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out of some 900 applicants. As an Asst. -Sur-
veyor (or Inspector) of the G.P.O., Mr. Maxwell-
Hibberd was attached to the South Wales Dis-
trict, where he obtained a thorough knowledge
of the organization of the postal and telegraph
services of the country. He did much good work
in revising the postal services of South Wales,
and in 1894 was promoted over several of
his seniors to a First Class Asst.-Surveyorship.
This promotion necessitated his transfer to
another district, and he then went to North
Wales, where he worked until Nov., 1900, when
at his own request he was transferred to the
North-Western Postal District of England. In
April, 1903, he was appointed Postmaster-Gen,
of Natal. He married, Oct. 1876, Mary Jane,
dau. of the late W. Wm. Sheppard, of Tunbridge


of 1, Nelson Gardens, Stoke Damerel, Devon,
dnd the Army and Navy Club, is the son of
Joseph May, F.R.C.S. Eng., of Stoke Damerel.
He was born Sept. 18, 1850, at Devonport,
Devon, and was educated at the Gram. Sch.,
Tavistock, Devon, and Guy's Hospital Med.
Sch., London. On Sept. 24, 1874, Col. May
joined the Army Medical Service, and was pro-
moted Lieut. -Col. Royal Army Medical Corps
Sept. 30, 1894, and Col'. March 22, 1903. He was
Principal Medical Officer 8th Div. of the Field
Force, S.A., from Jan., 1900, to end of campaign,
May 30, 1902, with local rank of Col. He was
mentioned in despatches, C.B. (1902) and has
the Queen's medal with three clasps (C.C.,
Wittebergen, Transvaal) and King's medal
with two clasps (S.A. 1901, S.A. 1902).

He was appointed Principal Medical Officer,
Natal, Aug., 1902, with local rank of Col., and
Principal Medical Officer, Egypt, May, 1903.
Col. May is a M.R.C.S. Eng., "and L.S.A. He
married, Feb. 3, 1896, Cecilia Adele Aloise, dau.
of the late Gustav A. B. C. von Ohlhaffen.


Seafield, Lower Muzimkulu, Natal ; of Nethuley,
Maritzburg, Natal ; and of the Durban, Victoria
(P.M.B.), John Carpenter, and Junior Constitu-
tional Clubs, was born Oct. 14, 1857 ; is only son
of the late John Maydon, of Salden, Bucks ; was
educated at City of London Sch., and went to
Natal in 1878 in order to take part in the Zulu
War, through which he served with the Coast
column. On the establishment of responsible
govt. in Natal in 1893 he was elected M.L.A. for
Durban County. Visiting England in 1897 he
did not seek re-election ; spent two years in
travel and the study of the racial problem, be-
coming an ardent advocate for war as the only
means of solving the question of British su-
premacy in S.A. On war being declared, he
offered his services to the military authorities.
These were not accepted, and he became cor-
respondent of the " Daily News," being first with
Lord Methuen. After Magersfontein he joined
Gen. French, with whom he was at the relief of
Kimberley, and the captures of Cronje and Bloem-
fontein, receiving a scalp wound at Driefontein.
Returning to Natal in April, 1901, he was re-
elected to the Assembly as member for Durban
Boro' in succession to Sir John Robinson, and
worked to secure a more vigorous development
of Natal's resources. Upon the resignation of
the Hime Ministry in 1903 he joined the Sutton
Administration as Colonial Secy.

Mr. Maydon is the author of a short account
of the early operations of the S.A. War entitled
" French's Cavalry Campaign." He married :
first, a dau. of the late D. King ; and second,
Dorothy Isabella, eldest dau. of the late I. L.
Cope, of Highlands, Natal.

MEINTJES, L. S., was born in 1868 in Aber-
deen, C.C., and is descended, as his name indi-
cates, from one of the old Dutch families who
originally colonized the Cape Peninsula. He
went up to Johannesburg in 1891, and first took
to cycling about that time, his first performance
on the track being made on the Wanderers' Club
ground, when he won the only three open events.
His times were so good that the club committee
decided to send him to Eng. and America. He
arrived in Eng. in April, 1893, and beat all the



English records for one and two miles and from
seven to 25 miles, and from a flying start he held
the records for three, four and five miles. He
was also the first to cover 24 miles within the
hour. The tunes of his records were as follows

( (Beating Sanger's per-

1 mile 2 min.

9f sec. 4























formance by -| sec.).

Made at Herne Hill,
I June 29, 1893.
J Herne Hill, June 15,
{ 1893, against time.



IBrixton Cup
j July 8, 1893.





^Herne Hill, July, 11,
1893, agamst time.

* Then generally recognized as the Ten Miles'
Championship of England.


of Northdene, Aliwal St., Bloemfontein, and of
the United Service Club, and Ramblers' Club,
Bloemfontein, is descended from a French
refugee family who fled to Holland after ths
revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1684, his
direct descendant, Arnoldus Mauritius Meiring,
having gone to the Cape as minister of the D.R.
Church at Tulbagh, C.C., in 1734. The subject
of our sketch is the son of J. W. H. Meiring,
Mayor of Worcester, C.C., where Mr. J. H.
Meiring was born Oct. 22, 1849. He was edu-
cated in that town ; was Headmaster of the
Govt. Sch. at Murraysdorp, C.C., in 1872, and
in 1881 went to the O.F.S. as Secy, to the Min-
ing Board at Jagersfontein, where he subse-
quently entered the Free State Civil Service as
Public Prosecutor to the Special Court for the
trial of I.D.B. cases, as well as to the Magistrates'
Court. In 1886 he became Landdrost, Clerk and

Public Prosecutor at Harrismith, and in 1889
when the O.F.S. entered into a Customs Union
with the C.C., he was appointed Collector of
Customs of the State. He attended the Customs
Conferences of 1896 and '98. He retained this
appointment until the British occupation on
Mar. 13, 1900. Seven days later, however, he
was reinstated by Lord Roberts, and on the
military regime being superseded by civil govt.,
his position as Collector of Customs for the O.R.C.
was confirmed by Lord Milner. In 1902 Mr.
Meiring was nominated a member of the Legis-
lative Council for the O.R.C., and he took part
in the Customs Conference in 1903 as Customs

From 1883 to 1894 he was J.P. for the re-
spective districts in which he held office, and
from the latter year has been a J.P. for the whole
Colony. He married, Jan. 30, 1872, AnnaC.,
dau. of J. G. de Wet, of Worcester, C.C.

Dutch Reformed Minister, of Joubert's Park,
Johannesburg, is the youngest son of J. W. H.
Meiring, J.P., of C.C., who for a considerable
number of years was Mayor of Worcester. He
was born Dec. 20, 1866, at Worcester, C.C,. and
was educated at the Public Sch., Worcester ; the
Victoria Coll., and the Theological Seminary,
Stellenbosch, and is a B.A. of the Cape Univ.,
Cape Town. He is Scriba of the Gen. Assem.
of the D.R. Church, Transvaal, and is joint-
editor of the " Vereeniging," the official organ
of the Church ; is an able writer, an eloquent
preacher, and exercises considerable influence.
He married, Nov. 23, 1902, Susanna M., young-
est dau. of the late Adrian J. Louw, of the Paarl,
every one of whose seven daughters, it is inte-
resting to note, is married to a D.R. minister.

JOHN, V.C., Indian Army, Brilliant Star of
Zanzibar, 2nd class, and Bronze Medal of Royal
Humane Society ; is the son of Lieut. -Gen. G.
J. Melliss. He was born in India Sept. 12, 1862,
and was educated at Wellington Coll. Col.
Melliss took part in the Mazeni Rebellion, E.
Africa, 1896; Tirah Campaign, 1897-8; and
Ashanti Campaign, 1900, and was four times
wounded. He is the author of " Lion Hunting
in Somaliland." He married, Aug., 1901,
Kathleen, youngest dau. of General Walter, C.B.

Schoongezigt, Stellenbosch, C.C., and of the
Reform (Lond.) and the Civil Service (C.T.)


Clubs, was born at Street, near Glastcmbury,
Somerset, on March 15, 1841, his father having
being the Bishop of Grahamstown. He was
educated at Dive Coll., Rondebosch, and at
Radley Coll., Oxford. Mr. Merriman is a land
surveyor by profession, but he has made politics
the principal business of his life. He entered
the Cape Parliament in 1869, and has sat con-
tinuously from that date until the general
election in 1904, when he was defeated at the
poll. From 1875 to 1878, and again from 1881
to 1884 he sat in the Cabinet as Commissioner
for Crown Lands, and from 1890 to 1893 he was
Treasurer-Gen. a portfolio which he subse-
quently held in 1899-1900.

Mr. Merriman is a good debater and an ex-
ceedingly able man, but he is a mass of pre-
judices, which have inclined him to every
extreme Bond-friend and Anti-Bond. No
party, consequently, has felt that it could
absolutely depend upon, or trust, him politically.
His natural asperity of manner and innate
disagreeableness are disadvantages which he
appears to cultivate for the express purpose
of alienating support and making enemies. In
fact, he has been described as an excellent type
of a gentleman who has deliberately cast off
the manners of one.

As an apologist for rebellion, he urged that
Cape Colonials who rebelled during the late
S.A. War should receive full compensation for
losses caused by the invasion of the Colony. Mr.
Merriman is a member of the Council of the Univ.
of the Cape of Good Hope as representative of
the Colony of Natal. He married, Sept. 16, 1874,
Agnes, dau. of the Hon. J. Vintcent.

MICHAU, J. J., M.L.A., was returned at the
general election in Feb., 1904, as Bond Member
for the electoral div. of Riversdale in the Cape

Edingight, Rondebosch, C.T. ; Rhodes' Build-
ings, C.T., and of the Imperial Colonies Club, is
a descendant of an old Cornish family. He was
born at Plymouth in 1842, and was educated at
Christ's Hospital. He was for many years Gen.
Manager of the most important banking institu-
tion in S.A., viz., the Standard Bank of S.A., Ltd.
He represented the C.C. at the Mint Conference
at Pretoria in 1893, and Rhodesia at the Company
Law Conference at Johannesburg in 1 902, and at
the Customs Conference at Bloemfontein in 1903.
He is now Chairman of the De Beers Consolidated
Mines, and a Director of the British S.A. Co., in

connection with which he undertook a tour
through Rhodesia in the autumn of 1902 with
Mr. Beit, Dr. Jameson and Mr. J. F. Jones a
tour which resulted in. many difficulties of the
northern settlers being greatly ameliorated.

Sir Lewis was elected to fill one of the vacant
seats for C.T., in the Progressive interest, in the
House of Assembly at the latter end of 1902, and
at the general election in Feb., 1904, was returned
for the electoral division of Wynberg, entering
Dr. Jameson's Ministry without portfolio. He
is Pres. of the S.A. Progressive Association, and
a prominent member of various local societies.
He is a frequent lecturer in C.T., and is closely
associated with every movement tending towards
political, commercial and social progress in the
colony. During the S.A. War he acted as Pres.
of the Martial Law Board. He is one of the
Trustees of the late Cecil Rhodes, and was
knighted on the occasion of the King's birthday
in 1902. He married a dau. of Ed. Philpots,
Civil Commissioner of C.C.

Brow, Horsham, Sussex, and of the Royal
Societies' Club ; fourth son of Sir John E. Millaia,
Bart., D.C.L., Pr^s. of the Royal Acad. ; was
born in London, Mar. 25, 1865 ; was educated at
Marlborough and Trinity Coll., Camb. After
leaving Cambridge he served two years in the
3rd Batt. Somerset L.I. (1884-5). During this
period he began to illustrate works on sport and
natural history, notably for the Badminton
Library, and for H. Seebohra's books. In 1886
he began his hunting expeditions, and the next
spring joined the 1st Batt. Seaforth Highlanders,
in which he served for seven years. Since then
he has embarked on the following expeditions
for the purpose of studying nature at first hand,
and making a collection of heads of wild animals
which includes red roe, fallow, mule and white-
tailed deer ; grey, common and Greenland seals ;
wapiti ; moose ; bighorn ; caribou ; reindeer ;
elk ; waterbuck ; sable and roan antelopes,
koodoo, hartebeste, sassaby, duiker, steinbuck,
klipspringer, white- tailed and brindled gnus.
Cape buffalo, pallah, leopard, lion, brown bear,
etc. In the process of acquiring this collection
he has travelled hi W. America (1886), Iceland
(1892), S.A. (1893), S. Norway (1898), N. Nor-
way (1899), N. Africa (1900), Newfoundland and
Canada (1902), and Newfoundland again (1903).
He is also said to have the most complete col-
lection of British birds in any private museum,
numbering 4,000 specimens, obtained by his gun
in the British Islands.



He is Vice-Pres. of the Anglo-African Writers'
Club, and is the author of " Game Birds and
Shooting Sketches" 1892; " A Breath from the
Veldt," 1895; "British Deer and their Horns,"
1897 ; ic The Life and Letters of Sir John Everett
Millaip., Bart. : a Biography," 1890 ; " The Wild
Fowler in Scotland," 1901; "The Natural
History of the Surface Feeding Ducks," 1902,
and he is now engaged upon a history of the
British mammals. Besides the study of natural
history and the pursuit of big game, his recrea-
tions are lawn tennis, shooting and fishing. He
married, Oct. 31, 1894, Frances Margaret, second
dau. of P. Skipwith, of Hundleby.

Swaziland, and of the Pretoria, Barberton, and
International (Lourenco Marques) Clubs, was
born at Singapore, April 30, 1865 ; is son of
Alexander and Agnes Miller, of Wick, Caithness,
N.B., and was educated privately and at the
Liverpool Coll. After being on the staff of the
" Liverpool Mercury," which he joined in 1884,
he went to S.A. in 1887 as sub-ed. of the " Cape
Argus " ; became ed. of the " Gold Fields Times "
at Barberton, June, 1888, and in the following
Aug. was appointed Govt. Secy, to the first
White Committee elected under charter in
Swaziland, later being appointed Secy, and
Agent to King Umbandine, as well as a member
of the Committee and a Magistrate. On the
death of Umbandine, he took up farming until
1891, when he became Manager of the Swaziland
Corporation, Ltd. During the late war he
served as Secy, to the Resident Commissioner for
Swaziland, attached to the 18th Brigade, and
was afterwards second in command of a corps
of scouts with rank of Lieut. He is a F.S.A.,
F.R.C.I., and Fellow of the Geological Society of
S.A. He has written " A Short History of
Swaziland," and numerous papers on that
country. He married, Nov. 21, 1891, Beatrice
Mary, dau. of John Thorburn.

Bulawayo, and the Rhodesia Club, was born in
London in 1874 ; is grandson of Roger Woods
Miller, L.C.M., and was educated at the City of
London Sch. and at Neuweid, Prussia, and Paris.
He served on the Medical Staff of the B.S.A.
Police during the Matabele War of 1896, and
again saw fighting in the Boer War, 1899-1900.
He is librarian of the Bulawayo Public Library ;
Secy, of the Rhodesian Museum ; on the Council
of the Rhodesia Scientific Assoc. ; Member of the
S.A. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, and

has published papers on entomology, biblio-
graphy, etc.

MILLS, JOHN SAXON, 3, Essex Court, Temple,
and 54, Overstrand Mansions, S.W., and of the
Royal Colonial Institute ; is the son of James
Mills and Martha Mills, of Ashton, and was born
at Ashton-under-Lyne ; was educated at Man-
chester Gram. Sch., the Owen's Coll. and St.
John's Coll., Camb., and read as a student of the
Inner Temple. Was appointed editor of the
" Cape Times " at the beginning of 1901 ; re-
signed later the following year, when he returned
to England. He is thoroughly conversant with
all the political and economic conditions of S.A.
Was closely associated with the suspension
movement in C.C., and it is generally believed
that his resignation was not unconnected with
his persistent but fruitless advocacy of that
measure. Mr. Mills was formerly on the editorial
staff of the " Daily News," and is a contributor
to, among other journals, the " Fortnightly
Review," the " National Review," and the
" Empire Review," and is now editing a new
organ advocating the " new Protection," en-
titled the " Senator," the first number of which
was published early in 1904. He has published
a volume of verses. His recreations are music
and many open-air sports. He married Miss
Grace Keeler, July 6, 1901.

(1897), P.C. (1901), of Sunnyside, Johannesburg,
and of Brook's, Reform, Athenaeum, and New
Univ. Clubs, was born Mar. 23, 1854. He is
son of Charles Milner, M.D. by Mary, dau. of
Major-Gen. Ready. He was educated in Ger-
many, at King's Coll., London, and at
Balliol Coll., of which he was a Scholar, 1872-6.
He has been a Fellow of New Coll., Oxford, since
1877. At Oxford he carried all before him,
taking the Hertford, Craven, Eldon, and Derby
Scholarships, in addition to taking " Firsts " in
Moderations and " Greats." He was succes-
sively Treas. and Pres. of the Union Debating
Society then in its palmiest days and a
weighty contributor to its debates. As an
undergraduate he was a Liberal tempered with
the Imperial sentiment. He was an intimate
friend of Arnold Toynbee, of whose career he
has written a charming monograph. He is a
Barrister of the Inner Temple (1881), and for
three or four years (1882-5) was principally en-
gaged in journalism, in association with Mr. John
Morley on the " Pall Mall Gazette," etc. In
1885 he unsuccessfully contested the Harrow



Division. In 1887 he became Private Secy, to
Lord (then the Right) Hon. G. J.) Goschen, dis-
playing abilities which were highly valued by the
then Chancellor of the Exchequer. In 1889 he
entered the Egyptian Service, and subsequently
became Under Secy, of State for Finance in
Egypt. Lord Milner completed his work in
Egypt with the publication in 1892 of " England
in Egypt " one of the most valuable contribu-
tions to African literature. The work went
through many subsequent editions. In 1892 he
was appointed Chairman of the Board of Inland
Revenue in succession to Lord Iddesleigh and
Sir Algernon West, and was made C.B. in 1894,
and K.C.B. a year later. In 1897 he was pro-
moted to succeed Lord Rosmead in the dual
office of Governor of the Cape of Good Hope and
High Commissioner for S.A. positions which
have been perhaps the most onerous in the gift
of thd Crown. The G.C.M.G. was conferred upon
him in that year, the G.C.B. in 1901, when he was
also raised to the peerage as Baron Milner and
made a Privy Councillor. In the same year he
relinquished the Governorship of the C.C. to
fill the appointment of Governor of the Transvaal
and O.R.C. The following year he was created
Viscount Milner. In Sept., 1903, the Colonial
Secretaryship was pressed upon Lord Milner by
Mr. Balfour, on the retirement of Mr. Chamber-
lain, but he could not be prevailed upon to accept
the office in view of his still unfinished work in
S.A. Lord Milner is unmarried.

2nd Assistant of the B.C.A. Protectorate ; son of
of C. H. Milthorp, J.P., late of Bradford, Yorks.,
where he was born Nov. 10, 1871 ; was educated
at Bedford Gram. Sch. ; was appointed Asst.
Collector in the B.C.A. Protectorate, Dec. 24,
1896 ; was stationed at Fort Johnson, S. Nyassa,
from April ], 1897, to Nov. 17, 1897, whence he
was transferred owing to ill-health to Blantyre,
Dec. 31, 1897. From Aug. 1899 to Jan. 1900
he was stationed at Chiromo, on the Lower Shir6
River ; from then until Apr. 1901 at Fort
Anderson, Mlange ; and from there he returned
to Blantyre, where he was stationed till Apr. 17,
1902. After a short leave of absence he was
stationed at Liwonde (Upper Shir6 River), Fort
Hill (Nyassa Tanganyika Plateau), and Chik-
wana (W. Shire Dist.), where he is at present in
charge, having been promoted from 2nd Asst.,
Feb. 13, 1902. Unmarried.


(1903), of Govt. House. Salisbury, Rhodesia;

son of Rev. Wm. Milton, of Newbury ; was born
Dec. 3, 1854 ; was educated at Marlborough, and
entered the Cape Civil Service in 1878, officiating
as Clerk to the Executive Council in 1885 ;
Acting-Secy, in the Prune Minister's Dept., 1890 ;
Priv. Secy, to the Right Hon. Cecil Rhodes
during his Premiership from July 1, 1891 ; was
Chief Clerk and Chief Accountant in the Colonial
Secy.'s Office from Dec. 1, 1891 ; and was made
Permanent Head of the Prime Minister's Dept.,
March 8, 1894. In Aug. 1896 he was detached
from the Cape Civil Service to go to Rhodesia,
where he became Chief Secy, and Secy, for Native
Affairs in Sept. 1896 ; Acting Administrator of
Rhodesia, July 1897 ; Administrator of Mashona-
land and Senior Administrator of S. Rhodesia,
Dec. 3, 1898. He was appointed Administrator
of S. Rhodesia Dec. 20, 1902, and is also Pres. of
the Executive and Legislative Councils of S.
Rhodesia. Sir William married, in 1883, Eve-
line, dau. of A. R. Borcherds, of Wynberg, C.C.
He has three sons at Bedford Gram. Sch., who
are all promising athletes, the eldest, C. H. Milton,
being the possessor of the sch. athletic cham-
pionship (1903).

Junior Athenaeum, Savage, Authors, and New
Vagabond Clubs, is the third son of E.L.Osbaldes-
ton Mitford, of Mitford Castle, Northumberland.
and of Hunmanby Hall, Yorks. ; was educated
at the Royal Naval Sch., New Cross : Hurstpier-
point Coll., and by Continental tutor. He went
to S.A. at the beginning of 1874, where he en-
gaged in stock farming, and at the time of the
Kafir War of 1877-78 he held posts in the Cape
Civil Service on the frontier. At the close of the
Zulu War, he trekked alone through Zululand,
exploring the battlefields and interviewing the
principal indunas. On various visits to Africa
he has travelled in Matabeleland, and visited
Zanzibar, Mozambique and other East Coast
ports, and has also travelled in Baluchistan and
on the N.W. border of India. He is also well
acquainted with the continent of Europe, and at
one time went in for climbing in the High Alps.
He is fond of most forms of out-door sport, prin-
cipally shooting.

Mr. Mitford was proprietor and past editor of
the " East London Advertiser " from 1886 to
1888. In the latter year he took seriously to
literature as a profession, and has published the
following volumes : " Through the Zulu Coun-
try," " A Romance of the Cape Frontier,"
'"Tween Snow and Fire," "Golden Face,"
"The Gun-runner," "The Luck of Gerard



Ridgeley," " Renshaw Fanning's Quest," " The
King's Assegai," "The White Shield," "The
Induna's Wife," " The Word of the Sorceress,"
" The Curse of Clement Waynflete," " A Veldt
Official," " The Expiation of Wynne Palliser,"
" Fordham's Feud," " The Sign of the Spider."
"The Ruby Sword," "The Weird of Deadly
Hollow," " John Ames : Native Commis-
sioner," " Aletts," " War and Arcadia," " The
Triumph of Hilary Blachland," " Dorrien of
Cranston," " Haviland's Chum," "A Veldt
Vendetta," and " The Sirdar's Oath." All of
these except the first named are novels, the
scenes of which are mostly laid in S.A.

Member of the Cape Legislative Assembly for
Somerset East. He is a member of the S.A.
Party, and was last re-elected in Feb. 1904.

MOLTENO, PERCY ALFOKT, of 3 and 4, Fen-
church St., London, E.G., was born in Edinburgh ;
is of Italian descent, and is a son of the late Sir
John Charles Molteno, who was first Prime Minis-
ter of the Cape from 1872 till 1876. He is a son-
in-law of Sir Donald Currie, and partner of the
firm of Donald Currie & Co. The Dumfriesshire
Liberal Association has adopted Mr. Molteno as
Parliamentary candidate at the next election.

Peel, Right Rev. W. G.)

MONTEIL, COMMANDANT, left Senegal in Aug.
1890, on a journey to Lake Tchad, reaching
Segour on the Upper Nile, the furthest point at

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