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made interesting reading.



During the years 1862-63, when the great
cholera plague raged in Egypt, Mr. Wills was one
of the few Englishmen (another notable one
being Mr. James Finney, of Messrs. Carver Bros. )
who remained at Alexandria to see it through,
nearly all the other Europeans having sealed up
their premises and fled. In about 1884 the epi-
demic raged again, but not so fiercely, and Mr.
Wills was one of the committee appointed to
ward off the encroaching disease at Port
Said, and their combined efforts were so success-
ful that not a single fatal case occurred. For
these services he received the decoration from the
Khedive of the Imperial Order of the Medjidieh.

He retired from the firm of W'ills & Co., Ltd., in
1889. He occasionally acted during the Arabi
Pasha revolt as the " Times " correspondent at
Port Said, and is now the Liverpool commercial
representative of the Press Assoc., Ltd., of
Lond., and is also connected with the well-
known firm of Sun & Coventry, of Liverpool.
He married : first, in 1874, Louisa Jane, dau. of
Richard Clarke, Solicitor and Clerk of the Peace,
of Shrewsbury, by whom he had one dau., Mary
Adelaide ; and second, in 1890, Florence Elizabeth,
dau. of the late Geo. Lovering, of West Norwood,
by whom he has two sons, Trenwith Lovering
and John Godfrey.

K.C.B., is the eldest son of the late Anthony
Peacock, of Ranceby Hall, formerly M.P. for
Lincoln, who assumed the name of Willson.
He was born in the year 1847, and entered the
Scots Guards in 1866. He took part in the Nile
Expedition, and in 1901 joined Lord Kitchener
for special service in the Boer War. He was in
command of the troops to the west of Johannes-
burg, and was generally looked upon as a "safe"
leader. Gen. Willson is unmarried.

F.R.G.S., Knight of St. Gregory, and Hon.
Chamberlain to the Pope ; of Cape Town and
Grahamstown, C.C., and of the Civil Ser-
vice (C.T.) and Port Elizabeth Clubs, was
born at Edinburgh, Apr. 9, 1836, and re-
ceived his education at the Univs. of Glas-
gow and Edinburgh. After spending some
time in the Cape Colonial Civil Service, Mr.
Wilmot entered the Cape Parliament in 1889,
and has sat ever since in the Legislative Council
(or Upper House), and has during his Parlia-
mentary career been sponsor for many useful
social measures. He is President of the Tem-
perance Alliance, and is Whip of the Progressive

party in the Legislative Council, under the
leadership of Dr. Jameson. His constituency,
the South-Eastern Electoral Province, com-
prises Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, and Uiten-
hage. Mr. Wilmot is the author of a " History
of South Africa," " History of the Zulu War,"
" History of Our Own Time in South Africa,"
etc. He married, Jan. 17, 1860, Miss Alice
Mary Slater, belonging to one of the British
settler families of 1820.

WINDHAM, WILLIAM, of Parktown, Johan-
nesburg, and of the Athenaeum Club, Johannes-
burg ; son of Ashe Windham, of Waurne Hall,
Yorks. ; was born at Greytown, Nov. 12, 1864,
and was educated at the Diocesan Coll., C.T.
He was appointed Clerk to the Resident Com-
missioner, Zululand, in 1 882 ; Student-Inter-
preter, Native Affairs Dept., Natal, 1884 ;
Registrar to H.E. the Special Commissioner for
Zulu Affairs, Oct. 1885 ; Clerk and Interpreter
to Resident Commissioner and Chief Magistrate,
Zululand, June 1887 ; Secy, to the same in Jan.
1 889 ; Clerk to the Executive Council, Natal,
Sept. 1889 ; Priv. Secy, to the Governor of
Natal, Oct. 1889 ; Secy, for Zululand, Dec.
1889; Govt. Secy, for Zululand, Feb. 1894;
Asst. Under Secy, for Zululand Affairs, Natal,
Jan. 1897 ; Registrar of Deeds and Registrar-
Gen., Natal, Mar. 1898 ; Asst. Secy. Mines Dept.
of the Transvaal, July 1, 1901,; and he received
his present appointment as Secy, for Native
Affairs of the Transvaal, Sept. 23, 1901. He mar-
ried, July 10, 1894, Blanche, dau. of A. E.
Titren, of Durban.

NALD, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.B. (Civil), D.S.O.,
F.R.G.S. (late A.D.C. to the King) ; Grand
Cordon of the Medjidieh, 2nd Class Osmanieh,
2nd Class Iron Crown of Austria, 2nd Class
Star of Ethiopia ; of the Palace, Khartoum ;
War Office, Cairo ; Stafford House, Dunbar,
N.B. ; and of the Army and Navy, Beefsteak,
Turf (Cairo), and Sudan (Khartoum) Clubs ; is
the son of Andrew Wingate, of Glasgow. He was
born June 25, 1861, at Broadfleld, Port Glas-
gow, Renfrewshire, and was educated at Dr.
Thompson's Sch., Jersey, and the Royal
Military Acad., Woolwich. Gen. Wingate
entered the R.A. in 1880, and has been
employed with the Egyptian Army since 1882.
He acted as A.D.C. and Military Sec. to Sir
Evelyn Wood in the Sudan Expedition of
18845 (despatches, medal with clasp, bronze
star, brev. of Maj.j. He again served in the



Sudan in 1889-91, being present at the action
of Toski (despatches, D.S.O., clasp) and at the
capture of Tokar (3rd Class Medjidieh, and
clasp and bronze star). In 1895 he was ap-
pointed Director of Military Intelligence in the
Egyptian Army, and served in this capacity
through the Dongola Expedition in 1896 (des-
patches, brev. of Lieut. -Col., Egyptian medal,
two clasps), and in the Nile Expedition of the
following year (appointed A.D.C. to the Queen,
brev. of Col., clasp and Egyptian medal). He
also took part in the Nile Expedition of 1898,
being present at the battles of Atbara, and
Khartoum, being mentioned in despatches,
receiving the K.C.M.G. and the thanks of both
Houses of Parliament (two clasps and Egyptian
medal). In the Nile Expedition of 1899 Sir
Reginald commanded the Infantry Division
in the first advance against the Khalifa, and
took command in the subsequent operations,
which resulted in the final defeat of the Khalifa,
being present at the actions of Abu Aadel and
Om Dubreikat (despatches, K.C.B., 2nd Class
Osmanieh, two clasps and Egyptian medal).
Gen. Wingate succeeded Lord Kitchener as
Sirdar of the Egyptian Army and Governor-
Gen, of the Sudan. He married, June 18,
1888, Catherine Leslie, dau. of Capt. Joseph
Sparkhall Bundle, R.N., of Newton Abbott,

is member of the Cape Legislative Assembly for
Swellendam, for which electoral division he was
re-elected in Feb., 1904. He supports the Bond

Club, London, was born at Port Elizabeth, Jan.
1882 ; is second son of Victor Wolff, whose
father was Mayor of Port Elizabeth. Lieut.
Wolff was educated at St. Paul's Sch., and Univ.
Coll., London. He won the Public Schools Box-
ing Championship in 1898 and 1899. Entered
the 4th Batt. Bedford Regt. Oct. 16, 1901 ;
served in S.A. Dec. 1901-Oct. 1902 (medal and
four clasps).

WOLMARANS, J. M. A., was a member of the
Executive Council under the Kriiger regime
He was accused by the Dutch paper " Land en
Volk " of receiving a commission of one shiling
per case of dynamite sold (equal to about 10,000
per annum) as a bribe to secure his support in the
Executive Council on the vote as to the renewal
of the Dynamite Concession. Mr. Wolmarans
always declined to notice the allegation.

G.C.B., G.C.M.G., Grand Cross of the Legion of
Honour ; of Salisbury, and of the United Service
Club, is the youngest son of the late Rev. Sir
John Page Wood, Bart., and Emma, dau. of
Admiral Mitchell. He was born Feb. 9, 1838, at
Crossing, Essex, and was edvicated at Marl-
borough. Sir Evelyn Wood has had a long and
brilliant career extending over half a century.
He entered the Royal Navy in 1852, and was
severely wounded while serving with the Naval
Brigade in the Crimean War. It was certainly
not an unfortunate decision which induced him
to resign the service in which, young as he was,
Ms personal gallantry had made him conspicuovis,
and to enter the army in which he has done such
splendid work. After serving in a Light Dragoon
Regt. he joined the 17th Lancers in the Indian
Mutiny Campaign, where he gained the V.C. for
having on Oct. 19, 1858, during an action at
Sindwayo, when in command of a troop of the
3rd Light Cavalry, attacked with much gallantry,
almost single-handed, a body of rebels, and also
for subsequently rescuing an Indian from a band
of robbers. At this time he was serving as
Brigade-Maj. with Beatson's Horse. He also
raised and commanded Mayne's Horse, and was
present in five actions. He served with great
distinction in the Ashanti, Kafir, Zulu and first
Transvaal Wars ; commanded the Second Bri-
gade (2nd Div.) in the Expedition to Egypt in
1882 ; raised the Egyptian Army in 1883, and
took part in the Nile Expedition in 1894-95. He
has, at various times, been in command of the
Chatham and Eastern Dists. of the Aldershot
Div. He has also been Adjutant-Gen, and
Quartermaster-Gen, to the Forces, and lately
commanded the 2nd Army Corps. Sir Evelyn
Wood was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple
in 1874. He is a well known writer on military
subjects, his book on the Crimea being regarded
as a standard work of those stirring times. He
married, Sept. 19, 1867, the Hon. Pauline South-
well, who died in 1891.

WOOD, HENRY, M.L.A., was returned unop-
posed as Progressive member for Grahamstown
in the Cape House of Assembly in Nov. 1902, and
was re-elected in 1904. He is a supporter of the

Park, Tunbridge Wells, was born in 1857. He
went to S.A. in 1882, and after five years spent on
the Kimberley Diamond Fields he was attracted
by the budding promise of the Transvaal Gold-



fields, and the year 1887 saw him established in
Johannesburg. With great energy and ability
he soon built up a large and prosperous business,
and amongst other joint-stock ventures founded
the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, of which
Committee he was the first Chairman. He was
also a member of the Transvaal National Union.
He returned to England in 1895, and retired from
business a few years later. He is very fond of
shooting, and has been twice married.

K.C.B., of Johannesburg. In the early seventies
at the age of fifteen, he shouldered a rifle in the
Diamond Fields Revolt, led by the Fenian, Ayl-
ward, who singled out young Sampson as one
who did not know what fear meant. In 1896 he
was one of the two Reform prisoners (vide W.
D. Davies) who, rather than join in the petition
to the Executive, elected to complete their terms
of imprisonment in Pretoria gaol. He founded
the Imperial Light Horse at the beginning of the
S.A. War, through which he served from 1899 to
1902, doing excellent service, especially on the
Intelligence Staff. He was severely wounded at
Elandslaagte, and was several times mentioned
in despatches. He is now Hon. Col. of the Right
Wing of the I.L.H., with hon. rank in the British
Army ; was made C.B. Nov. 29, 1900, and K.C.B.
June 26, 1902. At the conclusion of the war he
joined Major Mullins, V.C., in a partnership as
financial and estate agents in Johannesburg.

Bulawayo, and the Union Club, London, was
born June 28, 1858. He is son of Sir Henry
Bourchier Wrey, Bart., and of the Hon. Lady
Wrey, dau. of Baron Sherard. He was educated
privately, and served his articles as Civil and
Mining Engineer with Jas. Henderson, M.I.C.E.,
of Truro, Cornwall, 1876-79. In the latter year
he went to S.A., practising in Kimberley as a
mining engineer, 1880-81. He was employed as
Cape Govt. Surveyor, 1883-85, during which
time he surveyed and reported upon the Walfisch
Bay territory. From 1886 to 1891 he was occu-
pied as Mining Engineer in Johannesburg. From
then until 1899 he was Consulting Engineer to the
Mashonaland Agency and its subsidiaries, and he
then became Gen. Manager of that group. He
was Pres. of the Rhodesian Chamber of Mines
for 1901-2. Mr. Wrey married, Aug. 14, 1889,
Alice Mary, dau. of the late Col. Borton, R.H.A.

of the 2nd Queen's Regt., was born at Gibraltar
in 1875 ; was educated at Cranbrook Sch., Kent,

and joined the Militia in 1893. Transferring to
the regular army in 1896, he proceeded to India,
talcing part in the N.W. Frontier Campaign of
1897-98, in which he was severely wounded. He
went to N. Nigeria in 1901, and served with the
M.I. in the Kano and Sokoto affairs of 1903 with
distinction, being mentioned in despatches and
receiving the coveted V.C. He was also slightly
wounded. His captaincy dates from 1903.

WYNNE, JAMES, M.L.A., is one of the Pro-
gressive members of the Cape Legislative Assem-
bly for Port Elizabeth, for which constituency
he was re-elected at the general election in 1904.

FRANCIS EDWARD, C.I.E., of the Army and Navy
Club ; second son of Major-Gen. J. W. Young-
husband, C.S.I., began his military career in the
1st Dragoon Guards in 1882, subsequently trans-
ferring to the Indian Staff Corps. He has
travelled considerably in China, Chinese Turkes-
tan and India, and has on various occasions
served as Political Officer. Perhaps no man in
the service of the Indian Govt. is regarded with
so much fear by Russia, whose agents have per-
sLtently shadowed his movements during his
journeys in the Far East. Col. Younghusband
acted as special correspondent of the " Times "
during the campaign in Chitral, and also during
the Rhodesian Rebellion in 1896. He is now
acting as Commissioner on a mission to Thibet
for negotiating a settlement of the relations be-
tween India and that country. The expedition,
after being delayed on the frontier, arrived at
Khambajong, in the Thibetan territory, in July,
1903, and remained there on account of the hos-
tility of the Thibetans until Nov. of that year,
when an advance of a further ninety miles to
Gyangtse, an important centre some 150 miles
from Lhassa, was ordered. Gyangtse was
reached, after some fighting in which the Thibet-
ans lost heavily, in April, 1904.

Col. Younghusband was decorated in 1901, and
holds two gold medals, one the Kaiser-i-Hind for
Public Service in India, and the other that of
the Royal Geographical Society for general
exploration work. He is the author of " South
Africa of To-Day," published in 1898, and of
other works. He married, in 1897, a daughter of
the late Chas. Magniac, M.P.

presents Griqualand East in the Cape Legislative
Assembly, to which he was again returned by
the Progressive vote in 1904.



ADAMS, DR. PERCY T., L.R.C.S., formerly
Surgeon attached to the Union SS. Co., was
appointed Deputy Medical Officer of Health
of the O.R.C. in 1903.

ANSON, HON. F. C. M., of Lagos, W. Africa,
was formerly for twenty years in the Civil Ser-
vice of British Guiana ; then served for a short
while as Treas. of St. Lucia, prior to his pre-
sent appointment as Colonial Treas. of Lagos.

Prince's Gate, London, and of the Cavalry,
Naval and Military, and Beefsteak Clubs, is son
of Prof. Baden-Powell, his mother being dau.
of Admiral Smyth. Gen. R. S. S. Baden-Powell
was born in London, Feb. 22, 1857 ; was edu-
cated at Charterhouse, and joined the 13th
Hussars in 1876, serving with distinction in the
Afghanistan, Boer, Zululand, Ashanti, Mata-
beleland, and S. African campaigns. He
was Mil. Secy, at the Cape, 1887-00; and at
Malta, 1890-93. In the second Matabele War
he rendered invaluable services as C.S.O. to
Col. Plumer during the operations in the Matop-
pos. He commanded the advanced force during
its attacks on Babyaan's stronghold, July 20,
1896 ; performed excellent service in risky
scouting work by night and day in the Matop-
pos, and commanded successful patrols in clear-
ing the Shangani, Wedzas, and Belingwe dis-
tricts. In the last Boer War he gained great
popularity by his gallant defence of Mafeking,
and later he raised and commanded the S.A.C.,
a corps which at that time numbered 10,000
strong. Relinquishing this command in 1903,
he was appointed Inspector-Gen, of Cavalry,
Gen. Baden-Powell takes his profession seriously
and enthusiastically. He has written a useful
text-book on scouting, which is also regarded
as a text-book by the German Army ; he is a
clever sketcher, and has considerable theatrical


talent. In 1884 he won the Kadir Cup for pig-
sticking in India, and he plays polo and golf.

BALDWIN, CAPT., succeeded Capt. Fitz-
Crowe as British Consul-Gen, at Delagoa Bay
in 1902.

llth Bart., of Brackley, Northants, where he
was born Dec. 16, 1870, was educated at Wel-
lington Coll., and succeeded to the Baronetcy
Dec. 3, 1901. He served for 3J years in Hong
Kong and through the whole of the S.A. War,
being mentioned in Lord Roberts' despatches.
He left England in 1903 on a special mission
for the War Office to Japan.

BRAKHAN, AMANDUS, of Johannesburg, is
the chief representative in S.A. of the Adolf
Goerz group of Cos.

BREWSTER, ALFRED, BEY, of Cairo, Egypt,
belongs to an old Essex family, and is brother
to T. A. Brewster, proprietor of the " Port
Elizabeth Advertiser." He entered the ser-
vice of the Egyptian Govt. in 1870, in the
Customs Administration and Coastguard Ser-
vice. In 1879 he was appointed Director of
Customs at Suakin by the late Gen. Gordon.
This post he held till 1882, when he served in
the Egyptian campaign on the Commissariat
staff (medal and bronze star). He returned to
Suakin in 1883, and served under Baker Pasha
in the Intelligence and Commissariat Depart-
ments, and was subsequently appointed by the
late Admiral Sir W. Hewitt as Sub-Governor,
in addition to his duties at the Customs. In
1884 he was appointed Commander of the
Imperial Order of the Medjidieh, and in the
following year he was lent to the Intelligence
Department by the Egyptian Govt., and was
attached to Gen. Graham's force. He was



several actions and at the taking of
present at s n g mentioned in despatches. He
Tamai, bei n Suakin as Director of Customs
remained i w hen he was transferred to the
until 1890, Service at Alexandria as Secretary
Coastguard ,u er- j n 1391 he was selected by
and Contro e Mohamed Tewfik as his Private
the Khediv ac t s now m the same capacity to
Secy., and Khedive, Abbas II. He holds the
the presentr o f the first class, and is Commander
rank of Bej; )er j a } Ottoman Orders of Osmanieh
of the Imn ieh> and chevalier of the Francois
and Medjidgj,
Joseph Ord

BROMb.s.O., M.P., J.P., D.L., of 1, Bel-
WILLIAM, % London, S.W., is eldest son of the
grave Plac<_ Co i_ w Bromley-Davenport, was
late Lieut i63) and was educated at Eton and
born in 18_th o f which he represented in the
Oxford, bey f oo tball teams. He has repre-
cricket am Macclesfield Div. of Cheshire as a
sented the re smce 1886, and took a prominent
Conservatn resen t m g Lord Penrhyn's case when
part in rep !S( j a quarries dispute was brought
the Bethe House. He also championed the
before the^L Kinloch (whose brother-in-law
catise ^ of (motion with the " ragging incident "
he is)incor ta( jj er Guards. For a couple of years
in the Grer, Parliamentary Secy, to Sir Matthew
he acted ae te y when he was Home Secy., and he
White RidlLord Stanley as Financial Secy, to
succeeded gj Ce

the War O ihe S '.A. War Mr. Bromley-Davenport
niu-g tfl the 4th Batt _ Imp Yeo., being
commandei m despatches, and receiving the
mentioned the D.S.O.
medal and

, MAJOR-GEN., of Cape Town, served
BEOOI\ e Z ulu War in 1879 ; the Boer War
through tlj ; commanded the 2nd Brigade of
of 1880-8; F j el( j Force j n i nd i a m 1897-8, and
the Tochi jyed on special service during the
was empl^ War _ In 190 4 Gen. Brook suc-
S. Africaryj or _G en> Miles in the command of
ceeded Mt; o i ony district,
the Cape C

EI P.C., of 48, Grosvenor Sq., London,
K.C.V.O., orn in 1852 at Cologne, where he was
W., was bt e d. He is an engineer by profession,
also educa e constructor of the wonderful dam
and is th^ which cost two and a half millions
at Assonant the storing of the Nile water will,
to build, Ijated, increase the wealth of Egypt
it is estin m ii]i ons sterling,
by eighty

D.S.O., of Crom Castle, Newtown Butler, Ire-
land, and of the Turf, Marlborough, and Army
and Navy Clubs, is the eldest son of John Henry,
4th Earl of Erne, K.P., P.C., and of Florence,
Countess of Erne. He was born Sept. 30,
1872, and was educated at Eton and the Royal
Naval Col. Lord Crichton was Adjt. of
the Royal Horse Guards, ^Dec. 1896 to Oct.
1899 ; was A.D.C. to Major-Gen. Brocklehurst,
C.B., commanding 2nd Natal Cavalry Brigade
in the S. African War ; and was present during
the siege of Ladysmith, and was with General
Sir R. Buller during the operations from Lady-
smith to Lydenburg, May to Oct. 1900, being
mentioned in despatches. He did excellent
work during this war ; obtained the D.S.O.,
and was promoted capt. in Feb. 1900. He
accompanied their Royal Highnesses the Duke
and Duchess of Cornwall and York during their
Colonial tour in H.M.S. Ophir as A.D.C. ,
and was appointed Equerry-in- Waiting to
H.R.H. Prince of Wales in Nov. 1901. He
married, June 10, 1903, Lady Mary Cavendish
Grosvenor, eldest dau. of the 1st Duke of West-
minster and Katherine, Duchess of Westminster.

(Eng. ), of 24, Longmarket Street, Maritzburg,
and of the Victoria Club, Maritzburg, is son of
Alexander Currie, of the firm of Roxburgh,
Currie & Co., London. He was born Mar. 13,
I860, at Greenwich, and was educated at the
University Coll. Sch. and Guy's Hosp., and
graduated M.B. with 1st class honours at Lon-
don Univ. Dr. Currie was Sen. House Physician
at Guy's Hospital, 1882 ; Sen. House-Surgeon,
Huddersfield Hospital, 1883-5 ; Surgeon at
the Yeatman Hospital, Sherbome, and Med.
Officer at Sherbome School, 1886-9 ; Surgeon
under the P. and O.S.N. Co., 1889-91, and was
Surgeon to the Natal Carabineers, 1894-1902,
receiving the King's and Queen's Boer War
medals (five clasps). He was in medical charge
of the Natal First Field Hospital (Volunteers)
during the siege of Ladysmith, and is at present
Capt. commanding the Artillery, Natal Royal
Regiment ; Surgeon of Guy's Hospital, Maritz-
burg, and Medical Officer of Health, Maritzburg.
Dr. Currie has written various papers for medical
journals. His recreations are travelling and
natural history. He married, 1896, Sara, dau.
of Geo. Gubbins, of Limerick.

DORMER, FRANCIS J., of London, is one of
the many Anglo-Africans who have made journal-



ism a stopping-stone to a prominent position
in S. African financial circles. He was an
early and strenuous assailant of Kriigerism, and
is familiar with the varied conditions and diffi-
cult questions affecting S.A. and its chief
industry. He is a Director of the Transvaal
Estates and Development and some other Cos.

DUNNING, SIB E. H., was one of the earliest
miners on the Witwatersrand, working pro-
perties on tribute, until he made a considerable
fortune out of the flotation of the Rietfontein
mine, whose shares went to a large premium,
at which Sir Ed win Dunning was wise enough to
sell out and retire. He owns large estates in
Devonshire, where he interests himself in horse
and cattle breeding. He was knighted on the
King's birthday (1904).

G.C.B., D.S.O., A.D.C. to the King, was born
in 1848 ; entered the Army as second lieut. in
June 1867, and obtained his step first in Oct.
1869, and his captaincy in 1879. He took part
in the Afghan War in 1879-80, accompanied
Lord (then Sir F.) Roberts in his march to
Kandahar, and was present at the battle of
Kandahar, for his services in which he was
mentioned in despatches and received the medal
with clasp and the bronze star. He was gazetted
Maj. on June 8, 1887, and served with the
Hazara Expedition in 1888 as A.A.G.(despatches,
medal with clasp). In 1891 he took part in the
two Miranzai Expeditions under Sir William
Lockhart as A.A.G., was severely wounded,
and received the brevet of lieut.-col. and the
D.S.O. His war services also include the Waziri
campaign of 18945, when he commanded the
Bannu column, and received the C.B. ; the
Sudan operations, 1896, when he commanded

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