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His range of ideas cannot be said to be broad,
but his devotion to the business of the Colony
has always been most exemplary.

He was created G.C.M.G. on the occasion
of the King's Coronation ; he is D.C.L. of
Oxford, and Hon. LL.D. of Edin. Univ. He
is a widower, having married a dau. of Mr. J.
Fleischer. Lady Sprigg died in 1900.

ANDER, Order of the Medjidieh (3rd class) ; of
Khartoum, and of the Army and Navy, the
Sirdar (Khartoum) and Turf (Cairo) Clubs, was
born at York, Nov. 15, 1867. He is eldest son
of Gen. Sir Ed. Stanton, K.C.M.G., C.V.O.,
and was educated at Marlborough and Sand-
hurst, passing into the Oxfordshire L.I. in
Feb., 1887. He received his Captaincy in
1894, and brevet majority in 1898. Col.
Stanton has seen much active service in N.
Africa, beginning with the Dongola Expedition
in 1896, being present at Firket and Hafir
(despatches, medal with two clasps) ; the Nile
Expedition in 1897 (despatches and clasp) ;

the Nile Expedition in 1898, taking part in the
battles of Atbara and Omdurman (twice men-
tioned in despatches, bt.-majority, two clasps
and English medal) ; and again in the Nile
Expedition in 1899 (clasp and Medjidieh). He
was employed surveying the navigable channels
of the Bahr el Zuaf and Bahr el Ghazal in 1898,
and was at Fashoda during the Marchand
affair. He joined the Sudan Civil Administra-
tion in 1899, and received his present appoint-
ment as Governor of Khartoum in 1900. In
1901 he was given the local rank of Lieut.-Col.
Col. Stanton married Isabel Mary, second dau.
of Capt. H. C. Willes, late Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

STEAD, ARTHUR, M.L.A., is one of the
Progressive representatives of Kimberley in
the Cape House of Assembly. He was last
elected in Feb. 1904.

STEPHAN, H. R., of Brighton Castle,
Monille Point, C.T., is the head of the
house of Stephan Bros., of C.T. and
elsewhere in S.A. Mr. Stephan's firm has
been largely instrumental in opening up Sal-
danha Bay and the South-West Territory. They
own a considerable number of steam and sailing
ships, and are largely engaged in the grain

STERRY, WASEY, M.A., of Khartoum ;
of Chapel Cleeve, Washford, Taunton, and of
the Savile (Lond.), Turf (Cairo) and Sudan
(Khartoum) Clubs, was born in Devonshire,
July 26, 1866. He is elder son of the Rev.
Francis Sterry of Chapel Cleeve, and Augusta
Emily, dau. of the late Hastings N. Middleton.
He was educated at Eton and Merton Coll.,
Oxon, and was called to the Bar in Nov. 1892.
He was appointed the first Civil Judge in the
Sudan in May 1901 and Chief Judge in 1903.
He is the author of " Annals of Eton." Un-

on a special mission to Gazaland in 1890,
and entered the Cape Town office of the Char-
tered Co. as head of the correspondence dept. in
March 1891. He acted as Secy, from Oct. 1894
to April 1895 ; was appointed Acting Secy, at
Cape Town in Jan. 1896, and is also Secy, to the
Bechuanaland Railway Co.

in the North-West Mounted Police, Canada,
from July 1, 1890, joined the C.M.R. May 10,


1894; joined the Mashonaland Mounted Police
Nov. 28, 1895, and transferred into the Mashona-
land Municipal Police, Nov. 18, 1896, serving
in the rebellion of that year (medal). He
was appointed sub-inspector Aug. 21, 1898,
and afterwards transferred into the Mata-
beleland division.

the O.F.S. in 1857, three years after the Republic
had come into existence.

He received little systematic education
until, at the age of twelve, he was sent to Grey
Coll. at Bloemfontein. Later on, through the
influence of Judge Buchanan, he went to Hol-
land to study law, afterwards proceeding to
London, where he was called to the Bar of the
Inner Temple. Returning to S.A., he prac-
tised for a few years in the Free State, became
Attorney-Gen., and was raised to the Bench
in 1889, where he remained until 1895 dis-
charging his judicial functions in a careful and
conscientious manner, and holding himself
aloof from politics. In that year Mr. Reitz
resigned the Presidency, and Mr. Steyn offered
himself as a candidate, defeating his opponent,
Mr. J. G. Fraser (at that time Chairman of
the Volksraad) by an overwhelming majority.

STIGLINGH, J. H., M.L.A., was elected
as Bond Member for Picquetberg at the general
election in the Cape Colony, Feb. 1904.

BART., M.L.C., is senior member of the Cape
Legislative Council for the North-East Province.

Square, S.W., The Grove, Stalham, and the
Junior Carlton. Club, was born in London,
Feb. 8, 1853 ; was educated at King's Coll.,
and after a special training as engineer spent
ten years (1879-89) on the West Coast of S.
America, being connected with various engineer-
ing works, as well as with the gold and silver
mines of Peru and Bolivia, in which countries
he travelled extensively. In 1891 he went
out as Manager in charge of the Mashonaland
Agency Expedition to Rhodesia, and since then
has been connected with that co. and its sub-
sidiaries. He married Miss Marie Carandini,
Oct. 30, 1899.

M.L.C., C.M.G., of Lagos, W. Africa, and of
the Junior Constitutional, W. Indian, and Corona

Clubs, was born in 1859. He is eldest son of
the late Col. W. H. P. Fitz M. Strachan, and
was educated privately and at Guy's Hos.,
graduating L.R.C.P. (Lond.), M.R.C.S. (Ens?.).
He is F.L.S. and M.S.A.

Dr. Strachan is P.M.O. of Lagos, and is a
member of the Legislative Council of the Colony.

STRAKOSCH, HENRY, of 9, King St., St.
James', was born at Hohenau, Austria, May 10,
1871. He is the son of Ed. Strakosch, of
Hohenau, a pioneer of the Austrian beet sugar
industry. After a Continental banking ex-
perience he went to S.A. as Manager of the
African Mining and Financial Assoc. He
joined the firm of A. Goerz & Co. in Aug.
1896, and afterwards (Apr. 1902) became
Managing Director of A. Goerz & Co., Ltd.
He is also a director of many other important
S.A. Cos., mainly gold mining. During the
war he was a member of the Committee ap-
pointed by the Governor to advise him on
matters affecting the Uitlancler population of
the Transvaal. He was also a member of the
Central Registration Committee. Mr. Strakosch
is keen on polo, an inveterate motorist, and
a bachelor.

STRANGE, LAURENCE ; was at one time
Mayor of Waterford, Ireland, where he had
an extensive practice as a solicitor. He was
appointed Public Prosecutor at Klerksdorp
in 1902.

STUTTAFORD, RICHARD, of Lidcote, Kenil-
worth, C.T. ; of the City Club (C.T.) and
the Rand Club (Johannesburg) ; was born in
C.T. in 1870. He was educated at Amers-
ham Sch., near Reading. He is Managing
Director of Stuttaford & Co., Ltd., and a
Director of the " Cape Times," Ltd. He
married in 1903.

born at New Shoreham, Sussex, Sept. 14, 1856.
He is the son of John Swarm, and was educated
at a Protestant Gram. Sch., and after-
wards in London, twice taking honours at
Board of Trade examinations. The spirit of
the traveller was aglow in him in early life,
and there are few districts in the East of which
he has not some acquaintance. He first visited
Africa in 1882, when he was specially engaged


by the London Missionary Soc. to assist in the
transport from Zanzibar to Tanganyika of the
Morning Star lifeboat. During a residence
at Ujiji (the meeting-place of Stanley and
Livingstone) he assisted in the survey of Tan-
ganyika, capturing and preserving some unique
specimens of freshwater Medusae. During the
Arab uprising he was at Ujiji, and succeeded
in maintaining communications by the extra-
ordinary means of Pitman's shorthand written
backwards with a quill pen. The claims of
Tippoo Tib and Rumaliza (who caused the
Belgians so much trouble on the upper reaches
of the Congo) against Stanley were placed by
them in Mr. Swarm's hands, with the result
that they were considerably reduced. The
first correct report of the murder of Emin Pacha
was brought to England by Mr. Swann, who,
after succeeding in establishing marine com-
munication round Tanganyika, and diverting
a large portion of the Eastern trade to Zanzibar
via Blantyre, visited England, conveying en
route the Arab's communications to Maj. Von
Weissmann, his consultation with whom re-
sulted in peaceful tactics with Ujiji, and conse-
quent uninterruption of trade through German
E.A. He later became Political Officer in
Sir H. H. Johnston's Administration ; suc-
ceeded in stopping the Angoni raids in the
N.W. District ; discovered a rich deposit of
carbonate of lime ; unearthed flint (up to that
time unknown in Equatorial Africa) and a
collection of fossil shells in excellent condition.
In 1895 Sir H. Johnston appointed him to the
historic country of the late Sultan Jumbe,
whose hordes of slavers formerly reigned
supreme towards the Luapola River. Having
discovered a system of intrigue which was
paralyzing trade through Kota-Kota, with the
aid of Major Edwards, he utterly routed the
forces concentrated against him, numbering
20,000, captured the long-wanted Saide Mwa-
zunga, and opened up the way S. and W. towards
the Zambesi.

SWANZY, FRANCIS, J.P., of Heathfield,
Sevenoaks, Kent, and of the National Liberal
and Gresham Clubs, was born at Kennington,
Surrey, July 7, 1854; was educated at Rugby ;
is J.P. for Kent, and a Director of the Wassan
(Gold Coast) Mining Co., the Gold Coast Amal-
gamated Mines, Ltd., the New Gold Coast Agency
and the United Gold Coast Mining Properties.
He married, in 1879, Mary Nina, eldest dau.
of the late Robert Stephen Patry.

maritzburg and of the Victoria Club, Pieter-
maritzburg, is the son of Robert Sweeney,
Prof, of Music of Pietermaritzburg. He was
born at Dublin Jan. 24, 1868, and was educated
at the College of the Sacred Heart, Limerick,
and the Pietermaritzburg High Sch. H
obtained the B.A. and LL.D. at the Cape of
Good Hope Univ. He was a House Master
at Maritzburg Coll. 1888-1895, and Clerk in
the Attorney-Gen.'s Office at Natal, 1896
1900. In Feb. 1901 he was appointed Clerk
of the Legislative Assembly at Natal. During
this period he has acted as Secretary to the
Law Dept. and Assistant Under-Secy., Natal.
In 1900 he compiled a new edition of the Laws
of Natal, after the manner of Chitty's Statutes,
in conjunction with R. L. Hitchins. Mr.
Sweeney is a keen football, tennis, golf, and
cricket player. On several occasions he has
represented Natal in the latter game, and was
Captain of the Colonial Team against W. W.
Read's English Eleven. He married Miss A.
J. Chapman, dau. of J. J. Chapman, J.P.
(three times Mayor of Pietermaritzburg), in
Sept. 1899.

TAINTON, CLIFTON F., of Johannesburg,
is well known on the Rand, where he was a
member of the original Diggers' Committee.
He was for many years editor of the " South
African Mining Journal," and from that paper he
was appointed editor of the " Comet " which rose
from the ashes of the suppressed " Star "
(Johannesburg). After the Raid he returned
to England and became financial editor of
the " African Review," of which paper he was
appointed chief editor in 1899. He was also
the representative of the Argus Printing and
Publishing Co. in London. He resigned these
appointments to join a firm of Rand financiers,
whom he represents on the Transvaal Chamber
of Mines. He was a member of the Commission
appointed to inquire into the Native Labour

Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W., and of the Naval
and Military and Athenaeum Clubs, and member
of the Royal Yacht Squadron, was born in the
Isle of Man May 20, 1846, his father having
been Col. in the Scots Guards and Speaker
of the House of Keys. He was educated at
the R.M.A., Woolwich, passing into the Royal
Engineers. He has travelled in Egypt, Sudan,



Morocco, Algeria, and all through the Niger
country. He attended the Berlin Conference
in 1884-5, but is best known as the founder
of Nigeria, of which country he has a great
fund of knowledge. Sir George is now a
Director of the B.S.A. Co. He was a member
of the Royal Commission to inquire into the
preparations for the S.A. War, 1902. His
recreations are yachting, and golf. Sir George
married, in 1870, Matilda (who died in 1898),
dau. of John Elliot, of Wakefield.

TAYLOR, J. B., is son of Isaac Rowland
Taylor, who was well known in the Cape Colony
and Transvaal, was born in Cape Town in 1860 ;
was educated at Hermannsburg, in Natal, and
at an early age commenced his commercial
career in the Kimberley office of the firm of
E. W. Tarry & Co., Ltd., After a time he
went into business as a diamond broker with
his brother, W. P. Taylor. In 1882 the two
brothers went to the Lydenburg District to
exploit the Morgenzon Concession. Here Mr.
J. B. Taylor obtained his first experience of
practical mining. Two years later he went to
the Barberton fields as a broker and as the
representative of Wernher, Beit & Co., and
some other Kimberley firms. In 1886 Mr.
Taylor went to the newly-discovered Rand,
and became a foundation member of the firm
of H. Eckstein & Co., from which he has now
retired. He was on the Executive Committee
of the Transvaal Chamber of Mines, and during
his residence in Johannesburg was Vice-Pres.
of the Wanderers' Club, the leading S.A. athletic
club. He was a Steward of the Johannesburg
Turf Club, a crack shot with either gun or rifle,
and he served through the Griqua War of 1876
He married, in 1891, Miss Gordon, of Pieter-
maritzburg, Natal.

TEMPLER, LIETJT.-COL. J. L. B., late 7th
Batt. King's Royal Rifles ; served for many
years as head of the Balloon Dept. of the Army
under the Duke of Connaught, Sir Evelyn
Wood and Sir Redvers Buller. He took part
in the Egyptian War of 1882, and commanded
the balloon detachment in the Sudan Campaign
in 1885. In the last Boer War he acted as Direc-
tor of Steam Road Transports. He retired from
the Army in 1892, after 32 years service.

TENNANT, HEBCTTLES, of Pretoria, and of
the Civil Service (C.T.), Pretoria, Rand, and
Athenaeum (Johannesburg) Clubs, was born
at Cape Town, March 3, 1850. He is the

eldest son of the Hon. Sir David Tennant,
K.C.M.G., a former Speaker of the Cape
House of Assembly, and was educated at St.
George's Gram. Sch., Cape Town, and the
High Sch., Edin. He is a Barrister-at-Law
of the Inner Temple, and Advocate of the
Supreme Courts of the Cape Colony and Trans-
vaal. He represented the division of Caledon
in the Cape House of Assembly, 1879-81 ; was
Extra A.D.C. to H.E. the Governor and C.I.C.
in 1879; served in the Basuto War, 1880-81
(medal) with rank of Capt. in the Duke of
Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles as C.S.O.
to the G.O.C. ; was Secy, to the Chief Justice
and Librarian of the Supreme Court of the
Cape, 1882 ; was Asst. Registrar of the Supreme
Court, 1884 ; Taxing Officer, Cape Supreme
Court, 1884 ; High Sheriff (Cape), Registrar
of Deeds, Acting Master, and Registrar of the
Supreme Court of the Cape Colony, 1889-1901 ;
and was transferred to the Transvaal as Secy,
to the Law Dept. of the Govt., June 1, 1901.
He married, Sept. 2, 1874, Mary Cathcart, dau.
of Robert Graham.

M.L.A., M.D., of Graaff-Reinet, C.C. ; was
born in 1857. He is son of F. Te Water, for-
merly M.L.A. for Graaff-Reinet for 15 years,
and grandson of T. Muller, who represented that
division in the first parliament of the Colony.
He was educated at Graaff-Reinet Coll. ;
graduated B.A. in 1875 ; studied at Cambridge
Univ., and afterwards attended the medical
classes at Edinburgh Univ., where he took
the degrees of C.M. in 1879 and M.D in 1881,
spending two years also at the Universities
of Berlin, Vienna and Strasburg, and in walk-
ing the London hospitals. He returned to
Graaff-Reinet to practise, and was returned to
the House of Assembly by a large majority
as a member of the Afrikander party, becoming
one of the party " whips." He joined the
Sprigg Ministry in 1896 as Colonial Secy. It
was admitted by the Attorney-General for Cape
Colony that papers were in the possession
of the Govt. and of the military authorities,
implicating Dr. Te Water in treasonable prac-
tises in connection with the S.A. War (refer
Graham, Hon. T. K.). Dr. Te Water was
seized with a paralytic stroke in the House
of Assembly in Sept., 1902.

the Queen's Univ., Kingston, Canada, and
Litt. D. of the S.A. Univ., eldest son of Dr.


William Young Theal, of a United Empire Loy-
alist family, originally from Rye, in Sussex,
that settled in Canada after the American
Revolution, was born at St. John's, New Bruns-
wick, April 11, 1837, and was educated at the
Gram. Sch. in St. John's. The first fifteen
years of his life in S.A. were spent as a teacher
in public schools at Knysna, Dale College, in
King Williamstown, and Lovedale Missionary
Institution, and in journalistic work. Having
made a close study of Bantu customs, traditions,
folklore, etc., when war broke out in 1877 he
was requested by the Govt. to undertake a
diplomatic duty which Sir Bartle Frere and his
ministers considered of great importance.
Having succeeded in this, he was invited to
enter the public service permanently, and did
so. But his inclination was towards literary
work, in which the Govt. gratified him to a
large extent, though until 1896 he was required
also to fill an office in the Native Affairs Dept.
The late Mr. Rhodes, when Prime Minister,
instructed him to make a collection of Portu-
guese records and printed books upon S.A.,
which he continued under Sir Gordon Sprigg.
Dr. Theal proceeded to Europe in 1896, and
has been engaged in this duty ever since. He has
written a " History of South Africa," of which
the second edition is now being published in seven
volumes, " South Africa," in the Story of the
Nations series, " South Africa," in the Nine-
teenth Century series, and many smaller volumes.
He has also edited nine volumes of Portuguese
records, with English translations, fifteen volumes
of English records of the Cape Colony, three vol-
umes of records of Basutoland, and three volumes
(in Dutch) of genealogical registers of old Cape
families. These volumes have all been printed
for the Cape Govt., and have been so minutely
indexed as to make reference easy. Dr. Theal
is married to Miss Stewart, of Argyllshire,

Britstown, Cape Colony, was born at Tulbagh
in 1839; was educated at Wellington (C.C.),
and started life as a carpenter's apprentice.
From 1864 to 1869 he was a teacher in Rich-
mond (C.C.) ; then became a sheep farmer ; was
first elected member of the House of Assembly
for Richmond in 1884, and was elected Chair-
man of Committees in 1894. He is an ardent
member of the Afrikander Bond, of which he
is now chairman, and was last returned to the
Cape Parliament by the Richmond electors
in Feb., 1904,

bias, Rhosgoch, Anglesey, and of the Imperial
Service Club, Piccadilly, is the son of Owen
Thomas and Eleanor, nee Jones-Roberts, of
Henblas and Peibrou, Anglesey. He was born
Dec. 7, 1858, at Henblas, and was educated
at Liverpool Coll. He was appointed Lieut.
3rd Batt. Manchester Regt. in 1884, and Capt.
3rd Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1887, and
Maj. in 1897. He served as Maj. of the 1st
Regt. of Brabant's Horse in S.A. from Nov.
1899, and he raised and commanded as Lieut. -
Col. the Prince of Wales' Light Horse, 1900
to 1902. Col. Thomas was Chief Officer of the
Government Life-Saving Apparatus (Cunaes,
Anglesey), 1871-1899. He is J.P. for the
County of Anglesey ; was High Sheriff of
Anglesey, 1895-1896 ; is on the County Council
of Anglesey ; was member of the late Royal
Commission on Agriculture (Great Britain),
1895-1898 ; President of Anglesey Agriculture
Show, and has been awarded first prize for the
best cultivated farm, and also for the best
stocked farm. He was also breeder and ex-
hibitor of the heaviest ox at the Royal Islington
Show in 1882. He reported privately, after
the declaration of war, on the agricultural and
pastoral prospects of the Transvaal, and he is
at present writing on the agricultural and pas-
toral prospects of S.A. Col. Owen Thomas
unsuccessfully contested the Oswestry Division
of Shropshire in the agricultural interest at the
Parliamentary election in 1895. He married,
Aug. 13, 1887, Frederica Wilhelmina Skelton,
only dau. of Frederick Pershouse and Mina
Darby, of Pen Hall, Staffordshire, and step-
dau. of Robt. Newton Jackson, of Blackbrooke,

THOMAS, WILLIAM, M.L.A., is one of the
Progressive representatives of the electoral
division of Albany in the Cape House of Assem-
bly, to which he was returned at the general
election in 1904.

THOMPSON, E. G., was formerly editor of
the " Natal Witness," and joined the staff of
the " Rand Daily Mail " in 1902.

THOMPSON, FRANCIS R., ia son of a former
member of the Cape Legislative Council. At
the age of 13, moved by the spirit of adventure,
he went up to the diamond fields, working for
three years on the Klip-drift diggings. He
then started farming on land which formed the
nucleus of his Hart's River ranche. In 1878,



when the war broke out in the Northern Terri-
tories, his father was brutally murdered, and
young Thompson, after receiving a wound
which cost him part of a rib, and very nearly
his life, escaped in a miraculous manner to a
neighbouring farm, which he and the owner
defended for a couple of days and nights, until
relieved by a contingent of the old 24th Regt.
A few weeks later he joined Sir Chas. Warren,
and remained with him until the expedition
of 1878 was over, when he became, at the age
of 20, Inspector of Natives, with power to
settle disputes between the various chiefs. He
served as Special Commissioner of Bechuana-
land throughout the Stellaland and Goshen
troubles ; again with Sir Chas. Warren when he
turned the Boers out of Rooigrond ; and then
on the Frontier Commission denning the Griqua-
land West boundary. Then at Mr. Rhodes'
request he undertook the organizing of the
Compound System at Kimberley, which proved
a wonderful success for the mines. After a
short stay in Johannesburg, and just after he
was appointed Protector of Natives and Govt.
Inspector of Compounds, he undertook for
Mr. Rhodes to accomplish the first step towards
opening up the northern route by obtaining
the concession from Lobengula which formed
the basis of the charter. Mr. Thompson or
Matabele Thompson, as he came to be called
familiarly -remained in Bulawayo for two
years. He then entered at Oxford, and gave
three years to study. On his return to S.A.
he was elected to the Cape Parliament as
member for Georgetown, and served on the
Rinderpest Commission. Mr. Thompson was
married, in 1893, his father-in-law having been
one of the British Commissioners in the Vene-
zuelan Arbitration in the forties.

Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W. ;
of Mayfield, Essex ; and of the Savile and S.A.
Clubs; was born at Aberdeen, March 11, 1845,
and was educated at the Aberdeen Gram. Sch.
and Univ. From 1870 until 1883 Mr. Thomp-
son was in the service of the Oriental Bank
in China, Japan and India. He founded the
first European bank in Persia in 1887, and
also in 1891 founded the African Banking Cor-
poration, an important and flourishing institu-
tion having offices in London and branches all
over S.A. Mr. Thompson is decorated with
the Persian Order of the Lion and the Sun.
He married : first, in 1878, Ellen Augusta (d.
1879), dau. of A. W. Gaderden, of Ewell Castle,

Surrey ; second, in 1888, Ciralie Louise, dau.
of Ed. Woollett, of Paris and Brussels.

THORNE, Sir 8 W., M.L.A., of Cape Town, is
a prominent S.A. merchant, and was elected
Mayor of Cape Town in 1902. He now sits in
the Cape House of Assembly as one of the Pro-
gressive Members for the capital.

LAW, C.B., of the Curragh Camp, Kildare, and
of the Naval and Military and Princes' Clubs,
was born at Tettenhall, Jan. 19, 1859. He is
son of the late Lieut. -Col. I. Thorneycroft,
of Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton, and

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