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Bird Mrs., (West Cummington) 121, widow Dr. Niles C, farm 14.


Bishop Myron L., r 44, stone mason, carpenter, and farmer 25.

Blanchard Caroline, (West Cummington) r 3, widow Galen B.

Blanchard Herbert, (Worthington) r 52, farmer 40.

Bogart Henry O., r 32, painter.

Bradley Bridgman E., (Bradley Bros.) r 32, manuf. of variety wood work.

Bradley Bros , (B. E. & C. M.), r ;^;^, manufs. of variety wood work, and far-
mers 100.

Bradley Charles E., r 32, general workman in Hylas Bradley's manufactory.

Bradley Clark M., (Bradley Bros.), r 32, manuf. of variety wood work.

Bradley Hylas, r 18, manuf. of pen holders, brush handles, lead pencils, etc.,
and farmer 10.

Bradley Walter A., r 33, manuf. of variety wood work, farmer 100, h r 32.

*BRAGG B. L. & CO., of Springfield, Mass., have a card on page 90.

Brevvster Andrew, r 50, farmer 130.

Brewster James D., r 18, laborer.

Buck Licus, (Swift River) r 37. wood turner.

Burrington Horace W., r t,;^, farmer, leases of Mrs. L. P. Orcutt, of Michi-
gan, 480.

Burroughs Lewis W., r 32, carriage and sign painter, bds hotel.

Capen Arthur C, (West Cummington) r 3, manuf. and repairer of wagons,
and farmer 75.

CHILSON WILLIAM L., (Swift River) r 37, general merchant, and far-
mer 5.

Clark George W., (West Cummington) r 4, farmer 100.

Clark Loenza, r 18, widow Osmer, farm 25.

Cobb Henry A., r 45, farmer 35, and in Worthington 45.

Cobb Lewis B.. r 32, tinsmith and dealer in stoves, farmer 7.

Coon Charles W., (Worthington) r 56, farmer 85.

Copeland Charles J., (West Cummington) r 23, laborer, and leases of Noble
Whitman, of Hatfield, farm 21.

Cowing Austin, r 32, farmer no.

Cranston Lucy Mrs., (West Cummington) r 3, resident.

Crosby Joseph, (Swift River) r 34. resides with his son, Nehemiah B.

Crosby Nehemiah B., (Swift River) r 34, agent for C. E. Crosby in manuf. of
saw-handles, screw driver handles, and radiator valve handles.

Damon Clinton W., (Swift River) r 35, engineer in N. B. Crosby's.

Damon Elizabeth, (Swift River) r 34, widow of Moses.

Darke Edmund T., r 18, farmer for Almon Mitchell.

Dawes Charles W., r 30, farmer 120.

DAWES FRANCIS H., r 23, justice of the peace, manager of the William
C. Bryant farm 217, owns farm 200, and in Plainfield 35.

Dawes Leander T., r 32, fish peddler.

Delano Nelson. (West Cummington) r 2, laborer and summer boarders.

Dill Edward T., r 32, sawyer.

Dill Lorenzo M., r 32, laborer.

Drake Edward B., r 32, farmer 40.

Dyer Charles, r 54, laborer in Hylas Bradley's mill, and leases of Orson Mel-
len, of West Cummington, farm 15.

Dyer Dexter, (West Cummington) r 4, hotel, and farmer 38.

Dyer Henry M., (Swift River) r 34, farmer 115.

Dyer John A., r 18, wood turner.

Eddy Amos, (West Cummington) r 3, clock repairer.

Everett James M., (East Wmdsor, Berkshire Co.) r 56, farmer.


Everett John, (East Windsor, Berkshire Co.) r 56, farmer 120, and in Worth-

ington 20.
Fitzgerald Pierce, r 41, farmer for Stephen French.
Ford Francis E., r 11, farmer 190, and in Plainfield 30.
Ford Walter E., r 19, farmer, leases of Mrs. William Bates, of Worthing-

ton, 85.
Food WiUis A., (West Cumraington) r 23, produce dealer in Springfield, and

farmer 30.
French Stephen, r 41, farmer 140.
Gloyd Lucy G., (West Cummington) r 21, farm 50.

Gloyd Noah L., (West Cummington) r 21, general manager of woolen-mill,
farmer 2, for Charles O. Gloyd, of Northhampton, and leases of D.
N. Dawes, of Savoy, farm 2.
Goldthwait Charles E., (West Cummington) r 2, plain and ornamental paint-
er .and grainer.
Goldthwait John T., (West Cummington) r 2, farmer 40.
Goodrich Frank E., (Swift River) r 34, laborer.
Griggs Lyman F., r 45, farmer 14.
Guilford George W., (Swift River) r 35, prop, of saw-mill, and whet stone

manuf , carpenter, and farmer 56.
Guilford Sarah H., r 33, widow William H.

Gurney John W., r 40, farmer 60, and in Chesterfield and Worthington 70.
GURNEY OREN W., r 32, blacksmith, horse-shoeing and jobbing, h r 18.
Gurney William M , r 32, laborer.
Hallock Homan, r 9, foreign cypographist.

HAMLIN THERON O., r 32, general merchant and postmaster.
Hammond Hannibal T., (East Windsor, Berkshire Co.) r 59, carpenter and

Harlow Ward A., (Swift River) r 37, farmer 25.
Hathaway Ambrose, r 23, works on shares farm 30.
Hathaway Herman E., r 13, farmer 45.
Hathaway Joseph, (Swift River) r 15, son of S. P., leases of E. Shaw, of

Goshen, 50.
Hathaway Shadrick P., (Swift River) r 15, farmer 75.
Hawks Enos S., r 32, trainer of bird dogs.

Hawley James, (West Cummington) r 4, prop, ot saw-mill, and farmer 150.
Higgins Jacob G, r 51, farmer 100. ■, . •

Hitchcock Henry H., (Swift River) r 35, woodturner, postmaster, and justice

of the peace. ^

Hollo A' Martha, (West Cummington) r 23, widow Charles H.
HOLMES CHARLES L, (Swift River) r 35, wood turner.
HOLMES FRANCIS L., r 32, prop, of Valley House, for transient and

summer boarders.
Howes Milton, (Swift River) r 35, farmer with Jesse WiUcutt.
HUNT EBEN P., (West Cummington) r 3, hotel, and carries on tarm tor

the L. L. Brown Paper Co. 240.
Hunt Ebenezer, (West Cummington) r 3, resides with his son Eben P.
Jenkins Edward C, (Swift River) r 36, works in N. B. Crosbj « shop
JENKINS MARSHALL I., r 32, undertaker, deputy sheriff, dealer m

ground feed, farmer 260. and in Ashfield, Frankhn Co., 40-
Jenkins Richmond A., r 35, carpenter, and farmer 27.
Jones Frank W., r 23, farmer, leases of Mrs. Park Godwm, of. New Yoik

city, 240.



Jones Henry C, (Worthington) r 56, farmer, leases of J. A. Fields 80.

Jones Warren S., 'West Worthington) r 56, farmer 125.

Jordan Granville J., r 32, machinist in East Windsor.

Kingman Alvin, r 32, retired farmer.

Kingman Henry W., r 30, farmer 85.

Kingman Martha, r 32„ resident.

Kingman Samuel, r 30, farmer, resides with Henry W.

Knapp Edwin B., r 44, farmer 15.

Knapp Fordyce M., (VVorthington) r 54, farmer 140, and in Worthington 150.

Knapp Samuel S., (Worthington) r 54, farmer with his father, Fordyce M.,.

Knipping Frederick, r 42, butcher, and farmer 35.
Loud Allen, r 28, farmer 5.
Lovell Laura A., r 32, widow Jacob L.
LYMAN DARWIN E., r 39, general merchandise, justice of the peace, and

Lyman Philander P., r 47, fruit orchard 200 trees, sugar orchard 350 trees,

and farmer 200.
Macomber Arthur W., r 18, mechanic.
Maloney Richard, r 42^, stone mason and laborer.
Mason Eurotus, (West Cummington) r 23, farmer 140.
Mason Francis, (West Cummmgton) r 23. farmer 40.
Mason Justus, (West Cummington) r 23, farmer iio.
Mason Newell A., r 28, farmer 150.

McClellan Frank R., r 32, blacksmith and general repair work.
McCoy Henry D., r 32, wood turning.
MELLEN ORSON J., (West Cummington) r 2, fireman and watchman in

paper-mill, and on r 4 farm 14.
Merritt William H., r 16, farmer 95.

Minor Betsy, (West Cummington) r 3. widow Marshal M.
Minor Hinkley M., (West Cummington) r 3, manuf. of hearth brush and

broom handles, shingles, etc.
Mitchell Almon, r 18, farmer 50.
Mitchell William Ward, r 32, retired schoolmaster, farm 25 on r 31, and on

r II, 45-
Morse Charles K., (Worthington) r 52, carpenter and farm laborer.
Nash Mary, r 18, farmer 66.
Norton Edward E., r 32, painter.

Orcutt Nathan F., r 32, general merchandise, and justice of the peace.
Orcutt William W., r 18, school committeeman, and farmer 300.
Packard Charles S., r 49, son of Fordyce P., farmer 120.
Packard Cyrus W., (East Windsor, Berkshire Co.) r 59, carpenter and farmer,

leases of John V. Ditmar, of Geneva, N. Y., 350.
Packard Fordyce, r 49, farmer 120.
Packard Frank L., r 46, fruit orchard 200 trees, sugar orchard 500 trees,

and farmer 70.
Packard Russell R., r 32, jeweler and repairer of watches and clocks, town

clerk and justice of the peace.
Park Cyrus, r t8, shoemaker.
Pettengill Alden F., r 32, farmer 175.

Pettengill Charles M., r 32, laborer in N. S. Stevens & Son's manufactory.
Pettengill Edward S., r32, farmer too.
Pettengill Lewis W., r 32, resides with his father Alden.


Phipps Charles W., r 29, farmer 65.

Pierce Harrison G., (West Cutnmington) r 3, millwright, and owns farm in

vVmdsor 100.
Porter Cornelia E., r 32, widow Levi P.
Porter Edward H., r 44. farmer 115, and in Chesterfield no
PORTER MILTON, r 45, farmer 100.
Porter Ralph M., r 45, carpenter, and farmer 100.
Powell Douglas S , r 57, farmer 100.

Pratt Bernice, (West Cummington) r 4, farm laborer and farmer 4.
Proud Martin, (West Cummington) r 3, laborer.
Reed x-\.lbert W., (Worthington) r 53, farmer 65.
Reed John C, (Worthington) r 53. farmer no.
Reed Lucien F., r 51, farmer for his father Noah W.
Reed Noah W., r 51, farmer 135.
Reed William L., r 32. teamster.

RICHARDS FRANCIS O., r 32, butcher, and farmer 350.
Richards Frank, (West Cummington) r 2, works in L. L. Brown & Co.'s

paper manufactory.
Robbins Henry S., r 32, farmer 85.

Rodgers Sophronia, r 28, widow of Joseph W., farmer 200.
Scott Lucy C, r 32, resident.

Sears Frank, (West Cummington) r 4, produce dealer, and farmer 2.
SHAW ANDREW J., (Swift River) r 16, farmer 200, and in Goshen 75.
SHAW ALTSTIN M , r 33, manuf. of fur gloves, robes, etc., farmer 4, in

Chesterfield 10. and in Kansas 160.
Shaw Charles F., r 62, painter, and farmer 100.
Shaw Franklin E., r 42, farmer 91, and in Chesterfield 85.
Shaw Fremont M., (Swift River) r 16, farmer with his father, Andrew J.
Shaw Lester. (Swift River) r 16, farmer with his father, Andrew J.
SHAW LORENZO, r 6, prop, of shingle, cider and custom planing-raill,

farmer 510, in Chesterfield 60, and in Worthington 63.
Shaw Luther, r 6, works for his father, Lorenzo.
Shaw William H., r 16, farmer 90.
Smith Charles W., r 9, laborer.
Smith George W., r 27, farmer loo.

SMITH WALTER A., r 32, physician and surgeon, and farmer 8.
Snow Frank, r 22, farmer.
Snow Franklin L., (West Cummington) r 3, works m L. L. Brown's paper

Snow George M., r 12, resides with his father, John A.
Snow John A., r 12, farmer 200.
Snow Orange W., (West Cummington) r 3, carpenter, and justice of the

Spalding George E., r 18, pastor of the Baptist Church.
Standish Charles H., r 28, farm laborer.
Standish Cordelia Mrs., r 28, farm 4.

Stearns, Onas, (East Windsor, Berkshire Co.) r 60, farmer 165.
Steele Hiram, r 48, farmer 150.

STEELE LUCIUS, r 48, farmer with his father, Hiram, 150.
Stetson Charles S., (West Cummington) r 23, farmer i.
Stevens Addie C, r 32, widow Arthur.
STEVENS ARLIN V., r 32, manuf. with his father N. S.


Stevens Nathan S. & Son, (Arlin V.) r 32, props, of saw-mill and manufs. of

brush-handles, brush-blocks and pen-holders.
Stewart John C, r 39, resident.

*STIMPSON C. N. & Co., of Springfield, Mass., have a card on page 90.
Streeter Almon, r 6, farmer for his father, Henry.
Streeter Asa S., (West Curnmington) r 3, tin peddler.
Streeter Charles C, r 11. farmer 250.
Streeter Francis D., r 6, farmer 200.
Streeter George E., r 6, farmer for his father, Henry.
Streeter Henry A., r 6, farmer 500.
Streeter Lewis, r 32, harnessmakcr.

Streeter Susan Mrs., (West Curnmington) r 2, works in paper-mill.
Sylvester Charles, (East Windsor, Berkshire Co.) r 58, farmer 150.
Taylor Daniei, (West Cummington) r 2, carpenter, and farmer 20.
Terrill Spencer, (West Cummmgton) r 3, teamster, and farm in Plainfield

Thayer Allen O., (West Cummington) r 2, fireman for L. L. Brown & Co.,

and farm in Plainfield 100.

Thayer Dwight, r 18, stage driver from Cummington to Williamsburg.

Thayer Edward C, r 4, shoemaker.

Thayer Edward R., r 32, laborer in N. S. Stevens & Son's manufactory.

Thayer Ervin H., r 32, wood molder.

Thayer Jason C, r 18, farmer 10.

Thomas James S., r 17, farmer 183.

TiUson Edmond W., r 45, carpenter, and farmer 30.

Tirrell Joseph U'.. (West Cummington) r 3, general merchandise.

Torrey Brothers. (East Windsor, Berkshire Co ) manufs. and dealers in lum-
ber, shmgles, etc.

Torrey Lavette B., (West Cummington) r 3, resident.

Torrey Sidney M., (East Windsor, Berkshire Co.) (Torrey Bros.) r 24, manuf.
and dealer in lumber, shingles, etc.

Tower Jetson, (West Cummington) r 2, works in paper-mill.

Tower Lorenzo H., r 31. librarian of the W. C. Bryant library, and farmer 25.

Tower Luther B., (Worthington) r 55, iarmer 300, and in Worthington 55.

Tower VV'airen E., r 30, farmer 60.

Tower William, (West Cummington) r i, farmer 85.

Trask Henry N., r 39, farm laborer.

Trask Jesse B . r 17, farm laborer.

Travers J"hn, r 18, stage driver from Cummington to Hinsdale.

Trow Mvron D., r 26, farmer 180.

Vining Hannah, (West Cummington) r 4, widow CuUen, farm 40.

Vining Marcus R., (West Cumaiington) r 2, works in paper-mill.

Warner Edward F., r 45, dealer in agricultural implements, and farmer with
his father, Franklin J., 352.

Warner Franklin J. & Son. (Edward F.)r 45. dealer in agricultural and dairy
implements, farmers 240. and in Chesterfield 112.

*WARNER H , iVl. D.. of Springfield, Mass., has a card on page 90.

Warner Orin H., r 32, wagonmaker and repairer, and farmer 50.

Warner William A., r 44, farmer 100.

Webster Franklin G., r 32, pastor Congregational Church.

Wells Alexis, r 44, farmer 200.

Wells Charles, (West Cummington) r 2, works in paper-mill.

WELLS CHARLES A., (Swift River) r 37, laborer in Crosby's mill.


White Laura T., r 32, widow of William H , farmer 7 on r 31
Whitman Lianda, (West Cummincrton) r 23, widow Ephraim
Whitney Elliott, (Swift River) r 36, drives team for Dr. Streeter of Chester-

tield. '

Whitney William. (West Cummington) r i, farmer 2
Wiefliuper John H., (West Cummington) r 2, superintendent of L. L. Brown

Paper Co.'s manufactory.
Wilbur Ezra P., r 3, farmer 18.
Willett Alvin, (Swift River) 1 37, farmer 50, and in Chesterfield with Martin

Willcutt 600.
WiUcutt Brackley H., (Swift River) (Jason W. & Son,) r 15. farmer with his

father, Jason.
Willcutt Jason & Son, (Swift River) (Brackley H.) r 15, farmers 125, and in

Goshen 105.
Willcutt Jesse, (Swift River) r 35, farmer 375.


{J^or explanations^ etc., see page 3, part second.)

(Postoffice address is Easthampton, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

Abbott Albert E., book-keeper, h S. Main.

Adams Effie E. Miss, emp. W. & K. Co., bds. Williston ave.

Adams G. King, night watchman for W. & K. Co., h Manhan.

Ahearn John Mrs., h Cottage.

Alcorn Robert P., emp. N. Mfg. Co., bds. Maple.

AUex Joseph, supt. silk mill and boot and shoe dealer. School, h do.

Alexander Edward, bds. Williston ave.

Alexander Mary A., widow Phillip C, h Williston ave.

Allen Hiram B., supt. cemetery, h Main.

Alpress Mariah T. Miss, r 17, resident.

Alvord E. S., groceries, etc., Main, h Prospect.

Alvord Whitney F., prop. Mansion House Uvery stable, Main, h do.

Ames Frederick, meat peddler, bds. Main.

Angevine Reuben, blacksmith, bds. Cottage.

Ansorge Earnest, silk weaver. West.

Arthur Edward, emp. G. E. F. Co., h Gaston.

Ashe Frank, mason, h Clifford n Adams.

Austin Ann Mrs., bds. Union.

Avery Charles, r 22, farmer.

Avery Cyrus, tinner for F. P. Newkirk, bds. Liberty.

Avery Hattie Miss, emp. W. & K. Co., bds. Williston ave.

Averv Lewis L., laborer, h Clark n Franklin.

Avery Lysander C, jobber, h Maple cor. Gaston.

Avery Sidney S., r 22, farmer 140.

Avery William, bds. 8 Pleasant.

Ayres Frank, laborer, h Ferry.



Bacon Owen P., teamster, h Clifford.

Bacon William F., pastor First Congregational Church, h Manhan n Main.

Bagley Dennis, mason, h Ferry.

Baile Margaret, widow Michael, h Gough opp. Water Lane.

Baker Minnie A., widow Lewis H.. h Clark.

Baker Memise L , saleslady for Rust, Wilson & Co., bds. Clark.

Baker Wealthy W., widow Charles, h High.

Baldwin Albert N., mu^^ician, h 3 Prospect.

Baldwin L. N., boots and shoes, Main, h High.

Bament William F., r 8, dairy 14 cows, and farmer loo.

Bardwell Jeremiah H , postmaster, Main, h i Center.

Barnett Bros , (Henry E. and William L.) carpet manufs.. Maple n Gaston.

Barnett Henry E., (Barnett Bros.) bds. Maple n Gaston.

Barnett William L., (Barnett Bros.) bds Maple n Gaston.

Barron Emily E. Miss, fire insurance. Union n R. R. crossing, h over E. R.

Bosworth's office, Union.
Bartlett Lizzie M ss, saleslady for Mahonev & Coughlin, bds. Main.
BASSETT JOEL L., farmer 100, West. '
Bassett Joseph, emp. N. Mfg Co., h Manhan.
Bassett William G., probate judge, h Park n Center.
Beals Dexter, r 19, farm hand.
Beals Julia P., r 19, widow Dexter, farm 14.
Begley Ann Miss, h Ferry.

Belding D. Chloe, r 19. widow Frederick W., resident.
Belding Henry, r 19, farmer 7.
Bemis George- W, butcher, h Manhan.

Blanchard John, r 30, farmer, leases of George W. Hendrick 100.
Boleo Velnt, (Mt. Tom) r 17, emp. C. R. R. L. Co.
Bosworth Edwin R , builder and dealer in lumber, Union n R. R. depot, h

2 Manhan.
Bosworth George, r 26, farmer.
Bosworth Joseph V., r 2^, farmer 25
Bovat Henry, emp. W. Mills, h 65 Emerald Place.
Bowen Mrs., pastry cook Mansion House, bds. do.
Bowers Frank, em[). W. «Sc K. Co., bds. Payson ave.
Boyden Wallace, teacher Williston Seminary, h Main.
Boyden Walter L., teller First Nat. Bank, bds. Park.
Bracken Thomas, porter Mansion House, bds. do.
Bradley John, laborer, h Briggs n Gaston.

*BRAGG B. L. & CO., of Springfield, Mass., have a card on page 90.
Braman Mary W., widow Roswell, h Cottage n Maple.
Brierley G. A, (H. D & Co.) bds. Pleasant.
Bnerley H. D. & Co., (H. D. and G. A.) dry goods, Union.
Brierley H. D., (H. D. & Co.) h Pleasant.

Brierley Jennie Miss, saleslady for H. D. Brierley & Co., bds. Pleasant.
Brierley John, emp. W. Mills, h Pleasant.

Brierley William A., \)X\x\Xqx Easthampton Netus. bds. Pleasant.
Broderick David, farmer, h off Emerald.
Broderick Ellen, widow Cornelius, h off Emerald Place.
Broderick Michael G., farmer, h Parsons.
Brooks James, r 10, farmer.
BRUCE F. C, physician Union, h do.
Bruce Irving, teacher Williston Seminary, h Payson.


Buchanan John, shoemaker, h Union.

Buck Christina, widow George, h Holyoke.

Buckley Eugene, ray, stone mason.

Buckley Eugene W., r 27, com. trav.

Buckner Christina, widow Clement, h Maple.

Buckner George S., emp. G. G. F. Co., h Maple.

Bufifum Thomas, overseer Nashawannuck mills, h Main.

Burdick Mary, widow Robert, h 5 Union.

Burnett Margaret, widow John, h Cottage junc. Maple.

Burnham Ebenezer, r 19, mason.

Burt Fred A., r 17, farmer.

Burt Jarius F,, r 17, farmer xoo.

Burt Orren C, r 17, emp. VVilliston mills.

Butler Jane Miss, h Pine n Cottage.

Butler Thomas, resident, 31 Emerald Place.

Buzzee David H., emp. E R. T. Co., h Payson ave.

Callahan Johanna, widow John, h Parsons.

Campbell James, grocer Briggs cor. Gaston, h do.

Carington Abby A., r 19, resident.

Carr Elizabeth, widow Mark, h Maple n Gaston.

Casey- John D., bds. Cottage cor. Adams.

Casey Margeret, widow Dennis, h Cottage cor. Adams.

Cassidy Barney, laborer, h Cottage.

Cassidy Francis, trimmer for F. P. Newkirk, bds. Liberty.

Cavanaugh Thomas, laborer, h Parsons.

Chamberlin Henry, clerk for C. J. Smith, bds. 81 Main.

Chapman Almon S.. book-keeper, h 8 Center.

Chapman Charles N., emp. VV. & K. Co , bds. 9 Prospect.

Chapman Edward, teamster, h Pleasant.

Chapman Electa, widow Charles H., h 3 Prospect.

Chapman Hannah E. Miss, resident, 12 Union.

Chapman Polly Ann, widow Dr. Solomon, bds. High.

Chase Andrew J., com. trav., h Main.

Clair Patrick, farmer. Cottage.

Clapp Amos B., r 19, farmer 30

Clapp Diantha M., r 19 cor. 6, widow Joel T.

Claop George B, r 8, farmer 40.

Clapp Harriet F., r 8, house-keeper for George B.

Clapp John A., r 19, farmer with his father A. B.

CLAPP JOHN M., r 19, farmer 60.

Clapp Laura, widow Solomon P., h i Prospect.

Clapp William, r 22, farmer 50.

Clapp William E., r 22, farmer 40.

Clark Austin P., r 17, farmer 75.

Clark Caroline, widow O. N., resident, 14 Center.

Clark Clara, widow Royal, h Pleasant.

Clark Clarissa M , r 17, widow Edward A., resident.

Clark Davis H., r 26, farmer 75. . „ , 1

Clark E. B., r 17, overseer for Whiting Paper Co., of Holyoke.

Clark Edward H., r 17 cor. 18, farmer 40.

Clark Edwin, r 17, farmer.

Clark Edwin S., emp. N. Mfg. Co.. h WiUiston ave.

Clark J. Frank, farmer, h Mountain n Clark,


Clark Fred L., music teacher, h Union.

Clark Fred W., poultry and eggs, Pleasant, h do.

Clark Frederick M., r 17, farmer.

Clark George W., r 17, farmer.

Clark Henry, r 17, farmer 60.

CLARK H. L., (Williston & Knight Co.) h Park.

Clark Horace, r 17, farmer 75.

CLARK I AIRUS E., coal dealer, ticket agent, N. H. & N. R. R., and high

sheriff Hampshire county, h Main.
Clark John M., r 6, farmer 100.
Clark Julius F., r 17, farmer 100.
Clark Laura, r 17, widow Alanson.
Clark Lewis S., r 17, farmer 75.
CLARK LYSANDER L., r 6, farmer 40.

Clark Marcia L., r 26, widow Abner L., resident. [Died Sept. 26, aged 65.3
Clark Mary A., widow Jason, resident 4 Union. [Died October 10.]
Clark Mary E., widow Gilbert, resident 12 Union.
Clark Sherman A., r 17, farmer.
Clark Thaddeus A., r 17. farmer 60,
Clark Louisa S., r 17, widow Uriel.
Clark Z. Brainard, r 17, farmer 60.
Clary James, emp. W. & K. Co., bds. Payson ave.
Clink James M., emp. W. Mills, h 73 Pleasant.
Clink Mary, widow Andrew, bds. Pleasant.

COBB NATHAN A., prof, of natural science Williston Seminary, h r Park.
Colton Aaron M. Rev., h 15 Park.
Connery Patrick, laborer, h Holyoke.
Connery Simmon, laborer, h Holyoke.
Cooley Dolly Mrs., bds Williston ave.
Corcoian Hannah Mrs., h Lovefield.
Cornish Phillip, emp. N. M. Co., h Maple.
Coughlin Kate Miss, (Mahoney & Coughlin) h Clifford.
Coyle Bartley, mason, Holyoke n Clark.
Coyle Martin Mrs., h Water.
Coyle Michael, mason, bds. Water.
Coyle William F., mason, bds. Holyoke.
Crandall Willard G., r 19, farm hand.
Cruden James, emp. Williston mills, h Ferry.
Cullen John, carpenter, h Holyoke.

Cussick Mary Mrs., emp. Nashawannuck Mfg. Co., h Cottage.
Daily William, emp. G. E. F. Co., h Pine n Cottage.
Daley James, laborer, h Ferry.

Daley John, (Mt. Tom) r 17, emp. C. R. R. L. Co.
Danehey Michael, laborer, h 70 Emerald.
David Alfred, painter, h Water n Holyoke.
David Alfred, Jr., painter, bds. Water n Holyoke.
David Thomas, laborer, h Water lane.
Dean Edward B., bds. Mansion House.
Deaperrsault Elzeard, laborer, h Pleasant.
Decker George, emp. G. mills, bds. Payson ave.
Delaney Dennis, laborer, Glendale ave.
Demont Jane L., widow James, bds. Pleasant.
Deubel Frank, baker. Main, h Adams.


Dibble & Warner, (L. N. Dibble and W. A. Warner) manufs. shoulder
braces, susoenders and trusses, junction Union and Payson.

Dibble Lewis N., (Dibble & Warner) h Summer.

Dibble L\man W., r 22, farmer.

DIBBLE NELSON O., r 22, suspender and shoulder brace manuf., and
farmer 75.

Dinsmore David, erap. N. Mfg. Co., h Cottage cor. Maple.

Dinsmore Eliza, widow David, h Stonepath Lane.

Dinsmore Samuel, emp. G. E. F. Co., h Stone|)ath Lane.

Donovan Bridget Miss, bds. Glendale ave.

Dower Laurence W., deputy sheriff, h Holyoke.

DriscoU Eetholemew W , tinner for B. P. Owen, bds. Clifford n Adams.

Dwyer Johanna, widow Edmund, h Ferry.

Dvvyer Patrick, emp. W. Mills, h Ferry.

Dwyer Patrick H.. emp. W. Mills, h Ferry.

Dunn Julia, widow James, h Ferry.

Eager Herman, emp. G. E. F. Co., h Clark n Chapel.

Eager Patrick, emp. G. E. F. Co.. h Adams cor. Briggs.

Easthampton Gas Co., (E. Thomas Sawyer, prest.; H. L. Clark, treas.; George
L. Manchester, supt.) Liberty n C. R. R. Station.

prop., Lambie's Block, Main. [See card on page/8/]

Easthampton Rubber Thread Co., (Christopher Meyer, prest. j E. T. Sawyer,
treas. and general agent) Pavson n R. R.

EASTHAMPTON SAVINGS BANK, (John Mayher, prest.; O. G. Web-
ster, secy.; S. T. Seelye, treas.) Main.

Eberg Solomon, emp. N. Mfg. Co., h Clark cor. Chapel.

Erskine Robert, overseer W. Mills, h Pleasant.

Evans Lida Miss, compositor Easthampton News, h Main.

Ewing Crawford G., farmer, h Maple n Crawford.

Ewing James, farmer, h Torrey.

Ewing James, farmer 60,

Fadisch Charles A., restaurant. Main, h do.

Fahee Kittie, saleslady for Rust, Wilson & Co., bds. School.

Fahey Thomas, mason^ h 4 School.

Fairchild Austin, carpenter, W. Mills, h Pleasant.

Fairservice William A., spinner, h Pleasant.

Fan ion Octavius, barber. Main, h Summer.

Fargo Alburn J., lawyer, Main, h Manhan.

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