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which the French had established their authority,
on Dec. 20, 1890. Thence he struck out across
the bend of the Niger for Say, and on to Argungu,
the fortified capital of Kabbi. He then pro-
ceeded to Sokoto, Kano (where he received an
enthusiastic welcome), and Kuka, eventually
reaching Tripoli after a difficult and dangerous
journey late in 1892.

Johannesburg, and of the Imperial Service, Oriel,
and Rand and Athena?um (Johannesburg) Clubs,
was born in co. Armagh, Ireland, Aug. 7, 1866.
He is descended from a collateral branch, settled
in Ireland, of a Scotch family whose headquarters
are at Pitmilly, in Fife. He was educated at the
Royal Sch., Dungannon, at Trinity Coll., Dublin,
where he graduated B.A., and at Balliol Coll.,
Oxon. After leaving the Univ. he contributed
for a time to the " Spectator " ; joined the staff

of the " Times " as Asst. -Editor in 1893, and was
appointed Editor of the Johannesburg " Star "
early in 1899, and in that capacity and as cor-
respondent of the " Times " he incurred the
displeasure of the Boer Govt., who, in the begin-
ning of Sept., attempted to arrest him on a charge
of high treason, but he escaped to British terri-
tory. On the outbreak of the S.A. War he ob-
tained a commission in the I.L.H., and served
with that regt. through the siege of Ladysmith.
He was afterwards Director of Civil Supplies in
Johannesburg during Col. Colin Mackenzie's
tenure of office as Military Gov., and he resinned
the editorial control of the Johannesburg " Star "
when that paper reappeared at the beginning of

327, Loop St., Maritzburg, and the Victoria Club,
P.M.B., was born at Redruth, Cornwall, Oct. 9,
1 846. He first entered the Civil Service as Clerk
Asst. to the Natal Legislative Council in 1872,
afterwards filling various offices under the Colo-
nial Govt. In 1878 he was admitted to practice
as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Natal.
He was Attorney-Gen, for the Transvaal in 1 880 ;
was made Q.C. in 1888 ; became Attorney-Gen,
for Natal in 1889, from which he retired when
that colony was given responsible govt. in 1 893.
He was appointed Minister of Justice for Natal
in 1903. Mr. Morcom is not married.

MOREL, EDMUND D., of Hawarden,
Chester, was born in Paris in 1873. He was
educated at Bedford, and early turned his atten-
tion to a journalistic career. He has contributed
for a number of years to many of the leading
magazines and newspapers on W. African ques-
tions, and as he is regarded as a leading authority
his contributions have excited considerable
public interest. His exposures of the Congo
scandals have particularly done much to bring
the whole question of the Congo Administration
under the attention of the Govt. He is the
editor of the " West African Mail," and is the
author of "Affairs of West Africa" (1903),
"The British Case in French Congo" (1903),
" The Congo Slave State," " Trading Monopolies
in West Africa," and other pamphlets too
numerous to mention. He married, in 1896,
Miss Mary F. Y. Richardson.

House, Westminster, and the National Liberal
Club, was born Aug. 24, 1873, at Glenarberth,
Cardiganshire, is the fourth son of Benjamin


Morgan, of White Caetle, and was educated as
an engineer. He has since taken a deep interest
in general economic and trade questions, and is
a well-known authority on such, particularly as
affecting S.A. affairs. In 1895 he travelled
through the U.S. and Canada, studying the
economic conditions prevailing there, and later
made a similar journey through Europe, visiting
principally engineering and manufacturing estab-
lishments. At the age of 23 he was appointed
editor of a trade journal, and a few years later
became Editor of the " Engineering Times," a
position which he now holds. At the close of
the S.A. War in June, 1902, he was appointed
Trade Commissioner to S.A. to inquire into and
report upon the state of, and openings for, trade
in engineering and machinery. The results of
his investigations were comprised in a volume
published in the following November. This
report has been described as a " masterly " work,
and has given rise to much comment and dis-
cussion. He is one of the most strenuous oppo-
nents of the Shipping Ring, whose methods he
exposed in his report and subsequent lectures
before the Royal Colonial Institute and else-
where. He is a Vice-Pres. of the Nottingham
Society of Engineers, and Fellow of the Royal
Colonial Institute, etc., and is the author of
' The Engineering Trades of South Africa,"
' The Trade and Industry of South Africa,"
' The Prevention of Strikes and Lock-outs,"
" High Speed Steam Engines," and other tech-
nical works. Mr. Morgan is unmarried, and
indulges in fly-fishing and golf as recreations.

the Naval and Military Club, was born in Canada,
Aug. 9, 1865 ; is son of the late Thos. Morland,
and was educated at Charterhouse. He joined
the King's Royal Rifle Corps Aug. 23, 1884 ; was
promoted Capt. in Apr., 1893 ; was at the Staff
Coll., 1891-92 ; A.D.C. to the Governor and
G.O.C., Malta, 1895-98 ; joined the W. African
Frontier Force Feb. 5, 1898, and was appointed
Commandant of the Northern Nigeria Regt. in
1901. Col. Morland married, in 1890, Mabel,
eldest dau. of Admiral and Mrs. St. John, of
Stokefield, Thornbury, Glos. Mrs. Morland died
in 1901.

MUIR, THOMAS, C.M.G., M.A., LL.D. (Hon.),
F.R.S., of Mowbray Hall. Rosebank, near Cape
Town, and of the Civil Service Club (C.T.),
was born at Stonebyres, Lanarkshire, Aug. 25,
1845, and is son of the late Geo. Muir of that

place. He was educated at Wishaw Public
Sch., Glasgow Univ., and in Germany. In
1868 he was appointed Sub- Warden of College
Hall, St. Andrews ; Asst. Prof, of Mathematics
in Glasgow Univ. in 1871 ; was elected
F.R.S.E. in 1874, and became in the same
year Head of the Mathematical and Science
Depts. of the High Sch. of Glasgow, and mem-
ber of the London Mathematical Soc. In 1879
he was appointed Examiner in Mathematics
and Natural Philosophy for Glasgow Univ.,
was elected Pres. of the Edinburgh Mathematical
Soc. in 1883 ; was awarded the Keith Medal
of the Royal Soc. of Edinburgh for Mathem-
atical Research in 1884 ; appointed Exam, of
Secondary Schools under the Scotch Education
Dept. in 1885 ; Examiner in Mathematics and
Natural Philosophy for St. Andrews Univ..
1886 ; Hon. Fel. Royal Scottish Geographical
Soc., 1892 ; and in the same year was chosen
for his present post as Supt.-Gen. of
Education for Cape Colony.

Mr. Muir was appointed Vice-Chancellor
of the Univ. of the Cape of Good Hope in
1897 ; was awarded the Keith Medal for the
second time in 1899, and was elected F.R.S.
in 1900. He is a Trustee of the S.A. Museum ;
the S.A. Public Library ; and of the S.A. Art
Gallery, of which latter he is also Chairman.
He is member of the Geological Commission,
the Meteorological Commission, and of the Civil
Service Commission ; Vice-Pres. of the S.A.
Assoc. for the Advancement of Science ; Vice-
Pres. of the Cape Town Musical Union Soc.,
and Chairman of the Chamber Music Union.
He is author of " A Treatise on the Theory of
Determinants,," a " History of Determinants,"
and of various other works and contributions
to scientific journals, and learned societies'
publications. Mr. Muir has taken much interest
in the development of musical taste in the
Colony, and besides his more serious geograph-
ical and mathematical studies, plays golf and
lawn tennis. He married, in 1874, Margaret,
youngest dau. of the late Dugald Bell, of

M.L.C., of " Armoed," Oudtshoorn District,
C.C., was born at Oudtshoorn. He com-
menced business in 1865, and now carries
on a large ostrich farm. He is a member of
the Cape Legislative Council for the South-
West Province, having been first elected in
1891 at the head of the poll, He is an elder of
the D.R. Church, and has a large family.



MULLINS, MAJOR, V.C., of Johannesburg.
For some time a partner in the late firm of
Hudson, Hutchinson & Mullins, Attorneys,
of Johannesburg, has joined Sir A. Woolls-
Sampson in a financial and estate business in
that town.

service under Mr. Kriiger's Govt. as Inspector
of Mines and Acting States Mining Engineer,
and joined the Boers on the outbreak of the
war in 1889, remaining in the field until cap-
tured by Colenbrander's Scouts in April, 1901.
He then spent fifteen months as a prisoner of
war in India. Until peace was signed Mr.
Munnik was an irreconcilable, but he then
determined to accept the inevitable and become
a loyal British subject. Mr. Munnik occupied
his leisure time as a prisoner in writing a romance
of the Boer War, entitled " Major Greville, V.C.,

Johannesburg, and the Bachelors' Club, Lon-
don ; third son of Lord Elibank (10th Baron) ;
was born Aug. 7, 1877, and was educated at
Blairlodge, Polmont, N.B., and abroad. In
1S91 he was appointed Asst. Priv. Secy, to the
Lieut. -Governor of British New Guinea ; was
Clerk to the Govt. Secy., British New Guinea,
1899 ; Resident Magistrate, Western Division,
B.N.G., 1900; Priv. Secy, to Sir Godfrey
Lagden, Commissioner for Native Affairs for
the Transvaal, 1901 ; and Asst. Native Com-
missioner for the Zoutpansberg Dist. of the
Transvaal in 1902. His recreations are shoot-
ing, riding, golf and tennis. Unmarried.

NATHAN, EMIL, J.P., of Johannesburg,
Transvaal, and of the Rand and New Clubs
(Johannesburg), was born at Graaff Reinet,
C.C., Dec. 23, 1859 ; is second son of the
late Ed. Nathan, merchant, of that town, and
was educated at Graaff Reinet Coll. He was
Registrar of the Supreme Court, C.C.,
in 1880-81 ; was admitted as Solicitor and
Notary Public of the Supreme Court in 1881 ;
practised at Port Elizabeth until 1889, and
during the last five years of his residence there
was Deputy-Sheriff of the town. From 1889
he practised at Johannesburg until 1895, when
he proceeded to London, joined Gray's Inn,
and was called to the Bar in 1898. Returning
to Johannesburg, Mr. Nathan continued his
law practice until the war, in which he served
as Lieut, and afterwards as Capt. in the J.M.R.

Subsequently he was a member of the Permit
Committee. He is a Director of a few Rand
Cos., and married, Feb. 27, 1884, Lizzie, dau.
of the late Henry Godfrey.

K.C.M.G., of 11, Pembridge Sq., London,
W., and the Army and Navy Club, was born
in London Jan. 3, 1862. He is son of the late
Jonah Nathan, of Pembridge Sq., and was
educated privately and at the R.M.A., Woolwich,
He entered the Royal Engineers in 1880, be-
coming Capt. in 1889, and Maj. in 1898. He
served in the Nile Expedition in 1885, and
in the Lushai Expedition in 1889 (medal
with clasp). Sir Matthew acted as Secy, to
the Colonial Defence Committee in 1895,
administered the Govt. of Sierra Leone in 1899.
became Governor of the Gold Coast in 1900,
and Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the
Colony of Hong Kong and its Dependencies
Oct., 1903. He is unmarried.

NEETHLING, HON. M. L.,M.L.C.,of Stellen-
bosch, C.C. ; comes of an old Prussian family.
He was for many years Chairman of the Muni-
cipal Commissioners of Stellenbosch and mem-
ber of the Divisional Council, and is a member
of the Cape Legislative Council for the Western

dorp, Transvaal, was born in the Colesburg
District, C.C., July 11, 1860. He is son of
Christiaan Petrus Neser and Johanna Catharina
nee Joubert, his father having been a success-
ful and progressive farmer. He was educated
at Colesburg Dist. Sch. and at Victoria Coll.,
Stellenbosch, and was an undergraduate of the
Cape Univ. He was then articled to
various attorneys in Cape Town ; became partner
of Slinter at Colesberg from 1885 to 1892 ;
went to Klerksdorp and interested himself as
far as the repressive policy of the late regime
permitted in the interest of progress and in
the practice of his profession of Attorney at
Law and Notary Public. He is also J.P. for
the Potchefstroom Dist., Transvaal ; member
of the Commission appointed by H.E. the Gov-
ernor to inquire into the Register of Mining
Rights ; member of the Royal Colonial Inst. ;
and a patron of many forms of sport. He
married, Dec. 11, 1886, Maria Angelina Rochlin,
of Colesberg.

NEUMANN, LUDWIG, of 11, Grosvonor



Square, London, W., and of Warnford Court,
E.G., is a brother of Sigismund Neumann (q.v.)
and a partner in the firm of Leo Hirsch & Co.,
one of the largest firms of Kafir Brokers. He
is on the London Committees of the S.A.
Gold Mines, Ltd., and the Witwatersrand Town-
ship, Estate and Finance Corporation, Ltd. Mr.
L. Neumann races in England, and is a popular
figure in Society.

London, B.C., of 146, Piccadilly, W., and of
Invercauld, N.B., was born in Bavaria in
1856. Spending most of his youth in Wurtem-
burg, he went to S.A., when still young, and
founded the firm of S. Neumann & Co., mine
owners, diamond buyers and financiers, of Lon-
don and S.A., of which he is the chief part-
ner. The firm, which included, up till recently,
Mr. C. Sidney Goldmann (q.v.), and, Mr. H. J.
King among its partners, is chiefly identified
with the following companies, which have admir-
able prospects of yielding a long series of
dividends when normal conditions in S.A., are
restored : Treasury, Wolhuter, New Modder-
fontein Consolidated M. R., Witwatersrand
Deep, Knight Central, Driefontein Deep, African
Farms and Cloverfield Mines. Messrs. S. Neu-
mann & Co. are associated with other large
mining and financial groups in the control of
the Randfontein Deep and the West Rand
Consolidated Gold Mines, and it has representa-
tives on the Boards of the Rand Mines, Rand
Mines Deep, the East Rand Proprietary Mines,
and its subsidiaries, the City Deep, South City,
Wolhuter Deep, Klip Deep, South Wolhuter,
Suburban Deep, the Turf Mines, the South
African Gold Mines, and other Cos. They are
also one of the chief owners of Salisbury
House, a huge block of new buildings in London

Mr. S. Neumann has for many years rented
Invercauld, where Mrs. Neumann entertains on
a large scale, and he has also a country seat
near Newmarket. He is a good gun shot, and
shows considerable skill at whist and bridge.

Prynusberg, O.R.C., was born at Brampton,
Huntingdon, May 17, 1841. He is son of
W. Newberry, of Brampton, and was educated
privately. He emigrated to Natal in 1864,
and after a seven years' residence there trans-
ferred to the Kimberley diggings, and later to
the Basutoland border of the O.R.C., where he
commenced tree planting on a large scale.

He married Elizabeth Mary, dau. of the Rev. I.
Daniel, of Thaba 'Nchu, O.R.C.

rister-at-Law, of Salisbury, Rhodesia ; Hilling-
don House, Uxbridge; and of Arthur's Club,
was born at St. Croix, W.I., Sept. 13, 1857.
He was educated at Rugby and Univ.
Coll., Oxford, where he graduated M.A. He
was A.D.C. to Sir Hercules Robinson in 1881,
and acted as his private secy, from 1883 to '89.
From 1890 to 1895 he was Colonial Secy, and
Receiver-Gen, for the Bechuanaland Protec-
torate, and was Resident Commissioner in
Bechuanaland from 1895 until 1897. But
after the Jameson Raid inquiry he was trans-
ferred to British Honduras as Colonial Secy.,
where he served from 1898 to 1901, occupying
a similar position in the Barbados from 1901-2,
when he returned to England with a view to a
further appointment in S.A. In the latter
year he was appointed Treas. of S. Rhodesia
and member of the Executive Council. Mr.
Newton married, March 12, 1889, Henrietta,
eldest dau. of D. Cloete, of Newlands, Cape

NICHOLSON, COL. JOHN S., was born in
1868. He is son of W. Nicholson, of Basing
Park, and brother of W. G. Nicholson, M.P.
for East Hants. Obtained his commission in
the 7th Hussars in 1884 ; went to Bulawayo
as an Imperial representative to take over the
command of the M.M.P. very soon after the
outbreak of the Matebele War (1896), rendering
conspicuous services till the close of the cam-
paign in Matabeleland. Towards the end of
1896 he was appointed Commandant of the
Chartered Co.'s forces north of the Zambesi.

Comeragh Rd., Kensington, and of the Royal
Societies Club, was born at Bedford, C.C., Jan.
29, 1866. He is eldest son of the late Percy
Nightingale, Inspecting Civil Commissioner,
C.C. (d. 1895), and great-grandson of Sir
Chas. E. Nightingale, 7th Bart., of Knees-
worth Hall, Cambridgeshire, and was educated
at the Royal Naval Sch., New Cross, and at St.
George's Sch., Brampton, Huntingdon. He
joined the Cape Civil Service as clerk, and after
filling various minor offices at K. W. Town,
Cape Town, P. Elizabeth, and Kimberley,
became Acting R.M., Sub-Collector of Customs
and Port Officer at Port Nolloth in 1891, and
first-class clerk and asst. warehouse keeper



Customs Dept. at East London (C.C.) and Port
Elizabeth in 1896. In Nov., 1898, he was
appointed Chief Clerk in the London office of
the Cape Agent-Gen., and became Asst.-Secy.
in April 1902. He was appointed, under Rule
274, a Commissioner of the Supreme Court of
the C.C. Mr. Nightingale married, in 1900,
Doris, dau. of Chas. S. Collison, of East Bilney,

NILAND, B., M.L.A., represents the electoral
division of Fort Beaufort in the Cape Parlia-
ment, to which he was elected in the Progres-
sive interest in Feb. 1904.

NIND, CHARLES EDWARD, of the Conserva-
tive (London), the Kimberley, Band, Civil
Service (C.T.) and City (C.T.) Clubs, is son of the
Rev. P. H. Nind, of Woodcote House, Oxon.,
where he was born Aug. 24, 1847. He was
educated at Marlborough Coll. Originally in
business for some years in Bombay and Bur-
mah, he went to S.A. in 1881, and has resided
in Kimberlev mostly since that time. He is a
Director of the De Beers Consolidated Mines
and various other S.A. Cos.

Club, Johannesburg, was born in New Zealand.
He is second son of the Rev. Thos. Norrie, Pres-
byterian Minister of Papakura, Auckland, N.Z.,
who married Elizabeth Angus, eldst dau. of
the late Ebenezer Steven, of Glasgow. Mr.
Norrie joined the staff of the South British Fire
and Marine Insurance Co. of New Zealand,
in 1884, and arrived in Johannesburg in Feb.,
1893, as the Transvaal Representative of that
institution which is there domiciled in its own
premises. Mr. Norrie is a non-resident Fellow
(for life) of the R.C.I.

OATS, FRANCIS, M.L.A., of Kimberley, and
of St. Just, Cornwall, is member of the Cape
Legislative Assembly for the electoral division
of Namaqualand, for which he was last re-
elected in Feb., 1904. He supports the Pro-
gressive Party ; is a Director of the De Beers
and a few other S.A. Cos.

K.C.M.G. (1902), C.I.E. (May 1883), C.S.I.
(Jan. 1888), of Crichmere, Guildford, is the son
of the late James O'Callaghan, J.P. of Drisheen,
County Cork, and is descended directly from
one of the Chiefs of the Clan or Sept of O'Cal-
laghans outlawed by Charles I. in 1642. He

was born July 22, 1839, at Kilcorman Rectory,
Limei'ick, and educated at private schools and
at Queen's Coll., Cork. He graduated M.E.
Royal (formerly Queen's) Univ., Ireland.
He is M.I.C.E. and F.R.G.S. He entered the
service of the Govt. of India in the Public
Works Dept. under covenant with the Secy,
of State for India in June, 1862. He was posted
to the Central Provinces, then governed by
the late Sir Richard Temple ; was frequently
mentioned favourably in the Administration
Reports by that and subsequent Governors.
He was posted to the State Railways branch
in 1870, when that branch was organized by
Lord Mayo, then Viceroy of India. He rose
quickly through the various grades of the Dept.
and in 1889 succeeded Sir Girildford Molesworth
as Consulting Engineer. During this period he
was Engineer-in-Chief for the construction of
various State Railways, and was several times
thanked by the Govt. of India for his services.
In 1892 he was appointed Secy, to the Govt.
of India, and retired from the service under the
age rule in 1894. He was created C.I.E. for
construction of the bridge over the Indus at
Attock, and C.S.I, for the building of the rail-
way through the Bolan Pass in 1885-86. In
Sept., 1895, he was selected as managing member
(or Director) of the Uganda Committee at the
Foreign Office, and it was in recognition of his
services on that Committee that he received
the K.C.M.G. among the Coronation honours
in 1902. He married, on Sept. 22, 1875, A. M.
Powell, dau. of Col. Powell, of County Cork.

O'CONNER, GEN., commenced his military
career in the Corps of Guides which distinguished
itself before Metz. During the second siege of
Paris, necessitated by the Commune, he was
A.D.C. to De Gallifet. He campaigned in
Tunis and commanded the cavalry in Tonking.
He is now engaged in active operations in

F.R.C.I., of Old Calabar, is the son of Maj.
Gage Hall O'Dwyer, late of the 1st Indian
Regt. He was born Feb. 21, 1861, at Free-
town, Sierra Leone, and was educated at the
Roman Catholic and Wesleyan High Schs.
at Freetown. Mr. O'Dwyer entered the Public
Works Dept. as Clerk in 1878, and was
transferred to Customs and Harbour Master's
Office, 1879. He relinquished office for mer-
cantile pursuits in 1880, and travelled to the
Oil Rivers, now Southern Nigeria, and became



Consular Clerk to E H. Hewett, C.M.G., H.M.
Consul-Gen, for Bights of Benin and Biafra,
1888. He saw active service during the block-
ade of Opobo, 1889, and was mentioned in
despatches and received the thanks of H.M.'s
Secy, of State for Foreign Affairs. Mr. O'Dwyer
served respectively as Store Keeper to the
Protectorate Administration, and Paymaster
of the Chartered yacht Wliydan. He was
appointed Clerk of the Post Office in 1894,
Chief Clerk 1897, and Postmaster in 1900. He
was transferred to Pay and Quartermaster's
Office, Southern Nigeria Regt., in 1902. He
is unmarried.

OLIVER, H. A., M.L.A., is one of the four
Progressive members for Namaqualand, for
which electoral division he was returned in
Feb. 1904, He speaks lucidly and forcibly,
and is regarded as a considerable acquisition
to the debating power of the House.

House, Kimberley, is the son of Lieut. Henry
Anthony O'Molony, was born at Cawnpore,
Jan. 1845, while the first Sikh War was raging,
his father being present at the battles of Movodku,
Ferozeshah, Aliwal, and Sobraon. Mr. O'Molony
comes of the very ancient Milesian family of
Molony of Kiltanon, co. Clare, his father was
second son of Lambert Molony, formerly of the
H.E.I.C.S., and again assumed the prefix
which was dropped by the head of the family
after the Revolution of 1688, the family name
still remaining without the prefix. His early
years were spent in the Royal Navy, retiring
from the service soon after obtaining a first-
class certificate for the rank of Paymaster.
He served in Australia and in New Zealand
during the closing periods of the Maori War in
the sixties ; also in the South Sea Islands,
including the Samoa and Fiji groups ; in the
Channel Fleet, and on the West Coast of Africa.
Mr. O'Molony was mentioned in despatches
by Col. (now Gen.) Kekewich for services in his
Civil capacity during the siege of Kimberley
by the Boers in 1899-1900. Mr. O'Molony is
Town Clerk and Treas. of the important
borough of Kimberley, in which capacity he
has served for some years and still holds the
appointment. He is a J.P. for the District of
Kimberley, of a studious disposition, and is also
very fond of shooting. He married, in 1872,
Emma, dau. of the late H. Schofield Sugden,
formerly Deputy-Gov. of H.M. Prison at
Gibraltar. Of his five children one son, Chidley

Selwyn Anthony O'Molony, is hi the service of
the O.R.C. and another, Ernest Andrew
O'Molony, is in the Rhodesian Railway Service.

is Bond member of the Cape Legislative Assem-
bly for the electoral division of Jansenville,
for which he was re-elected in Feb. 1904.

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