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arrived Tuesday morning. They were passengers
on the ill-fated steamer, City of Rockland, which
was wrecked on Upper Gangway Reef early
Tuesday morning. All their trunks and hand
baggage were lost and they barely escaped with
their lives.

Mrs. M. C. Wedgwood of Poland Springs,
and Mrs. E. M. Shurtletf" of Lewiston, Me.,
arrived Tuesday, the 26th, for a long stay at The

The center of attraction at present in sailing
circles is the sunken City of Rockland, the pride
of the Eastern Steamship Company's fleet, which
was wrecked in the fog early Tuesday morning,
on Upper Gangway Ledge, just below Owl's Head
Light. Numerous excursions have visited the
wreck daily, and watched with interest the crews
gathering up the floating wreckage. A launch
party from The Samoset early Wednesday included :
Mrs. E. M. Shurtletf, Lewiston, Me.; Mrs. D.
R. Russell, Brookline, Mass. ; Miss Florence
Russell, Brookline, Mass. ; Miss Emma Russell,
Brookline, Mass. ; Miss Florence Mason, Auburn-
dale, Mass.; Mrs. .J. Shepard, Jr., Boston;
Edward P. Shepard, Boston ; Robert F. Shepard,
Boston ; Mr. and Mis. Edward H. Nason, Boston ;
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Saulsbury, Wilmington,
Del.; Mrs. William Ileyljurn, Louisville, Ky. ;
Henry Heyl)urn, Louisville, Ky. ; Miss Lander,
Louisville, Ky. ; Mr. Heny W. Barrett, Louis-
ville, Ky. ; Mr. W. S. Speed, Louisville, Ky. ;
Mr. Moses Richardson, Boston ; Miss Ella Mason,

Auburndale, Mass. ; Miss Edna Mason, Auburn-
dale, Mass. ; Mrs. M. E. Hildrcth, Boston; Miss
Alna Hildreth, Bo.ston ; Mr. H. A. Hildreth,
Boston ; Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Potts, Phila.lclphia ;
Miss H. M. Potts, Philadelphia ; Mr. A. N. Polls,

Mr. and Mrs. A. Tenney AVhite of Cumber-
land Hill, R. I., arrived Thursday last for a long

Mrs. George A. Strong of New York and North
Haven is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. iMlward A.
Strong at The Samoset.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. liil.^y. Miss Mabelle
L. Riley, of Newton, Mass., anil Mr. Theodore
0. Nicholson of Boston, arrived Saturday last on
Mr. Riley's schooner yacht, Penemah. The party
have been cruising about Penobscot Bay, as far
north as Bar Harbor. After a week's stay here
they will go south again to Portland.

Among the recent arrivals are: Mr. John B.
Killean, Boston ; Miss C. A. Borland, Newcastle ;
Miss M. Stetson, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. E. R.
Yanall, Philadelphia.

The Approaching and Putting Contest of Tues-
day, July 26th, was the most interesting event of
the season in golfing circles. The following is
a list of the entries: Miss Bessie A. Brown,
Miss P21ida Pearson, Mrs. A. W. Hodgdon, Miss
Fannie Pearson, Miss Mae McKinney, Mrs.
Irving T. Smith, Miss Russell, Miss Ella Mason,
Mrs. J. W. Bayly, Miss Letlie Pearson, Miss
Jennie Pearson, Mr. Irving T. Smith, Mr. H. B.
Heyburn, Mr. Harold Pearson, Mr. Horace Brown,
Mr. William McKinney, Mr. A. W. Hodgdon,

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