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to the office of Assist. Gen. Manager of the Bank
in S.A., which office he held on his retirement.
Mr. Gardiner is well known throughout S.A. ,
and is now resident in London and holds seats
on the Boards of the following Cos. : the Johan-
nesburg Consolidated Investment Co., Ltd.; the
Carlton Hotels (S.A.), Ltd. (Chairman); the
Kitson Incandescent Lighting Co. of S.A., Ltd. ;
the British Engineers' Alliance, Ltd., and is on
the London Committee of South Knights, Ltd.,
and the Hercules Deeps, Ltd. He married, in

1868, Sidonia, dau. of the late Capt. F. Von
Docringk, of the Austrian Army, and has issue
one son, Frederick Maurice Gardiner, and two
daughters, Madeline Louisa Sidonia (married to
E. M. Clarke), and Ester Annabel.

Hillside, Bower Road, Wynburg, Cape Town, and
of the Civil Service Club (C.T.), was born in
London Apr. 19, 1874. He is only son of E. B.
Gardiner (q.v.) ; was educated at the Diocesan
Coll., Rondebosch, and at Keble Coll.. Oxon,
and graduated B.A. at the Cape Univ. and
at Oxford. He was called to the Bar of the
Middle Temple about the year 1895, and prac-
tises at the Cape Bar. He has already been
senior counsel in several important cases, and
amongst other causes celebres he conducted the
defences of Gen. Kritzinger and Judge Koch,
both of whom were acquitted. He was also
engaged in the famous Princess Radziwill case
and in the Cape " ragging " case, Stamford v.
certain officers. Mr. Gardiner is a member of
the Council of the Diocesan Coll., Rondebosch,
and married, Jan. 6, 1901, Stella Clare Brailey,
dau. of an English bank manager.

of Clearwell Castle, Glos. ; 5, Grosvenor Crescent,
Belgrave Square ; and of the Turf, White's, and
St. James' Clubs, was born Nov. 19, 1846 ; is
son of the late Alan Legge, Lord Gardner, and
passed Staff Coll. (1872). He served in the Zulu
Campaign in 1879, being present at the battles
of Isandhlwana, Zlobane Mountain (horse killed),
and Kambula, where he was severely wounded.
He was twice mentioned in despatches and re-
ceived the medal with clasp and promotion to
a brevet majority. In 1880 he was A.D.C. to
the Viceroy of Ireland. He served in the Boer
War of 1881, and contested E. Marylebone as
Liberal candidate in 1895. Col. Gardner has
shot big game in nearly every quarter, accom-
panied by Mrs. Gardner (q.v.). He married,
in 1885, Nora Beatrice, eldest dau. of Sir James
Blyth, Bart., of Blythswood, Stansted, and 33,
Portland Place, W.

well Castle, Gloucestershire, and Ne\vt<>:i M 11.
Dunmore, Essex, in which comity she \va> born,
is the eldest dau. of Sir James Blyth, Bart., and
is a famous sportswoman, having shot bears,
lions, tigers and all kinds of big and small game
in Northern India, Assam, Nepaul, N. America,
Australia, Abyssinia and Somaliland. She also


hunts, fishes, sketches, is an excellent horse-
woman, and is fond of photography and needle-
work. In the course of her travels she has ex-
plored many comparatively unknown countries.
Mrs. Gardner is absolutely fearless and appa-
rently quite indifferent to the extremes of heat
and cold which she has had to endure.

Mrs. Gardner also finds time to interest her-
self in many public capacities, being Pres. of the
Marylebone Women's Liberal Association, Pres.
of the Clearwell Reading Rooms, Vice-Pres. of
the Liberal Federation of Eng., Vice-Pres. of the
Children's Happy Hours Association, Vice-Pres.
of the Essex Needlework Guild, and vice-Pres.
of the Social League. She was married, in 1885,
to Col. Alan Gardner (q.v.).

GARLICK, GEORGE, M.L.A., represents Cape
Town in the Progressive interest in the Cape
Parliament, to which he was returned in Feb.,

GARRETT, F. EDMUND. While editor of
the " Cape Times " in 1896, he rendered much
assistance to Sir James (then Mr.) Rose-Innes
in promoting the monster petitions throughout
S.A. which were a considerable factor in
hastening the release of the Reform prisoners.
Of sound views, political stability and indepen-
dence of thought, he rendered great services to
the Progressive party, and represented Victoria
East in the Cape Legislative Assembly. He
returned to England Sept., 1902.

Grand Cordon of the Osmanieh, and Grand
Cordon of the Medjiclieh, of Cairo, Egypt, and of
Brooks' and the St. James' Clubs, is the son of
the late Charles Garstin, of the Bengal Civil
Service. He was born in India Jan. 29, 1849,
and educated at Cheltenham Coll. He was ap-
pointed to the Indian Public Works Dept.
in Oct., 1872, and is one of the many Indian
public servants whose services were lent to
Egypt and who have done so much in the civil
administration of that country. He left India for
Egypt in 1885, and was appointed Inspector-
Gen, of Irrigation in May, 1892, and Under-
Secy. of State for Public Works in Nov., 1893. It
was for services in connection with the Assouan
Dam that he gained his K.C.M.G. In 1899 he made
trips down the White and Blue Niles, his jour-
neys ending respectively 200 and 700 miles south
of Khartoum. Recently he has returned to
Cairo after a journey of 7,000 miles for the pur-
pose of investigating the sources of the Nile.

Sir William Garstin has rendered many eminent
services to Egypt.

of Tentyra, Vicar Apostolic of Kimberley, and
Administrator Apostolic of the Transvaal ; of
Bishop's House, 80, Dutoitspan Road, Kimber-
ley, and of 32, Gold St. (Box 32), Johannesburg,
was born in Dublin, Apr. 7, 1843 ; commenced
his education at a couple of Dublin schools, and
received his theological training chiefly in
France. He received orders to a Deaconship
from the Bishop of Autun ; was ordained priest
by the late Cardinal Cullen on Apr. 29, 1867,
and was employed thereafter for many years
in parochial work in Liverpool and in the East
End of London. He spent a few years in mis-
sionary work in S. America, and afterwards in
Australia. For six years he was stationed in
Leith, Scotland, where, on Mch. 16, 1902, he
was consecrated Bishop to succeed his brother,
who died during the late S.A. War, as Vicar-
Apostolic of Kimberley, with spiritual charge
of the O.R.C. To that was added the eccle-
siastical administration of the Transvaal.

Mohawk, was born in Australia, and is a
brother of Capt. Guy Gaunt who received a
sword of honour from the King of Samoa for
gallantry some years ago. He received the
C.M.G. for services rendered in the Far East,
and the Italian silver medal for gallantry in
action was bestowed upon him in recognition of
his generous initiative and gallant conduct in
rescuing an Italian comrade during the operations
in Somaliland in 1903.

GAUSSEN, ALFRED, of 3, Walpole St., Chel-
sea ; of Southwold, Suffolk, and of the Union
Club, London ; was born in 1855 ; is son of
Frederick Gaussen. Barrister-at-law ; was edu-
cated at Eton and Christchurch, Oxon. Mr.
Gaussen was formerly Lieut, in the 25th Regt.
(King's Own Borderers), and is now a Director
of Henderson's Transvaal Estates and Hender-
son's Consolidated Corporation. He married
Lady Kathleen Bernard, youngest dau. of
James, Earl of Bandon.

Hopton Hall, Derbyshire ; of Langley Lodge,
nr. Oxford; and of Brooks', Athenaeum,
and the City of London Clubs, was born in Lower
Seymour Street, London, W., Apr. 29, 1852.
He is the elder surviving son of Rev. John



Philip Gell, Rector of Buxted, of Kirk Langley,
Derby, and of Eleanor Isabella Franklin, sole
issue of Admiral Sir John Franklin, K.C.H.,
the Arctic navigator. Mr. P. Lyttelton Gell
was educated privately, and at Balliol Coll.,
Oxon, where he graduated M.A. He is a
Director of the British S.A. Co., the Foreign
and Colonial Investment Trust Co., and the
Westminster and General Life Assurance
Association. He married, in 1889, Hon. Edith
Brodrick, dau. of Viscount Midleton, Lord-
Lieut, of Surrey, and sister of the Right Hon.
St. John Brodrick, M.P.

Nov. 9, 1858. He was educated privately and
at Christ's Coll., Camb., and took a commission
as Lieut, in the 3rd East Kent Regt. in 1882.
He served in the B.B.P. from 1890 to"l893, being
present at Rhodes' Drift at the time of the
threatened Boer trek into Mashonaland. In
1894 he originated a movement in favour of the
preservation of big game, which has since had
far-reaching effects in the desired direction. He
explored a large district in the Upper Zambesi
basin in 1895-96, and from 1898 to 1900 led an
important expedition into the interior of Africa
in the interests of Imperial advancement and
geography. He compiled a map of Barotseland
as far as the Congo-Zambesi watershed in the
north and the Kwito River in the west. He
was the first to navigate the Middle Zambesi
from the Kebrabasa Rapids to the Gwatd con-
fluence in the pioneer steamer Constance.
He discovered the source of the Zambesi in 1899
and has followed the whole course of that river.
The combined routes of this great expedition
represented a mileage of upwards of 20,000
miles beyond the reach of railways, and included
the journey from Cape Town to Cairo, and from
the mouth of the Zambesi to Benguella.

Major Gibbons commanded a squadron of
Younghusband's Horse during the late S.A. War.
He is the author of " Exploration and Hunting
in Central Africa," and has since completed
" Africa from South to North through Marotse-
land" (1904).

GIBSEN, HARRY, J.P. for Cape Town, of
Manis Avenue, Kenilworth, near C.T., and
of the City and Civil Service Clubs, C.T.,
is the son of Henry Thomas Gibsen, who was
the son of the Rev. John Gibsen, Vicar of Shef-
field, and of the dau. of John Drewitt, of
Houghton, Svissex. He was born April 27, 1863,
at Haslemere, Surrey, and was educated at

Reigate Gram. Sch. and Dulwich Coll.
He is Hon. Corresponding Secy, of the Royal
Colonial Institute, Fellow and Hon. Member of
Society of Accountants and Auditors, and Hon.
Secy., of the S.As Committee since its for-
mation in 1893. For five years from Jan'.,
1879 he served with the late Charles Freer,
Public Accountant ; then from 1884-89 Chief
Accountant to S.A. Loan Mortgage Mercantile
Agency, Ltd., of Cape Town (for some time
acting as Gen. Manager) ; 1889-1903 Gen.
Manager and Secy, of the S.A. Association
for the Administration and Settlement of Es-
tates, which he resigned June 30, 1903, to join
the firm now practising as Gibsen, Close & Co.,
at 133, Longmarket Street, Cape Town. Mr.
Gibsen takes considerable interest in technical
education and philanthropic work. He had a
large share in organizing and re-building both
the All Saints' House for Orphans and the School
of Industry, Cape Town. He married, Oct. 3,
1899, Henrietta Louisa, eldest dau. of James
Hewlett Collard, J.P. of Sea Point, near Cape

GIFFORD, MAJOR, LORD, V.C., of Old Park,
Chichester, Hants, and of Salisbury House, Lon-
don Wall, E.G., was born July 5, 1849. Edric
Frederick Gifford is son of the 2nd Baron Gif-
ford, whom he succeeded in the title in 1872.
Three years previously he had entered the Army,
and in 1873-4 Lieut. Gifford saw his first active
service in the Ashanti War, taking part in the
repulse of the Ashantees at Abrakampa, Amoa-
ful, and Becquah (where he was wounded). He
was with the advance guard before the Prah,
and after crossing it, commanded the scouting
party up to Coomassie, and was present at the
capture of that town. As a result of this cam-
paign he was mentioned in despatches, received
the V.C., medal and clasp, and was promoted
Capt. In the Zulu War Lord Gifford joined in
the pursuit of Cetywayo, and at the end of the
operations carried home the despatches (men-
tioned in despatch, Queen's medal and clasp,
and brevet of Major). He retired from the ser-
vice in July, 1880, and from that year until 1883
acted as Colonial Secy, for West Australia, and
sat in the Legislative Council. From 1883 to
1888 he was Colonial Secy, of Gibraltar. He
has been a Director of the B.S.A. Co. since its
inception, and is Chairman of the Bechuana-
land Exploration Co., Charterland Goldfields,
Northern Copper (B.S.A.) Co., Rhodesia
Copper Co., and is a director of some other
S.A. Cos.



GILL, SIB DAVID, K.C.B. (1900), Order of the
Medjidieh (1875) ; of the Royal Observatory,
Cape of Good Hope, and the Athenseum, Cale-
donian, and Civil Service (C.T.) Clubs ;
was born at Aberdeen, Scotland, June 12, 1843.
He is the eldest son of David Gill, of Blairythan,
Aberdeenshire ; was educated at Marischall
Coll. and Univ., Aberdeen, graduating LL.D. ,
and soon applied himself to |the study of
astronomy, and its allied sciences. He under-
took the direction of Lord Lindsay's private
observatory at Dunecht, near Aberdeen (1872-
76) ; organized Lord Lindsay's Transit of
Venus Expedition to Mauritius ; made a series
of heliometer observations there of the opposi-
tion of the minor planet Juno (a new and original
method of determining the Solar Parallax), con-
nected the longitudes of Berlin, Malta, Alex-
andria, Suez, Aden, Seychelles, Mauritius and
Rodriguez, and measured a base-line for the
Geodetic Survey of Egypt. In 1877 he organized
an expedition to Ascension for determining the
Solar Parallax by heliometer observations of the
planet Mars. In 1879 he was appointed H.M.
Astronomer at the Cape, and was identified with
completing the records of his office and the
more accurate Geodetic Survey of Natal and
C.C., the latter work alone, begun in 1883,
taking eleven years to accomplish. Thus all the
accurately determined longitudes on the East
and West Coasts of Africa, as well as the longi-
tudes of Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles, were
established on the initiative and authority of
Sir David Gill. In 1885 he commenced the work
of photographing all the stars to the 10th
magnitude from' 18 S. to the S. Pole, assisted
by Prof. J. G. Kapteyn of Groningen, and as a
result three large volumes of Annals of the
Cape Observatory were published showing the
places and magnitudes of 454,875 stars. In
1886, in conjunction with Admiral Mouchez, he
carried through an international scheme for
photographing the whole sky and cataloguing
all stars to the llth order of magnitude, and
Sir David became senior member of the per-
manent committee, whose reunions he attended
at Paris in 1887, 1891, 1896 and 1900. In
1881-83 he conducted a series of determinations
of Stellar Parallax, and in 1888-90 observations
on a larger scale were carried out at Cape Town,
all the principal observatories of the world co-
operating, and the conclusions as derived by Sir
David in his final discussion of the whole series
were adopted for use in the nautical almanacs
and astronomical ephemerides of all nations at
the Paris International Congress in 1896. In

that year Sir David Gill was entrusted by the
British and German Govts. to determine
the boundary between British Bechuanaland
and German S.W. Africa, and the necessary sur-
vey operations have been in progress since 1897.
He took the initiative in interesting Earl Grey
and Mr. Rhodes in a Geodetic Survey of Rhodesia,
and the project of carrying the work along the
30th meridian from the South to the Mediter-
ranean is already being extended towards
Tanganyika under his direction. The execution
of the Great African Arc of Meridian is perhaps
the pet scheme of Sir David's life. Meanwhile,
owing to the munificence of Mr. Frank McClean,
the Cape Observatory has been fitted with a
complete equipment for astrophysical research,
and Sir David has been able to greatly extend
the scope of his operations and the volume of his
work, and under his direction the observatory
has become by far the most important one in
the Southern Hemisphere.

Sir David Gill is a F.R.S. one of the twenty
Hon. F.R.S. Edin. ; correspondent of the Inst.
of France (Acad. des Sciences) ; corresponding
mem. of the Academies of Science of Berlin, St.
Petersburg, of the Spectroscopic Soc. of Rome,
and mem. of the Academies of Science of Amster-
dam, Washington, New York, as also of many
other scientific bodies. He is a gold medallist
of the Royal Astronomical Soc., London
(1882), Valse Medallist of the Inst. of France
(1882), and in 1900 received the Watson Gold
Medal of the Nat. Acad. of Sciences, Washington,
and the Bruce Gold Medal of the Astronomical
Soc. of the Pacific for distinguished services to
astronomy. He is Pres. of the S.A. Philosophical
Soc. and of the S.A. Assoc. for the Advancement
of Science, and he originated the invitation
extended to the British Assoc. to visit S.A. in
1905. He is one of the three trustees of the S.A.
Museum, a member of the Cape Geological Com-
mission, and J.P. for the county of Aberdeen,
Scotland, and for the Cape Division.

He has published : " A Determination of the
Solar Parallax from Observations of Mars at the
Island of Ascension," " Heliometer Determina-
tions of Stellar Parallax in the Southern Hemi-
sphere " ; Catalogues of Stars for the Equinoxes,
1850, 1860, 1865, 1885, 1890 and 1900 (in the
press), from observations made at the Royal
Observatory, Cape Town : " The Cape Photo-
graphic Durchmusterung " (in conjunction with
Prof. J. C. Kapteyn) ; " Determination of the
Solar Parallax and Mass of the Moon from
Heliometer Observations of Victoria and
Sapho ; " " The Geodetic Survey of South



Africa," vols. 1 and 2 ; and many other papers
and memoirs.

Sir David is fond of shooting, especially
spring buck, and when opportunity occurs of
deer-stalking. He also takes up golf moderately.
He married, July 7, 1870, Isobel, dau. of John
Black, of Linhead, Aberdeeenshire.

CRANWILL, K.C.M.G., D.S.O., R.E., is the son
of a French Canadian, who was Judge of the
Supreme Court of the Province of Montreal.
He was born in 1868, and educated at the Kings-
ton Military Coll., from which he graduated,
proceeding at once to an appointment on the
engineering staff of the Canadian Pacific Rail-
way. Here he had that splendid training which
fitted the young student for the great work
which he was destined to do in the service of
his country. He entered the Royal Engineers
in 1888 and proceeded to Woolwich, where his
great knowledge of practical railway work led
to rapid promotion. At the age of 23 he was
appointed Traffic Manager of the Royal Arsenal
Railways, and it was here that the keen eyes
of Lord Kitchener discerned in young Girouard
the very man to undertake the construction
of the railway across the Soudan, which was
to enable Lord Kitchener to push forward his
advance from Dongola to Khartoum. Col.
Girouard carried out this work as Director of
Sudan Railways, and afterwards was appointed
Pres. of the Egyptian Railway Board. In 1889
he accompanied Lord Kitchener to the Cape
as Director of Military Railways. He married,
Sept. 10, 1903, May Gwendolen, only child of
the Hon. Sir Richard Solomon, K.C.M.G., C.B.,
K.C., Attorney-Gen, of the Transvaal, and Lady

St. James' Palace, London, S.W., and of the
Maryborough, Guards, Turf and Beefsteak Clubs,
is the son of the late Admiral Prince Victor of
Hohenlohe (died 1891), and of Laura, dau. of the
late Admiral of the Fleet, Sir George Seymour.
He was born in London Jan. 15, 1863, and was
educated at Cheam, Charterhouse and Sand-
hurst. Count Gleichen joined the Grenadier
Guards Oct. 1, 1883, and served with the Guards'
Camel Regt. in the Nile Expedition of '84
and '85. He was present at the actions of Abu
Klea, Abu Kru, etc., etc. During 1886-88 he
was attached to the Intelligence Department of
the War Office, and the Staff College '90-91.

He was appointed on Sir W. Ridgway's Staff in
Morocco in 1893, and served with the Intelligence
Division '95-99 as Staff Capt. and D.A.A.G.
He served with the Dongola Expedition in 1896,
and was Intelligence Officer to Rennel Rodd's
mission to Abyssinia in 1897. On war break-
ing out in S.A. he proceeded with the 3rd
Battn. Grenadier Guards to the front. He was
through the actions of Belmont, Graspan and
Modder River (where he was wounded). He
served first on the Staff and then as D.A.A.G.
Transport and as Commandant at Enslin ; then
as D.A.A.G. for Intelligence for Ninth Divn.
under Lieut. -Gen. Sir H. Colville. He was pre-
sent at Paardeburg, Driefontein, Bloemfontein,
Sanna's Post, Winberg, Blaauwberg, Lindley
and Heilbron : then as Provost-Marshal at Pre-
toria, and as D.A.A.G. Intell. Eastern Lines of
Communication. At the end of 1900 he was re-
called to Egypt and appointed Director of Intell.
and Sudan Agent in Cairo, which he retained
until late in 1903, when he left Egypt to take
up his present position as Military Attache at
Berlin. It will thus be seen that Count Gleichen
has had a wide and varied military experience.
He is also Equerry (extra) to the King. He has
also distinguished himself as a writer, his pub
lications including " With the Camel Corps up
the Nile" (1888), "Armies of Europe" (trans-
lation, 1890), and " With the Mission to Menelik "
(1898). He has contributed many mag. articles,
and has besides written a number of official
handbooks and works on the Sudan. He is the
Editor of " The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1904,"
which is now in the press. His recreations are
travel, shooting, yachting, and sea-fishing.
Count Gleichen is not married.

of Sabie, District of Lydenburg, Transvaal, was
born at Cape Town, Nov. 30, 1857. He is son
of the late Henry Glynn, a well known S.A.
hunter, traveller and rifle shot, who won
the first gold medal shot for in S.A., and who was
one of the first few to start the Cape Town
Volunteer Rifles, and finally died in 1894 of
fever while on a hunting expedition. Mr. H. T.
Glynn was educated at the S.A. Coll. ;
spent his early days on the River Diggings ; then
after some success on the Kimberley fields,
settled down in the Cape for two years. In 1875
he went north and stayed in the Transvaal up
to a year before the great Boer War, with the
exception of occasional hunting trips through
the low-lying country extending up to the
Zambesi. He returned to Lydenburg in Aug.


1902, and is a Director of Glynn's Lydenburg,
Ltd. Mr. Glynn married, in Oct., 1896, Miss
G. G. Wales.

WOOD TAUBMAN, K.C.M.G., P.C. (See Taubman-
Goldie, Right Hon. Sir George Dash wood.)

Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W., of Salisbury
House, London, E.G., and of White's and
Pratt's Clubs, was born at Burghersdorp, C.C.
For many years Mr. C. S. Goldmann has been
identified with the firm of S. Neumann & Co., one
of the most powerful of the S.A. mining and
financial groups, and in 1895 he was admitted
to partnership in the firm. Mr. Goldmann is a
man of enormous energy and concentration ; he
has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the
requirements of the Rand industry, and devotes
himself entirely to the gold mining branch of his
firm's business. He is Chairman of the Lang-
laagte Block " B " Deep, the Alexandra Estate
& G.M. Co., the Gold Patents (Transvaal) Co.,
the Knight Central, the Marievale Nigel, and
the Riekuil Cos., besides being on the Johan-
nesburg Boards of the Angelo, Bonanza, Cason
Cinderella, Consolidated Main Reef, Crown Reef,
Driefontein Consolidated, East Rand Prop.,
Ferreira, Glen Deep, " H.F." Co., Henry Nourse,
Langlaagte Deep, Mam Reef Deep, Main Reef
East, New Blue Sky, New Comet, New Mod-
derfontein, Potchefstroom Exploration, Premier
(Transvaal) Diamond, Rand Klipfontein, Trea-
sury, Vogelstruis Consolidated Deep, Wit-
watersrand Deep, and Wolhuter Cos. He is
also on the London directorate of the Mining
and Financial Trust Syndicate, and on the
London Committee of a few other Cos.

Mr. Goldmann is the author of " The Wit-
watersrand Goldfields," " Goldmann's South
African Mining and Finance," and " Goldmann's
Map of the Witwatersrand " all invaluable
works for those who aspire to complete know-
ledge of the Transvaal Fields. In the late
S.A. War he acted as war correspondent of
the " Argus " and " Standard," and at its close
he brought out a book on the cavalry operations
entitled " With General French in South Africa."

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