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ment House, Mombasa ; the British Agency,
Zanzibar ; 2, Clarges St., London, and of the
St. James' Club ; son of the late Rev. Ed. Eliot,
formerly Vicar of Norton Bavant ; was born in
1864; was educated at Cheltenham Coll.,
Scholar of Baliol Coll., Oxon, and Fellow of
Trinity Coll., Oxon. He entered the diplo-
matic service as an attache in Oct., 1886. He
was Third Secy, at St. Petersburg, Second Secy.
at Constantinople and Washington, Charge
d' Affaires in Morocco, 1892-3, Bulgaria in 1895,
and Servia in 1897. Sir Charles was British
High Commissioner in Samoa in 1899, and
received his present appointment as H.M.
Commissioner, Commander-in-Chief and Consul-
Gen, for the British East African Protectorate,
and H.M. Agent and Consul-Gen, at Zanzibar,
Oct. 27, 1900.

S.A., and of the East London and Pamnure
Clubs (S.A.), was born at Stoke, near Wareham,
Dorsetshire, in 1860. He is second son of the
Rev. H. G. T. Elton, youngest son of Sir Chas.
Elton, Bart., of Clevedon, Somersetshire, and
was educated at St. Edward's Sch., Oxford.

He sat as Town Councillor, East London, from
1896 to 1899, and is Chairman of the Seamen's
Institute (E. London), a branch of the " Mission
to Seamen " of London. He married Feb. 7,
1887, Ada Constance, dau. of J. H. Webb,
J.P., late of the Crown Lands Dept., Cape

ENGLISH, ROBERT, of Scatwell, Ross-shire,
resided for many years at Kirnberley, where he
was prominently connected with the De Beers
Consolidated Mines. He is also largely inter-
ested in Transvaal and Rhodesian gold-mining

EPLER, ADOLPHE, Knight of the Imperial
and Royal Austrian Franz Joseph's Order, of
Johannesburg, and of the Rand and New Clubs,
is the son of a well-known Austrian Govt.

Official who at one time was Chief Inspector of
the Northern Railway System of Austria, and
an Imperial Austrian Councillor. Educated in
Vienna, he commenced business in that city in
1875, and remained there until 1889, when he
left for S.A. and proceeded to Johannes-
burg, remaining there during the whole time of
the war. In conjunction with A. Brakhan
and E. Boucher, he formed the Official Police
for the Protection of the Mines, holding the
rank of Capt. In May, 1901, he was ap-
pointed by Lord Milner as a Town Councillor for
Johannesburg, he having the unique distinction
of being at the tune the only non-British subject
on the Council. As a representative of Austro-
Hungarian capital he is a director of several
gold mining companies. He has been President
of the Austro-Hungarian Benefit and Patriotic
Society in Johannesburg since 1891, and was
decorated by the Emperor of Atistria in 1900.
Since 1897 he has acted continuously on the
Executive Committee of the Transvaal Chamber
of Mines.

ERASMUS, COMMANDANT ; after service with
the Boers in the late S.A. War visited Madagascar
(1902) and Argentina, with a view to finding a
suitable country for the settlement of Boer

Member of the Society of Engineers ; of 77,
Sinclair Road, Kensington, and of the Colonial
Club, was born at Spring Garden, Jamaica,
Oct. 3, 1875, his father having been the late
Hon. Wm. Bancroft Espeut, F.L.S., M.L.C., of
Jamaica, and grandson of Peter Alexander
Espeut, Gustos of Kingston, Jamaica. Mr.
Claude Espeut was educated at St. Paul's
Sch., and the Crystal Palace Engineering Sch.,
and from 1894 to 1900 he was employed on
public works in Jamaica. In 1900-01 he was
engaged in railwaj' construction in Lagos, and
from 1901 he has been employed as district
engineer on the Gold Coast Govt. Railway.
His recreations are cricket, tennis, golf and
cycling. Unmarried.

ESSELEN, EWALD, is of German parentage,
and was born in Cape Colony. He was educated
in Edinburgh. At the time of the War of Inde-
pendence he was studying medicine, and volun-
teered for medical service, subsequently joining
the President's staff. On completing his legal
education he was appointed Judge of the High
Court of the Transvaal, but relinquishing his

4 8


seat on the Bench after some years of honourable
service he returned to the Bar, and took an
active part in politics. He withdrew his strong
support from Mr. Kriiger and became the
dominant factor in the opposition under the
nominal leadership of Gen. Joubert. At the
general elections of 1893 Mr. Esselen was
elected member for Potchefstroom, but the
Kriigerite polling officer stayed at nothing to
obtain a reversal of the election. Dead and
absent men recorded their votes, and Mr. Es-
selen was declared to have lost his seat by
seven votes. Mr. Esselen' s defeat was the
worst blow to Gen. Joubert' s candidature for
the Presidency. Subsequently Mr. Esselen
was prevailed upon to accept the office of State
Attorney, he stipulating that he should have a
free hand in reorganizing the detective and
police forces, which were at that time in a very
depraved condition. The many reforms which
he worked, with the assistance of his chief detec-
tive, Mr. Trimble, especially as regards the
illicit liquor traffic, raised such opposition that
Mr. Esselen at length resigned.

He was admitted to practise at the Bar of the
Supreme Court of the Transvaal Colony, Dec. 18,

ESSER, J., ex- Judge of the High Court of
the late S. A. B., was admitted as an Advocate
of the Supreme Court of the Transvaal in 1902.

K.C.B., C.S.I., of the United Service Club, is a
man who has played many parts, and has gained
no little distinction. He began his military
career in the Indian Army in 1859, and served
in the Abyssinian War of 1867-8 when he was
present at the capture of Magdala (medal). In
1879-80 Sir Charles saw further service in the
Afghan War, taking part in the action of Ahmed
Khel, the affair at Urzoo, the march from Kabul
to Kandahar, and the battle of Sept. 1. He
was several times mentioned in despatches, and
received the brev. of Lieut-Col., the medal with
two clasps, and bronze star. Col. Euan-Smith
retired from the Indian Army in 1889 ; subse-
quently joined the diplomatic service, and was
Minister-Resident at Bogota in 1898-99. In
1890 he was created a Civil K.C.B., and was
Consul-Gen, at Zanzibar, and Minister at
Tangier 1891-93. Sir Charles Euan-Smith is
well known in African circles in the City. He is
Chairman and Director of several South and West
African mining companies, in which capacities his
abilities and experience are highly appreciated

by his colleagues. Sir Charles is Chairman of the
Abosso G.M. Co., and of the Taquah and Abosso
G.M. Co. (1900), and a Director of the New
African, New Egyptian, Oceana Consolidated,
Rhodesia, Ltd., and the Sudan Development
and Exploration Cos. He is also a Trustee
for the debenture holders of the French Rand
G.M. Co., the Vogelstruis Consolidated Deep,
and the Witwatersrand Deep. He married, in
1877, a dau. of the late Gen. Alexander, R.A.

M.P., of 40, Grosvenor Place, S.W., of Tubben-
dens, Orpington, Kent, and of the Reform Club ;
was educated at Manchester New Coll., and at
Neuweid. He was in early life a pupil of the
eminent engineer, Sir Jas. Brunlees. He is a
partner in the firm of Donald Currie & Co.,
and Director of the Union-Castle Line, Thames
and Mersey Marine Insurance Co., and the
International Sleeping Car Co. His parlia-
mentary career commenced in 1888 when he
was elected for Southampton, which constitu-
ency he retained until 1895. Defeated at the
general election, he regained the seat in a bye
election in 1896. He has represented Maidstone
in the Liberal interest since 1901. He married,
in 1872, Marie, dau. of the late Hon. Samuel
Stevens, Attorney-Gen, of New York.

EVANS, SAMUEL, of Rhos, near Ruabon, and
of Johannesburg, started life as a journalist ;
went to Egypt as Sir Edgar Vincent's private
sec., and afterwards entered the Khedivial
service. Later on he went to Constantinople,
where he became Controller of the Imperial
Tobacco Regie. For some years Mr. Evans
has taken an active interest in finance in Johan-
nesburg, and he was admitted a partner in the
firm of H. Eckstein & Co., in the autumn of
1902. Incidentally he had charge of the recent
libel action of Messrs. Wernher, Beit & Co.
against Mr. Markham, M.P. (q.v.). He married,
Dec. 24, 1903, Katherine, elder dau. of Richard
Rous Mabson, editor of the " Statist."

EVANS, W., late of Singapore ; Protector of
Chinese in the Straits Settlement Govt., was
appointed to the control of the regulations for
the importation of Chinese labour in the Trans-
vaal in the latter end of 1903.

EVERARD, THOMAS, M.L.C., J.P., of Leeuw-
poort, Carolina, Transvaal, is the son of Thomas
Everard, of New Hall Parks, Thurlaston,
Leicestershire, where he was born in 1850. He



was educated at Leicester and went to S.A.
in 1872, and settled in the Lydenburg dis-
trict of the S.A.R. in the following year,
where he traded at the Macamae Alluvial Gold
Fields for several years. In 1876 he removed
to the part now known as the Carolina district
where he has been trading and farming ever
since. He has bred horses for the last twenty-
six years, and has been successful in breeding
many winners on the turf, both locally and at
the principal racing centres in S.A., and
also numerous prize winners at the large Agri-
cultural Shows. During the first Sekukuni War
he assisted his Boer neighbours against the
marauding Kafirs, and the expedition was the
first one to successfully drive back the native
cattle looters during the outbreak. He has
gone through various troublesome times xinder
many Govts., viz. : under President Burgers, Sir
T. Shopstone, Sir Owen Lanyon, and President
Ivruger. During the late war, as in the one in
1880, Mr. Everard was allowed to remain on
his farm without taking an active part against
his own countrymen. After peace he was
nominated a member of the Ermelo-Carolina
Repatriation Commission. He was appointed
a J.P. for the district, and on the formation of
the Legislative Council was asked by the High
Commissioner, Lord Milner, to become a nomi-
nee member of that body. He married, in 1893,
Ella Christie, dau. of the Rev. John Christie, D.D.,
Professor of Church History, Aberdeen Univ.

EYLES, FREDERICK, of Bulawayo, Rho-
desia, and of the Bulawayo Club, and member
of the Anthropological Institute, Folk Lore
Society, S. A. Philosophical Society, and
Rhodesia Scientific Association (formerly Hon.
Sec.), was born at Wick, near Bath, May 10,
1864 ; is the author of a work on Zulu Grammar,
"Zulu Self-taught" (Juta & Co., 1900), and is
the editor and founder of the " Bulawayo Ob-
server." Mr. Eyles was married May 17, 1893.

Salisbury, Mashonaland, and the New Club,
London, and the Salisbury and Rand Clubs, son
of the late W. A. Fairbridge of Port Elizabeth,
and grandson of Dr. Jas. Fairbridge, of CapeTown,
was born at Port Elizabeth in 1883, and was
educated at Bedford, Eng. He has long been
connected with journalism. On the occupation
of Rhodesia he represented the " Johannesburg
Star " and the " Cape Argus," subsequently
establishing and editing the " Rhodesia Herald."
He is a Director of the Argus Company, con-

trolling a large group of papers in S.A. On a
municipality being formed in Salisbury he was
twice elected Mayor of that town, and he
unsuccessfully contested a seat in the Rho-
desian Legislative Council. Mr. Fairbridge, is

Knt., D.S.O., M.L.C., of Chicheley Hall, New-
port Pagnell, Bucks, and of White's and Boodle's
Clubs, was born June 17, 1859. He is son of
the late Charles Farrar, M.D., of Chatteris,
Cambridgeshire. Sir George began his business
career in the engineering firm of his uncle at
Bedford, and early in life went out to the Cape
Colony. But the discoveries on the Rand soon
attracted him thither. Sir George took full
advantage of the opportunities that offered,
and it was not long before he became the head
of one of the principal groups of mining under-
takings, among which are the East Rand Pro-
prietary, the Anglo-French Exploration, and
other important Cos. He also operates largely
on joint account with Wernher, Beit &
Co. He is Chairman of the Johannesburg
Boards of the Agnes Munro, Angelo, Anglo-
French Land, Anglo-French (Transvaal) Navi-
gation Coal Estates, Benoni G.M., Boksburg
G.M., Chimes West, Cinderella, Driefontein,
East Rand Proprietary, G.F. Co., H.F. Co.,
Kleinfontein Central, New Blue Sky, New
Comet, New Kleinfontein, and Rand Klip-
fontein, and is Chairman of the Penhalonga
Proprietary Mines, besides being a director
of several other mining and finance Cos.

Always an uncompromising opponent of the
Boer Government, Sir George joined the leaders
of the Reform Party a few weeks after the
movement started, and he was one of the four
who, pleading guilty to the charge of high
treason against the late S.A.R.,were condemned
to death. This sentence was commuted, and
after a few months he was liberated (1896) on
payment of a fine of 25,000, and on his under-
taking not to meddle with the politics of the
State for fifteen year-.

It is not generally known that after Dr.
Jameson has crossed the Transvaal border and
was already in difficulties, Sir George had to
be almost forcibly restrained from going out
to the assistance of the gallant doctor.

When the Boer War broke out in 1899 he and
his brother, Capt. Percy Farrar, took an active
part in raising colonial corps, to the expense
of which his firm contributed very large amount-.
Sir George, who attained the rank of Maj. on


the Staff of the Colonial Division, accompanied
Gen. Buller as guide through Natal, and saw
a great deal of fighting. He was afterwards at
the siege of Wepener ; was mentioned in des-
patches, receiving the medal with three clasps,
the D.S.O. (1900), and afterwards (in 1902)
having the dignity of Knight Bachelor con-
ferred upon him in recognition of his good
services to his country. Sir George is a member
of the Transvaal Legislative Council, through
which, in Dec., 1903, he successfully
piloted a resolution in favour of importing
alien coloured labour for unskilled work in the
mines. He was also Pres. of the Transvaal
Chamber of Mines for 1903. Sir George Farrar
is perhaps the best trusted man among the
British community in S.A., with a really
keen insight into the requirements of the Trans-
vaal, a sound all-round record, and the highest
personal reputation. He has always been a
keen patron of sport, both in S.A. and in
England ; he was formerly sprinting champion
of S.A., and even now is a fine point-to-
point rider. He also takes a considerable
interest in horse-breeding and horse-racing
by way of pastimes. He married, June 3,
1892, Ella Mabel, dau. of the late Dr.
Charles Waylen, Ind. Med. Service.

of 54, Old Broad Street, London, E.G., and of
Johannesburg (P.O. Box 455), is son of the
late Dr. Chas. Farrar, of Chatteris, Cambs.,
and brother of Sir Geo. Farrar, D.S.O. (q.v.),
with whom he is in partnership under the style
of Farrar Bros., of London and Johannesburg,
the firm controlling a very large section of
the East Rand, chiefly in the Boksburg Dis-
trict. Mr. Sidney Farrar himself represents
his firm's interests on the London Committees
of the Anglo-French (Transvaal) Navigation
Coal Estates (Chairman), the " H.F." Co.
(Chairman), the Angelo, Anglo-French Land,
Apex Mines, Benoni, Cason, Driefontein Con-
solidated, Eastern Rand Exploration, East Rand
Proprietary (European Committee), Kleinfontein
Deep, New Comet, New Kleinfontein, and Rand
Klipfontein Cos., and he is also a Director of
Kleinfontein Estates and Township, Ltd., and
the Witwatersrand (Knights) Co.

FAURE, HON. J. A., was formerly senior
member of the Cape Legislative Council for
the Western Circle.


K.C.M.G., M.L.A., of Cape Town, is son of
Jacobus Faure, of Eerste River fame, and
brother of John A. Faure, the famous horse-
breeder of that place. Piet Faure was brought
up for the law, but joined Mr. A. B. de Villiers
in the firm of De Villiers, Faure & Co., auc-
tioneers and general agents, taking a special
interest in agricultural matters. Entering the
Cape Parliament, he became Secy, for Native
Affairs on the formation of the Rhodes Ministry
in 1890. He weathered the Ministerial crisis
in 1893, and joined Mr. Rhodes' second Cabinet
as Colonial Secy. In Sir G. Sprigg's third
and fourth Ministries he resumed the offices
of Secy, for Agriculture and Colonial Secy.
Sir Pieter Faure was last re-elected for the
division of Namaqualand in 1904, and is a
member of the Progressive party. He married
Miss Johanna Susanna van der Byl.

LL.D., of St. Andrew's Univ., was born
June 11, 1847. She paid an official visit to
S.A. in connection with the Concentration
Camps, and afterwards took a journey through
the Cape, delivering on behalf of the Victoria
League during the trip some 30 lectures to
Britons and Boers, with the object of healing
the wounds of war and creating harmony with
the Mother-country. Mrs. Fawcett has written
many notable books and essays. She married
the late Rt. Hon. H. Fawcett, formerly P.M.G.

FEAR, R. G. For several years a sub-
editor of the " Western Daily Mercury," joined
the staff of the " Midland News," C.C. in 1902.

FELL, HENRY, M.L.A., has represented
Umgeni in the Natal Legislative Assembly
since 1883.

HOSKYNS, C.M.G., D.S.O., F.R.G.S., of Bois
Hall, Addlestone, Surrey, and of the Naval
and Military, Royal Societies, Bath, and Im-
perial Service Clubs, was born in 1870, and
educated on the Continent, and came to Eng-
land, 1896, and joined Royal Military Coll.,
Sandhurst, in 1897. He was extra regimentally
employed with the Royal Niger Co., Ltd.,
1895-98. During this period he took part in
the operations in the Niger, 1896-7 ; he was
with the expeditions to the Katshella Town
Stockade, Egbom, Bida Illorin, receiving for
his services medal and clasp and a brevet
majority. Later he was in command at Ibonsa


and Anam ; was on Col. Pilcher's Staff at Capai
and Argeyah (despatches and D.S.O.). He
served in S.A. 1900-1 in command of the llth
M.I. and on Gen. Carrington's Staff. From
1901 to 1903 he was again in West Africa as
Second in Command of the W.A. Frontier
Force (N. Nigeria Regt.), his service including
Aro Field Force, 1901-2 (despatches, C.M.G.) ;
Kano Expeditionary Force, 1902-3 as O.C.
Lines of Communication (despatches).

Capt. Festing holds three records of African
big game, according to Rowland Ward's
measurements notably Kobus Kob, 19 11-16 ins.

B.A., of Pretoria, was educated at Dulwich
Coll., and was subsequently a scholar of
Brasenose Coll. Oxon, where he took a second-
class in Classical Moderations in 1879. He
was appointed a Clerk in the Colonial Office
in 1881, after competitive examination, and
has since served as Private Secy, to Lord Onslow
(1887), Baron H. de Worms (1882-92), and Sir
Robert Meade, March, 1896. In that year
he was promoted to a first-class Clerkship in
the Colonial Office, and was subsequently
appointed Secy, to the High Commissioner,
Cape Colony.

shire Yeomanry, of 8, Cromwell Place, London,
S.W., and of the Orleans, Cavalry, Prince's and
S. A. Clubs, is the second son of the 14th
Baron Saye and Sele, of Broughton Castle,
Banbury. He was educated at Malvern Coll.,
and has had a distinguished military career.
In addition to serving with distinction in the
North- West Rebellion, Egypt (medal and clasp,
and Khedive's Star), he served in the Pioneer
Expedition to Rhodesia in 1890 in the B.S.A.
Police, and also during the recent S.A. War
(medal and three clasps). In 1900 he con-
tested North Oxfordshire in the Liberal interest,
and was defeated by 733 votes. He intends
standing as the Liberal candidate at the next
election. He married, Nov. 6, 1894, Florence
Agnes, widow of Arthur Fletcher, and dau.
of John Bathfelden, Belleombre, Constantia,
Cape Town.

ANDER, C.M.G., of Kimberley and the Kim-
berley Club, was born Oct. 11, 1857, at Edin-
burgh, where he received his education. He
went to S.A. in 1875. In 1882 he was in the
service of the Railway Dept., and joined the

Hon. J. D. Logan in business in 1884, remain-
ing with him until 1892. He joined the Kim-
berley Volunteers as a Lieut, in 1890, and received
his majority in 1895. He commanded the in-
fantry in the Bechuanaland Rebellion of 1896-7,
and became Lieut. -Col. in '98. In the late
S.A. War he commanded the Kimberley Regt.
and a section of the Defence Force during the
siege of Kimberley, afterwards being second
in command of a column operating in the
O.R.C. and the Transvaal. He was mentioned
in despatches and received the C.M.G. (1901).

Col. Finlayson identifies himself with all
forms of sport, and was for some years Pres.
of the Diamond Fields Scottish Association.
His chief recreations are hunting and shooting.


of Elim House, Pietermaritz St., Maritzburg,
was born at Addington Park, Surrey, Oct. 29,
1842. He is eldest son of the late Isaac Powell
Finnemore, of Ballyward, co. Wicklow, and
his wife Jane (born Clark). His paternal
descent is traced to one of two brothers who
went to Ireland from Devonshire with Cromwell
in 1649, the original family coming from
the Oxfordshire village of Finemere, whence
the name De Finemere. He was educated
at the Church of England Gram. Sch. and
Bishopstown Mission Station, where he was a
pupil teacher, and entered the Natal Civil
Service Aug. 4, 1858, as pupil- Asst. to the
Surveyor-Gen., being appointed second clerk
in March, 1895. He passed the exam, in
the theory and practice of land surveying
in 1863 ; was Chief Clerk, Draughtsman, and
Examiner of surveyor's work in 1864 ; was
transferred to the Law Dept. at his own request
in 1865, and was called to the Bar in 1868 ;
acted as Clerk of the Peace and Magistrate
at Wrenen and Maritzburg, and was Master
and Registrar of the Supreme Court and
Surveyor-Gen, from 1870 to 1874. He was
Postmaster-Gen. 1876-77 ; Acting Col. Trea-
surer in 1877 ; Magistrate at Maritzburg 1877-
78 ; Master and Registrar of the Supreme
Court and Registrar of the Vice-Admiralty
Court, 1878-81. He was appointed J.P. for
Natal in 1881, and was Magistrate at Durban
from that year until 1889 ; was acting Puisne
Judge in 1883 ; Marriage Officer at Durban
1887-89 ; Collector of Customs, Registrar of
Shipping, Emigration Officer and Harbour
Commissioner, 1889 ; has served on numerous
commissions and boards ; was Deputy Chair-
man of the Harbour Board, 1881-89 ; Chairman


of the Zulu War Relief Fund ; Pres. of the
Pietermaritzburg Collegiate Institution ; Crown
Solicitor and Parliamentary Draughtsman,
1894-96 ; was appointed Puisne Judge Nov.
1, 1896 ; has been Senior Puisne Judge from
1902, and has acted as Chief Justice of Natal.

He edited the "Natal Almanac and Register,"
1876-78 ; published a " Digest of Decisions
of the Supreme Court " for 1860-63 and 1866-67,
and is author of "Natal Law Reports "for 1872,
1873, 1879, 1881, etc.

In Freemasonry he is Past Dist. Grand
Master ; Past Dist. Grand Mark Master ; Past
Grand Superintendent Royal Arch. ; Past
Provincial Prior of the Temple and Malta ;
Sovereign Grand Inspector-General, 33 ; Intend-
ant General Knight, of Rome and Constantino,
Knt. of the Royal Order of Scotland, Knt.
Commander of the Temple, etc. He has worked
in the temperance cause ; is Past Grand Vice-
Templar ; hon. member of Rechabites, and
Pres. of various religious and temperance
organizations. For the public libraries and
many other institutions of Maritzburg and
Durban he has done good service as Pres. and
otherwise. He formerly gave lectures on the
most varied topics ; was Lay Reader, Church-
warden, and occasional Preacher (C. of E.).
He was long connected with the Maritzburg
Agricultural Society, and was constituted,
honoris causa, a life member of the Society and
of its managing committee. He is life member of
the St. John Ambulance Assoc., and of the chief
Masonic institutions. He is also F.R.A.S..

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