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said to be contemplating a work on scouting,
which would no doubt be a highly useful text-
book for the British Army.

DE WET, HON. M. J., M.C.L., is member
of the Cape Legislative Council for the Eastern

of the Second Raad for Barberton ; took part
with the Boer forces in the late S.A. War, \vu-<
captured at Elandslaagte, and sent to St.
Helena. On his return to the Transvaal, he
took the oath in the Supreme Court, Pretoria, as
sworn translator in several languages.

A.R.I.B.A., of Bertramstown, Johannesburg,
and of the Rand, Athenaeum (Johannesburg),
and Imperial Service Clubs, was born in London.
He is son of the late Rev. Geo. Dickson, M.A.,
Vicar of St. James the Less, Westminster, iuul
grandson of the late Sir David James Hamilton
Dickson, R.N., and of Sir Henry Hunt, C.B., of


H.M. Office of Works. He was educated at
Haileybury, subsequently becoming a pupil of the
late Geo. Edmund Street, R.A., Architect to
the new Law Courts, Strand, and on his death
he transferred his articles to the late Sir Arthur
Blomfield, A.R.A. He went to S.A. a few
years later, and has since practised in Johannes-
burg and Pretoria. Mr. Dickson is an Associate
of the Royal Institute of British Architects ;
Vice-Pres. of the Transvaal Association of
Architects ; member of the S.A. Association of
Engineers ; Diocesan Surveyor of Pretoria, and
is also on the Committee of the Rand Club. He
was at one time in the 1st Derbyshire Militia,
but resigned his commission in 1890, on deciding
to settle in S.A. On the outbreak of the S.A.
War he was appointed Capt. in Bethune's M.I.,
and commanded " C " Squadron in the field
throughout the war, with the exception of a
short period from Doc. 1900 to May 1901,
when he was invalided home. For some
time he acted as second in command of
his regiment (Queen's and King's medals and
eight clasps).

Mr. Dickson has for years been an enthusias-
tic polo player. He popularized the game in
Pretoria, and was for some time Capt. of the
Rand Polo Club, for which he still plays.


Zeerust, District Marico, Transvaal, is son of the
late eminent surgeon, Andreas Friedrich Die-
trich, and was born at Altona, Germany, May
18, 1860. He emigrated to S.A. in Oct.
1883, where he has since resided. Although
a burgher of the late S.A.R., he ren-
dered excellent services to the British
military authorities on their occupying the
town of Zeerust, and also took a prominent part
in the defence of the town, he having been placed
in command of the Zeerust Town Guard by the
British. At the conclusion the war in 1902, he
was appointed J.P. and a member of the Health
board for the town of Zeerust. Recently he has
been entrusted with the charge of the Govt.
Meteorological Station at Zeerust. In 1 892
he married the widow of the late August Griete,
of Matabeleland fame, and after her death he
married Anne, eldest dau. of the late Advocate
Peter Johannsen, of Altona, Germany.

DODD, THOMAS R. , was arrested early in 1 899
for having organized a public meeting for the
purpose of presenting a petition to the British
Vice-Consul on the subject of the murder of
Edgar, by a Boer policeman.

was born at Witney, Oxon, in 1852, and went
with his parents to Uitenhage six years later.
He was for many years a member of the Uiten-
hage Divisional and Town Councils. He was
elected to the Cape Legislative Council in 1891,
as member for the S.E. Province, and in his
first season carried a resolution recommending
the imposition of a royalty on diamonds. He
still retains his seat in the Council.

Johannesburg and Delagoa Bay, and of the
Rand and New Clubs (Johan?. '""-), is the son
of a London Banker, and was ; in London,
Feb. 28, 1863. He was educated at Edinburgh,
went to S.A. when quite young, and was
well-known as one of the old hands at Pilgrim's
Rest and Lydenburg. He is now a member of
the firm of Donaldson & Sivewright of
Delagoa Bay and Johannesburg, and is interested
in several commercial undertakings. In 1896,
he was tried for high treason against the
S.A.R. as one of the Reform Committee,
and was mulcted in the generally imposed fine
of 2,000. At the outbreak of the Boer War
he joined the 1st Regt. of I.L.H. as
Capt. and Qr. -Master, and it was largely
owing to his efforts and business aptitude
that the regiment was equipped sufficiently
quickly to enable it to take part in the action
of Elandslaagte. He was amongst the be-
sieged in Ladysmith, and took part in the
relief of Mafeking, after which he was appointed
to the command of " A " Squadron I.L.H. He
was twice mentioned in despatches, and Ms
services were recognized by the D.S.O. He
was severely wounded near Klerksdorp, and
declared unfit for further active service. He
obtained his majority just before the disband-
ment of the corps and he was subsequently
given the command of the right wing of the
Volunteer Regiment of the I.L.H. lately formed
in Johannesburg. Col. Donaldson was a
member of the Native Labour Commission lately
sitting in Johannesburg. He is a keen sports-
man ; has imported some good racing stock, and
just before the war he won the Johannesburg
Handicap. He married, Aug. 5, 1903, Miss N.
Newton, of New Zealand.

Johannesburg (where he is popularly known as
"Ken"), was bom in London, Aug. 27, 1864.
He is the younger brother of Lieut.-Col. James
Donaldson, D.S.O. (q.v.), and saw active



service in the Sudan, 1884-5, during which
time he acted as War Correspondent and Artist
for the late " Pictorial World." He was subse-
quently decorated with the Egyptian medal,
Suakin clasp, and bronze star. He went to
S.A. in 1889, and was well known in Bar-
berton and district till 1893. Early in 1894
he arrived in Johannesburg and in conjunction
with his present partner, Mr. S. W. R. Hill,
originated, and successfully developed,
Donaldson & Hill's South African Directories.
On the day of the great dynamite explosion in
Johannesburg (Feb. 19, 1896) he married Miss
Violet Helen Brereton, a grand-daughter of the
late Canon Brereton, of Bedford, England, by
whom he has one son.

DOUGLASS, HON. ARTHUR, of Heatherton
Towers, Grahamstown, C.C., and of the
Civil Service (C.T.) and Rand Clubs, was born
at Market ,Harborough, Leicestershire, Jan.,
1843 ; is 5th son of L. Douglass, Solicitor,
Market Harborough ; was educated at the Leices-
ter Collegiate Sch., and served as a midshipman
in the Royal Navy. He went to the Cape as a
land surveyor in 1864, and started farming and
the domestication of ostriches. He was Capt.
of the " Rovers " in the Kafir war of 1878, when
he was present at the Peri Bush engagement ;
in the Morosi campaign of 1879 was Capt. in the
1st Cape Yeomanry Regt., and served in the
Boer War as Major and O.C. the Albany
Mounted Troops. He entered the Cape Assembly
as member for Grahamstown, at the general
election in 1884, and represented that constitu-
ency with slight intermission from that time
until, in Feb. 1904, the Progressives rejected
him at the general election. Failing there he
put up unsuccessfully for Woodstock. He went
out of the Govt. with Sir Gordon Sprigg's
resignation following the result of the elections.
He is a Moderate in politics ; was associated with
the Anti-Suspensionist party ; and joined Sir
Gordon Sprigg's Cabinet as Minister for Railways
arid Commissioner of Public Works. During Sir
Gordon's absence in England, in the summer of
1902, he acted as Premier of the Colony, and later
in the year (Sept.) made a violent attack upon
the High Commissioner for making unreasonable
demands upon the Govt. railways.

He has published a work entitled " Ostrich
Farming in South Africa." Mr. Douglas
married in 1867, Martha Emily, 2nd daughter of
Joseph Perkins, of Laughton, Leicestershire.


Hougton Estate, Johannesburg, and of the
Rand, New and Athenaeum Clubs, Johannes-
burg, was born at Carnpo Seco, California, Feb.
4, 1858, his father being a Calif ornian mining
man whose ancestors migrated from Devonshire
to America early in the 19th century, while his
mother belonged to an old family of New
Brunswick, British North America. Mr. F. W.
Drake was educated at public schools at San
Francisco, afterwards studying privately. At
the age of 17, he made his first acquaintance with
mines in the U.S.A., where he remained until
1883, when he left for Australia. In that year
he put up the first silver-lead smelting water-
jacketed furnace in Australia, which was the
pioneer of many others. Returning to S.A., he
became in 1896 Consulting Mining Engineer to
the Compagnie Fran9aise de Mines d'Or et de
1'Afrique du Sud, and is at present the principal
manager of that Company's affairs in S.A. He
is also a Director of the Rand Mines, Ltd., the
East Rand Proprietary Mines, and other leading
Witwatersrand Cos. He is also on the Execu-
tive Committee of the Chamber of Mines

He married, in 1888, Miss Agnes Matilda
Mackey, of Bendigo, Victoria.

DREW, REV. DEWDNEY, W. First became
famous in Johannesburg for his rabid attacks
on Mr. Krtiger's regime. Latterly he became the
champion and apologist of the Cape Colonial
rebels. In 1902 he joined the staff of the " South
African News." Ed. " The Friend," 1904.

DUGMORE, G. E., M.L.A., sits in the Cape
House of Assembly in the Progressive interest as
the representative of the electoral division
of Wodehouse.

Johannesburg, acted for four years as Inspector of
Mines' Sanitation under the Kriiger rigime,
a post which he subsequently resumed (1902)
under the British administration. He married
Maria Louisa, dau. of J. H. Smith, of Melville
Park, Lower Albany, S.A.

DUNCAN, PATRICK, of Pretoria, Transvaal,
was born in Banffshire, Scotland, and was edu-
cated at Edinburgh University and Baliol Coll.,
Oxon. He occupies the position of Colonial
Treasurer of the Transvaal, and for the time
being fills the post of Treasurer-Gen.




the Counties of Renfrew and Suffolk, of 3,
Phillimore Gardens, ^Kensington, W. ; the Re-
treat, Lakenheath, Suffolk ; and of the Reform,
City and City Liberal Clubs ; is the son of John
Dunn and Isabella Chalmers, was born at
Paisley, 1833, where he was educated at a private
school. Sir William is a senior partner in the
banking and mercantile firms of William Dunn
& Co., Broad Street Avenue, E.G. ; Mackie,
Dunn & Co., Port Elizabeth ; W. Dunn & Co.,
Durban ; Dunn & Co., East London, and was
formerly Consul for the O.F.S. He is a
Director of the Royal Exchange Assurance and
Union Discount Cos. He is the first baronet,
created 1895. Sir William has been M.P. for
Paisley since 1891, and is a Fellow of the Royal
Geographical Society. He married Sarah
Elizabeth, dau. of James Howse, Grahamstown,

28, Victoria St., S.W., and of the Junior United
Service Club ; son of the late Jas. Dunne of
Dublin, was born Feb. 10, 1853 ; was educated
at Queen's Univ., Ireland ; joined the Army
in 1873, and has seen active service in the
Kafir War of 1877-8 ; the Zulu War (being
present at Rorke's Drift and Ulundi) ; the Seku-
kuni Expedition of 1880 (despatches), the Boer
War 1S80-1 (siege of Potchefstroom ; des-
patches) ; the Egyptian Campaign, 1882,
(present at Tel-el-Kebir) ; and the Suakin Ex-
pedition, 1885. Col. Dunne has been Asst.
Q.M.G-. at Army Headquarters since Jan. 1900,
and represents the War Office on the Army
Med. Advisory Board. He married, July 23,
1885, Winifred, dau. of the late John Bird,
C.M.G., Treasurer of Natal.

DUNTON, HENRY, son of the late Rev. C.
Dunton, of Bedford, England, who proceeded
to S.A. when quite young, is a member
of the firm of Dunton Bros., wholesale mer-
chants, having branches in many parts of S.A.
For many years, until the beginning of the late
war, was the managing partner in Johannes-
burg, where there was a large wholesale branch of
the firm. He was married in 1901 to a daughter
of the late Capt. Gayer, R.N. ; for the last few
years has spent his time between S.A. and

represents the constituency of Albert in the Cape
Legislative Assembly ; is a good speaker, and
takes a special interest in coal. He was last

elected in Feb. 1904, and is a member of the
S.A. party.

born at Rustenburg in 1845, and is a near
relative of ex-Pres. Kriiger. He was said to
enjoy a native war, and in 1891 was prevailed
upon to stand for his native town in the Second
Volksraad. He is a member of the Gerefor-
meerde Church.

member of the Cape Legislative Assembly for
Middelburg, for which division he was last
returned unopposed in 1904. He belongs to
the S.A. party.

DU PLESSIS, REVD. H., formerly Minister
of the Dutch Reformed Church at Lindley,
O.R.C., was always opposed to the war which
broke out in 1899. He became chaplain of the
Refugee Camp at Kronstad, and earned the
gratitude of both sides by his impartial care of
the sick and wounded at Lindley. His strong
British sympathies led to a boycott which re-
sulted in his resigning his ministry, and he was
then appointed Inspector of Schools in the
Transvaal under the British Adminstration

born at Gorstland Kloof, Cradock, C.C.,
where he still resides and farms. He served
as a burgher in the Kafir War of 1852 ; served
as Capt. of the Cradock burghers in the Kafir
War of 1878, and in the Basuto War of 1880.
He has acted as Asst. -Field-Cornet since 1873,
and has been a member of the Cradock Divi-
sional Council since 1878. He was made a J.P.
in 1885. He has also served as member of the
School Committee at Cradock ; Deacon of the
D.R. Church, of which he is now an Elder ;
member of the Licensing Court, and of the
Land Commission. He was elected to the
Cape House of Assembly in 1887, re-elected for
Cradock at the head of the poll in 1888, and
again in 1894.

is member of the Cape Legislative Assembly for
the Province of Cradock, and was last re-elected
in 1904. He belongs to the S.A. party.

DU TOIT, HON. J. F., M.L.C., is member of
the Cape Legislative Council for the Midland



DU TOIT, P. J., M.L.A., was originally a
schoolmaster ; subsequently a storekeeper ;
member of the Cape Legislative Assembly for
Richmond, and Pres. of the Afrikander Bond.
He was a member of the Jameson Raid Com-
mittee, but no longer represents Richmond in
the House.

DYER, BERTRAM L., was born May 20, 1868,
at Dumbleton, Gloucestershire. He is son of
Samuel and Elizabeth Dyer ; was educated at
home and at King's Coll., London. He
entered the War Office as clerk, but became
assistant librarian, Toynbee Hall and Kensing-
ton, and was appointed Librarian of Kimberley,
1900. He was founder and first editor of " The
Library Assistant " ; has read papers before
the Library Association, S.A. Science
Association, etc., and has also published " The
Public Library Systems of Great Britain, Amer-
ica and South Africa," etc., etc. He married
Sept. 20, 1901, Alice Cornish (du Lally) Wat-
kins, of Kensington.

ECKSTEIN, FRIEDRICH, of 18, Park Lane,
London, W., and of 1, London Wall Buildings,
E.G., was born in Germany in 1857, and was
educated at Stuttgart. He is brother of the
late Hermann Eckstein, founder of the great
Johannesburg house of H. Eckstein & Co.,
and has always taken a leading part in matters
affecting the main industry of the Transvaal.
Since Mr. Lionel Phillips came to England to
join the firm of Wernher, Beit & Co., Mr. F.
Eckstein was the virtual head of the Johannes-
burg community. In 1902, however, he was
himself taken into partnership with that firm.
He is Johannesburg Chairman of the Rand
Mines, Ltd., a Director in Johannesburg of the
Village M.R. Co., and on the London Com-
mittee of the South Knights, Ltd. He married,
April 1890, in Johannesburg, Miss Catherine

Wedderlie, Queen's Road, Richmond, Surrey,
and of the Royal Societies and Richmond Clubs,
is the elder son of John Edgar, of Richmond
Hill ; was born in 1857 and was educated at the
Owens Coll., in Manchester, and has taken a
Mus. Bac. (Lond. Univ.) and B.Sc. (Victoria
Univ., Manchester), and is a member of the
Standing Committee of Convocation. He is an
original and still an active Director of the Niger
Co., Ltd., and a Director of the Anglo- African
Bank. In 1898-9 he was Mayor of Richmond,

and has closely identified himself with County
and Municipal work, among his public positions
being that of Member of the Surrey County
Council and the Surrey Education Committee.
He is Chairman of the Richmond Public Library
Committee, Hon. Treasurer of the Musical
Association, Member of Council of the Union of
Graduates in Music, and Pres. of the Richmond
Philharmonic Soc. His recreations are music
and travel. He married, in 1883, MissFowden.

Knt. Bachelor, J.P., LL.D., Deputy- Lieut. ; of
Sandye Place, Sandy, Beds., and of the Reform,
Bedford County and Eighty Clubs, was born
at Fordington, Dorset, March 13, 1851, and is
the representative of the Lamerton branch of
the Edgcumbes of Edgcumbe, near Tavistock,
Devon, of whom the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' s
family is another branch. He was educated
at Cambridge Univ. |( Queen's Prizeman,
S. Kensington, 1868) ; obtained a studentship
at the Royal Academy in 1874, and was called
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1877. Sir Robert
was appointed official examiner to the High
Court in 1883 ; contested S. Dorset in 1891 and
1892, and was again a parliamentary candidate,
this time for Hereford city, in 1 895. He became
High Sheriff of Cornwall in 1896. He has
travelled considerably, and has published
" Zephyrus, a Holiday in Brazil and the River
Plate" (1887), " Bastiat's Economic Fallacies"
(last edition. 1888), " Popular Fallacies regard-
ing Bimetallism" (1896), "Parentage and
Kinsfolk of Sir Joshua Reynolds" (1901), and
numerous magazine articles. In England he
was the pioneer of the small holdings movement,
creating many in Dorsetshire in 1888 (see Rider
Haggard's "Rural England"). Sir Robert
finds time to attend to many business interests
in London, being a director of the N.W. Uru-
guay Railway, the Nyassa Co., Balkis Land
Co., South Rhodesia Goldfields and the Kanya
Co. His recreations are boating, cycling and
travel. He married : first, in 1884, Clara Jane
Constance Conybeare, who died Sept. 22, 1888 ;
and second, Aug. 6, 1891, Frances, dau. of
Admiral F. A. C. Foley.

EDWARDS, E. J., of Johannesburg, Trans-
vaal, began a busy life of journalism and n
paper control on the staff of the " Birmingham
Daily Mail " and the " Daily Times," pro-
ceeding to Cape Town in 1888 as sub-editor
of the " Cape Argus." In the following
the Argus Co. acquired the Johannesburg

4 6


" Star," and Mr. Edwards was then trans-
ferred to the Golden City as editor pro tern.
of that important paper. In 1891 he returned
to Cape Town to join the staff of the " Cape
Times," frequently acting as editor-in-charge,
and eventually becoming managing editor.
During his association with that journal he
represented it as special correspondent at the
conferences between the Governors of the
C.C. and the Pres. of the S.A.B. and O.F.S. In
1902 Mr. Edwards negotiated, on behalf of the
proprietors of the " Cape Times," the purchase
of the Johannesburg " Transvaal Leader," of
which he is now Managing Director, being also
Resident Director of the " Cape Times, Ltd.,"
in the Transvaal Colony.

M.D., F.R.C.I., of Florida Road, Durban, Natal,
is the second son of the Hon. W. E. A. Edwards,
M.D., C.M.G., Member of the Executive and
Legislative Councils of Mauritius, and grandson
of the late Hon. A. Edwards, Mayor of Port
Louis, and Member of the Legislative Council
of Mauritius, and great-grandson of Brig. -Gen.
W. T. Edwards, who was killed in 1826, at
the siege of Bhurtpore, India, He was born
Nov. 14, 1871, in Maurithis, and was educated
at the Royal Coll., Mauritius, and was a student
at the Univ. of Paris, and at the Royal Colls, of
Physicians and Surgeons, London, graduating
M.D., B.A., B.Sc. (Univ. of Paris), M.R.C.S.
Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. He is the author of
several well known works on Sociology, Philo-
sophy and Medicine amongst which is the noted
thesis on the " Acute Paralysis of the Spinal
Cord in Adults," published in 1898 by G. Carri
and C. Maud, edit. Paris. He has held several
appointments as House Surgeon, House Physi-
cian and House Accoucheur in Hospitals in
Paris. He has studied Bacteriology at the
Pasteur Institute in Paris, and at King's Coll.,
Lond. At present he is a general practitioner
in Durban, Natal. He married, Sept. 8, 1898,
Marie Vincente Costar, of Paris.

EGLINGTON, WILLIAM, of Gwanda, Sidcup,
Kent, and of the S.A. (London) and
Colonial Clubs, is the son of Henry Eglington,
newspaper proprietor. Educated privately, he
read for the Bar, but subsequently forsook the
law for journalism. Was editor-proprietor
of the " New Age " and other well-known pub-
lications ; he resuscitated " TheTatler" in 1887,
and in 1892 founded the "British and Soiith
African Export Gazette," of which he is editor

and proprietor, and which is one of the leading
and most successful commercial journals pub-
lished. He has also been a prolific contributor
to the magazines and daily papers on S.A.
affairs, and is the author of a number of
books which have been widely read. These
include " The Sportsman in South Africa." He
has travelled widely and has shot practically
everything there is to shoot in S.A. His
collection of trophies is most complete, and
numbers outwards of fifty-two varieties of
antelopes, including every S.A species.
He was the vice-chairman of the Anglo-African
Writer's Club in 1895 and chairman in 1896.
His recreations are shooting, golf, cycling,
yachting. He married, on April 28, 1887, Lile,
only daughter of Edward Chambers Connolly,
of Clifton.

Sharpshooters (Landwehr), Knt. Commander
of the Mecklenburg Order of the Falcon, Turkish
Order of the Medjidie, Red Cross Medal
(Prussia), Long Service Order ; of Adolphstrasse
45, Hamburg ; of the Harmonie Club, Hamburg,
and the German Club, Lourengo Marques, was
born in Hamburg Nov. 24, 1860, He is son of
Senator F. F. Eiffe, of that city by his wife
Susan, nee Godeffroy, of London ; was educated
in Hamburg, and after being for a few years with
a banking and import firm, served his year with
the 14th Battn. at Schwerin (Mecklenburg)
1882-3. After several years in various offices
in England and Germany he started at Ham-
burg a business on his own account in 1887 ;
opened business relations with S.A. three years
later, becoming a partner in the firm of Seemann
& Eiffe, of Hamburg and Delagoa Bay, to
whch latter place he went in 1895 and bought
the so-called Catembe Concession in Delagoa
Bay, eventually taking over the whole business
himself, and continuing it from 1896 under the
name of F. F. Eiffe & Co. He is on the Board
of the Central African Lakes Co., the S.W.
African Schaferei Gesellschaft, the Deutsches
Schauspielhaus Co., the " Hamburgher Nach-
richten " Journal, and on the Committees of
the German Red Cross Society, the German
Colonial Society, etc. He is hon. life member
of the Thames Rowing Club, a life member of
the S. London Harriers, and held for many years
the German running records for several distances,
notably the mile. His recreations now are
yachting, riding and driving. He married,
May 7, 1892, Miss Mariquita Oetling, of



EISSLER, M., A.I.M.E., M.I.M.M., is the
author of many standard works of reference on
gold and its metallurgy, including " The Cyanide
Process for the Extraction of Gold and its Prac-
tical Application on the Witwatersrand Gold-
fields and elsewhere," and " The Metallurgy of

K.C.M.G. (1900), C.B. (1898), M.A., of Govern-

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