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Hetley (Airs. E.) Nat ire Flowers of New Zealand. Chromos

from Drawings. Three Parts, to Subscribers, 63^.
Heu'itt (James A.} Church History in South Africa, 1795-1848,

izmo, 5.r.
Hicks (E. S.) Our Boys: How to Enter the Merchant Service. $s.

Yachts, Boats and Canoes. Illustrated. 8vo, IQS. 6d.

Hitchman. Public Life of the Earl of Beaconsfield. y. 6d.
Hoey (Mrs. Cashet) See Low's STANDARD NOVELS.
Hofmann. Scenes from the Life of our Saviour. 1 2 mounted

plates, 12x9 inches, 21 s.
Holder (C. F.) Mangels of Animal Life. Illustrated. 8s. 6d.

Ivory King: Elephant and Allies. Illustrated. Ss. 6d.

Living Lights : Phosphorescent Animals and Vegetables.

Illustrated. 8vo, Ss. 61.
Holmes (O. W.) Before the Curfew, drc. Occasional Poems. $s.

Last Leaf: a Holiday Volume. 42^.

Mortal Antipathy, Ss. 6d. ; also 2S. ; paper, i s.

Our Hundred Days in Europe. 6s. Large Paper, 155.

Poetical Works. 2 vols., i8mo, gilt tops, IO.T. 6d.

Homer, Iliad I.-XII., done into English Verse. By ARTHUR

S. WAY. gj.

Odyssey, done into English Verse. By A. S. WAY.

Fcap 4to, is. (td.

14 Sampson Low, Mars ton, 6 Cofs

Hopkins (Manley) Treatise on the Cardinal timbers. 2S. 6d.
Hore (Mrs.) To Lake Tanganyika in a Bath Chair. Cr. 8vo,

TS. 6af.
Howard (Blanche W.) Tony the Maid ; a Novelette. Illust.,

I2ino, 3-r. 6d.

Howorth (H. H.) Mammoth and the Flood. Svo, i8.y.
Huet (C. B.} Land of Rubens. For Visitors to Belgium. By

VAN DAM. Crown 8vo, y. 6d.
Hugo (F.) Notre Dame. With coloured etchings and 150

engravings. 2 vol-;., 8vo, vellum cloth, 3cu.
Hundred Greatest Men (The). 8 portfolios, 215-. each, or 4 vols.,

half-morocco, gilt edges, 10 guineas. New Ed., I vol., royal Svo, 2U.
Hutchinson (T.} Diary and Letters. Vol. I., i6s. ; Vol. II., 16^.
Hygiene and Public Health. Edited by A. H. BUCK, M.D.

Illustrated. 2 vols., royal Svo, 42^.
Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer. By

BISHOP BICKERSTETH. In various styles and bindings from id. to

3U. 6d. Price List and Prospectus will be forwarded on application.
Hymns and Tunes at St. Thomas', New York. Music by G.

W. FARREX Royal Svo, 5*.

ILLUSTRATED Text-Books of Art-Education. Edited by
* EDWARD J. POYNTER, R.A. Illustrated, and strongly bound, 5-r.
Now ready :


Classic and Italian. By HEAD.
German, Flemish, and Dutch.

French and Spanish.
English and American.

Classic and Early Christian.
Gothic and Renaissance. By T. ROGER SMITH.


Antique : Egyptian and Greek.
Renaissance and Modern. By LEADER SCOTT.
Inderwick (F. A. ; Q.C.) Side Lights on the Stuarts. Essays.

Illustrated, Svo.
Index to the English Catalogue, Jan., 1874, to Dec., 1880.

Royal Svo, half-morocco, iSs.
Inglis (Hon. James; "Maori") Our New Zealand Cousins.

Small post Svo, 6s.
Tent Life in Tiger Land : Twelve Years a Pioneer

Planter. Col. plates, roy. Svo, iSj.

Irving (Henry) Impressions of America. 2 vols., 2 is.; i vol., 6s.
Irving ( Washington). Library Edition of his Works in 27 vols.,

Copyright, with the Author's Latest Revisions. " Geoffrey Crayon"

Edition, large square Svo. izs. 6d. pervoL See also "Little Britain."

List of Publications. 1 5

^AMES (C.) Curiosities of Law and Lawyers. 8vo, 7*. 6d.

Jefferies (Richard} Amaryllis at the Fair. Small 8vo, 75. 6d.
Jerdon (Gertrude} Key-hole Country. Illustrated. Crown 8vo,

cloth, zr.
Johnston (II. H.} River Congo, from its Mouth to Bolobo.

New Edition, 8vo, 2U.
fohnstone (D. Lawsori) Land of tlic Mountain Kingdom.

Illust., crown 8vo.
Jones (Major) Heroes of Industry. Biographies with Portraits,

Js. 6d.

Emigrants' Friend. Guide to the U.S. N.Ed. 25. 6d.

Julien (F.} English Student's French Examiner. i6mo, zs.

Conversational French Reader. i6mo, cloth, 2S. 6d.

French at Home and at School. Book I., Accidence. 2S.

First Lessons in Conversational French Grammar, i ;,

Petites Lemons de Conversation et de Grammaire. 3*.

Phrases of Daily Use. Limp cloth, 6d.

" Petites Lemons " and " Phrases " in one. 3*. 6d.

ISARR (H. W. &/10) Shores and Alps of Alaska. 8vo,

Keats. Endymion. Illust. by W. ST. JOHN HARPER. Imp.

4to, gilt top, 42J.
Kempis (Thomas a} Daily Text-Book. Square i6mo, 2s. 6d.;

interleaved as a Birthday Book, 3.1-. 6</.
Kenfs Commentaries ; an Abridgment for Students of American

Law. By EDEN F. THOMPSON. ior. 6d.
Kerr (W. M.} Far Interior : Cape of Good Hope, across the

Zambesi, to the Lake Regions. Illustrated from Sketches, 2 vols.

8vo, 32j.
Kershaw (S. W.} Protestants from France in tJieir English

Home. Crown 8vo, 6s.
King (Henry} Savage London; Riverside Characters, drc.

Crown Svo, 6s.
Kingston (W. H. G.) Works. Illustrated, i6mo, gilt edges,

3J. 6t/. ; plainer binding, plain edges, is. &/. each.

Captain Mugford, or, Our Salt

and Fresh Water Tutors.
Dick Cheveley.
Heir of Kilfinnan.

Snow-Shoes and Canoes.
Two Supercargoes.
With Axe and RiCe,

1 6 Sampson Low, Marston, & Co.'s

Kings ley (Rose) Children of Westminster Abbey : Studies in

English History. $s.
Knight (E. J.) Cruise of the " Falcon." New Ed. Cr. 8vo,

7-r. 6d.

Knox (Col.} Soy Travellers on the Congo. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7*. 6d.
Kunhardt ( C. .} Small Yachts : Design and Construction. 355.
Steam Yachts and Launches. Illustrated. 4to, 165.

T A MB (Charles) Essays of Elia. Illustrated by C. O.
*-* MURRAY. 6s.

Lanier's Works. Illustrated, crown 8vo, gilt edges, 75. 6d.

Boy's King Arthur.

Boy's Froissart.

Boy's Knightly Legends of Wales.

Boy's Percy : Ballads of Love and
Adventure, selected from the
" Reliques."
Lansddl(H^) Through Siberia. 2 vols., 8vo, 305.; i vol., los. 6d.

Russia in Central Asia. Illustrated. 2 vols., 425.

Through Central Asia ; Russo- Afghan Frontier, &c.

8vo, I2s.

Larden ( W.} School Course on Heat. Second Ed., Illust. 55.
Laurie (Andre) Selene Company, Limited. Crown 8vo, 'js. 6d.
Layard (Mrs. Granville) Through the West Indies* Small

post 8vo, 2s. 6d.
Lea (H. C.}. History of the Inquisition of t/i Middle Ages.

3 vols., 8vo, 42^.
Lemon (M.} Small House over the Water, and Stories. Illust.

by Cruikshank, &c. Crown 8vo, 6s.

Leo X11I. : Life. By BERNARD O'REILLY. With Steel

Portrait from Photograph, &c. Large 8vo, iSs. ; tdit, de luxe, 63.?.

Leonardo da VincVs Literary Works. Edited by Dr. JEAN
PAUL RICHTER. Containing his Writings on Painting, Sculpture,
and Architecture, his Philosophical Maxims, Humorous Writings, and
Miscellaneous Notes on Personal Events, on his Contemporaries, on
Literature, &c. ; published from Manuscripts. 2 vols., imperial 8vo,
containing about 200 Drawings in Autotype Reproductions, and nu-
merous other Illustrations. Twelve Guineas.

Library of Religious Poetry. Best Poems of all Ages. Edited
by SCHAFF and GILMAN. Royal 8vo, 2is. ; cheaper binding, los. 6cl.

Lindsay (W. S.) History of Merchant Shipping. Over 150
Illustrations, Maps, and Charts. In 4 vols., demy 8vo, cloth extra.
Vols. I and 2, us. each ; vols. 3 and 4, 14?. each. 4 vols., 50^.

Little (Archibald J.} Through the Yang-tse Gorges: Trade and
Travel in Western China. New Edition. 8vo, IQS. bd.

List of Publications. 1 7

Little Britain, The Spectre Bridegroom, and Legend of Sleepy

Hollow. By WASHINGTON IRVING. An entirely New Edition de

luxe. Illustrated by 120 very fine Engravings on Wood, by Mr.

J. D. COOPER. Designed by Mr. CHARLES O. MURRAY. Re-issue,

square crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.
Longfellow. Maidenhood. With Coloured Plates. Oblong

410, 2s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 3.?. 6J.
Courtship of Miles Standish. Illust. by BROUGHTON,

&c. Imp. 4to, 2U.
Nuremberg. 28 Photogravures. Ilium, by M. and A.

COMEGYS. 410, 3u. dd.
Lowell (J. fi.} Vision of Sir Launfal. Illustrated, royal 4to, 635.

Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Small post 8vo,

Lonfs Standard Library of Travel and Adventure. Crown 8vo,

uniform in cloth extra, Js. 6d., except where price is given.

1. The Great Lone Land. By Major W. F. BUTLER, C.B.

2. The Wild North Land. By Major W. F. BUTLER, C.B.

3. How I found Livingstone. By H. M. STANLEY.

4. Through the Dark Continent. By H. M. STANLEY. I2J. 6,/.

5. The Threshold of the Unknown Region. By C. R. MARK-

HAM. (4th Edition, with Additional Chapters, I or. 6J.)

6. Cruise of the Challenger. By W. J. J. SPRY, R.N.

7. Burnaby's On Horseback through Asia Minor, los. 6 f.

8. Schweinfurth's Heart of Africa. 2 vols., l$s.

9. Through America. By W. G. MARSHALL.

IO Through Siberia. H. and unabridged, iar.6d. By H. LANSDELL.

11. From Home to Home. By STAVEI EY HlLL,

12. Cruise of the Falcon. By E. J. KNIGHT.

13. Through Masai Land. By JOSEPH THOMSON.

14. To the Central African Lakes. By JOSEPH THOMSON.

15. Queen's Highway. By STUART CUMBERLAND.

Lmv's Standard Novels. Small post 8vo, cloth extra, 6*. each,

unless otherwise stated.
A Daughter of Heth. By W. BLACK.
In Silk Attire. By W. BLACK.
Kilmeny. A Novel. By W. BLACK.
Lady Silverdale's Sweetheart. By W. BLACK.
Sunrise. By W. BLACK.
Three Feathers. By WILLIAM BLACK.
Alice Lorraine. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Christowell, a Dartmoor Tale. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Clara Vaughan. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Cradock Nowell. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Cripps the Carrier. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Erema; or, My Father's Sin. By R. D. BLACKMORK.
Lorna Doone. By R. D. BLACKMORE. 251)1 Edition.
Mary Anerley. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Tommy TJpmore. By R. D. BLACKMORE.

1 8 Sampson Low, Mars ten, 6 Co's

Low's Standard Nereis continued.
Bonaventure. By G. W. CABLE.
An English Squire. By Miss COLERIDGE.
Some One Else. By Mrs. B. M. CROKER.
Under the Stars and Stripes. By E. DE LEON.
Halfway. By Miss BETHAM-EDWARDS.
A Story of the Dragonnades. By Rev. E. GlLLlAT, M.A.
A Laodicean. By THOMAS HARDY.
Far from the Madding Crowd. By THOMAS HARDY.
Mayor of Casterbridge. By THOMAS HARDY.
Pair of Blue Eyes. By THOMAS HARDY.
Beturn of the Native. By THOMAS HARDY.
The Hand of Ethelberta. By THOMAS HARDY.
The Trumpet Maj or. By THOMAS HARDY.
Two on a Tower. By THOMAS HARDY.
Old House at Sandwich. By JOSEPH HATTON.
Three Recruits. By JOSEPH HATTON.
A Golden Sorrow. By Mrs. CASHEL HOEY. New Edition.
A Stern Chase. By Mrs. CASIIEL HOEY.
Out of Court. By Mrs. CASHEL HOEY.
John Jerome. By JEAN INGELOW. $s.
Sarah de Berenger. By JEAN INGELOW.
Adela Cathcart. By GEORGE MAC DONALD.

Stephen Archer. New Ed. of "Gifts." By GEORGE MAC DONALD.
The Vicar's Daughter. By GEORGE MAC DONALD.
"Weighed and Wanting. By GEORGE MAC DONALD.
Diane. By Mrs. MACQUOID.
Elinor Dryden. By Mrs. MACQUOID.
My Lady Greensleeves. By HELEN MATHERS.
Spell of Ashtaroth. By DUFFIKLD OSBORNE. 5J.
Alaric Spenceley. By Mrs. J. H. RIDDELL.
Daisies and Buttercups. By Mrs. J. H. RIDDELL.
The Senior Partner. By Mrs. J. H. RIDDELL.
A Struggle for Fame. By Mrs. J. H. RIDDELL.
Frozen Pirate. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
Jack's Courtship. ByW. CLARK RUSSELL.
John Holdsworth. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
A Sailor's Sweetheart. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
Watcn Below. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
Strange Voyage. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
"Wreck of the Grosvenor. By W. CLARK RUSSELL,
The Lady Maud. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
Little Loo. By \V. CLARK RUSSELL.
Bee-man of Orn. By FRANK R. STOCKTON.
My Wife and I. By Mrs. HARRIET B. STOWR.

List of Publications.

Low's Standard Nwels continued.

The Late Mrs. Null. By FRANK R. STOCKTON.

Hundredth Man. By FRANK R. STOCKTON.

Old Town Folk. By Mrs. HARRIET B. STOWE.

We and our Neighbours. By Mrs. HARRIET B. STOWE.

Poganuc People, their Loves and Lives. By Mrs. STOWE.

TJlu : an African Romance. By JOSEPH THOMSON.

Ben Hur : a Tale of the Christ. By LEW. WALLACE.




French Heiress in her own Chateau.

Low's Series of Standard Books for Boys. With numerous

Illustrations, 2s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 3*. 6d. each.
Dick Cheveley. By W. II. G. KINGSTON.
Heir of Kilfinnan. By \V. H. G. KINGSTON.
Off to the Wilds. By G. MANVILLE FENN.
The Two Supercargoes. By W. II. G. KINGSTON.
The Silver Canon. By G. MANVILLE FENN.
Under the Meteor Flag-. By HARRY COLLINGWOOD.
Jack Archer: a Tale of the Crimea. By G. A. HENTY.
The Mutiny on Board the Ship Leander. By B. HELDMANN.
With Axe and Rifle on the Western Prairies. By W. II. G.

Red Cloud, the Solitary Sioux : a Tale of the Great Prairie.

By Col. Sir WM. BUTLER, K.C.B.

The Voyage of the Aurora. By HARRY COLLINGWOOD.
Charmouth Grange : a Tale of the 17th Century. By J.


Snowshoes and Canoes. By W. H. G. KINGSTON.
The Son of the Constable of France. By Louis ROUSSELET.
Captain Mugford; or, Our Salt and Fresh Water Tutors.

Edited by W. H. G. KINGSTON.
The Cornet of Horse, a Tale of Marlborough's Wars. By


The Adventures of Captain Mago. By LEON CAM UN.
Noble Words and Noble Needs.
The King of the Tigers. By ROUSSELET.
Hans Brinker; or, The Silver Skates. By Mrs. PODGE.
The Drummer-Boy, a Story of the time of Washington. By


Adventures in New Guinea : The Narrative of Louis Tregance.
The Crusoes of Guiana. By BOUSSENARD.

The Gold Seekers. A Sequel to the Above. By BOUSSENARD.
Winning His Spurs, a Tale of the Crusades. By G. A. HENTY.
The Blue Banner. By LEON CAM UN.

L<nt/s Pocket Encyclopedia : a Compendium of General KrivW-
ledge for Ready Reference. Upwards of 25,000 References, with
Plates. New ed., imp. 32mo, cloth, marbled edges, y. &/.; roan, 4*. 6d.

2O Sampson Low, Marston, c^ Co.'s

Low's Handbook to London Charities. Yearly, cloth, i s. 6d. ;
paper, is.

lUTCCORMICK (R.}. Voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic
* "* Seas in Search of Sir John Franklin, &c. With Maps and Lithos.

2 vols., royal 8vo, 52.?. 6d.

Mac Donald (George). See Low's STANDARD NOVELS.
Macdowall (Alex. J5.) Curve Pictures of London for the Social

Reformer, is.

McGoun's Commercial Correspondence. Crown 8vo, 5*.
Macgregor (John} "Rob Roy" on the Baltic. 3rd Edition,

small post 8vo, 2s. 6d. ; cloth, gilt edges, 3*. 6d.

A Thousand Miles in the "Rob Roy" Canoe, nth

Edition, small post 8vo, 2s. 6d. ; cloth, gilt edges, 3^. 6d.

Voyage Alone in the Yawl " Rob Roy." New Edition,

with additions, small post 8vo, $s. ; 3*. 6d. and 2s. 6d.

Mackay (C.) Glossary of Obscure Words in Shakespeare. 2 is.
Mackenzie (Sir Morell) Fatal Illness of Frederick the Noble.

Crown 8vo, limp cloth, 2s. 6d.
Mackenzie (Rev. John) Austral Africa : Losing it or Ruling it ?

Illustrations and Maps. 2 vols., 8vo, 32^.

McLellan's Own Story : The War for the Union. Illust. i8j.
McMurdo (Edward) History of Portugal. Svo, 2 is.
Macquoid(Mrs.\ See Low's STANDARD NOVELS.
Maginn (W.} Miscellanies. Prose and Verse. With Memoir.

2 vols., crown 8vo, 24^.
Main (Mrs.; Mrs. Fred Burnaby) High Life and Towers of

Silence. Illustrated, square Svo, IQJ. 6d.
Manitoba. See BRYCE.
Manning (E. F.) Delightful Thames. Illustrated. 4to, fancy

boards, 5J.
Markka m ( Clements R.) The Fighting Veres, Sir F. and Sir If.

8vo, i8j.

War between Peru and Chili, 1879-1881. Third Ed.

Crown Svo, with Maps, lew. 6d.

See also "Foreign Countries," MAURY, and VERES.

Marshall (W. G.) Through America. New Ed., cr. Svo, 7^. 6//.

Mzrston ( W.} Eminent Recent Actors, Reminiscences Critical,

&c. 2 vols. Crown Svo, 2ls.
Martin (y. W.} Float Fishing and Spinning in the Nottingham

Style. New Edition. Crown Svo, 2s. 6d.

List of Publications. i \

Matthews (J. W., M.D.} Incwadi Yami : Twenty years in

South Africi. With many Engravings, royal 8vo, 14?.
Maury (Commander) Physical Geography of the Sea, and its

Meteorology. New Edition, with Charts and Diagrams, cr. 8vo, 6s.
Life. By his Daughter. Edited by Mr. CLEMENTS R.

MARKHAM. With portrait of Maury. 8vo, I2j. 6/.
Men of Mark: Portraits of the most Eminent Men of the Day.

Complete in 7 Vols., 4to, handsomely bound, gilt edges, 2$s. each.
Mendelssohn Family (The), 1729 1847. From Letters and

Journals. Translated. New Edition, 2 vols., 8vo, 30?.
Mendelssohn. See also " Great Musicians."
Mcrrifield's Nautical Astronomy. Crown 8vo, is. 6d.
Merrylees (J.) Carlsbad and its Environs, "js. 6d. ; roan, gs.
Mil ford (P.} Ned Stafford's Experiences in the United States. 5*.
Mills (J.) Alternative Elementary Chemistry. Illust., cr. Svo.

Alernative Course in Physics.

Mitchell (D. G. ; Ik. Marvel) Works. Uniform Edition,

small Svo, $s. each.

Bound together.
Doctor Johns.
Dream Life.

Reveries of a Bachelor.

Seven Stories, Basement and Attic.

Wet Days at Edgewood.

Out-of-Town Places.

Mitford (Mary Russell) Our Village. With 1 2 full-page and 157

smaller Cuts. Cr. 410, cloth, gilt edges, 21 j. ; cheaper binding, ios.6J.
Moffatt (W.) Land and Work; Depression, Agriailtural and

Commercial. Crown Svo, $s.

Mohammed Benani: A Story of To-day. Svo, los. 6d.
Mollett (J. W.~) Illustrated Dictionary of Words used in Art and

Archaeology. Illustrated, small 4to, 15-r.
Moloney (Governor) Forestry of West Africa. ioj. 6d.
Money (E.) The Truth about America. New Edition. 2S. 6d.
Morlands, The. A Tale of Anglo-Indian Life. By Author of

" Sleepy Sketches." Crown Svo, dr.
Morley (Henry} English Literature in the Reign of Victoria.

aoooth volume of the Tauchnitz Collection of Authors. iSmo, 2s. 6./.
Mormonism. See " Stenhouse."
Morse (E. S.) Japanese Homes and their Surroundings. With

* more than 30x3 Illustrations. Re-issue, icxr. 6J.
Morten (Honnor) Sketches of Hospital Life. Cr. Svo, sewed, is.
Morwood. Our Gipsies in City, Tent, and Van. Svo, 1 8*.
Moxon ( Walter) Pilocereus Senilis. Fcap. Svo, gilt top, y. 6d.
Muller (E.) Noble Words and Noble Deeds. Illustrated, gilt

edges, 3J. &/. ; plainer binding, zr. 6J.

22 Sampson Low, Marston, <Sr Co.'s

Murray (E. C. Grenville) Memoirs, By his widow. 2 vols.
Musgrave (Mrs.) Miriam. Crown 8vo.
Music. See " Great Musicians."

AT APO LEON and Marie Louise: Memoirs. By Madame

* * DURAND. 7J. 6</.

Nethercote (C. J3.) Pytchky Hunt. New Ed., cr. 8vo, 8s. 6d.

New Zealand. See BRADSHAW.

New Zealand Rulers and Statesmen. See GISBORNE.

Nichoils (J. H. Kerry) The King Country : Explorations in
New Zealand. Many Illustrations and Map. New Edition, 8vo, zis.

Nisbet (flume) Life and Nature Studies. With Etching by
C. O. MURRAY. Crown 8vo, 6s.

Nordhoff (C.) Calif ornia, for Health, Pleasure, and Residence.
New Edition, 8vo, with Maps and Illustrations, \2s. 6d.

Norman (C. .) Corsairs of France. With Portraits. 8vo, i8.y.

Northbrook Gallery. Edited by LORD RONALD GOWER. 36 Per-
manent Photographs. Imperial 4to, 63^.; large paper, 105^.

Nott (Major") Wild Animals Photographed and Described. 35^.

Nursery Playmates (Prince of ). 217 Coloured Pictures for
Children by eminent Artists. Folio, in coloured boards, 6s.

Nursing Record. Yearly, Ss.; half-yearly, 4?. 6d.; quarterly,
2s. 6d ; weekly, zd.

O'BRIEN (R. .) Fifty Years of Concessions to Ireland.
With a Portrait of T. Drummond. Vol. I., i6j., II., i6s.
Orient Line Guide Book. By W. J. LOFTIE. 55.
Orvis (C. /'!) Fishing with the Fly. Illustrated. 8vo, izs. 6d.
Osborne (Duffield) Spell of Ashtaroth. Crown 8vo, 5^.
Our Little Ones in Heaven. Edited by the Rev. H. ROBBINS.

With Frontispiece after Sir JOSHUA REYNOLDS. New Edition. 5^.
Owen (Douglas) Marine Insurance Notes and Clauses. New
Edition, 14^.

pALLlSER (Mrs.) A History of Lace. New Edition, with

-*- additional cuts and text. 8vo, 2is.

The China Collector's Pocket Companion. With up-
wards of 1000 Illustrations of Marks and Monograms. Small 8vo, 5.?.

Parkin (/.) Antidotal Treatment of Epidemic Cholera. 35. 6d.

Epidemiology in the Animal and Vegetable Kingdom.

Part I., crown 8vo, 3^. 6</.; Part II., 3-r. 6<t.

Volcanic Origin of Epidemics. Popular Edition,

crown 8vo, 2s.

List of Publications. 23

Payne (T. O.) Solomon's Temple and Capitol, Ark of the Flood

and Tabernacle (four sections at 24^.), extra binding, 105^.
Pennell (H. Cholmondeley) Sporting fish of Great Britain

1 5^. ; large paper, 30^.

Modern Improvements in Fishing-tackle. Crown Svo, 2S.

Perelaer (M. T. H.) Ran Away from the Dutch; Borneo, 6-Y.

Illustrated, square Svo, ^s. &/.

Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. Svo, 2is.
Philpot (H. /.) Diabetes Mellitus. Crown Svo, 5^.
Diet System. Tables. I. Diabetes; II. Gout;

III. Dyspepsia; IV. Corpulence. Incases, is. each.
Plunkctt (A\lajor G. T.) Primer of Orthographic Projection.

Elementary Solid Geometry. With Problems and Exercises. 2s. &/.
Poe (E. A.} The Raven, lllustr. by DORE. Imperial folio, 63*.
Poems of the Inner Life. Chiefly Modern. Small Svo, 5*.
Polar Expeditions. See McCoRMiCK.
Porcher (A.) Juvenile French Plays. With Notes and a

Vocabulary. i8mo, is.
Porter (Admiral David Z>.) Naval History of Civil War.

Portraits, Plans, &c. 410, 25*.

Porter (Noah) Elements of Moral Science, los. 6d.
Portraits of Celebrated Race-horses of the Past and Present

Centuries, with Pedigrees and Performances. 4 vols., 410, 126*.
Poii'les (L. D.) Land of the Pink Pearl: Life in the Bahamas.

8vo, KM. &/.

Poynter (Edward /, R.A.). See " Illustrated Text-books."
Pritt (T. E.) North Country Flies. Illustrated from the

Author's Drawings, icxr. 6d.
Publishers' Circular (The), and General Record of British and

Foreign Literature. Published on the 1st and isth of every Month, 3</.
Pyle (Howara) Otto of the Silver Hand. Illustrated by the

Author. Svo, Ss. 6d.

J3AMBA UD. History of Russia. New Edition, Illustrated.

** 3 vols., Svo, 2U.

Reber. History of Medieval Art. Translated by CLARKE.

422 Illustrations and Glossary. Svo,

Redford(G.} Ancient Sculpture. New Ed. Crown Svo, 10*. 6<t.
Reed (Sir E. /., M.P.) and Simpson. Modern Ships of War.

Illust., royal Svo, lew. 6J.
Richards ( W.) Aluminium : its History, Occurrence, &c.

Illustrated, crown Svo, 12s. C</.

24 Sampson Low, Mars ton, 6 Co.'s

Richter (Dr. Jean Paul) Italian Art in the National Gallery.

4to. Illustrated. Cloth gilt, 2 zs.; half-morocco, uncut, 2 12s. 6J.


Riddell (Mrs. J. Jf.) See Low's STANDARD NOVELS.
Robertson (Anne J.) Myself and my Relatives. New Edition,

crown 8vo, $s.
Robin Hood; Merry Adventures of. Written and illustrated

by HOWARD PYLE. Imperial 8vo, 1 5^.
Robinson (Phil.} In my Indian Garden. New Edition, i6mo,

limp cloth, 2s.

Noah's Ark. Unnatural History. Sm. post 8vo, \zs. 6d.

Sinners and Saints : a Tour across the United States of

America, and Round them. Crown 8vo, IGJ. 6d.

Under the Punkah. New Ed., cr. 8vo, limp cloth, zs.

Rocksiro (W. S.) History of Music. New Edition. 8vo, 145.

Roland, The Story of. Crown 8vo, illustrated, 6s.

Rolfe (Eustace Neinlle) Pompeii, Popular and Practical. Cr.

8vo, TS. 6d.

Rome and the Environs. With plan*, T,S.
Rose (y.) Complete Practical Machinist. New Ed. , 1 2mo, i zs. 6d.

Key to Engines and Engine-running. Crown 8vo, 8,y. 6d.

Mechanical Drawing. Illustrated, small 4to, i6s.

Modern Steam Engines. Illustrated. 31$. 6d.

Steam Boilers. Boiler Construction and Examination.

Illust., 8vo, i2s. 6d.
Rose Library. Each volume, is. Many are illustrated

Little Women. By LOUISA. M. ALCOTT.

Little "Women Wedded. Forming a Sequel to " Little Women.

Little Women and Little Women Wedded, i vol., cloth g\\t,$s.6d.

Little Men. By L. M. ALCOTT. Double vol., zs. ; cloth gilt, %s. 6d.

An Old-Fashioned Girl. By LOUISA M. ALCOTT. zs.\ cloth,
3J. 6d.

Work. A Story of Experience. By L. M. ALCOTT. 3^. (>d. ; 2 vols.,
is. each.

Stowe (Mrs. H. B.) The Pearl of Orr's Island.

The Minister's Wooing 1 .

We and our Neighbours, zs. ; cloth gilt, 6s.

My Wife and I. zs.

Hans Brinker ; or, the Silver Skates. By Mrs. DODGE. Also5J.

My Study Windows. By J. R. LOWELL.

The Guardian Ang-el. By OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES.

My Summer in a Garden. By C. D. WARNER.

Dred. By Mrs. BEECHER STOWE. zs.; cloth gilt, 3-r. 6d.

City Ballads. New Ed. i6mo. By WILL CARLETON.

List of Publications. 25

Rose Library (The) continued.

Farm Ballads. By WILL CARLETON. }

Farm Festivals. By WILL CARLETON. > i vol., cl., gilt ed., 3^. 6V*'.

Farm Legends. By WILL CARLETON. j

The Rose in Bloom. By L. M. ALCOTT. zs. ; cloth gilt, 3*. 6V/.

Eight Cousins. By L. M. ALCOTT. zs. ; cloth gilt, 3*. 6V/.

Under the Lilacs. By L. M. ALCOTT. zs. ; also 3*. 6V/.

Undiscovered Country. By W. D. How ELLS.

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