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Yorks., was educated at St. Peter's Gram.
Sch., York, and at Rathbury Gram.
Sch., Northumberland. He served in the
1st Batt. of the West York Rifle Volunteers,
and shot for the Silver Medal, Queen's Prize,
at Wimbledon, in 1860. He went to Natal
in 1 870 ; engaged in farming ; was elected to a
seat on the Legislative Council in 1884, which
he resigned four years later. He was re-elected
in 1890, and represents the Klip River Division
in the Natal Assembly.

BALE, SIR HENRY, K.C.M.G. (1901), K.C.
(1897), of Ingleside, Maritzburg ; Craigellachie,
Hilton Road ; and the Victoria Club, Maritz-
burg, Natal, was born Jan. 12, 1854 ; is the son
of W. E. Bale, J.P., formerly Mayor of Pieter-
maritzburg, and was educated at the High
Sch., P.M.B., and the Gram. Sch., Exeter,
England. Sir Henry practised as Attorney
at the Supreme Court of Natal from


1875, and as Advocate from 1878 ; was member
of the Committee of the Zulu War Relief Fund,
1879 ; member of the late Council of Education,
188693 ; nominee member of the Legislative
Council, 1890 ; M.L.A. for Pietermaritzburg
City, 1893-1901. He was twice sent for to
form a Ministry, but declined. However, he
acted as Attorney-General and Minister of
Education from 1879-1901. During the late
Boer War he acted as Procurator-General,
for which he received the thanks of the Secy, of
State. He became Chief Justice of Natal in
1901, and acted as Administrator of that Colony
during the illness of the Governor, June and
July, 1903. Sir Henry married in 1887 Eliza
(d. 1890), dau. of W. B. Wood of Edinburgh.

(Public Health), Edin., M.B.C.P.E., D.P.H.
(Camb) ; of Khartoum, and of the Drumsheugh
Baths Club, Edin., the Turf Club, Cairo, and
the Sudan Club, Khartoum, was born at E din-
burg in 1873. He is the son of T. A. G. Bal-
four, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., etc., Curator of the
Museum of the Royal College of Physicians,
Edin., who married Miss Margaret Christall, of
Elgin, Morayshire. Dr. A. Baifour was
educated at George Watson's Coll., Edin-
burgh, Edinburgh University, and Caius Coll.,
Cambridge, graduating M.B., C.M., Edinburgh,
1894. After practising privately and at the
Fever Hospital, Edinburgh, where he was
Asst. Physician, he went to Cambridge, taking
D.P.H. in 1897, M.D. (gold medal thesis)
1898, and B.Sc. in Public Health 1890. He
went to S. Africa as Civil Surgeon in April of
that year, being attached to the No. 7 General
Hospital at Estcourt and Pretoria, and after-
wards in charge of the British Garrison and
Boer Laagers at Kaapsche Hoop, E. Transvaal
(medal and clasps). He returned in April, 1 901 , and
took his M.R.C.P.E. in 1902. In the same year he
was appointed Director of Govt. Research Labora-
tories, Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum.

Dr. Baifour collaborated in the production
of a book on Public Health, and is the author of
of "By Stroke of Sword," " To Arms," " Ven-
geance is Mine.' " Cashiered ; and Other War
Tales," and "The Golden Kingdom." He
also wrote a war play, "The Camp Catch," which
was produced at Estcourt and at the Empress
Theatre, Pretoria, for the benefit of hospitals.
Dr. Baifour was a Scottish International Rugby
football player, a Cambridge "Blue," and cap-
tained the Watsonian XV. and the Edinburgh
XV. in Edinburgh against the Paris team re-

cently. He is a good swimmer, and is fond of
shooting. He married, Sept., 1902, Grace, dau.
of G. Nutter, of Sidcup, Kent.

BARLOW, ALFRED, J.P., F.R.C.I., of Kelve-
don, Bloemfontein, and the Bloemfontein and
Rand Clubs ; 3rd son of Nathaniel Barlow,
M.R.C.S., and grandson of Dr. Wrn. Barlow,
who raised and commanded the Writtle (Essex)
Volunteers in 1805, was born at Blackmore,
near Chelmsford, Essex, Aug. 15, 1836 ; waa
educated Ongar Gram. Sch. ; went to the
O.F.S. in 1859, where he has resided practi-
cally ever since. He was a Director of the
Bloemfontein Bank from 1872 to 1887, and
represented the town of Smithfield in the O.F.S.
Volksraad from 1887 to 1890. He edited the
" Friend of the Free State " from 1866 to 1899,
and is now Chairman of the National Bank
of the O.R.C., Chairman of the Bloernfontein
Board of Executors, and J.P. for the whole of
the O.R.C. He married, April 30, 1874, Kate,
dau. of John Brereton, of Cheshire, England.

BARNATO, HENRY ISAAC, of Johannesburg ;
of 23, Upper Hamilton Terrace, London, N.W.,
and of 10 and 11, Austin Friars, London, E.C.,
is a partner in the firm of Barnato Bros.,
founded by his popular but ill-fated brother
" Barney " Barnato. He is a permanent
Director in Johannesburg of the Barnato Con-
solidated Mines, and is on the Board of the
Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co.,
Ltd. His main recreation appears to be horse-
racing, but he has the family fondness for the

M.Inst.C.E., M.lnst.C.E.Id., F.R.C.I., of Pieter-
maritzburg, Natal, and of the Victoria Club,
P.M B., was born in co. Kilkenny, Jan.
21, 1851. He is the son of the late F. P. Barnes,
C.E., and of Matilda, dau. of the late Rev. Geo.
Armstrong, of Listerlyn, co. Kilkenny, and
was educated privately and at Trinity Coll.,
Dublin. In 1871, having completed his? term
of pupilage, as also liis second or senior Fresh-
man year in Trinity Coll., Dublin, he began
his career as an engineer under the^County
Surveyor of Antrim. In 1872, and^for six
years subsequently, he held the post of
engineer and surveyor on the Irish estates of
the Duke of Abercorn, also practising privately.
He engineered the Flood Protection works on


the Mourne at Strabane, the Strabane Water-
works, as also large sub-soil drainage and
plantation schemes under the Public Works
Loans Act. The land troubles of 1877-8
caused him to turn his attention to other fields
of labour, with the result that in Feb., 1880, he
landed in Natal, passed the examination, and
obtained the licence to practise as a Govt. Land
Surveyor in that Colony. In 1882 Mr. Barnes
was appointed Boro' Engineer of Durban, and
held that post for six years. He carried out
the Umbilo Waterworks, many town improve-
ments, and constructed over thirty miles of
streets and footpaths. At the Natal Exhibi-
tion of 1883 he was awarded a silver medal
for specialities in concrete work, and prior to
his entering the service of the Natal Govt. the
Corporation voted him a bonus of 500 as a
token of appreciation of his services. In Jany.,
1888, he received the appointment of Asst.
Colonial Engineer and Surveyor-General of
Natal, and throughout the six years, following
he held frequent appointments as Acting
Colonial Engineer, with seats on the Executive
and Legislative Councils of the Colony. With
the first responsible Govt. of Natal, Mr. Barnes
was entrusted with the charge of the Public
Works Dept. That appointment he still holds
under the title of Chief Engineer Public Works
Dept. Throughout the late Boer War his
dept. lent valuable assistance to the military,
co-operating with the G.O.C. lines of communica-
tion, the B.E., the R.A.M.C., and other branches
of the service. His dept. raised and super-
vised a Pioneer Corps of Artizans for the building
of bridges, forts, buildings, and such like ; a
Native Labour Corps of 3,000 Kaffirs for un-
skilled work, and an Indian Ambulance Corps
of 1,200 Indian coolie stretcher-bearers. For
these services Mr. Barnes and the staff of his
dept. were thanked publicly, and in despatches
by Lord Roberts and by Gen. Buller, while,
on the recommendation of Governor Sir Henry
McCullum, Gen. Hildyard, and the Natal
Ministry, of which Col. Sir A. H. Hime was
Premier, he received the Order of C.M.G. at
the hands of H.R.H. the Duke of York. He
married, in 1879, Mary Sanbach, dau. of the
late E. E. Graves.

Heatherleigh, Isleworth, Eng., Burnt Hill
House, Bradfield, Reading, Eng., Maritz-
burg, Natal ; of the Savile Club, London, and
the Victoria Club, Maritzburg ; was born in
1858, and was educated at the City of London

Sch. and at Trinity Coll., Oxford. He
was Scholar of Trinity, 1877 ; Prof, of English
at the University Coll., Sheffield, 1881 ;
Principal of Isleworth Training Coll., 1888 ;
H.M. Inspector of Schools, 1892; H.M. Asst.
Inspector of Training Colleges, 1893, and
received his present appointment as Superin-
tendent of Education for Natal in 1903. It is
understood, however, that he handed in his
resignation of this post in the summer of 1903,
to take effect in a year's time, Mr. Barnett
not being satisfied with the manner in which
his proposals for educational reforms were
treated. He represents Natal on the Council
of the Cape University. In addition to this
he has spent some time in Egypt and the Sudan,
organizing secondary education at the time that
Lord Milner was Financial Secy. He also assisted
in the selection of the English teachers recently
engaged for service in the Boer Concentration
Camps. Mr. Barnett edited and contributed
to " Teaching and Organization," and is the
author of " Common Sense in Education " and
various magazine articles and reviews.

SELBOURN, of Potchefstroom, Transvaal ; was
born at Brackley, Dec. 10, 1875. He is son
of Viscount Barrington by Mary Isabella,
dau. of the Rev. R. Rogne ; was educated at
Charterhouse ; went to S.A. as a Trooper
in the I.Y. ; received a Lieut.'s Commission,
afterwards transferring to the S.A.C., in which
force he also holds a Commission. He married
in 1903 Mary, dau. of Col. and the Hon. Mrs.
Ferguson, of Pitfour,

Lydenburg Club, Transvaal, was born at
Grahamstown in 1865 ; is the eldest son of the
late W. H. Barter, of Cork, Ireland, formerly
High Sheriff of the Eastern District Court and
Native Commissioner of the Lydenburg Dist.
(1880). Mr. W. J. H. Barter was on the
Lydenburg goldfields in 1874, and one of the
pioneers of the De Kaap. There he was elected
seven years in succession as member of the
North De Kaap Diggers' Committee, and
interested himself in the politics of his adopted
country, supporting such local progressive
representatives as the late Jan Celliers, R. K.
Loveday, and Frank Watkins as members
for De Kaap. He was Chairman of Gen.
Joubert's election committee on two occasions,
and at the last Presidential election worked for
Mr. Schalk Burger. He was also one of the



Vice-Presidents of the De Kaap Agricultural
Soc. In Lydenburg, later, he was member of
the Health Board, Hospital Board, and Treasurer
of the Lydenburg Agricultural Soc. AVhen
war broke out he was one of the delegates
elected to go to Paardekraal to oppose the "war
talk " ; but Botha appointed him Military Com-
missioner of the S.A.B. He was also Treasurer
of the State Mint which coined the Z.A.R.
" Een Pond. 1902," and was deputed by the
Boer Gen. to protect the Lydenburg Mines.
Upon peace being proclaimed, he resumed his
business in Lydenburg, serving also on the
Railway Committee, the Lydenburg Agricultural
Soc., and other bodies. Mr. Barter married in
1887 Miss H. H. C. Paskin, dau. of the late
J. J. Paskin, of Wildemere, Verulam.

the Royal Colonial Institute and the United
Sporting Club, was born June 4, 1875, at Gra-
hamstown, S. Africa, and is of Irish parentage.
He was educated at St. Paul's Sch., Lond.,
and was appointed Clerk in the Colonial Audit
Branch of the Exchequer and Audit Dept.,
Lond., in 1895 ; Assist. Local Auditor British
Central Africa Protectorate in 1889, and in
June of the same year he became Acting Local
Auditor, remaining so until June, 1900. On
Sept. 12, 1903, he was appointed 1st Class Clerk,
Audit Office, in the Financial Civil Service.

BAYLY, COL. HON. L. S., M.L.C., is member
of the Cape Legislative Council for the Eastern
Circle, having been last re-elected in 1904.

BAYNES, JOSEPH, C.M.G. (1902), M.L.A.,
J.P., of Nel's Rust, near Maritzburg, Natal, and
the Victoria Club, P.M.B., is the son of the late
Richard Baynes, and was born at Austwick,
near Settle, Yorks., on March 2, 1842. He
arrived in Natal in 1850, and commenced
farming on Lawkland, near York, and since
1862 has farmed at Nel's Rust. He has acted
as a member of several Govt. Commissions ;
has been a member of the Indian Immigration
Board since 1887, and was Chairman in 1891-2 ,
is J.P. for the County of Pietermaritzburg ;
Pres. of the Richmond Agricultural Soc. ;
member of the Legislative Council for the Ixopo
Division 1890-3, when under the new constitu-
tion he was elected to the House of Assembly.
He is a sound protectionist, and has worked
hard for the agricultural and industrial develop-
ment of Natal. He strongly supported the
movement in the Assembly in 1897 which led

to the Customs Convention between the Cape
Colony, Orange Free State and Natal ; he moved
also in that House the resolution approving
and supporting the action of the Imperial Govt.
in its endeavours to obtain equal rights for all
civilized people in S.A. He is Minister of Lands
and Works in the present Natal Ministry.
He married : first, in 1874, Maria H., 2nd dau.
of Paul Hermanus Zietsman, J.P. ; and 2nd,
in 1878, Sarah A., elder dau. of Ed. Tomlin-
son, who was four times Mayor of Maritzburg.

BAYNES, WILLIAM, M.L.A., J.P., of Settle,
near Pietermaritzburg ; Glen Dushie, P.M.B.,
316, Longmarket St., P.M.B., and the Victoria
Club, P.M.B., was born at Austwick, Yorks,
May 22, 1840. He is son of the late Richard
Baynes, of Settle and Nel's Rust, Natal ; was
educated at Lancaster and Giggleswick Gram.
Schools, and settled in Natal as a farmer
in 1860. He was twice elected to the Legisla-
tive Council as member for Lion's River Divi-
sion (18901893) as an opponent of Responsible
Government, but on this being granted to the
Colony he was elected to represent Umgeni in
the Natal House of Assembly. Mr. Baynes
married, Aug. 2, |1870, Ellen, third dau. of
Richard Stone, of Faversham, Kent.

BEAL, COL. ROBERT ; served as a sergeant in
the B.B.P., and in Sir Chas. Warren's expedi-
tion. He subsequently held a commission
with the Mashonaland Pioneers, served in the
Matabele War of 1893, and in the rebellion of
1896 he commanded the Salisbury - Gwelo
column for the relief of Bulawayo, and did good
service at the action at the Umgusa, also in
repairing telegraph lines, with patrols, and
afterwards as transport officer on the Umtali-
Beira road.

BEAUFORT, JUDGE ; was formerly Governor
and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of
Labuan and the State of North Borneo, 1895-
1900. He is now in charge of the High Court
of North-Eastern Rhodesia established at Fort

Burgher St., Maritzburg, Natal, and the Victoria
Club, Maritzburg, was bom in India, Feb. 24,
1851 ; is the son of the late Lieut. -Col. W.
Beaumont, of the 23rd Madras Light Infantry ;
was educated at Sherborne and Sandhurst,
and joined the 75th (Stirlingshire) Regt. as Ensign
in Aug. 1870 ; Lieut. 1870, and retired in Aug.


1875. He became Private Secy, to Lieut. -
Governor Sir Benjamin Pine, and Clerk to the
Executive Council of Natal in 1873 ; acting
R.M. Umlazi Divn., 1874 ; Governor's Clerk
and Clerk to the Executive Council, Oct., 1875 ;
Magistrate, 1878 ; Acting Puisne Judge of the
Supreme Court for various periods from Feb.
1895, to Oct. 1902 ; Judge of the Special Treason
Court, Oct. 1901 ; and received his present
appointment as Puisne Judge of the Supreme
Court of Natal, Nov. L 1902.

I Judge Beaumont served on the Langali-
balele Expedition, 1873 ; was Colonial Com-
mandant of No. 1 District, Natal, at the com-
mencement of the Zulu War, Jan. 1879, when
he raised native levies for the defence of the
border, and a troop of mounted natives called
the " Newcastle Scouts " (medal). He also
served as Commandant of the Pietermaritzburg
Town Guard during the late Boer War. He
has always been an enthusiastic sportsman,
and has during the last few years been Capt.
of the Maritzburg Golf Club. He was married,

1876, to Alice, dau. of the late Hon. John
Millar, M.L.C., of Durban.

M.L.A., has represented the electoral division
of Worcester in the Cape Legislative Assembly
for some years. He is a member of the Bond,
and was last returned unopposed at the General
Election in 1904.

BEHR, H. C., Consulting Mechanical Engi-
neer to the Consolidated Goldfields of S.A. He
was the first winner of the gold medal and pre-
mium of 50 guineas for the best paper contri-
buted on Deep Level Mining questions to the
Institution of Mining and Metallurgy. His
subject was " Winding Plants for Great Depths."

BEIT, ALFRED, of 26, Park Lane, W., of
Jewin Water, near Welwyn, Herts, and of
London Wall Buildings, E.C., was born in
Hamburg in 1853, and after receiving a sound
commercial education, went with a few thou-
sand pounds to Kimberley, where the great
firm of Wernher, Beit & Co. was originally
founded. But the discovery of the Rand Gold-
fields greatly increased the sphere of the firm's
operations. Already exercising the greatest
influence over the destinies of the De Beers
Mines, of which he is a life governor, Mr. Beit
soon began to acquire the control of a large
proportion of the pick of the Rand outcrop
claims, supplementing these holdings with a

more or less continuous line of deep level claims
along the main reef series, which were soon
merged in the huge mining corporation known
as the Rand Mines, Limited, of which Mr.
Beit is a Johannesburg director, with a seat
on the London Committee. To mention the
other mining undertakings which come entirely
or partly under the aegis of Mr. Beit's firm
would be to name some thirty or forty of the
most prosperous and best managed of the Rand
properties, although of these, in addition to the
Rand Mines, Ltd., he only figures on the Boards
of the Robinson Coy., and the " H.F." Coy.
He is also a director of the Consolidated Co.,
Bultfontein mine.

But Mr. Beit's interests are not limited to
gold and diamonds. From the inception of the
Chartered Co. he has been one of its most active
directors, and a strong supporter of Mr. Rhodes
in his policy of Imperial, territorial, and railway
expansion. His earnest desire to carry out
the partly completed projects bequeathed to
him by his friend and colleague, led him to make
an extended tour through Rhodesia in the
autumn of 1902, the immediate effect of which
was the removal of the more pressing hind-
rances to the prosperity of its colonists, more
especially those which affected the working
element. The old faulty mining law was to be
amended ; the 50 per cent, clause to be reduced
to 30 per cent. ; diamond prospecting to be
allowed ; post and telegraph rates to be reduced ;
department for native affairs and agriculture
to be instituted, and railway construction to
be pushed on.

A man with such responsibilities and interests
needs to be something more than a financial
genius, and perhaps one of his most fortunate
attributes is his perspicuity in judging character
and associating himself with the right people.
Thus it is safe to say that no other firm contains
such a combination of men of brains and finan-
cial probity as the firm of Wernher, Beit & Co.
and the allied firm of H. Eckstein & Co., who
act as their Transvaal representatives, and
between them they are perhaps second only to
the house of Rothschild in the magnitude of
their operations and the amplitude of their
financial resources. Mr. Beit's firm is of course
not free from those attacks which are periodi-
cally directed against the great financial houses.
In the case of the libel uttered by Mr. A. B.
Markham, M.P. (q.v.), which was so unre-
reservedly withdrawn, it is characteristic of the
firm that they abstained from asking for the
costs in the case.



Mr. Beit himself is reserved and somewhat
delicate, as most men are who develop their
intellectual strength at the expense of their
physical force. Nevertheless, he has an extra-
ordinary capacity for hard work, and while he
commonly calculates in millions he has that
grasp of detail which ensures his schemes being
successfully carried through. Although Ger-
man by birth, he is a naturalized Englishman,
and apart from the huge tract of country which
he has helped to bring under the British flag,
he has large ideas on such questions of national
importance as technical education, to advance
which his firm has contributed in princely

During the late S.A. War he was a
munificent supporter of the I.L.H., and it was
owing to his generous financial aid that the
regiment was, after the relief of Ladysmith,
re-horsed in time for it to take part in the relief
of Mafeking.

Bramfontein Forest, Parktown, near Johan-
nesburg, consisting of about 200 acres of free-
hold ground, was recently presented to the
Johannesburg Town Council by Messrs. Wern-
her, Beit & Co. and Mr. Max Michaelis (a
former partner in the firm) for the purposes of
a public park, which will be known as the
Hermann Eckstein Park. Mr. Beit has a fine
collection of pictures, and maintains a racing
stable in Germany.

D.S.O., of Aldershot, and the Junior United
Service Club, was born at Dover Sept. 25, 1857 ;
is son of Capt. W. Belfield, J.P., and was
educated at Wellington Coll., passing into the
Army in 1876, rising to the substantive rank of
Col. on Dec. 18, 1899. After serving as Brig.-
Maj. and D.A.A.G. at Aldershot, he was on
special service in Ashanti in 1895-6 as C.S.O.,
being honourably mentioned and receiving the
Brev. of Lieut.-Col. and the Star. In the late
S.A. War he acted as A.A.G., S.A., from
Dec. 1899, until Jan. 1902, when he became
Inspector-Gen, of I.Y. in S.A., taking part in
the operations in the O.R.C., Transvaal, and
later in the Cape Colony, including the actions
at Venterskroon, Lindley, and Bhenoster River.
He was twice mentioned in despatches ; re-
ceived the King's medal with two clasps, and
was decorated with the C.B. and D.S.O. Col.
Belfield was appointed A.A.G. of the 1st
Army Corps at Aldershot Dec. 11, 1902. He
married 1st, in 1887, Emily Mary, dau. of the
Rt. Rev. Hibbert Binney, Bishop of Nova

Scotia ; and 2nd, in 1888, Evelyn Mary,fdau.
of Albon Taylor, of Barnes.

J.P., M.R.C.I., of Pretoria, Transvaal, and of
the Imperial Service and Pretoria Clubs ; is
the son of William Bell, of Dumfries, Scot-
land, late of Grahamstown, Cape Colony, Advo-
cate and M.L.A. He was born at Edinburgh
1848, and was educated at the High Sch.,
Edin. Col. Bell originally practised as a
solicitor at Queenstown, Cape Colony, and is
now Master of the Supreme Court of the Trans-
vaal. He has been a member of the Queens-
town Rifle Volunteers since the formation of
the corps in 1873, and was in command from
1881 to 1901. He holds the S.A. War
medal (1877-78), and was granted the Long
Service medal 1898. He holds the Volunteer
Officers' Decoration, and was decorated for
services in the South African campaign 1899-
1901. He married in 1873 Eliza Jane Brad-
field, 4th dau. of Edward Mortimer Turvey.

nesburg, and the Rand, Pretoria, Grahamstown
and Albany (Grahamstown) Clubs, was born
near Fort Beaufort, Eastern Province, Aug. 1,
1856. He is second son of Col. Charles Bell,
and grandson of Geo. Jarvis, solicitor, of
Grahamstown. He was educated at Douglas,
Isle of Man, and at St. Andrew's Coll., Grahams-
town, At the early age of fourteen he, in con-
junction with an elder brother, aged 16, printed
and published a small weekly newspaper called
the " Kariega News," which ran for a year,
much of the plant being made by these two
boys. In 1877 Mr. W. H. S. Bell served with
the Albany Mounted Volunteers in the Galeka
Campaign. He was admitted as an Attorney
of the Supreme Court, Cape Colony, in 1879,
and a Notary of the same Court in 1878. In
1884 he founded and became editor of the
" Cape Law Journal," of which he continued
editor until 1896, when he went to England on
account of ill-health ; he resumed the editor-
ship in the beginning of 1900, and still continues
to occupy that position. He was a member of
the Reform Committee in Dec., 1895 ; was
arrested for high treason against the S.A.R. on
Jan. 9, 1896, and lodged in the Pretoria gaol
with some 63 other Reformers ; was tried in
April, 1896, and with 59 others was convicted

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