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DONAHUE, MARY E., 18 years old, 1040 West Taylor street.

DOOLEY, MRS., Claremont avenue, near Ohio street.

DOTTS, MARGARET S., 32 years old, 188 North Elizabeth street; identified
by husband.

DOW, FLORENCE, 17 years old, 642 West Sixtieth street.

DRAY, VICTORIA, 22 years old, Indiana avenue.

DREISEL, CLARA, 30 years old, North Robey street and Potomac avenue.


EDWARDS, MARGERY, 14 years old, Clinton, Ia., identified by father,
William Edwards; father and daughter were guests at 700 Fullerton avenue.

EBERSTEIN, FRANK B., 20 years old, 84 Twenty-sixth street, identified by
his father.

EISENDRATH, MRS. S. M., 10 Crilly court.

EISENDRATH, NATALIE, 10 years old, 10 Crilly court.

EBERSTEIN, MRS. J. A., 84 Twenty-sixth street, identified by husband and

ENGEL, MAURICE, 73 Dawson avenue, identified by name on charm.

ELAND, ALMA, nurse, with two children of Harold Dyrenforth, 832 Judson
avenue, Evanston.

ESPER, EMIL, 31 years, 190 Osgood street.

ERNST, ROSENE, 202 Twenty-fourth place. Identified by mother.

ESTEN, ROSA, 23 years, 305 Halsted street; identified by M. Eighberg.

EBBERT, MRS. J. H., 48 years old, 5516 Marshfield avenue.

EDDUZE, HARRY, 16 years old, Mattoon.

EDWARDS, MRS. M. L., Clinton, Ia.

EGER, MRS. GUS, 3760 Indiana avenue.

EISENSTAEDT, HERBERT S., 16 years old, 4549 Forrestville avenue.

ELDRIDGE, HARRY, 17 years old, Mattoon.

ELDRIDGE, MONTEK, 18 years old, 6063 Jefferson avenue.

ELKAU, ROSE, 14 years old, 3434 South Park avenue.

ELLIS, MRS. ANNIE, 40 years old, 207 East Sixty-second street.

ENGELS, MINNIE, 36 years old, 73 Dawson avenue.

ERSIG, TYRONE, 17 years old, 239 West Sixty-sixth street.

EVANS, MATTIE, Burlington, Ia.


FAIR, MISS ELLEN, 45 years old, 7564 Bond avenue.

FALK, GERTRUDE, 20 years old, 3839 Elmwood place.

FITZGIBBON, ANNA G., 17 years old, 2954 Michigan avenue.

FLANNAGAN, THOMAS J., 24 years old, employed at Iroquois.

FOLICE, NELLIE, 22 years old, 301 Claremont avenue.

FOWLER, ELVA, 17 years, 3450 West Sixty-third place.

FRAZER, MRS. EDWARD S., Aurora, Ill.

FRIEDRICH, MRS. HELEN, 35 years old, 341 Center street.

FREER, JENNIE E. CHRISTY, 53 years old, Galesburg, Ill.

FRICKELTON, EDITH, 23 years old, 632 Peoria street.

FRICKELTON, GEORGE E., 17 years old, 5632 Peoria street.


FOX, MRS. EVELYN, Winnetka, daughter of W. M. Hoyt; was accompanied by
three children, all of whom are dead; body of mother found by Graeme

FOX, GEORGE SYDNEY, 15 years old, son of Mrs. Fox.

FOX, EMILY, 9 years old, daughter of Mrs. Fox.

FOX, HOYT, 12 years old, son of Mrs. Fox.

FRADY, MRS. E. C., 4356 Forrestville avenue.

FRADY, LEON, 4356 Forrestville avenue.

FOLTZ, MRS. C. O., 1886 Diversey boulevard.


FALKENSTEIN, GERTRUDE, identified by card in clothing.

FITZGIBBONS, JOHN J., 18 years old, 2954 Michigan avenue.

FEISER, MARY, 793 North Springfield avenue, wife of a Larrabee street

FAHEY, MARY, 25 years old, 4860 Kimbark avenue; identified by T. H. Fahey.

FOLKE, ADA, 23 years old, Berwyn.

FORBUSCH, MRS. C. W., 35 years old, 927 Hinman avenue, Evanston;
identified by W. P. Marsh.

FOLTZ, ALICE, 1886 Diversey boulevard.

FORT, PHOEBE IRENE, principal of Myra Bradwell school, 146 Thirty-sixth

FRACK, ODESSA, Ottawa, Ill.



GARN, MRS. FRANK WARREN, 831 West Monroe street, daughter of L. Wolff,
1319 Washington boulevard, attended the theater with her sons, Frank, 10
years old, and Willie, 9 years old. All perished. Mrs. Garn was identified
by her husband.

GARN, FRANK L., 10 years old, 831 West Monroe street.

GARN, WILLIE, 9 years old, 831 West Monroe street.

GUSTAFSON, MISS ALMA, 10003 Avenue N, teacher in the John L. Marsh school
at South Chicago. She attended the theater with Miss Carrie Sayre and a
party of school teachers from South Chicago.

GOULD, MRS. B. E., identified by friends through jewelry.

GOULD, B. E., Elgin, Ill., clerk of the Circuit court of Kane county. Mr.
Gould was accompanied to the play by his wife, who also perished.

GARTZ, HARRY, 4860 Kimbark avenue.

GARTZ, MARY DORETHEA, 4860 Kimbark avenue, 12 years old, daughter of A. F.
Gartz, treasurer of the Crane company; attended theater with sister,
Barbara, maid and nurse; all perished.

GARTZ, BARBARA, 4 years, 4863 Kimbark avenue; identified by Maud Purcell.

GERON, MRS. MABLE, Winnetka; body identified by her brother.

GAHAN, JOSEPHINE, 129 Twenty-fifth place.

GASS, MRS. JOSEPH, 243 Grace street.

GEARY, PAULINE, 21 years old, 4627 Indiana avenue.

GEIK, MRS. EMILE, died at St. Luke's hospital.


GRAFF, MRS. REINHOLD, Bloomington, Ill.

GRAVES, MRS. CLARA, wife of W. C. Graves, 723 East Chicago avenue;
identified by sister-in-law, Lucetta Graves.

GUDELMANS, SOFIA, 327 North Ashland avenue.

GOOLSBY, MISS VERA, of Americus, Ga.; attending college in Chicago.

GERHART, BERRY, 25 years old.

GOERK, DORA, 1030 Bryan avenue, 10 years old.

GUERNI, JENNIE, 135 North Sangamon street.

GUTHARDT, MISS LIBBY, 16 years old, 159 One Hundred and Thirteenth street.


HAINSLEY, FRANCES, 5 years, Logansport, Ind.; identified by father.

HARBAUGH, MARY E., 30 years old, 6653 Harvard avenue.

HOFFEIN, MISS ADELINE J. C., 24 years old, 292 Haddon avenue.

HARTMAN, JOHN, 5705 South Halsted street.

HENNING, CHARLES, 6 years old, 5743 Prairie avenue.

HENNING, WILLIAM, 14 years old.

HENNESSY, WILLIAM, 14 years old, 4411 Calumet avenue.

HICKMAN, MRS. CHARLES, 24 years old, 4743 Calumet avenue.

HIGGINSON, JANITHE B., 2 years old, Winnetka, Ill.; identified by P. D.
Sexton, 418 East Huron street.

HIPPACH, ROBERT A., 14 years old, 2928 Kenmore avenue.

HIVE, ENA M., 15 years old, 613 West Sixty-first place.

HOLLAND, JOHN H., 60 years old, 6429 Evans avenue.

HOLST, MRS. MARY W., 36 years old, 2088 Van Buren street.

HOLST, AMY, 7 years old, 2088 Van Buren street.

HOWARD, MRS. MARY E., 54 years old, Jonesville, Mich.; identified by son,
Frank Howard, 3812 Prairie avenue.

HOLM, HULDA, 176 North Western avenue.

HULL, MARIANNE K., 32 years old, 244 Oakwood boulevard.

HULL, HELEN, 12 years old, 244 Oakwood boulevard.

HULL, DWIGHT, 6 years old, 244 Oakwood boulevard.

HULL, DONALD, 8 years old, 244 Oakwood boulevard.

HAYES, FRANK, 22 years old, son of Police Sergeant Dennis Hayes, Larrabee
street station; identified by younger brother.

HAVELAND, LEIGH, daughter of J. P. Haveland, 31 Humboldt boulevard; body
identified by father. Later father found the body of Clyde O. Thompson,
Wisconsin university student, who was guest at Haveland home and had
accompanied the daughter to the theater.

HUDHART, ADELAIDE, 41 years old, 159 One Hundred and Thirteenth street;
identified by her husband, James Hudhart.

HIPPACH, JOHN, 8 years old, son of senior member of firm of Tyler &

HART, MRS. NELLIE E., Atkinson, Ill.; identified by father, John English.

HUTCHINS, MISS JEANETTE, 22 years old, teacher at Winnetka; identified by

HOWARD, HELEN, 16 years old, 6565 Yale avenue; was a student at Englewood
High School.

HICKMAN, CHARLES, 4743 Calumet avenue; identified by Dr. H. H. Steele.

HALL, EMERY M., husband of E. Grace Hall, the Vermont, 571 East
Fifty-first street.

HOLST, GERTRUDE, 12 years old, 2088 Van Buren street; identified by her

HRODY, MRS. ANNA, 35 years old, 1353 South Fortieth avenue.

HEWINS, DR. EMERY, Petersburg, Ind.; body identified by daughter.

HELMS, OTTO H., 77 Maple street.

HENNING, EDDIE, 14 years old, 4753 Prairie avenue.

HENSLEY, MRS. GUY, Logansport, Ind.

HENSLEY, GENEVIEVE, 8 years old, Logansport, Ind.

HEWINS, MRS. L., 20 years old, Petersburg, Ind.; identified by friends.

HENRY, MRS. G. A., 1198 Wilton avenue.

HERRON, BESSIE L., 133 Conduit street, Hammond, Ind.

HIGGINS, ROGER G., 9 years old, 419 East Huron street.

HIGGINSON, MISS JEANETTE, Winnetka; body identified by her brother.

HENNESSY, WILLIAM, 4411 Calumet avenue.



HART, MISS ELIZABETH, Sherman avenue and Dempster street, Evanston.

HERGER, BERTHA, Hammond, Ind.; identified by Thomas Weisman.

HIRSCH, MARY, 19 years old, 617 Halsted street.


HOLST, ALLAN B., 12 years old, 2088 Van Buren street; son of William M.
Holst; identified by father.

HENSLEY, MARIAN, 5 years old, Logansport, daughter of G. Hensley.


IRLE, MRS. ANDREW, 32 years old, 1240 Lawrence avenue, wife of Andrew
Irle, assistant superintendent of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency;
body identified by name in wedding ring.


JAMES, C. D., 40 years old, Davenport, Ia.

JAMES, C. O.; identified by card in clothing.

JONES, MRS. ANNA, 46 East Fifty-third street.

JACKSON, VERA R., 19 years old, 216 Humboldt boulevard.

JONES, MRS. WARNER E., 38 years old, Tuscola, Ill.; visiting at 46 East
Fifty-third street.


KOCHEMS, JACOB A., 17 years, 262 Warren avenue; identified by father.

KENNEDY, AGNES, 6528 Ross avenue, former teacher at Hendricks and Melville
W. Fuller schools.



KAUFFMAN, ALICE, 5 years old, Hammond, Ind.

KOCHEMS, MRS. FRANK, 262 Warren avenue; identified by husband.

KRANZ, MRS. SARAH, Racine, Wis.; died at Samaritan hospital.

KUEBLER, LOLA, 16 years old, 344 Fiftieth street.

KULAS, MRS. GEORGIANA, 349 Chestnut street; identified by Mrs. C. J.

KURLEY, MINNIE, 5 years old, Logansport, Ind.

KEKMAN, FRAMELLES, 525 Austin avenue.

KOUTHES, MRS. E. K., Montreal.

KWASUIEWSKI, JOHN, 25 years old, 122 Cleaver street.


LAKE, MRS. ALFRED, 60 years old, 278 Belden avenue.

LANGE, HERBERT, 16 years old, 1632 Barry avenue.

LANGE, AGNES, 14 years old, 1632 Barry avenue; body identified by her

LA ROSE, LAURA, 12 years, 833 N. Clark street.

LA ROSE, JOSEPHINE, 8 years old, 833 N. Clark street.

LA ROSE, MATILDA, 10 years old, 833 N. Clark street.

LEATON, FRED W., 24 years old, University of Chicago.

LEAVENWORTH, MRS. CARRIE, 45 years old, Decatur.

LEFMAN, MRS. SUSIE, 38 years old, Laporte, Ind.

LEHMAN, MISS FRANCES M., 525 North Austin avenue, Oak Park, a teacher in
the H. H. Nash school.

LEMENAGER, MRS. JESSIE, 38 years old, 53 Waveland Park.

LEVENSON, ROSE, 28 years old, 268 Ogden avenue.

LONG, RYAN, 12 years old, Geneva, Ill.

LONG, HELEN, 14 years old, Geneva, Ill.

LONG, KATHERINE, 9 years old, Geneva, Ill.

LUDWIG, MISS EUGENIE, 18 years old, Norwood Park.

LASSMANN, MRS. SUSIE, Laporte, Ind.; identified by Frederick M. Burdick, a

LIVINGSTON, MRS. DAISY, 271 Oakwood boulevard; body identified by her
brother, T. B. Livingston.

LOWITZ, MRS. NATHAN, 274 Sheffield avenue; identified by means of ring,
"Nat to Minnie."

LOWITZ, MRS. N. S., Keokuk, Ia.

LEATON, FRED W., aged 25 years, 537 East Fifty-fifth street; medical
student at the University of Chicago; home at Terry, S. D.

LINDEN, ELLA, 21 years old, 4625 Lake avenue; identified by her brother,
Frank Linden.

LOVE, MARGARET, Fulton street.


MAHLER, EDITH L., 8 years old, 2141 Jackson Boulevard.

MANN, MISS EMMA D., teacher of music in public schools; 1388 Washington
boulevard; identified by Louis Mann, her brother.

MACKAY, ROLAND S., 6 years old, 5029 Indiana avenue.

MARTIN, HAROLD C., 14 years old, 11 Market circle.

MARTIN, ROBERT B., 12 years old, Pullman, Ill.

M'CHRISTIE, MISS ANNA, 27 years old, 6315 Lexington avenue.

M'GUNIGLE, MISS MAYME, 30 years old, New York; visiting Miss Reidy, 614
South Sawyer avenue.

MEAGLER, MISS MARIA, 656 Orchard street, a school teacher.

MEYER, ELSA, H., 10 years old, lived at Grossdale, Ill.

MILLER, HELEN, 23 years old, 369 West Huron street.

MILLS, CHARLES V., 623 Sedgwick street.

MILLS, MRS. W. A., 623 Sedgwick street.

MILLS, ISABELLA, 21 years old, 6263 Jefferson street.

MOORE, MRS. MATTIE, 33 years old, Hart, Mich.; staying with sister-in-law,
Mrs. Bond, at 4123 Indiana avenue; identified by Herman Mathias, 107
Madison street.

MOSSLER, PEARLINE, 13 years old, Rensselaer, Ind.

MUIR, S. A., 35 years old, 301 Winthrop avenue; connected with the Chase
Furniture Company, 1411 Michigan avenue; identified by George B. Chase,
vice-president of the company.

M'CLURG, ROY, 14 years old, 5803 Superior street, Austin.

M'MILLEN, MABEL, 20 years old, 2824 North Hermitage avenue.

M'KENNA, BERNARD, 2 years old, 758 Kedzie avenue; body identified by the

MOLONEY, ALICE, daughter of former Attorney General Moloney, Ottawa, Ill.;
body identified by her father and brother.

MARTIN, EARL, 7 years old, son of Z. E. Martin, Oak Park; body identified
by father.

MUIR, MAMIE, Peoria, Ill.; identified by name on clothing.

MURRAY, CHARLES; identified by letters found in clothing.

MARKS, MISS MAY, 19 years old, 69 North Humboldt boulevard.

McCAUGHAN, HELEN, 16 years old, 6565 Yale avenue.

MEAD, MRS., 278 Belden avenue; identified from clothing.

MERRIAM, MRS. H. H., 489 Fullerton avenue; body identified by Dr.

MERRIMAN, MILDRED, daughter of W. A. Merriman, manager of George A.

MITCHELL, MISS DORA, 20 years old, Laporte, Ind.; identified by friends.

MYERS, ELSIE, 8 years, Grossdale, Ill.

McKEE, J. W., 64 years old; identified by Lola Lee.

MOAK, ANNA, 278 Belden avenue.

MANN, MISS EMMA D., 18 years old, 1388 Washington boulevard; identified by
Louis Mann, her brother.

MATCHETTE, EMILY, 21 years old, 636 Sixtieth street.

MOOHAN, H. B., 30 years old.

MOORE, MRS. KITTIE, 45 years old, 119 West Fifty-ninth street.

MUIR, MRS. EUGENIA, 301 Winthrop avenue.

MILLER, WILLARD, 9 years old, 4919 Vincennes avenue.

McCLELLAND, JOSEPH, Harvard, Ill.; identified by uncle.

McCLURE, LAWRENCE, 230 East Superior street; identified by George, his

McGILL, ELIZABETH, 12 years old, Pittsburg, Pa., guest at residence of
Charles Koll, 496 Ashland avenue; identified by her mother.

McKENNA, MRS. JOHN L., 758 Kedzie avenue.

MEAD, LUCILLE, 11 years old, Berwyn.

McLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM L., nephew of Mrs. Frank W. Gunsaulus, died at 9:30 p.
m., at Presbyterian hospital.

MENDEL, MRS. HERMAN, 53 years, 5555 Washington avenue; the body was
shipped to Neola, Ia., for burial on Sunday; Mr. Mendel is a retired

MENGER, MISS ANNIE, 222 Twenty-fourth place; identified by Elta Menzeh.

MILLS, PEARL M., 5613 Kimbark avenue; identified by Ward Mills.

MOAK, LENA, 19 years old, Watertown, Wis.; guest at 278 Belden avenue.

MOORE, BENJAMIN, 119 West Fifty-ninth street; identified by grandson.

MOORE, MISS SYBIL, Hart, Mich.; identified by letter.

MURPHY, DEWITT J., 1340 Sheffield avenue; identified by father.

MURRAY, CHARLES, 36 years old, Martinsburg, O.; identified by J. H. Dodd.

MUELLER, MRS. EMELIA, 60 years, Milwaukee; identified by daughter, Mrs.
Herman Groth.

MORRIS, MABEL A., 17 years old, 5124 Dearborn street.

MULHOLLAND, JOSEPHINE, 33 years, 4409 Wabash avenue; identified by Clarke


NEWMAN, MRS. MARY, 32 years old, housekeeper for the Rev. Father J. C.
Ocenasek, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes church.

NEWBY, MRS. LUTHER G., Drexel hotel; identified by her father.

NEWMAN, MRS. ANNA, West Grossdale; identified by her rings.

NORTON, MATTIE, Ontonagon, Mich., attending school at Academy of the
Visitation, Ridge avenue and Emerson street, Evanston.

NORTON, EDITH N., Ontonagon, Mich., attending school at Academy of the
Visitation, Evanston.

NEWMAN, ARTHUR, 10 years, West Grossdale.

NORRIS, MRS. LIBBIE A., 30 years old, 5124 Dearborn street.

NORRIS, MABEL, 20 years old, 5124 Dearborn street.


ORLE, MABEL M., 1240 Lawrence avenue.

OWEN, DR., Wheaton, Ill., died at the Homeopathic Hospital.

OWEN, MRS. MARY, 44 years, Wheaton.

OAKLEY, DR. ALBERT J., 40 years old, Sixty-fifth and Stewart avenue;
identified by Dr. L. Phillips.

OXNAM, FLORENCE, 16 years old, 435 Englewood avenue.

OAKEY, LUCILE, 13 years old, daughter of A. J. Oakey, Sixty-fifth street
and Stewart avenue.

OAKEY, MARIAN, 11 years old, Sixty-fifth street and Stewart avenue;
identified by F. R. Bradford.

OLSEN, MRS. O. M., 833 Walnut street; identified by husband.

OLSON, MISS AUGUSTA, 27 years old, 218 Seventy-ninth place; identified by

OWEN, WILLIAM MURRAY, 12 years old; body identified by father.

OWENS, AMY, daughter of Mrs. Owens, 6241 Kimbark avenue.

OWENS, MRS. FRANCES O., 6241 Kimbark avenue.

OLSON, ELVIRA, 18 years old, daughter of William H. Olson, 7010 Stewart


PERSINGER, HEWITT, 10 years old, 50 Florence avenue, identified by J. W.
Harrison, a cousin.

PASSE, ELIZABETH, 6 years old, 552 East Forty-ninth street; identified by
her father.

PAGE, CHARLES T., 6562 Stewart avenue; body identified.

PAGE, HARROLD, 6562 Stewart avenue, 12 years old.

PAULMAN, WILLIAM, 22 years old, 3738 State street.

PAYSON, RUTH, 14 years old, 1 Elizabeth street, Oak Park.

PECK, WILLIS W., 2644 North Hermitage avenue.

PIERCE, MRS. L. H., 32 years old, Plainwell, Mich.; guest at home of her
brother, R. B. Carter, 3821 Lake avenue, who identified body.

POWER, MISS LILLY, 442 West Seventieth street, 21 years old.


PAGE, BERTHA, 45 years old, 6562 Stewart avenue identified by a brother.

PEASE, MRS. GRACE, wife of P. S. Pease, 6140 Ingleside avenue; body

PEASE, ELIZABETH, 7 years old, daughter of P. S. Pease.

PECK, ETHEL M., 16 years old, 2042 Hermitage avenue; identified by Dr.

PELTON, MISS LILLIAN, 30 years old, Des Moines; identified by W. F. Wilson
of Des Moines.

PERSINGER, MRS. FRANK, 50 Florence avenue; identified from clothing.

PINNEY, MRS. BELLE, 353 South Leavitt street.

PALMER, MRS. KATIE, 33 years old, 1141 Judson avenue, Evanston.

PALMER, RICHARD G., 14 years old, 1141 Judson avenue, Evanston.

PALMER, WILLIAM, 42 years old; salesman; 1141 Judson avenue, Evanston.

PALMER, HOWARD, 10 years old, 1141 Judson avenue, Evanston.

POLTE, LINDEN W., 14 years old, Lakeside, Ill.; body identified by John W.
Willard, uncle.

PATTERSON, CRAWFORD JULIAN, 12 years old, 4467 Oakenwald avenue.

PATTERSON, WILLIAM ADDISON, 10 years old, 4467 Oakenwald avenue.

PAYNE, MRS. JAMES, 357 Garfield boulevard, 35 years.

PEASE, MRS. AUGUSTA, 55 years, 552 East Forty-ninth street.

PILAT, JOSEPHINE, 13 years old, 34 Humboldt boulevard.

POND, MRS. EVA, 1272 Lyman avenue.

POND, RAYMOND, 14 years old, 1272 Lyman avenue, Ravenswood.

POND, HELEN, 7 years old, 1272 Lyman avenue, Ravenswood.

POTTLITZER, JACK, 11 years old, Lafayette, Ind.

PRIDEMORE, EDITH S., 32 years old, Fifty-eighth and Kimbark avenue.


QUITCH, MRS. W. J., 249 North Ashland avenue.


RATTEY, WILLIAM A., 917 North Artesian avenue, died at the county hospital
from burns and internal injuries; identified by Charles J. Rattey, 980
Talman avenue, his brother.

REED, NELLIE, 66 Rush street, leader of the flying ballet in the "Mr.
Bluebeard" company, died at the county hospital from burns on the body;
she was identified by Hermann Schultz of New York, a member of the

REGENSBURG, HELEN, daughter of Samuel H. Regensburg, Vendome hotel,
Sixty-second street and Monroe avenue.

REGENSBURG, HAZEL, daughter of Samuel H. Regensburg, Vendome hotel.

REIDY, ANNA, 614 South Sawyer avenue, daughter of Policeman John Reidy.

REISS, ERNEST, 11 years old, 4244 Vincennes avenue; identified by uncle.

REIDY, MARY, 614 Sawyer avenue, sister of Anna.

REIDY, NELLIE, 614 Sawyer avenue, and sister of other two women,
identified by Catherine Campbell, 623 South Sawyer avenue.

REISS, ERNA, 3760 Indiana avenue.

REITER, MISS REINA, 55 years old, 3000 Michigan avenue; with Miss Reiter
at the play was her sister, Miss Pet Bell, Potomac apartments.

REITER, MRS. M. S., 3000 Michigan avenue; identified by C. F. Cooper.

ROBERTSON, MINNIE, 15 years old, Park Ridge; body identified by brother.

RANKIN, MRS. MARTHA, 498 Fullerton avenue.

RANKIN, LOUISE, South Zanesville, O.

REID, COL. W. M., Waukegan, aged 70 years, formerly assessor; identified
by papers in his pocket, by R. G. Lyon.

REID, MRS. W. M., Waukegan.

RICHARDSON, THE REV. H. L., 44 years old, 5737 Drexel avenue, pastor of
Congregational Church in Whiting, Ind.; also student in the divinity
school of the University of Chicago; was pastor of a Congregational Church
in Ripon, Wis., for twelve years.

RIFE, MRS. WILLIAM, 516 East Forty-sixth street.

RIMES, DR. M. B., 6331 Wentworth avenue; attended theater with wife and
three sons.

RIMES, MRS. M. B., wife of Dr. Rimes.

RIMES, MYRON, 10 years old, son of Dr. Rimes.

RIMES, THOMAS M., 7 years old, son of Dr. Rimes.

RIMES, LLOYD B., 5 years old, son of Dr. Rimes.

ROGERS, ROSE, 32 years, 1342 North Sangamon street; identified by husband.


RUBLY, MRS. LOUISE, 60 years old, 838 Wilson avenue; identified by her
son, G. H. Rubly.

RADCLIFFE, ANNA, 6404 Calumet avenue.

RAYNOLDS, DORA, 18 years old, 4216 Forty-fifth street.

REIDY, ELENORA, 20 years old, 614 South Sawyer avenue.

REIDY, JOHN J., 614 South Sawyer avenue.

REISS, ERNEST, 11 years old, 4244 Vincennes avenue.

REYNOLDS, MARIE, 30 years, Sunnyside park.

ROBBINS, RUTH W., Madison, Wis.

ROETCHE, LILLIAN, 20 years old.

ROTTIE, LILLIAN, 10 years old, 7218 Lafayette avenue.

RUHLEMAN, CLARA, 63 years old, Detroit.

RUTIGAR, MRS. ELEANOR, 55 years old, 750 South Trumbull avenue.


SANDS, MRS. H. F., 40 years old, Tolona, Ill.

SANDS, KITTIE, Tolona, Ill., 15 years old, visiting Miss L. Barnett and
Miss J. Dawson, 1006 West Fifty-fourth street.

SCHNEIDER, GEORGE GRINER, 20 years old, 437 Belden avenue.

SCHNEIDER, JAMES, 157 Roscoe boulevard.

SCHNEIDER, MRS. JAMES, 22 years old, 157 Roscoe boulevard.

SCHREINER, MRS. MAMIE L., 30 years old, 2183 West Monroe street.

SCHREINER, IRMA MAY, 5 years old, 2183 West Monroe street.

SECHRIST, MISS HATTIE, 2928 North Paulina street.

SECHRIST, JUNE, 8 years old, 2928 North Paulina street.

SCHAFFNER, MISS MINNIE, 25 years old, 578 Forty-fifth place; teacher in
Forrestville school.

SHINNERS, MRS. ALICE, 24 years old, 4344 Oakenwald avenue.

SIMPSON, ADA, 40 years old, visiting at 537 West Sixty-fifth street,

SMITH, MISS BONNIE, 15 years old, 2177 Washington boulevard.

SMITH, RUTH M., 15 years old, 2177 Washington boulevard.

STAFFORD, BESSIE M., 1253 Wilcox avenue.

STRATMAN, RUTH, 18 years old, 421 East Forty-fifth street.

STERN, MARTIN, 1385 Congress street.

SAYRE, MISS CARRIE, of 7646 Bond avenue, school teacher in Myra Bradwell
school, Windsor Park; identified by friends; she was in the party of
school teachers with Miss Alma Gustafson.

SWARTZ, MISS MARJORIE, student at Washington college, Washington, D. C.,
20 years old, daughter of Dr. Thomas Benton Swartz, 146 Thirty-sixth
street; died at St. Luke's hospital.

SAVILLE, WARREN E., 19 years old, 46 East Fifty-third street; formerly
lived at Kankakee, Ill.

SEYMORE, A. L., 758 West Lake street.

SMITH, MRS., Desplaines, Ill.

STAFFORD, MISS ROSIE, 18 years old, address not known.

STILLMAN, MISS CARRIE, daughter of Prof. Stillman of Leland Stafford
university, California; was in seat in first row of first balcony.

SHERIDAN, ANDREW, 35 years old, 4155 Wentworth avenue; identified as
engineer of Wabash railroad company, by F. J. Herlihy.

STODDARD, DONALD, 11 years old, Lanark, Ill.; body identified by the
father, B. M. Stoddard.

SYLVESTER, ELECTRA, 30 years old, Plainview, Mo., visiting Mrs. Andrew
Irle, 1240 Lawrence avenue; body identified by name on handkerchief.

SUTTEN, HARRY P., 17 years old, 1595 West Adams street.

SEGRINT, MRS. A. N., 40 years old, Paulina street and Lawrence avenue,
Irving Park; identified by husband.

STEINMETZ, MRS. O. T. P., 2541 Halsted street.

STRONG, E. K., 10 Oakland Crescent.

SAWYER, MRS. J., 102 Cleaver street.

SCHMIDT, ROSAMOND, 18 years old, daughter of H. G. Schmidt, 335 West
Sixty-first street.

SCHOENBECK, ANNA, 408 East Division street; identified by mother.

SCHOENBECK, ELVINA, 408 East Division street.

SCHREINER, ARLENE, 6 years old, 2183 West Monroe street; identified by

SILL, LUCILE, 7604 Union avenue, 25 years old; identified by E. S. Hall.

SMITH, MARINE, Desplaines, daughter of Mrs. Smith.

SHABAD, MYRTLE, 14 years old, 3041 Indiana avenue.

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