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as an independent State under the suzerainty
of Great Britain.

Belgrave Mansions, S.W., and of White's and
the Wellington Clubs, was born at Dolguog,
Machynlleth. He was educated at Bedford
Sch., and joined the 2nd Royal Cheshire Militia
in 1873, transferring to the 97th Regt. in the
same year. He passed Staff Coll. in 1883 ;
was D.A.A.G. and Q.M.G. Canada from 1885 to
'87 ; D.A.A.G. Eastern Dist. 1881-88 ; com-
manded the 2nd Batt. of the Queen's Own
(Royal West Kent) Regt. 1896-1901, receiving
the brevet rank of Col. in 1900, and was
A.A.G. and C.S.O. Scotland in 1902.

Col. Grove has seen much active service,
commencing with the Transvaal War in 1881.
He was all through the Egyptian Expedition of
1882, being present at Kassassin and Tel-el -
Kebir, and acting as Asst. Provost-Marshal to
the 2nd Division (medal with clasp, Khedive's
star, and brevet majority). He served in the
Sudan Expedition of 1884-85 as D.A.A.G.
and Q.M.G. (clasp), and in the S.A. War com-
manded his regt. from 1899 to 1901, and after-
wards commanded the sub-district of Krugers-
dorp (mentioned in despatches, C.B., and medal
with 4 clasps). He married, in 1887, Georgina,
dau. of the late Rev. George Atkinson, of
Kettlethorpe, Lines.

GUNN, H. HAMILTON, of Kimberley. grad-
uated at the Royal Sch. of Mines, passing out
in 1876. Since then he has been associated
with phosphate of lime and manganese deposits
in Germany, iron ore in Belgium, lead and quick-
silver in Austria, tin in Cornwall, copper in
Ireland and Arizona, sulphur and borax in
Ireland, silver, lead, and gold in the States,
and gold and tin in Borneo, the
Malay Peninsula and Siam. He has spent
some time in special chemical research with Dr.
Squire, and has acted as ]-"*- >nining
at the Edinburgh Coll. of Science and Tech-
nology. In 1903 he was appointed Professor
at the Kimberley Sch. of Mines. Mr. Gunn
is a Knight of the Order of the Crown of

GUNZBURG, ROBERT, of 5, Dowgate Hill,
London, B.C., went out to S.A. in 1893,
and was instrumental in forming the S.A. Con-



tracting Assn., Ltd. , the Technical and Commercial
Corpn., Ltd., the Siemens, Ltd., and the Arthur
Koppel, Ltd. He returned to Europe in 1901,
and later on resigned the directorships in these
Cos. He is now associated with the
Eastern Gold Farms Synd., Ltd., the Bethel
Synd., Ltd., and several other Companies.

GUPPY, ROBERT, of 3, St. George's Mansions,
Besborough Gardens, S.W., and of the Cocoa
Tree Club ; was born Nov. 17, 1872, at
Melbury, near Dorchester. He was educated
at Sherborne and appointed to the Imperial
Post Office in March, 1890, and to the Colonial
Civil Service Aug. 24, 1900. He is now
Accountant of the Post and Telegraph Dept.
Gold Coast Colony.

Kimberley, was born at Graaff-Reinet in 1846,
and was educated at the public sch. in that town.
He served his articles with D. J. van Ryneveld,
attorney, in 1863 ; was admitted in 1868, and
practised at Graaff-Reinet until 1877, when he
left for the Diamond Fields. He was engaged
for some time in the Kimberley and De Beers
mines, and then joined Mr. J. J. Michau in an
attorney's business in Kimberley. He was
elected Mayor of Kimberley in 1884, and was
returned to the Cape House of Assembly as
Progressive member for Kimberley in 1894,
and again in Feb., 1904. He is Grand Master
of Central S.A. Freemasons.

burg, was born at Keinton Mandeville, Somer-
setshire, Apr. 16, 1853. He was educated at
Yeovil and Sherborne Schs. and received his
training for the Church at Richmond Coll.
He acted as Naval Chaplain at Simonstown
from 1876 to 1883, when he went to Butter-
worth, where he established upwards of fifty
schools and churches, in addition to assisting
in the foundation of the Lamplough Training
Institution and the Ayliff Memorial Church.
From Butterw "*' ho went to East London
(C.C.) '.. ^t/o . b Pietermaritzburg in 1901.
He has been Superintendent of the Maritzburg
Circuit from that time, and Chairman of the
Natal District Synod from 1903. He married,
July 28, 1881, Grace, dau. of Thos. H. Lawton,
of Cape Town.

of the Secretariat, Sierra Leone, and of the
Junior Athenaeum Club, was born Nov. 25,

1861. He is son of the late H. B. Haddon-
Smith, C.E., his grandfather having been a
Major in the 73rd Regt. Mr. George Haddon-
Smith was educated at Victoria Coll., Jersey.
He served with the Houssa Force ; took part in
the expedition against the Jebus (W. Africa)
in 1892 (despatches, medal, and clasp) ; was
Political Officer on Sir Gilbert Carter's mission
to Jorubaland in 1893, for which service he
received the thanks of the Secy, of State.
He was subsequently Asst. Colonial Secy, at
Lagos ; Priv. Secy, to Sir Francis Scott in the
Ashanti Expedition in 1895-6 (despatches and
Star) ; Chief Asst. Col. Secy, at the Gold Coast,
1896, and Political Officer on Sir James
Willcock's staff during the Ashanti Expedition
in 1900, for which service he was mentioned
in despatches, received the medal and clasp
and also the C.M.G. He was Acting Gov.
of the Gambia in 1901, and received his present
appointment as Colonial Secy, of Sierra Leone
1901. He married Ivy Constance, dau. of the
late Col. B. Hodson.

ingham, House, Norfolk, and of the Athenfeum,
Savile, Authors', and Sports Clubs, was born at
Bradenham, Norfolk, June 22, 1856 ; is the sixth
son of Wm. M. Rider Haggard of Bradenham
Hill, and was educated privately. He resided
for a considerable time in Natal on a farm which
is well known as the supposed home of " Jess."
He was Secy, to Sir Hy. Bulwer, Governor of
Natal, in 1875, and in 1877 he joined the staff
of Sir T. Shepstone, and was one of the " handful
of individuals " concerned in the annexation of
the Transvaal in that year. In 1878 he was
appointed Master of the High Court of the
Transvaal, and the following year was given a
Lieut. 's commission in the Pretoria Horse,
with which corps he was besieged in Pretoria
during the Boer War of Independence (18801).
He was called to the Bar of Lincoln's Inn in
1884, but never practised. He unsuccessfully
contested the Eastern Division of Norfolk in the
Conservative interest in 1895.

Mr. Haggard is famous as the author of a
number of charming romances, besides which
he has published a couple of books on rural life
known as " A Farmer's Year " and " Rural
England" (2 vols.), in connection with which
latter he made a prolonged tour of the country
to acquire at first hand such data as was neces-
sary to make his work a valuable text book. In
addition to this he constantly finds occasion
to inform the public in the Press on questions


6 9

connected with Africa and the country life,
on which subjects his large and varied knowledge
always procures him a ready hearing. For
many years he has been one of the proprietors
of the " African Review," and for some little
time he was a familiar figure in the city, but his
preference for writing and a country life soon
withdrew him to Ditchingham. He takes a
considerable interest in Egyptology, but his
main hobby (though he takes it quite seriously)
is farming, and he is particularly fond of shoot-
ing and cycling. He married, in 1880, Mariana
Louisa, dau. of the late Maj. Margiston of

HALL, REV. ALFRED, F.R.C.I., of Baydon-
field, Rosebery Avenue, Port Elizabeth, was
born at Newbury, Berks, in 1860 ; was educated
at St. Bartholomew's Gram. Sch., Newbury,
and at the Metropolitan Baptist Coll., London,
and exercised his home ministry at Ashley,
Lymington ; Hampton Court ; St. Leonards-
on-Sea ; and Merthyr Tydvil, S. Wales. He
was formerly a member of the Hastings School
Board, and was appointed Minister of Queen
Street Baptist Church, Port Elizabeth, in 1898,
and has founded in that town and at Mossel
Bay Missions to Dutch-speaking coloured
persons. He is editor of the " S.A. Baptist,"
the official organ of the Baptist Union for the
S.A. Colonies. He is also chairman of the com-
mittee for erecting a tower and peal of bells
as a memorial to the British settlers of 1820
who landed in Algoa Bay, of which Lord Milner,
Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson, Sir Gordon
Sprigg and Sir Henry de Villiers are Patrons.

HALL, JOHN, JTJNR., of 3, Brick Court,
Temple, E.G., and the Constitutional Club,
was born in London Sept. 28, 1872 ; is the second
son of John Hall of 1, Fleet St., E.G. ; was edu-
cated at St. Paul's Sch. and privately in
Germany and France ; was Private Secy, to
the Governor of the Gold Coast Colony, 1894-5,
in which capacity he visited Ashanti before the
outbreak of the Ashanti War. He was called
to the Bar in 1899, and collaborated with W. H.
Wills in the editing of " Bulawayo Up-to-
Date, a Handbook to Rhodesia." He is asso-
ciated with J. A. Edison's inventions in ore
crushing machinery. His chief recreations are
golf, shooting and motoring.

HALL, R. N., of Bulawayo ; has had a con-
siderable share of the work of bringing S.A.
before the public by means of exhibitions. In

1898 he was Secy, of the Grahamstown Exhibi-
tion, and was in '99 in charge of the Rhodesian
section of the Greater Britain Exhibition in
London. In 1902 he proceeded to inspect the
Zimbabye Ruins with a view to their preservation.

HALLIWELL, E. A., of the Wanderers'
Club, Johannesburg, is perhaps the best
known S.A. cricketer. He is a good bat,
and is said to be the best wicket-keeper of the
day. He accompanied the S.A. teams to
England in 1894, 1901 and 1904, fully sustaining
his reputation in the latter tour. He is also
the official starter for the Turf Club and
the Pony and Galloway Club of Johannes-

11, Austin Friars, E.C., and of the Rand,
Devonshire, City University, and Eighty Clubs,
was born in London in 1865 ; was educated at
Mill Hill Sch. and Caius Coll;, Camb., graduat-
ing B.A., LL.B. After reading for the Bar
at the Inner Temple, he went to S.A. in 1889,
where his scholarly attainments and grasp of
affairs inclined him to journalism. He owned
and edited the " Zoutpansberg Review," and was
Editor of the Johannesburg " Star " from 1894
until 1896, when on account of his active par-
ticipation in the Reform movement as member
of the Committee the paper was suppressed,
and he himself was put on his trial for high
treason, ultimately getting off with a fine of
2,000. On returning to England he became
Editor of the " African Review," an appoint-
ment which he relinquished in 1899 to join the
firm of L. Ehrlich & Co. He is a director of
several S.A. Cos.

was educated at St. Paul's Sch. and Trinity
Hall, Camb. ; Classical Scholar, B.A., 1899
(honours), M.A., 1892. He was Secy, of the
Commission of Inquiry in Dominica 1893-4 ;
was a student at the Inner Temple in 1893, and
was called to the Bar in 1895. From 1895 to 1897
he was District Commissioner at Lagos ; was
Registrar, East Africa Protectorate, 1887 ;
Acting Judicial Officer Apr. to Nov. 1898 ;
Town Magistrate 1899 ; Asst.- Judge and Ad-
ministrator-Gen., 1900; Acting Judge from
June 1901 to March 1902, and Acting Asst.-
Judge at Zanzibar, July 1902.

HANAU, CARL, of Victoria West, C.C.,
Johannesburg, Berlin, and London, is son


of T. Hanau of the firm of Hanau & Hoffe.
He was born at Freiberg, Germany, on July
3, 1855, and was educated at Frankfort o/M.
Mr. Hanau was one of the pioneers of the
Rand, and very early in its history began
to take a leading part in the building up of its
(and incidentally his own) fortunes. He was
formerly a partner of S. Neumann & Co.,
and a Director of the Rand Mines, Ferreira,
Crown Reef, Wolhuter, Consolidated Main Reef
and Modderfontein Cos., but he now repre-
sents the firm of Barnato Bros, in S.A. ;
is Chairman of the Coronation Synd. (which
he founded), Barnato Consolidated Mines
(Acting), Johannesburg Consolidated Invest-
ment (local), and Randfontein Deep, and is
also on the Boards of the African Farms, Ltd.,
Ginsberg, Glencairn, Kleinfontein Deep, Lang-
laagte Royal, New Primrose, New Rietfontein,
New Spes Bona, New Unified, Rietfontein
" B " Roodepoort, South Cinderella Deep,
Van Ryn, Western Rand Synd., and the Wit-
watersrand (Knights) G.M. Cos. Mr. Hanau
acted as Pres. of the Chamber of Mines in
Johannesburg during the absence of Mr.
Lionel Phillips, and was for many years a
Steward of the Johannesburg Turf Club, and a
member of the Committee of the Wanderers'
Club of Johannesburg. He married, Jan. 19,
1886, Miss Sophie Baumann.

C.M.G., of 79, Ecclestone Square, S.W., and of
the Army and Navy Club ; son of the late Fer-
dinand Hanbury- Williams, of Coldbrook Park,
Mon. ; was educated at Wellington Coll. and
passed into the 43rd L.I. in 1878. He acted as
A.D.C. to Sir E. Hamley in the Egyptian Cam-
paign of 1882, when he was present at Tel-el-
Kebir, where his horse was shot under him,
being mentioned in despatches, medal, clasp,
star, and 5th class Medjidieh ; he was extra
A.D.C. to Sir M. Grant Duff during his Governor-
ship of Madras, 1884-5 ; was extra A.D.C. to
Sir H. Macpherson in Burmah in 1886, and
was in 1892 appointed Adjt. of the 3rd (Militia)
Batt. of the Oxfordshire L.I., attending the
German Army manoeuvres in 1894. He
relinquished this appointment in 1897 to join
Lord Milner in S-A. as his Military Secy. ; he
received the C.M.G. in 1899, and was appointed
Secy, to the Secy, of State for War in 1900.
He married, in 1888, Anne Emily, dau. of
Emil Reiss.


mandant of Barotse Native Police, of White's,
Sports, and Bulawayo Clubs ; is the son of the
late Charles Harding, of Montacute Abbey,
Somerset, where he was born Aug. 15, 1863.
He was educated privately, and went to S.A.
where he served in Mashonaland during the
rebellion. For some time he was galloper
to Col. Alderson. He received his commission
in the B.S.A. Police in the same year, and raised
and commanded the Mashonaland Native
Police. He was mentioned three times in
despatches, and received his C.M.G. for
services during the Mashona Rebellion. He
proceeded to British Central Africa in 1898
and raised the Native Police Force for North-
Eastern Rhodesia. In 1899 he went to North-
Western Rhodesia as Acting Administrator,
and later raised a force of Native Police for North
Western Rhodesia. Col. Harding was sent on
special service to explore the boundaries of
Lewanika's kingdom, and during his expedition
went to the source of the Zambesi River. In
1902 he escorted Lewanika to England for the
Coronation, returning in Aug. of the same
year to act as Administrator of Barotseland
during the absence of Mr. R. T. Coryndon.
He married, June 28, 1899, Margaret, youngest
dau. of Robert Porter, of Lyncombe, Bath.

(Edin.), L.S.A. (Lon. 1873), and L.S.A. Lon.
(Triple Diploma 1889), of Havermere, Howick
Falls, Natal ; of Burcote Vale, Bulwer, Natal,
and of the Royal Colonial Institute, is the eldest
son of Junius Hardwicke, M.D., F.R.C.S.
Eng. (claiming descent from St. Joscelyn
Havermere '"d.e Hardwicke, temp. Edward
Confessor), and Ellen Jane his first wife, second
dau. of Thos. Wright, J.P., of Mespil House,
oo. Dublin. He was born 1847 at Rotherham,
Yorks., and was educated at the Royal High
Sch., Edin., King's Coll., Lond., and Charing
Cross Hospital, London. Dr. Hardwicke was
appointed in 1877 a Surgeon Superintendent
in the Govt. Emigration Service of the
Emigration Commissioners, and subsequently
transferred to the Department of the Crown
Agents for the Colonies in 1897 as a branch of
the Colonial Office regime. He retained this
position until 1897, when the gloomy outlook of
the service, dependent as it was upon the
prosperity of the sugar industry in the West
Indies, decided him to resign and seek more
definitely settled employment in one of
the newer Colonies. Natal was selected,
and after a very considerable travelling record


and armed with credentials from the Brit-
ish Colonial Office, and letters of introduction
to some of the most influential citizens of the
Colony, including the late Premier, Sir Henry
Escombe, he was selected by the last named
gentleman for the post of District Surgeon
to the Division of Polela, at the extreme S.E.
corner of the Colony. Here he remained until
Jan. 1902, when he was offered and accepted
a similar appointment in Lion's River, the Dis-
trict Health Officership being conferred upon him
at the same tune. An ardent antiquarian and
archaeologist Dr. Hardwicke has devoted much
of his spare time to the study of genealogy and
kindred pursuits, for which his grandfather,
William Hardwicke, of Bridgnorth, Shropshire,
was celebrated ; and he is a member of the Har-
leian and Yorkshire Parish Register Societies.
He is the possessor of what is probably the
largest collection of Midland Counties Genea-
logies in S.A. la 1888 he was elected a
Resident Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute,
becoming a non-resident Fellow on his departure
for Natal in 1897. He has also been a
Fellow of the Imperial Institute from its opening.
He is the author of the following pamphlets and
books, " The Religion of Agnostic Philosophy,"
1892 ; " Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Fever," 1891 ;
" The Decalogue as a Code of Morality," 1890 ;
" Annals of the Perton Family," 1896 ;
" Bulwer and Consumptives," 1900, and also
of numerous contributions to magazines and
newspapers in England and the Colonies. Dr.
Hardwicke has been twice married : first, to
Margaret, third dau. of William Calvert, of
Braddup House, in Craven, Yorkshire, who was
mother of his one son and five daus., and who
died in 1889 ; and secondly to Louisa Annie, 3rd
dau. of Benjamin Charles Branch, of Warwick
Road, Kensington, formerly Asst. Librarian at
the British Museum, by whom he has no issue.

Norfolk Regt., served with the Rhodesian
Protectorate Reg., and on the Staff as D.A.A.G.
in the S.A. War; was appointed (1902) A.D.C.
to the Lieut-Governor of the O.R.C.

Cromwell Road, Kensington, S.W., and of
the Whitehall Club, is the son of Edward
Harman and his wife Caroline. He was born
at the Manor House, Maiden, Surrey, Jan. 3,
1899, and educated at the Brighton Coll.,
the Royal Agricultural Coll., Cirencester,
and at the Royal Sch. of Mines, London.

From 1875-80 he managed the Govt. Ex-
perimental Farm, Bangalore, and acted as
Professor of Natural Science at the Sch. of
Engineering and Natural Science. From
188083 he managed coffee, tea, and cinchona
and gold estates in the Wynaad, and acted as
Hon. Magistrate for the Govt. of Madras.
In 1884-5 he reported on the estate of the
Santa Fe Land Co., Argentine Republic, for
colonization purposes. From that time to the
present he has been engaged in reporting on
mining properties in various parts of the world,
and acting as advisory director for sundry
mining cos. He married, hi 1880, Miss Hicks,
sister of H. G. Hicks of Oudshoorn.

CANNING, G.C.S.I, G.C.I.E., of Belmont,
Faversham ; 6, Oxford Square, London, and of
the Carlton and Cavalry Clubs, is the son of the
third holder of the title, who was Governor of
Trinidad and Madras, and played an important
part in the Indian Mutiny. He was born at St.
Ann's, Trinidad, March 2, 1851. He was
educated at Eton and Oxford, where he gradu-
ated B.A. Lord Harris after filling several
important Ministerial positions, including
Under Secy, of the India Office, 1885-86, and
Under Secy, at the War Office, 1886-90, received
the appointment of Governor of Bombay in
1890, which office he retained until 1895.
From that year he was Lord-in-Waiting to Queen
Victoria until 1900. In the City Lord Harris
has made a name for himself in connection
with the important mining corporations over
which he presides, and he is rightly regarded
as an authority on the various questions which
perplex the majority of those interested in the
industry of the Transvaal. Lord Harris is
Chairman of the Consolidated Gold Fields of
S.A., Chairman of the S.A. Gold Trust,
Chairman of the Gold Coast Agency, and a
member of the Board of the National Telephone
Co. He is a cricketer of renown, and an all-
round sportsman, having won the walking race,
swimming, foils, and singlesticks at Eton,
and was Capt. of the Kent Cricket Eleven, 1875-
85, and Captain of the England Eleven v.
Australia 1878-80-84. Lord Harris com-
mands the Royal East Kent Yeomanry, and
was Acting Adjt. - Gen. for the Imperial
Yeomanry in England, 1900, and in S.A.
1901. He is also Chairman of the East
Kent Quarter Sessions. He married, July 8,
1874, the Hon. Lucy Ada Jervis, dau. of the
3rd Viscount St. Vincent.


C.M.G., of The Homestead, Cuddington, Surrey,
was born at Wrexham, N. Wales, June 28,
1855 ; is son of Rev. Geo. Poulett Harris, Vicar
of Hawes, Yorks., and grandson of Capt. Poulett
Harris, one of the greatest known linguists, and
is a descendant, on the maternal side, of Van
Stout, the last man to leave New York in the
War of Independence, and who was afterwards
Chief Magistrate of Nova Scotia. Mr. C. A.
Harris received his education at Richmond Sch.,
Yorks. ; Christ's Coll., Camb. (1874-8), and at
Lincoln's Inn. At college he was specially
noticed for the Bell University Scholarship, and
took a first class in the Classical Tripos, while at
his Inn he took the Tancred Studentship. He
entered the Colonial Office by open competition
in 1879 ; was Secy, to the West India Royal
Commission of 1 882-3, and was in the W. Indies
from Dec. 1882 to May 1883, visiting nearly
every island ; was Secy, to the Sugar Bounties'
Conference in 1887-8 ; attached to the Attorney-
Gen.'s staff in the Venezuela Boundary Arbi-
tration in Paris in 1899, and has been on Service
Missions to Madrid (1897 and 1902), Lisbon
{1902), and elsewhere.

After many years' service in the West India
Dept. of the Col. Office, he was transferred to
the North American and Australasian Depts. ;
became head of the W. Africa Dept. in 1 898, and
after a period of special work on the Brazilian
Boundary Arbitration, was appointed head of
the dept. which deals with the British Central
Africa Protectorate, the B.S.A. Company's
territories, etc. He has written a good deal on
economics, and represents the Colonial Office
on the Advisory Committee of the Board of
Trade (Commercial Intelligence).

At Cambridge Mr. Harris was Capt. of his
college boat, and Pres. of the Athletic Club.
He is still a good all-round athlete, runner,
swimmer and cricketer, and is the father of the
football international, S. S. Harris. He married,
in 1879, Constance Maria, dau. of John Shute,
of Glenavon House, Clifton, Glos.

Kimberley, and of the Kimberley and Civil
Service (C.T.) Clubs, was born in London July 12,
1852. He is son of Woolf and Phoebe Harris,
and was educated at Coxford's Coll., London.
He arrived in the C.C. in 1871, served
in the Diamond Fields Horse through the Gaika-
Galecka War, 1877-8 (mentioned in despatches,
medal and clasp) ; took part in the Griqua War
of 1878 ; commanded the Field Force in the

Bechuanaland Rebellion in |1896, receiving the
thanks of Govt., and the Colonial General Service
medal and clasp. During the siege of Kimberley
he commanded the Town Guard, 1899 (men-
tioned in despatches, medal and clasp, and
C.M.G.). Col. Harris has also received the
Volunteer Decoration, and has won several
medals, cups and team trophies for rifle shoot-
ing. He entered the Cape Parliament as a
Progressive in 1897 as member for Kimberley ;
was last re-elected for Barkly West in Feb.
1904 ; is a Director of De Beers Diamond
Mines, and of several other mining cos. His
recreations are hunting and shooting. He married ,
Nov. 12, 1873, Miss Rosa Gabriel, of Pomerania,

youngest son of David Harrison, of Nottingham,
was born Dec. 7, 1874, at Grantham, Lines.,
and educated in that town. After serving
in the G.N.R. Co.'s office he joined the Natal
Railway service (Dec. 1898), becoming personal
assist, to Sir David Hunter, and later, Acting
Chief Clerk to the Gen. Manager. He was

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