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St Nicholas

Mary Mapes Dodge


Digitized by


Digitized by


Digitized by


Digitized by




Illustrated Magazine

For Young Folks.

Part I.— Nov., 1907, to April, 1908.



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Copyright, X907, 1908, by The Century Ca

The De Vinne Pxess.

Digitized by





Six Months — Nov., 1907, to April, 1908.

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Album of the League, The 466, 562

Apple Butter. Verse. (Illustrated by Denman Fink) Oscar Llewellyn 50

April. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author; May Aiken 536

Bald Brow Christmas Trees, The. (Illustrated by F. Wright) Charles Poole Cleaves 108

Balloon, Inflating A. Pictures. ^ 296

Billy's Weight. Picture, drawn by B. N. Salg 487

Bit of Christmas, A. (Illustrated by C. M, Relyea) Helen A. Hawley 246

Bowling Match, The. Picture, drawn by J. B. GraflF 412

Boys' Way, The. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) Anna B. Craig 15

Brave Feupe. Verse. (Illustrated by Herbert Paus) D. W, Cooke. 17

Cat Tale, A. Verse Ellen Manly 395

Chimpanzee. (Illustrated by W. L. Jacobs) Henry Gardner Hunting. . 215

Christmas, A Bit of. (Illustrated by C. M. Reylea) Helen A. Hawley 246

Christmas Year, The. (Illustrated by G. A. Harker) Rebecca Harding Dqvis, . . 132

Circus Dogs. Picture, drawn by Basil S. Tait 537

Clock and the Watch, The. Verse. (Illustrated by G. A. Harker) Ray Russell Jewell '204

Coast Patrol, The Lonely Christmas of the. Photograph by C. H. Claudy 131

Crinkum Crankums. Verse. (Illustrated by Reginald B. Birch) Ellen Manly 122

Cure for the Blues, A. Verse. (Illustrated by G. A. Harker) Nancy Byrd Turner 244

Dauntless: My Big Timber- wolf. (Illustrated from photographs) Ernest Harold Baynes. ... 20

Day's Work with the President, A. (Illustrated from photographs) Chester M. Clark 195

Dear Old Tree, The. Verse. (Illustrated by Albertine Randall Wheelan) . .Luella Wilson Smith 136

Debby's Dilemma. Verse. (Illustrated by Maud Thurston) Capt. Harold Hammond. . 66

Diabolo. Verse. (Illustrated by J. C. Wilson) Cornelia Walter McCleary 422

Diamond Mines of Kimberley, The. (Illustrated from photographs) W. G. Fits-Gerald 224

Doggerel. Verse. (Illustrated by Ruth Halleck) Oscar Llewellyn 245

Dogs, Alaskan. ("Where Dog is King") Lida Rose McCahe 387

Dogs on the Battle-field. (Illustrated from photographs) W. G. Fits-Gerald 391

Dorothy in Switzerland. (Illustrated from photographs) Deshler Welch 291

Easter Turn-out, An. Picture, drawn by Jessie E! Brangs 494

Educated Cat, The. Verse John Kendrick Bangs 131

Eight Times Eight Equals — ^What? B.R. Winslow 42

Eileen. Verse. (Illustrated by Herbert Paus) Eva L. Ogden 104

Elephants, Working. (Illustrated from photographs) W. G. Fits-Gerald 148

Elsie's Lesson. (Illustrated by George Varian) Mildred Stapley 507

Eskimo, A Very Exceptional. Verse Isabel Ecclestone Mackay, 333

Every-day Verses. (Illustrated by Emilie Benson Knipe) Alden Arthur Knipe

A Sleepy Boy 62

Buttons 62

Brushing Teeth 63

Tangled Hair 63

Putting on Stockings .' 162

Being Polite 163

Getting Dressed 260

v.-»*.i00«0 Digitized by VnOOQlC



Grace for a Child at Breakfast 260

Umbrellas and Rubbers 261

Whispering in School 261

Off to School 346

Going to School 347

A Good Memory ; 347

Clean Hands 446

Neatness in School 446

Pockets 447

Waiting for Dinner 447

The Dining-Table 538

A Reminder , 538

Eating Between Meals 539

Famous Indian Chiefs. (Illustrated by George Varian) H^aj.-Gen, O. O, Howard. .

Osceola '. 56

"Billy Bowlegs" 159

Pascaul 249

Antonio and Antonito 334

Santos, and Eskiminzeen the Stammerer 414

"One-eyed Miguel," the Apache .* 416

Manuelito, a Navajo War Chief 512

Cochise, the Chiracahua Apache Chief 514

Fancies of Fan, and the Ventures of Van, The. Verse Martha Burr Banks 323

"Far-Fetched Joke, A." (Illustrated by the Author) Mark Fenderson 499

Fetching Smile, The. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) Joel A. Day 413

Fishing in Jungleville. Pictures, drawn by I. W. Taber 236

FooT-BALL Season in Jungleville, The. Pictures, drawn by I. W. Taber 60

Ford's Trip on a Runaway Balloon. (Illustrated by Arthur T. Merrick) . ,C, H. Chudy 305

Forefather's Day, In Our. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) Phillips Ward 394

Forward March. Picture, drawn by Albertine Randall Wheelan 448

Fowl Weather. Picture, drawn by Albertine Randall Wheelan 499

Gentle Interference of Bab, The. (Illustrated by Florence E. Storer) Agnes McClelland Daulton 230

310, 423, 488

Guessing Song. Verse. (Illustrated) Henry Johnstone 223

Gyroscope, The. (Illustrated by W. F. Burger) J. F. Springer 419

Hallowe'en Happenings. (Illustrated from photographs by Mary H.

Northend) Carolyn Wells 51

Hallowe'en Procession, A. Picture, drawn by J. B. Graff 66

Happychaps, The. Verse. (Illustrated by Harrison Cady ) Carolyn Wells 252,

340, 440, 540
Hare and Hounds on a November Morning. Picture, drawn by Walter J.

Biggs 16

Harry's Island. (Illustrated by C M. Relyea) Ralph Henry Barbour 205,

324» 396, 519
Hints and Helps for "Mother." (Illustrated)

Visiting-Card Houses ^«»a Beard 67

Christmas Tree Decorations Adelia B, Beard 164

Butter-dish Toys " 256

Valentines to Make at Home " 348

'Paper Jewelry " 449

Egg-shell Easter Toys " S46

Historic Boyhoods. (Illustrated by W. J. Scott) Rupert Sargent Holland. .

Michael Angelo ^81

Holly Sprig, The Story of the. Verse. (Illustrated by Albertine Randall

Wheelan) Arthur Upson 137

How A Balloon is Sent Up. Pictures • ^

How A Puzzle Was Solved ^ohn Phin 537

Digitized by




How Clara Illustrated a Poem. Verse. (Illustrated) George Jay 345

How He Forded the Stream. (Illustrated from photographs) C. H, Cloudy 64

- Interesting Bantam, An. Verse John Kendrick Bangs 131

In the Land of Fire and Steam. (Illustrated from photographs) JV. G, Fits-Gerald 495

In the Toils of Fate. (Illustrated by J. Cassel) Virginia Mitchell Wheat. . 9

Jester's Valentine, The. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) Mark Fenderson 316

Josephine and "Violet," Her Favorite Doll. Picture, by E. Plaisted Abbott 498

Kate's Calendar. Verse. (Illustrated by G. A. Harker) Margaret Johnson 228

Knights of Romance. (Illustrated by George Varian) Jsabel Ecclestone Mackay. 44

Land of Fire and Steam, The. (Illustrated from photographs) W. G. Fits-Gerald 49S

Lazy Lad, The. Verse Arthur Macy 317

Leader of the Butterfues, The. (Illustrated by Albertine Randall

Wheelan) Francis Baker 527

League, The Story of the. (Illustrated) 366

Lieutenant's Horserack Ride, The. Verse. (Illustrated by Reginald B.

Birch) Kent Packard 338

Little Brother o' Dreams. (Illustrated by Florence E. Storer) Elaine Goodale Eastman,. 114

Lonely Christmas of the Coast Patrol, The. Photograph by C. H. Claudy 131

March. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) May Aiken 434

"March Wind Doth Blow." Picture, drawn by Sarah Noble Ives 403

Marmaduke's Recovery. (Illustrated by Arthur Henderson) Melville F. Ferguson 436

Michael Angelo, The Boy of the Medici Gardens. (Illustrated by W. J.

Scott) Rupert Sargent Holland, . 481

MiNA Bird, The. Verse. (Illustrated) Arthur Guiterman 103

Mother CjOOSE Continued. Verse. (Illustrated by Reginald B. Birch) Anna Marion Smith

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat -. 26

Little Boy Blue '. 26

Pat-a-cake 27

Hickory, Dickory, Dock 27

How Many Miles to Babylon ? 28

Hark! Hark! 28

Three Children Sliding on the Ice. 153

There was a Man and he had Naught 214

The Fat Man of Bombay 214

The Crooked Man 404

What Are Little Girls Made Of? ' 404

Mother Goose's Last Trolley Rids. Picture, drawn by Culmer Barnes 518

Motherhood. From the statuette group by Bessie Potter Vonnoh 49

Natural History. Verse. (Illustrated by S. M. Beane) . : Florella H, Beane 395

Nature Fake, A. Picture, drawn by C. F. Lester 430

New Year's Eve in Mid-ocean. Picture, drawn by I. W. Taber 229

Night Before Christmas, A. (Illustrated by Florence E. Storer) Temple Bailey 97

No. 1908. Verse. (Illustrated by Albertine Randall Wheelan) Pauline Frances Camp 213

Oversight, An. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) C. F. Lester 247

Overworked Elocutionist, An. Verse. (Illustrated by G. A. Harker) Carolyn Wells 41

"Picking" or "Nicking" Easter Eggs. (Illustrated by J. B. Graff) Everett Wilson 498

Polar Expedition, A. Verse '. Arnold Foster 130

Poor Plan, A. Verse. (Illustrated) Arnold Foster 448

President, A Day's Work with the. (Illustrated from photographs) Chester M. Clark 195

Prince Pinoozilum. Verse Arthur Macy 204

Puzzled. Verse Nancy Byrd Turner 439

Question of Choice, A. Verse George Jay 14

Roll-call. Picture, drawn by Herbert Paus .■ 248

Santa in 2007. Picture, drawn by E. B. Bird , 103

Sap Song, A. Verse Walter Prichard Eaton, . . 434

ScuLUON Jack, Ye Ballad of. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) John Bennett 154

Seasons, The. Verse Maud Osborne 114

Digitized by




Sexton's Christmas, The. Verse. (Illustrated) Arnold Foster 248

Sleet, The. Verse. (Illustrated by Albertine Randall Wheelan) Thomas Lomax Hunter, . , 59

"Slippers," The White House Cat. (Illustrated by C. M. Relyea) Jacob A, Riis 202

Spellers, For. Verse , Tudor Jenks 251

Station of any Railway, At any. Picture, drawn by J. B. Graflf 134

Swans as Bell-ringers. (Illustrated from a photograph) Helen Marshall Pratt 434

Tale of a Tyrant's Zoo, The. (Illustrated by L. F. A. Lorenz and from

photographs) W. G, Fits-Gerald 37 "

Teddy Boy and Teddy Bear. Verse. (Illustrated by Sarah Noble Ives) Pauline^ Frances Camp, , , . 138

Their Master's Voice. Picture, drawn by C. J. Budd 486

Three Little Kittens, The Adventures of. Pictures, drawn by Culmer

Barnes 337

Three, The. Verse Margaret Johnson 19

Three Years Behind the Guns. (Illustrated) L. G, T 3,

126, 238, 318^ 405, SCO

TiNG-A-LiNG, Miss. Picture, drawn by Alfred Brennan 431

Tinker. (Illustrated by J. M. Gleeson) Etta Anthony Baker 431

Tom, Dick, and Harriet. (Illustrated by C. M. Relyea) Ralph Henry Barbour, .29, 140

Tommy's Soliloquy. Verse. (Illustrated by the Author) Mark Fenderson 135

Tommy's Stocking. Picture, drawn by C. F. Lester 212

Toward Spring. Verse Edith Thomas 487

Travelers from the East. Verse. (Illustrated by Julie C. Pratt) Emma A, Lente 112

Twisted Sheet, The. (Illustrated by Florence E. Storer) Grace Ethelwyn Cody 220

Two Ships. Verse •. ..Nancy Byrd Turner 48

Valentine, Little Lady. Picture, drawn by Florence E. Nosworthy 333

Valentine, To My. Picture, drawn by Florence E. Nosworthy 309

Where Dog is King. (Illustrated from photographs) '. Lida Rose McCabe 387

White House Cat, The ; "Slippers." (Illustrated by C. M. Relyea) Jacob A, Riis 202

Why Tigers Can't Climb. Verse Arthur Guiterman 317

Willenborg, Walter J. ("A Young Expert in Wireless Telegraph/') Charles Barnard 530

Winter Contributor, A. Verse Tudor Jenks 243

Working Elephants of India,- The. (Illustrated from photographs) IV. G. Fits-Gerald 148

Wreck and a Rescue, A. (Illustrated from photographs) William O. Stevens 533

Young Expert in Wireless Telegraphy, A. (Illustrated from photographs) Charles Barnard 530


*'New York Sky Harbor in 1950," by Arthur T. Merrick, facing page 3 — "The Mistletoe Hung in
the Castle Hall," by Julie C. Pratt, facing page 97— '* Eight Candles," by Julie C. Pratt, facing page 195 —
*' Secrets," by George T. Tobin, facing "page 291— "An Alaskan Mail-carrier," by Frank Stick, facing
page 387 — "The Bonnet," by B. J. Rosenmeyer, facing page 483.

For Very Little Folk. (Illustrated.)

Dot's Birthday Cake Philip Howard 71

Ned and Rover and Jack Jeannette Stephens 72

"I Had a Little Kitten" G. E. Wesson 73

The Christmas Goose Jessie Wright Whitcomb. . 169

The Bunnies That Were Afraid Kathryn Romer Kip 262

Bobby Bear, Bubby Bear and Baby Bear. Carolyn Wells 353

The Bear Family at Home Curtis D. Wilbur 453, 550


St. Nicholas League. (Illustrated) .%.-.. 1 82, 178, 274, 370, 468, 564

Nature and Science. (Illustrated) 74, 172, 266, 358, 458, 554

The Letter-box. (Illustrated) 94, 190, 286, 382, 478, 574

The 4^iddle-box. (Illustrated) 9S» i9ii 287, 383, 479, 575

Editorial Notes 94

Digitized by









Copyright, 1907, by Ths Csntury Co.] (Trftds-Mark RsgitUrsd Fsb. 6, 1907.) [Entsrsd at N. Y. Pott Offics m Second CIms Mail M0«r


la unique in shape and subjects and
unusual in artistic treatment. It con-
sists of three large panels, each 8J^ x
17^ inches, richly lithographed in
twelve colors and gold, rarely beautiful
fiacsimiles of three magnificent paintings

THE first panel is a beautiful bead — an
ideal American girl's bead — painted by
Miss EggUst0n. Miss ERgleston's bome
is in Brooklyn, and sbe bas mnde a fine reputa-
tion in ber own chosen field of art. The
EfERleston picture is bordered with a dainty
gold/rame, the whole bavinR the appearance
of being mounted upon ttHiieredsilk oi a silvery
sheen. Ii Is very artistic and decorative.

The second and third panels ate reproduc-
tions of two paintings by the famous Russian
artist, Eisman Semen4m>ski He bas his studio
in Paris, where be makes a specialty of figures
and classical subjects. He bas exhibited at
the Paris Salon, the Royal Academy of London
and other important eihibiiions, and bis pic-
tures are popular with wealthy American art
connoisseurs. The figures painted for our 1908
Calendar are classical wiihout being severe,
and they have a warmth of tone and purity of
technioue that will mnke them hishly appre-
ciated by those who admire advanced art.

The picture here shown is the second panel.
The scene represents a ynunj Roman matron
momentarily stopping in the midst of her fancy
work to play with one of her household pets.
The color of this panel is soft and pleasing.

The S-'menowskt panels contain no advertis-
ing matter of any kind, and will make beautiful
art subjects for permanent framing.

We will mail this calendar, postpaid,
to any address for 10 Wool Soap wrap-
pers, 1 metal cap from jar of Swift's
Beef Extract, or for 10 cents in stamps
or coin.

Swift's Premium
Hams and Bacon

Bach Piece Branded on the Rind

Swift's Silver
Leaf Lard

3, 5 and 10 pound airtight pails

All dealers sell Swiff s Products

Swift & Company s Jr?n:,L Chicago

Digitized by


Digitized by




Digitized by





No. 1



BY '* L. G. T."

United States Flag Ship Olympia,

San Francisco Bay,
Thursday, August 8, 1895.
*'Tell your troubles to a policeman," runs the
saw. Would that I might, or to any other man
on solid ground! But if there is on this great
globe one place where a man hides his light
under a bushel, it is on a man-of-war. Here
nobody asks nor answers * * Why ? " to any other \
question than, '* Where do you
hail from ? ' ' And while
there are hundreds of fel-
lows about me, appar-
ently content, and even
delighted with this
state of affairs, I am so
hungry for companion-
ship that, to avert
heart- starvation, I am
forced into the writing of a diary, or *'my
log.*' Come, Jackie! You 're not a school-
boy any longer, but a landlubber on board a man-
of-war, and this is your log. Here will you bring
your joys and your sorrows, just as you used to
carry them to your mother. Deaj: little Momsie,
how her heart is aching to-night ! And I —

My new life began a month and a half ago,
when I ran away to sea and boarded the Inde-
pendence, with nine other applicants (all stran-
gers to one another), for the United States
Navy. Even as I write, the cold chills come back
and chase up and down my spine, recalling to me
an officer whose ferocity of mien has won for him
the nickname of "The Bulldog." Perhaps he is
just the man for the place; as with a watch-dog,

when you see him growling at the porter's lodge,
you are at liberty to turn back or to face the
terror. I had chosen a name to enlist under ; but
when the Bulldog growled, "What *s your
name?" I positively forgot it,, and up and told
I him on the spot the name given me by
my sponsors in bap-
\ tism, together


with the one ■'■** '^r j^^

I have inherited from

many generations of Americans. Once I had
spoken it, the tension was relieved ; and when he
asked me what I was qualified to do, I asked him
to give me something on deck. From him we
were passed on to the doctor, whose greeting was :
*' Come on, c(5me on, strip off; let 's see what
you *re made of.*'

We stripped, and went through an examina-
tion that was first cousin to hazing. Some he
kept longer than others ; and when I saw a bulky
Irishman, who weighed one hundred and eighty,

Copyright, 1907, by The Century Co. All rights reserved.

Digitized by




come back with his card marked "Rejected," I
thought of my one hundred and thirty-two
pounds, and my heart sank. But of the ten only
three were accepted, and I am one of them.

We all dressed and went above, where the
officer of the deck called out: "Those who have
been accepted by the doctor lay aft to the captain
and be sworn in."

The captain was promenading the poop-deck.
When we came into his presence he stepped to
the capstan and took from it a well-worn Bible
which he held in his hand, and, folding his arms
across his breast, told us to hold up our right
hands; then asked our names, birthplaces, etc.
Then briefly reciting the
articles of war, he asked :
** Do you realize the impor-
tance of the oath you are
about to take?" Three
affirmatives came short
and quick. The captain
lifted the Bible in his
right hand, and the oath
was taken which makes me for three years a sailor.
In a fatherly manner the captain then spoke to us,
bidding us endeavor to be good boys, a credit to
our country, and a pridf to the ship we sailed.

With this admonition, we were turned over to
' a sailor and followed him below.

In the store-room I found a man whose time
had expired; he was about my size, and I pre-
sented him with the suit I was wearing. He put
it on with evident pride (it was almost new, and
had cost Dad forty-five dollars), and I watched
him walk down the gang-plank. Just for a
second I wished I were in those clothes again,
but "out of sight, out of mind," and, turning at
"attention," I was fitted out with everything a
sailor wants — from needles and thread to — «

One hammock, with mattress ;

Three mattress-covers ;

One pair white blankets ;

Two blue flannel suits of clothes ;

Three white duck suits of clothes ;

Two white cap-covers : One pea jacket ; One suit oil-
skins ;

One watch cap ; Two blue caps ;

Two neckerchiefs ; Two suits underwear ;

Two pair navy shoes ; Blacking and brush ;

Six pair socks ;

Bowl, cup and plate of white agate ware with blue
bands, and U. S. N. in blue on each piece;

Knife, fork and spoon ;

And last, but not least — One Ditty-box, or, as sailors
call it, " Diddy-box."

A "Diddy-box" ! — the very sacredest thing in
Uncle Sam's Navy. Only yesterday I heard a

lesson on its sacredness, as one man berated an-
other until he arose to the convincing climax:
"Why, that man is low enough to go through
a shipmate's diddy-box !"

Dressed in my uniform, with the rest of my
chattels tied in a canvas bag, I was turned loose
on the deck of the Independence — a sailor. At
that moment, I believe, I would have bartered
all I had to have turned Time's wheel backward
for just one week; but while I stood thus, half-
bewildered, a fellow walked up with extended
hand and said: "Duke me, kid!" From his
gesture I knew it was a hand-shake and re-
sponded. He said: "I see you 've made it. Are
you going on the Olympia?" I answered that I
hoped so.

The fates so ordained it that before sundown
of that very day of my enlistment, my hope was
realized, as I was one of fifty who were drafted
from the Independence to the Olympia.

On the cutter that brought us over, we were
each given a ticket ; mine read :

U. S. F. S. Olympia

Watch .... Starboard Mess No. 3

Division . . Second Battalion Co No. 3

Gun Aft Turret No. 1 Ship No., ham-
Boat Whale 22 mock and bag. .2149

But the kindly chap who had extended his
hand to me in the morning was at my elbow, and
said: "Show me your billet." Just a glance, and
he said: "You are all right; you are next to
me, and I will help you until you get started."

And so he has, from that hour up to the pres-
ent. I have christened him Handy Andy, for he
is the handiest article I have known since my
first knife. He is familiar with everything, and
has hinted to me that there are no "stairs," but
ladders, on ships, and that it is always either


"above" or "below." There are not four "sto-
ries" to the ship; but a torpedo-deck, berth-deck,
gun-deck, and a spar-deck. Many more are the

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