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Mrs. Moulton had 19 lone hands and received
the first ladies' prize, a peacock feather fan ; Mrs.
Lees also had 19 lone hands and won the first
gentlemen's prize, a bisque match safe ; the designs
were monks' heads.

For the regular score progressions were counted
instead of points. Mrs. Tyson progressed 14 times
and received the first ladies' prize, a dainty pin
cushion. Four ladies cut for the second prize each
having 11 progressions, Mrs. Doruan, Mrs. Clarke,
Miss Wood and Mrs. A. B. Ricker. Mrs. Dornan
won a set of embroidered collars and cuffs.

Mrs. R. F. Taylor had 13 progi-essioiis and
received the first gentlemen's prize, an old-
fashioned candle shade made of mother of pearl ;
Mr. Grouse had 11 progressions and won the second,
a cup and saucer. There were no consolation prizes.

Northern Maine is the Big Game section.
Season opens October 1st. All of the famous
resorts are reached via the Bangor & Aroostook
Railroad. If you are not thoroughly posted, get a
copy of " In the Maine Woods," the most complete
and comprehensive Guide Book for Sportsmen
published. Mailed for 10 cents in stamps. C. C.
Brown, General Passenger Agent, Bangor, Me.

Gold Picture Frames

EscclMsive Designs.


3(5 BromfielcJ Street,


Designers. Manufacturers and Jobbers of



Every iNCh


California and back
Rate cut in two

The suiiiniei' in ('aliforuia is Just as attractive as the wintei-.
The Soutlieru ('oast resorts are all-the-year-rourid resorts —
enjoyable at any time.

Have you tasted the licioHS life-giving air of New Mexico
and viewed that greatest ot all Eartli"s woiulers — the

The SANTA FE will give you a chance to do tins and
include practically the entire slate of California, returning
by way of the


for less than the usual cost of a one-way ticket.
Santa Fe all the way — Harvey meals.

Tickets, reseiv:i(ioiis, ami all .liHuils from

S. W. MANNING, Gen. New England Agent,

The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway .System,

332 Washington Street, BOSTON.


GOLF.— Continued from page 3.


QuALiFYi.vG Bound.

Geo. r. Kepp, :)!l; EiUv. P. Ricker, Jr., 41; G. W. Elkiiis,

Jr., 41; N. E. Mallouf, 41; E. B. Hart, Jr., 41; T. C. Noves

41; Geo. Vo.se, 41; H. P. Dixon, 41; W.J. FlaUier, Jr.,"41;

H. G. Holtoii. 41; Riimsev Green, i->; E. S. Wood, 42; 11.

T. Dyer, 42; Davi.s Pear.son, 42; T. M. Wickwire, Jr., 43;

A.O. Beebe, 43; Samuel Ivers, 43; Frank Pear.son, 43; R.

O. Hatch, 43; EcUv. A. Everit, 44; J. h. Porter, 44; I. W.

Chick, 44; A. P. Palmer, 44; E. A. Sterling, 44; J. D.

Voorliee.s, 4."); Joint M. Huffman, 45; S. G. Nelson, 45; M.

B. .Miltenberger, 4(i; J. G. Lindsay, Jr.,4fi; E. P. Goodwin,

47; William Graves, 47; W. H. INlallorv, 47; James Ricker,

53; Robert C. Wilkins, liO; Geo. H. Williams, 58.

Addison Allen, R. F. Woodward, W.T. Magiunis, Jas.
Stokes, O. H. Bourdon, W. C. Chick, C. U. Palmer, N. A.
Petlit, withdrew.

First Round— Match Plat.
Geo. W. Elkins, Jr., heat Geo. C. Keep, 1 up 20 holes.
E. B. Hart, Jr., beat Edw. P. Ricker, Jr., 2 up 1.
N. Mallouf beat H. P. Dixon, 4 up 2.
T. C. Noyes beat Geo. Vose, 2 up 1.
E. B. Hart, Jr., beat Geo. W. Elkins, Jr., 2 up 1.
N. Mallouf beat T. C. Noyes, 4 up 3.

N. E. Mallouf beat E. B. Hart, Jr., 5 up 4 to play.

On Tuesdiiy J. G. Lindsay, Jr., in ilriving for
the Mill hole striK^ii a sparrow vvilli tlieball, killing
it instantly. The sparrows seein to be having a
hard time this season, as this is the second one
killed bv a golf ball.

Miss Elisa H. Scholield of Swathmore, Penn.,
is here.

A Boston arrival ol' Tiiursday was Mi.ss E.

Mrs. D. H. Ingraham of Portland is at the
Mansion House.

Joseph Walter Cooper of Camden, N. .!.,
registered the first.

Mrs. O. S. Swan and Mrs. L. L. Coburn of
Chicago arrived the 1st.

Mrs. Auguste Kountze and Mrs. Xewhofi'are
New York guests of the 1st.

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Cady and Miss Cady of
Boston are at the Poland Spring House.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Gilman of Hartford,
Conn., reached Poland Spring Thursday.

Mr. Cady of the Poland Spring House caught
on Tuesday one bass weighing 3 1-2 lbs.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hoyf and Randal Hoyt of
St. Louis are at the Poland Spring House.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. King and Miss
Louise King of Brooklyn registered the 31st.

Mrs. H. W. Searle and Miss Margaret C.
HaiHia are San Francisco guests of Thursday.

From Boston, at the Mansion House, Thurs-
day, were Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Lyman, Mrs.
James M. Keith, Miss Keith, Mrs. M. K. Baker,
Farnsworth K. Baker, and Master Monroe Baker.

From Boston are Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Shaw,
Mr. Frank S. Down and Mr. Bradford L. Howe.

Mr, and Mrs. Jas. T. Abbe are at the Poland
Spring House, arriving from Springfield, Mass.,
Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rhodes, Mrs. S. L.
Rhodes, and Mrs. M. H. Castle .of Cleveland
returned to Poland Spring Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cliamplin were among the
arrivals on August 26lh. Mr. Cliamplin is of the
firm of Twitchell, Cliamplin & Co., of Portland.

Thursday evening's arrivals included Oscar C.
and Edgar B. Davis of Brockton and Fred L.
Emerson and Arthur W. Lawrence of Bridgewater,

Miss Georgine Campbell of Xew York, now at
the Poland Spring House, has recently received
the commission to paint the miniature of Mrs. E.
P. Ricker.

From New York City on Thursday evening
were Mrs. H. J. Davison, Miss Maria K. Bayne,
L. P. Bayne, Mr. and Mrs. Egbert P. Lansing,
S. S. K. Hewens, Mrs. C. S. Conrad, and Miss
C. L. Conrad.

From Boston, Thursday evening, were Mr. and
Mrs. George C. Morrill, James Judge, Mr. and
Mrs. Luther A. Wright, Mrs. Charles A. Morss,
Henry A. Morss, Miss M. E. Wells, and Mrs.
George H. Leonard.

Henry M. Whitney of Brooklyn, President of
the New England (ias and Coke Co., and of the
Dominion Iron an

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