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Zarskoie Selo, and during their daily drives the
inhabitants of this little city and all the better class
of country residents living during the summer in
the " datschi," or cottages, love to meet and greet
the imperial children. Many fine bouquets of the
choicest flowers of the season are handed to them.

One summer the Tsar presented the Grand
Duchess Olga and Tatiana witli a superb little
J^nglish donkey, or " oslik," on which good-natured
creature both princesses ride, seated in a special
two-seated saddle chair. The donkey is the great-
est favorite of the two eldest daughters of the Tsar.

The Tsar could not resist his eldest daughter's
desire to ride "as grown-up people do." The
Grand Duchess Olga, having met during lier walks
and drives around the Zarskoie Selo Park many
line gentlemen and soldiers on horseback, especially
the bold and picturesque Cossacks of the Tsar's
bodyguard on their splendid Caucasian horses,
thought such a style of mount the height of happi-
ness. So sometimes her wish is gratified and she
is perched for a moment or two on a side saddle.
Wiien the Tsar and Tsarina are able to take their
little children along with them during their travels
in Russia and also abroad, the little grand duchesses
enjoy the change. On railways the little princesses
occupy their own comfortable sleeping car, next to
the imperial state cars.


One niglit a tiny ilewilrop tell

Into the bosom of a rose, —
" Dear little one, I love tliee well.

Be ever here thy sweet repose ! "

Seeing the rose with love bedisht,
The envious sky frowned dark, and then

Sent forth a messenger of light
And caught the dewdrop up again.

"Oh, give me back my heavenly child, —
My love ! " the rose in anguish cried;

Alas ! the sky triumphant smiled,
And so the" flower, heart-broken, died.

Eugene Field.


Is the title of a 9 in. x 12 in. brocliure issued by
the Passenger Dept. Boston & Albany R. R.,
which is a reprint of an illustrated and descriptive
article from " Photo- Era," and is devoted to artistic
railroad landscapes in the Berkshire Hills.

Copies of this pamplilet may be secured by
those interested by enclosing stamp to A. S. Han-
son, Gen. Pass. Agt., Boston, Mass.


Sunday, July 17, 1904.— 8.15 P.M.
Kuntz Orchestral Club.

Mr. Daniel Kuntz. ; Violins.

Mr. Wilhelm Tr.aupe, S

Mr. August ICnlsfcr, Viola.

Mr. Mirko i;.-liiiski, Cello.

Mr. UnuMl-.l Cnurli Iia.ss.

Mr. Daiii.'l M;i.iuarre Flute.

Mr. Clement Leuom, Oboe.

Mr. Jacques Friedberger Piano.

1. March. Lacliner.

2. Violin Solo—

a. liomanza, (i Major. Beethoven.

b. Sous la Charmille. Godard.

Mr. William Traupe.

3. Excerps from Parsifal. Wagner.

a. Abeudmahlfeier.

6. Parsifal und die Blumenmiidchen.

4. Elegie— Scherzo from Trio D Miuor. Arensky.

5. Oboe Solo— Doux R£ve. Petit.

Mr. Clement Lenom.

6. Selection — Der Freischiitz.

Mr. and Mr.s. J. H. Birks, Master Hobart
Birks and Mrs. H. W. McNeill of Montreal have
returned to the Mansion House fP.M. for l!c-l;;lM.lr ;in.l I iir l;Mi^rl.\ - mi I ,, i i n 1 1 , - i . ,n , at S.04
A.M. aucl 3. - 's P.M. for itniiilMiil I'.ill-, l;. iiii- ^i -or-; at

7.:iO A.M., ll.iii; A.M.. II i:: AM . -•,-'- !■ M. I ;■ ,1,1 I 1.1 ^^ lorthe
White Mouiiiaiii>, I'orilaihl .in-l l;.i.|nn ,, ,- 1.1 i;..-i,,ii anil

New York uilli i-)i i.irl.n' .mt l,. l;...|,,ii ,l,tih. ■- lav,-

incluik'il. Ihr.iii:;li -I. . |.. r h. N.m •i,,,k . i.i 1 1, , ,.Nr..|,i -.n iir.laV,
arriving' llii-iv ,-11 : li. i m -.ui.fn- n- m » m l,., r..i l f in.l an.l

I!o,sloii aoil 111.' » l.iir M 111-. I'.Mli.r i-irs on |iriii,.ipal

train.- lo (.iviiimII,., r.iir ll,irli,.r. St. .John, I'.emis, Oqnossoe,



F. E. BOOTHBY, Gen'I Pass. Agt., Portland, Me.



"The Way of Ihe World"

To the

World's Fair.
Big Four Route


St. Louis.

Daylight Entrance via the Mercliants' Bridge-
giving Ihe passenger a fine panoramic view of
the Mississippi River, Levee District and ereat
Warehouse District of St. Louis.

ilk nearest Big Four Agent tor information or


" " Passengerand Ticket Agent,

Michigan Central

To the Great St. Louis World's Exposition


Niagara Falls, Detroit, and Chicago

Tlie trill lo tlie Loiiisiaiui I'unli.i-.- l:v |,,.-,l i..M iv..ul,l be
incomplete witlioiit including tlie sijIi-imImI \ i. u ni M.-i-arn Kails
which is enjoyed by all passengers on in, Mi, in -in ( ,;,U:il pass'
ing Nlajrara by (lay. Send three rcil ^i.iiii|i, 1..1 >iniiiLiur Vaca'
tion Tours. ,,. W. RUGtil.h,-, (,. I'. A T. A..

Poland Spring" Travel

Many little questions arise on travel matters among people who have a trip to
make, but after all the best way to decide such is to select a route aftbrding tlie
most comfort and pleasure for a journey, and at the same time the one that insures
you a prompt service.

For travel to Poland Spring from all points in the west,
south, and soutliwest, the best facilities are furnished by the
^"vL^ line train service of

The Lake Shore

& Micliigan Soutliern Railway.

Through trains from Chicago, Toledo, St. Louis, Cincin-
iiiti, Cleveland, Pittsburg, via Bullalo, New York Central, ami
Huston & Albany to Boston, with connections in that city direct
to Poland Spring.

For "Book of Trains," a little folder, entitled "Travel
Privileges," and any desired information about travel matters
over the Lake Shore, address A. J. SMITH, G. P. cS: T. A.,
Cleveland, Ohio.




Mr. H. J. FeriKild of New York is visiting
Poliiud Spring.

Mr. John J. Smith of Now York is at the
Mansion House.

Rev. Dr. Vibbert of Now York is at the
Poland Spring House.

From New York are Mr. and Mrs. Charles G.
Moller and Miss Jones.

Mrs. Peter Hayden of Yonkers, N. Y., is at
the Poland Spring House.

Mr. H. A. Wells with Mrs. Wells of Butfalo
are registered at the Poland Spring House.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund H. Eay with Miss Ray
of Baltimore are at the Poland Spring House.

Mrs. A. A. Wilson of New York and Miss
Perkins of Brooklyn are visiting Poland Spring.

Mr. A. H. Palmer, Otiice Manager of the Wal-
dorf Astoria, and Mrs. Palmer were here for a
short sojourn.

Mrs. M. E. Richards, Mrs. I. L. Darling of
New York, and Mrs. L. Beard of Brooklyn, are
at the Poland Spring House.

Chief Justice Andrew P. Wiswell of Ellsworth,
Maine, Mr. Charles M. Moses of Biddeford, Mr.
Frederick Hale and Mr. Clarence Hale of Portland
came up in Mr. Hale's automobile and dined at
the Poland Spring House on Sunday.

Mr. George W. Furbush and Miss Maude L.
Furbush of Lewiston with Miss Marie R. Lock-
hart of Buffalo registered at the Pcdand Spring
House on Tuesday. Miss Lockhart and Miss
Furbush are of the Class 1903 Smith College.



Art Embroideries, Imported Laces, Neckwear, Kimonos, etc.

Burnt Wood and Leather, Golf, Whist and Euchre

Prizes, Cotillon Favors.

Full Line of Silver NoveUics and Frencli .Jewelry, Mexican luid
Armenian Drawn Work, Linen Shirt Waists, Finished and Ready

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