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George L Thompson, Mr. II. \V. Katon and Mr.
Leslie A. Lee of Brunswick eanie up in Mr.
Baxter's automobile and dined at the Poland
Spring House on June 12th.

Send me your Broken Glasses. I will repair
and return them on the next mail.

A complete stock of Photographic Supplies.

H. E. Mlirdock,


Portland, Maine.

Los Angeles'
Famous New Hotel


-""Tin ! ' f A


Now Under New Management.




Tl-ie Best




Haiifom, Hew Haveitz-^llew York



8 0n n m Kmc'IiI Siiti.hiv Idr SpriiiL-llrlil. I'ittsllcld.
.OU d.lll., AUmiiv. SMniliiu:a. iiikI pclilll^ in Ncn Viirk
Stall'.' I'iiiliir (.11- Hdsloii til Siiraliiu'li.

in in n m """>• ••Hilkshir.. Kxpriss." AM.aliy. I lira.
lU.IJ a.m., SjraiuM'. iloihi'sliT. anil Itiiiraln. I'arli.r ( ar
l!ll^||>ll 111 Ailiaii).

in /n a m ""'I'- liir AUiany. S,rai«M'. llalVal". ( livi'lai.ll.
U.4u a.m., (iuriMiiati. St. l.iMii>. I'ill.iiuri.-. anil (liiiaeu.
' I'lillmaii Sliipirs anil KiniiiL- I ar.

imili'il." lor Alliail),


Ar. new YOR

9.00 a.m.. Except Sunday,

3.30 p.m.

12.00 Noon, Except Sunday,

5.40 p.m.

4.00 p.m.. Daily,

10.00 p.m.

n.l5 p.m., Daily,

6.35 a.m.

2nn n m llailv. ■■rill- Ninlh Sliiirr limiliil." lor Allia
.UU D.m., Itnllalo. SI l.onis. anil (lii.a^o. l-ulh.
1^ sl,(|iir> anil Kininu- ( ar.

3 0n n m '^'-'I't Snnila). lor Alhall). Uuiraiii. MaL-ara
.OU p.m., Kails. IMniil. 1( l.iiat-o. mihn.n Sli. pirs

" ' lloslon 111 l.ak,. .ill, Nlau-ara l-alK. ami

( hiiMfo.

6nn « m ">i''llern Sle.ini>hi|i (' |.anv, with Mrs.

llan.-c,,ni rr-isleird at the Polainl 'S|irlni; House
on .lune .".d.

Mr. and Mrs. N. K. We,'lis of Boston were
anion,;;' the arrivals at the Poland Sprin;; House on
.lune '3d. Mr. Weeks is President of The Rand
Avery Railroad Su|i])ly Co.

Kx-.Mavor K. K. P.oothhy „i' P,u-tlaiid with
Mrs. Bool!d)V, Dr. .S. C. (i"ord,,n, .Mrs. P. H.
Clark (d' P.n-tland and Miss L. J. Low cd' Boston
were at the Poland Spring House for over June 3d.

i\lr. Jaecjue .1. Bnstanahy was the first to
register this season at. tlie Pidaiul Spring House.
Mr. Bustunaby is one of the proprietors of the
famous restaurant, des Beaux-Arts, of New York

Mr. A. C. Keiulall, (ieneral Passenirer Agent
of the New Yiu'k, New Haven and Hartford R. R.
with Mrs. Kendall and .Master Charles Kendall of
Boston were iit the Folan I>c|iariiiii 1.1 lie atlractive designs of all

grades, liniii ihe l"« ." ' I" ■ '"'•■ ones.

f the

Sets from III. ■ . - iL
and We.U»o."l. '1-
.Setsor.l"/.-n-ol li

ill r.

wood Ol.l lilue lli.,biri. Ill I'l.ile^. ii.« -iil.j.-. I
sent on apiilit-atiun.

Kvory |nicc marked in plain li-nres, and we are not nn.ler
sold on equal wares if we know it.

Inspection Invited.

Jones. McDuffee & Stratton Co.


(Seven Kloors),

120 Franklin Street, Cor. of Federal, Boston.

streetcars marked Fe.leral stn-et may be lake., t. ,

either railway slatlon to tlie .lo.ir.



(Lib V>\ts,

Mr. A. Wliiliicy of Hiirllnrd is i-e;;islc;TC(l Iktc.

Mr. Mini Mrs. t'. .S. C.M,k, .Jr., ,,r IJoston arc

Mr. C. M. ISrett eau-lit ■_'.') tnmt cii Mdiidiiy,
June 2O1I1.

_ From New York are Mrs. Ileiir^- IVake and
Miss Noursc.

nr. Estes Nieliois of Boston arrived on Mon-
day, .Inne SOtli.

.Mr. ]{. H. Kines of Hosloii lias ri'lnrneil (o tlie
Poland Sprin- House.

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Iv'iiies (d' I'.n-lland are at
llie Poland .S],ring House.

Air. and Mrs. .1. II. Martin ol' Wolfl.oro, N.
II., arrived on Tuesday, June 21st.

Mr. William S. Flood of Hrookline registered
at the Mansion House 011 June 'ilst.

Mrs. N. Hiig^dns of New Ym-k returned to
Pohiiid Spring on Wednesday, .liiiie -Jl'd.

From Newark, N. J., are i\Ir. James R.
Snyre, Mrs. Mary A. Shafer and i\Iiss Higbie.

Mrs. CD. McDuffie of Boston returned to the
Poland Spring House for several weeks on June

Miss Marion Allen of Greenfield, Mass., has
joined her iinele, Jinlge Allen, at the Poland Spring

Mrs. George Dexter and Miss M. G. Dexter
of New York have returned to llie l',il:ind Spring

Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Chase ol' li..si,,n are at
the Poland Spring Ilcais.'. .Mr. Chase is an
enthusiastic golfer.

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. .Maynard of Boston and
Miss Helen M. (larritt ol' Piltsliiirg are registered
at the Poland Spring House.

Mrs. Thomas P. Stran and her sister .Miss
Marion Abraham of Baltinioi-e have returned to
the Poland Spring House for the season.

i\Ir. Leu-is F. Carr and Miss Harriet M. Carr
of Spiiiiglield, :\Iass., wrn: amoii'4 I he arri\ als at
Ihe Poland Spring House ,ni .lime l.Sih.

Mr. an.l Mrs. Caipe r, iMiss .lulla S. Car-
penter anil Miss Hannah T. Carpenler of Provi-
dence have returned t,. lli.' Poland Spiimj House
for the season.

Mr. C. W. T. (in.ling, (;eneral Manager of
the Ca.seo Uay Sleaiiiboal C.Hiipany, witii iMrs.
Gliding, were here loi- o\cr June . 'Id. They were
en roiiie for liaiiiivlev Lakes.

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Smith «i' Boston were
here for a few days.

From Boston are Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ilazeii
and Mr. F. K. Priest.

Mr. and .Mrs. P. W. Liiiseott id' Boston were
here for a week in .liiiie.

Mrs. C. H. Lang, Jr., and Mr. E. C. Lang of
Melrose, Mass., are registered here.

Mrs. David Fol.som of New York is at the
Poland Spring House for the season.

i\Ir. and .Mrs. John Pickering and faiuilv of
Salem, Mass., are at the Mansion House.

Judge Clnirles Allen of Boston has reliinieil
to the Polan.l Spring House for several we(d^s.

Mrs. Henry Collin id' Brooklyn returned to llie
Poland Spring House for the season on .Inne I.hIi.

Mrs. Lilliaji M. Hill and Mr. P. .A. Strickland
of Bangor were among the arrivals on June Liih.

Capt. F. M. Howes of lioston with Mrs.
Howes and Miss Howes are at the P.dand Spring

From Mcdrose, Mass., are Mr. and .Mrs.
William A. Jepson and Mr. and Mrs. Charles S.

Mrs. Frederi.-k Haas of New York was among
the arrivals at the .AL-iiisioii ILuise on the twenty-

Mrs. M. C. Upton and Mrs. King id' Marble-
head, Mass., have been paying Poland Spring a
short visit.

Mr. anil Mrs. James H. Slebbins ,d' New
York arrived at the Poland Spriiii; House mi
.Iiilie ITlh.

Frmn Poehester, N. Y., are i\Ir. and Mrs.
Robert Mathews, Miss Carol Malhews and Miss
Elizabeth G. Mathews.

Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Warrick and Harry Crosby of Lewiston came
over in their automobiles on Sunday, June lOtli,
and diiieil at tlii^ Poland Spring House.

ISIr. Horace P.right Iiigalls and Miss Claire
Iiigalls, Mr. (George A. \'osc and Miss Florence
Vose of Boston made the trip from that city in
their automobiles on June ITtli. Thev left Boston
early in the morning and i-eaclied the Poland Spriiiu
House at 7 I'.m. They returned mi .Iiiiie LSih.

Hon. .I.ilin (} A. Brackett, former Covenior
of iMassachiisctls, arrived with Mrs. Br.i(du'lt,
Mi.ss Beatrice Bracket!, W'm. (L, Chesler (;. and
Miss L. N. Peck oil dime 17. I\Ir. Brackelt is
a native of New Hampshire and a Harxard L:iw
School graduate; was speaker of the limisc of
Represenlalivcs, Lieut. -(lovernor and (ioverucu' of





In Biisliin at tlie -iier ol' Treinoiit iuul Park

Strfols stanils a i-lmrcli ovi'rlncikiiij;' tlio coimnoii
111] iiiR' sidr anil an old crnu'li'iy on llie other, and
I'oi- nianv Vfars in-exoronllv callrd "■ Hrimstoue

In tlii.'i eliiirtdi, .seventy-two years atjo, was
snn;.' tor I lie first time in public u liyinn that lives
to-day, will live to-morrow, and probably will
delight the American citizen for centuries to come.
It is sometimes called "America," and at others,
" Jly Country, 'Tis of Thee."

The author, of whom his college classmate,
Oliver Wendell Holmes, wrote, —

" And tliere's a nice yoiinj^stcr of excellent, jiitli;
Fate tried to conceal liiui by naming liim Smith! "

may not be quite as barren of excellent works as
Gray, whose "Elegy" is the one otdy thing by
which he is known to fame; but certainly if Gray
went down to his grave with the smallest book
under his arm, Samuel Francis Smith runs him a
close second, for the fruits of his brain, while
excellent and numerous, have not the one living,
vital spark that touches that imh-linable something
that America does.

Probably if it had not been in a church, and
one of its rigid and formal creed, the cheers tliat
would have greeted its first rendition might have
e([nalled tho.se that filled tiie air after Uoget

deLisle's electrical premiere with his " La Mar-
seillaise," ami yet it did not have the incentive of
war at the time to give it impulse, for tln^ time
was far removed fi-oui war's alarums, there having
been peace with other nations from 1815 to 184;').

Smith wrote over a hundred hymns, among
which is "The Morning Light Is Breaking," still
a favorite, but not universally known like America,
and in fact the expression universally well-known
is a very much misused expression, for as the late
Tom Reed t(dd me in the Maine Slalc linilding
one day, a gentleman nniT used thai expi-cssion to
Henry Wai-d Beecher, to which he n'plied that he
never made a greater mistake in his life, for there
is but (Uie man universallv well known, and that, —
was I*. T. liarnnm.

Smith was a busy man, he wrote an entire
volume of the Cyclopa'dia Ameiicana; he was a
preacher, and at the same time professor of modern
languages at Colby University, and kept up the
double role for eighfyears.

lie was an editor, he travelled extensively,
even so far as India, Burmah, Ceylon, Turkey,
Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Greece,
Sweden, comprising as will be seen, the icy
mountains and tlie coral strands of familiar hymnal

Numerous other literary and intellectual labors
were also accomplished by Smith, whose one
everlasting work was probably the easiest and
quickest product of his inexhaustible brain.

He lived to be 87 years of age, and die(l in
Newton, Mass., November IC, l.S'.l.'i.


My countr.y, 'tis ol thee,

Sweet l.ind of liberty,

Of tliee I sing;

Land where my fathers died,

I«and of Ihe pilgrims' pride,

From ev'ry monntain side

I>et freedom ring.


My native country, thee.
Land of l\u- nohle free,
Thv name I love;
I love lliv ri.i-ks and rills.
Thy woo'ds and templed hills.
My lieart with rapture thrills,
l.,i'ke that above.

Let music swell the breeze.
And ring from all the trees
Sweet Freedom's song;
Let mortal longues awake,
Let all that hrcallte partake,
Let ii.cKs Ihc'ir silence break.
The sound prolong.


Our Fathers' (lod, to Tliee,

.Author of lihcrly,

To Thee

Long ma,

Witii frccilmn's holy light,

Protect us with Thy miglit.

Great God, our King!




Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Sampson of Boston were
here for a short sojourn in June.

Mr. C. W. Blodgett of Boston registered at the
Poland Spring House on June fourth.

Capt. L. B. Chirk of Porthmd s|)ent .Siui(hiy
with Mrs. Chirk at the Mansion House.

Mrs. M. P). Hollinan of New York returned
to the Pohind Spring House on June lOtli.

Mr. W. T. Cousens of Portland was among
the arrivals at tiie Mansion House on June 4th.

Mrs. H. F. Manville, Mrs. J. F. Dibble and
Miss Sinnott of Boston are at the Mansion House.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bickford of Maiden and
Miss Grace Decker of Medford are at the Mansion

Miss Idelette Carpenter of Providence, R. I.,
has returned to the Mansion House for several

Mrs. C. C. CorI)in of Webster, Mass., returned
to the Poland S|ii'ing House for tlie season on
June 6th.

Mr. and Mrs. Cliftbrd Brown of Brookline
were among the arrivals at Poland Spring on the

Miss M. E. McCeney of Washington, D. C,
returned on June 2yth, to the Poland Spring House
for several weeks.

Hon. William P. Frye and INIiss Emma Frye
White of Lewiston dined at tlie Poland Spring
House on June 12th.

Dr. and Mi-s. W. K. Oakes, Miss Oakes aiul
Mr. Herbert H. Oakes of Auburn are recent arrivals
at the Poland Spring House.

Judge Peter Van Voorliees of Camden, N. J.,
with Mrs. V^an Voorliees returned to the Poland
Spring House on June 'JSd.

Judge James E. McKenney and Mrs. l\IcKen-
ney of Washington, D. C, arrived at the Poland
Spring House on .June 2Sth.

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Swift, Miss Eli/,al)eth
M. Swift and Miss S. Theodora Curtis of New
York are at the Poland Spring House.

Mrs. Wilson Peterson, Miss F. Peterson, Miss
M. Peterson and Miss Alice Peterson of New York
have returned to tin- Poland Spring House for llie

Mrs, M. Alexander of Boston was al the
Poland Spring House for a week in June, ftlrs.
Alexander is fond of fishing and made seven trips
to tlie lakes. She eaiiLrht one black bass weighin;;
2 1-2 lbs.

Mrs. S. C. Dizer of Hingham has returned to
the Poland Spring House. She was accompanied
by Miss Pauline Lyman of Hartford.

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Elkins, Miss Stella
Elkins, Miss Louise Elkins, Mr. George W.
Elkins, Jr., Mr. George F. Tyler, Miss Stewart,
Miss Hendrie of Philadelphia, Mr. and Mrs. F.
T. Huffman, Miss E. Huttinan, Mr. John Huff-
man and Master Frank Huffman are at the Poland
Spring House.

Mr. Charles C. Brown, General Passenger
Agent of the Bangor and Aroostook R. R., with

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