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Armytage (Hon. Mrs.} Wars of Victorians Reign. $s.
Art Education. See " Biographies," " D'Anvers," " Illustrated

Text Books," "Mollett's Dictionary."
Artistic Japan. Illustrated with Coloured Plates. Monthly.

Royal 4to, 2s.

Attwell (Prof.} The Italian Masters. Crown 8vo, 35. 6d.
Audsley (G. A.} Handbook of the Organ. Top edge gilt, 42 s. ;

large paper, 84*.
Ornamental Arts of Japan. 90 Plates, 74 in Colours

and Gold, with General and Descriptive Text. 2 vols., folio, ,15 15*. ;

in specally designed leather, ^23 2s.
The Art of Chroma-Lithography. Coloured Plates

and Text. Folio, 63.?.

and Tomkinson. Ivory and Wocd Carvings of Japan.

841-. Artists' proofs (100), i6Ss.
Auerbach (.} Brigitta. (B. Tauchnitz Collection.) zs.

On the Heights. 3 vols., 6s.

Spinoza. 2 vols., i8mo, 4-r.

r>ADDELE Y (S.) Tchay and Chianti. Small Svo, 5*.

Baldwin (fames') Story of Siegfried. 6s

Story of the Golden Age. Illustrated by HOWARD

PYLE. Crown 8vo, 6s.

List of Publications.

Baldwin (fame*) Story of JZoland. Crown 8vo, 6s.
Bamford (A. J.) Turbans and Tails. Sketches in the Un-

romantic East. Crown 8vo, "js. 6J.
Barlow (Alfred) Wearing by Hand and by Pou>er. With

several hundred Illustrations. Third Edition, royal 8vo. \ $s.
Barlow (P. IV.) Kaipara, Experiences of a Settler in N. New

Zealand. Illust., c;own 8vo, 6s.
Barrow (J.) Mountain Ascents in Cumberland and Westmore-

land. Crown 8vo, Js. 6d.; new edition, $s.
Bassett (F. S.) Legends and Superstitions of the Sea. is. 6d.


Edited by the late J. HAIN FRISWELL.

Comprising Pleasure Books of Literature produced in the Choicest Style.

"We can hardly imagine better books for boys to read 01 for men to ponder
over." Times.

Price 2S.6J. each Volume, complete in itself, Jlexiblt clath extra, gilt edges,
with silk Hfadbands and Registers.

Lord Chesterfield's Letters, Sen-
tences, and Maxims. With Essay
by Sainte- Beuve.

The King and the Commons. Cava-
lier and Puritan Songs.

Vathek. Hy \Villiam Beckford.

Essays in Mosaic. By Ballantyne.

My Uncle Toby ; his Story and
his Friends. By P. Fitzgerald.

Reflections of Rochefoucauld.

Socrates : Memoirs for English
Readers from Xenophon's Memo-
rabilia. By Edw. Levien.

Prince Albert's Golden Precepts.

The Story of the Chevalier Bayard.

Joinville's St. Louis of France.

The Essays of Abraham Cowley.

Abdallah. By Edouard Laboullaye.

Napoleon, Table-Talk and Opinions.

Words of Wellington.

Johnson's Rasselas. With Notes.

Hazlitt's Round Table.

The Religio Medici, Hydriotaphia,

&c. By Sir Thomas Browne, Knt.
Coleridge's Christabel, &c. With

Preface by Algernon C. Swinburne.
Ballad Poetry of the Affections. By

Robert Buchanan.

A Case containing 12 Volumes, price yis. 6d ; or tfu Case separately, price y. 6d.

Baynes (Canon) Hymns and other Verses. Crown Svo, sewed,

U.; cloth, u. 6d.
Beaugrand (C.) Walks Abroad of Two Young Naturalists.

By D. SHARP. Illust., 8vo, Js. 6d.

Beecher (H. W,} Authentic Biography, and Diary. \Preparing
Behnke and Browne. Child's Voice : its Treatment with regard

to After Developmert, Small 8vo, y. 6d.
Beyschlag. Female Cctfume Figures of various Centuties. 1 2

reproductions of pastel designs in portfolio, imperial. 2is.
Bick:rsteth (Bishop E. Y/.) Clergyman in his Home. it.
' Evangelical Churchmanship. is.

A a

Sampson Low, Marston, &* Co.'s

Bickersteth {Bishop E. H.} From Year to Year: Original
Poetical Pieces. Small post Svo, 3J. 6d. ; roan, 6.r. and $s.; calf or
morocco, icw. 6d.

The Masters Home- Call, aoth Thous. 3 2 mo, cloth

gilt, is.

The Master's Will. A Funeral Sermon preached on

the Death of Mrs. S. Gurney Buxton. Sewn, 6d. ; cloth gilt, u.

The Reef, and other Parables. Crown Svo, z s. 6d.

Shadow of the Rock. Select Religious Poetry. 2s. 6d.

The Shadowed Home and the Light Beyond. $s.

Bigelow (John} France and the Confederate Navy. An Inter-
national Episode. 'js. 6d.

Biographies of the Great Artists (Illustrated). Crown Svo,
emblematical binding, 3.5-. 6d. per volume, except where the price is given.

Claude le Lorrain, by Owen J.Dullea.
Correggio, by M. E. Heaton. 2s. 6d.
Delia Robbia and Cellini, zs. 6d.
Albrecht Diirer, by R. F. Heath.
Figure Painters of Holland.
Fra Bartolommeo, Albertinelli, and

Andrea del Sarto.
Gainsborough and Constable.
Ghiberti and Donatello. 2s. 6d.
Giotto, by Harry Quilter.
Hans Holbein, by Joseph Cundall.
Hogarth, by Austin Dobson.
Landseer, by F. G. Stevens.
Lawrence and Romney, by Lord

Ronald Gower. 2s. 6d.
Leonardo da Vinci.

Mantegna and Francia.
Meissonier, by J. W. Mollett. zs. 6d.
Michelangelo Buonarotti.by Clement.
Murillo, by Ellen E. Minor. 2s. 6d.
Overbeck, by J. B. Atkinson.
Raphael, by N. D'Anvers.
Rembrandt, by J. W. Mollett.
Reynolds, by F. S. Pulling.
Rubens, by C. W. Kett.
Tintoretto, by W. R. Osier.
Titian, by R. F. Heath.
Turner, by Cosmo Monkhouse.
Vandyck and Hals, by P. R.


Velasquez, by E. Stowe.
Vernet r.nd Delaroche, by J. Rees.
Watteau, by J. W. Mollett. 2s. 6d.
Wilkie, by J. W. Mollett.

Little Masters of Germany, by \V.

B. Scott. I

Bird (F. f.} American Practical Dyer's Companion. Svo, 425.

(H. .) Chess Practice. Svo, zs. 6d.

Black (Robert) Horse Racing in France : a History. Svo, 14^.
Black ( Wm.) Novels. See " Low's Standard Library."

Strange Adventures of a House-Boat. 3 vols., $is. 6d.

In Far Lochaber. 3 vols., crown Svo., 31.?. 6d.

Blackburn (Charles F.) Hints on Catalogue Titles and Index

Entries, with a Vocabulary of Terms and Abbreviations, chiefly from

Foreign Catalogues. Royal Svo, 14*.
Blackburn {Henry} Breton Folk. With 171 Illust. by RANDOLPH

CALDECOTT. Imperial Svo, gilt edges, 21 j. ; plainer binding, ios.6d.
* Pyrenees. Illustrated by GU.STAVE DOR, corrected

tc 1881. Crown Svo, "js. 6J. See also CALDECOTT.

List of Publications.

JB lack more (R. Z>.) Lorna Doone. Edition deluxe. Crown 4to,
very numerous Illustrations, cloth, gilt edges, 31.?. 6d.; parchment,
uncut, top gilt, 35-r. ; new issue, plainer, 2is. ; small post 8vo, 6s.

Novels. See " Low's Standard Library."

Spring/wen. Illust. by PARSONS and BARNARD. Sq.

8vO, I2S.

Blaikie (Williain) How to get Strong and hou> to Stay so.
Rational, Physical, Gymnastic, &c., Exercises. Illust., sm. post Svo, $s.
Sound Bodies for our Boys and Girls. i6mo, zs. 6d.

Bonwick. British Colonies. Asia, is. ; Africa, is. ; America,

is. ; Australasia, is. One vol., cloth, 5*.
Bosanquet (Rev. C.) Blossoms from the King's Garden : Sermons

for Children. 2nd Edition, small post 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.
~ Jehoshaphat ; or, Sunlight and Clouds, is.
Boussenard (L^) Crusoes of Guiana. Gilt, 2s. 6d. ; gilt ed . 3^. 6d.

Gold-seekers. Sequel to the above. Illust. i6mo, $s.

Boyesen (F.~) Story ofNonvay. Illustrated, sm. 8vo, 71. 6d.
Boyesen (H. H.) Modern Vikings : Stones of Life and Sport

in Norseland. Cr. 8vo, 6s.
Boy's Froissart. King Arthur. Knightly Legends of Wales.

Percy. See LANIER.

Bradshaw (/.) New Zealand of To-doy , 1884-87. 8vo.
Brannt (IV. T.) Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils. 244

Illust., 8vo, 35^.
Manufacture of Soap and Candles, with many Formulas.

Illust., 8v >, 35.;.
Metallic Alloys. Chiefly from the German of Krupp

and Wilberger. Crown 8vo, 12s. 6J.
Bright (John) Public Letters. Crown Svo, 7*. 6d.

Brisse (Baron) Menus (366). A menu, in French and English,
for every Day in the Yeai. 2nd Edition. Crown Svo, Jr.

British Fisheries Directory. Small Svo, 2S. 6d.

Brittany. See BLACKBURN.

Browne (G. Lennox) Voice Use and Stimulants. Sm. Svo, 3*. 6J.

andBehnke (Emit) Voice, Song, and Speech. N. ed., 5*.

Bryant ( W. C.) and Gay (S. H.) History of the United States.
4 vols., royal Svo, profusely Illustrated, 6os.

Bryce (Rev. Professor) Manitoba. Illust Crown Svo, 7*. 6d.

Short History of the Canadian People, is. 6d.

Burnaby (Capt.) On Horseback through Asia Minor. 2 vols.,
8vo, 38^. Cheaper Edition, i vol., crown Svo, lOf. 6J.

Sampson Low, Marston, & Co.'s

Burnaby (Mrs. F.) High Alps in Winter; or, Mountaineering

in Search of Health. With Illustrations, &c., 14*. See also MAIN.
Burnley (J.) History of Wool and Woo/combing. Illust. 8vo, 211.
Burton (Sir JR. F.) Early, Public, and Private Life. Edited

by F. HITCHMAN. 2 vols., Svo, 36^.
Butler (Sir W. F.) Campaign of the Cataracts. Illust., Svo, iSs.

Invasion of England, told twenty years after. 2S. 6d.

Red Cloud; or, the Solitary Sioux. Imperial i6mo,

numerous illustrations, gilt edges, 3.?. 6d.; plainer binding, 2s. 6d.
The Great Lone Land ; Red River Expedition. *]s. 6d.
The Wild North Land ; the Story of a Winter Journey

with Dogs across Northern North America. 8vo, i8j. Cr. Svo, "js. 6d.

STABLE (G. W.) Bonaventure: A Prose Pastoral of Acadian

*' Louisiana. Sm. post Svo, $s.

Cadogan (Lady A.} Illustrated Games of Patience. Twenty-
four Diagrams in Colours, with Text. Fcap. 4to, \2s. 6d.

New Games of Patience. Coloured Diagrams, 4to, 1 2 s. 6d.

Caldecott (Randolph] Memoir. By HENRY BLACKBURN. With
170 Examples of the Artist's Work. 14^.; large paper, 2U.

California. See NORDHOFF.

Callan (H.) Wanderings on Wheel and on Foot. Cr. Svo, is. 6^.
Campbell {Lady Colin) Book of the Running Brook : and of

Still Waters. 5*.

Canadian People : Short History. Crown Svo, 7^. 6d.
Carleton ( Wilt) Farm Ballads, Farm Festivals, and Farm

Legends. Paper boards, is. each; I vol., small post Svo, 3^. 6d.

City Ballads. Illustrated, 1 25. 6d. New Ed. (Rose

Library), i6mo, is.

Carnegie (A.) American Four-in-Hand in Britain. Small

4to, Illustrated, los. 6d. Popular Edition, paper, is.
Round the World. Svo, los. dd.

- Triumphant Democracy. 6s. ; also i^. 6d. and is.
Chairman's Handbook. By R. F. D. PALGRAVE. 5th Edit., 2s.
Changed Cross, &c. Religious Poems. 1 6mo, 2 s. 6d. ; calf, 6^.
Chaplin (f. G.) Three Principles of Book-keeping. 2S. 6d.
Charities of London. See Low's.

Chattock (R. S.) Practical Notes on Etching. New Ed. Svo,

IO5. 6<f.

Chess. See BIRD (H. E.).

List of Publications.

Children's Praises. Hymns for Sunday-Schools and Services.
Compiled by LOUISA H. II. TRISTRAM. a,d.

Choice Editions of Choice Books, zs. 6d. each. Illustrated by

Bloomfield's Fanner's Boy.
Campbell's Pleasures of Hope.
Coleridge's Ancient Mariner.
Goldsmith's Deserted Village.
Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefielcl.
Gray's Elegy in a Churchyard.
Keat's Eve of St. Agnes.

Milton's L* Allegro.
Poetry of Nature. Harrison Weir.
Rogers' (Sam.) Pleasures of Memory.
Shakespeare's Songs and Sonnets.
Tennyson's May Queen.
Elizabethan Poets.
Wordsworth's Pastoral Poems.

" Such works are a glorious beatification for a poet." Athenamm.

Chreiman (Miss) Physical Culture of Women. A Lecture at the

Parkes Museum. Small 8vo, is.

Christ in Song. By PHILIP SCHAFF. New Ed., gilt edges, 6s.
Chroma- Lithography. See AUDSLEY.
Cochran ( W.) Pen and Pencil in Asia Minor. Illust., 8vo, 2 is.

Collingwood (Harry) Under the Meteor Flag. The Log of a

Midshipman. Illustrated, small post 8vo, gilt, jr. &/.; plainer, 2s. &/.

Voyage of the '''Aurora." Gilt, 3*. 6d. ; plainer, 25. 6d.

Cook (Dutton) Book of the Play. New Edition, i vol., 3*. 6d.

On the Stage: Studies. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 245.

Cowen (Jos., M.P.) Life and Speeches. 8vo, 14*.

Cowper (W.) Poetical Works : A Concordance. Roy. 8vo, 2iy.

Cozzens (F.) American Yachts. 27 Plates, 22 x 28 inches.

Proofs, 21 ; Artist's Proofs, ^31 I or.

Crew (B.J.) Practical Treatise on Petroleum. Illust., 8vo, 28^.
Crouch (A. P.) On a Surf-bound Coast. Crown 8vo, 7*. 6d.
Crown Prince of Germany : a Diary, 2s. 6d.
Cudworth ( W.) Life and Correspondence of Abraham Sharp.

Illustrated from Drawings. (To Subscribers, 2U.) 26s.
Cumberland(Stuarf) Thought Reader^ sThoughts. Cr. 8vo., i os. 6d.
Queen's Highway from Ocean to Ocean. 111., 8vo, iSs. ;

new ed., "js. 6J.
Cundall (Joseph) Annals of the Life and Work of SJiakespeare.

With a List of Early Editions, y. 6J, ; large paper, $j.; also 2s.

Remarkable Bindings in the British Museum.

Curtis ( W. E.) Capitals of Spanish America.. Illust., roy. 8vo.
Gushing (W.) Initials and Pseudonyms. Large 8vo, 25*.;

second series, large Svo, 21;.

8 Sampson Low, Marston, & Co. 1 !

Ciistcr (Eliz. J5.) Tenting on the Plains; Gen. Custerin Kansas

and Texas. Royal 8vo, iBs.
Cutcliffe (H. C. ) Trout Fishing in Rapid Streams. Cr. 8 vo , 35. 6d.

J~}AL Y (Mrs. D.) Digging, Squatting, and Pioneering in
*-* Northern South Australia. 8vo, I2s.
UAnvers. Elementary History of Art. New ed., 360 illus.,

cr. 8vo, 2 vols. (5.5-. each), gilt, IGJ. 6J.

- Elementary History of Music. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d.
Davidson (H. C.) Old Adam ; Tale of an Army Crammer. 3

vols. crown 8vo, 31*. 6d.
Davis ( Clement) Modern Whist. 4*.

Davis (C. T.) Bricks, Tiles, Terra-Cotta, &c. 111. 8vo, 255-.
- Mamifacture of Leather. With many Illustrations. $2s.6d.
- Manufacture of Paper. 285.

Dams (G. J3.) Outlines of International Law. 8vo. IO.T. 6d.
Dawidowsky. Glue,Gelatine, Isinglass, Cements,&c. 8vo, i2s.t>d.
Day of My Life at Eton. By an ETON BOY. i6mo. 2s. 6d.
Day's Collacon : an Encyclopedia of Prose Quotations. Im-

perial 8vo, cloth, 3U. 6d.

De Leon (E.) Under the Stars and under the Crescent. N. ed., 6^.
Dethroning Shakspere. Letters to the Daily Telegraph ; and

Editorial Papers. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6J.
Dictionary. See TOLHAUSEN, " Technological."
Dogs in Disease. By ASHMONT. Crown 8vo, yj. 6d.
Donnelly {Ignatius) Atlantis; or, the Antediluvian World.

7th Edition, crown 8vo, 12s. 6d.
- Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel. Illustrated,

crown 8vo, 12s. 6d.
- The Great Cryptogram : Francis Bacon's Cipher in the

so-called Shakspere Plays. With facsimiles. 2 vols., 30?.
Dore ( Gustave) Life and Reminiscences. By BLANCHE ROOSE-

VELT. Illust. from the Artist's Drawings. Medium 8vo, 24^.
Dougatt {James Dalziel) Shooting: its Appliances, Practice,

and Purpose. New Edition, revised with additions. Crown 8vo, Js. 6d.
"The book is admirable in every way ..... We wish it every success." Globe.
"A_ ven- complete treatise ..... Likely to take high rank as an authority on

shooting." Daily Newt.

iovanni). By FRIEZE. With Dialogues on Art. is.bd.

T^DMONDS (C.) Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. With ~ddi-
* ' tional matter. New ed. Illust., crown 8vo.
Educational List and Directory for 1887-88. 5*.

List of Publications.

Educational Works published in Great Britain. A Classi-
fied Catalogue. Third Edition, 8vo, cloth extra, 6s,

Edwards (E.) American Steam Engineer. Illust., 1 2 mo, 1 2 s. 6d.

Eight Months on the Argentine Gran Chaco. 8vo, 8s. 6d.

Elliott (H. IV.) An Arctic Province : Alaska and the Seal
Islands. Illustrated from Drawings ; also with Maps. i6s.

Emerson {Dr. P. H.) Pictures of East Anglian Life. Ordinary
ed., IO5-T. ; e*dit. de luxe, 17 X I3i, vellum, morocco back, 147 s.

Naturalistic Photography for Art Students. Crown 8vo.

and Goodall. Life and Landscape on the Norfolk

Broads. Plates 12 X 8 inches, 126*.; large paper, 2101.

English Catalogue of Books. Vol. III., 18721880. Royal
8vo, half-morocco, 42j. See also " Index."

English Etchings. Published Quarterly. y.6d. Vol. VI., 25*.

English Philosophers. Edited by E. B. IVAN MULLER, M.A.
Crown 8vo volumes of 180 or 200 pp., price 3*. &/. each.

Francis Bacon, by Thomas Fowler.
Hamilton, by W. H. S. Monck.

Shaftesbury and Hutcheson.
Adam Smith, by J. A. Farrer.

Hartley and James Mill.
Esmarch (F.) Handbook of Surgery. Translation from the
last German Edition. With 647 nesv Illustrations. 8vo, leather, 24*.

Etchings {Modern) of Celebrated Paintings. 4to, 315. (>d.
Evans (E. A.) Songs of the Birds. Analogies of Spiritual Life.

New Ed. I lust., 6s.
Evelyn. Life of Mrs. Godolphin. By WILLIAM HARCOURT,

of Nuneham. Steel Portrait. Extra binding, gilt top, Is. 6d.

T?AR1NI(G. A.) Through the Kalahari Desert. 8vo, 2 is.

Farm Ballads, Festivals, and Legends. See CARLETON.
Fawcett (Edgar) A Gentleman of Leisure, is.
Fenn (G. Manville) Off to the Wilds: A Story for Boys.
Profusely Illustrated. Crown 8vo, gilt edges, y. 6J.; plainer, 2s. 6d.

Silver Canon. Illust., gilt ed., 3*. 6d. ; plainer, 2s. 6d.

Fennell (Grwille) Book of the Reach. New Edition, 12010, 25.
Ferns. See HEATH.

Field (H. M.) Greek Islands and Turkey after the War. Ss. 6J.
Field (Mrs. Horace) Anchorage. 2 vols., crown 8vo, i2s.
Fields (/. T.) Yesterdays with Authors. New Ed., 8vo, los. 6J.
Fitzgerald (P.) Book Fancier. Cr. 8vo. 5 s. ; large pap. 1 2 s. 6d.

io Sampson Low, Marston, &> Co.'s

Fleming (Sandford) England and Canada : a Tour. Cr. 8vo, 6s.
Florence. See YRIARTE.

Folkard (R.,Jun.} Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyrics. 8vo, 16^.
Forbes (H. O.) Naturalist in the Eastern Archipelago. 8vo.


Foreign Countries and British Colonies. Cr. 8vo, 3*. 6d. each

Australia, by J. F. Vesey Fitzgerald.
Austria, by D. Kay, F. R. G. S.
Denmark and Iceland, by E. C.Otte.
Egypt, by S. Lane Poole, 13. A.
France, by Miss M. Roberts.
Germany, by S. Baring-Gould.
Greece, by L. Sergeant, B.A.

Japan, by S. Mossman.
Peru, by Clements R. Markham.
Russia, by W. R. Morfill, M.A.
Spain, by Rev. Wentworth Webster.
Sweden and Norway, by Woods.
West Indies, by C. H. Eden,

Foreign Etchings. From Paintings by Rembrandt, &<:., 635-.;

india proofs, 147^.

Fortunes made in Business. Vols. I., II., III. i6s. each.
Frampton (Mary) Journal, Letters, and Anecdotes. 8vo, 14^.
Franc (Maud Jeanne}. Small post 8vo, uniform, gilt edges :

Emily's Choice. $s.
Hall's Vineyard. 4^.
John's Wife : A Story of Life in

South Australia. 4J.
Marian ; or, The Light of Some

One's Home. $s.
Silken Cords and Iron Fetters. 4J.
Into the Light.

Vermont Vale. 5-r.

Minnie's Mission. 4?.

Little Mercy. 4^.

Beatrice Melton's Discipline. 4-T.

No Longer a Child. $s.

Golden Gifts. 4^.

Two Sides to Every Question. 4

Master of Ralston. 4^.

Also a Cheap Edition, in cloth extra, 2s. 6d. each.

Frank's Ranche ; or, My Holiday in the Rockies. A Contri-
bution to the Inquiry into What we are to Do with our Boys. $s.

Freeman (J.) Lights and Shadows of Melbourne Life. Cr. 8vo.

French. See JULIEN and PORCHER.

Fresh Woods and Pastures NeT.u. By the Author of " An
Amateur Angler's Days." u. 6</.; large paper, 5^. ; new ed., is.

Froissart. See LANIER.

Fuller (Edward) Fellow Travellers. 3^. 6d.

Dramatic Year 1887-88 in the United States. With the

London Season, by W. ARCHER. Crown 8vo.

QANE (D. N.) New South Wales and Victoria in 1885. 5*.

Gasparin (Countess A. de) Sunny Fields and Shady Woods. 6s.
Geary (Grattan) Burma after the Conquest. JS. 6d.
Gentle Life (Queen Edition). 2 vols. in i, small 410, 6s,

List of Publications. n


Price 6s. each ; or in calf extra, price los. 6d. ; Smaller Edition, cloth
extra, zs. 6d. t except where price is named.

The Gentle Life. Essays in aid of the Formation of Character.
About in the World. Essays by Author of " The Gentle Life."
Like unto Christ. New Translation of Thomas a Kempis.
Familiar Words. A Quotation Handbook. 6s.
Essays by Montaigne. Edited by the Author of " The Gentle


The Gentle Life. 2nd Series.
The Silent Hour . Essays, Original and Selected.
Half-Length Portraits. Short Studies of Notable Persons.


Essays on English Writers, for Students in English Literature.
Other People's Windouis. By J. HAIN FRISWELL. 6*. "
A Man's Thoughts. By J. HAIN FRISWELL.
The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. By Sir PHILIP SIDNEY. 6s.

Germany. By S. BARING-GOULD. Crown 8vo, 3?. 6d.
Gibbon (C.) Beyond Compare : a Story. 3 vols., cr. 8vo, 3 is. bd.

Yarmouth Coast.

Gisborne (W.} New Zealand Rulers and Statesmen. With

Portraits. Crown 8vo, Js. 6J.
Goldsmith. She Stoops to Conquer. Introduction by AUSTIN

DOBSON ; the designs by E. A. ABIIEY. Imperial 410, 4&>-.
Goode (G. Brou'ri) American fishes. A Popular Treatise.

Royal 8vo, 241.
Gordon (J. E. H., B.A. Cantab?) Four Lectures on Electric

Induction at the Royal Institution, 1878 9. Illust., square i6mo, 3*.

Electric Lighting. Illustrated, 8vo, 185.

Physical Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, 2nd

Edition, enlarged, with coloured, full-page, &c., Illust. 2 vols. , 8vo, 42*.

Electricity for Schools. Illustrated. Crown 8vo, 5*.

Gouffe (fates} Royal Cookery Book. New Edition, with plates

in colours, Woodcuts, &c. , 8vo, gilt edges, 4Zr .
Domestic Edition, half-bound, ioy. 6d.

Grant (General, U.S.} Personal Memoirs. 2 vols., 8vo, 28j.

Illustrations, Maps, &c. 2 vols., 8vo, 28^.
(Jreat Artists. See " Biographies."


Great Musicians. Edited by F. HUEFFER. A Series of
Biographies, crown 8vo, 3-f. each :


English Church Com-
posers. By BARRETT.


Richard Wagner.


Groves (J. Percy) Charmouth Grange. Gilt, 5^.; plainer, zs. 6d.
Guizofs History of France. Translated by R. BLACK. In

8 vols., super-royal 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, each 24?. In cheaper

binding, 8 vols., at IOT. 6J. each.
" It supplies a want wnich has long been felt, and ought to be in the hands of all

students of history." Times.

Masson's School Edition. Abridged

from the Translation by Robert Black, with Chronological Index, His-
torical and Genealogical Tables, &c. By Professor GUSTAVE MASSON,
B. A. With Portraits, Illustrations, &c. I vol., 8vo, 600 pp., $s.

Guyon (Mde.} Life. By UPHAM. 6th Edition, crown 8vo, 6*.

TTALFORD (F. M.} Floating Flies, and how to Dress them.
* * Coloured plates. Svo, 15^. ; large paper, 30?.

Dry Fly-Fishing in Theory and Practice. Col. Plates.

Hall (W. IV.} How to Live Long; or, 1408 Maxims. 25.
Hamilton (E.) Recollections of Fly-fishing for Salmon, Trout,

and Grayling. With their Habits, Haunts, and History. Illust., 6j.;

large paper, icu. 6d.
Hands (T.} Numerical Exercises in Chemistry. Cr. Svo, zs. 6d,

and 2s. ; Answers separately, 6d.

Hardy (Thomas). See Low's STANDARD NOVELS.
Hare (f. S. Clark} Law of Contracts. Svo, 265.
Harley (T.} Southward Ho I to the State of Georgia. $s.
Harpers Magazine. Published Monthly. 160 pages, fully

Illustrated, is. Vols., half yearly, I. XVI., super-royal Svo, Ss. ftd,

" ' Harper's Magazine ' is so thickly sown with excellent illustrations that to count

them would be a work of time ; not that it is a picture magazine, for the engravings

illustrate the text after the manner seen in some of our choicest Editions deluxe."

St. James's Gazette.

" It is so pretty, so big, and so cheap. . . . An extraordinary shillings-worth

160 large octavo pages, with over a score of articles, and more than three times as

many illustrations." Edinburgh Daily Review.

" An amazing shillingsworth . . . combining choice literature of both nations."


Harper's Young People. Vols. I.-IV., profusely Illustrated
with woodcuts and coloured plates. Royal 4to, extra binding, each
TS. 6d. ; gilt edges, 8.r. Published Weekly, in wrapper, \d. ; Annual
Subscription, post free, 6s. 6J. ; Monthly, in wrapper, with coloured
plate, 6d. ; Annual Subscription, post free, 7^. 6d.

List of Publications. \ 3

Harrison (Mary) Skilful Cook. New edition, crown 8vo, 5*.
Hartshorne (H.) Household Medicine, Surgery, 6-v. 8vo. 2 is.
Hatton (Frank) North Borneo. Map and Illust., &c. iBs.
Hatton (Joseph} Journalistic London : with Engravings and

Portraits of Distinguished Writers of the Day. Fcap. 410, 12s. 6d.


Hawthorne (Nathaniel) Life. By JOHN R. LOWELL.

Heath (Francis George) Fern World With Nature-printed

Coloured Plates. Crown 8vo, gilt edges, 12s. 6d. Cheap Edition, dr.
Heath ( Gertrude'). Tell us Why ? The Customs and Ceremo-

nies of the Church of England explained for Children. Cr. 8vo, 2s. 6J.
Heldmann (B.) Mutiny of the Ship " Leander." Gilt edges,

3J. 6d. ; plainer, 2s. 6d.
Henty. Winning his Spurs. Cr. 8vo, y. 6d. ; plainer, 2s. 6d.

Cornet of Horse. Cr. 8vo, 3-r. 6d. ; plainer, 2s. 6d.

Jack Archer. Illust. 3^. 6d. ; plainer, 2S. 6d.

Henty (Richmond) Australiana : My Early Life. 5*.
Herrick (Robert) Poetry. Preface by AUSTIN DOBSON. With

numerous Illustrations by E. A. ABBEY. 4to, gilt edges, 42^.

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