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served as Civil Surgeon in the S.A.
Field Force, 1899-1901, being mentioned in
Lord Roberts' despatches, and receiving the
C.M.G., medal and clasps for Paardeburg,
Driefontein, Relief of Kimberley, Wittebergen
and Transvaal. He returned to S.A. as Surg.-
Capt. in the Irish Horse, 1902, relinquishing
his command in Feb., 1903, with the hon. rank
of Capt. in the Army.

ROBERTSON, JAMES, of Salisbury, Rhodesia,
entered the Administrator's Dept., Dec. 1895 ;
acted as Secy., to the Administrator from April
1896, to Sept, 1897. He served in the Mashona-
land Rebellion, 1896-97 (medal) ; was Acting
Under-Secy., Apr. 26-June 1898; and from
Jan. 31 to May 1, 1899, Acting Govt. Representa-
tive at Enk'eldoorn, June 1898 ; and was
appointed Clerk to the Legislative and Executive
Councils, May 1, 1899.

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, R.M., of Bethlehem,
O.R.C., was born at Swellendam, C.C., Nov. 17,
1861. He is of Scotch descent ; grandson of the
Rev. Dr. Wm. Robertson, of Cape Town, and
son of Peter John Robertson. He was educated
at Grey Coll., Bloemfontein, and entered the
Free State Govt. service as clerk to the State
Attorney in 1881, subsequently holding the
following appointments : Clerk to the Com-
missioner at Tht'.oii 'Nchu, 1884 ; Asst. Registrar
of the High Court, 1885; Landdrost Clerk at
Kroonstad, 1886 ; Landdrost Clerk at Bloem-
fontein, 1890 ; Postmaster at Bloemfontein, and
Landdrost at Ficksburg, 1891 ; Landdrost at



Boshoff, 1894 ; and Landdrost at Kroonstad, 1895.
He was reappointed Magistrate of Kroonstad after
the British occupation in May, 1902, and became
R.M. of Bethlehem in the June following.

Mr. Robertson was considered one of the best
target shots in the Free State from 1888 to
1898, and in the latter year secured a badge in
the Governor's Prize, being llth out of some
300 competitors. He has also won several
cups and medals at target shooting. He married,
March 14, 1888, Ada Elizabeth, eldest dau. of
the late State Attorney C. J. Vels.

F.R.G.S., F.R.C.I. ; of Sandown, Isle of Wight ;
the Green House, Besuidenhout, Johannesbvirg ;
and of the Junior United Service and the Sports
Clubs, was born at Brussels, Jan. 30, 1872 ; is
son of Maj. John Robinson of Lydd, Kent ;
was educated privately ; joined the 4th Royal
Irish Rifles, and has seen service in the Niger-
Sudan Campaign, 1896-7 (mentioned in Sir
Geo. Goldie's Report, medal and clasp); com-
manded the artillery in the operations on the
Niger, 1895-8 (R. Niger Co.'s medal and clasp) ;
Ebusa-Upinam Expedition, 1898 (clasp) ; Sierra
Leone Rebellion as Adjt. of the S.L.F.F., 1898-9
(medal and clasp) ; S.A. War as Adjt., Staff
Capt. and D.A.A.G. Imp. Yeo., 1900-1902; (two
medals with three and two clasps. ) Maj. Robinson
has won several swimming trophies, and has had
some big game shooting on the Niger. He
married, Jan. 19, 1901, Minnie Edith, dau. of
John Crochett, of Wimbledon and Singapore.

ROBINSON, LEO GEORGE, J.P., of Bulawayo ;
was appointed Clerk in the Chief Native Com-
missioner's Office, Bulawayo, Feb. 1, 1897 ;
Asst. Native Commissioner, July 1, 1897.

House, Park Lane, was born in Cradock, Eastern
Province, C.C., in 1845. Formerly farming in
the Colony, he moved to the Vaal Piiver diggings
and then to Kimberley, of which he was Mayor
in 1880. He was M.L.A. for Griqualand (West)
for four years, and went to the Rand in July
1896. He was one of the first capitalists to sink
money in the new fields. Within three days of
his arrival he purchased the Langlaagte Estate
(which at that time included the Block "B")
for 7,000, and in the following Sept. he bought
a half interest in the De Villiers Mynpacht (now
the Robinson G.M. Co.) for 1,100, and two
months later was able to buy the remaining
moiety for 12,000. Shortly afterwards, with

extraordinary perspicuity, he made up his mind
as to the westerly trend of the main reef series,
and purchased for the Robinson Synd. the large
block of farms constituting the Randfontein
group. He is Chairman of the Robinson South
African Bank, and Chairman of the large group
of Randfontein and Langlaagte Cos., and is
perhaps the only financial magnate who always
plays a lone hand in regard to his African enter-
prises. Mr. Robinson served in the Basuto War,
and was at other times on commando. He was
on intimate terms with ex-Pres. Kriiger ; takes
considerable interest in politics, and is fond of
yachting. He is married, and has a large family.

of the British Embassy, Rome ; 17, Stratford
Place, W., and of the Travellers', Athenaeum,
St. James', Beefsteak, Authors', and Cos-
moplitan Clubs, was born Nov. 9, 1858. He is
son of the late Major Jas. Rennell Rodd, and
was educated at Haileybury Coll., and at Balliol
Coll., Oxon, where, in 1880, he gained the
Newdigate Prize with a poem on Sir Walter
Raleigh. He joined the Diplomatic Service, and
after serving in Berlin (where he had much con-
fidential work entrusted to him), in Athens,
Rome and Paris, he went to Zanzibar, where he
acted as Agent and Consul-Gen, for some months.
In 1894 he was transferred to Cairo, becoming
Second Secy, to the British Agent, and acting
on various occasions as Agent and Consul-Gen.
In 1897 he was selected to leave on a special
mission to the Emperor Menelik in Abyssinia.
On his return he resumed his duties at Cairo,
until in 1901 he was appointed Secy, of Embassy
at Rome. In addition to several volumes of
poems he has published a biographical sketch
of the Emperor Frederick, and " Customs and
Lore of Modern Greece." He married, in 1895,
Lilias, dau. of the late Jas. Gutherie, of Craigie,

D.S.O., Grand Cordon of the Medjidieh, 2nd
class Osmanieh, of Cairo, Egypt, and the Turf
(Cairo) and Junior Army and Navy (London)
Clubs, is the second son of the late G. F. H.
Rogers, and Francis, youngest dau. of the late
Richard Phillips, of Gaile, co. Tipperary. He
was born April 11, 1850, in Dublin, and was
educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin, where he
graduated B.A., M.B., M.Ch. Sir John entered
the Army Medical Dept. in 1871. and was made
Surg. in 1873, Surg.-Maj. in 1882, and
Surg. -Lieut. -Col. in 1891. He served in the



Afghan War in 1878 to 1881 (medal). He
accompanied the Egyptian Expedition in 1882,
and was present at Kassassin and Tel-el-Kebir
(despatches, medal with clasp, and bronze star).
He was appointed temporarily P.M.O. of the
Egyptian Army during the cholera epidemic
of 1883, and was later appointed permanently
to that post. Sir John organized the Medical
Corps of the Egyptian Army, and went through
the Nile Expedition as P.M.O. in 1884-85
(despatches, clasp, and 3rd class Osmanieh).
He served with the Sudan Frontier Field
Force in 1885-86, and was present at the
action of Giniss (despatches, D.S.O.). With the
Suakin Field Force in 1885 he took part in the
action of Gamaizan (despatches, clasp, 2nd
class Medjidieh, promoted Major-Gen.). While
he was Director-Gen, of the Sanitary Dept.,
Ministry of Interior, 1892-99, he introduced
various legislative Acts dealing with the sanita-
tion of the country and the outbreaks of cholera
and plague. He retired from the Egyptian
service Nov., 1899, and was appointed Local
Manager of the New Egyptian Co., Ltd., 1899.
He is also Local Manager of the Sudan Develop-
ment and Exploration Co., Ltd. ; Chairman of
the Anglo-American Nile Steamer and Hotel
Co., Ltd. ; Director of the Agricultural Bank
of Egypt, and of some other cos. His recrea-
tions are fishing and shooting, and he has
travelled in Canada, Iceland, Finland, Russia
and Sweden in search of sport. He married, Sept.
26, 1883, Edith Louisa Julia, dau. of the late
Major W. F. H. Sykes, of the Bombay Cavalry.

1st Bombay Grenadiers, Indian Army, is the
son of the late Major Patrick Murray Holland,
R.A. He was born at Wellington, Irdia, May 12,
1869; was educated at Harrow, and Sandhurst,
and on Nov. 9, 1889, joined the 2nd Batt. Bed-
fordshire Regt. as 2nd Lieut., became 1st Lieut,
in 1891, Capt. Nov. 9, 1900, and in Aug. of the
following year joined the Indian Army. He
was Adjt. of the 1st Bombay Grenadiers
from 1894 to 1901, and was with the Somaliland
Field Force from Oct., 1902, to June, 1903,
acting as Intelligence Officer to the Berbera-
Bohotle Flying Column, and Staff Officer to
Maj. J. E. Gough's Column. It was while in
Somaliland that Capt. Rolland won the coveted
distinction of the Victoria Cross, under circum-
stances related in the biographical sketch of
Maj. W. G. Walker (q.v.).


Tadley, Basingstoke, and the Arts Club, was
born in London in 1856. He is son of Freelern
Wm. Roller, and was educated at Westminster
Sch., afterwards studying hard for three years in
Paris under Bougereau. He then travelled for
some years in Australia, New Zealand, Peru
and Argentina. He is an artist by profession,
and was made a Fellow of the Royal Soc. of
Painter Etchers in 1887. He rode for many years
as a qualified gentleman rider under National
Hunt Rules, until a severe accident made him
relinquish this form of sport. He was ap-
pointed to the Surrey Bench in 1888, and to the
London County Bench in the following year.
When the S.A. War broke out he volunteered
and went out with the Middlesex Yeomanry as
Col.-Sergt., soon obtaining his Commission.
On returning home in 1900 he took up a com-
mission in the I.Y. in G. Britain, He married,
in 1884, Mary, dau. of W. Halliday, of Thames,
New Zealand.

ROSS, ARCHAR RUSSELL, was appointed
Native Commissioner for the Makoni Dist.,
Apr. 20, 1895. In 1900 he was sent on special
service to purchase cattle in Australia.

ROSS, HON. WILLIAM, M.L.C., was born at
Stranraer, Scotland, in 1850. He was for
many years Manager of the Oriental Bank
Corporation, and is now head of the firms of
Ross, Priest & Page, of Kimberley, and Ross,
Page & O'Reilly, of Johannesburg. He has
been member of the Cape Legislative Council for
Griqualand West since 1883. He is fond of
sport, a well-known boxer, and married a dau.
of the late Geo. Page, of Bloemfontein.

ROULIOT, GEORGE, Knt. of the Legion of
Honour, was born in France, Avig. 15, 1861. He
was educated in Paris, and at the Univ.
of Bonn, Germany. He took an engineering
degree in Paris, and went to S.A. in
1882 as General Manager of the Cie. Generale
de Mines de Diamants in Kimberley, where the
Cape Govt. appointed him to the Dutoitspan
Mining Board and the Board for the Protection
of Mining Interests. After the De Beers Amalga-
mation in 1890 he left Kimberley and joined
Mr.- Beit and Lord Randolph Churchill in their
expedition through Mashonaland, returning via
Beira. Mr. Rouliot joined the firm of Eckstein
in 1892, and was admitted a partner two years
later. He was one of the early believers in the
Deep Levels, and was associated with the Rand
Mines, Ltd., from the inception of the Company.



He has been on the Executive Committee of the
Chamber of Mines since 1894, and was Pres.
of the Chamber from 1897 until 1902. Mr.
Rouliot worked assiduously for the reopening
of the mines during the latter part of the war
period, and his services in this connection were
acknowledged in Lord Kitchener's despatches.

ROWLAND, FREDERICK, of Parktown West,
Johannesburg (Box 4375), and of the Athenasum
Club, Johannesburg, was born Apr. 13, 1871 ;
was educated privately, and went to S.A. in
June, 1889, engaging in commercial pursuits in
Cape Town, Durban, Lindley, Bloemfontein and
Johannesburg. He acted as Secy, of the Chemical
and Metallurgical Soc. in 1896 ; was secy, of
companies from 1897 to 1899 ; became Secy, of
the Uitlander Council on its inception in 1889,
and remained such until the outbreak of war ;
was secy, of the committee formed for the
purpose of raising Irregular Corps in Natal ;
became Lieut, of Bethune's M.I. on formation ;
Capt. and Quartermaster in Nov. 1900 ; re-
signed Apr. 1902, to take up appointment in
the Mines Dept. of the Transvaal. This he
vacated in the following Nov. to enter the
service of H. Eckstein & Co. He is also Secy.
to the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining
Soc. of S.A., and Associate of the Chartered
Institute of Secretaries, Eng. While on active
service he married, Aug. 6, 1900, Maud Mary
Peutnay, who served as nurse in the Natal
Volunteer service through the siege of Lady-

and of the Turf Club, Cairo, was born at Alex-
andria, Feb. 10, 1865 ; is son of the late A. H.
Rowlatt, banker, of Egypt ; was educated at
Fettes Coll., Edin., where he won swimming
prizes ; entered the Bank of Egypt in London
in 1885 ; transferred to the Egyptian branch,
of which he acted as Manager. He left this to
take up the sub-governorship of the National
Bank of Egypt in Cairo. He became a Fellow
of the Institute of Bankers, London, in 1902.
He married, May 14, 1903, Edith May, dau.
of T. E. Cornish, C.M.G., of Alexandria.

Green House, South Nutfield, Eng., was born
in London, June 21, 1864. He was originally a
solicitor, and practised as such for a good many
years, and then joined the well-finown firm
of Lewis & Marks (see Isaac Lewis and Samuel
Marks). Although the firm with which he is

connected is not interested in Rhodesian under-
takings, Mr. Rowsell himself has a considerable
stake in the prosperity of Charter-land, and is
Chairman of the United Rhodesia Goldfields,
the Jumbo G.M. and the Mayo Rhodesia De-
velopment Co., besides being on the Boards
of the Tanganyika Concessions and the Zam-
besia Exploring Co. He also represents his
firm as Chairman of the Grootvlei Prospecting
Synd., Simoona Development Co., and Director
of the East Rand Mining Estates, Swaziland
Corporation, Transvaal Estates and Develop-
ment Co., Transvaal Farms and Finance Co.,
Transvaal Proprietary, African and European
Agency, Goldfields of Matabeleland, Inter-
national Syndicate and many other Cos.

Mr. Rowsell has been the sole architect of his
own fortunes, having come to London in 1890
without literally a single acquaintance in the
great metropolis. It is needless to say that he
has raised his structure in a remarkably able
manner. He married, in 1903, Miss Olive C.

ROYLE, CHARLES, of Cairo, and of the
Khedivial (Cairo), and the Junior Athenseum
(London) Clubs, was born at Lymington, Hants,
Dec. 24, 1838 ; is fourth son of Wm. Royle,
solicitor ; was educated at Queenwood Coll.,
Hants, and served as an officer in the Royal
Navy from 1854 to 1863. Mr. Royle is a Bar-
rister-at-Law, having been called to the Bar
at Lincoln's Inn, Nov., 1865, and is Judge of
the Egyptian Court of Appeal. He is author of
" The Egyptian Campaigns," published by
Hurst & Blackett. Unmarried.

ROYLE, GEORGE, of Gezireh, Cairo and Port
Said ; of 11, De Vere Gardens, London ; and of
the Khedivial Sporting Club, Cairo, and Con-
stitutional Club, London ; is the fifth son of
the late William Royle, solicitor, of Lymington,
Hants, and was born, July 8, 1841, at Lyming-
ton. He was educated at Queenwood Coll. and
Southampton Coll. Mr. Royle was present at the
taking of Peiho Forts, I860, and with the Naval
Brigade on the march to Pekin, and was engaged
with Flotilla on the Pei Ho and Wen Ho Rivers
during the continuance of hostilities. He was
subsequently on H.M.S. Havock when that
vessel successfully attacked the pirate town of
Foo-Shan on the Yangtze, and captured many
Imperial war junks later on up the Yangtze
River. He left the Royal Navy, 1863 or 1864,
and was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn,
Jan. 1870. He went to Egypt (Port Said) in



1871, and was appointed P. & O. Agent in 1875.
He has been Manager of the Port Said and Suez
Coal Co. since 1872, and was appointed represen-
tative in Egypt of Lambert Bros., Ltd., in 1902.
He is also Chairman of the local Board of
Directors of the Egyptian Salt and Soda Co.
His recreations are yachting and sculling, and
formerly Alpine climbing. He married, in 1878,
Fannie Longueville, eldest dau. of Thomas
Snow, Barrister-at-Law.

RUDD, CHARLES DUNELL, of 23, Hyde Park
Gardens, London ; Ardnamurchan, Argyll-
shire ; and of the Union and United University
Clubs, and Rear Commodore of Royal Highland
Yacht Club ; was born at Hanworth Hall,
Norfolk, Oct. 22, 1844. He was educated at
Harrow and Cambridge, at both of which he
distinguished himself in athletics. He won the
Harrow mile, J-mile, hurdle race, and throwing
the cricket ball in '62 ; carried off the Inter-
University Racquet trophies for Camb. in
'65, and owing to a breakdown through over-
training at Camb., he sailed to the Cape in 1866
for the benefit of his health, and there occupied
some few years mainly in shooting expeditions in
Zululand and Swaziland together with the famous
John Dunn and others. He joined the first rush
to Kimberley, where he and Mr. Cecil Rhodes
each purchased a quarter claim in De Beers,
which they subsequently amalgamated and
worked in partnership (1871), thus forming the
nucleus which, after a long series of purchases,
amalgamations, and absorptions, taking up
many years of patient effort, eventually led to
the formation of the De Beers Consolidated
Mines. The foundations of the Rhodes and Rudd
partnership were laid by a series of profitable
pumping contracts in the De Beers and Du
Toit's Pan mines, and were further strengthened
by the acquisition of various diamond properties.
From 1883 to 1888 Mr. Rudd represented
Kimberley in the Cape Parliament, with the
main object of introducing legislation bearing on
the questions of the compound system, and the
I.D.B. and the liquor laws. These ends being
attained he did not seek re-election.

The year 1886 witnessed the inception of
the Gold Fields of S.A., Ltd., from which
the existing colossal corporation in its " Con-
solidated " form was developed under the
joint managing direction of Messrs. Rudd &
Rhodes. Mr. Rudd was also instrumental in
obtaining the mineral and land concessions from
Lobengula in 1888, on which the Charter to the
British S.A. Co., was based. He has now retired

from his directorships and all active business in
the City. He married : first, in 1868, Miss
Chiappini; and second, in 1898, Miss Wallace.

(Oxon), B.S., F.L.S., F.S.S., F.R.M.S., 2nd class
Medjidieh, 2nd class Osmanieh, Commander of
the Orders of the Saviour of Greece, and St.
Anne of Russia ; of Ramleh, Egypt, and of the
Royal Societies (Lond.), Turf (Cairo) and
Khedivial (Alexandria) Clubs, was born at
Lyons, France, Aug. 29, 1859 ; is third son of
the late Baron A. de Ruffer, late Consul of
Switzerland ; was educated privately, and at
Brasenose Coll., Oxon, Univ. Coll., Lond., the
Sch. of Medicine and Institut Pasteur, Paris.
From 1886 to 1888 he was Medical House
Physician and Obstetrive Assistant of Univ.
Coll. Hospital ; he was Medical Registrar at
the Victoria Park Hosp., 1890 ; Director of
the British Institute of Preventive Medicin^,
1892-96 ; Prof, of Bacteriology, Cairo Medical
Sch., 1896-8. He was appointed Pres. of
the Sanitary Maritime and Quarantine Council
of Egypt, 1897 ; Member of the Indian Plague
Commission, 1899-1900 ; and Egyptian Dele-
gate to the International Sanitary Conference,
Paris, 1903. He is a member of many scientific
associations, and is the author of a number of
scientific works. He married, Nov. 11, 1900,
Alice Mary, eldest dau. of Capt. John Tyndale
Greenfield, R.A.

" The Highlands," Simonstown, C.C., and of
the Royal Naval Club (Simonstown), and
City Club (C.T.); was born at Shields, Eng.,
in Apr., 1858. He is the eldest son of the
late Capt. Wm. Runciman of the Merchant
Service. He was educated at L3ith and Dunbar,
Scotland, and migrated with his family in 1873,
to Cape Town, where his father held for some time
the position of Dock Master. Soon after arrival
in Cape Town Mr. Runciman joined the well
known firm of W. Anderson & Co., Merchants
and Mail Steamship Agents. At the age of
19 years he was promoted to fill the place of
Manager to the Simonstown Branch of the
business. From manager he was soon promoted
to junior partner, and is now senior partner,
the name of the firm being changed to Win.
Runciman & Co. Since his advent in Simonstown
Mr. Runciman has devoted a great deal of time
to public affairs ; from the inauguration of
Municipal Government he has sat in the Council
Chamber, and lie has been repeatedly and is still



Mayor. To his untiring energy the town owes
much of its present prosperity. The railway
extension from Kalk Bay, the sanitation, the
water supply, the fine public schools, the
town lighting, and public library are all
mementos of his assiduous perseverance and
skilful policy. He has also done good service in
the Simonstown District as Divisional Councillor
for the Cape Division, of which body he has been
a member for the past ten years. He has been
Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Cape
Parliament for some five or six years ; sits as a
strong Progressive ; has rendered good service
in educational matters already, and bids fair to
fill a prominent place in Cape politics in the
not distant future. He married, in 1883,
Elizabeth Sarah, eldest dau. of A. N. Black, of
Simonstown, by whom he has two sons and a

LESLIE, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., D.S.O., second son of
the late Capt. J. S. Rundle, R.N., was born
at Newton Abbot, N. Devon, Jan. 6, 1856.
He was educated at tfae Royal Mil. Acad. ;
entered the Royal Artillery in 1876, and first
saw service in the Zulu War hi 1879, afterwards
taking part in the Boer War of 1881. Subse-
quently he proceeded to Egypt, where he acted
for about fourteen years as Chief Staff Officer
to the Sirdar and Adjt.-Gen. to the Egyptian
Army. Sir Leslie was second in command to
Lord Kitchener at the battle of Omdurman.
In the S. African War, 1899-02, he commanded
the 8th Division. He latterly also acted as
Military Governor of the Eastern O.R.C., with
headquarters, at Harrismith. On returning to
England he was given the command of the
South-Eastern District at Dover in succession
to Sir William Butler. He married, in 1887,
Eleanor Georgina, dau. of the late Capt. H. J.
M. Campbell, R.A.

RUSSELL, ROBERT, I.S.O., of 33, Prince
of Wales Mansions, Battersea Park, London,
was born at Edinburgh in 1843 ; was educated
at the Church of Scotland Training Coll. and
the Univ. of Edinburgh, and has had a long
and useful public career mainly devoted to
educational mattars in Natal. In 18fi5 he was
appointed Headmaster of Durban High Sch.,
and became Supt. of Education and Secy,
to the Council of Education in 1878. He
was for some years Chairman of the Survey
Board and Member of the Civil Service Board,
and was appointed to represent Natal on the

Council of the Cap 3 Univ. in 1896. He was
mainly instrumental in establishing the Cadet
system in vogue in Nata\ Mr. Russell retired
from the Civil Service of the Colony in 1903 on
full salary specially voted by the Natal Parlia-
ment. In the same year he was created a Com-
panion of the Imperial Service Order. He Ls ihs>
author of " Natal : the Land and its Story "


of 26, Victoria St., London, S.W., and of the
New Vagabonds' Club, was born, Aug. 13,
1867, at Durban. He is son of Robert
Russell, ex-Supt. of Education for Natal (q.y.),
and was educated at Pietermaritzburg High
Sch., and at Merton Coll., Oxon., where he
graduated with honours in law. He is now
about to enter for the higher degree of D.C.L.
While at Oxford he played in his college cricket
and Association football teams from 1886 to
1888. Returning to Natal he was an Acting
Inspector of Schools for the Colony in 1891-2 ;
was called to the Bar of the Inner Temple in
1893 ; and received his present appointment
as Secy, to the Natal Govt. Agency in the same
year. Mr. Russell contributes verse to the
"Westminster Gazette," "Sketch," and " Pall
Mall Gazette," He married, May 5, 1895, May,
dau. of the late A. S. Smith, of Tudor Hill
House, Sutton Coldfield.

SAMPSON, VICTOR, K.C., M.L.A., of Kimber-
ley, and of the Civil Service and Kimberley
Clubs, was born at Cape Town in 1855. He was

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