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appointed Secy, to the Special Commission
on Railways, 1902. Mr. Harrison directed
the preparation of the art albums and souvenirs
presented to the Royal visitors to Natal, 1901-2;
was compiler of the "New Official Railway
Guide and General Handbook to Natal" (1903),
and Joint Compiler of the latest Bird's Eye
Map of the War District in Natal.

HART, EDWARD AUBREY, of Spencer House,
Surbiton, and of the Constitutional Club, is
the son of Thomas Gray Hart, artist ; was
born March 12, 1842, at Southampton, and
was educated at the Rev. Eldred Woodland's
Sch. at Southampton. He joined the Union
Steamship Co., Ltd., in Sept., 1857, when the
first mail steamer sailed for Cape Town, and
was appointed Secy, of the Co. on January
1, 1870, and Manager and Secy, in 1893.
This position he retained until the amalgama-
tion of the Union with the Castle S.S. Co., in
1900 ; and he retired from the Co. in 1903.
During these thirty years he was frequently
consulted by the various Govt. Depts., especially
by the Transport Dept. of the Admiralty, for
whom he arranged the conveyance of many
thousands of troops in the late S.A. War. In
1884 he was instrumental in providing Her
Majesty's Govt. with two of the then
fastest steamers, the Moor and Mexican, as
armed cruisers. The former was the only



merchant ship at that time which flew the pen-
nant ; she was commanded by Royal Naval
officers ; carried a naval crew, and was armed
with heavy guns.. It was likewise his good
fortune to be called upon to make all arrange-
ments for the journey to Africa of the ill-fated
Prince Imperial, at the time of the Zulu War,
and when the body of the dead Prince was
interred at Chiselhurst, Mr. Hart was one of
the very few Englishmen, outside the Royal
family, who were invited into the Chapel.
Subsequently Mr. Hart was requested to carry
through all the arrangements for the journey
out and home to Natal of the Empress Eugenie,
and on her return to England he was specially
introduced to and thanked by Her Majesty.
Mr. Hart married, Oct. 1868, Harriette Steele,
dau. of John Dotterill, of Gosport.

C.M.G., Hon. Assoc. Order of St. John of Jeru-
salem, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Edin., of
Rondebosch, C.T. and of the Civil Service
Club, C.T., was born May 6, 1847 ; is
son of the late Dr. Edmund Hartley, of S.
Devon, and was educated privately at Ply-
mouth. He joined the C.M.R. Nov. 4, 1877 ;
served through the Galeka, Gaika and Marotsi ;
rebellions, 1877-8-9 (medal) ; Basuto and Tem-
buland, 1880-1 ; Langberg, 1897 (medal and
three clasps) ; and the S.A. War (Queen's medal,
three clasps, and King's medal, two clasps). Col.
Hartley commands the Cape Med. Corps,
and is P.M.O. of the C.C. Forces. He married
Ellen, 2nd dau. of J. Rose-Innes, C.M.G., late
Under-Secy. for Native Affairs.

HEANY, MAURICE, of Bulawayo, Rhodesia,
was born in America, and has been pioneering
in Africa for a number of years. He took part
in the Mashonaland Pioneer Expedition, and
in the expedition for the occupation of Matabele-
land. He is associated as managing director
with a number of mining cos. those composing
the Matabele Gold Reefs Group.

HEATH, JAMES, M.P., of Ashorne Hill,
Leamington ; 54, Cadogan Square, London ;
and of the Carlton, Junior Carlton, Cavalry,
St. Stephen's, and Atlantic Clubs, was born at
Kidsgrove, Staffs., Jan. 1852. He is third son
of Robert Heath, of Biddulph Grange, Congle-
ton ; and was educated at Clifton Coll. He
has sat in the House of Commons for N.W.
Staffordshire since 1892 ; was Col. of the
Staffordshire Yeomanry from 1897 to 1902;

and is a director of Robert Heath & Sons,
the Birchenwood Colliery Co., and the South
Rand Exploration Co. He married Euphemia
Celena, dau. of P. G. van der Byl, of Cape Town,
in 1881.

HELLIER, J., M.L.A., sits as Member for
East London in the Cape Parliament, having
been elected in the Progressive interest in Feb.

FRANCIS, G.C.M.G. (See "Addenda").

HENRY, C.B., of 13, Stratford Place, W., and the
Guards', Travellers', Carlton and Turf Clubs,
was born in London, Apr. 3, 1855 ; is the third
son of the 4th Lord Henniker ; was educated
at Eton and Camb. (B.A.) ; entered the Cold-
stream Guards in 1875, the 2nd Batt. of which
he has commanded since Nov. 29, 1902. He
served in Egypt in 1882 (medal and bronze
star), and in the S.A. War 1899-1902, with
brevet, rank of Col. (Queen's medal and six clasps,
and King's medal and two clasps). He married
the second dau. of Lord Houghton.

HENSHALL, THOMAS, of Port Elizabeth,
and the St. George's Club (P.E.), was bora at
Adswood, Cheshire, Mch. 28, 1867 ; was edu-
cated at the National School, Stockport, Ches-
hire, and entered the British and Irish Magnetic
Telegraph Co.'s service in 1868. He trans-
ferred to the Imperial Post Office two years
later, and was for two or three years an instruc-
tor in telegraphy, opening up offices in Cheshire,
Derbyshire and Staffordshire. After serving
in several important centres, he was transferred
to the Cape Telegraphs in 1881. He has since
held appointments in Fauresmith, Queens-
town, Kokstad, Grahamstown, and Port Eliza-
beth, to which he was appointed Postmaster
in July, 1898.

M.L.C., J.P. ; was born in the Murraysburg
Dist., C.C., in 1846 ; was educated at Murraysburg,
where he was for many years a member of the
Divisional and Municipal Councils and a member
of the Licensing Court. He has been a member
of the Cape Legislative Council for the Midland
Province since 1889, and sits as an independent

HESS, HENRY, of Tugvor House, Kew



Gardens, Surrey, and Beach Haven, St. Mar-
garet's Bay, Dover, Kent, was born July 19,
1864, at Homburg ; is the youngest son of the
late Joseph Chas. Hess and Lina Hess (nie.
Schottenfels) ; was educated at Frankfort o/M.
He was admitted solicitor and Notary Public
of the Cape of Good Hope, 1885. He is ed. of I
the " Critic " (London, Johannesburg and ]
Pretoria), and of the " Critic Black Book," and
has published songs and dance music. He
married, Nov. 6, 1895, Miss Maude Marion

HEWAT, DR. JOHN, M.L.A., represents
Woodstock in the Cape House of Assembly.
He is a Progressive, and was returned to the
House in Feb. 1904.

HIGGS, HENRY, LL.B., of H.M. Treasury,
London, and the Savile Club, was born in 1864.
He was appointed Special Commissioner to
Natal 1902-3, to report upon the pay, organi-
zation and working of the Natal Civil Service.
His report strongly condemned nearly every
section of the administration.

THOROTON, K.C.B. (1900), Order of the Osman-
ieh, of the United Service Club, was born July
5, 1846. He was educated at the Royal Naval
Acad., Gosport, and served in the Navy for
five years before entering the Army in 1867.
He was Brig.-Maj. at Cyprus, Aug.-Nov. 1878 ;
Brig. -Ma j. at Gibraltar from that date till Aug.
1882 ; and served in the Egyptian Expeditionary
Force in 1882 as D.A.A. and Q.M.G. of the 1st
Division, being present in the engagements at
El Magfar and Tel-el-Mahuta, at the action at
Kassassin, and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir
(mentioned in despatches, brevet of Lieut. -
Col., medal with clasp, 4th Class of the
Osmanieh, and Khedive's star). After again
occupying his Staff appointment at Gibraltar,
Sir Henry became D.A.A.G. on the H.-Q. Staff,
Dec. 1883 to Mch. 1889; A.A.G., Aldershot,
Oct. 1889 to Mch. 1891 ; A.A.G. at Army
Headquarters, Apr. 1891 to Aug. 1893 ; Comdt.
Staff Coll. till Feb. 1898 ; Maj.-Gen. Command-
ing Infantry Brig., Aldershot, until Oct. 8,
1899, when he took command in S.A. first of an
Infantry Brigade, afterwards commanding an
Infantry Div. with local rank of Lieut. -Gen.,
and from Oct. 19, 1900, to Oct. 24, 1901, he had
the command of the Natal district. Gen. Hildyard
took part in the relief of Ladysmith, including
the action at Colenso ; the operations of Jan.

17 to 24, 1900, and the action at Spion Kop ; of
Feb. 5 to 7, 1900, and the action at Vaal Kranz ;
on Tugela Heights, Feb. 14 to 27, and the action
at Pieters Hill; and in Natal, March to June,
1900, and the action at Laing's Nek (four times
mentioned in despatches, K.C.B. , medal with five
clasps). On Oct. 25, 1901, Sir Henry Hildyard
was appointed temporarily to the command of the
First Army Corps ; Director of Military Education
and Training at Army Headquarters, Jan. 15,
1903 ; and in Feb. 1904, he was appointed to the
command of the forces in S.A. in succession to
Sir Neville Lyttelton. He married, in 1871,
Annette, dau. of the late Admiral J. C. Prevost.

HILL, CLEM, of Johannesburg, was born in
Australia, where he was an engineer on the
South Australian Railways. He was the cham-
pion left-handed bat of Australia, and visited
England with the Australian cricket team in
1902, with "the reputation of being the best bat
in the eleven. He went to S.A. with the
Australian team later in 1902, scoring 76 and
142 against All South Africa at Johannesburg.
Mr. Hill remained in that town as a stockbroker.

HILL, WILLIAM HENRY, B.A., of Cairo, and
the Turf Club, Cairo ; was born at Swindon,
Wilts, where his father, Henry Hill, resided j
and was educated at King's Sch., Worcester,
and Lincoln Coll., Oxon. (Exhibitioner). For-
merly an Asst. Master in the Khedivial Sch.,
Cairo, under the Ministry of Public Instruction ;
he is now Law Lecturer at the Khedivial Sch.
of Law, Cairo. Mr. Hill is Licencie en Droit,
Paris. He married, in 1902, Mary Agnes, only
dau. of Rev. F. W. Quilter, D.D.

pole Street, London, W., and of the Arts Club
and Royal Institxition of Great Britain, also
Member of the Council of the Royal Colonial
Institute, is the son of the late P. Playne Hillier
of Shortwood, Glos., where he was born in 1858.
He was educated at King William's Coll., Isle
of Man, and Edinburgh Univ. Dr.|Hillier
first went to S.A. as a boy, 'and was ostrich
farming in 1875. He took his B.A. degree
at the Cape Univ. in 1878, and served^ in that
year in the Gaika-Galeka War (medal and clasp).
After the war he went to Edinburgh Univ., taking
his M.B. and C.M. in 1882 and his M.D. in 1884.
After practising for|a couple of years in East
London, C.C., he proceeded to Kimberley as
Resident Surgeon?? to ' : the hospital there, and
afterwards entered into'medical partnership with



Dr. L. S. Jameson. He was Pres. of the S.A.
Medical Congress in 1892. In 1893 Dr. Hillier
went up to Johannesburg, and found time to
take an active part in the politics of the Trans-
raal, being a prominent member of the Reform
Committee, for which he was lodged in Pretoria
gaol, until in May, 1896, he was liberated on
payment of the 2,000 fine. In 1897 he returned
to England. Dr. Hillier is Secy, to the National
Association (of Great Britain) for the Preven-
tion of Consumption, and Consulting Physician
to the London Open Air Sanatorium, and was
nominated by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales in
1899 as one of its representatives at the Tuber-
culosis Congress in Berlin. He was successful
in inducing the National Conference of British
Friendly Societies to send an important deputa-
tion (which he himself accompanied) to Ger-
many to inspect sanatoria and other institu-
tions established and controlled by the German
State Workmen's Insurance Dept., and was
received by the Empress of Germany as an
English delegate to the International Tubercu-
losis Conference. He is also a member of the
Council of the International Bureau for the
Prevention of Tuberculosis, which has its head-
quarters at Berlin, and Vice-Chairman of the
Allied Colonial Universities Conference (1903).

Dr. Hillier is the author of " South African
Studies," and of the historical articles on South
Africa, Transvaal, Orange River Colony, Cape
Colony, and others in the " Encyclopaedia Bri-
tannica " (new volumes, recently published by
" The Times"), and has contributed largely to
our knowledge of S.A. by lectures and articles
in newspapers and reviews. At the General
Election in 1900 he unsuccessfully stood as
Unionist candidate for Stockport, but in
Mch. 1904. he was adopted as Unionist candi-
date for South Beds. He is on the London
Committees of the Robinson, Crown Reef, and
several other well-known Rand Cos. When in
Johannesburg he was a frequent player in the
Rand Polo Club team, of which he was Vice-
Capt. His recreations are now shooting and
golf. Dr. Hillier was married in 1885 to Ethel,
dau. of F. B. Brown, of Queenstown, C.C.

in France, Germany, at Clare Coll. Camb., and
at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. He
was Resident Medical Officer at the North
Stafford Hospital and the Temperance Hospital,
London, 1889-90 ; entered the Congo Free
State service, taking part in the Arab campaign,
18924 (medal and star) ; he explored Upper

Maluga, Lukuga, etc., in 1894. He was ap-
pointed Med. Officer, East Africa Protecto-
rate in Sept. 1895 ; took part in the Mabaruk
Rebellion (medal) ; and was appointed H.M.
Sub-Commissioner, Kenya Province, Apr. 1,

Hindlip Hall, Worcester ; of Alsop-le-Dale,
Derbyshire ; and of the Turf and Bachelors'
Clubs, is the son of the 2nd Baron Hindlip.
He was born Sept. 22, 1877 ; was educated at
Eton and Trinitv Coll., Cambridge, and obtained
his B.A. in 1898. Baron Hindlip was A.D.C.
to the late Governor of Victoria, Baron Brassey,
K.C.B. He was Capt. in the 5th Worcester
Regt., and served in the 8th Hussars in
S.A. 1900-1. He has travelled extensively,
principally in Abyssinia, in 1902, and British
East Africa in 1903, his expeditions being
mainly for the purpose of sport. He married,
Apr. 19, 1904, Agatha Lilian, second dau. of Mr
and Mrs. John Thynne.

wayo, Rhodesia, and of the Badminton Club,
was born at Vienna Nov. 15, 1855, and was
educated in that city. He went to S.A. in
the eighties for the purpose of representing
English and French capital invested in the
Rand. In 1893 he went to Rhodesia, and was
elected the first Mayor of Bulawayo in 1897.
He is Managing Director of Rhodesia Limited,
and other Rhodesian companies. He went
through the Matabele Rebellion in 1896, and
held the rank of Capt. in the Rhodesian
Horse. He married, May 8, 1900, Miss Jeanne
Goldstuecker, of Frankfort o /M.

of C.C., is Member for the Paarl, and one of
the leaders of the Bond. He was with the Boer
forces in the S.A. War (1899-1902), and he openly
referred to the British forces in the Capo House
of Assembly as the enemy. He was last returned
to the House in Feb. 1904.

Estate, 9, Camp Street, Cape Town, and of the
City Club, Cape Town, was born in the capital
of the Colony, July 4, 1845, his father, Jan
Hendrik Hofmeyr, of Cape Town, having been
the descendant of an ancestor of exactly the
same name, who left Eppenburen to settle
in the C.C. in the eighteenth century. The
subject of our sketch was educated at the


S.A. Coll., and began his career as a journalist
on the staff of the " Volksvriend," of which he
afterwards became proprietor. In 1871 he
purchased the " Zuid Afrikaan," amalgamated
the two papers, and thus became the con-
troller of a very powerful press organ. Seven
years later he founded the Boeren Vereeniging
Farmers' Association, starting with purely
local aims, mainly to combat the Excise, but
eventually, in 1883, after many years of rivalry,
this association joined forces with the Afri-
kander Bond, which at first had been hostile to
British rule. But Mr. Hofmeyr rapidly became
the virtual controller of the Bond, and from
that time it was not at any rate officially dis-
loyal, though he has been suspected of a
desire to constitute S.A. an independent
Republic. Mr. Hofmeyr entered the Cape
Legislative Assembly as member for Stellen-
bosch in 1879. He was for a short time a
member of Sir Thomas Scanlen's Ministry with-
out portfolio. He was offered the premiership
in 1884, but declined. In 1887 he was one of the
Cape delegates to the first Colonial Conference in
London, and again at Ottawa in 1894. He
was a member of the Customs Union Conferences
at Cape Town in 1888, and at Bloemfontein in
the following year. In 1890 he acted as H.M.
Special Agent to Pretoria, to induce the Trans-
vaal Govt. to sign the Swaziland Convention,
his success in the matter at the time having
been thought to have averted war. Though
he had retired from active political life in 1894,
he, at the time of the Raid, exercised consider-
able influence over Lord Rosmead, at that
time High Commissioner. He also endeavoured
to act as arbiter during the crisis preceding the
late war, and while retaining the nominal
leadership of the Dutch Afrikander party, who
are devoted to him and believe and trust him
implicitly, he was at one time the hope of the
Moderates and persona grata with the Colonial
Office. He is Chairman of the Afrikander
Bond Committee on Elections. Mr. Hofmeyr
married, Sept. 1, 1900, Johanna Hendriksz,
of Somerset West.

Chambers, Westminster ; Watchers, Hasle-
mere ; and of the St. Stephen's and South
African Clubs ; is third soia of Rev. C. Holland,
Prebendary of Chichester, and for 35 years
Rector of Petworth. He was educated at
Haileybury ; has travelled in S.A., and on
one occasion in Rhodesia shot a wounded
lion which had already charged and knocked

over Cecil Bisset. He was a Director of the
St. Helen's Development Synd., Ltd.. and is
now associated with a few Transvaal Cos.
He married, in 1881, Frances, dau. of Ed.
Livesey, M.D.

basa, E. Africa, was educated at Highgate, St.
Leonards, Switzerland, and Germany. He
was appointed Asst. Collector, East African,
Protectorate, in March, 1897 ; became Col-
lector in June, 1900 ; Acting British Vice-
Consul for German East Africa from Apr. 1900,
to Feb. 1901 ; and Secy, to the Administration,
East African Protectorate, in Apr. 1902.

HOPCRAFT, J. D., spent five months in the
Civil Supply Office at Kimberley, whence he
was transferred to Johannesburg. In 1902 he
was appointed Chief Director of Supplies fcr
the O.R.C.

HOSKEN, WILLIAM, M.L.C., of " Entabene,"
Berea, Johannesburg, and of the National
Liberal and Rand Clubs, was born at Hayle,
Cornwall, July 6, 1851, and is the son of Richard
and Caroline Hosken. He was educated at
Hayle, and had his commercial training with
Wm. Hosken & Son, a well known firm in
Cornwall, now merged in Hosken, Trevi-
thick & Polkinghorn, Ltd. He went to
S.A. early in 1874. ; became a digger at
Pilgrim's Rest ; subsequently went to Natal,
and was engaged in merchant business there
until 1889 ; then went to Johannesburg as
Managing Director of the City and Suburban,
Heriot, Nigel, and other Natal-directed mines ;
became Foundation Executive Committee
Member of the Chamber of Mines ; established
the merchant business of Wm. Hosken & Co.,
and joined the Chamber of Commerce, having
been six times elected Pres. of that Chamber ;
is Lloyds' Agent for Johannesburg and Chair-
man of the Committee of Management of the
British S.A. Explosives Co., Ltd. He has for
years taken a large interest in politics. He
assisted in establishing the National Union in
1892, and was elected to the Executive Com-
mittee ; was Member of the Reform Com-
mittee in 1896, and sentenced to two years'
imprisonment and fined as in the case of the
other prisoners. He was Chairman of the
mass meetings and political demonstrations in
1899, and was unanimously elected Pres. of
the Uitlander Council formed that year. He
was also Chairman of Committee which in 1899



raised Thorneycroft's and Bethune's Mounted
Infantry, and subsequently raised the Imperial
Light Infantry. All these corps were raised
without expense to the Govt. He has served
on various Govt. Commissions during and
since the war ; was a non-official delegate
at the Bloemfontein Customs Union Conference
in March, 1903, and became a Member of the
Legislative Council which commenced its sit-
tings at Pretoria in May, 1903. Mr. Hosken
had the locally unenviable distinction of being
the only non-official member of the Council in
favour of granting the municipal franchise to
coloured persons. He married, Oct. 16, 1877,
Miss Clara James, of Maritzburg.

Bulawayo, and of the Bulawayo Club, was
born at Eaton Socon in 1867, and educated
privately and at the Royal Univ., Ireland.
He went to S.A. for the Argus Co. in 1889,
as editor of the weekly edition of the " Cape
Argus." Early in 1893 he travelled to Fort
Salisbury, Mashonaland, and took the first
printing plant into Rhodesia. In 1894 he
went to Bulawayo, and founded the '' Bula-
wayo Chronicle," and has since resided at Bula-
waj-o. During the Matabele rising (1896) he
acted as Correspondent for Renter's Agency,
" Pall Mall Gazette," and Dalziel's Agency.
At the present time he represents Router's at
Bulawayo. He holds the medal as war corre-
spondent for the Matabele War (1896). At-
tached to the Bulawayo Field Force he did good
service carrying despatches. He is one of the
founders of the first Masonic lodges in Mashona-
land and in Matabeleland. He has been
married twice : first, in 1895, to Evelyn Lydia,
only dau. of the late Mr. Glendinnen, of Staf-
ford. England ; and second, to Agnes, eldest
dau. of the late Geo. Pike Hannaford, of
Newton Abbot, Devon.

M.L.A., of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, is head of
the firm of J. L. Hulett, Ltd., tea planters and
owners of the Kearsney estate. He was elected
in 1883 as Member of the Natal Executive
Council ; has acted as R.M. and Administrator
of Native Law on several occasions ; is senior
Member for Victoria County in the Natal Legis-
lative Assembly, of which he was Speaker until
in Nov. 1902, he resigned in order to take up
the leadership of the opposition in the place of
Mr. J. G. Mayden. He was knighted on the
occasion of the King's Coronation.

at Caledon, C. C., on Nov. 21, I860. He
went to Kirnberley in 1879 ; was in the
Civil Service for a short period, and then be-
came admitted and practised there as a solicitor,
until 1889, when he removed to Johannesburg.
He was one of the members of the Reform Com-
mittee, and with his comrades was sentenced
to two years' imprisonment, to pay a fine of
2,000, and in default of payment to a further
year's imprisonment, and to banishment for
three years. After undergoing imprisonment
for a short period, the sentence was commuted
to the payment of the fine. He assisted Lord
Milner at the Bloemfontein Conference, and
shortly before the war took a prominent part
in the Franchise agitation in Johannesburg.
During the war he assisted in recruiting the
S. A. Light Horse, Marshall's Horse, and
the Eastern Province Horse, and took part
in the column which under Gen. Brabant re-
lieved Wepener. He was appointed one of the
unofficial members of the Legislative Council
of the Transvaal in May, 1903, and was one of
the small minority of four who opposed Sir Geo.
Farrar (q.v.) in his motion in the Council to
import Chinese or other alien labour.

Umtali, Rhodesia, and of the Umtali and Salis-
bury Sporting Clubs, is the son of Edward and
Mary Hulley, and grandson of Richard Hulley,
one of the British settlers of 1820. He was
born May 15, 1860, at Somerset East, C.C.,
and was educated at Grey Coll., Bloem-
fontein, holding the Free State Bursary for two
years. In 1881 he served with the Cradock
Volunteer Rifles, and during this period he saw
active service in Basutoland, receiving medal
and clasp. During a portion of this time
he was ostrich farming in C.C. In 1883 he
commenced trading in East Griqualand, and
continued until 1886, when he left for the
Barberton Gold Fields, and he remained with
the Sheba Gold Mining Co. till 1895. In April
of that year he joined the B.S.A. Co. as Native
Commissioner, and has held this office at Mazoe,
Lomogonde, Melsetter, again at Umtali,
Inyanga, and once more at Umtali. From
Nov. 1902 to Feb. 1903 he acted as Chief Native
Commissioner for Mashonaland, and has on

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