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C. W. Davis, and Mr. W. O. Davis, Jr., all of
Portland, Me., arrived Friday, the 12tii, on tiie
yacht Beatrice.

Miss Hammett of Troy, N. Y., registered
Thursday last. .She came to join her friends, Mrs.
M. K. Arnold, Mrs. E. Coons and Miss Helen
Coons of Philadelphia.

Miss Grace M. Emery of Uockland, Me., was
at The Samoset several days last week as the guest
of Miss Wight of New Orleans.

Miss Cobb and Miss Glover of Rockland, Me.,
and Miss Cobb of St. Louis, Mo., were entertained
at dinner at The Samoset Friday, the 12th, by
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Ructcr of .laniaica Plain,

Mrs. T. .1. Emery and maid of Cincinnati,
Ohio, registered Thursday last for a sliort .sojourn.

Mr. Harold P. Mills of New York City has
returned to The Samoset from Castine to spend a
few weeks with his mother, Mrs. E. P. Mills.

Dr. Dayton L. Kathan of Schenectady, N. Y.,
arrived on the early boat Sunday morning from
Boston. Mrs. Kathan, Master Roland Kathan
and maid had arrived a week earlier. They will
all remain at The Samoset till late in September.

Congressman F. H. Gillett of Springfield, Mass.,



was entertained at dinner at The Samoset Satur-
day last by Mr. A. W. Damon of Springfield.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Holt of Montreal, Canada,
arrived Sunday morning for a long sojourn. They
came to join ISIr. and Mrs. G. H. Smithers and
family and Miss Cook all of Montreal, who have
been here for several weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gorman, Master E. J.
B. Gorman and maid of Dayton, Ohio, arrived at
The Samoset Saturday last and will remain several

The most successful Putting Contest ever held
at The Samoset was played off Saturday, August
13th. The contest was open to both ladies and
gentlemen and the prize, a beautiful silver loving
cup, was presented by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. E.
Bayly of Louisville, Ky. There were fifty entries,
the day was glorious, and the putting lawn never
before presented such a lively and attractive scene.
Owing to the large number of contestants the con-
test was not finished till late in tlie afternoon, then
tea and refreshments were served on the lawn.
The entries and scores were as follows :


Miss Emma Russell,
Mr. John Shepard, .
Miss Virginia Herriu,
Mr. W. S. Speed, . .
Mrs. A. Lee Kobinsoii
Mr. F. n. Sackett, .
Mrs. K. M. Sackett, .
Mr. ir. W. Barrel, .
Miss Mavy Kiiowles,
Mr. C. F. Brown,
Miss Lettie Pearson,
Mr. Clias. H. Brown,
Miss Pearson, .... 53
Irvina T. Smith, . .
Miss Gribbell, . . .
Mr. Harold Pearson,
Mrs. A

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