W. J Penn.

The Taranaki Rifle Volunteers ; a corps with a history, being a chronicle of the formation and achievements of the First British volunteer corps to become engaged with an enemy in the field from 1859 online

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Faranaki Rifle Volunteers

A Corps With a History,

Being a Chronicl'^ of iho lormalion and achlevsmfcnls

of the i-lcA BiiUsh Volunteer Co;ps tu become engaged

With an eni.-mv in the field; from 1559 tc !9C9.

Coniplind from ihc Tar^mk, [lera!'-.. Offici-.l Rccvrds.
ana ott-er so ■; ri.es

By W. J. PENN.

Reproduced by Xerox

Nev; Plymouth, N.Z. ■
Thomas Avery. Printer and PubUshit. Dt/on Stree


Some tnue o^cj H (jcnnrfMl to Capr.t.in V. T.
iH'Uiiiv^er, then in ^'onnn.uxl of tlic Tnraiiaki liii'le
A^;/limt(H:r Coi-])s, Ihal llie n pjiroaclun:^ fil'tietli anni-
v->rs;iry oF it? tViJTi.ntiun wonld 'oe a fitting' occasion
for t]ie ]v,i!)li',-atiun oi a history eve]'a] Looivs relatin.t;'
vo iti.- 3iaa)ri w;irs. iiie writer's excuses will no
douht be :x'adi!y aeei^pied.

The Tar .naki Rifh- Volanlcer iNaps^ rliief elaitu
to disti'ictio'-' is tli;!*:, while i.^ot actually t lu first
Vol'iT^tf'e?- ('o:!:i)aiiy to iie sps ?e(|uisite to he takeii for
ol)taininf4' his Excellsis. .) . ('. J^ich-

niond. \l . lirown, 11. Atkinson, r.. L. llum])hvies
and W. liaise"; and i'-i) "That the pio[.osed force
he de,-iu-ii;ited the I'aianaki iiille \'oiuntei-, on Xoveinlie!' 'JDth, iSo^S, in recording- the
formation of two \(dvinteer corps in that city - " 'i'he

IJoyal iuxl "The ('it,\ " Voluiiit'er Kifles— said
lh;.t 'iv^ei.t rvoiils in the Old World sliow that
ynuihc ])i(.l('ssi,. ivcd from the rou-
sequcn. cs oi uuy swh attempt, the Mother Countrv
looK.-. upon iheni ;.> nil hut old enou-li to taki'
!'"'''. '>^^" P of which, for
deterniininji' tlie iiinount to he paid in case
of loss or ilaliKij^'-. i-^ hv-ici^y fixed at six
pounds six slii]liu;^s.

"3. The Couipany shall he (livided intc tlie fol-
]owin.;ich (tne of tlie
suhdivisidiis as he shall think fit.

"4. Drill .shall l-e W„l and ••eaeral. . The
.severrl suhdivisions shall meet for lor;ii
djill IS follows;— The 'iown -a! some
phice within the Town of New .l'lynn)nth
or Town Jicdt : t!ie (Irey — at some ]d;!ce
withii' the (rrey Jilock'; ihe nv.'.n\^ - i\'.
some jdace within tlu' nmata Jihx k ; the
Bell and Una — at sonu' phn c within the
Hell or the llua lUock. Such places of
meelinj^- and the times theieof to he fioni
time to time I'ixed l)y the Captain of the
"5. The j^eneral ilrill .-.hall he at sucdi times
and places as the Captain of the Company
shall from time to time fix for that imv-
j)ose, suhje( t to the ai)|noval of tlie

"6. Provided always that the time recjuired for
attemlanre (ui ^^cneial drill shall not exceed
forty-two horns within the year.

"Given nmler my hand at Go\eiiiinent lIous(;,
at Auikland, this thiiti-enth day ui' .lannary, one
thousaml eiiii(>il. a!5tl Mr. W. liaise, cliairinau of the Com-
r.iiu'."-. in fo! lilt'!! llic ]n(\'i!n;:j' what had been done.
Major j/i((y(l tiieii admiiiistei'ec] the oath to the
A'nli.mt.'ei'.-i })r(^'i( nt, ajiil Mr. Ilab:e -^-armly (Milog'ised
Majoi Lloyds exi'rtions to ])JOinote the success of
tilt' corps.

A fortnig-ht later, ini Fehrrairy I'ith, at a
fj'c'iieiai nieetiiip; of inejiihej-s at the ^la.sonic Hall,
thi- noiiiiivali.;]! of officers took ])hu-e. Nine g'entle-
liicn ^V'.•rl> iKiUiinated — two oii)y beinfr members of
ihc ("()nii).'.ny — aii(] iiic elfc'tion resulted in tlie selec-
ticu 1)1 Ml. Isaac A\'att foi- (':!;!(aMi, Mr. -Tames
Jliist for Fiist Licutcna-it. and .^ir. Kobeit Chisen-
Ici!] IlaMicrtoi; for Sc'-ikh! Idcutenaut. ((*aptaiii
AV'iilt. it may he rniar!-:cd, was the first Speaker
of the Taraiiaki {'roviucial Council in ISo'^) The
ajijiointments were 'a/.ctted on Febriiary ^otli, the
C'ommissioiis datin^r from l'\d)ruary I'Jth.

Oi! h\d)r:.;.r\ ^ti;!.. lSr>n, luirsuaat to a ]{ca'N i iu- J5r!! and Una
wistrui div:sn.n met in lli... indd (M'^mmIc fin- ]',.!!
Ij'if.^ {1h« .Ucrahi n>])or(,. i„r tl.e p.-rnianenee ,.r (he K,nee. It

J>-ns also_ann,.nn.Td t!;a! i( ^vas in '.nnenMdaf h,u

^iannys .duMeai i.ali on April ^nIie
pi-rforniance. His l^xi'dhMny the (Governor sub-
s'libcd Ine i.''U!nea~;. ami an oidej- tor instruments
was d(\^paitdied. Mr. \{. (', iljinu-rton was tlie first

Piol.aldy the first i)uMic ])aiad.' of tin Taranaki
\'estn weather, some sixty members of
tlic company Tiir.'ileifd aval showe- made at the [xiilit
of tlie lia\(met. and the enemy loiited.

A'ery soon atieiwards -ihe e(;mi)a'i\ was to iiave
ai, ex]a'iienee of real fiLIii t in^\ foi- the attitude of
tlie Maoris was hei-omiii same,
etc., etc., etc.
WIIEKKAS A.fivf .Military operations are
about to be underiakci! by the (^)ueen's Forces
apainsl .\ative> in the l'ro\iiii-e of Ta'aiiahi, in
anus a^-;.iii> Her Maj(>sty's So\eiei;4-,i Auihoi'.ty,
Now J, tiic (io\{'nn)r, do herebv proclaim and de-
clare thai .\iAirriAL LAW "will l)e exrn ised
throu;rhcut the said l'ro\ince of TaranaUi until
the r(di''i oi tiie .■,;iid district from Martial Law
by l)ublic Pn;( lai.iatir.i',

(livc!! u.'id:iMnaMdin;i' Troo}>s.

On ^iar(di 1st, l^fiO, His I'.Nc^di. ik y tiie Governor
n]>{.ointed Charles St. dn!;.! jjerlu-rt, Esq., (o i)e
^lajor Cojnniandini,'- tiie d'aranaki \';>I\inU'er Rifles,
tlie commission lu'aiin nnmi)er ot ahout d'HI. left New I'lymonth

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