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Mrs. Brown were at the Poland Spring House on
June 3d. They were en route for Rangeley Lakes.
This is their first visit here and they were delighted
with the place. Mr. Brown is an enthusiastic
golfer and hopes to return later in the season for a
game on the Poland Links.

That ever reliable firm, Raymond and Whit-
comb, sent under their guidance a large party
from Boston and other RLissachusetts and Rhode
Island cities, on June 28th, for a weeks stay at
the Poland Spring House. This is the first of
their parties this season, but they are organizing
more tours than usual to the noted resorts of the

Hon. J. W. P>eaty with Mrs. Beaty of Manza-
nola, Colorado, visited Poland Spring for a few
days in June. This was their first visit to New
England and they were charmed with the many
attractions which it has to offer. They left here
for Princeton College where their sou would be
graduated this year. After a visit to New York
and Washington they will return home via St.


Fkom thk Author.
Notes on tlie Bacon-Sliakespeare Question; by Cliarles

From K. M. Shumway.
Living Largely. Extracts from Charles Gordon Ames.
Compiled liy E. M. Shumway.

From Orack Kvklyn Allen.
The Willi Man ot the West; by K. M. Ballantyne.

From S. M. Inman.
The Fight for Missouri; by Thomas L. Snead.
From Mrs. Geo. H. Leonard.
The Real Diary of a Real Hoy; by Henry A. Sliute.

From John C. Paige & Co.
A History of the American People; by Woodrow Wilson,
5 Vols.

From Hon. Henry B. Cleaves.
Antobiograpliy of 70 Years; George F. Hoar.

From the Author.
The Historv of the Carnegie Steel Company; by James
Howard Bridge.

From Hon. Charles E. Littlefield.
Life of William McKinley; by Mnrat Halstead.

From Hon. Wm. P. Frye.
Congressional Directory, 58th Congress, ISXM.




Sunday, July 3, 1904.— 3.15 P.M.
Kuntz Orchestral Club.

. Daniel Kmitz, / Violins.

. Willielm Traube, S

. August Kolster Viola.

. MirUo Belinski Cello.

. Howard Touch Bass.

. Ilaiiirl Maquarre Klute.

. CUiMi-nt Lenoni Oboe.

. .lacqui's Friedberger, Piauo.

Largo. Handel.

Selection— Samson et Dalila.

Entr' Acte from Rosamuiide. Scliubert.

Cello Solo—

n. Adagio. Mardini.

b. Am Spring Bninnen. Daviduff.

Mr. Mirko Belinski.
n. Molto Lento. Rubinstein.

b. Gavotte. Bagini.

String (Ju.artett.
Selection— Rigolettu. Verdi.


Among tlie large coiitracls received recently for
electric and giis lighting fixtures by McKenney &
Waterljury Co., No. 181 P'ranklin, corner of Con-
gress street, Boston, Mass., were the following:

Windsor Public Library, Windsor, Vt.,
Government Building, St. Johns, Newfoundland,
Carnegie Public Library, Pittsfield, Me., Carnegie
Public Library, Rumford Falls, Me., St. Mar-
garet's Church, Dorchester, Mass., Melrose M. E.
Churcii, Melrose, Mass., Baker Congregational
Church, East Boston, Mass.

Miss Yates of New York is registered at the
Poland Spring House.

Mrs. Francis L. Robbiiis of Pittsburg is at the
Poland Spring House.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tabor of Portland iln.ve
up on June 23d and remained some time at the
Poland Spring House.

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Blackmer, Mr. W. H.
Blackmer and Miss Bernice Blackmer of Worces-
ter are at the Mansion House.

M.-. and Mrs. J. C. Bradford of Auburn,
Maine, are registered at tiie Poland Spring House.
Mr. Bradford is of that well-known firm of I'.rad-
ford, Conant & Co., of Lewiston.

Lewiston Steam Dye House

139 Main Street, LEWISTON, ME.


Nai.htha or Frciifh IMi e leansin- a Spec-ially.
.lOSKIMI l.Kltl.AM. Trolirirtiir.


There has recently l)eeii added to the collection
in the Maine State Building a most beautiful col-
lection of Butterflies, from India and South America
chiefly, that will attract the attention of all visitors.

An entire case is devoted to their display, and
they range from tlie size of a half-dollar to that of
a saucer; and of every brilliant hue. They are
mounted on white silk, and enclosed in artistic
frames, under glass.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Argenbright of New York
are at the Mansion House.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Ritchie of Pliilmlelphia are
at the Poland Spring House.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Monlgnniery of Taunton,
Mass., were among the arrivals at the Poland
Spring House on the twenty-tliird.

Miss Helen L. Priest and Miss Margarita
Bartlettof Boston have joined Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Bartlett at the Poland Spring House.

Mr. Amos R. Little, Dr. ISI. D. Youngman
and Mr. E. P. Borden caught, in one day's fisliing
in June, forty black liass from tlie \ipper lake.





Dry. Cool. Invijiol




Mean Temperature:
.fuly, 07 3-10; AngUBt,



and IWodern. American Plan,

JAMES CllNNlNCiHAM, Proprietor.


Intervale, N. H.,


Kc.r iicnkli-

...,! Willi private liiith.
lenery, lieauUful Walks ami Krlve
i>lf Oourae jiiln.s liotul grnuiiilB.
September I. Resider^c
House. South Poland.


lOl Pine Street.


Lewiston, Me.



(El^tlbrcn's (Column.

" And tlie Star-Spangled Banner, i.li, louu- may it wave
O'er tlie land of the free and tlie liome of tlie liravc^ ! "

K. S. IvEY.

Friiiicis Sli.-. I>.Im-..I«-. *''»■•■■






Mr. B. Snnimer of Boston is registered here.

Mr. Austin F. Piilnier of Brooklyn lias returned.

Mr. A. R. Wiiislow of Boston is a recent

Mrs. A. E. Wall of Boston was here for a few
days in June.

Mr. and Mrs. August Wolf of Philadelpliia are
registered here.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rice Gouldlug of I'.oston
are recent arrivals.

Mr. E. D. Chanibei-lin of Boston returned on
the twenty-seventli.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tidd of Sloneham are
paying Poland a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer .J. Post of New York
City are recent arrivals.

Grant Stanley, M.D , of Neu- York, is at the
Poland Spring House.

I\liss Rebecca D. farr of Spriuglichl, iMass.,
is at the Mansion House.

Mr. George W. Fish of Union, Rlaine, was
here for a short sojourn.

Mr. E. P. Borden of Philadelphia is registered
at the Poland Spring House.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam John.son of .Alillon, Mass.,
are at the Poland Spring House.

Mr. ami Mrs. W. A. Neely of Lyini have
returned to the Mansion House for the season.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Bain of Riverside,
California, arrived in their automobile on June 3il.

Mrs. C. S. Mayhew and Miss Roland of
Cambridge were among the an-ivals on .June I.Sth.

Mr. Byron P. Moulton of Ardmore, Penn.,
has returned to the Poland Spring House for the

Mr. Wiley P. Swift, the leader of the Mount
Washington Hotel, was here for o\c'i- night on
June 23(1.

Miss Beriha F. Haigh and Miss Edith Haigh
of Boston arrived at the Mansion House on June

Mr. J. S. Cameron of St. Joll^^bl^■y, A't.,
and Mr. D. P. Cameron of New York ai-e recent

Rev. E. A. Ilorlon ofI',oslS IVM. f,,r Knihl.il.l 1 ill-, I; -, in. I . i,,, ,,, - ,„. , .'U

7 :;n V 11, 1 1, hi; A.M.. 11. 1;; v.\i., j.:.- ivm., i. ;.i ,ni.| i i . r m i,.ril.(.

Wliilc M..linl:iill^. I'.illlan.l ami I'.o-lnli. i; .> h.| I'.. .-Ion ,iilil
Ni'u- Vnrk uilh lliniiinh iiarlnr car lo I'.oslnii il.Hh, - uii.iav.s

ili.-luilc-.l, llii -h sl.-rprr l,o Nuw VorU .lailv. i'\. r|.i s,iiij,,|mv,

arnvlnL- Ih. r.' :il 7 II. \.M. .Siind.ays alS iill a!m. lui I'uillaii.l aliil

Ci^inii III. I III.- w liiir M..uiitains. I'lirlor cars on (iriiicipal
Irani- h. 1 .1 . .11. ill... I'.ai- ilarhor, St. .Inhii, lieniis, Oquossoc,

l''aniiiii^l...i, r.iillaii.l, ami Hostoll.

'r.li'l lie h III., linuse lo M, C. U. K. Ascnt, Danville

.hiiiclioii, ..r will.' f..r mii.k- books, folili.rs, etc., to

F. E. BOOTHBY, Gen'l Pass. Agt., Portland, Me.



" The Way of (he World "

To the

World's Fair.
Big Four Route


St. Louis.

Daylight Entrance viatbe Merchants' Bridge-
giving the passenger a fine panoramic view of
the Mississippi River, Levee District and great
Warehouse District of St. Louis.

4sk nearest Big Four Afcut tor information or


Gen'l Passrngerand Ticket Agent,

Michigan Central

•■ ■/'/(.' Siaijtira Falls ItoiUe,"

To the Great St. Louis World's Exposition


Niagara Falls. Detroit, and Chicago

H-llirh 1
ill- Nl;i
tliil T.)

iM iiiii I'urch.'isi! Expo-llioii wmiUI \ie

lii.lin-ilicsiiliMHliil vlewol'Niii:.-iir.i Kails,
I I..I - 0II-LM-S011 l.he MichiKiin Central iiass-
-LMi.l lliiiM- i\'iUtani|is for Siiiiimer Vaca-
(). W. UtKJCLliS, (.;. 1>. & T. A.,




Poland Spring Travel

M;mv little (iiiestions ;irise on tiMvi-l matters anirjiig pei)ple who have a trip to
make, but aftei' all the liest wav to deciile such is to select a route aHordiug the
most comfort ami pleasure for a journey, anil at the same time the one that insures
vou a prompt seivice.

For travel to Poland Spring- from all i^oints in the west,
» J- T — a _^ south, and southwest, the best ficilities are furnished hy tin

hue tram servn.

The Lake Shore

& Michigan Southern Railway.

Through trains iVom Chicago, Toledo, St. Louis, Cincin-
nati, Cleveland, Pittsburg, via i^nflalo. New York Central, and
IJostoii & Albany to IViston, with connections in that city direct
to I'oiaud Spring.

For -'Book of Trains," a little folder, entitled '• '{"ravel
Privileges," and anv desired information about travel matters
over the Lake Shore', address A. J. SMITH, U. 1". & T. A.,
Cleveland, Ohio.




June 1 to 30, 1904.

Alexander, Mrs. M.

Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Paul W.

Abbott, Mrs. J.

Allen, ('liarles

Allen, Mrs. ,Insi-|di llowv.

Meaty, Hun. and Mrs. J. W.

liaxter, Mr. ami Mrs. H. C.

Haxter, Mrs. E. K.

Boyd, Mrs. Anna

I'.artlett, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson

Kovle, Mr. and Mrs. T. F.

Boyle, E. J.

Brnce, K. V.

Bain, Mr. and Mrs. IIn!;h A.

Borden, E. P.

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Clias. C.

Bradford, Mr. anil Mrs. U. C

Bradford, Miss Marjorie

Hcotlibv, Mr. anil Mrs. F. E.

lilodurtt, V. W.

HrowniMi;, C. A.

liuswurtli, Mr. iiTid Jlr.s. O. S.

Bradford, Ur. and Mrs. W. H.

Baker, Mrs. Henry M.

Baker, Mi.ss Einelie

Brownin',', Mr. and Mrs. Wni. C.

Brown, Miss E. Harmon

liod.^v, Kn-ene P.

Bradford, ,1. V.

Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford

Bodwell, E. S.

Brett, C. M.

Brliriski, M.

l-.anL's, Miss E. S.

nr:i.k(!tt, Mr. and Mrs. .7. Q. A.

Braidiutt, Miss Beatrice

Bmknam. H.'rnian F.

Collins, .MattlifW

Cnniminns, Mr. and Mrs. S. W.

Clark, Miss P. H.

Corbin, Mr.s. C. C.

Colien, S.

Conant, Mrs. W. II.

('onant, Miss

Calvin, Mi.ss

Cliailboiirne, Mr. and Mrs. E. R.

Coffin, .Mr


tln-.sscv, Mr. and Mrs. .7. W.

Cbasc, Mr. an'

45 LISBON St.,



AimiVALS.— Continued from par/e 22.


Ahraliam, Miss Marion

Allen, Miss Marion

Andrews, A. C.

Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.

Bass, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bleeker

Bartlett, Margarita

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