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This Number closes the Third Volume of HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE. In
closing the Second Volume the Publishers referred to the distinguished
success which had attended its establishment, as an incentive to further
efforts to make it worthy the immense patronage it had received: - they
refer with confidence to the Contents of the present Volume, for proof
that their promise has been abundantly fulfilled.

The Magazine has reached its present enormous circulation, simply
because it gives _a greater amount of reading matter, of a higher
quality, in better style, and at a cheaper price_ than any other
periodical ever published. Knowing this to be the fact, the Publishers
have spared, and will hereafter spare, no labor or expense which will
increase the value and interest of the Magazine in all these respects.
The outlay upon the present volume has been from five to ten thousand
dollars more than that upon either of its predecessors. The best talent
of the country has been engaged in writing and illustrating original
articles for its pages: - its selections have been made from a wider
field and with increased care; its typographical appearance has been
rendered still more elegant; and several new departments have been added
to its original plan.

The Magazine now contains, regularly:

_First._ One or more original articles upon some topic of historical or
national interest, written by some able and popular writer, and
illustrated by from fifteen to thirty wood engravings, executed in the
highest style of art.

_Second._ Copious selections from the current periodical literature of
the day, with tales of the most distinguished authors, such as DICKENS,
BULWER, LEVER, and others - chosen always for their literary merit,
popular interest, and general utility.

_Third._ A Monthly Record of the events of the day, foreign and
domestic, prepared with care and with the most perfect freedom from
prejudice and partiality of every kind.

_Fourth._ Critical Notices of the Books of the Day, written with
ability, candor, and spirit, and designed to give the public a clear and
reliable estimate of the important works constantly issuing from the

_Fifth._ A Monthly Summary of European Intelligence, concerning books,
authors, and whatever else has interest and importance for the
cultivated reader.

_Sixth._ An Editor's Table, in which some of the leading topics of the
day will be discussed with ability and independence.

_Seventh._ An Editor's Easy Chair or Drawer, which will be devoted to
literary and general gossip, memoranda of the topics talked about in
social circles, graphic sketches of the most interesting minor matters
of the day, anecdotes of literary men, sentences of interest from papers
not worth reprinting at length, and generally an agreeable and
entertaining collection of literary miscellany.

The object of the Publishers is to combine the greatest possible VARIETY
and INTEREST, with the greatest possible UTILITY. Special care will
always be exercised in admitting nothing into the Magazine in the
slightest degree offensive to the most sensitive delicacy; and there
will be a steady aim to exert a healthy moral and intellectual
influence, by the most attractive means.

For the very liberal patronage the Magazine has already received, and
especially for the universally flattering commendations of the Press,
the Publishers desire to express their cordial thanks, and to renew
their assurances, that no effort shall be spared to render the work
still more acceptable and useful, and still more worthy of the
encouragement it has received.


Adventure with a Grizzly Bear 101
Ally Somers 610
American Notabilities 834
Anecdotes of Curran 108
Anecdotes of Paganini 39
Application of Electro-Magnetism to Railway Transit 786
Autobiography of a Sensitive Spirit 479
Bear-Steak 484
Blind Lovers of Chamouny 68
Bookworms 628
Bored Wells in Mississippi 539
Breton Wedding 87
Brush with a Bison 218
Captain's Self-Devotion 689
Chapter on Giraffes 202
Coffee-Planting in Ceylon 82
Conversation in a Stage Coach 105
Cricket 718
Convict's Tale 209
Daughter of Blood 74
Deserted House 241
Eagle and Swan 691
Eclipse in July, 1851 239


Preliminary; Word-painting; Grandiloquence; Memories of
Childhood; Good-nature, 282. Englishman's independence; Parodies;
Done twice; Punctuation; Epitaph; Personification, 284. Small
courtesies; Home California; Grumblers; Rachel Baker, 421. Take
physic, doctor; Moralizing; Curiosity, 422. Sabbath morning;
Pictures of Napoleon; Libraries; Booing; Childlike temper; Pretty
spry, 423. The sea; Old Eben; Harvest time; Long Island ghosts,
571. Alleged lunatic; Musical elephant, 572. The Bible; New use
of a note of hand; The Ship of Death; Taste in tombstones;
Tennyson's Word-painting, 573. Western eloquence; John Bull of
old; Interrupting conversation, 575. Ollapod on October; The
Virtues too cheap, 704. Charms of the incomprehensible; Harriet
Martineau on love; The fire annihilator, 705. Originality;
Eccentricities of Swift; The Iron Duke in Rhyme; On
reminiscences, 706. Taking an interest; Determination of the
Will, 707. In France without French; Mrs. Ramsbottom; The
Disbanded Volunteer, 851. Baron Vondullbrainz; Domestic Remedies;
Dr. Johnson on Scotland, 852. Hopeful Pupils; Lord Timothy
Dexter; Adjutant-birds, 853. Dinner-giving; Keep cool; Peter
Funk; Titles of songs; John Bull as a beat-ee, 854.


Ex cathedrâ; The commercial and romantic way of telling a thing,
707. The winning loser, 708. Equestrianism as a beautifyer, 709.
Advent of autumn; Retrospective and prospective; Hard times; The
Arctic expedition, 849. Catherine Hayes; Madame Thillon; Mrs.
Warner; Healy's Webster; The Art Union; Leutze's Washington
Crossing the Delaware; American clippers, 850. French gossip;
Borrel and his wife, 851. Albert Smith, 852.


The indestructibleness of the religious principle in the human
soul, 701. Night as represented by the Poets: Homer, Apollonius
Rhodius, Virgil, Byron, Job, 702. Pedantic fallacies on
education, 703. Progression of Ancestry and Posterity, 704.
Westward course of empire, 851. Marriage: the nuptial torch,
woman's rights, divorces, 846. True Charity: St. Augustine
thereupon, 848.

Episode in the Life of John Rayner 510
Escape from a Mexican Quicksand 481
Execution of Fieschi, Pepin, and Morey 76
Fairy's Choice 800
Faquir's Curse 375
Fashions for June 143
Fashions for July 287
Fashions for August 431
Fashions for September 575
Fashions for October 719
Fashions for November 863
Feet-Washing in Munich 349
Floating Island 781
Fortunes of the Reverend Caleb Ellison 680
Francis's Life Boats and Life Cars. By JACOB ABBOTT 161
French Cottage Cookery 369
Frenchman in London 236
Gallop for Life 802
Hartley Coleridge 334
Highest House in Wathendale 521
Household of Sir Thomas More 42, 183, 310, 498, 623, 757
Hunter's Wife 388
Ice-Hill Party in Russia 66
Incident during the Mutiny of 1797 652
Incidents of Dueling 630
Incident of Indian Life 80
Infirmities of Genius 327
Joanna Baillie 88
Jeweled Watch 96
Joe Smith and the Mormons 64
Josephine at Malmaison 222
Joys and Sorrows of Lumbering 517
Lamartine on the Restoration 685
Last days of the Emperor Alexander 565
Last Priestess of Pele 354


Tired of the World; Pleasure Trip of Messrs. Robinson and Jones;
A Perfect Wretch, 141. Facts and Comments by Mr. Punch;
Comparative Love; Taking the Census; Mysterious Machine, 285.
Experimental Philosophy; The Interesting Story; Elegant and
Rational Costume for Hot Weather; A Wet Day at a Country Inn;
Scene at the Sea-Side; Affecting rather; Real Enjoyment; A Taste
for the Beautiful; Singular Optical Delusion; A most alarming
Swelling; Sunbeams from Cucumbers; Much Ado about Nothing; Little
Lessons for Little Ladies, 425. Holding the Mirror up to Nature;
A Bite; Much too considerate; A Lesson on Patience; Development
of Taste, 717. Brother Jonathan's First Lesson in Shipbuilding;
Not a difficult thing to foretell; Curiosities of Medical
Experience; Retirement, 861.

Lima and the Limanians 598


Philosophy of Mathematics; Life of Algernon Sidney; Journal and
Letters of Henry Martyn; Cooper's Water Witch, 138. Mayhew's
London Labor, 139, 281, 856. Barry's Fruit Garden; Female Jesuit;
The Wife's Sister; Poems by Mrs. E.H. Evans; Dealings with the
Inquisition; Opdyke's Political Economy; Harper's New York and
Erie Railroad Guide, 139. Tuckerman's Characteristics of
Literature; The Gold-Worshipers; Mrs. Sigourney's Letters to my
Pupils; Maurice Tiernay; Willis's Hurry-Graphs; Eastbury;
Episodes of Insect Life, 280, 568, 855. Arthur's Works, 140.
Memoirs of Wordsworth; Hitchcock's Religion of Geology; The
Glens; Abbott's Cleopatra; Mrs. Browning's Poems, 280. Cosmos;
Martin's Ortheopist; The Heir of West-Wayland; A Grandmother's
Recollections; Ida; Colton's Land and Sea; De Felice's
Protestants in France; Warren's Para; Herbert's Life and
Writings, 281. Caleb Field; Dr. Spring's First Things; Yeast;
Taylor's Angel's Song; Stuart of Dunleath; Shakspeare's Heroines;
The Solitary of Juan Fernandez; Bulwer's Not so Bad as We Seem,
282. The Parthenon; Lady Wortley's Travels in America; Hudson's
Shakspeare; Abbott's Josephine; Fresh Gleanings; Lossing's
Field-Book; The Daughter of Night, 419. James's Fate; Inventor's
Manual, 568; Memoirs of Bickersteth; Lamartine's Stone-Mason of
Saint Point; True Remedy for the Wrongs of Woman; The Literature
and Literary Men of Great Britain and Ireland, 569. Arthur
Conway; Odd-Fellows' Offering; Loomis's Algebra; the Christian
Retrospect and Register; Anthon's Roman Antiquities; Hildreth's
History of the United States; Carpenter's Travels and Adventures
in Mexico, 570. Sprague's Phi Beta Kappa Oration; Farmer's
Every-Day Book; The Nile Boat; The Iris; The Dew-Drop;
Willow-Lane Stories; Drayton; Lord's Epoch of Creation, 710.
Theory of Human Progression; Forest Life and Forest Trees;
Semme's Service Afloat and Ashore; The Lady and the Priest; The
Attaché in Spain, 711. Scenes and Legends of the North of
Scotland; Miss Benger's Mary Queen of Scots; Motherwell's Poems;
Memoirs of the Buckminsters; Plymouth and the Pilgrims; St.
John's Geology; Ware's Sketches of European Capitals; Lamartine's
Restoration; Rule and Misrule of the English in America; Poore's
Life of Napoleon, 712. Bayard Taylor's Romances, Lyrics, and
Songs; Margaret; Abbott's Young Christian; Spooner's Dictionary
of Artists; Memoirs of Chalmers; The Bible in the Family; The
Scalp Hunters, 855. The Human Body in its Connection with Man;
Ladies of the Covenant; Alban; Fifteen Decisive Battles; Queens
of Scotland; The Lily and the Bee; London Labor; Malmiztic the
Toltec; The Mind and the Heart, 856.

London Sparrows 258
Lord Brougham as a Judge 622
Love and Smuggling 378
Madames De Genlis and De Staël 59
Mary Kingsford 121
Maurice Tiernay, the Soldier of Fortune.
By CHARLES LEVER 28, 171, 360, 471, 635, 767
Memories of Mexico 461
Mems for Musical Misses 488
Misers 614



POLITICAL AND GENERAL NEWS. - Rumored descent upon Cuba;
President's Proclamation; arrests, 127. Legislature of New York;
the Canal Enlargement bill; close of the session; addresses to
the political parties, 127. Quick passages across the Atlantic,
128, 275, 564. Emigrants from abroad, 128, 275, 561. May
Anniversaries in New York, 128. Opening of the Erie Railroad,
128. Mr. Webster and Faneuil Hall, 129. Storm in New England,
129. Secret Ballot in Massachusetts, 129. Message of the Governor
of Connecticut, 129. Southern Rights Convention at Charleston;
Messrs. Cheves and Rhett, 129. Constitutional Convention in
Virginia, 129, 277, 414, 558. Miscellaneous Intelligence from the
Northwest, 129. Texas, 130, 277. New Mexico, 130. From
California: Extra-judicial executions; death for larceny; tax on
miners: Indian hostilities; population; gold; Japanese; thermal
springs, 130. Abstract of the census, 273. Dispersion of Cuban
expedition, 273. Speeches of Mr. Webster at Buffalo and Albany,
274. Methodist Book Concern suit, 274. Presbyterian General
Assembly at Utica, 275. At St. Louis, 275. Ocean steamers, 275.
Extra session of the New York Legislature, passage of the Canal
Enlargement bill, 275. Address of framers of the Constitution
against the bill, 275. Riot at Hoboken, 275. Legislature of
Massachusetts, principal bills passed, 276. Mr. Sumner's letter
of acceptance, 276. Maine and Massachusetts, 276. Liquor-law in
Maine, 276. Northern Eldorado, 276. Message of Governor Dinsmoore
of New Hampshire, 276. New Constitution in Maryland, 276.
Politics in Georgia, 276. In South Carolina, 276. In Mississippi,
276. Indian hostilities in Texas, 277. From California, 277. From
Oregon, 277. Whig and Democratic Conventions in Vermont, 411.
Democratic State Convention in New Hampshire, 411. Whig and
Democratic Conventions in Pennsylvania, 412. Whig Convention in
Ohio, 412. State Rights Convention in Mississippi, 412. Whig
Convention in California, 413. Mr. Webster's Fourth of July
speech at Washington, 413. Legislature of New York; Canal bill;
apportionment of representatives, 413. Position of Mr. Fish, 413.
Legislature of Rhode Island, 413. Acceptance of new Constitution
in Ohio, 413. Widows in Kentucky to vote, 413. Celebration of the
battle of Fort Moultrie at Charleston, 414. Senators Clemens and
King of Alabama, 414. Compromise resolutions in Connecticut, 414.
Legislature of Michigan, 414. Mormon trials, 414. Mr. Webster at
Capon Springs, 414. From California: fire at San Francisco;
quartz mining; Lynch law; Chinamen; abortive expedition against
Lower California, 415. Indian treaty in Oregon, 415. Miscellanies
from the Northwest, 415. Trial of General Talcott, 415. American
traveler imprisoned in Hungary, 415. College commencements, 415,
560. August elections, 557. State of parties, 557. Cuban
expedition sets out, 557. Progress of crime, 557. Prospects of
the harvest, 557. Indian hostilities along our frontiers, 557.
Meeting for co-operative resistance in Charleston, 557. Southern
Rights meeting, 558. New Constitution of Virginia, 558.
Democratic Convention in Ohio, 558. From California: new route;
another conflagration; T.B. McManus; vigilance committee, 559.
Joint call for a Whig Convention in New York, 559. Judge Bronson
on the Canal Enlargement bill, 560. Dinner to Archbishop Hughes,
560. Return of the steamer Atlantic, 561. Western Railroad
Convention, 561. Colored Convention in Indiana, 562. Sioux
treaty, 562. Steam to Ireland, 562. Letter from Kossuth, 562.
Fourth of July at Turks Island, 562. Emancipation of slaves by
Mr. Ragland, 562. Soundings in Gulf of Mexico, 562. Fugitive
slaves in Mexico, 562. Expedition to Cuba fails, 692. Excitement
in the United States, 693. Whig and Democratic Conventions in
Massachusetts, 693. Whig and Democratic Conventions in New York,
693. Severe storm, 694. From Texas: crops; trade; Indian affray;
Boundary Commission, 694. Fugitive slave cases, 694. Union
victory in Mississippi, 694. Slaves liberated by Mr. Caldwell,
694. From California: subsidence of Lynch law; mining; Indians;
politics, 695; more executions; conflict of authorities;
miscellaneous, 841. Meeting of the New York State Agricultural
Society, 840. Railroad celebration at Boston, 840. Return of the
Arctic Expedition, 840. Legislature of Vermont, 840. Accidents
and Shipwrecks, 840. Duels, 841. Michigan conspiracy trials, 841.
Bishop in New York, 841. From New Mexico: Indians; Col. Sumner's
command; Catholic Church, 841.

ELECTIONS. - Mr. Sumner in Massachusetts, 128. State officers in
Connecticut, 129. Congressional representatives in Massachusetts,
276. State officers in New Hampshire, 276. August elections for
members of Congress and State officers in several States, 557. Of
delegates to State Convention in Mississippi, 694. Of Governor
and Members of Congress in Georgia, 840.


Mexico: The revenue; Indian hostilities; meditated revolution,
130. Brazil and the Argentine Republic, 131, 277, 416, 697, 842.
Excitement in Cuba, 131. Hayti, 131. From Mexico; financial
difficulties; Indian hostilities; claims upon the United States,
277. From Peru: Election of President; disturbances, 277.
Disturbances in Chili, 277. Central America, 278. Financial
projects in Mexico, 416. Tehuantepec survey prohibited, 416.
Chili and Peru, 416. General Rosas, 416. Uruguay, 416. New
Constitution in Bolivia, 416. New Granada, 417. Plot in
Venezuela, 417. Proposed confederation in Central America, 417.
Cholera in Jamaica, 417. Cuba, 417. Santa Cruz, 417. Hostilities
in Hayti, 417. Gloomy state of affairs in Mexico, 562. Statement
of the Tehuantepec question, 563. Insurrectionary movements in
New Granada, 563, 697. Scarcity of labor in Jamaica; colored
emigrants solicited, 563. Riot at Kingston, 563. Abortive
insurrection in Cuba, 564. Failure of the expedition and
execution of Lopez, 692. Disturbances in Guayaquil, 696. Affairs
in Chili: Election of Montt as President; revenues; railroads;
storm, 696. Peru, 697. Mexican affairs: Financial schemes; Church
property; Tehuantepec difficulties; proposed South American
confederacy; disturbances; Payno's mission to England, 697.
Decline of the slave-trade in Brazil, 697. Peace in Hayti, 697.
Volcanic Eruption in Martinique, 697. Continued troubles in
Mexico, 842. Revolution in the Northern departments, 842.
Disturbances in Central America, 842. War between Brazil and
Rosas, 842. Chili and Peru, 843.


Opening of the Exhibition, 131. Duke of Wellington and the
statuette of Napoleon, 131. Proceedings in Parliament: Sundry
motions; Jews' bill; model lodging houses, 131. Speech of Sir
William Molesworth on the Colonies, 132. Lord Torrington as
Governor of Ceylon, 132. Aylesbury election vacated, 132. Dinner
to Lord Stanley, 132. Troubles in the Established Church, 132.
The Kaffir war, 132, 417. Manifesto of the Chartists, 132.
Emigration, 132, 843. Legal nicety, 132. Progress of the
Exhibition. 278, 417, 565, 698, 843. American contributions, 278.
Parliamentary proceedings, 278. Copyright decision in favor of
foreigners, 278. Protectionist meeting at Tamworth, 278.
Thackeray's lectures, 278. Mr. Cobden's peace motion, 417. Census
of Great Britain, 417. Steam between Ireland and United States,
417. Prince Albert on the American revolution, 418. Balloon
accident, 418. Passage of ecclesiastical titles bill, 564.
Jewish disabilities bill, 564. Mr. Salomons denied a seat in
Parliament, 564. Chancery reform, 565. Secret ballot, 565.
Bishops' revenues, 565. Decline of the slave trade, 565.
Depopulation of Ireland, 565. Opposition to copyright decision,
565. The queen and the corporation of London, 565. Mr. Peabody's
entertainment, 565. The Crystal Palace as a winter garden, 566.
Prerogation of Parliament, 597. The yacht races, 698. Catholic
meeting in Dublin, 698. Condition of laboring classes, 698.
Artistic defects, 698. Persistance of Mr. Salomons, 698. Speeches
of Lord Palmerston, Bulwer, Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Disraeli, 843.
Return of the Arctic Expedition, 843. Tour of the American
minister in Ireland, 843. Submarine Telegraph, 843.


Difficulties in the way of revision, 133. New Provisional
Ministry formed, 133. Newspaper politics, 133. Troubles at Lyons,
133. Disturbances in the University, 133. Prosecutions against
the press, 133, 279. Bread society, 133. Refugee dinner, 133.
Holy week, 133. Hostilities in Algeria, 133. The President and
Abd-el-Kader, 133. Question of revision, 279, 418. Defeat of the
Kabyles, 279. Appointment of committee on revision, 418. The
President at Dijon, 418. Report of the committee on revision,
sketch of debate, and rejection of proposition, 566. Censure upon
and proffered resignation of ministers, 567. Free-trade motion
lost, 567. Fête to Exhibition commissioners, 567, 699.
Adjournment of Assembly, 699. Preparations for presidential
election, 699. Plots at Lyons, 699. Casualty at funeral of
Marshal Sebastiani, 699. Government and the press, 843. Progress

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