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WILLIS, Harold, Conducteur à la Section Sanitaire Automobile
Américaine N{o} 2: -

"A toujours fait preuve d'un courage et d'une hardiesse dignes
des plus grands éloges, notamment pendant l'attaque du 4 Juillet,
s'offrant pour aller chercher des blessés dans un endroit très
périlleux, et eut sa voiture criblée d'éclats d'obus."


WILLIS, Harold, Driver, of American Automobile Sanitary Section
No. 2: Has always given proof of a courage and fearlessness worthy
of the highest praise, notably during the assault of July 4, in
volunteering to go after the wounded in a very dangerous spot; his
car was riddled with fragments of shell.]


WOOLVERTON, William H., Conducteur à la Section Sanitaire
Automobile Américaine N{o} 1:

"Sous un bombardement incessant a continué à assurer le service
des évacuations sans la moindre hésitation. A un endroit
particulièrement exposé, au moment où les obus tombaient avec
violence, a arrêté sa voiture pour prendre des blessés qu'il a
aidé à charger avec le plus grand calme, donnant ainsi preuve de
courage et de sang-froid."

WOOLVERTON, William H., Driver, of American Automobile Sanitary
Section No. 1: Under an incessant bombardment continued to
superintend the removals without the slightest hesitation. At
one specially exposed spot, where shells were falling in swift
succession, he stopped his car to pick up some wounded men whom he
helped to put aboard, with the utmost coolness, thus demonstrating
his courage and self-possession.]

[Illustration: WILLIAM M. BARBER]

[Illustration: ROSWELL S. SANDERS]


Grand Quartier Général
des Armées
_État Major_

_Bureau du Personnel_

_Au G. Q. G., le 17 juin 1916_

ORDRE N{o} 3234-D


La Médaille Militaire a été conféré au militaire dont le nom
suit: -

BARBER, William, Conducteur au Service de Santé d'une Division
d'Infanterie: -

"Au cours des récentes opérations, s'est distingué par son courage et
son sang-froid en assurant toutes les nuits l'évacuation des blessés
sur une route continuellement bombardée par l'artillerie ennemie. A été
grièvement blessé dans l'accomplissement de ses devoirs."

(La présente nomination comporte l'attribution de la Croix de Guerre
avec Palme.)

(Signé) J. JOFFRE

Pour extrait conforme
Le Lt. Colonel
Chef du Bureau du Personnel

SANDERS, Roswell S., has been awarded the _Médaille Militaire_, but his
citation was received too late to be included in this volume.

(_November, 1916._)


_General Headquarters
of the Armies_

_Bureau du Personnel_

_General Headquarters, 27 June, 1916_

ORDER NO. 3234-D


The _Médaille Militaire_ has been conferred upon the soldier whose name
follows: -

BARBER, WILLIAM, Driver in the Sanitary Service of an Infantry
Division: -

"In the course of recent operations has distinguished himself by his
courage and coolness in safeguarding night after night the removal of
the wounded over a road constantly bombarded by enemy artillery. Was
severely wounded in the performance of his duties."

(The present decoration carries with it the conferring of the _Croix de
Guerre avec Palme_.)

(_Signed_) J. JOFFRE

_A true copy:
The Lieutenant-Colonel
Chief of the Bureau du Personnel_

The text of the citations of the following men was received too late to
be included in the foregoing list.


[Illustration: AA]

In the presence of mortal conflict, where the fulfilment of their labor
of friendship lies, the men whose names here follow have seen fortitude
greater even than the courage of the wounded. They have beheld the
strength of a people unified by sacrifice so complete that its
individuals are unconscious of personal heroism. They have worked side
by side with hundreds of thousands of men and women who in consummating
this sacrifice have yielded, without measure of cost, their ambition
and love, and challenged death - with dauntless resolution to save not
only their country, but the principles of democracy for the whole
world. France, invincible in her resistance, has issued no acclamation
of glory, has sought no sympathy for the costliness of the onslaught,
nor published denunciation of the enemy, but by intrepid manhood has
won the honor of all nations.

These Americans, in their service of conservation, have gained
immutable evidence of that spirit upon which the highest citizenship
and patriotism depend. Whatever bitterness chance may bring
into their futures, they at least can never lose faith in human
nature - remembering the standard under which these days of their youth
have been consecrated.

H. D. S.


(_The abbreviations of names of colleges and universities represented
in this list are as follows._)

A. = Ames
Am. = Amherst
B. = Brown
B.C. = Beloit Coll.
Bow. = Bowdoin
C.C. = Cooper Coll.
C.G.S. = Cornell Graduate School
Cam. = Cambridge
Co. = Columbia
Col.C. = Colorado Coll.
Cor. = Cornell
D. = Dartmouth
F. = Fordham
G. = Groton School
H. = Harvard
H.-S. = Hampton-Sidney
Ham. = Hamilton
I. = Iowa
J.H. = Johns Hopkins
L.C. = Lehigh Coll.
M.A. = Mass. Agricultural
M.I.T. = Mass. Inst. Technology
N.U. = Northwestern Univ.
New.C. = Newberry Coll.
O. = Oberlin
P. = Princeton
P.S. = Pennsylvania State
Pa. = Paris
Pitts. = Univ. of Pittsburgh
St.P.S. = St. Paul's School
Sew. = Sewanee
Sw. = Swarthmore
T.C. = Trinity Coll.
U.A. = Univ. of Arizona
U.C. = Univ. of California
U.M. = Univ. of Michigan
U.Mo. = Univ. of Missouri
U.N. = Univ. of Nevada
U.N.C. = Univ. of North Carolina
U.N.D. = Univ. of North Dakota
U.P. = Univ. of Pennsylvania
U.S.C. = Univ. of South Carolina
U.U. = Univ. of Utah
U.V. = Univ. of Virginia
V. = Vanderbilt
W.R. = Western Reserve
W.U. = Washington Univ.
Wab. = Wabash
Wms. = Williams
Y. = Yale

[Illustration: "_It is good to have made friends among you, to have
clasped some of your brown hands, to have walked a little along the
road with you_"



_Name_ _Entered_ _Left_ _Address_ _Coll._ _Sec._

John R. Abbott July'16 Andover, Mass. 2
Eustace L. Adams Feb.'15 June'15 Newtonville, Mass. T.C. 3
Harry Adamson Jan.'16 June'16 Pittsfield, Mass. T.C. 4
Fred Hunter All April'15 Aug.'15 Allendale, S.C. H. [1]
Julian B. L. Allen Aug.'15 New York City St.P.S. 4
Charles Burton Ames Sept.'16 W. Newton, Mass. Am. 8
John Worthington
Ames, Jr. Oct.'16 Cambridge, Mass. H. 2
_Inspector General_ Dec.'14 Gloucester, Mass. P.-H. 1
Donald C. Armour April'16 Evanston, Ill. Y. 8,3
Kenneth L. Austin Mar.'15 Lausanne 4
Percy L. Avard July'15 June'16 New York 1

Charles Baird, Jr. July'16 New York H. 2,3
_Section Director_ Oct.'14 Dec.'15 Paris 1
Alwyn Ball Nov.'14 Feb.'15 New York 1
William M. Barber May'16 Aug.'16 Toledo, Ohio O. 3
Norman L. Barclay { Nov.'14 July'15 New York Y. 2
{ Nov.'15 June'16
_Edward O. Bartlett_
_Chief of
Construction_ Oct.'15 Florence, Italy B. 4[2]
_Frederick B. Bate_
Officer_ Aug.'14 April'16 Chicago [3]
Frank L. Baylies Feb.'16 New Bedford, Mass. 1,3
James D. Beane July'16 Concord, Mass. 9
Wm. De Ford Bigelow July'16 Cohasset, Mass. H. 4
Malbone H. Birckhead April'16 New York H. 8
Percy A. Blair Jan.'16 Mar.'16 Kent, England H. 4
Arthur Bluethenthal May'16 Wilmington, N.C. P. 3
John E. Boit May'16 Brookline, Mass. H. 2
Douglas T. Bolling Aug.'16 University, Va. U.V. 4
Robert Bowman { Sept.'15 Nov.'15 Lake Forest, Ill. Y. 1
{ Feb.'16
Jackson H. Boyd April'16 Harrisburg, Pa. P. 8
Alfred M. Brace July'16 Green Bay, Wis. B.C. 9
Amos F. Breed Sept.'16 Brookline, Mass. H.
Michael Brenner Nov.'14. Sept.'15 New York 1
Leighton Brewer July'15 Sept.'15 New York 1
Charles H. Brown Oct.'15 Mar.'16 New York U.V. 4
John F. Brown, Jr. Nov.'15 Feb.'16 Readville, Mass. H. 1
J. Paulding Brown Sept.'14 May'15 Montclair, N.J. H. 1
Otto W. Budd Nov.'14 Oct.'15 San Antonio, Texas 1
Thomas B. Buffum Mar.'16 New York H. 8,3
Lyman T. Burgess May'16 Sioux City, Ia. D. 2
Robert G. Burleigh Feb.'15 Aug.'15 Hudson, Mass. U. [1]
_Section Commander_ Feb.'16 Boston H. 2,9
Leslie Buswell June'15 Oct.'15 Gloucester, Mass. Cam. 2

Victor B. Caldwell,
Jr. June'15 Sept.'15 Omaha, Nebr. Y. 3
_Joshua G. B. Campbell_
_Section Sous-chef_ Dec.'14 New York 1
David Carb Feb.'15 July'15 Boston H. 1
_A. Graham Carey_
_Section Sous-chef_ Dec.'14 Cambridge, Mass H. 3
James L. Carson Jan.'16 April'16 Chicago 1
Philip T. Cate Oct.'15 Mar.'16 Boston H. 3
Walter Chrystie, Jr. June'16 Bryn Mawr, Pa. P.S. 9
Coleman T. Clark April'16 Westfield, N.J. Y. 3
John W. Clark Nov.'15 Flushing, L.I. Y. 3
Philip R. Clark Feb.'16 Mar.'16 Shelter Island, N.Y. 3
Charles R. Codman,
Jr. { Mar.'15 July'15 Boston H. 3
{ Feb.'16 Aug.'16
Charles H. Cogswell Mar.'16. Sept.'16 Cedar Rapids, Ia. I. 4
George R. Cogswell June'16 Cambridge, Mass. H. 9
Samuel H. Colton, Jr. April'15 July'15 Worcester, Mass. Bow. 1
R. Folger W. Conquest June'16 Philadelphia U.P. 9
Sidney A. Cook Sept.'16 New Haven, Conn. Y-C.G.S.2
William D. Crane Mar.'16 Sept.'16 New York H. 4
Charles T. Crocker April'16 June'16 Fitchburg, Mass. 8
Charles R. Cross, Jr. Feb.'15 Mar.'15 Brookline, Mass. H. 1
Tingle W. Culbertson Mar.'16 Sewickley, Pa. P. 1
Lawrence B. Cummings Aug.'16 Indianapolis, Ind H. 3,4
John E. Cunningham April'15 Aug.'16 Boston M.I.T. 1
_Richard J. Cunninghame_
_Section Sous-chef_ April'15 Nov.'15 Edinburgh [1]
Edmund J. Curley { Mar.'15 Aug.'15 New York H. 3
{ Oct.'15 Jan.'16
Enos Curtin Feb.'15 June'15 New York M.I.T.
Brian C. Curtis June'16 New York H. 9
Nicholson F. Curtiss Dec.'15 Aug.'16 Cleveland W.R. 4
Edwin G. Cushing Mar.'15 Feb.'16 New York 4[1]

William B. Dana June'16 Aug.'16 New Haven, Conn. Y. [2]
Colgate W. Darden,
Jr. Aug.'16 Franklin, Va. U.V. 1
Wm. S. Davenport, Jr. July'16 Paris 9
Charles C. Davis Feb.'16 Boston H. 4
Mahlon W. Davis Jan.'15 Aug.'15 Brookline, Mass. 2
Alden Davison Feb.'16 Sept.'16 New York Y. 8
Henry P. Davison, Jr. June'16 Aug.'16 New York G. [2]
Benjamin F. Dawson June'15 July'16 Philadelphia U.P. 3
Harwood B. Day Sept.'15 Dec.'15 Providence, R.I. 1
Samuel G. Dayton Feb.'16 Aug.'16 Philadelphia P.-U.P. 4
William S. Dell July'16 Princeton, N.J. P. 4
_Harry De Maine_
_Assistant to
Inspector_ Sept.'14 Roby, England [3]
Edward H. De Neveu July'16 Asnières, France Pa. 3
Clifford A. De Roode July'15 April'16 New York 1[1]
Edward J. M. Diemer Mar.'16 New York 2
George Dock, Jr. May'16 St. Louis D. 2
Arthur G. Dodge April'16 Weatogue, Conn. Y. 8
David B. Douglass Jan.'15 April'16 West Newton, Mass. 3
Jerome I. H. Downes Sept.'15 Feb.'16 Brookline, Mass. H. 1
Luke C. Doyle Sept.'15 Feb.'16 Worcester, Mass. Y. 3
Vivian Du Bouchet Sept.'14 Feb.'16 Paris 2
Rex W. Dunlap Nov.'15 Feb.'16 Kansas City, Mo. Y. 4

Brooke Leonard
Edwards Feb.'16 Philadelphia 1
Wm. K. B. Emerson July'15 Nov.'16 New York H. 3
George K. End Dec.'15 July'16 New York Sw.-Co. 1
Edwin H. English June'16 New Haven, Conn. Y. 9
Josiah W. Eno July'15 Mar.'16 New York 1
John N. d'Este Sept.'16 Boston H.
John E. Ewell Feb.'16 Washington, D.C. J.H [2]

Charles S. Faulkner April'16 Oct.'16 Keene, N.H. 8
Samuel P. Fay May'15 Sept.'15 Boston H. 1
William P. Fay Sept.'15 Mar.'16 New York H. 2
Powel Fenton { Feb.'15 May'16 Philadelphia U.P. 3
{ Aug.'16
Danforth B. Ferguson Sept.'14 Aug.'15 Brooklyn, N.Y. 2
Fearchear Ferguson Dec.'14 Aug.'15 New York 1
Pierre Fischoff April'15 Mar.'16 Paris 2[1]
John R. Fisher May'16 Arlington, Vt. Co. 2
Charles H. Fiske, 3rd Aug.'16 Boston H. 3
C. Stewart Forbes Feb.'16 Sept.'16 Boston H. 4
Frederick M. Forbush April'16 Detroit 8
Eric A. Fowler Aug.'16 New York P. 4
Giles B. Francklyn June'15 Lausanne 1,3
V. Frank April'15 Paris [2]
_Section Commander_ Mar.'15 San Francisco Y. [3]
_George F. Freeborn_
_Equipment Officer_ July'15 May'16 San Francisco [3]

Frank H. Gailor Dec.'15 April'16 Memphis, Tenn. Sew.-Co.2
_Assistant General
Inspector_ Sept.'15 New York H. 3
Rufus W. Gaynor Sept.'16 St. James, L.I. Am. 1
Harold H. Giles July'15 Sept.'15 Colorado Springs P. 1
John L. Glenn Dec.'15 Jan.'16 Chester, S.C. U.S.C.[3]
_J. Halcott Glover_
_Section Sous-chef_ Nov.'14 Dec.'15 London 2
Robert R. Gooch Aug.'16 Charlottesville, U.V. 4
John R. Graham Nov.'15 May'16 Philadelphia U.P. 2
John McC. Granger July'15 Nov.'15 New York F. 1
Roger Griswold Jan.'16 Sept.'16 Cambridge, Mass. H. 2
_Chief physician_ Aug.'14 Paris C.C. 3]

H. Dudley Hale Mar.'15 April'16 New York H. 3
_Louis P. Hall, Jr._
_Supply Officer_ { Sept.'15 Dec.'15 Ann Arbor, Mich. D. 3
{ April'16 [2]
Richard N. Hall June'15 Dec.'15 Ann Arbor, Mich. D. 3
(Killed in service)
Paul S. Haney Jan.'15 July'15 Quakertown, Pa. P. 1
Sigurd Hansen Nov.'14 Paris 1,4
Henry K. Hardon June'15 Sept.'15 New York H. 3
James W. Harle Feb.'15 Oct.'15 New York 2,1
Raymond Harper June'16 New York P. 2
William C. Harrington Oct.'16 Worcester, Mass. H. 4
H. Sydnor Harrison Mar.'15 July'15 Charleston, W. Va. Co. 1
J. Letcher Harrison June'16 Charlottesville, U.V. 9
Willis B. Haviland Sept.'15 Jan.'16 Indianapolis A. 2
Bartlett E. Hayden Feb.'15 Oct.'15 Watertown, Mass. 1
John R. Heilbuth May'16 Paris 2
Walter H. Hellier June'15 Oct.'15 Boston Y. 2
Alex. R. Henderson June'15 Sept.'15 New York H. 3
_Section Commander_ Nov.'14 New York H. 3
Lawrence W. Hitt Jan.'15 Aug.'16 New York Cor. 3
William A. Hoeveler Feb.'16 Sept.'16 Pittsburgh Pitts. 2
George M. Hollister Feb.'16 Grand Rapids, Mich.H. 3
Carlyle H. Holt Feb.'15 Aug.'15 Hingham, Mass. H. 2
Thomas G. Holt Feb.'16 Sept.'16 Grand Rapids, Mich Y. 2
Sidney Howard June'16 Oakland, Cal. U.C. 9
John F. W. Huffer Dec.'14 Sept.'15 Paris 2
_Section Director_ Feb.'15 Mar.'16 St. Louis W.U. 4[1]

_Oscar A. Iasigi_
Sous-chef_ { Jan.'15 July'15 Boston M.I.T 1,8
{ April'16
Jerry T. Illich Dec.'15 May'16 San Diego, Cal. U.C. 3
Robert W. Imbrie Dec.'15 Washington 1,3
Henry G. Iselin Feb.'16 Genêts (Manche)
France 2
John P. Iselin Sept.'16 Genêts (Manche)
France 2

Everett Jackson Dec.'15 Colorado Springs Col.C.3,8
Leslie P. Jacobs Mar.'16 Sept.'16 Laramie, Wyo. H. 8
Allan R. Jennings July'15 Jan.'16 Philadelphia H. 3
Walter Jepson July'16 Sparks, Nevada U.N. 9
Henry D. Jewett Aug.'16 West Newton, Mass. M.A. 4
Archibald B. Johnston April'16 July'16 Pittsburgh Cor. 3
Terence R. Johnston Feb.'16 Chicago M.I.T.2,9
Henry S. Jones May'16 Brooklyn, N.Y. L.C. 1
Frederick S. Judson June'15 Nov.'15 New York 3

Edward J. Kelley Aug.'16 Sept.'16 Philadelphia, Pa. 4
(Killed in service)
Dr. Owen Kenan May'16 Kenansville, N.C. U.N.C. 2
Peter L. Kent Dec.'14 New York Co.[1][3]
Hugo A. Kenyon Sept.'15 Dec.'15 Peacedale, R.I. B. 1
Grenville T. Keogh April'16 Oct.'16 New Rochelle, N.Y. 8
James M. Killeen Oct.'16 Concord, N.H. D. 8
Arthur Kingsland June'15 Oct.'15 New York 3
_Harold L. Kingsland_
_Section Sous-chef_ Dec.'14 Oct.'15 New York Cam. 1
Paul B. Kurtz { Aug.'15 Nov.'15 Germantown, Pa. H. 1
{ July'16

Julian L. Lathrop Feb.'16 Aug.'16 New Hope, Pa. H. 1
Empie Latimer Nov.'15 July'16 Wilmington, N.C. P. 1
_Section Commander_ Nov.'14 July'15 Groton, Mass. H. 3
George Lebon Oct.'16 Great Neck, L.I.
Robert R. Lester June'16 Kansas City, Mo. P. 9
David W. Lewis June'15 Nov.'15 Brooklyn, N.Y. H. 3
Philip C. Lewis Feb.'16 Aug.'16 Indianapolis, Ind. H. 1
Clark E. Lindsay Aug.'16 Charlottesville,
Va. H.-S. 1
Howard B. Lines { Sept.'15 Dec.'15 Cambridge, Mass. D. 1,8
{ Sept.'16
Robert Littell July'16 Sept.'16 New York G. [2]
John D. Little May'16 Malden, Mass. D. 1
_Preston Lockwood_
_Assistant to
Inspector_ { May'15 Oct.'15 St. Louis W.U. 3[3]
{ Dec.'15 Feb.'16
_Section Director_ Feb.'15 June'16 Newtonville, Mass. H. 2
Arthur E. Lumsden June'16 Chicago 8
George H. Lyman June'16 Boston H. 9

George A. McCall Nov.'15 Aug.'16 Philadelphia U.P. 4
George B. McClary June'15 Oct.'15 Oak Park, Ill. D. 3
James R. McConnell Feb.'15 Dec.'15 Carthage, N.C. U.V. 2
Harold F. McCormick,
Jr. July'16 Oct.'16 Chicago G. [2]
_Treasurer_ Oct.'14 Philadelphia U.P. [3]
Donald H. McGibeny July'15 Nov.'15 Indianapolis Ham. 1
_Dallas D. L. McGrew_
_Section Sous-chef_ Jan.'15 Boston H. 3
Donald S. MacLaughlan Oct.'16 New York 2
_Section Director_ Aug.'14 Oct.'15 New York Co. 1[1]
Logan McMenemy July'15 Dec.'15 Rockford, Ill. Y. 2
Douglas MacMonagle Dec.'15 Sept.'16 San Francisco U.C. 3,8
Francis W. MacVeagh July'16 Sept.'16 New York G. [2]
Jacques Magnin July'16 Paris 3
Francis P. Magoun,
Jr. Feb.'16 Aug.'16 Cambridge, Mass. H. 1
Harold A. Manderson July'16 Portland, Maine Bow. 9
Kenneth Marr Dec.'15 July'16 Livermore, Cal. 2
Verne Marshall Feb.'16 Aug.'16 Cedar Rapids, Ia. Coe. 4
William T. Martin Nov.'14 Nov.'15 Burlington, N.J. Pitts. 2
_Section Commander_ Mar.'16 Boston H.-T. 4,8
Robert Matter Sept.'15 Dec.'15 Marion, Ind. P. 3
Frank Mauran July'16 Aug.'16 Philadelphia Y. [2]
John Melcher April'15 Aug.'15 New York H. 3
Joseph M. Mellen June'15 Jan.'16 Garden City, N.Y. H. 3
Appleton T. Miles Oct.'16 Brattleboro, Vt. D. 8
Donald W. Monteith Feb.'16 June'16 New York 2
Rodman B. Montgomery{ June'15 Sept.'15 Rhinebeck, N.Y. P. 2,4,3
{ June'16
H. Kirby Moore Aug.'15 Nov.'15 Philadelphia 3
John C. B. Moore June'16 Cambridge, Mass. H. 9
Lawrence S. Morris July'16 Albany, N.Y. H. 4
Philip R. Morse Aug.'15 Oct.'15 Chestnut Hill,
Mass. H. 3
_Chief of Repair
Park_ Jan.'15 New York H. 2[2]
_Comptroller_ Jan.'15 Paris [3]

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