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Detroit, and Chicago. Ajiply to nearest ticket agent for
tickets via the "Wabash." 611 application to

H. B. McCLELLAN, Gen'l Eastern Agt., 387 Broadway, New York,

or.l. I). iMcMlCAlH.N. K. P. A, ITi; W :i-liiii-t.iii .stn-it, Hosd.n,
Fol.lcrsgiviuj,' iweijtv-lour liair lone views ut the World's Fair
buildings and grounds will be sent FKEE.


A Pound of Pleasure,




Arlisti.:. O.-licile. Pvjre.




(£\}ilbvms (Eolumn.

" 'Tis always morn somewhere in the world."

Richard H. IIurne.



" We see you ! We
heard you open the win-
ji/i. dow ! Don't you see us?
m// Look at our pretty nest
under the eaves over the
front door. We won't go
down now. We don't feel
hungry. Besides, we are
afraid of that kitten in
the window. Site looks
very hungry ! But leave
plenty of crumbs. We
expect a great flock of
cousins. They love
crumbs. We don't like
those greedy robins over
there. They try to steal
our breakfast. But we are on the war-patii ! We
can fight ! And we like to ! But we won't hurt
you. Those crumbs look good. Now we'll go for
those big-eyed robins ! "

She ; " My mate is going to market by and by.
Perhaps he will pick up a few of your nice crumbs
when he comes back and put them in tiie market
basket. Is that baker's bread or home-made?
Dear me ! Dear me ! So much to do ! No one
to help ! "

He : " Hop on the nest, Mrs. Sparrow ! Females
shouldn't cackle in public. / will inspect those
crumbs. I can provide for the family. Don't
interfere ! What a jolly chorus we'll give to-morrow
at daybreak, with all our cousins ! And we'll tight
some too ! We'll tell them you bring us our break-
last. Oh, you'll hear us singing! Ho|) on the
nest, wife ! Hop on the nest ! ! "


"Hello! Hello! Here-we-are ! 'Way-up-in-
the-same-old-tree ! We remember you I We've
been watching for you ! Yes ! Yes ! Pretty soon
we'll fly down — we're busy now. Our nest is
almost done ! Almost done! We like those red rav-
elings you put on the fence. They're soft and strong.
Yes ! Yes ! We're hungry ! Robins are always
iiungry ! We-want- those -lovely-crumbs-but-we-
must-stop-up-all-tiiese - cracks - and -tack-down-the-
carpet-for-fear-a-high-wind-may-catch-us ! Hello !
Can't you find us some good fat angle-worms ? That's
right ! Throw-the-crumbs-from-the-east-window-
where-those-quarrelsome - sparrows-can't-find-'em !
We-don't-like- to - bring -up- our-family-near-spar-

rows-but-we-won't-desert-you ! No ! No ! How
they fight ! Look ! Look ! Is Patrick going to
spade up that garden soon? We're crazy for some
worms ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! When do you think
the leaves will be out? We are afraid of the spring
showers ! We haven't any umbrella ! And we're
afraid of the boys ! Tiiey may see us. Hello !
Hello ! We want some cherries ! And strawber-
ries ! Tell us of a good garden full, will you?
We'll watch it ! And rob it I ! "

She: "Isn't he a splendid singer? See how
handsome he looks this spring ! He'll bring me
every one of those crumbs ! Robin! Robin! Where
are you ? "

He: "Here! Here! Come-alongsweetheart !
let's-fly-down-and-get-our-breakfast. Yes ! Yes ! "

A. H.

TINGLING SISTERS CIRCUS.-Continued from page 16.

the Hotel in a hotly contested game. The men
were gowned in Redfern creations from the latest
Paris plates, by which it was noticed that hoops
are once more coming into style.

The captain of the team, Miss Georgie Elkins,
Jr., was becomingly clad in a red china silk, over
hoop-skirts and white pantalettes with red ruffles.
The responsibility of his position necessitated such
strenuous playing that his hoops were more than
once entangled with his dainty feet, much to the
amusement of the critical bleachers. Miss Mal-
colmia Fay, the able first baseman, was sheltered
from the wiltering rays of the sun by a dainty hat
which would be hard to describe, but which some-
what resembled those worn by the able little helpers
of the hurdy-gurdy men. The pierced heart design
of his shirt-waist front was mucii appreciated by
those who know.

Miss Pettit, the captain of tiic really female
coterie, pitched a brilliant game, and with able
support from her colleagues, was almost invincible.

Tiie game was umpired with but few kicks by
Carrie Nation, for Carrie had her little Hatch-et.

Girls' Team. Boys' Team.

M. Pettit, pitcher. George Elkins, pitcher.

E. Achelis, catcher. H. A. Pettit, catcher.
T. Loveman, 1st b. Malcolm Fay, 1st b.
I. Elkins, 2d b. George Vose, 2d b.
O. .Johnson, 3d b. P. Lockwood, 3d b.

F. Ayers, ss. W. Chick, ss.
M. Peterson, rf. T. Lindsay, If.

M. Chick, cf. Davtou Voorhees, cf.

L. Kinsey, If. T. Achelis, rf.

"The 4 o'clock Limited" between Boston
and New York is now scheduled in 5 1-2 hours.
No Extra Fares unless Pullman accommodations
are desired. Dining Car, Westbound, Springfield
to New York ; Eastbound, New Haven to Boston.
For detailed service and reservations, apply City
Office, 366 Washington Street, Boston.



Mr. and Mrs. George F. Chapiii of Boston
registered the 18th.

Joseph Gouldiug and S. Goulding of Nfw
York returned the IStli.

Dr. and Mrs. Harry H. Wiist of Richmond,
Indiana, arrived Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Stanwood of Kennebunk-
port registered Thursday evening.

Ira W. Wood, Edward S. Wood, William P.
Wood, and Miss Wood of Trenton, N. .1., are at
the Mansion House.

From Haverhill, Mass., on Thursday were
Mr. anil Mrs. C. W. Arnold, C. M. Arnold,
Miss Blanche Arnold, Master Charlie Arnold,
and Mr. Daniels.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Thurston and Mrs. L.
Frederick Dodd of New York are located in the
Maine State Building. Mr. Thurston is the
manager of the Astor House, New York.

Miss Georgine Campbell has been visiting Mrs.
L. D. M. Sweat of Portland. She returned to the
Poland Spring House on Wednesday. Miss Camp-
bell is a New York portrait painter, and among
her noted portraits in this country are those of
General Grant and the Duchess of Marlborough
when a child.

Jew Fhlhiootii Jitel,


.Iiisl RemoJeled .ind Imiiroved
al an Outlay of $40,000.







Mean Temperature:
illg July, C7 :^-10; AtisiiRt, (is J- 10.



New and Modern. American Plan.


Intervale, N. H. ,

en suite with private batli.
ng .Scenery, Beautiful Wa
Nine-hole Golf Course joins hotel grounds.
For booklets, rates, etc., address

H. S. MUDQETT, Proprietor.

Table Cliina and Glass.

Intending buyers will ilnd ai
choo.se froii

Dinner Sets,

($S up lo $800)

Pudding Sets,

($'i up to $-20)

Fish Sets,

($.5 up to $120)

xtensive stoi'k lo

Salad Sets,

($.') up to $l.-.0)

lce=Cream Sets,

($:i up to $7.-1)

Oyster Plates,

{$•■! up to $no do/-.)

Also single dozens of hlghclass China Plates for
course dinners; also

Bouillon Cups and Saucers.
Ramikins, all values.

French Porcelain Souffle Dishes.
Paris Cafe Entree Dishes.

Covered Qorgonzola Dishes.

Fire-Proof Welsh Rarebit Dishes.

China Individual Breakfast Sets on Trav, for serving in the
beilroom, up to per set, $00. Turkish Coffee Cups with Sliver
Stands, also with Porcelain Holders, all values.

In the enlarged Glass Department (id lloor) an
Extensive Exhibit of

Fine Table Glassware,

Finger Bowls, Vases, Cocktails, Roemers, Sorbits, Cremc

de Menthes, Cordials, Lemonades, Champagnes,

Hocks, Decanters, Carafes, etc.

Rare and odd China I*itchers from the ordinary up to the
costly. Over 600 kinds to choose from.

Toilet Sets, Cuspadores, I'nitirella Holders, Flower Vases.

In the Art Pottery Koomi
of things adapteil to Wed, i;."i

val \Vi

.' lile
n, etc.



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