit-Sharing.=
=The Alcohol Monopoly in Switzerland.=
=The Special Importance of the study of Christian Ethics for the Church
in the present day.= The Rev. R. L. OTTLEY, M.A.
=Legislation, Parliamentary Inquiries, and Official Returns.=
=Reviews and Short Notices.=

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 6s._

=The Religion of Humanity=

And other Poems.


* * * * *

_Folio, 1s._

=Technical Exercises for the Pianoforte=

By BASIL JOHNSON, Organist of Rugby School.

* * * * *

_Second Edition, Revised. In two Volumes. Crown 8vo. 16s._

With numerous Illustrations, including Pen and Pencil Drawings by JANE

Also a large-paper edition _de luxe_ of _Thirty-six_ signed and numbered
copies, with the illustrations hand printed upon Japanese paper and
mounted, price Five Guineas net each.

=Old Touraine=

The Life and History of the Famous Châteaux of France.


sometime Scholar of Wadham College, Oxford.

There is an itinerary for the tourist, and a map, genealogical
tables, lists of pictures, manuscripts, etc., and an index, which will,
it is hoped, save the necessity of purchasing guide-books for each
of the Châteaux.

* * * * *

_In two Volumes. Large Post 8vo. 21s. net._

=A Paradise of English Poetry=

Arranged by the REV. H. C. BEECHING, M.A.,

Rector of Yattendon, Berks.

This work is printed on hand-made paper, bound in buckram,
and published in a limited edition, which will not, under any
circumstances, be reprinted. The publishers reserve the right
to issue at a future date, should they think fit, a smaller and
cheaper edition.

'That those who walk in the rose-scented avenues of Mr. Beeching's
garden will say that the planting has been well done, we cannot
doubt for a moment. He has not only a knowledge of English
literature which is as sympathetic as it is profound, but he has the
critical faculty, without which a knowledge of, and even a love for,
literature is wasted. He does more than know what is good in
literature, - that is comparatively easy. He knows what is bad, and
with him base metal is never offered us for gold. There are not many
men who can stand this test, but Mr. Beeching comes through it
triumphantly.... Before we leave this book, we must commend Mr.
Beeching's excellent notes. They are interesting, to the point, not
too long, and often enable one to get an additional touch of
pleasure from the verse they annotate.' - =Spectator.=

'A very skilful selection, and eminently worthy of its name.... Will
commend itself to all true lovers of English poetry.' - =Times.=

* * * * *

_Second Edition. Demy 16mo. 2s. 6d._

_May also be had bound in Cloth extra, gilt lettered, and with gilt
edges, 3s. 6d._

=A Calendar of Verse=

Being a Short Selection for every day in the year from Twelve Poets, one
for each month.

With an Introduction by GEORGE SAINTSBURY.

'An admirable little book; perhaps the best of its kind in
existence.... We can heartily commend this charming 'Calendar of
Verse.' If we had not praised it as a string of pearls, we should
have called it a book of gold.' - =Glasgow Herald.=

'Delightful to handle and to look at, delightful to read in. No
extract exceeds twenty lines. The purpose of the volume is not that
of introduction, much less of substitution, but rather to remind and
refresh.' - =Speaker.=

* * * * *

_With Maps. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d._

=History of English=

A Sketch of the Origin and Development of the English Language, with
examples, down to the Present Day.

Assistant Master at Marlborough College.

'A scholarly and well-written introduction to the study of English
philology.' - =Times.=

'It is pleasant to be able to say that this volume is very far above
the ordinary level of its class.' - =Manchester Guardian.=

'To the teacher who has not always time nor opportunity to consult
all the larger books upon which this is based, it will come as a
boon. To the student of English literature who wishes to gain some
intelligent knowledge of a subject closely connected with his own,
it will be quite as welcome.' - =Daily Chronicle.=

'A fresh and valuable book.... A remarkably good condensation....
The book is an exceedingly suggestive one.' - =Glasgow Herald.=

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 5s._

_With Maps and Illustrations._

=Norway and the Norwegians=

By C. F. KEARY, M.A., F.S.A.

CONTENTS. - THE LAND: The Glacial Era and its Remains; Islands;
Mountains; Fjords; Valleys; Forests; Conformation of the Country - THE
PEOPLE: Traces of Prehistoric Life in Modern Norway - SEAFARING: The
Vikings - THE EDDA AND ITS MYTHOLOGY: Discovery of Iceland, Greenland,
and America; Origin of Old Norse Poetry; The Mythology of the Edda - THE
SAGAS - HISTORY: Harald Fairhair; Hakon; Gunhild's Sons; Olaf Tryggvason;
St. Olaf; Magnus the Good; Harald Hardradi; The End of the Heroic Age;
The Civil Wars; Sverri; Hakon Hakonsson; Magnus the Law Reformer; The
Union of Calmar; Transition to Modern Times - MODERN NORWAY:
Constitution; Religion; Education; Land Tenure and the Means of

'The visitor to Norway cannot do better than supply himself with
this volume. It is not a guide-book; but it is a most intelligent
and useful guide, in the best sense of the word, to a comprehensive
understanding of the country and its people.' - =Spectator.=

'Every English and American visitor to Norway sufficiently
intelligent to desire to know something about the country, its
peoples, and its history, will rejoice over this pleasant little
book. This book, in size and binding well suited to a place in a
portmanteau, and not a cumbrous addition even to a knapsack, will
give him briefly and pleasantly the information that he
wants. - While Mr. Keary's book is one that is good to read at all
times and in any land, the tourist in Norway will find it an
invaluable and delightful companion.' - =Saturday Review.=

'We cordially commend this most instructive and comprehensive little
book to all intending tourists, and even those who may have to stay
at home could hardly do better than console themselves by travelling
in imagination under such an excellent conductor as Mr.
Keary.' - =Glasgow Herald.=

'Certainly everybody who takes any interest in Scandinavia should
read this book; for there are few whom it will not enlighten, and
probably fewer whom it will not delight.' - =St. James' Gazette.=

'It is a useful work for the more intellectual class of travellers
in Norway.' - =Daily Telegraph.=

'We have little doubt that it will hold its own as a handy work of
reference. Plans and pictures heighten the charm of this painstaking
and admirable record.' - =Leeds Mercury.=

* * * * *

_Vol. I. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d._

=France of To-day=

A Survey, Comparative and Retrospective.

_To be completed in Two Volumes. Sold separately._


Officier de L'Instruction Publique de France.
Editor of Arthur Young's 'Travels in France.'


INTRODUCTORY. PART I. - Provinces: Bourbonnais, Auvergne, Velay,
Languedoc, Pyrenees. PART II. - Provinces: Anjou, Poitou, Gascoigne,
Berry. PART III. - Alsace-Lorraine. PART IV. - Franche-Comté, Burgundy, Le

'Your excellent work, "France of To-day," fulfils my highest
expectations. It is in every way worthy of your high reputation as
our first living authority on France.' - Mr. FREDERIC HARRISON.

'No living English writer, perhaps no living French writer, has a
more intimate acquaintance than Miss Betham Edwards with France and
the French. Like Arthur Young in the last century, she has wandered
throughout the whole length and breadth of the country, and she adds
to that writer's faculty of observation, broader sympathies and a
greater range of intellectual cultivation. Her "France of To-day" is
a delightful book, setting forth the French peasant and the French
bourgeois as they are, naught extenuating nor aught setting down in
malice.' - =Daily News.=

'The author is chiefly concerned with the France of the Republic;
and within a short space she gives us a description which is
undeniably interesting and readable, and can hardly fail, so far as
it goes, to be instructive. A more elaborate work might convey more
information, but not in a more attractive shape.' - =St. James'

'Undoubtedly a work inspired by a happy idea. Miss Betham Edwards
styles her book "a survey, comparative and retrospective," and such
it is, in the widest acceptation of the term.' - =Saturday Review.=

'Miss Betham Edwards knows more of rural life in France than
probably does any other Englishwoman. The present volume describes
the South-West, the South, and the East of France. No one interested
in agriculture and industry will regret taking it as a companion
there. We look forward eagerly to the volume which will complete the
work.' - =Academy.=

'The characteristics of rural France, and the simplicity and
strength which pervade the popular interpretation of life and duty,
are charmingly indicated in these pages, and pessimists who profess
to be in despair of human progress, will find not a little in this
calm and philosophic survey of the social problem in modern France,
to disarm their fears.' - =Leeds Mercury.=

'The tourist, the student of certain economical problems, and the
general reader, will all find the book worth their
attention.' - =Yorkshire Post.=

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d._

_With a Map._

=The Forest Cantons of Switzerland=

Luzern, Schwyz, Uri, Unterwalden.


CONTENTS. - Introduction - Topography and Characteristics - Political
History - Constitutional History - Subject and Protected
Lands - Ecclesiastical History - Economical Condition, Trade,
etc. - Manners and Customs - Language and Dialects - Legends, Poetry,
Literature, Art, etc. - Remarkable Men - Geology, Fauna, Flora,
etc. - Canton and Town of Lucerne - Lake of Lucerne - Rigi and
Pilatus - Schwyz: the Fortress of the Lands - Canton Uri - St.
Gotthard - Canton Unterwalden - Alpine Exploration - Local
Traditions - Index.

'Will be found an interesting companion by any whose holiday haunts
lie in Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri, or Unterwalden. Mr. Sowerby begins with
history, goes on to trades, manners, customs, and legends, and ends
up with Alpine exploration - in which department he himself has to be
credited with several "first ascents." The book is easily portable,
and has a good map and a full index.' - =Pall Mall Gazette.=

'This interesting and useful little book.' - =Spectator.=

'Portable, as a guide book should be, it is admirably readable from
the first page to the last.' - =Saturday Review.=

'To the intelligent and inquiring traveller no better description of
these primitive communities could be recommended. The book, it
should be added, contains a good map.' - =Scottish Leader.=

'An excellent and handy little book, which should meet with a warm
welcome.' - =Manchester Guardian.=

'We advise all who take an interest in this delightful country to
procure a copy of Mr. Sowerby's book.' - =Westminster Review.=

'Packed with explicit and diversified information, and that of a
kind with which the guide books seldom intermeddle. In saying this
we are not speaking at random, for we can truly assert that it is
not often our experience to come across a manual filled to better
advantage with well-selected and admirably arranged facts.' - =Leeds

'Will be an invaluable companion to those who spend their summer
holidays in the neighbourhood of the Lake of Lucerne.' - =Morning

'An excellent and handy little book, which should meet with a warm
welcome from the hundreds of British and American tourists who may
legitimately wish to know more than ordinary guide-books can tell
them about the "history, manners, and customs, social and economical
conditions, language, etc.," of the "Forest Cantons," the "heart and
conscience" of Switzerland.' - =Manchester Guardian.=

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 6s._

=Outlines of Roman History=

With Maps.

By H. F. PELHAM, M.A., F.S.A.,

Camden Professor of Ancient History in the University of Oxford.

The object of this book is to give a clear and readable sketch of the
general course of Roman history. Care has been also taken to give full
references to the chief authorities ancient and modern.

CONTENTS. - The Beginnings of Rome and the Monarchy - The Early Republic,
509-275 B.C. - Rome and the Mediterranean States, 265-146 B.C. - The
Period of the Revolution, 133-49 B.C. - The Foundation of the Imperial
System, and the Rule of the Early Cæsars, 49 B.C.-69 A.D. - The
Organisation of the Imperial Government, and the First Conflict with the
Barbarians, 69-284 A.D. - The Barbaric Invasions, 284-476 A.D.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 4s. 6d._

=The French Wars of Religion=

Their Political Aspects.

Fellow, Lecturer, and Senior Bursar of Queen's College, Oxford.

* * * * *

_One Volume. 8vo. 18s. net._

=The Iliad of Homer=

Translated into English Prose by JOHN PURVES, M.A.,
Late Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford.

With an Introduction by EVELYN ABBOTT, LL.D.,
Fellow and Tutor of Balliol College, Oxford.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 6s._

=A Short History of Greek Philosophy=

For Students and General Readers.

By JOHN MARSHALL, M.A. Oxon., LL.D. Edin.,

Rector of the Royal High School, Edinburgh, formerly Professor of
Classical Literature and Philosophy in the Yorkshire College, Leeds.

* * * * *

_Super Royal 4to, 324 pp. £3, 3s. net._

With One Hundred and Fifty Illustrations, of which Sixty are Full-Page,
and Six Photogravure Plates.

=English Pen Artists of To-day=

Examples of their Work, with some Criticisms and Appreciations.


The English edition of this book is limited to 500 copies, and will not,
under any circumstances, be reprinted in any form. Twenty-five numbered
and signed copies only are issued in a special form, the illustrations
hand printed upon Japanese paper and mounted. The binding of these
copies is in half morocco, and the price of the remaining copies at this
date is Ten Guineas net.

'Exceedingly well done, and Mr. Harper deserves the success which we
believe is assured for his work.' - =Pall Mall Gazette.=

'A splendid and tasteful tribute of recognition has been paid by Mr.
Harper to the 'Pen Artists of To-day' in the shape of a stately
volume, containing many admirably executed examples of their work,
accompanied by apposite criticisms and nice appreciations.' - =Daily

'A very acceptable and useful work in editing the accomplishments of
the most conspicuous pen-and-ink artists in England. This task,
which we imagine must have proved at once a laborious and a pleasant
one, Mr. Harper has accomplished in a very first-rate manner, and
the result lies before us in a very excellently-produced quarto. The
volume is a creditable production, even for the present day, the
paper, type, and printing being admirable, whilst the author has
clothed the whole in a nicely designed and useful binding.' - =British

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d._

=The Art Teaching of John Ruskin=


* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. With Illustrations. 5s._

=The Dawn of Art in the Ancient World=

An Archæological Sketch.


Sometime Roscoe Professor of Art in University College, Liverpool,
Victoria University.

* * * * *

_Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d._

With Frontispiece and Thirty Illustrations in the Text.

=Architecture, Mysticism, and Myth=

An Essay in Comparative Architecture, being an Inquiry as to the Basis
of certain Ideas common to the Sacred Buildings of many Lands.


* * * * *

_Royal 16mo. 5s._

=Love's Looking-Glass=

A Volume of Poems.

By the Authors of 'Love in Idleness.'

'A little volume of poems entitled "Love in Idleness," was published
a few years ago by three Oxford friends - Mr. J. W. Mackail, Mr. H.
C. Beeching, and Mr. J. B. B. Nichols - and being speedily
appreciated by all lovers of graceful and scholarly versification,
it soon went out of print. The three writers now reappear in the
same association in "Love's Looking-Glass," which contains the
original poems, together with many additions.... The volume should
prove as attractive as its predecessor, for the new poems it
contains are not less scholarly, melodious, and graceful than the
old.' - =Times.=

'This delightful volume of verse.... All the verse is full of an
academic spirit, but it is that spirit in its happiest mood, without
a touch of pedantry or artificiality.' - =Spectator.=

* * * * *

_Demy 16mo. 3s. 6d. each._

_Bound in paper boards, with parchment back._

=The Pocket Library of English Literature=


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