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EEV. W. D. S W E E T I N Ct. M.A

Photographs by William Ball, Broad Street, Peterborough.



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The title of this book sufficient!}^ indicates its pur-
pose and contents. No pretension is here made to a
complete local history. A few materials have been
collected from various sources, and so arranged as to
form rather sketches of the several churches and parishes,
than exhaustive accounts of them. * The time at the
disposal of the writer has been sufficient only to gather
some discursive notes, and to place them in some sort of
order, and is quite inadequate to the task of making
historical collections even for a few parishes. The dejS-
ciencies therefore in the work will, it is hoped, be set
down to the modest nature of the task proposed, and not
to a clumsy attempt at a more ambitious scheme.

The extracts from registers, churchwardens' books,
and other documents, are given verbatim : but the dates,
for greater simplicity, have been put according to one
uniform plan at the commencement of the extract, and
must not be considered part of the quotation. The


inscriptions on bells are not numbered according- to the
recognised rule in works on campanology, and the num-
bers have no reference to the note of the bell.

The best thanks of the author are due to all those
o'entlemen who have assisted him in the collection of
these notes, many of whom, wholly unsolicited by him,
have supplied interesting- matter of which he has gladly
and most gratefully availed himself. More especially
does he owe them to the clergy and churchwardens to
whom he has applied, for the kind and ready permission
always granted to inspect the documents in their keep-
ing : to Mr. F. A. Paley, for allowing him the free use
of his Notes on the Parish Churches in this neighbour-
hood, the great advantage that has been taken of this
permission being itself the best proof of the value
attached to it : and to Mr. J. Cattel, for much kind
interest and encouragement during the progress of the
work, as well as for the solution of many difficulties, and
for important information on the antiquities of the
district, which no one is better able to impart.

King's School, Peterborough,
May, 1868.




This retired villag-e is situated about four miles from
Peterboroug-h. It is ver}^ small and compact ; in 1791
it had but 15 houses ; and the population, which in 1800
was 109, is now 172. Till the 18th cent, the name was
spelt Marham ; in a few instances it was written
Marholme ; and once Marreham. It was among-
the possessions of the abbey, and is so mentioned in a
bull of pope Eug-enius III. in 1145. The Advowson
has always been in the lord of the manor, and has
consequently passed throug-h the families of Waterville,
Thorp and Wyttilbury, of whom it was boug-ht by the
present possessors, the Fitzwilliam family, in 1503.

The Church is dedicated to S. Mary. It is called in
old wills Marham Sanctee Marite Yirg'inis. Bridg-es
says it is probably dedicated to S. Guthlac ; but he was
misled by a chantry in the church dedicated to that saint.
Market Deeping-, Line, and Astwick, Bedf, have
churches dedicated to this saint, of whom some account
will be found in the notes on Crowland abbey. In
the taxation of pope Nicholas IV. the rectory was
valued at Si. In the king-'s books, 15-35, it is put at
9/. 2s. 2d. after deducting- 10s. Id. for procurations and
synodals f the tenths were 18s. 2^d, The two chantries
at the same time were valued at 14/. and 4/. 135. 4td.
Adam Potts and Bernard Bradyll were the priests. Of
these the former was founded by sir Wm. Fitzwilliam
for one priest and four old men, who each had 535. 4^.
These, with the priest's stipend, would make the whole
foundation worth 17/. 13^. 4r/. This, or part of it, was
g-ranted in 1579 by queen Elizabeth to Walter Fish, of
London, who in 1580 founded 5 divinity scholarships at
S. John's, Oxford. The latter was founded by sir Wm.

* Procurations were due when the archdeacon visited the church ; synodals, when he
summoned the clergy and churchwardens to a synod.



Thorpe in the 14th cent. Its value at the suppression
was 5/. 9s. and Rog-er Aspden, then priest of it, reported
as ^ meanly learned/ was allowed a pension for his life of
4/. 175. 6d.

The Register begins in 1566, the first 33 years
having- been copied from an older book, now lost. This
was done by Wm. Hilles, each pag-e being* attested by
his signature, and by the marks, without names, of his
churchwardens. It commences in the middle of the
book, and is continued at the beginning-. The following
is its heading :

The Eeg"^ booke belonging to the pish of Marham wherin is recorded the
names of all such as have been maried baptized and buried sence the yeare of
our lord god one thousand five hundreth threescore and five before the •w

Online LibraryWalter Debenham SweetingHistorical and architectural notes on the parish churches in and around Peterborough → online text (page 1 of 24)