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are country walks and genealogical research.
He married, March, 1895, Fanny Maud Therese
Lablache, elder dau. of Count Luigi cle la Blache,

^ LITTLEJOHN, ROBERT, of 8, Cavendish
Square, London, W., and of the Constitutional,
Caledonian, and Gresham Clubs, is the son of
the late Robert Littlejohn, Castle Douglas,
N.B., and was born in 1855. He began his
business career in the service of the Bank of
Scotland, and went to S.A. in 1883 to take up
a banking appointment there. He was Gen.
Manager of the African Banking Corporation in
S.A. from 1891 to the end of 1900, when he
joined the Board of Directors of that bank in
London. He is also a director of other cos.
connected with S.A. His recreations are golf,
shooting, etc.

LLEWELLYN, Cricketer, was born in S.A.
He made his first appearance in important
cricket at Pietermaritzburg in 1896 against
Lord Hawke's XI. In 1899 he went to Eng-
land to qualify for Hampshire, for which county
against the Australians he scored 90 in his
first innings, and took 7 wickets. In 1890
he showed good form against the West Indians,
taking 13 wickets and making over 50
runs in one of his innings. In 1902 he dis-
played good form also against the Australians,
clean bowling Clem Hill for and 7. In addition
to his left-handed bowling, he is a brilliant
field at mid-off and a dashing bat.

Hersham Cottage, Walton-on-Thames, and of
White's Club, was born Nov. 24, 1871, at the
Court, Langford, East Somerset, and is son of
Col. Evan H. Llewellyn, M.P. He was educated
at sea on H.M.S. Britannia (1884), and was
midshipman in the Royal Navy from 1888 to
1890, during which period he saw active service
on the East Coast of Africa in the suppression
of the slave trade (despatches). From the
Navy he joined the British S.A. Police, serving

as Artillery Officer throughout the Mata-
bele War of 1893-4 (despatches). In 1896
he was appointed J.P. (Rhodesia) and received
his Captaincy in the B.S.A. Police, and on the
outbreak of the second Matabele War in that
year he took command of the company's artil-
lery, greatly distinguishing himself on more
than one occasion by his gallantry and presence
of mind in " tight places," being recommended
by Gen. Sir Fred. Carrington for the coveted
V.C. He continued fighting through the
operations in Mashonaland, which were con-
cluded in 1897. Capt. Llewellyn served
through the Anglo-Boer War from the com-
mencement in 1899, commanding the armoured
trains north of Maf eking until Jan., 1900, when
he took over the command of Col. Plumer's
artillery until the relief of Mafeking, in con-
nection with which he was decorated with the
D.S.O. Transferring to the S.A. Constabulary,
he was appointed Comdt. of the Lichten-
burg District (until Dec., 1902) and J.P. for
the Transvaal. He married, Oct. 20, 1902,
Winifred Lady Ross, youngest dau. of A.
Berens, of Castlemead, Windsor.

is a member of the Cape Legislative Council
for the North-west Province.

LOCKIE, JOHN, M.P., J.P., of Stonehall,
Stonehouse, Devon ; Buston Hall, Lesbury,
[ R.S.O., Northumberland ; and of the Royal
Societies Club ; is son of John Lockie by
his wife Elizabeth Laidlaw Smythe ; was born
July 30, 1863, and was educated at George
Watson's Coll., Edinburgh, afterwards com-
mencing his commercial career with a Glasgow
shipowner's firm. In 1892 he established
works at Jarrow-on-Tyne for the manufacture
of brass and copper tubes and engineering
accessories. He is the owner of the Planet
line of ships, is Chairman of the National Indus-
trial Assoc., and of the S.A. Trade Committee,
of which he guaranteed the expenses, most of
which he actually defrayed. He was elected
Conservative M.P. for Devonport, Oct. 22, 1902.
Mr. Lockie is keen on sports and the collection
of curios. He married, in 1893, Annie, dan. of
John Farrell.

Molesey, Surrey, was born on Jan. 18, 1865, at
Glasgow, and was educated at Hut chinson's Sch.,
Glasgow, and the Friedrich Wilhelm Univ.,
Germany. In the early days of Johannesburg



he was prominently associated with municipal
affairs and exercised very considerable interest.
Any candidate for the Town Council or the Volks-
raad who had his support was invariably
elected. Mr. Loewenthal writes trenchantly
on financial subjects. He collects 18th century
English furniture and old Nankin porcelain,
and makes gardening his hobby.

of Cape Town ; Tweedside Lodge, Matjesfontein,
C.C. ; Dalguise Castle, Perthshire, Scotland ; and
of the City Club, C.T. ; is the son of Mr.
James Logan, of Reston, Berwickshire, where
he was born Nov. 26, 1857. He was educated
at Reston, and started life as a railway clerk
on the North British Railway. He then went
to sea as an apprentice on a sailing ship, and
was wrecked at Simons Town twenty-five
years ago. Joining the Cape Govt. Railway
service as porter, he came to be stationmaster,
at the then new Cape Town Station, and worked
through the different grades of the service
until he was appointed Dist. Superintendent
over the railway from Touws River to Prince
Albert Road. Leaving the railway service,
he purchased the Frere Hotel, Touws River,
started a wholesale wine and spirit store in
Cape Town, and soon became refreshment and
advertising contractor on the Cape Govt.,
O.F.S, and Rhodesian Railway systems.
Matjesfontein, on the Karoo, he transformed
from a state of barrenness to a condition of
fertility by means of diamond drilling for
water, converting the locality into a charming
residential resort. His gardens at Matjes-
fontein and Tweedside, where he has also been
successful in boring for water, now contain
orchards unequalled in the Colony.

Mr. Logan was elected Member of the Cape
Legislative Assembly for Worcester in 1894,
and in 1898 was returned as the representative
for the N.W. Circle in the Legislative Council,
where he sits in the Progressive interest. During
the late Boer War he raised and commanded
a corps of District Mounted Troops, and was
present at the engagements of Belmont, Modder
River, Rensburg, etc. He is a keen sportsman,
a first-class shot, and very fond of cricket. He
was instrumental in bringing Lord Hawke's
cricket teams of 1894 and 1898 to S.A., and
conducted at his own expense the tour of the
S.A. Amateur Cricket XI in 1901, which showed
up very creditably. Mr. Logan married, Sept. 9,
1878, Emma, dau. of C. H. Haylett, of
Cape Town.

ber of the Cape Legislative Assembly for the
Province of Jansenville, having been last elected
in Feb. 1904. He is a member of the Bond.

F.R.G.S., was born at Pietermaritzburg in 1854.
Left to his own resources very early in life, and
having poor health, he went to Pretoria in 1872,
and entered the Deeds Office of the S.A.R. in
1873, becoming Master and Registrar of the
High Court under the British Administration
after the annexation. In the Boer war of in-
dependence he was second in command of the
Pretoria Rifles who were besieged in Pretoria.
On the Transvaal regaining self-government,
Mr. Loveday's services were dispensed with,
though he subsequently held important positions
in the Transvaal. He was elected unopposed
member of the First Volksraad for the Bar-
berton Goldfields in 1890 and 1891, and was
the only member of the Chamber of British
descent. He was a strenuous opponent of the
Krtiger regime and its attendant abuses. In the
sessions of 1893 and 1894 he rendered great, ser-
vices to the Progressives, and in the course of
the debate on the Franchise in 1895 he dealt
exhaustively with the question, and exhorted
the Raad to appeal to the country on the matter.
He is a member of the First Legislative Council
of the Transvaal Colony and director of several
public cos.

Africa ; of Storridge Vicarage, Malvern, and of
the Junior, Athenaeum, and Northumberland
County Clubs, was born 1857 at Winslow Hall,
Buckinghamshire. He was educated at Rugby,
and Heidelburg Univ., where he graduated M.A.,
M.B., and D.C.L. He joined the Govt. service
in 1890 ; was Collector of Customs 1891, and
Acting Treasurer and Colonial Secy, on various
occasions. He served on the Boundary Com-
mission in Paris, 1898.

LOWREY, FRANCIS, B.A., of 16, Cheyne
Walk, Chelsea, and of the United University and
Union Clubs, was born at Barmoor, Northumber
land, in 1856 ; was educated at Rugby and New
Coll., Oxon. (1st class Modern History School
and B.A. 1878). He was called to the Bar, Inner
Temple, in 1880, and was for some time a member
of the North-Eastern Circuit. He was subse-
quently a partner in the publishing firm of Swan,
Sonnenschein & Co., and afterwards went to
Johannesburg in 1889 ; joined the Reform Com-



mittee in 1895-6 ; was arrested for his participa-
tion in that movement, but did not undergo trial
or imprisonment. He is a director of the Con-
solidated Goldfields of S.A.

LOWTHER, CLATJDE, M.P., of H. 3, the
Albany, Piccadilly, W., and of the Carl ton, Gar-
rick, St. James', Marlborough, and Bachelors'
Clubs, is the son of Capt. F. W. Lowther, R.N.,
and was born in 1870. He was educated at
Rugby and Fribourg, and was an Attache in the
Diplomatic Service for some years. He held a
Captaincy in the Cumberland and Westmore-
land Yeomanry and served witli the Imperial
Yeomanry in S.A. He was appointed A.D.C.
to Sir Charles Warren, who recommended
him for the V.C. for saving the life of a comrade
at the battle of Fabers Put. He successfully
contested the Eskdale division of Cumberland in
1900. Capt. Lowther is a well known litterateur
and dramatist. His play, the " Gordian. Knot,"
at Her Majesty's will be well within the public

ment House, N. Nigeria, was born at Woolwich,
Kent, is the dau. of Major-Gen. George Shaw,
C.B., by Marie Adrienne Junot Desfontaines,
and was edxicated privately. She is the author
of " Castle Blair " and other books.

In 1890 she joined the staff of the " Times,"
and was for ten years head of the colonial dept.
of that paper, which post she resigned in 1900.
Lady Lugard always took a great and active
interest in S.A. matters, and was believed to
receive a large share of the late Cecil Rhodes'
confidence in respect of his political schemes for
the development of S.A. She gave long and
important evidence before the Commission which
inquired into the events leading up to the
Jameson Raid. She was married, June 11, 1902,
to Gen. Sir Frederick Lugard (q.v.).

TRY, K.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O., Brig. -Gen. and
High Commissioner for Northern Nigeria ; of
Little Parkhurst, Abinger, Surrey ; of Govt.
House, Northern Nigeria, West Africa ; and of
the St. James', Junior Army and Navy, and the
Royal Soc. Clubs, is the son of the Rev. F. G.
Lugard, and was born at Fort St. George, Madras.
Educated at Rossel and Sandhurst, he entered
the Army in 1878, and served with the 9th Foot
in the Afghan War of '79-80, and was present at
the engagement of Saidabad, receiving the
Afghan medal. He was promoted Capt. in the

Norfolk Regt. in 1885, and served in the Sudan
in that year with the Indian Transport, receiving
the medal and clasp and bronze star, and with
the Burmese Expedition in 1886, when he was
mentioned in despatches and received medal and
clasp. In 1888 he was again on active service,
being in the Nyassaland operations, when he was
severely wounded, and with the Imperial East
Africa Co.'s Troops in Uganda in 1889-92,
obtaining medal for his services. In the years
1894-5-6 he commanded the expedition sent by
the Niger Co. into the interior. Sir Frederick
Lugard has done great services to the Empire
and to civilization, and as a soldier, administra-
tor and explorer he will be numbered amorig
those who during the Victorian era have done so
much to consolidate and extend British influence
and power in Africa. Particularly may be in-
stanced his able report to the Administrator of
the British East Africa Co. at that critical period
in 1892, when Mr. Gladstone's Govt. was about
to abandon Uganda. This report did much to
strengthen the cause of the Anti-Evacuationist
party. Whilst in Nyassaland he was unremitting
in his efforts to suppress the Arab slave trade,
waging a perpetual war against the traders for
that purpose. He was Commissioner in Lagos
Hinterland and Comdt. West African Fron-
tier Force in 1897. He married, June 11,
1902, Flora (q.v.), dau. of Major-Gen. George
Shaw, C.B., and grand-dau. of the Right Hon.
Sir Frederick Shaw, Bart.

F.G.S., of Gezira, Cairo, and of the Army and
Navy Club, was born in London Oct. 11, 1864.
He is son of Gen. T. C. Lyons, C.B., was educated
at Wellington Coll., Berks., passing into the
Royal Engineers, from which he has now retired .
He is Director-Gen, of the Survey Dept. of
Egypt ; has published report on the Island and
Temples of Philae, and has also contributed
articles on Egypt and Cairo in the supplementary
volumes of the " Encyclopaedia Britannica." He
married, July 8, 1896, Miss Helen Julia Hardwick.

GERALD, K.C.B., of 28, Grosvenor Road, S.W.,
and of the Army and Navy and Brooks' Club*,
is the third son of the 4th Baron Lyttelton; was
born at Hagley, Worcestershire, Oct. 28, 1S4.>,
and was educated at Eton, where he played in the
Cricket XI. in 1862-3-4, and was keeper of the
Wall Football in 1863. He won the 100 yards
at Eton in 1863, and played racquets and lawn
tennis. Since his schooldays Sir Neville has



continued to play cricket for many years, chiefly
regimental and military, and has had a good
deal of large and small game shooting. He
joined the Rifle Brigade in Jan. 1865, becoming
Lieut.-Col. commanding a battalion in Dec.,
1892. He has held the following Staff appoint-
ments : A.D.C. to Earl Spencer, Lord-Lieut, of
Ireland, 1868-73; Private Secy, to Mr. Childers,
Secy, of State for War 1880-2; A.D.C. to Sir
John Adye, Chief of Staff. Egyptian Campaign,
1882; Mil. Secy, to Sir John Adye, Governor of
Gibraltar, 1883-5; Mil. Secy, to Lord Reay,
Governor of Bombay, 1885-90; A.A.G., War
Office, 1895-97; Asst.-Mil. Secy. 1897-9 ; Brig.-
Gen. Khartum Campaign, 1898; Major-Gen.
Infantry Brigade, Aldershot, 1899 ; Major-Gen.
4th Infantry Brigade, S.A., 1899-1900; Lieut.-
Gen. 2nd and 4th Divisions in the N.E.
Transvaal, C.C., and O.R.C., commanding in
Natal, 1900-02; Lieut.-Gen. commanding Trans-
vaal and O.R.C. from 1902 to Feb. 1903, and
commanded the troops inS. A. from that date until,
under the new Army reorganization scheme, he
returned to England early in 1904 to become one
of the two military members of the Cabinet
Defence Committee. Gen. Lyttelton saw active
service in the Fenian raid in Canada in 1866
(medal and clasp), Jowaki Expedition 1877
(medal and clasp), Egyptian War 1882, when he
was present at Tel-el-Kebir (medal and clasp,
bronze star, 4th class Osmanieh, brevet of Lieut.-
Col.), Khartum Expedition 1898, including the
battle of Khartum (Egyptian medal and clasp
and medal, was promoted Major-Gen, and
thanked by the Houses of Parliament). His
fighting in the S.A. War, 1899-1902, in-
cluded the campaign in Natal, the operations in
Eastern and N.E. Transvaal against de Wet, and
the operations on the Natal border (medal with
clasps for Tugela Heights, Relief of Lady-
smith, Laing's Nek, Belfast, C.C. and O.R.C. ;
also the King's medal and two clasps)
He was further promoted to Lieut.-Gen.,
and made K.C.B. He was eight times mentioned
in despatches and received the Good Service
Reward. His other services abroad includes
twelve years in India. Sir Neville married, Oct.
1, 1883, Katharine Sara, dau. of the Rt. Hon.
James Stuart Wortley.

MAASDORP, G. H., M.L.A., was formerly
member of the Cape Legislative Council for the
Midland Circle. At the general election in Feb.
1904, he was returned to the Lower House as
member for Graaff-Reinet. He is a supporter
of the Bond.

Sierra Leone, is of African parentage, and only
son of J. B. McCarthy, J.P., N.J., a merchant
of Freetown ; was educated at the Grammar
Sch., Freetown, at Wesley Coll., Sheffield, Eng- ;
and is Barrister-at-Law and Common Law
Scholar of the Inner Temple (1879). He was
appointed Queen's Advocate of Sierra Leone and
Mem. of Exec, and Legislative Councils and of
the Board of Education of that Colony, 1889-95 ;
was appointed Admiralty Advocate of Sierra
Leone by the Lords Commissioners of the Ad-
miralty ; Escheator of Sierra Leone, 1893 ;
Acting Chief Justice, May to Sept., 1893, and
May to Aug., 1894 ; Solicitor-Gen. Gold Coast
Colony since 1895 ; and Acting Puisne Judge of
the Gold Coast, 1895, 1898 and 1902 ; Acting
Attorney-Gen., 1895 and 1899 ; sole Law Officer
of the Crown, 1900 and 1902. When Queen's
Advocate he accompanied the Administrator,
Maj. Crooks, on a special mission to Monrooia to
congratulate Pres. Cheeseman on his inaugura-
tion, and received a Knight Commandership of
the Liberian Order of African Redemption, but
was not permitted to accept it. He married :
first, Lillie, dau. of the late Councillor Vivian, of
Hull, Eng. ; and second, Alice Maude, dau. of
Surgeon-Major Davies (retired).

F.S.A., of Krugersdorp, and the West Rand Club,
Krugersdorp, was born at Dublin, Aug. 10, 1864.
He is the eldest son of the late Lieut.-Col. T. E.
McClintock, of the Army Pay Dept., and nephew
of the famous Arctic explorer, Admiral Sir Leo-
pold McClintock. Capt. McClintock was edu-
cated at the Public High Sch,, Dublin, and
proceeded to S.A. at the age of 21, joining the
Education Dept. of the Natal Civil Service. He
subsequently took up an appointment in the
Cape Forestry Dept. ; went to the Transvaal in
1895, where he acted as secy, to some mining
groups, and became identified with the Krugers-
dorp branch of the S.A. League. At the out-
break of the late war he joined the Prince Alfred's
Guards as Sec. -Lieut., this being the only per-
manent Colonial Corps which is entitled to carry
its colours into action a privilege obtained for
the regt. by the late Duke of Edinburgh, after
whom it is named. At the close of hostilities,
he retired with the permanent rank of Capt. , in
recognition of services rendered during the
Anglo-Boer War. He then returned to the
Transvaal, where he is engaged in secretarial
duties in connection with the Commission in-
vestigating Burgher Claims upon the Imperial



Govt. He married, Aug. 10, 1896, Miss F. L'
Soundy, dau. of J. T. Soundy, of Cradock, Cape

(Natal Carbineers), C.M.G., J.P., of Redlands,
Maritzburg, and of the Victoria Club, P.M.B.,
was born at Maritzburg June 6, 1855. He is son
of John Macfarlane, late R.M. of Natal, and was
educated at the High Sch., P.M.B. He served
in the Zulu War in 1878-9, and was besieged in
Ladysmith in 1900. He was Mayor of Maritz-
burg, 1898-1902 ; Deputy-Mayor for that town,
1903-3 ; and was made J.P. in 1902. Col.
Macfarlane has taken keen interest in cricket,
football and shooting, and possesses a fine col-
lection of S.A. big game. He married, Dec.
1888, Mary Maria, dau. of Walter Macfarlane,
late Speaker of the Natal Legislative Council.

Johannesberg and the Natal Club, P.M.B. ,
is the eldest son of the late Alexander Mackenzie,
Highland Clan historian and founder of " Celtic
Magazine " and " Scottish Highlander," Inver-
ness, and Emma Sarah, eldest dau. of the late
Thomas Whitaker Rose, of Bath. He was born
at Ipswich Feb. 25, 1867, and was educated at
the Royal Academy. Raining's Coll., Inverness,
and Glasgow Univ. He commenced his busi-
ness career as private secy, to the late Dr.
Charles Frazer Mackintosh, M.P. for Inverness-
shire. Passing his final examination as a Scots
solicitor in 1899, he joined the clerical staff of
Crofters' Commission for 12 months, commencing
practice as solicitor in Inverness in April, 1890.
In 1896 he went to S.A. and entered journalism,
passing successfully through various stages until
he became acting editor of the " South African
Telegraph " (Cape Town). His other journalistic
positions include that of sub-editor and acting-
editor of " The Press " (Pretoria) ; asst.-editor
of the " Durban Star " ; asst.-editor, joint-editor
and editor of the " Cape Mercury " (King Wil-
liam's Town) ; sub-editor, " Cape Daily Tele-
graph " (Port Elizabeth); asst.-editor "Cape
Register " (Cape Town) ; sub-editor, " Times
of Natal)" (Pietermaritzburg) ; and finally asst.
news-editor, " Rand Daily Mail " (Johannes-
burg). On the outbreak of war he joined the
Cape Town Highlanders as private and rose to
the rank of corporal ; he served at Kuils River,
Mulder's Vlei, Tulbagh Road, Belmont, Douglas
and Modder River. In Sept. 1900, he was ap-
pointed Asst. -Manager at Maf eking of Western
Division of the Imperial Transport Service. For

some time during 1901 he was attached to the
Army Service Corps at Army Headquarters at
Pretoria as shorthand writer to the Director of
Supplies. He is now Lieut, in the Natal Royal
Regt. and on the Reserve of Officers, and
has the S.A. War (Queen's) medal with three
clasps. He is the author of " Yachting and
Electioneering in the Hebrides " and " Old In-
verness " ; also of several articles and poems in
" Blackwood's Mag.," " Chambers' Journal,"
" The Celtic Mag.," " The Cape Illustrated
Mag.," and other serial publications. He mar-
ried, July 19, 1892, Barbara Sutherland, eldest
surviving dau. of John Anderson, late of the 71st
Regt. of Foot (Highland Light Infantry). Issue,
one dau., Janet Dorothy Rose, born June 4, 1894.

F.R.S. Edin., Imperial Order of the Osmanieh
(3rd class), of Ghizeh, Egypt ; the Crescent,
Cromer ; and the Royal Societies (Lond. ), Union
(Edin.), and Turf (Cairo) Clubs, was born Feb.
15, 1866. He is third son of A. D. Mackenzie,
J.P., of Edinburgh ; was educated at George
Watson's Coll., Edin., and at the Edinburgh,
Strassburg, and Halle a. S. Univs. After leaving
Halle Univ. in 1891, he was appointed Lecturer
in Agricultural Chemistry at the Durham Coll.
of Science, Newcastle-on-Tyne. In Dec., 1891,
he was appointed Lecturer on General and
Analytical Chemistry at the Ghizeh Agricultural
Coll., and became Principal of that institution in
June 1896. In 1902 he was appointed Principal
of the Polytechnic Sch. of Engineering under the
Egyptian Ministry of Public Instruction. Both
these institutions are still under Dr. Mackenzie.
He married, June 27, 1902, Marian, younger dau.
of Samuel Gurney Sheppard, of Leggatts, Herts.

C.B., of 15, Ovington Sq., Lond., S.W., and of
the Guards', Travellers', and Union Clubs, is the
second son of W. A. MacKinnon, 34th Chief
of the Clan. He was born in London, Dec. 15,
1852, and educated at Harrow. He joined the
Grenadier Guards Jan. 22, 1870, and was Asst.
Military Secy, at Malta June, 1884, to July,
1885 ; Private Secy., Madras, July, 1895 to July,
1898. On the formation of the C.I.V., Col.
Mackinnon assumed command, which he retained
throughout the regiment's service in S.A. He
married, Dec. 14, 1881, Miss Hatton, dau. of Col.
Hatton, of the Grenadier Guards.

D.D., D.C.L., of the College, Ely, is the son of



David Macrorie, M.D. (Edin. ), and was born
Feb. 8, 1832, at Liverpool. He was educated at
Winchester and Brasenose Coll., Oxon. He
graduated M.A. and D.D. of Oxon., D.C.L. of
the Univ. of the South, Tennessee, and M.A. of
the Cape Univ. ; Hulmeian Exhibitioner, 1854.
From 1855-58 he was Fellow of St. Peter's Coll.,
Radley ; 1858-60 he was Curate of Deane,
Lanes. ; from 1860-61 he was Vicar of Wingater ;
from 1861-66 he was Rector of Wapping ; and
from 1866-68, Vicar of Accrington. In 1869 he
went to S.A. as Bishop of Maritzburg, re-
taining the appointment until 1892, when he
left S.A. to become Canon of Ely. In his
early life he was a well known oarsman and
fond of fishing and fives. At the present time his
principal outdoor recreation is croquet. On
April 9, 1863, he married Agnes, dau. of William

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