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presently got all tangled up as to which was first,
the man or the monkey, the lady or tlie tiger, and
some other Minot things like that.

Swinging round to the left pretty much every
opportunity, and heading for Mechanic Falls, you
may pass through that suburb of Hackett's Mills
and have the choice of several routes home, either
direct through Poland Corner, or following down
the river road to Hackett's Mills, and then over
the southern end of Bailey Hill, with a grand view
of Poland Spring and adjacent lakes, or a middle
course may be taken along the top of Bailey Hill
nearly all the way. Either of the two latter are
preferable for view.

Now this little subject of selection of roads for
a return impels me to say that wherever you go
around Poland Spring, there are more ways of
returning than the one going ; in illustration of
that fact I have had a correct map drawn of the
roads within a circle of seven miles from the
Poland Spring House, which resembles a cobweb,
or a maze, that the evidence may be before the
court in exhibit No. 1.

The numbers on the map show the location of
ponds, of which there are sixteen, or water enough
to irrigate the state of California Thus it will be
seen that water and good society are concdniitant
parts of Poland Spring.

As evidence of good faith I give a list of the
ponds indicated on the chart willi apulogies for
offering you so much water.

Upper Range Pond.
Middle Range Pond.
Lower Range Pond.
Worthy Pond.
Shaker Bog Pond.


6. Sabbathday Lake.

7. Tripp Pond.

8. Little Rattlesnake Pond.

9. Great Rattlesnake Pond.

10. Thompson Pond.

11. Taylor Pond.

12. ]S'otched Pond.

13. Dry Pond.

14. Dumpling Pond.

15. Hogan Pond.

16. Small Pond.

If you wish to know a wonderful lot more
about Minot, rea

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