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N.B. North Britain; Nota bene (note well).

N.C. Natal Carabineers.

N.C.O. Non-Commissioned officer.

N.E. North-east.

N.M.P. Natal Mounted Police.

No. Number.

Northants. Northamptonshire.

Nov. November.

N.S.W. New South Wales.

N.W.P. North-West Province.

N.Z. New Zealand.

Oct. October.

O.F.S. Orange Free State.

O.H.M.S. On His (Her) Majesty's Service.

O.M. On Maine, Order of Merit.

O.R.C. Orange River Colon y.

Oxon. Oxford, Oxfordshire.

P.A.G. Prince Alfred' s Guards.

P. and 0. Peninsular and Oriental Steam

Navigation Co.
P.C. Privy Councillor.
P.E. Port Elizabeth.
P.H. Paget's Horse.
Ph. D. Doctor of Philosophy.
P.G.D. Past Grand Director (Masonic).
P.G.M. Past Grand Master (Masonic).
P. M.B. Pietermaritzburg.
P.M.G. Postmaster-General.
P.M.O. Principal Medical Officer.
P.O. Post Office.
Priv. Private.
Prof. Professor.

P.R.S. President of the Royal Society.
P.S.C. Passed Staff College.
Pub. Public.
P.W. Public Works.

Q.C. Queen's Counsel.

Q.M. Quartermaster.

Q.M.G. Quartermaster-General.

Q.M.I. Queenstown Mounted Infantry.

q.v. Quod vide, which see.

R. Royal.

R.A. Royal Academician; Royal Artillery.



Raad. Volksraad.

R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps.

R.E. Royal Engineers.

Regt. Regiment (al).

Rev. Reverend.

R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery.

R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery.

R.H. Roberts' Horse.

R.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery.

R.H.V. Rhodesia Horse Volunteers.

R.M. Royal Marine (s); Resident Magistrate.

R.M.A. Royal Marine Artillery.

R.M. L.I. Royal Marine Light Infantry.

R.M.S. Royal Mail Steamer.

R.N. Royal Navy; Royal Naval.

R.N.R. Royal Naval Reserve.

R.R. Rand Rifles.

R.S.O. Railway Sub-Office.

Rt. Right.

R.V. Rifle Volunteers.

S. South.

s. Son.

S.A. South Africa(n).

S.A.C. South African Constabulary.

S.A. Coll. South African College.

S.A.L.H. South African Light Horse.

S.A.M.I.F. South African Mounted Infantry

S.A.R. South African Republic; South African


S.D. Senior Deacon (Masonic).
Sc.D.Camb. Doctor of Science, Cambridge.
Sch. School ; Scholar.
S.E. South-east ; Stock Exchange.
Sec. Second ; Secretary ; seconded.
Sept. September.
Secy. Secretary.

S.F.F. Somaliland Field Force.

S.H. Scottish Horse.

S.L.F.F. Sierra Leone Field Force.

S.M.O. Senior Medical Officer.

Soc. Society.

Squad. Squadron.

St. Street ; Saint.

S.V.O. Senior Veterinary Officer.

Supt. Superintendent.

Surg. Surgeon.

Surg.-Capt. Surgeon-Captain.

Trans. Transvaal ; translate.

Univ. University.

U.K. United Kingdom.

U.S. United States.

U.S.A. United States of America.

v. Against,
v. van.

V.C. Victoria Cross.

V.D. Veterinary Department; Volunteer Offi-
cers' Decoration,
v.d. van der
Ven. Venerable.
Vice-Pres. Vice-President.
Vol(s). Volume(s).

W. West.

W.A. West Africa(n).

W.A.F.F. West African Field Force.

W.C. West Central.

Wilts. Wiltshire.

W.M.R. Winterberg Mounted Rifles.

Yorks. Yorkshire.



ABBIT, WILLIAM, B.A., F.R.C.I., of College
Road Pietermaritzburg ; son of the late W.
Abbit ; was born Dec. 25, 1872 ; was educated
at Beaumaris Gram. Sch., where he won a
leaving exhibition, and also an exhibition granted
by the Clothworkers Company. He entered
Downing Coll., Camb., graduating with honours
in mathematics in 1892, when he proceeded to
S.A. ; founded a literary society on Berea,
Durban ; founded Sandow Club, Durban ;
became Assist. Master, Govt. Coll., Maritzburg,

P.C., K.G., C.B., of 60 and 61, Green Street, W. ;
Baronscourt, Newtown Stewart, Ireland ; Dud-
dingston House, Edinburgh ; and of the Carlton,
Travellers', Turf, and Marlborough Clubs ; was
born in 1838. He succeeded the first duke in 1885,
and adds to his other titles : Baron of Paisley,
Baron Abercorn, Baron Hamilton, the Earl of
Abercorn, Baron of Strabane, Viscount of
Strabane, Baron Hamilton, Marquess of Aber-
corn, and Marquess of Hamilton He is also
Knt. of the Danneburg Order, of St. Anne of
Russia, and of the Iron Crown of Austria. He
was educated at Harrow and Christ Church,
Oxford, where he graduated M.A. He was
Hon. Col. of Donegal Militia from 1860-91 ;
represented Donegal as Conservative M.P. from
1860-80 ; was Lord of the Bedchamber to the
Prince of Wales from 1866-86 ; and is President
of Ulster Assoc.

For many years, which date from the inception
of the Company, the Duke of Abercorn has taken
a strong personal and political interest in the
Chartered Company, of which he is President,
lending the full weight of his influence and a.
great deal of his time to the development of
Rhodesia. He has travelled through the country
and is in no sense merely a figurehead, his
counsel and advice always carrying great weight
with the directors and shareholders. He married
in 1889 Lady Mary Anna Curzon, dau. of the first
Earl Howe.

ABRAHAMSON, Louis, went to S.A. from
Melbourne as a youth and was engaged in
business in Cape Colony for several years.
Going up to the Rand in the early days, he was
amongst the first to take an interest in floating
the deep levels, including the May Deep, S. Prim-
rose, Wemmer, Worcester, and Robinson Deep.
Returning to the Cape he settled down to farm-
ing in the Somerset East Dist., and in 1894 was
nominated by the Bond to contest Somerset
East, for which constituency he was returned at
the top of the poll. He married in 1892 the
eldest dau. of Hougham Hudson, late C.C. of

(See Goold- Adams.)

ADENDORFF, A. R., M.L.A., was elected
as Bond representative of Fort Beaufort in
the Cape House of Assembly at the general
election in 1904.

HERVEY, C.B. (cr. 1900), of the Marlborough
and Naval and Military Clubs, son of Col. Ed-
ward Mott Alderson, of Poyle House, Ipswich ;
was born in 1859 ; was educated at Ipswich
Gram. Sch. ; entered 97th Regt. 1878, became
Capt. Roy. W. Kent Regt. 1886, Major 1896,
Brevet Lieut.-Col. 1897, and Brevet Col. 1901.
He served in Transvaal Campaign with Mounted
Inf. in 1881, during Egyptian Campaign of
1882, with Mounted Inf., being present at
actions of Mahuta and Masameh, battles of
Kasassin and Tel-el-Kebir, and the occupa-
tion of Cairo (medal with clasp, bronze star),
in Soudan Campaign 1884-5 with Mounted
Inf. Camel Regt., when he was present at the
battles of Abu Klea, El Gubat, and Metemneh
(two clasps). He did good work in Mashona-
land, 1896, with Mounted Inf. and in command
of troops (despatches, medal, Brevet Lieut.-
Col.), and in S. Africa 1899-1901 in command
of 4 different Mounted Inf. Brigs., being present


at relief of Kimberley, battles of Paardeber ,
and Driefontein, and the occupation of Bloem-
fontein and Pretoria, (several times mentioned
in despatches, C.B., A.D.C. to the Bang, Brevet
Col.) ; was D.A.A.G. and Comdg. Mounted
Inf., Aldershot 1897-9 ; appointed to command
Mounted Inf. in S. Africa 1900, Inspector-Gen,
thereof, with rank of Brig. -Gen. ; appointed
Brig. -Gen. -on-Staff Comdg. 2nd Brig. (1st
Div.) 1st Army Corps, 1903 ; has been an
Extra A.D.C. to H.M. Queen Victoria and
H.M. King Edward VII. since 1900 ; received
Royal Humane Society's medal 1885 ; author
of " With the Mounted Infantry and the
Mashonaland Field Force, 1896 "; also of " Pink
and Scarlet, or Hunting as a School for Soldier-
ing." Ho married in 1886, Alice Mary, 2nd
dau. of Rev. O. P. Sergeant.

born Jan. 16, 1873 ; joined the Rifle Brigade
in 1900, and served in the Gold Coast Constab-
ulary and with the West African Frontier Force
in the relief of Kumasi ; made an ornithological
survey on the Gold Coast, and in Sept., 1902,
proceeded to the Benin Islands to investigate
their avifauna. Early in 1894, Lieut.- Boyd
Alexander left England in charge of an expedi-
tion to conduct a survey of part of the eastern
portions of the Northern Nigerian Protectorate,
and also to make zoological collections.

ALEXANDER, LIEUT. G., Scots Guards,
is a brother of Lieut. Boyd Alexander (q.v.),
whom he is accompanying on a survey expedi-
tion to N.E. Nigeria. The party will also
make zoological collections, and will proceed
direct up the Niger to Lokoja, thence along
the Benue, and ultimately to Lake Chad, which
will probably be reached about the end of 1904.

ALLDRIDGE, T. J., J.P., F.R.G.S., F.Z.S.,
F.R.C.I., of Godalming, Surrey ; Government
House, Bonthe, Sherbro, W.C. Africa, and the
Royal Societies Club, was born in 1847 ; is
2nd son of the late R. W. Alldridge, of Old
Charlton, Kent, and was educated at the
Blackheath Proprietary School. He was
Travelling Commissioner for Sierra Leone
1889-93, doing pioneer work to the remote
hinterland, especially in the Upper Mendi
country, placing many of the paramount chiefs
in treaty with the British Govt. He made
peace between the Yonnis and Timinis at
Robari in 1890, and was on other peace missions.
He served through the native rebellion in 1898

(medal and clasp), and was awarded the Cuthbert
Peek grant in 1900 in recognition of his geographi-
cal work in the interior of Sierra Leone. He
is J.P. for the Colony ; Commissioner of the
Court of Requests ; Coroner for Sherbro
District ; Hon. Corresponding Secy, of the
Royal Colonial Institute, and the author of
" The Sherbro and its Hinterland."

of Utrecht, Natal ; was ordained in the Zululand
diocese ; was Priest-in-charge of St. Andrew's
Mission, Lower Tugela ; Priest-in-charge of
Annesdale (Zululand) for three years, and was
then preferred to the living of Utrecht.

AMESHOF, JUDGE ; was formerly Judge of
the High Court of the S.A.R. He was
one of the Commission of three appointed by
the Government of the S.A.R. to confer
with a deputation of the Reformers with a view
to an amicable settlement of differences being
arrived at. In giving evidence subsequently
at the preliminary examination of the Reformers
he refused to say anything which might be to
the advantage of the prisoners, on the ground
that the meeting was privileged. His objection
was sustained by the Court, who ruled that the
interview was privileged as far as the
Government was concerned, but not in so far
as it could benefit the Reformers.

Jud a e Ameshof, in common with the Chief
Justice and Mr. Gregorowski, made a stand
against the provisions of Law I. of 1897 (vide
particulars under Gregorowski), in consequence
of which he was summarily dismissed.

Uhlenhorst, Rondebosch, Cape Colony, and the
Imperial Colonies Club ; was born in London
Jan. 1, 1852 ; was educated at the Philological
School, Marylebone, and King's Coll., London.
He was one of the only two who passed the first
exam, of the English Bankers' Inst., and is Secy.
in Cape Town of the Standard Bank of S.A. He
won the sculling championship of Hamburg in
1874, and is Vice-Pres. of the Mountain Club of
S.A. In Feby. 1902, he rescued three N.C.O.'s
from a perilous position on Devil's Peak, Cape
Town, after 55 hours' detention on a narrow
ledge, receiving the thanks of the Chief Army
Paymaster and Staff with a presentation.
During the late S.A. War he was Capt. in the
Town Guard, Cape Town. He is an Assoc. of
the Inst. of Bankers ; mem. of the Philoso-
phical Society (C.T.) ; mem. of the S.A. Assoc.


for the Advancement of Science, and is Past
Grand Warden of the Provincial Grand Lodge
of S.A.

represents Cape Town in the Progressive interest
in the House of Assembly ; he was last elected
at the general election in 1904.

J.P., of Bathurst, the Gambia; of 71, Bishop's
Mansions, Bishop's Park Rd., S.W. ; and of
the Grosvenor Club ; eldest son of Capt. F. G.
Archer, late of the Commissariat Dept. by a niece
of Sir Henry Fox Dristowe, late Vice Chancellor
of the Duchy of Lancaster, and grandson of
Commissary-Gen. Archer ; was born in British
Honduras Aug. 1, 1868. In Feb., 1894, joined
the Colonial Service, as Principal Clerk, Col.
Secy's office, Gold Coast ; promoted Chief
Clerk 1896, and acted as Asst. Col. Secy., Clerk
of Executive and Legislative Councils. He held
a Commission in the Gold Coast Volunteers,
acting as Adjt. for some time. He holds a
Field Officer's certificate. In 1897 he was
transferred to Lagos as Asst. Col. Secy. ; 1st
Asst. in 1899, and had charge of the Dept. during
the various periods when Sir Geo. Denton (q.v.)
administered the Govt. between 1899 and 1902 ;
he acted as Col. Treasurer, as Member of the
Legislative and Executive Councils, and was
appointed Receiver-Gen, of the Gambia, Jan.,

1903. He acted as Col. Secy. Feb.-Aug, 1903,
is J.P. for the Colony. He married, Mch. 15,

1904, Daisy, youngest dau. of the late Dr. J.
G. Thompson, D.D., M.A.

ASCHAM, ROGER, Organist to the Munici-
pality of Port Elizabeth, of Harrowdale, Have-
lock St., Port Elizabeth, and of the Deutsche
Liedertafel Club ; was born at Bonner Rd.,
Victoria Park, Aug. 28, 1864, and was educated
at the Royal Normal College of Music for the
Blind, Upper Norwood. Mr. Aschaxn comes
of musical parents, and received his first tuition
in music when six years old at the hands of his
mother. A few years later he joined the choir
of St. Clement's, Bournemouth, studying under
the church organist, Dr. Linter. On the
departure of Dr. Linter, he succeeded him as
organist at the age of thirteen years, and held
the post for two years. As the services of St.
Clement's were " high " and the music some-
what elaborate, the youthful organist might
have justly been regarded as an infant prodigy.
After leaving Bournemouth the young musician

went to the Royal Normal College in Upper
Norwood as music reader, where he remained
3^ years, teaching the piano during his last
year. At this time he was studying under
Fritz Hartvigson and Dr. Hopkins, choral
singing under W. H. Cummings, and harmony
under H. C. Banister. After leaving the
College Mr. Ascham became Organist and
Choirmaster of All Saints' Church, Wellington,
Northamptonshire, and during this period
frequently gave recitals at Northampton,
Kettering and Oundle. In 1890 he went
to S.A. having accepted the post of
Music Master to the Girls' Collegiate
School at Port Elizabeth, which position he
holds at the present day, together with the
Organship of Trinity, the principal church at
the Bay. Mr. Ascham holds the appointment
of Town Organist at Port Elizabeth and is
doing splendid work in giving Sunday evening
Organ Recitals at the Feather Market. He
has written a large number of compositions,
of which over seventeen are published. They
include works for the piano, violin, organ and
violoncello, and German and English songs.
One of his most popular compositions for the
organ is entitled "Slumber and Rest;" of his
songs two favourites are " Annable Lee'' and
" Ich Liebe Dich." He married first, July 20,
1885, Margaret Jane Reece, a former student of
the Royal Normal College, who was blind (died
1897), and secondly Miss Alice Thompson,
formerly of Wellingboro'.

fontein, O.R.C., was born Feb. 6, 1865. He is
son of John Woodgate Ashburnham, belonging
to an old Sussex family, whose ancestor, Bertram
Ashburnham, was Constable of Dover Castle
at the time of the conquest, and was beheaded
by the Conqueror immediately after his acces-
sion. Mr. J. A. Ashburnham was educated
at Lancing Coll., and Exeter Coll., Oxford.
In 1888 he was appointed Secy, to the British
Bechuanaland Administration. He was Asst.
Commissioner, Bechuanaland Protectorate,
1895-1901, Actg. Resident Commissioner 1901,
and became Resident Magistrate at Bloemf ontein
in the same year. This position he still holds.
He accompanied the High Commissioner to
the conferences between H. E. and the Pres.
of the late S.A.R. at Brignant's Pont in March,
1890, and at Colesburg in April, 1893, and was
Chairman of the Land Laws Enquiry Commission,
O.R.C., Oct., 1901. He married, June 20,
1894, Jean, dau . of the late Rev. R. Price.


C.E., M. R.C.I., of Grahamstown (Cape Colony),
and of the Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, and
Albany (Grahamstown) Clubs ; was born at
Grahamstown June 20, 1843 ; is son of the late
Hon. W. G. Atherstone, M.D., M.L.C., and
was educated at St. Andrew's Coll., Grahams-
town, and King's Coll., London, of which he is
an Associate. Mr. Atherstone was employed
as engineer to the Cape Govt. Railways from
July, 1873, to Dec. 31, 1896, when his services
were transferred to the Railway Dept. of the
O.F.S., of which he was Chief Engineer until
March, 1900, when this office was abolished
and he was pensioned. However, he is now
re-employed by the Cape Govt. as engineer
in charge of the Alexandria Surveys.

ATHERSTONE, W. J., of Rhodesia, was
selected at the latter end of 1903 for the office
of Surveyer-Gen. of S. Rhodesia in succession
to Mr. J. M. Orpen (q.v.).

ATKINSON, LEWIS, of the African and
Imperial Service Clubs, was born Sept. 20, 1855,
in London. He was educated privately, and
entered into business with a firm of diamond
and precious stone cutters. In 1881 the free-
dom of the City of London was conferred upon
him, and later he received the Livery of the
Worshipful Company of Turners. In 1886 he
managed the Diamond Washing, Cutting, and
Polishing Works in the Cape Court of the Colonial
and Indian Exhibition, and in 1889 was
manager of the Diamond Cutting Works at the
Glasgow Exhibition. He took charge of the
De Beers and Cape Govt. exhibits at the Paris
Exhibition in 1900, and was afterwards manager
of the International Exhibition at Kimberley.
In 1902 he was appointed Emigration Officer
to the Cape Govt. in London.

P.C., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., Camb., Edin. and
Dubl., and M.D.,Wurzburg, of High Elms, Down,
Kent ; King Gate Castle, Kingsgate, Thanet ; 6,
St. James' Sq. ; and of the Athenaeum, National
Liberal, and City Liberal Clubs : born April
30, 1834, at 29, Eaton Place, educ. at Eton,
represented the constituency of Maidstone
1870-80, and the Univ. of London in the
Unionist interest 1880-1900. He is the
head of the great banking house of Robarts,
Lubbock & Co., and was the second Pres. of
the African Society. Lord Avebury is known
in the literary world as the author of " The

Scenery of England," " The Scenery of Switzer-
land," " The Use of Life," " The' Beauties of
Nature," "The Pleasures of Life," (Parts I
and II), " British Wild Flowers Considered in
Relation to Insects," " Flowers, Fruit and
Leaves," " The Origin and Metamorphoses of
Insects," " On Seedlings," " Ants, Bees and
Wasps," " On the Senses, Instincts, and In-
telligence of Animals," " Chapters in Popular
Natural History," " Monograph on the Col-
lembola and Thysanura," " Prehistoric Times,"
" The Origin of Civilization and the Primitive
Condition of Man," " On Representation,"
" On Buds and Stipules," " La Vie des Plantes,"
" Coins and Currency," " Scientific Lectures,"
and ' ; Fifty Years of Science," being the
Address delivered to the British Association
in 1881. Many of these works are translated
into foreign languages, including Russian,
Polish, Bohemian, Estonian, Greek, Arabic,
Hindustani, Gujerati, Mahrattee and Japanese,
but more popularly he will be remembered
when he was simply Sir John Lubbock (the
4th Bart.), as having selected the "hundred
best books " published by Messrs. Harms-
worth. He is also the author of over 100
Memoirs published by the Royal and other
scientific societies. The German Order " Pour
le Merite " was conferred upon him in 1902.
Lord Avebury has been twice married : first,
in 1856 to Miss Hordern, dau. of the
Rev. P. Hordern; and second, in 1881, to Miss
Fox-Pitt-Rivers, dau. of Gen. Fox -Pitt-Rivers.

BADENHORST, F., M.L.A., sits in the Cape
House of Assembly as member for Swellendam.
He belongs to the S.A. Party, and was last
elected in Feb., 1904.

BADENHORST, J. F., M.L.A., represents
the constituency of Riversdale in the Cape
House of Assembly, and is a supporter of the
Bond. He was returned unopposed at the
General Election in 1904.

BAILEY, ABE, M.L.A., J.P. (Sussex), D.L.
(City of London), Capt. Sussex Imp. Yeomanry,
of Yewhurst, East Grinstead ; Clewer House,
Johannesburg ; and of the Raleigh, Wellington,
Rand, Kimberley and Civil Service (C.T.)
Clubs ; was born in Cape Colony in 1865. He
is only son of T. Bailey (q.v.), was educated
in England, and proceeded first to Barberton
and then to Johannesburg in the early days,
and soon acquired large mining interests. He


was an active member of the Reform Com-
mittee ; was tried for high treason against the
Govt. of the late S.A.B. ; was imprisoned, and
only released on payment of the generally
imposed fine of 2,000.

At the commencement of the S.A. War he
served as Intelligence Officer with Lord Roberts,
and took a prominent part in the formation
and organization of Roberts' Horse and the
S.A. Light Horse, largely contributing to
the expense of their equipment, and after-
wards proceeded to the front with the rank of
Major as second in command with Gorringe's
Flying Column, which he was also partly instru-
mental in raising. After the war (in Oct., 1902),
he was appointed to the command of Kitchener's
Fighting Scouts. Mr. Bailey entered the
arena of Cape Colonial politics in 1902, when he
was elected unopposed in the Progressive
interest for Barkly West the only constituency
which the late Cecil Rhodes ever represented
in the Cape Legislative Assembly. He was
re-elected at the general election in Feb., 1904.
He is Whip of the Progressive Party. He is a
keen patron of all forms of sport ; racing in
both S. Africa and England, and indulges par-
ticularly in shooting and cricket. He was
elected Pres. of the Wanderers' Club (Johannes-
burg) in 1902, and is a member of the M.C.C.
and many other sporting clubs. He married
Caroline, elder dau. of John Paddon, who died
in 1902, leaving him with two children : John
Milner (godson of Lord Milner), and Cecil
Marguerite Sidwell (godchild of the late Cecil

BAILEY, AMOS, M.L.A., represents the con-
stituency of Woodstock in the Progressive
interest in the Cape House of Assembly, and
was last elected in Feb., 1904.

BAILEY, THOMAS, of Queenstown, Cape
Colony, was born in the parish of Keighley,
Yorks., Jan. 30, 1836, where he was educated.
He went to the Cape in 1858, and settled in
Craddock, subsequently removing to the
Albany 'District, to Bailey Junction, and
finally to Queenstown, where he established a
large wholesale general business.

He was returned to the Cape Legislative
Council as senior member of the Eastern Circle
at the general election in 1888, and was Mayor
of Queenstown in 1887-8-9. Mr. Bailey
married Annie, dau. of Peter McEwan, of
Muthill, Crieff, Perthshire, by whom he has
one son, Abe (q.v.) and three daughters.

Constitutional Club, London, and of the Rand
and New Clubs, Johannesburg, was born at
Port Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 1864. He is son
of Samuel Bain, whose father, Thomas Bain
(of the East India Co.'s Service) settled in 1850
at Port Elizabeth, where he was a prominent
citizen and Councillor and was Mayor (twice)
and District Grand Master of the Eastern
Province Masonic Lodge. Mr. C. A. O. Bain
was educated at Grey Institute, P.E., and at
Driffield Coll., Yorks. In 1886 he made an
attempt to open up the Millwood Goldfields
at Knysna, but recognizing that those fields
were doomed to failure, went to the Transvaal
in Dec., 1887, and became associated with the
African Estates group in 1894. In 1898, with
the intention of retiring from business, he
returned to England, but became Chairman of
the Estate Finance and Mines Corporation in
London, finally returning in 1893 to S.A. as
Managing Director of that Company in Johan-

Mr. Bain used to be prominent in football
and gymnastics, and was one of the founders
of the Olympic F.C., the most important in the
Eastern Province. He was Pres. of the Musical
Section of the Wanderers' Club, 1888-9, and
Acting-Pres. of the Transvaal Game Protection
Society. He married, Feb. 2, 1887, Jane
Treadwell, youngest dau. of D. G. de Villiers
of Beaufort" West, C.C.

of Geo. Peacock Bainbridge, of Dutton Hall,

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